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The fanfare of the diamond led to Hope, Wyatt, and Rick taking off to Paris for an impromptu photo shoot. Before leaving, Hope told Liam that if he wanted a future with her, he'd meet her by the Eiffel Tower, but Quinn followed Liam to Paris to stop the meeting from happening.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 4, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, August 4, 2014

At Quinn's loft, a disquieted Wyatt told his mother that the Mexico City authorities wanted to talk to him about Ricardo's death. Quinn asked why and what they suspected. "Murder," he replied. Remarking that it sounded serious, she asked why they thought Wyatt would know what had happened to Ricardo. "Don't know. Do you?" Wyatt knowingly asked.

The surprised Quinn asked why she would know when she'd just gotten out of treatment. Wyatt seemed suspicious of her, but Quinn said she hadn't been near Mexico City. She thought it made sense that the police would want to speak to him because he'd inherited the diamond. She advised him not to let it ruin his great day and to believe it was just a matter of time before Hope returned to him.

Wyatt left, and Quinn scanned the Internet for news about Ricardo and the diamond.

At Forrester, Aly and Hope went into Rick's office, and Hope said that saying yes to the diamond didn't mean turning down Liam. Aly corrected that it hadn't been the diamond Hope had said yes to; it had been Wyatt, which was the reason Liam had walked out.

At the sky lounge, Liam guessed Ivy thought he'd done the right thing. Ivy didn't think his fiancée should accept jewelry from another man, but she couldn't say that breaking things off had been the right way to handle it. Liam replied that he hadn't broken up with Hope. "Didn't you?" Ivy replied.

In the CEO's office, the employees gathered to monitor the media explosion the diamond had caused. Ridge said he'd called the meeting to harness the momentum Wyatt had given them. Noting that Caroline was in a different meeting, Rick called Ivy and Hope to ask them to join Ridge's meeting. Rick asked Hope to get Wyatt to meet them, too.

Later, Hope, Ivy, and Wyatt arrived. Rick said that Forrester had the diamond back and had to decide what to do with it. Wyatt corrected that he'd given the stone to Hope, and what to do with it was up to her. Hope said she'd use it to promote the line, and she wouldn't have accepted it otherwise. She stated that it should be on display, but Wyatt said it should be worn as a necklace.

"A forty-plus-carat, one-of-a-kind necklace," Ivy murmured.

Eric remarked that Thorne wanted the jewel on display in Paris. Rick suggested that Ivy make a new setting for the stone, so they could display it in Australia. Ridge interjected that they had to make a quick decision, but Eric replied that he didn't like to rush things. Ridge asked what Wyatt thought they should do. Wyatt felt that depended upon Hope and asked her if she was up for another adventure.

Hope told everyone that her head was still spinning, and Donna said that hers would be, too, if she'd received a gift like that. Wyatt decided that it was exactly the feeling their campaign should capture. Wyatt liked Thorne's Paris idea and proposed putting three icons together in one photo shoot -- Hope, the diamond, and the Eiffel Tower.

Wyatt claimed that he could put the shoot together right away, but they had to act before the buzz faded. He figured that they needed just one incredible image, and HFTF would be solidified in people's minds forever. Rick and Ridge liked the idea, and Eric wondered how quickly it could be done. Everyone grew silent, and Wyatt said that if they gave him a chance, they wouldn't be sorry.

Wyatt was aware that he'd given the Forresters many reasons to question his character, but he said they couldn't deny his passion. He believed that it was a huge opportunity for him to prove himself, and with the diamond, they could achieve their goals.

Later, Hope and Wyatt were alone in the office, and Wyatt hoped she wasn't angry with him for putting her on the spot. Hope cited that he'd done that more than once that day. Wyatt noted that she hadn't given Rick an answer about Paris. Sighing, Hope said she shouldn't leave while Liam was upset.

Wyatt reasoned that Liam would get over it, but Paris was a good idea for her and the line. Hope said she wanted to go, and Wyatt prodded her to agree. "No. Not until I talk to Liam," Hope decided.

