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Hope opened up to Brooke about her fears of having children with Quinn's DNA. Liam exposed Quinn's misdeeds in Paris to Wyatt and Hope, and Quinn admitted to pushing Ivy off the bridge in Paris. Wyatt implored Hope to remain in their marriage. Hope told Liam that he was the love of her life.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 15, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, September 15, 2014

At the cliff house, Liam exclaimed that he should have known Quinn had been involved in the Paris incident because, for the longest time, Quinn had been behind all of his problems with Hope. He wondered if Hope would believe that it was Quinn in the footage. Charlie and Pam whipped out a copy of Quinn's passport that had been stamped at Charles de Gaulle airport.

Ivy asserted that Quinn could have killed her, and Ivy could have Quinn arrested. "Oh, I like it," Liam responded. Kissing Charlie's head, Liam thanked him and said that Hope needed to see what they had. Charlie replied that it could change everything. Ivy asked if Liam thought Hope would actually leave Wyatt. Liam responded that there was only one way to find out.

As Liam picked up his phone and made a call, Pam told Charlie and Ivy that Pam had seen through Quinn's phony, "butter-wouldn't-melt" charm from the start, and Pam and Charlie had curtailed Quinn's designs on Eric a year earlier. Charlie added that Quinn was pure evil, and he'd seen it up close.

Pam was proud of Charlie for busting Quinn. "Wherever you find injustice, you're gonna find Charlie Webber," Charlie said, proudly tugging his belt. Liam ended his call and asked Charlie to email the footage to him. Charlie said he'd already done it, and Ivy seemed anxious as Liam rushed out.

After Liam had gone, Ivy and Pam expressed sympathy for what Wyatt had to go through with a mother like Quinn. Charlie felt it, too, but insisted that Wyatt still didn't belong with Hope, who he'd garnered through his mother's manipulations.

Ivy realized that a boat could have hit her. Pam responded that it wouldn't matter to Quinn as long as she'd gotten her way. Ivy felt lucky that Liam had been there, but she realized it wouldn't have happened if Liam hadn't been there. Ivy still couldn't believe that Quinn had put her hands on Ivy.

Pam wondered how Hope would feel to learn that she'd been manipulated, but Ivy asserted that Hope needed to take some responsibility. Though Quinn had set the stage, Hope was the one who'd run off with Wyatt. Charlie claimed that Quinn knew how to read people, and he expected Hope and Liam to reunite in no time. Pam gave Charlie a mindful stare because of Ivy, but Ivy said she knew Liam hadn't gotten over Hope.

Ivy assumed Hope was a lot like Brooke in the way they affected men. "Logan women, deadly," Pam replied. Ivy concluded that if Hope made Liam happy, then Ivy would cheer at their wedding.

At the beach house, Hope told Wyatt that she wanted to have children, but the timing was off. Wyatt contended that timing was an illusion, and they only had that moment. He noted that she seemed a little hesitant. Hope said it was because she felt as if they'd just gotten married, and she wanted to be sure she could handle it all, including her job at Forrester.

Wyatt explained that Hope didn't have to do everything, and they could get help. He was crazy in love with her, and he was ready for them to take the next step in a new home with some mini-Hopes running around. "Take another leap. Make a baby with me," Wyatt requested.

"Best idea I ever heard! I can't wait to be a grandma!" Wyatt and Hope heard Quinn exclaim as she entered their house. Quinn asked if she'd heard correctly about the baby talk, and Wyatt replied that he and Hope had been talking privately about it. Hope received a message on her phone that her mother wanted to see her. Wyatt guessed that Hope was "saved by the text."

Hope promised to talk about it later. Before Hope left, Quinn said that all she'd ever wanted for Wyatt was a happy home, and anything that she'd done to push it along -- however, seemingly misguided -- she'd never be sorry for it.

