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Bill decided to let what had happened in Paris stay in Paris, but Charlie's detective work unearthed the secret of Quinn and the Seine River. Caroline devoted herself to helping Ridge complete the next collection. Wyatt asked Bill to give him the cliff house, but Liam refused to surrender any more territory to Wyatt.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 8, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, September 8, 2014

At the mansion, Liam wondered if his thanks-for-the-evening kiss had been welcomed or too forward. Grinning, Ivy replied that he had good instincts. Liam had enjoyed her party, and he'd almost felt as if he'd really been in the Outback. That feeling had been what Ivy had been seeking for him.

Ivy hadn't had ulterior motives for the evening, but she'd gotten the sense that it hadn't been going well. Liam acknowledged that he'd almost been a killjoy and that it might be too soon for him. Ivy said she wanted to help him realize there was life after Hope. He replied that he appreciated it and Ivy.

Ivy knew Liam was going through a difficult time, and she wanted to be there for him. She offered to listen and throw around boomerangs. Liam asked her to teach him to throw, but she confessed that she'd only done it once. He thanked for her helping him laugh at that time in his life.

Liam's phone chimed with a reminder to drop Bu off at the beach house. Liam explained that he and Hope were kind of sharing the cat. He dreaded having to go to the beach house, and Ivy remarked that he had to take Bu to his stepdad. Liam exclaimed that Ivy got it, and she asked him to call her in the morning to tell her how it had gone.

Later, Aly arrived with ice cream for Ivy and remarked that she'd just seen Liam leave. Aly thought he'd left earlier, and Ivy replied that the night had gone a little better than Ivy had thought. Ivy confided that Liam had kissed her, and it had been different. Aly was beaming because it was a huge deal. Ivy replied that she just wanted Liam to be happy, and Aly concluded that he was well on his way.

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt opened up some champagne. He guessed Liam and Ivy were swimming around in Hope's mind. Hope smarmily said they'd been swimming along in the Seine. Hope claimed not to have regrets, but Wyatt said Hope didn't have to pretend that the fall had changed her life.

Hope admitted that it had affected her, and Ivy's interest in Liam afterward seemed strange. Wyatt wondered if Hope suspected Ivy of falling on purpose, but Hope asked who would do that. He figured it didn't matter if Ivy had jumped or not. What mattered was that Liam hadn't made it on time.

Wyatt claimed that Hope had ended up with the most awesome husband in the world. Agreeing, Hope said that Wyatt was handsome, smart, and "so good" for her. They kissed, and Hope laid her head on his shoulder. He asked if she felt better. She claimed she hadn't felt bad, but instead, she'd realized that she didn't need to get involved in whom Liam spent time with.

Hope decided to take a leap of a faith and believe it would work out for Liam. Wyatt recalled that he and Hope had done that, and she said it had been the best jump of her life. Wyatt replied that he'd do it again. "Except the next time, we cannonball," Hope added.

Hope thanked Wyatt for listening, and Wyatt claimed that he'd learned it from his husband handbook. She said he should keep reading because it was working. He added that his handbook had also guided him to invite his wife to the shower. She declined because his "so beautiful" singing was distracting. He claimed to be taking lessons, and she said she'd be right there.

Wyatt went to the bathroom, and Hope swigged champagne. There was a knock at the door, and opening it, she found Liam on the porch with Bu. Her eyes softened as she took the cat, who she claimed she'd missed. She'd forgotten Liam would drop off the cat and deliberated about inviting Liam inside. Liam declined because he didn't want to intrude and guessed he should have text-messaged her.

Hope said it was fine that he'd stopped by. They discussed a cat toy she'd told him to buy, and he indicated that she'd been right about Bu taking to it. He said it was weird being parents sharing Bu. Hope didn't think it was weird because they both cared about Bu.

Liam said that all the memories he had were etched into his mind, and it wasn't that he thought anyone could take them away from him. "I don't know what I'm saying," he suddenly interjected.

Liam stated that Wyatt didn't want Bu, and it would be more practical if Liam just took him. Shaking her head definitively, Hope said she didn't want that. Liam asked her to promise that, no matter what, Bu was hers and Liam's to raise, and they would share him. Hope promised.

Liam smiled. He fidgeted at the door and stated that there was a part of his brain that wouldn't let him tell himself that it was over. "And then I come here, and it's all very real..." he uttered. Suddenly, he decided that he should go, and Hope grew tearful watching him leave.