Later, Wyatt was in Rick's office when Quinn called him to see how things were going. He relayed that he was on his way to Paris with Rick and Hope to do an impromptu photo shoot with the diamond. Quinn erupted in excitement. Wyatt said Hope was on her way to give Liam the news, and it might shut the door between the two permanently.

At Brooke's house, Deacon kissed Brooke, and confused, she asked what he was doing. He said he was getting her attention the best way he knew how, and he sensed that their connection was still there. Brooke told him that he couldn't return after all that time and expect something from her. He uttered that he hadn't forgotten, and she hadn't, either.

Brooke insisted that it had been in the past, and they'd been young and reckless. Deacon contended that they'd been crazy about each other. She said that she knew he wanted to remember it like that, but it hadn't always been so. They both had changed, and she had different priorities.

As she read something on her phone, Brooke said her major priority was her daughter. Deacon claimed they had that priority in common. Handing him her phone, she responded that he'd want to see "this." It was picture of Hope accepting the diamond from Wyatt. Deacon was proud that Hope had taken his advice, but Brooke huffed, stating that Liam would be extremely upset.

While Brooke felt that Wyatt had put Hope in an awkward position, Deacon wanted to take lessons from the guy. Brooke received a message that Rick, Hope, and Wyatt were taking the diamond to Paris for a photo layout, and Deacon doubted that Liam would like that, either.

"Which makes me wonder why she agreed to it," Brooke added. Deacon figured that Hope was keeping her eye on the prize, like her old man would. He felt that Hope was also like Brooke, who had a heart that wanted what it wanted. He sensed that Brooke feared it would get Hope into trouble.

Deacon said Hope's heart wouldn't lie to Hope, and she could always trust it, just as Brooke had always done with her own heart. Brooke didn't want the issue to derail Hope and Liam, who'd been through a lot. Deacon replied that Hope was a Logan, and Liam would be a fool to let Hope go.

At the sky lounge, Oliver and Aly took a break. She assumed he'd go to Paris, but he replied that the company would use the international crew. Aly noted that Hope hadn't agreed to go yet, but Oliver asked why Hope would accept the diamond if not for her line. Aly and Oliver agreed that Wyatt had an agenda and wasn't even hiding it.

Aly saw no reason for Wyatt to go to Paris because he'd given the diamond to Hope. Oliver still couldn't believe that Ricardo Montemayor had just given it to Wyatt. Aly said that Ricardo had had many riches but no family to share them with. She added that everyone called the diamond lucky, but it hadn't been for Liam or Señor Montemayor.

Liam moped as he entered his house. As he prepared some food, he flashed back on romantic times with Hope. He tossed his Chinese takeout box on the table and sighed.

Hope arrived and said she'd been unsure he'd let her in after he'd walked out on her. Liam replied that he hadn't been getting through to her. She hadn't thought she'd been getting through to him, either, but she still wanted to talk about it. He noticed that she wasn't wearing "the thing," and she explained that it was in the safe at Forrester.

"It's still yours," Liam murmured and chuckled mirthlessly. He knew that Hope wasn't blind to what Wyatt was doing because she'd been ready to return the jewel until the press conference had made everything she'd said to Liam go out the window. Hope insisted that it was a business decision, and he was the only one making it personal. "Hope -- It's personal to me," he asserted.

Liam didn't want to talk about it, but Hope explained that she might be going to Paris and didn't want to leave on bad terms. He asked who she'd go with. "Rick...and Wyatt," She responded, and Liam grimaced, sure it was Wyatt's idea. Hope claimed that she'd wanted to talk to Liam before accepting. He was sure she'd made up her mind already. The tearful Hope stressed that it could be an incredible opportunity, and showcasing the diamond in Europe could fortify HFTF internationally.

Hope claimed that profits were important, but Liam knew that profits weren't why she did her job. She felt that the more press they got, the more young women would become exposed to HFTF's message of empowerment and environmentalism. She asked if Liam understood it. She said it wasn't about the diamond or Wyatt giving it to her; it was about what the diamond could do.

Cupping his face, Hope said she loved Liam "so much." She wanted them to start their life together. "So let's start it in Paris. You are the man I want to be with. So what do you say? Come with me," she requested.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

by Pam

At Liam's house, Hope begged Liam to take a few days off and join her in Paris, but Liam said he couldn't leave. Liam worried that Hope seemed clueless that Wyatt had a creepy power over her. It worried him. Hope maintained that Liam didn't understand Wyatt.