Later, Wyatt was daydreaming about his wedding when Liam stormed in, looking for Hope. Quinn emerged from the bedroom, and Liam exclaimed that he knew what she'd done. "Not this again," Quinn replied. Wyatt asked what the matter was. Liam said Wyatt had known Hope had wanted a life with Liam. Wyatt rolled his eyes and huffed in exasperation.

Liam continued, saying that Hope had known he'd show up, and he'd been within arm's reach of the life he and Hope had always wanted. He'd even seen Hope waiting for him by the bridge.

"Blah, blah, blah," Quinn interrupted, sick of Liam's woeful story. Liam put his hand up in Quinn's face and asked what the odds were that Ivy had been pushed into the Seine at the exact moment that he was set to meet Hope. Wyatt was confused that Liam used the word "pushed."

Quinn suggested that Liam get a girlfriend because he'd spent too much time alone with his imagination. Wyatt couldn't imagine who'd want to hurt Ivy. Liam responded that Ivy had just been something convenient to use to get to Liam. Quinn told Liam to get over himself.

Liam asked Wyatt who on the planet would not want Liam to reach Hope. Wyatt's lips pursed, and he stared pointedly at his mother. Shaking off the thought, Wyatt decided that it was preposterous to think that Quinn had pushed Ivy, and Quinn went on the attack, calling Liam a big baby.

Liam rendered a Zen-like grin as Quinn rendered a diatribe of him. Wyatt said Quinn's name, but she kept going, demanding that Liam stop whining all the time because it was so unattractive. Liam asked if Quinn had been to Paris, and she asked what he was talking about. To Wyatt, Liam said, "Now, pay attention to that. That sounds like denial to me, right?"

Opening up a piece of paper, Liam recited Quinn's passport number. Wyatt looked over Liam's shoulder to see what he was viewing. Liam showed the paper, which was a scan of Quinn's passport, to Quinn and explained that customs in Paris had scanned it into their system on the day in question.

Quinn demanded that Liam leave. Liam recounted that he and Ivy had taken a 9:45 a.m. flight out of Los Angeles, and it was the same flight from Quinn's customs scan. Liam said the flight had landed on the fateful day that Quinn had gotten what she'd wanted -- after Ivy had fallen into the Seine. "What do you think, bro? Is it another amazing coincidence or what?" Liam asked Wyatt.

Wyatt turned a perturbed glare to his mother and asked if she'd gone to Paris. Liam claimed to have video footage in case she planned to lie. Quinn asked what footage and where he'd gotten it. "Charlie," Liam replied, pulling out his phone, and Quinn tossed out insults about Charlie.

Liam showed Wyatt the footage of Quinn on the scooter outside the airport, but Wyatt said one couldn't make out the face. Liam replied that Wyatt ought to recognize his own mother, even in sunglasses. "Sure does look like you," Wyatt bitterly said to Quinn.

Quinn admitted that she'd been in Paris. "For a job interview," she added, and Liam chuckled wryly. She insisted that she was out of work and couldn't pass up the opportunity. Liam asked her to keep talking and dig herself in deeper. Quinn claimed that a well-known fashion house had contacted her and flown her in and out on the same day, and that was the end of the story.

Wyatt asked why Quinn hadn't told him, and she claimed the fashion house had wanted it to be confidential. Liam asked where the fashion house was and what its address was. She named a district but claimed not to know the address because a car had picked her up and dropped her off.

Liam noted to Wyatt that the woman in the video was stealing a scooter, not getting into an awaiting car. Liam moved on to the footage of Ivy on the bridge. Wyatt simmered in anger while watching Quinn shove Ivy off her perch on the bridge. Liam declared that Quinn had gone to Paris and picked her moment, knowing Liam would jump in to save Ivy.

Wyatt asked if Quinn had done it. He asked if she'd pushed an innocent person into the river. Quinn said nothing. "I asked you a question! Did you do that?" Wyatt demanded to know.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Brooke excitedly greeted her daughter, anxious to hear how married life was. Hope meekly replied that it was good, but frowning, Brooke asked if that was all Hope had to say about it. Brooke had thought she'd hear that it was amazing, and Hope was the happiest she'd ever been. Hope said she was very happy, and Wyatt was devoted, which was good.