In Bill's office, Quinn gloated about how easy it had been to push Ivy, and Quinn had known Liam wouldn't pass up the rescue mission. She was proud that Hope had turned to her and Bill's son, Wyatt. Bill wondered how long Hope would be with Wyatt once she heard what Quinn had done. Quinn declared that Hope and Wyatt were happy, and Bill wouldn't mess with it.

Bill said he normally wouldn't; however, he had an appreciation for the kind of commitment that Wyatt thought he had, and at the same time, Liam was miserable. Quinn accused Bill of playing favorites, but he said he'd merely give his sons the truth to do with as they pleased. She accused Bill of being jealous that she'd succeeded where he'd failed in breaking up Hope and Liam.

Bill was ashamed to say he'd broken up Hope and Liam plenty of times. He called the Bill of the past a miserable, meddling father who hadn't been able to keep his trap shut and let his son live his own life. Quinn retorted that it was exactly what she wanted -- for him to keep his trap shut and not get involved. Bill exclaimed that he hadn't been the one pushing people into rivers.

Quinn believed that Bill should be thanking her and asked why he'd tried to break up the couple in the past. Bill replied that Liam had belonged with Steffy, but she was no longer an option. "Neither is Hope. She's married," Quinn responded. She said that Hope had never made Liam happy, but she did Wyatt. Bill replied that it didn't justify what Quinn had done.

Quinn didn't think she'd done anything but help Hope take the coward's way out. In Quinn's view, Hope couldn't admit that she preferred Wyatt, so she'd sent Liam through ridiculous hoops. Quinn believed a woman in love didn't give her man ultimatums like that. She was sure Bill didn't want his sons fighting over the same girl any longer. "Be a good daddy. Stop interfering," Quinn concluded.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

by Pam

At Forrester, Rick, Eric, and Caroline worked on fitting models with Hope for the Future designs. Caroline noted that Hope had approved the designs as her favorites. Eric congratulated Rick and Caroline on their work for Forrester. Rick congratulated his wife on all she had done.

Rick shared that Caroline had developed designs for couture. He added that she had collaborated with Ridge. Caroline explained that she had taken some pretty rough designs to Ridge, and he had helped her redesign them. Ushering in a model in a white tee shirt, Rick decided to show Eric the progress that Ridge had made on the couture line. The model turned around, displaying the word and number "zero" on her back in a team jersey fashion. Eric asked what that signified. "The number of designs that Ridge has actually given me!" Rick complained. Rick worried that Ridge was bucking Rick's authority as president.

Caroline received a text message from Ridge, and she left. Rick wanted to send Ridge back to Paris ... if and after Ridge did complete a couture line. Eric and Rick looked at the design that Ridge and Caroline had worked on. Eric noted that Caroline had definitely drawn it, but it had Ridge's attention to detail. Eric said it was stunning. Rick pointed out that it would make it easier to send Ridge to Paris, since Caroline could establish herself as a couture designer. Eric looked unhappy.

On the Forrester rooftop, Carter worked out on the weight equipment, and Maya admired his physique. Carter assumed Maya had been looking for Rick. He suggested that she stop embarrassing herself and Rick by chasing him. Maya insisted that she, not Caroline, was the right girl for Rick. Carter countered that Maya was a classless gold-digger.

Maya maintained that she loved Rick and should never have let him slip away. Carter assumed she missed his money. Maya flashed back to when she and Rick had been running along Rodeo Drive. Maya vowed to never give up on a future with Rick. She told Carter that unless Rick and Caroline had a family, she would pursue him.

Carter was shocked at Maya's inappropriate comments, but Maya said that Caroline had never respected her relationship with Rick. Carter warned Maya that Rick loved Caroline and was married to her. Maya seemed unconcerned.

Maya quizzed Carter about the secrecy behind Ridge's designs for couture because no one had seen them. Carter would not discuss the designs. Maya wondered what had happened because the Hope for the Future line had been done. Maya pressured Carter for information because he was close to Ridge, but Carter refused to tell Maya anything.

In Ridge's office, Katie begged Ridge to share his inability to draw with Eric and Rick because it would be a good idea to have the company behind him. Ridge disagreed. Katie pointed out that Brooke had learned about his problem, and Ridge noted that Brooke had said nothing to anyone. Ridge wanted to keep it that way, and Ridge wanted to get Rick off his back. He planned to do it with Caroline's help.