Liam argued that Hope had "limitless tolerance" for Wyatt's manipulations. Liam recalled that Wyatt had ambushed Hope in front of an audience. Hope defended her decision to accept the diamond as a business decision for her line. Hope insisted her acceptance of the gift "doesn't affect you." Liam was insulted and reminded her that the diamond had gotten between them before and was doing it again, courtesy of Wyatt.

Hope reminded Liam that she wasn't wearing the diamond, and it had been stored in the safe at Forrester. It wasn't a personal gift. She wanted to use the diamond to promote her message -- globally -- of empowerment for young women. She maintained she could use the diamond to reach many young women. "I love you, and I want you with me. Say that you'll come," she begged.

Hope and Liam argued over what Liam was angry about. They further argued over using the words angry, unhappy, and upset to describe his feelings. Hope insisted that Liam was upset that Hope didn't do what Liam wanted her to do.

Liam disagreed and said that he was upset that Wyatt had manipulated Hope again. Hope reminded Liam that Wyatt had made a crazy promise that he never could have kept, and somehow it had all happened. It was innocent. Liam laughed that Hope thought any of it was innocent.

Hope said Wyatt and Thorne had devised a publicity idea in Paris to promote her line. Liam suggested that Wyatt wanted something in exchange for the diamond. Hope said it was not going to change the way she felt about Liam.

Liam wanted Hope to cancel the trip, and return the diamond before it caused any more trouble. Hope shook her head and sighed. Hope reminded Liam that her work was important to her, and she was not going to give it up -- the publicity idea had already created a lot of buzz in Paris. Liam noted that Wyatt had a pattern of behavior, and he repeatedly talked Hope into doing things.

Hope sighed. She searched for the wedding rings that Liam and Hope had exchanged before. She found them in a box and asked Liam to put the ring on her finger in Paris. Liam smiled.

At Quinn's, Wyatt entered and Quinn had already packed him a bag for the Paris trip. Quinn said she had wanted to see Wyatt. She prattled on about how she wished she had seen Hope and Wyatt when Hope had accepted the diamond. Wyatt reminded his mother that Hope was with Liam.

Wyatt wondered about Quinn's treatment, and Quinn said she was in outpatient treatment. Quinn quizzed Wyatt about every detail of the press conference and what Hope had said. Wyatt stopped her. He told her to stop obsessing about the diamond, Paris, and anything to do with Hope or Liam. Quinn did not let up. She picked up Wyatt's phone and looked for photos. Wyatt angrily told her to stop. "You're done with that," he said.

"Your life is my life," she responded. "No it's not," Wyatt said sternly. He quizzed her about her therapy. She said she had to keep a journal and share it with her therapist. She said she felt better. Wyatt told her they would not have the same relationship they had previously had.

Quinn wanted to know if Hope and Wyatt would marry in Paris. Wyatt shook his head. Quinn encouraged Wyatt to call Hope and interrupt her at Liam's. Wyatt argued that it was a mistake, but he obliged and called Hope.

At Liam's, Hope took Wyatt's call. He asked if Hope needed a ride to the airport. Hope refused and was short with Wyatt. She hung up, and Wyatt lamented to his mother that he should never have called.

Liam noted that Hope had interrupted an important conversation with him in order to take a call from Wyatt. Liam told Hope that she had accepted more than jewelry from Wyatt. It was like Wyatt had given her an island. "I am committed to you," she said. Hope had tired of talking in circles. "Please come with me," she said.

Hope maintained that after all the priests and justices of the peace, she wanted to get married. She begged Liam to join her in two days -- after the photo shoot and press conference had wrapped. "This is the beginning of the rest of our lives. I love you," she said. They kissed passionately, and Hope left. Liam smiled.