Hope stated that Wyatt was everything she could have hoped for in a husband. Assessing Hope's tone, Brooke sensed that there was a "but" on the tip of Hope's tongue. Hope admitted that she was still thinking of everything that had happened and how quickly it had happened. One minute, Hope had been with Liam, and the next, she'd become married to Wyatt, who wanted to start a family.

Hope decided that she didn't know the answer to Brooke's question of how it felt to be married because Hope hadn't had a chance to catch her breath. Brooke asked if Wyatt was pressuring Hope. Hope said he wasn't. Hope explained that he'd always been on a straight track in his desire to marry her, and for him, the next logical step was a family.

Though Hope wanted to have children, she felt as if she'd just gotten married, and she wasn't ready to give up her job. She said that she could do both, but she felt too young. Brooke remarked that children could be a lot of work and overwhelming, even if one planned for them. "Yeah, and there's a little gene pool issue -- and I am not talking about you or Dad," Hope stated.

"Oh, yes, Quinn," Brooke replied. Hope admitted that it was terrifying to think that "that woman" would be her child's grandmother. Hope was worried that Quinn's Wyatt obsession would transfer to the child. Brooke asked how Quinn's counseling was going and if Hope had seen Quinn.

Hope didn't know how it was going, but every time she looked at Quinn, she thought of Ridge and Abu Dhabi and the things Quinn had done to Liam. "I get very uneasy," Hope stated. Hope concluded that her mother-in-law had no regard for anyone or anything other than what Quinn wanted.

Brooke asked if Quinn's stay at the facility had helped. Hope replied that Quinn seemed fine, but she'd always seemed fine before she'd gone crazy. Brooke asked if Hope didn't trust Quinn's rehabilitation. "I don't trust Quinn -- at all," Hope declared.

Hope hated that the Fullers were a package deal, and she feared that the crazy gene had skipped Wyatt's generation but was waiting to attach itself to Hope's child. Brooke hesitated but then asked if Quinn was just a convenient excuse. "What do you mean?" Hope conspicuously asked.

Brooke decided that Quinn wasn't the biggest reason Hope was hesitating about starting a family with Wyatt. Hope asked Brooke to just say what she was thinking. Brooke relayed that Hope had had an image of her family with Liam for a long time, and it couldn't be easy for Hope to just erase it from her mind. Hope rolled her eyes in resignation and sighed.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

by Pam

At Wyatt's place, Wyatt listened as Liam accused Quinn of pushing Ivy into the Seine. Liam had presented evidence of a video and customs records. Liam seethed that Quinn had pushed Ivy to distract Liam and keep him from arriving at the Eiffel Tower to marry Hope.

Quinn exclaimed that the video footage Wyatt had was so grainy no one could see it. Liam argued that it was Quinn. Wyatt asked his mother if she had been in Paris. Quinn lied that she had been there for a job interview. Wyatt doubted her.

Quinn launched into a defense of her actions. She told Wyatt that she had been sorry to interfere, but she pointed out that Hope had chosen Wyatt. "They're married, Liam. You need to respect that. And that is all that really matters," Quinn hissed.

"We'll see how much it matters when she finds out what you did," Liam replied. Liam reminded Quinn and Wyatt that Hope had married Wyatt because she'd thought that Liam had not shown up. Liam noted that Quinn had planned everything. Wyatt begged Liam not to tell Hope. Wyatt wanted to tell her himself, but Liam refused because he didn't trust Wyatt to tell Hope the truth. "Wyatt, I would prepare yourself," Liam advised. Liam left.

Quinn tried to hug Wyatt, but he pushed her away. Quinn justified her actions as "a bad decision." Wyatt was furious with his mother, and he knew she was apologetic only because she had been caught. Quinn wailed that Hope loved Wyatt, but Wyatt told her to stop talking. He reminded her that he had told her never to interfere again. He questioned whether she had ever had therapy.