Ridge lamented that he had almost lost everything in the fall from the helicopter. He flashed back to falling out of the copter and into the water. Ridge promised that it would not change his life. He called Caroline his muse. Caroline entered and overheard the comment.

"Oh my God, did I hear him call me his muse," Caroline exclaimed. Katie praised Caroline for helping her fiancÚ, and she noted that it was a good thing she wasn't the jealous type, but Katie did not look happy. Ridge said they had a lot of work to do, and Katie left.

Caroline told Ridge that Rick and Eric were anxious to see his designs. Ridge asked if she had shown them their design, and she said they liked it. Ridge offered Caroline more design instruction, but she said she was tight on time. He asked her to sit at the drawing board, and he told her to envision a black cocktail dress. They discussed making it classic with a nod to the future or the past. She drew different designs and lines, but Ridge did not like them.

Caroline grew frustrated, and Ridge guided her hand. They both approved. After changing the waistline, Ridge did not approve of some her suggestions. Frustrated again, Caroline urged him to take the pencil. "You do it," she said. Ridge stared at the design, and suddenly Caroline realized what had happened. "You can't. You can't draw," she said quietly.

In Rick's office, Maya purred that she had found Rick all alone. "My lucky day," she said. Rick showed Caroline and Ridge's collaborative design to Maya, and Maya noted that it had been worth the wait, but she ranted that Ridge should not have wasted his time with Caroline because she was so far out of his league. Maya continued to insult Caroline, and Rick told her to stop.

Maya told Rick that Caroline was wrong for Rick. She boldly surmised that Rick and Caroline had not planned a family yet, and she wondered if it was because Rick had second thoughts. Rick was shocked at her prying into his personal matters. Maya did not stop. "I still love you, Rick," she said. Rick looked confused.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

by Pam

After Caroline realized that Ridge could not draw, she said, "I'm sorry." She grabbed Ridge's hand, but he told her to stop. Caroline worried that she had made a mistake, and she wanted to understand what Ridge wanted her to do on the designs. Caroline promised to keep working with Ridge. She worried that he was hiding whatever was wrong.

Caroline told Ridge to trust her. Ridge told her that he remembered how he had fallen out of the Spencer jet and that Bill's trusted employee had dumped him in the water. He added that a fisherman and his family had picked Ridge up, and they had not told anyone.

Ridge emotionally shared that her uncle had robbed him of what he'd done all his life. Ridge said that Bill had wanted him dead. "And my hand won't do what I want it to do anymore," Ridge said. Caroline took his hand. "Well maybe with some practice, mine can," she said.

Ridge nodded in agreement. He said they'd made a pretty good team. Caroline said she thought that RIdge had been helping her, but she had been helping him without knowing it. Caroline asked what doctors had said. "Neuro-skeletal, neurological -- a lot of neuro," Ridge said.

Ridge and Caroline returned to designing a black cocktail dress, and Caroline praised Ridge. "You've still got it," she said. She praised his knowledge of lightness and volume. Ridge said he could do everything except put it on paper. "Work with me," he said. Caroline said it had been a fantasy of hers since she had started working at Forrester. She seemed hesitant, and Ridge promised to give her credit.

Caroline said she would contribute anonymously, but Ridge had to know that people would eventually find out. Caroline worried about dealing with Rick. Ridge begged her not to tell Rick. Caroline grew uncomfortable, but she agreed not to tell Rick unless she had to. She would not sacrifice her marriage to help Ridge. Ridge understood.

Caroline and Ridge vowed to keep it a secret, and they hugged. Maya walked in on them, unseen, and she stepped back out. Maya watched from the doorway and smiled, knowing she had something to take to Rick.

On the Forrester rooftop, Katie greeted Brooke and tried to mend their relationship. They agreed that it felt weird and awkward. "The whole thing with Ridge has been so stressful," Katie said.

Katie admitted that she'd missed her best friend -- Brooke. Brooke agreed that she had missed Katie as well. They tearfully agreed to stop fighting. Katie shared that she had tried to be supportive, but she worried about Ridge. She worried that Ridge felt like he'd been less of a man since he'd lost his ability to draw. She added that they'd talked about the future, travel, and parenting their boys, but they did not set dates or make wedding plans.

