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Liam saved Ivy from her plunge into the Seine, but he was too late to meet Hope. In Monte Carlo, Wyatt convinced Hope to take a leap of faith with him. Armed with a decoded message from Ricardo, Deacon accused Quinn of murdering Ricardo, and Quinn pulled a gun on Deacon.
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In Monte Carlo, Wyatt convinced Hope to take a leap of faith with him
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Monday, August 11, 2014

In the Forrester CEO's office, Deacon leaned on the doorframe with coffee and doughnuts in hand. Brooke dismissively shook her head, but when he asked if she still liked "those maple bars," she ordered him to get in there and close the door before Pam saw that he had store-bought treats.

The two sat down to eat breakfast, and Deacon begged Brooke for information about Hope. Brooke revealed that Liam had headed to Paris to meet Hope at her behest, and Brooke anticipated that it would be a very big moment in Hope's life. Deacon assumed that if Liam showed up, the couple would recommit to each other, but Deacon asked what would happen if Liam didn't show up.

Brooke doubted that a no-show would be an issue. Deacon thought that it was a long flight, during which Liam could get cold feet. Deacon asked if Hope would move on if Liam didn't show up. Brooke guessed that Hope could have a life with Wyatt, but Brooke was certain Liam would show. Deacon reasoned that Hope was like her mother but different. Agreeing, Brooke said she respected Hope's choices.

Deacon still couldn't believe he had anything to do with "making that amazing human being." He recalled that, on his bad days, he'd close his eyes and conjure up Hope's laugh, and every good thing he'd questioned in the world became restored. He felt that their daughter deserved to have the best and someone who understood how spectacular she was. Brooke stated that both men understood, and Deacon asked who she preferred. Brooke wouldn't answer but asked for Deacon's pick.

Deacon said that Wyatt had pulled himself up with his own bootstraps and had given their daughter a "hell of a diamond." Deacon didn't know how one could not want their daughter with a guy like that. Brooke said that Wyatt had made Hope happy, but he was too carefree for Hope. Brooke felt that Liam was more solid and a true gentleman who would always do the right thing.

Brooke felt that Liam was more Hope's type, and Deacon guessed that Brooke didn't consider Wyatt a gentleman. Brooke relayed that Liam and Wyatt had different sets of morals. She figured that Wyatt could have turned out a lot worse after having Quinn raise him. Brooke was glad that Quinn wasn't involved in Hope's life anymore.

Deacon wished he'd known how much trouble Quinn was when he'd met her. Brooke said she understood wanting the best for one's child, but Quinn had crossed the line. He figured that Quinn was getting the help she needed and staying away from Hope. Looking at his watch, he noted that it was after three in Paris, and the big moment had arrived for Hope and Liam.

In the studio, Aly was glued to her laptop, awaiting news about Hope and Liam. Oliver arrived and hailed another successful Wyatt Fuller production. Aly admitted that Wyatt knew how to create buzz, but the real show for her was Hope and Liam reuniting again -- finally.

Staring at Hope's pictures from Paris, Aly cooed that Hope was beautiful, and Brooke couldn't have picked a better name for the daughter who gave so much hope to the world. Aly felt that Hope taught women a new way to live their lives from a place of respect and strength while respecting the earth. Aly said that the message had pulled her through many lost and confusing times.

Oliver remarked that Aly was also special. Aly thought it was incredible the amount of people who'd tried to keep Hope and Liam apart; however, it didn't matter because the couple was meant to be. Aly asked if she sounded silly, but Oliver said she didn't.

Aly imagined that the couple was together in Paris and untouchable to Quinn. Aly felt almost sorry for Wyatt. "Having a crazy mother like Quinn," Oliver replied. Aly said that Quinn was crazy-scary.

Aly returned to her vigil at the laptop, but Oliver doubted Liam and Hope would post selfies from the tower. Aly agreed, but she couldn't help herself because she'd been drawn to their story from the beginning. She believed that Liam really understood Hope and how she led her life, and Hope and Liam really complimented each other. "Like you and me," Oliver said. Oliver and Aly agreed that every girl needed a knight and shining armor, and Liam would always be Hope's.

In Paris, bells tolled, signifying that it was three in the afternoon. As Liam debated meeting Hope or saving Ivy, Quinn sat down at a café and scanned the nearby area for Hope. Quinn guessed she should have picked a closer café to get a better view.