At Forrester, Ivy, Rick, Maya, Aly, and Oliver discussed the impending photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower. Rick noted that it had all fallen together easily "like it's meant to be." The group discussed that Ridge had insisted on a local photographer, but Aly made a pitch for Oliver to go. Rick, Ivy, and Maya noted that photographers had to have permits, and only local photographers had the ability to get everything in order on such short notice. Rick apologized to Aly and Oliver, but he said he would not butt heads with Ridge on the subject.

Ivy questioned if Hope would actually go to Paris, and Maya offered to go in her place. Rick thanked Maya for all her help. Maya left then Rick left. Ivy wondered if Hope was loyal to Liam or Wyatt. Aly defended Hope. Oliver said he knew Hope would go to Paris.

Outside the office, Charlie and Pam guessed at how many millions the diamond was worth. Charlie suspected something fishy had happened in order for Wyatt to inherit the diamond. Charlie conjectured wild scenarios of what had happened to Ricardo, and all of them included Wyatt doing something dishonest.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

by Pam

At Forrester, phones rang, and Aly and Ivy answered calls about the photo shoot in Paris. Aly told Jarrett that if he wanted more news, he would have to hop a plane to Paris. Ivy also answered calls. Liam entered and interrupted.

Aly and Ivy told Liam it had been a madhouse. Ivy wondered if Liam was aware that Hope had gone. Liam said that he knew she was on a plane to Paris with Wyatt and the diamond. Aly said she wished they had never heard of the Hope for the Future Diamond.

Ivy noted that Wyatt had made his move and ambushed Hope at the press conference. Aly encouraged Liam to go to Paris. Liam admitted that Hope wanted him to meet her there. Aly reminded Liam that it was the most romantic city in the world. Aly and Ivy wondered why Liam wasn't already in Paris.

Liam worried that Hope was still conflicted about Wyatt. Aly defended Hope's decision to accept the diamond for the line, but Ivy said Hope should not have done it.

Liam explained that he had kept his and Hope's wedding bands in a box in his house. He added that Hope had taken her wedding band and wanted Liam to put it on her finger in Paris near the Eiffel Tower. Aly and Ivy encouraged Liam to go to Paris.

Ivy would be on her way if her work papers had arrived. Ivy lamented that she would miss out on everyone in the fashion world and all the gemologists. "Ever since I can remember, it's always been about the bling," she said. Ivy told Liam that he was strong and honorable to a fault. "You're a gentlemen in every way," she said.

Ivy added that Wyatt had been obvious in trying to manipulate Hope. Liam looked at his own wedding ring. He said that Hope had told him he would never lose her unless he pushed her away. Ivy again advised Liam to go to Paris because it was obvious he loved Hope. Ivy also wondered if Hope wasn't more like Brooke than she knew. Ivy explained that she and Hope had grown up in the Forrester family -- but in very different families.

On the Forrester jet, Rick, Hope, and Wyatt winged their way to Paris. Hope sat alone and sullen, while Wyatt worried to Rick about Felicia handling all the publicity because Thorne had gone on vacation. Rick promised that Felicia would deliver.

Wyatt eyed Hope sitting alone. He sat next to Hope. Hope said she had to talk to him, and she explained that she would return the diamond after the photo shoot. Wyatt objected, but Hope explained that she had hurt Liam when she'd accepted the diamond at the press conference. Wyatt said that Liam had overreacted, but Hope disagreed. She pulled her wedding ring from her bag, and she shared that she and Liam would marry after the photo shoot.

Wyatt watched her. "I love you so damned much. I have proven myself to you over and over again," he said. Hope told him she would not change her mind. Wyatt raised the issue of Steffy, but Hope said Steffy was no longer an issue. Wyatt maintained the diamond would work its magic in Paris and all over the world.

Wyatt gushed that it would be perfect with the most beautiful woman ever and the most beautiful diamond. He insisted that she had to focus on conquering Paris. Hope promised she would wear the diamond for photo shoots, but she would return it to him afterward. Wyatt objected, but Hope said she would be wearing Liam's ring when she returned from Paris. Wyatt shook his head.

In the Forrester photo studio, Oliver shot photos of a model. The model thanked him and left. Oliver flashed back to when he had first asked Aly out for coffee. He recalled how shy she had been and how difficult it had been for her to accept compliments. Oliver remembered kissing Aly, and he smiled when he recalled the evening he had dressed as a knight. Oliver smiled.