Wyatt lamented that he and Hope had just started their life together and had planned to have children. Quinn gleefully said she couldn't wait to be a grandmother, but Wyatt shouted that she was not grandmother material. Quinn said that she had anticipated becoming mellower as she headed into her golden years. Wyatt argued that no one would want anything to do with him or have children with him because of Quinn's "crazy gene."

At Forrester, Brooke and Hope discussed that Wyatt wanted to start a family. Hope said that Wyatt would be an amazing father. "But you imagined a life and a family with Liam," Brooke pointed out. Hope agreed. She said that she felt she was too young to start a family, and she admitted that Liam had been the love of her life. She noted that if Liam had shown up in Paris, she would be married to him. Brooke called it an inexplicable twist of fate. Hope emphatically agreed and said it was all a sign that she was supposed to be with Wyatt.

Talk returned to a baby, and Brooke said that a baby would affect Hope's career and her plans to travel. Hope also admitted that she worried about Liam's reaction if she were to get pregnant right away because he had been devastated after her marriage.

Brooke said she understood. Hope asked how she would know when it was the right time, and Brooke answered that it would be when Hope no longer had any more doubts. Brooke advised Hope to take it day by day and that it would all work out. Hope's phone rang. She answered, and Liam told her that he had to speak to her at his home. Hope hesitated then promised to meet him.

At Liam's, Liam remembered his first meeting with Hope, and he flashed back to many good times with Hope and the wedding in Italy. He also recalled when he had seen her after she had returned from her wedding to Wyatt.

Hope entered and said that she had always loved the house. "I understand why you don't want to hand it over to Wyatt," Hope said. She insisted that she didn't want Liam to do anything he didn't want to do. Liam said that the house was not why he had called her. Liam said that Hope had married the wrong guy. Hope sighed.

Liam reminded her that with all the weddings they had attempted, they had always been manipulated -- even by their fathers. He reminded her that they would be married if things had worked out in Paris. Hope maintained that they hadn't been manipulated in Paris. "But we were. Ivy was pushed," Liam argued.

Hope asked who would do that, but Liam told her to think about who would do it. "Quinn pushed Ivy into the Seine. This moment is going to change it back," Liam said. Hope looked confused.

At Forrester, Oliver and Aly chatted in his office. He teased that if she ever got tired of medieval nights, he wanted to go to wrestling matches. Aly wasn't keen on the idea of professional wrestling, but Oliver said he wanted to eat nachos and asked Aly to agree to one Saturday a month. They laughed.

Ivy interrupted. She shared that crazy Quinn Fuller had pushed her into the Seine. Ivy told Aly and Oliver the entire story of how Quinn had flown on the same flight as Liam and Ivy to Paris. She added that Quinn had pushed her without any regard for Ivy's safety. Ivy lamented that a boat could have run her over. "I could have died," Ivy said.

Aly and Oliver sympathized. Ivy added that after Liam had found out, he'd left to tell Wyatt and Hope. Ivy said she knew that Liam hoped to get back together with Hope. Aly worried about Ivy's feelings.

Aly knew that Ivy had started to have feelings for Liam. Ivy agreed, but she said she wanted Liam to be happy. She wondered if Hope and Liam would get together. Aly reminded everyone that Hope hadn't cared that Liam had been in Paris, so she doubted that Hope would care that it had been Quinn's fault. Ivy disagreed.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

by Pam

At Wyatt's place, Quinn continued to try to justify her actions. She smiled and said that Hope would never leave Wyatt, but Wyatt was sick of Quinn and her manipulations. Wyatt told her to get out. Quinn left. Wyatt recalled all his time alone with Hope and the leap of faith they had taken on their wedding day. He looked at his wedding ring.

At Liam's, Liam told Hope that Quinn had pushed Ivy into the Seine. Liam insisted that they could turn back the clock and start over. "I'm right by your side at the Eiffel Tower," Liam said. Liam refused to allow Quinn to poison their lives. "I missed you so damned much," Liam said.