Quinn spied a pair of binoculars on a table beside her and observed that their owner had been distracted by a phone call. The man left without the binoculars, and Quinn swiped them off the table. The man and his waiter returned a short time later in hopes of locating the binoculars. When they couldn't, the man asked Quinn if she'd seen them. Quinn said she hadn't.

After the man and his waiter had left, Quinn whipped the binoculars out and used them to locate Hope near the tower. Speaking in a Hope-like drawl, Quinn mimicked Hope, saying "I'd" thought Liam would be there by then, so he must not love "me" after all.

"He doesn't. Not as much as Wyatt," Quinn replied in her own voice. Quinn gazed at her phone and noted that the time had passed three o'clock, and "all's not well for you, Liam."

Perched against a tree near the carousel at the Eiffel Tower, Wyatt watched Hope milling around by the rose bushes. He glanced at the diamond and uttered, "Don't come, Liam. Don't show up." Wyatt flashed back to the camper trip he'd taken with Hope then anxiously looked around.

At the bridge, Ivy told Liam to go. She became unable to swim against the currents, and in an instant, Liam dove over the side of the bridge to save her. Liam pulled Ivy to the bank, where they collapsed in exhaustion. "Thank you!" Ivy breathlessly exclaimed, and a soft look passed between them.

Liam said they needed to get Ivy cleaned up, but Ivy told him to go meet Hope. He asked if Ivy was sure. She said she was, and the sopping wet Liam scrambled off, leaving Ivy on the bank.

Near the tower, Hope continued to wait, and a fan approached to take a picture with her. After a while, Hope checked her phone and gazed around anxiously. She saw other couples meeting and kissing, and sadness withered her face.

Meanwhile, Liam raced up to a platform and propelled himself through the throng around him. Liam darted around the carousel and rounded the rose bushes. The camera slowed down, and piano music played as he saw a blonde standing around with her back to him. He touched her shoulder, but when she turned around, he saw a stranger staring back him.

The woman frowned and skirted away, and Liam glanced all around him. He bowed his head and knowingly shut his eyes.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

by Pam

In Paris near the Eiffel Tower, Liam struggled to get through the crowds after he had rescued Ivy when Quinn had knocked her into the Seine -- unbeknownst to Liam or Ivy. Liam tried to find Hope, but he could not find her.

In a café near the Eiffel Tower, Quinn watched Liam through a pair of stolen binoculars and laughed at Liam's misfortune. Quinn smiled and mocked that Liam had been such a gentleman and saved Ivy -- Quinn smirked that she had won again.

Liam called Hope repeatedly, but there was no answer. Liam and Ivy went to Forrester International, and Liam told Rick that he had received no word from Hope. Rick agreed that he had also heard nothing. Liam and Ivy acquired dry clothes, but they still heard nothing from Hope.

Liam called Brooke for help, but Brooke admitted that she had heard nothing from Hope. Liam said that he had arrived late at the Eiffel Tower because he had saved Ivy, who had been pushed into the Seine. Brooke promised to convey Liam's message if she heard from Hope.

Liam, Rick, and Ivy all realized that Hope was with Wyatt, and Rick advised that Wyatt had probably taken Hope somewhere. Rick and Liam discussed how disappointed Liam was that Hope would have left. Ivy noted that Liam had shown his goodness and chivalry. She promised to make it all right with Hope. She said that Paris was a city for lovers.

On board a private jet, Hope looked forlorn. Wyatt asked Hope if she was all right. "Liam just doesn't come through for you," Wyatt said. He grabbed her hand. Wyatt and Hope headed to Monte Carlo. Quinn called Wyatt and told him to take control of the situation and marry Hope. Wyatt scoffed, but he hung up with his mother and pitched the idea that Liam had repeatedly let Hope down.

Wyatt reminded Hope that he had never let her down like Liam had. Wyatt told Hope that they would land soon. He reminded her that nothing had changed. Liam had repeatedly disappointed her, and Wyatt had always been true to her. Wyatt noted that his brother was a good person "but an idiot" for the way that Liam had treated Hope.

Wyatt told Hope that she deserved more. Hope said that it was not easy letting go. She admitted that she was tired of getting her hopes up. Wyatt kissed her hand and asked her to return to him. Wyatt told Hope that the diamond had been meant for her and that they had been meant to be together.