Aly entered. She and Oliver embraced, and Oliver lamented that he would not be shooting photos in Paris. He promised to prove himself to Ridge. He said he liked being with Aly because he was her knight in shining armor. They smiled and kissed.

In Paris, Wyatt and Hope walked down a walkway, and Hope stared at the Eiffel Tower where she said Liam would soon meet her. Wyatt doubted that Liam would show up, and he asked what she would do if he didn't. Hope looked shocked. "He'll be here," she said confidently.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

On a bench near the Eiffel Tower, Wyatt beamed that the photo shoot would be one for the ages. Hope longingly stared at the tower, and Wyatt asked if she really thought Liam would show up.

Later, Hope and Wyatt arrived at Forrester International and met Felicia and Rick. Everyone was excited about the shoot, and Wyatt murmured that he hoped there were no distractions. As Hope, Felicia, and Rick talked, Wyatt took a call from Quinn, who wanted to know how things were in Paris. He replied that things could be better.

Wyatt relayed that Hope had invited Liam to meet her in Paris after the photo shoot, but Wyatt didn't know if Liam would show up or not. With a nervous sigh and grin, Quinn said that Wyatt had just given Hope the diamond, and he couldn't lose both it and the girl. He told Quinn to forget he'd said anything, and he warned her to stay far away from Liam.

When Wyatt rejoined the others in conversation, Felicia and Rick were telling Hope that Thorne and Taylor were "off the grid" in some exotic location. Hope asked Wyatt who'd called him. He claimed that it had been someone at the warehouse, and he hadn't wanted to deal with it at that moment.

Rick announced that Felicia had secured the Trocadero Gardens, and Wyatt exclaimed that no one photographed there unless they did it illegally. "Unless you're Forrester Creations," Rick responded. Wyatt noted that, with the Eiffel Tower nearby, Hope could conveniently just take a few short steps.

Cutting Wyatt off, Hope thanked Felicia for all the arrangements. Rick remarked about the blue diamond giving them a lot of buzz, and Wyatt said the stone was powerful. He believed that it had given them a lot of good fortune in the past, and there was no telling the magic it would conjure in Paris.

Felicia was curious about how Wyatt had become the owner of the diamond, and Wyatt and Hope explained the circumstances of his inheritance and gift to Hope. Felicia contended that it was an extravagant gift. Rick said Quinn and Ricardo had known each other for a long time, and Felicia guessed that Wyatt had his mother to thank for the jewel. "Yeah, what do you mean?" Wyatt pointedly asked. Rick said Felicia meant that Quinn's association with Ricardo had helped Ricardo's inheritance choice.

Wyatt grew tense when Felicia asked about the rumors that Quinn had attacked Liam. Hope asserted that Quinn had gone through a difficult time, but everyone was happy that she'd taken the step to get the help that she needed.

Later, Wyatt and Hope strode around the gardens. He told her to imagine all the reporters there to see her and the diamond the next day. They had an iconic landmark, an iconic diamond, and an iconic woman, and he was certain the diamond would change their fortunes again. Wyatt asked Hope not to let Liam ruin the adventure for her.

Hope scoffed, and her smile faded. Wyatt insisted that Liam only upset her and complicated things, and if Liam didn't show up, she needed to cut him loose and keep her dignity. Wyatt stated that he'd already given her the diamond, and she never had to question where she stood with him. He claimed that she meant everything to him, and if Liam didn't show up, Wyatt wanted to make Hope his.

In the Forrester studio, Oliver guessed Aly was bummed about not going to Paris. She joked that with everyone gone, somebody had to be the boss around there. Oliver noted that the press conference would be live-streamed on the Internet. Aly hoped that Liam would go to Paris, because he'd be making a big mistake if he didn't. Oliver said they had a lot riding on the shoot.

At Spencer, Liam quickly packed up his bag. Alison told him that the Spencer jet was out of the country, so she'd booked him a first class commercial flight to Paris. There would be a car waiting for him in Paris to take him to his destination. Liam was excited to surprise Hope by meeting her after her photo shoot. Alison left, and Liam gazed at the wedding band he'd had in his pocket.