Hope agreed she had missed Liam, and they discussed their failed relationship and weddings. They noted that that they had always emerged stronger. Hope pointed out that they'd had their chances, and she loved the memories, but she was married.

Hope reminded Liam that their life hadn't worked out the way they'd planned. She added that she knew how hurt Liam had been, but she was disappointed that he had tried to blame Quinn for something that had happened to Ivy. Hope insisted that what had happened in Paris had had nothing to do with Quinn, although she knew that Quinn had been an easy target. "She was in Los Angeles," Hope said.

Liam told Hope he had proof that Quinn had been in Paris. He had proof that Pam and Charlie had provided, and Hope was in disbelief that Liam or anyone would believe evidence from Pam. Liam showed Hope the scan from Customs, airline records that proved Quinn had been on Liam's flight, and security footage of Quinn stealing a scooter and following Liam's car before she had pushed Ivy off the bridge.

Hope refused to believe it, but she said she saw a resemblance. Liam said Quinn had tried to disguise herself, but he had already confronted Quinn, and she had admitted it. "Quinn put Ivy's life at risk to keep us apart," Liam said. Hope was shocked. "I can't even wrap my brain around this right now," Hope said. Hope and Liam discussed that they would have been married, but Hope continued to lament that Liam hadn't been at the Eiffel Tower at 3 p.m. "The moment was full of disappointment and embarrassment," Hope said.

Liam said it had all been part of Quinn's plan. Hope said she had to talk to Wyatt, but Liam shared that he had already told Wyatt. They continued to discuss that Hope had chosen Liam, but Quinn had chosen Wyatt for Hope. Hope lamented that she'd had to deal with thinking Liam had left her at the Eiffel Tower when he'd actually been there, and she tearfully acknowledged that Quinn had engineered everything.

Hope received a text message from Wyatt asking her to return home. "I have to go talk to Wyatt and Quinn," Hope said. She and Liam hugged, and Liam said it wasn't too late for them.

In Bill's office at Forrester, Quinn barged in. "Our little Ivy falling into the Seine secret is no longer a secret," she announced. She worried that everyone had discovered what she had done. Bill had no sympathy. Quinn demanded that Bill help Wyatt save his marriage. Bill refused. He ordered Quinn to stay away from Liam, Hope, and Wyatt because they had to settle everything on their own.

Bill advised Quinn to stop making mistakes. She predicted that Bill didn't want Hope with Liam, but Bill didn't want to get involved. Quinn accused Bill of meddling before, and Bill agreed, but he said Hope had to decide what to do. Quinn shouted that Hope wouldn't leave Wyatt because the facts remained the same: Liam hadn't met Hope on time, and it didn't matter how it had happened. Quinn insisted that Hope and Wyatt were happy. She wanted Bill to convince Liam to respect that. Quinn left.

At Liam's, Bill entered and asked how Liam was. Liam said that Hope had a choice to make. Liam assumed that Bill had arrived to persuade Liam to move forward and leave Hope and Wyatt alone. Bill agreed that was what Quinn had wanted. Liam admitted that he expected Hope to leave Wyatt, but Bill didn't seem convinced that would happen. Bill wondered what Hope would do.

At Wyatt's Quinn returned, and Wyatt told her to get out because Hope was on her way home. Quinn refused and promised to apologize to Hope. Quinn launched into her analysis of Hope and Liam's relationship and many failed marriages. Quinn promised that Hope would never leave Wyatt. Quinn defended her actions because she had helped Hope see what was best for her. Wyatt insisted that Quinn had to leave, but it was too late.

Hope entered, and Quinn immediately started to apologize. "Don't! Stop talking," Hope seethed. Hope added that Quinn had claimed she had been in therapy and getting help. "You're just as sick as you ever were," Hope said.

Hope accused Quinn of risking Ivy's life just to keep Liam and Hope apart. Quinn insisted that Ivy had never been in any real danger. Hope said that Quinn had no idea what could have gone wrong. Hope accused Quinn of never caring about her son and not having a moral bone in her body, "This is who you are," Hope said.