Wyatt wanted Hope to keep the diamond, and to marry him. Hope looked shocked. Wyatt promised to make things right. He asked her if the situation had reminded her of anything. Hope answered, "Rock and roll."

At Forrester, Bill entered Brooke's office, and he teased that he knew she had wanted to call him. Brooke wondered why, and she mocked Bill's arrogance. Bill promised that he would never dump anyone into a large body of water ever again.

Brooke giggled and promised to hold Bill to his vow. Brooke and Bill discussed that Liam had had to rescue Ivy, who had fallen into the Seine. Brooke noted that it might have cost him Hope.

Wyatt convinces Hope to take a leap of faith with him

Wyatt convinces Hope to take a leap of faith with him

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

by Pam

On Bill's yacht in Monte Carlo, Wyatt told Hope to look deep into the diamond because she would see their future. He promised that the diamond would continue to work its magic for them just as it had worked its magic for her line.

"Marry me," Wyatt said, "The captain can do it right here on this ship. What do you say? Let's rock and roll." Hope smiled. Wyatt said that he offered her a partnership with no neuroses, no vacillation. He noted that she had to be tired of the constant disappointment and ups and downs that her relationship with Liam had offered.

Wyatt said that he knew it was crazy and impulsive, but he knew he and Hope were ready. "I promise you, I will not disappoint you," Wyatt said. He wanted to start their life together. Hope looked pensive and said, "Yes." "Yes?" Wyatt questioned. "Yes," she answered, and they embraced.

In Paris, Liam and Ivy discussed that Hope had still not picked up any of Liam's calls. Liam called Forrester International again and checked in with Rick, but no one had heard from Hope. Ivy felt horrible that Liam had missed his chance with Hope. Ivy couldn't believe that Hope had left Liam.

Liam lamented that Hope had been waiting, and he had seen her. Hope had said that she knew if he didn't show up, it was over. "You were there," Ivy argued. Liam said that Hope hadn't realized that Liam had been there. Ivy felt responsible, but Liam said it had been an accident that she had fallen in the Seine. "The most important thing is you're safe," Liam said.

On Bill's yacht, Captain Marks called Bill and told him that Wyatt had requested use of the yacht for a week in Monte Carlo. Bill said that he had known about Wyatt's request. Captain Marks added that Wyatt had planned to marry Miss Logan. Bill seemed surprised, but he thanked the captain for calling him.

At Forrester, Deacon entered Brooke's office and announced that Wyatt had texted him to tell him that Wyatt and Hope were moving on. Brooke didn't know what he meant, but Deacon explained that it sounded like Hope had left Liam. Bill called and interrupted Deacon and Brooke's conversation.

Bill told Brooke that his son and her daughter were getting married on Bill's yacht. Brooke excitedly assumed that Bill meant Liam and Hope, but Bill advised it was Hope and Wyatt who planned to wed. Brooke was disappointed. Bill said that it would be very difficult for Liam, but Liam was going to have to find someone else.

Brooke hung up with Bill. Deacon said that he knew Hope would be happy. "Wyatt is slick, but he loves her," Deacon said. Deacon added that he wanted to get back together with Brooke because he had been dreaming about her for a long time. Brooke was flattered but did not respond.

On the yacht in Monte Carlo, Captain Marks announced that Craig, the first mate, would serve as a witness to the marriage. Craig told Wyatt that he had purchased the dress Wyatt had requested. Hope appeared in a white lace dress, wearing the blue diamond necklace. She met Liam, and they joined hands in front of the captain and first mate.

The captain announced that it was beautiful day for a wedding with the splendor of Monte Carlo as a backdrop. It would be a wonderful memory for them. The captain asked if Wyatt had words for his bride. Wyatt answered, "Wow."

Wyatt told Hope that he had never thought about marriage until he'd met Hope. He looked out at the horizon and promised that they would face their future side by side. "We can do anything," Wyatt professed. He added that Hope drew out the very best in him, and he loved her smile.

Hope smiled, and she recalled that Wyatt had drawn out the impulsiveness in her since the first time she had met him. She added that she loved that he had pushed her to do things that challenged her. She noted that Wyatt liked to dive into life headfirst. Wyatt added that it was a leap of faith. Hope agreed.