Liam called Ivy to let her know that he'd gotten his airplane ticket. Ivy relayed that her work visa had gone through, but it was too late for her to go to Paris. Liam invited Ivy to go along with him and said that he'd get Alison to book her a ticket. Ivy told him that she'd meet him at the airport.

Later, Pam rushed into Rick's office with some clothes for Ivy to pack for the trip. Pam showed Ivy a crocheted sweater. Ivy frowned and declined it until Pam said she'd made it herself. Aly entered in time to hear that Ivy was going to Paris with Liam, and Aly instructed Ivy to make sure Liam got there in time to meet Hope. Aly grinned to herself as Ivy rushed out.

Aly went to the studio to gush to Oliver about Liam taking off for Paris. Aly thought it was dreamy and romantic, but Oliver stated it would only be if Liam, who hadn't had much luck, actually made it. Aly said that Quinn and Steffy were gone and wondered what could go wrong. Oliver guessed a delayed flight or bad weather. Aly insisted that everything would finally work out for Hope and Liam.

Oliver asked what would happen if it didn't turn out that way. Expressing her abiding faith in Hope and Liam, Aly announced that she'd throw a party upon their return.

To show Aly that Liam wasn't the only romantic guy, Oliver set up a special lunch in the studio for Aly, complete with Parisian foods. Aly remarked about how romantic he'd been as the yellow knight, and the two flashed back on their time at the castle.

Aly said he'd been a handsome knight. Oliver figured he'd gotten in good with the castle attendants, and he might be able to borrow the costume. She responded that he didn't need it, and he'd always be her knight in shining armor -- just like Liam was Hope's.

In the Spencer parking lot, Liam put his bag in his Tesla and told someone on the phone that he had to reschedule a meeting because he'd be in Paris. When Liam drove out of the parking lot, Quinn stood up from her crouched position behind a nearby car and strode off with purpose.

Later, Liam sat in his seat on the airplane. Scott Clifton's "Gravity" played as Liam flashed back on his years-long romance with Hope. Ivy rushed down the aisle to take her seat beside Liam just moments before takeoff. A couple aisles back, Quinn, cloaked in a scarf and sunglasses, lowered the magazine that had shielded her face.

During the flight, Ivy and Liam toasted to wise decisions. Quinn listened from a row back as Liam thanked Ivy for her advice. He said that he didn't want to lose Hope, but if he didn't show up, that was exactly what would happen. Liam explained that Hope didn't know he was on the way, but he'd get to their meeting spot at three sharp in the afternoon.

Producing a ring from his pocket, Liam said Hope would have her wedding band, and he'd have his. Quinn grimaced when Liam told Ivy that he planned to marry Hope in Paris.

Liam races to Paris to tell Hope that he loves her

Liam races to Paris to tell Hope that he loves her

Friday, August 8, 2014

In the Forrester CEO office, Brooke arrived at work early and was surprised to see Aly also there at that hour. Aly beamed about the most romantic moment in Liam and Hope's lives thus far. Brooke didn't know what Aly meant, and Aly said Liam had to meet Hope in Paris that day if he wanted a future with her. Aly announced that Liam had taken a flight to be there in time.

On the airplane, the incognito Quinn scowled as she listened to Liam and Ivy discuss that Hope and Liam would be choosing a future together that day. "Some girls get all the luck," Ivy drawled and asked if Liam thought Wyatt would put up a fight.

Liam said that Wyatt had better not because Hope had chosen to be with Liam. Liam declared that there would be no more Wyatt or his crazy mother. Ivy asked if Quinn had really tried to kill Liam. He asserted that it was true, and Quinn was really dangerous.

The plane landed, and when Liam helped a woman with her bag, the woman said that Ivy had herself a keeper. Ivy agreed that he was a true gentleman, but Liam felt it hadn't gotten him far because women preferred the bad boy type. "Some women," Ivy reasoned. Patting the pocket containing his ring, Liam said Wyatt wouldn't get away with it anymore.

Quinn spied on Liam and Ivy as they met the car that awaited them outside Charles De Gaulle Airport. Quinn hopped onto someone's motorbike to pursue the vehicle, and a man shouted for the police as Quinn sped away.