Brooke said that Ridge needed time and support. Brooke shared that she could never talk to Bill about work -- when he had lost his job, but she agreed that she could also not share in his world. Brooke said that they shared the same problems. Katie agreed.

In Rick's office, Maya had told Rick she loved him and put her hands on his shoulders. Rick told her to remove her hands. He was flattered that she'd thought she was still in love with him, but Maya corrected him -- she didn't think she loved him. She did love him.

Maya said she believed that honesty was the best policy. Rick warned that he could fire her for being difficult, but Maya called his bluff. She knew that they had been good together, and she knew Rick remembered. Rick agreed, but he said he was married and in love with Caroline. "I love being married. I've never been happier," he said.

Maya said they had both been happy when they were together, but so many people had tried to pull them apart. "The odds were so stacked against us," she said. Maya teased that difficult people at Forrester were often promoted rather than fired. They both laughed and bantered about the dynamics at Forrester.

Maya later advised Rick that marriage wasn't forever. Maya noted that Caroline had been behaving recently, but Maya knew it wouldn't last. Rick agreed not to fire Maya, but she had to stop being rude to Caroline. Maya countered that Caroline had always been rude to her, and Caroline "mangles my name any way she wants," Maya said. Maya added that Caroline had trained Rick to accept that behavior. Maya left.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

At his office in the morning, Bill called Liam, who was working from home, to confirm their plans to watch a game that evening. As they concluded their call, Wyatt arrived to ask a favor of his father. Wyatt asked if he could move into the Spencer Cliff House with Hope. "That's Liam's house," Bill said.

Bill asked why Wyatt would want Liam's house, and Wyatt replied that it was bigger. "What?" Bill exclaimed. Beating the air with his fist, Wyatt complained that Liam was single, Wyatt was married, and Liam didn't need all that space. Bill replied that Wyatt didn't need it either, and Wyatt scoffed.

Bill asked if Wyatt was saying that Hope was pregnant. Dismissing his father's guess, Wyatt stated that it could happen one day, and it was good to be prepared. Wyatt claimed not to be asking Liam to live under a bridge, and he offered to let Liam live at the bachelor-pad beach house instead. Bill doubted that Liam wanted to think of himself as living in a bachelor pad.

Wyatt believed "that" could be the problem. Wyatt stated that Liam had lost the girl fair and square and asked if that wasn't what Bill had been telling Liam. "It was," Bill murmured. Wyatt asked Bill to talk to Liam and contended that it wasn't good for Liam to live all the way over there alone, where he'd once lived with Hope.

Believing it could be a new start for Liam, Wyatt offered to "De-Wyatt" the place and stock it with tofu. Bill agreed to talk to Liam but wouldn't make promises. Wyatt said he'd heard that Liam had been trolling and had kissed Ivy. Bill acknowledged it but said he wished she had a different last name.

At home later, Liam was closing a document on his laptop. He saw the picture of him and Hope that had somehow resurfaced on his desktop. Bill arrived with a pizza and bucket of chicken. He threw a football, and it whizzed by Liam and out the open patio door. "We'll work on that," Bill said of Liam's failure to catch. Bill was pumped about the game that night and asked if Liam was, too.

Liam wasn't psyched. He thought Bill was early for the game. Bill offered to return later -- or watch the game at his place. Bill called the cliff house cavernous, like a "mauso-liam" or shrine to something. Liam replied that he was working on it. Bill suggested that the young and single Liam move to the city and get back into the game.

Liam replied that a lifestyle like that wasn't really him. Liam liked it where it was; it was peaceful. Bill replied that Liam had spent a lot of time in that house with Hope, and it might be time for a fresh start. Liam replied that he wasn't ready for that, and he was taken aback when Bill, whose mouth was stuffed with chicken, yelled, "Well, get ready for it, Liam, all right! It's over! It's done!"

Bill insisted that Liam would never find the woman for him while camped out on the side of the cliff. Liam grew suspicious and asked why the hard sell. Stammering while he munched on a chicken leg, Bill reluctantly murmured that Wyatt wanted to move in there with Hope. Liam asked what Bill had just said. "He wants to move in here with Hope!" Bill repeated louder.