Quinn rolled her eyes and looked defiant, and Hope continued to name all the people Quinn had hurt: Ridge, Ivy, Liam. "Your own son is just as much a victim as the rest of us. What you have done -- it is disgusting and unforgivable. I just hope to God that Wyatt hates you as much as I do," Hope said.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

At the beach house, Quinn wanted to know what she could do to fix things. Hope was floored that Quinn would even think fixing things was possible. Wyatt asked to speak to Hope alone, but Quinn stated that Hope had hardly noticed that he was in the room. "Can't be a good sign," Quinn added. Wyatt became indignant at the response, but Quinn ignored him, focusing on Hope.

Quinn remarked that it had to be pleasant for Hope to have everyone agree with her. Wyatt bit out that Quinn wasn't helping matters. Quinn asked if Hope wanted an apology. "I'm sorry you married my son instead of his loser half-brother," Quinn asserted. Hope declared that she didn't want Quinn to talk about Liam that way, and Hope told Wyatt that she didn't want him allowing it from Quinn, either.

Hope argued that Quinn's apologies were meaningless because Quinn only said what she thought people wanted to hear. "You tell people that you checked into therapy, that you're getting help," Hope said, mimicking Quinn in a sing-song tone. Hope questioned whether there had ever been a doctor and if Wyatt had actually spoken with a doctor or seen a therapy bill.

Shrugging, Wyatt said he'd talked to someone. "I think she was a doctor, yeah," he dubiously responded. Hope shrieked, asking Wyatt how he could be so gullible. Wyatt got upset and yelled back, "So what if I am?" He argued that people were trained from youth to believe in their parents.

Quinn asked if Hope would be okay with Liam's plane crashing or Ivy being hit by a crazy Parisian driver. Hope said she had no idea what Quinn was asking. Quinn asked if it would be okay if chance had intervened instead of her. Quinn believed Hope's problem was Quinn, not the marriage to Wyatt.

Wyatt asked Quinn to leave, but Quinn questioned if Hope had married Wyatt because of Quinn or despite Quinn. Hope felt no need to justify herself to Quinn. Quinn wondered if Hope would be standing around, bitterly blaming the weather if it had delayed Liam instead of Quinn.

Hope stated that she had planned on getting married in Paris, just not to Wyatt. "Wow," Wyatt murmured. Quinn asked if Hope had wondered, "Gee, who else could I marry instead," when Liam hadn't showed up. Hope stated that she'd married Wyatt because she loved him, "but if I had known -- " Quinn cut in, saying that Hope hadn't wanted to know that Liam had been on his way.

Quinn asked why Hope hadn't thought Liam had been late because of a flight delay, traffic, tuberculosis, or the flu. Hope declared that Liam would have called under such circumstances, and Quinn asked if Hope had waited to hear from him. "No. No, you didn't. You just turned on a dime and married my son. So it doesn't matter if it was a flight delay, bad traffic, tuberculosis, or the flu. Liam would have been out of luck either way," Quinn concluded.

Hope decided it was time for Quinn to leave. Quinn asked Hope to remember that she'd accepted Wyatt's proposal because she'd wanted to, and Quinn hadn't had a hand in it. Hope was done listening to Quinn's rationalizations, but Quinn retorted that she'd patiently listened to Hope's.

Quinn figured Hope had wanted an excuse to marry her fiancé's brother and to blame Liam after she hadn't given him the slightest bit of leeway in showing up. Quinn continued, saying Hope had also blamed bad luck for Ivy's fall. Hope hadn't lifted a finger to undo the marriage, but upon learning of Quinn's involvement, Hope was suddenly "required to be outraged."

Quinn snickered that Hope had gotten caught doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, which wouldn't do for the Hope-for-the-ever-changing-future. Hope said she could cry to think of Wyatt growing up with Quinn. Quinn replied that they'd done all right, and she'd accepted her lot in life -- to be the screen that others projected their issues onto.