Hope removed the diamond necklace and handed it to the captain. She raced to the edge of the boat and beckoned Liam to join her. "Leap of faith?" she asked. She extended her hand to him, and they jumped off the side of the boat.

Hope and Wyatt kissed and laughed in the water while the captain and first mate looked over the side. The captain pronounced them husband and wife and suggested that Wyatt could kiss his bride. Wyatt and Hope embraced in the water and kissed.

In Paris, Ivy and Liam agreed that since they couldn't find Hope and Wyatt with phone calls, they would go out and look for them. Liam's hotel room phone rang, and it was Bill. Liam said that he had to leave to find Hope. Bill reported that Hope and Wyatt were on his yacht in Monte Carlo and were getting married.

"I know you're disappointed," Bill said. Bill explained that someone was bound to get hurt. Liam was stunned. He said goodbye to his dad and emotionally told Ivy that Hope and Wyatt were getting married. Liam leaned against the doorway to the balcony, and he was in shock.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

In the Forrester's CEO office, Oliver arrived with a boutique of red carnations, and Aly considered herself a lucky maiden. "I love them. And I love you," Aly said, and he blushed.

Charlie and Pam arrived with bad news for Aly. Pam relayed that Hope had gotten married, but it had been to Wyatt, not Liam. "Very funny, Pam," Aly knowingly replied. Pam wished she was joking, but she explained that Liam simply hadn't made it to the Eiffel Tower in time.

Aly didn't trust the manipulative Wyatt, who Hope had become married to forever. Aly was sure that Wyatt had forced the marriage on Hope, just as he'd forced the diamond on her. Charlie asserted that if Wyatt had done that, he'd have to deal with Charlie. Pam, who'd been rooting for Liam, noted that Wyatt and Quinn were once again back on top. Aly hoped Liam was okay.

Pam guessed that Aly had really believed in Hope and Liam. Aly claimed to still believe, but not because she abhorred Wyatt. She believed that Liam was a real gentleman and the kind of man Hope deserved. Oliver, Charlie, and Pam discussed all the broken weddings and engagements; however, Aly asserted that it hadn't been Hope and Liam's fault, and someone had always been interfering.

Aly said that the couple had always found their way back to each other, but Pam wondered if the new outcome was the way things were meant to be. Charlie remarked that one couldn't fight the power of the diamond. "It will always win," he concluded.

Aly declared that the diamond was cursed. Pam said that Hope had moved on, no matter how anyone else felt about it, and Liam would have to move on, too.

At the hotel in Paris, Ivy suggested that Liam call the yacht to stop the wedding before it was too late. The bewildered Liam replied that it was already too late. "Why would I trust Wyatt? Why wouldn't I see this coming?" Liam questioned. He didn't get it. He understood that he'd been late, but he'd also been right there. His and Hope's future had been right there, but "now she's married to Wyatt?"

"She's my brother's...wife. She's Wyatt's wife," the perplexed Liam uttered. "I don't understand. That piece of -- I should have known, you know? I should have been smarter. This is my fault."

Liam decided that he'd been the one to screw it up, but Ivy reminded him that he had been late because he'd been saving her. Liam said he'd been late one time. "One time," he continued, chuckling, "and that's all it takes for her to run off and marry my brother! Really?"

Ivy said that Liam had every right to be upset. Liam admitted that he was upset. He was upset with Hope, Wyatt, and whoever had pushed Ivy. Mostly, he was mad at himself. Liam sadly turned and pulled his ring from his pocket. He remarked that he had planned to wear the ring and be with Hope for the rest of his life, but it was just gone; he'd lost his chance, and that was it.

Liam had been "so excited" about the surprise and the future, but he never would have predicted the outcome before him. Chuckling mirthlessly, he asked if he was just really foolish. Ivy said he'd had faith in his relationship. Liam emphasized the fact that his brother had done something like that to him, and she replied that it just showed Wyatt's character.

Liam declared that he should be Hope's husband, not Wyatt. Ivy was surprised, too, because it had happened so fast. Liam began to question his choices and wondered if he'd overreacted when Hope had been trying to be professional about the diamond.

Holding out his empty hands, Liam said he'd had the most remarkable girl, but he'd lost her. Suddenly, he decided he needed to go, and he charged out the suite.