In his car, Liam requested that the driver hurry. Ivy asked if they'd make it in time, and as Quinn detoured onto the sidewalk to keep up with their car, Liam said he was sure they would.

Finally, the Eiffel Tower appeared in the foreground as the car rushed forward, and Liam cheered because they were close. The car rolled to a stop in traffic, and Ivy and Liam grew concerned about the time.

In the fountain gardens, Hope prepared for the photo shoot of her life, and her assistant told her that Rick and Felicia wanted her to go ahead with it while they were still in meetings with marketers. Wyatt said that once he put the diamond on Hope, she'd have nerves of steel.

Seductive Parisian music played as the photo shoot commenced in the fountain gardens in front of the Eiffel Tower. Hope posed in a series of glamorous gowns and leaned in ways to showcase the diamond necklace. Hope modeled four gowns in total.

After the shoot, the press gathered to hear Hope speak about the new line that she'd created. She claimed that her goal had been to have eco-friendly fashion for young women, and as her line had developed, so had her dedication to social responsibility and empowering young women. She believed that fashion had the ability to transcend boundaries and cultures.

Hope showcased the diamond on her neck and said that it defined beauty in its truest form. It was a reminder to protect and cherish the earth. It represented protecting everything that the earth had given them, and it was an inspiration to lead the next generation into a future that would shine as bright as the diamond.

A reporter asked if the diamond would be housed in the Paris boutique. Hope said it was making a European tour through Brussels, London, and Milan. Reporters inquired about the Stephanie Forrester Collection. Dubbing the idea another brilliant one from Wyatt Spencer, Hope said she hoped Stephanie's collection would be in Paris in the near future.

A reporter asked why Wyatt was still working for Forrester, but his mother had taken a break. Wyatt replied that his mother had needed the break, not him. Someone asked what made Wyatt and Hope a great team. Hope replied that they each believed in the power of HFTF.

Someone asked for Wyatt and Hope to pose for photos, and another reporter noted that there were questions surrounding Ricardo Montemayor's death. When the reporter said there might be an investigation, Wyatt feigned surprise. He said he was sure the investigation was just routine, and Ricardo's death had been a terrible loss to many. Hope agreed and said Ricardo would not be forgotten.

After the press conference, Wyatt and Hope milled around near the Eiffel Tower. Hope remarked that she hadn't heard about an investigation into Ricardo's death. Wyatt dismissed it, saying that the reporter had been being thorough.

Wyatt suggested that they get a bite to eat, but Hope said he knew she couldn't. When Hope stopped walking, he guessed they were at the special spot and wondered where Liam was. She said Liam wasn't there yet, but he still had time.

Wyatt stated that Liam wasn't arriving, but Hope insisted that Liam would. She took off the diamond necklace and handed it back to Wyatt. "You know I can't," she said when Wyatt looked sad. She stated that the jewel belonged to him. Hope grew tearful as Wyatt walked away.

As Hope waited for Liam, Wyatt perched by a tree and watched.

Back in traffic, Liam and Ivy abandoned the car to go quicker on foot. Behind them, Quinn left her bike in traffic and chased after them. Ivy and Liam sprinted up some stairs and through some stone archways. Liam ran until he arrived at a platform across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower. He took a huge breath and pressed forward, sprinting closer and closer to the tower.

Ivy scrambled to keep up with Liam, and Quinn lagged even further behind Ivy. Liam spotted Hope as he crossed the long bridge over the Seine. Catching up to Liam, Ivy told him to hurry, and she'd stay behind to take a picture of the couple.

Ivy sat on the stone rail of the bridge to get her phone ready. Quinn strode at a determined pace, stuck her arm out, and shoved the unsuspecting Ivy over the stone rail. Quinn kept walking with a satisfied grin as Ivy screamed and hit the water beneath the bridge.

Hearing the splash and scream, Liam ran back down the bridge to find Ivy treading water below him. Ivy insisted that he go, and she'd swim to the side. He was worried that she'd drown, but she screamed for him to go. Liam was torn as his stare darted between Hope and the floating Ivy.

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