Liam asked why Wyatt hadn't asked him because it was Liam's house. Bill corrected that it was Bill's house. Liam assumed Bill had turned Wyatt down. In Bill's silence, Liam chucked a piece of chicken at Bill, who then said he'd agreed to talk to Liam. "So, can I do that? Can I talk to you?" Bill asked.

Liam growled and folded his arms. Bill said that Wyatt was married, and the cliff house had more space. Liam retorted that the beach house was "so" small. "For a family..." Bill replied. Liam asked if Hope was pregnant, and Bill said she wasn't. Liam asserted that the pair could find their own house, but Bill asked what the point of that would be if Liam wanted to go to the beach house or live in the city.

"This is about Wyatt taking everything from me! Well, I'm not moving out! Period," Liam declared.

Later, Liam was alone when Wyatt breezed in through the front door, carrying a bottle of champagne. He called it a house-warming gift, because, "You're moving. I assume you heard."

Liam said he wasn't moving out. Wyatt decided that Liam was being stubborn, and Wyatt knew why. Liam claimed it had nothing to do with the marriage, which had happened because Wyatt had been an opportunist. "And you being a no-show again," Wyatt murmured.

Liam almost debated the statement, but cut himself short. Wyatt admitted that Liam had a right to be upset but said Liam had to move on at some point. Wyatt mentioned that Liam had kissed Ivy, and Liam couldn't believe Wyatt would drag her into it. Wyatt claimed it was an issue of space, and Liam snarkily said he'd heard about them planning a family.

Liam asked if Hope was in on the plans, but Wyatt refused to debate it. Liam said it wasn't really about family planning or space; it was about Wyatt trying to gobble up everything that was Liam's. Wyatt said that Liam needed to talk to somebody. Stamping his feet, Liam decreed his land sacred, promised to him by his father, and insisted Wyatt would not take it from him.

Wyatt claimed that he wanted to exchange, not take. Liam refused to do it, and Wyatt called him unreasonable. "Because I won't give up my home, so you can have something else that's mine?" Liam raged. Liam declared that the house was all he had left, and it would never be Wyatt's.

At Forrester, Hope tensed upon entering Rick's office, where Ivy was working. Sensing awkwardness, Ivy apologized for the exchange they'd had the other day. Hope dismissed it, as they'd each said their peace, but Ivy insisted that she hadn't meant any disrespect.

Hope switched the subject to the couture line and then to Ivy's dinner party. Hope asked how it had gone and who'd been there. Ivy named Rick, Caroline, Aly, and Oliver and noted that it had been an impromptu event. Hope pressed to know who else had been there, and Ivy mentioned Liam. "By invitation, I assume," Hope snipped, rolling her eyes with a cynical smile.

Ivy stated that she cared about Liam just as much as Hope did, and Hope figured that meant Ivy would see that he needed time to sort things out on his own. Ivy wanted to help him do it and asked if she and Hope both wanted simply to see Liam happy again. Hope asserted that she knew him better, and he didn't need to jump into a romantic relationship so soon. "He's been running the treadmill with me for years!" Hope exclaimed.

Ivy believed she could give Liam the room he needed, but Hope doubted Ivy's objectivity. Ivy guessed that it was she who Hope didn't like, and Hope also didn't like that Ivy was a Forrester. Ivy told Hope not to worry about Liam. Hope said she didn't worry about him; she cared about him, and he needed time to heal before moving on.

Ivy said that she and Hope wanted the same things, and if they could work together, they should be able to get along. Ivy added that getting along was the same thing Hope wanted for Wyatt and Liam. Hope asserted that the men would get along, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

In the CEO's office, Maya slipped in while Caroline was studying designs. Assuming Maya was looking for Ridge, Caroline said he'd just left after helping her with a few designs. Maya thought it was strange for Ridge to do that, because it was crunch time for Ridge to produce designs. Maya was surprised that Ridge had time for Caroline or anyone, even Katie.

"Ridge will deliver," Caroline asserted. Maya cynically quipped that Caroline sounded like she was Ridge's right hand. Caroline claimed to help when needed, and Maya questioned Ridge's need for help. Caroline snipped back, asking what was with all the questions.

Maya innocently claimed to be glad that Caroline was working with Ridge because Caroline might be designing the future couture collections. The skeptical Caroline thanked Maya for the compliment -- if it had been one -- but Caroline believed that Ridge had a lot of years ahead of him.