Liam mindlessly wandered the sunny streets of Paris. A song by Scott Clifton called "Love Song" played as Liam bowed his head upon seeing the Eiffel Tower looming against the cityscape. He ambled by a park, where he saw a woman on a bench, reading Eye on Fashion. Hope was on the cover.

The song continued to play as Liam deeply exhaled and continued on. By a tree-lined nook along the Seine, he witnessed a couple kissing. He darted his eyes away, half-scoffing and half-chuckling, and he recalled kissing Hope outside, overlooking the ocean at his house.

As he strode on, Liam happened onto the Pont de l'Archevêché, a love lock bridge in Paris. He remembered being with Hope in Italy and placing their lock on a love lock fence there. He stared at the thousands of love locks fastened to the bridge, and his body heaved as he fought against his lost emotions. He hugged himself and seemed to be shrinking as his eyes reddened, and he whimpered.

Liam lingered on the bridge and turned his back when he witnessed a marriage proposal. Ivy found him and said he'd had to pick the most romantic bridge in Paris. He guessed he liked punishment. She was sorry that his chivalry had cost him his future, but he insisted that not one bit of it was her fault.

Ivy would never forget what Liam had done for her, but she didn't know how to thank him. Liam replied that she didn't have to thank him. "Well, thanks," she said anyway, and with an awkward shrug, she leaned in to kiss his cheek. A spark passed between them, and their eyes met. Liam bashfully looked away and chuckled as Ivy gazed at him.

At Quinn's house, Deacon was drinking and roaring at game on television when the lieutenant from Mexico City arrived. "Look, man. It wasn't me. I haven't even been in Mexico in years. I don't know what she said -- " Deacon began. The officer interrupted to say that he was there to question Wyatt Fuller about the diamond inheritance. Mexican authorizes needed to make sure that it was just a coincidence that Ricardo had died and Wyatt had wound up with the diamond.

When questioned about his relationship to Wyatt, Deacon said that Wyatt had just become his son-in-law, and Deacon was staying at the loft temporarily. The lieutenant explained that, at first, the authorities had believed that Ricardo's death had been an accident, but when the autopsy had revealed large concentrations of arsenic in Ricardo's system, the authorities began to suspect foul play.

The officer explained that the poison could have emanated from a rare gemstone. Realgar was a stone with over a seventy-percent concentration of the arsenic. Wearing protective gear drastically reduced the chances of becoming contaminated when handling the jewel. Ricardo had been an educated, experienced gemologist, so it was unlikely that he had been so careless as to handle a stone such as realgar without protection. The officer concluded that someone else might have been involved.

Deacon's face grew grim as he suspected that the police thought Ricardo had been murdered. The officer conveyed that he was there to follow up on a phone call he'd had with Wyatt. Though there was no record of Wyatt or Quinn traveling to Mexico, the police still had questions about a dead man leaving "Mr. Fuller" a priceless diamond.

Deacon hurriedly said Wyatt and Quinn were not around, and the lieutenant left his card with Deacon before leaving. Once alone, Deacon began searching the sofa cushions. He rifled through kitchen drawers and discovered handcuffs in a trinket box on the counter. At Quinn's desk, Deacon found a laptop. He flipped it open and discovered pictures of whips and handcuffs. As he tapped through the images, he found a video. It was Ricardo's video to Wyatt.

In the video, Ricardo said, "Wyatt, I can only imagine how surprised you are. I am, too. My heart was never fuller than when I was caretaker of the diamond. It was only out of my reach once -- when I loaned it to you. You have a shared passion and reverence for the quintessence of this gem. I'm at her mercy, as you will be. The mother of all diamonds. She's yours."

Friday, August 15, 2014

On the Forrester jet, Ivy noted to Liam that it had been nice of Rick to let them take the jet home. Liam replied that Ivy could have stayed in Paris, but guilt-ridden, she responded that she couldn't let him travel home alone. He told her that Hope and Wyatt hadn't gotten married because Ivy had fallen into the Seine. Ivy insisted that, if not for her, Liam would have gotten to Hope on time.

Liam imagined arriving at the Eiffel Tower on time and the surprised Hope kissing him. He began second-guessing himself, asking what would be if he'd gone to Paris with Hope or given himself more time to get to Paris. Ivy asked why Hope couldn't have waited longer or called someone to locate him.

Liam replied that Hope hadn't known if he'd be there, but she'd probably known what it had meant that he hadn't shown. Ivy exclaimed that Liam had practically been right there. Shrugging, he said Hope was married to his brother, and nothing would change it.

Ivy asked how Bill would react to the turn of events. Liam said that his father hadn't thought "Hope was right for me. At least right enough to be Mrs. Spencer." It seemed to Liam that someone had always tried to break them up, be it their father or Steffy, and it had sometimes worked.

Scenes of Hope in a wedding dress on the back of an Italian Ape mini-truck, racing to the wedding; Hope trapped in an Aspen Gondola; and Hope and Liam racing together to the alcove in Cabo San Lucas played on the screen. Liam said there had always been a connection, just like the one he'd felt on the end of the runway the first time he'd proposed.

The scene of Hope gasping as Liam knelt on the runway with the ring played. Ivy called it a nice memory. "Someday it will be," Liam sadly replied. He guessed her response had been a hint to keep it to himself. She claimed she hadn't meant it that way, but she'd understand if talking about it was too hard.

Liam flashed back to talking to Hope by the pool in Italy, where she'd said he'd never thought they'd get to that place, but soon, they'd been husband and wife. "We came so close so many times. Maybe you only get so many chances," Liam said to Ivy.

Liam remarked that, during his last reunion with Hope, she'd said she couldn't imagine a life without him. He'd guessed it was because he'd never let her. "Wherever Hope was, there Liam was," he ruefully stated. He decided that he couldn't live his life that way anymore -- constantly chasing her, sharing her, and vying to create an ideal future or a rebuilt past.

Liam declared that he had to be done. He had to let it go, accept that Hope had married Wyatt, and move forward. He said that someday, he'd meet someone -- eventually. Ivy said there was no rush. Patting his hand, Ivy said it that might not seem like it, but the good guys always won in the end.

At Brooke's house, Bill arrived, ready to take the hint from his and Brooke's children by getting married. "Marry me. Let's get on with our lives," Bill proposed. Bill added that after he threw a party for Hope and Wyatt, Bill and Brooke would fly to the Stella Maris and have a wedding of their own.

Brooke was astonished that Bill wanted to run off and elope and that he wasn't concerned that their children might have acted recklessly. He replied that Liam had hesitated, but Wyatt hadn't. Bill added that he felt for Liam, who was probably kicking himself.

Bill noted that Brooke always said he acted considering the consequences, but to him, not acting could have consequences, too. Bill claimed he wouldn't make the mistake Liam had made by hanging back. Brooke stated that forcing issues wasn't wise, either, and doing so also had consequences.

Bill asserted that he and Brooke would get beyond what had happened with Ridge. She noted that Ridge wasn't the same, and she couldn't figure out why. Bill contended that Ridge hadn't changed a bit. Brooke quipped that hearing Bill talk that way made her doubt that he'd changed, either.

Bill felt that newlyweds were trying to teach him and Brooke a lesson. Brooke said she had nothing against Wyatt, but Hope didn't want Quinn as a mother-in-law. Bill said Hope had to have felt that Wyatt was worth it. Bill relayed that Wyatt was imperfect with baggage like his father, but if Wyatt had told Hope that it wouldn't be an issue, she could believe it.

Brooke declared that Quinn would always be an issue. Though Brooke was glad Quinn was getting help, Brooke hoped that therapy would keep Quinn out of Los Angeles for a long time. Bill declared that Quinn needed to be locked up for what she'd done to Liam, not in a cushy treatment center. He believed that Quinn was dangerous, but not to them, because he'd never let anything get between himself and Brooke again. Smiling, Brooke pinched Bill's chin.

At Quinn's loft, Deacon rewound Ricardo's video several times to hear certain parts again and again. The front door opened, and he closed the laptop. Quinn strode in, and he spooked her by loudly joking that she'd sneaked out of the clinic.

Quinn claimed she'd gotten the help she needed, and she asked if Deacon had heard any good news as of late. He guessed she knew. "That my son and your daughter are married, finally -- uh-huh," Quinn responded with a satisfied grin.