Katie arrived, looking for Ridge. Caroline complimented Ridge as a designer, and a salacious look covered Maya's face when Caroline remarked that Ridge drew out the designer in her. Maya remarked that everyone was waiting on the couture designs, and Caroline protectively asserted that everyone would have to be patient because Ridge was doing his best. Katie agreed.

Maya exited, and Caroline confided to Katie about not liking everyone pressuring Ridge, who always "came through." Caroline knew that there would be another fabulous Forrester collection, just like always. Katie surmised that Ridge had told Caroline about his problem. Closing the office door for privacy, Caroline replied that Ridge had told her that he couldn't draw.

Caroline vowed to keep the secret safe, and Katie was relieved that Ridge had finally confided in someone else. Caroline said she'd figured it out on her own when he hadn't been able to sketch without guiding her hand. To her, Ridge was a genius and he'd taught her more in two days than she'd ever learned in school. Caroline was sure he'd get through it.

Katie was grateful because Ridge had needed a breakthrough. Caroline grinned. She felt like she was the grateful one. To Caroline, Ridge was on a whole different level and knew what women needed to be beautiful. Caroline said he dressed women as if he loved every single one of them.

Caroline had felt a surge of energy when Ridge had guided her hand as he'd perfected the lines. "It was all Ridge. But it was me, too. He changed my career, Katie. He changed my life," Caroline professed. Caroline wanted to see Ridge get his gift back. Katie said Caroline had given him back his confidence, and Caroline called it unreal.

Katie acknowledged that it was real, and Ridge recognized Caroline's talents. Katie believed that Caroline could help Ridge, and Katie appreciated that Caroline had given him something that Katie couldn't.

Friday, September 12, 2014

In Bill's office, Quinn arrived with a bottle of scotch. Bill readily declined to drink any beverage from her. She'd arrived to make sure he'd keep her secret, and he drearily replied that he'd do it only because it would do no good to stir things up -- but not because he approved of Quinn's actions.

Quinn seemed impressed with herself for her accomplishments, and she wished Bill wouldn't be "so touchy" about it. Bill responded that he didn't have a problem with secrets, but her brand of manipulation was going to stop. Quinn touted that she'd done the family a favor. Hope and Wyatt were together, and Liam was moving on with his life, all because of Quinn.

Bill ordered Quinn to count herself lucky and back off. Quinn claimed that Liam had nothing to fear from her because he wasn't in her way. Bill insisted that she back off of Hope and Wyatt, too, and let all three people live their lives. Bill warned that Wyatt would turn against Quinn if he learned what she'd done, but Quinn insisted that "our" secret was safe.

At the cliff house, Wyatt accused Liam of overreacting to think the house swap was a conspiracy. In Wyatt's view, he and Hope simply needed more space. Liam chided Wyatt for not even wanting Bu around due to Hope's memories of the past but then magically wanting to live in a house loaded with those memories. Wyatt claimed that he and Hope would make new memories there.

Liam asked if marrying Hope and returning to Forrester wasn't enough for Wyatt. Wyatt admitted that it wasn't. He and Hope had bigger plans for their lives. Wyatt insisted the house was perfect for him and Hope. He asked if Liam couldn't see kids at "that" table or running around outside in "that backyard." Wyatt said that Liam might disagree, but Hope would be excited about it.

At Forrester, Hope wanted Ivy to agree that Liam needed time, but Ivy contended that the man who'd jumped into the river to save her had no problems making quick decisions. Ivy felt that one could tell a lot about a person by his decisions, and Liam's decision to save her had spoken of man he was.

Ivy pointed out that Hope had made a decision that day, too, and it had been to leave and marry Wyatt. Hope asked what her decision had said about her. Ivy replied that it said Hope loved Wyatt. Hope claimed that she did very much, and Ivy stated that it was only fair to let Liam move on, too.

Later, Hope was alone in deep thought when Wyatt arrived. He hoped that a kiss could change her reticent mood. After the kiss, he studied her and asked if everything was okay. "Now it is," she claimed, smiling. Wyatt guessed that she'd had the kind of day he'd had.

Wyatt said that he and Liam kind of needed to work some things out. Wyatt didn't seem forthcoming about the Liam issue, so Hope asked Wyatt about the surprise he had for her. Hope tried to guess at the surprise, and he told that she'd seen it before. "We lived there, sort of," he said. She frowned blankly, and he announced that he wanted them to move into the cliff house.

Hope became perplexed by the proposal. Wyatt said he'd already talked to Liam and Bill. "And they agreed?" Hope incredulously asked. Wyatt said it wasn't a done deal, and he knew that Liam wouldn't just hand over the keys. Hope readily agreed because it was Liam's house. Wyatt corrected that Liam was just staying there, like Wyatt was just staying at the beach house.

"I don't get it," Hope said with a placating smile. Hope didn't know why Wyatt would want to live with her in a house full of memories of her last relationship. Wyatt proposed that they make new memories, and he raved about how much space and amenities the house had. "It has everything that I want for our family," he concluded.

Hope seemed taken aback, and Wyatt replied that, because they were married, he'd been thinking about kids. Hope guessed that he hadn't been kidding when he'd said he'd had a surprise for her. He said they didn't have to start right away, but he wanted her to know that he'd be ready.

In the security office, Charlie studied a rollaway whiteboard on which he'd made an investigative chart littered with sticky notes, pictures of Quinn and the Eiffel Tower, and maps. He'd used some of Pam's knitting yarn to string connections between the pictures and notes.

Pam entered, and he coolly rolled the board so that his project faced the wall. Pam was puzzled about where he'd been. At first, Charlie was tight-lipped about his activities, but he quickly admitted that he was seeing if something would pan out before he told her about it. She asked if it was a surprise for her. He asked if she'd like to see Hope and Liam back together.

Pam believed it would never happen, but Charlie stated that it might -- if Quinn had pushed Ivy into the Seine. Pam replied that Quinn hadn't even been in Paris. "Was she?" Pam asked. Charlie said he was checking on that very thing, and if Quinn had been there, Customs would have a record of it. He was waiting for a response from one of his Customs contacts.

Moments later, the Customs contact text-messaged Charlie a document, and Pam was shocked that Charlie was right. Charlie exclaimed that the dates and times were right there, and Quinn had gone through Customs around the same time Ivy had plunged into the river. He said that big cities had cameras everywhere, and if Quinn had been anywhere near the bridge, a camera would have recorded it. He had another contact who he was sure could find the footage.

Pam got a peek at Charlie's board while he was on the phone with the Forrester International liaison who'd been in charge of surveillance at the Paris photo shoot. The contact agreed to acquire surveillance footage from in and around the garden and Eiffel Tower. Charlie also asked for airport footage to prove that Quinn had actually flown to the city.

After a while, Charlie's contact sent overhead video footage from outside the airport. On the black-and-white footage, Pam and Charlie saw a disguised Quinn stealing a scooter to pursue Liam and Ivy. Next, the duo viewed the footage of the bridge. They zoomed in to better see Liam and Ivy. Pam gasped when she saw Quinn, in a scarf and sunglasses, shove Ivy off the bridge.

Back at the cliff house, Liam reflected upon his memories with Hope that had transpired in his house and around the world. He was startled when Ivy, who'd entered the house, touched his shoulder. He smiled and wiped away a tear. Liam seemed out of sorts to Ivy, and he murmured that Wyatt wanted to take Liam's house and raise "mini-mes" in it with Hope.

Liam asserted that Wyatt was just like his mother, and the pair took, and took, and took. Ivy felt that Liam had a right to be upset, and she gathered that the house meant a lot to him. "Maybe more than I realize," he uttered. He stammered that he'd really thought he was ready, and he did feel that he could be close. "You're just not ready yet," Ivy knowingly concluded.

Just then, a loud banging sounded on the door. Liam rushed to it and let in Pam and Charlie. Glad that Ivy was there, too, Pam said Ivy and Liam wouldn't believe what she and Charlie had to show them. Charlie and Pam explained that it had to do with the bridge in Paris.

Pam stated that Liam and Hope had been steps away from uniting, but Quinn hadn't been about to let it happen. Ivy and Liam dismissed the discussion because Quinn hadn't even been at the fashion shoot. Liam added that Quinn had been in Los Angeles. Shaking her head, Pam insisted that Quinn hadn't been.

Charlie displayed the scooter footage of Quinn from the airport, and Ivy was surprised to conclude that Quinn had been on Ivy and Liam's plane. Charlie continued showing the footage, and Ivy and Liam saw Quinn push Ivy off the bridge. Pam declared that Liam hadn't lost Hope by an act of faith. It had been because of Quinn.

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