Deacon asked if Quinn knew how the ceremony had gone. She said she didn't, but she was sure it had been beautiful. He replied that it was beautiful for her, too, because she'd gotten exactly what she'd wanted. Quinn thought it was uncanny that they'd become related so soon after he'd tried to pick her up in a bar. He quipped that he'd dodged a bullet that time -- "or maybe a blade."

Deacon revealed the he knew what Quinn had done to Liam, and Quinn retorted that she knew Deacon had tipped off Wyatt. Deacon told her to consider herself lucky because he'd saved her from something crazy. Shrugging, Quinn replied that it hadn't been the best way to handle things.

Deacon asserted that Quinn had been desperate to get Hope away from Liam, and it was curious to him that Hope was "now" with Wyatt. Quinn figured it had been meant to be. Deacon guessed it was too bad she hadn't seen it. She replied that she just would have been a distraction on the couple's day.

Quinn knew that Hope wouldn't embrace her new mother-in-law right away, which left work for Quinn to do. "Leave her alone," Deacon commanded. He theorized that Quinn expected him to believe it had all happened by faith, and she'd had nothing to do with it. She imagined it was horrible being Deacon, the former convict who believed everyone had ulterior motives.

Deacon claimed he'd changed, and Quinn bragged that she had, too. She planned to be the perfect mother-in-law. She didn't even mind if she couldn't return to Forrester because Wyatt had a great marriage, a great job, and the diamond. To her, Wyatt's future was set.

"Yeah, about that diamond," Deacon began. He told Quinn that the Mexico City authorities were in town to investigate Ricardo's death. Handing her the policeman's card, Deacon said the man had wanted to talk to Wyatt, but Deacon had a feeling the man would eventually want to talk to Quinn.

Carelessly tossing aside the card, Quinn asked why. Deacon revealed that Ricardo had been poisoned, possibly by an arsenic-rich gem. Quinn stated that some gems could be dangerous if not handled carefully. Deacon said the police suspected murder, and she reasoned that Ricardo had had a lot of coveted possessions. "They asked about the diamond," Deacon explained.

Quinn replied that the diamond wasn't missing; Wyatt had inherited it. To Deacon, it reeked of suspicion that Ricardo had "croaked, and you-know-who winds up with the rock." Scoffing, Quinn proclaimed that Wyatt was innocent and wouldn't hurt a fly. Deacon agreed, reasoning that the killer had to be a crazy, obsessed nut job. Quinn told Deacon to be careful with the accusations.

Deacon asked if it was the kind of thing she did to people in her way. He cited that she'd tried to do it to Liam; however, he wouldn't let her do it to his daughter. Laughing, Quinn asked what he was talking about. Deacon said Quinn had once threatened Hope and Liam's lives.

"You're very beautiful. But you are also a lunatic! And you're a murderer," Deacon accused. Quinn called it ridiculous and asked what would make him think she'd murdered Ricardo. "Because he told me," Deacon responded in a low voice.

Quinn guessed that Deacon had been holding a séance and talking to the dead. Deacon grabbed the laptop, and she told him not to touch her stuff. He thanked her for establishing that it was hers, and he opened it to play Ricardo's video. Quinn listened, but at the end of it, she said Ricardo hadn't mentioned her at all. "Oh, no?" Deacon asked.

Deacon played an edited and reworded version of Ricardo's video. In it, Ricardo says, "She's your mother, Quinn Fuller. I am at her mercy." Scoffing, Quinn asked, "What is that?"

Deacon asked if she'd really thought Ricardo would let her get away with it. "Dude, you made that video!" Quinn exclaimed. Deacon claimed that the message was there, and he'd simply uncovered it. She laughed at him and replied that he could have edited to make it say whatever he'd wanted. Deacon contended that he'd let the police decide that.

Quinn asked if Deacon had sent the video to the police. Deacon hadn't; however, he had sent it to himself, and he could forward it to whomever he wanted with just a click. Quinn guessed that Deacon was threatening to ruin her reputation if she didn't stay away from Hope. Deacon yelled that he wasn't bargaining with Quinn, and if she'd had anything to do with that man's murder, she'd go to jail.

Quinn rolled her eyes and strode over to a box as Deacon said he'd make sure everyone saw the video and knew what a psycho she was. He assured her that she'd go away for a long time if she'd done it. "Oh, Deacon. You're a little too sharp for your own good," Quinn said, pulling a gun on him.

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