As Quinn left, Hope declared that she'd never let Quinn near Wyatt again. Shrugging, Quinn said that life was long, and one never knew what would happen. Quinn closed the door behind herself.

Alone with Hope, Wyatt said he'd see Quinn at Christmas, and that would be about all. He asked if Hope understood that he couldn't keep Quinn from the front door. He asked if Hope was going to speak. She said she would, and he told her to start by telling him where they stood.

Wyatt asked if he and Hope were still married. Hope cringed at the thought of calling Quinn "mother" and her children calling Quinn "grandma." Wyatt said he'd forbid Quinn to see them, but Hope reminded him that he'd said he couldn't keep Quinn away from the door. Wyatt proposed to have Quinn committed. Hope didn't know if that would be enough.

Wyatt asked Hope to turn the clock back to the day before. He wondered what had changed. He said Quinn hadn't been there for their leap of faith. He asked Hope not to make it about Quinn because Hope had wanted a life with him the day prior. He believed that they could still have it. "Can we?" he asked.

At the cliff house, Liam was tense as he waited for Hope to return. Bill relaxed on the sofa, asking if Hope had said she'd be back. Liam asked why she wouldn't return and if Bill wanted Hope to remain with Wyatt. Bill claimed to be expressing concern for his son who was in denial.

Liam expressed that he and Hope had fallen victim to another deception, but Bill pointed out that Hope was married that time. Liam contended that Hope could get out of the marriage. "You just don't think she will," Liam surmised. Bill admitted that his faith in Hope was questionable. Liam replied that it wasn't a question of his father's faith in Hope but of his father's faith in him.

Bill asked if he and Liam were having a problem. Liam dismissed it, saying he'd live with it, but Bill persisted in knowing what Liam meant. Liam said he'd live with knowing he'd never be the son Bill wanted Liam to be. "What are you talking about?" Bill exclaimed.

Liam claimed not to be the only one who saw it, and he asked if Bill knew how many people had told Liam that Wyatt was so much more like their father. Bill concluded that Liam cared too much about what people thought. Bill reasoned that people saw him and Wyatt as "charming-slash-obnoxious," depending upon the time of day; however, no one thought Liam was obnoxious.

Liam said he didn't want to be Wyatt or Bill, but Liam knew that Bill would always bet on Wyatt. Bill decided that it was about "who does Daddy loves more," and he asked if Liam wanted to see Bill's will. Liam wasn't interested in the will, but he felt that Bill would always think that Wyatt would win for the same reasons Bill thought that Bill would win.

Bill questioned what he'd done since his arrival to make Liam feel that way. Liam answered that Bill seemed to support Hope and Wyatt's marriage, just like Quinn. Bill asked when he'd ever done her bidding. In another example of Bill's missing support, Liam stated that Bill had shown up to the cliff house to kick Liam out and give the place to Wyatt. "If I wanted you out, you'd be out!" Bill bellowed.

In a quieter voice, Bill discerned that if Hope had an ounce of sense -- "and that's the thing that I always question -- there's no way she's going to stay with Wyatt this time." Bill felt for Wyatt, who'd take another hit due to his crazy mother. Liam stated that Wyatt wasn't innocent, but Bill countered that Hope wasn't, either. Liam frowned, and Bill insisted that he and Liam at least agree upon that.

Liam said he should have gone to Paris with Hope when she'd asked. Bill told Liam to forget that because it would have worked out fine had it not been for Quinn. Liam questioned whether Quinn had been at a clinic. Bill quipped that a person could take a pill for crazy; however, Quinn was evil, and from birth, she'd wanted to wreck the world and everything in it.

Bill said that if he seemed to favor Wyatt, it was because Wyatt had been raised by the she-devil and only knew what she'd taught him. Liam, in Bill's view, had his act together, but Wyatt needed Bill's attention. "Besides all that, your mother, I loved her," Bill softly uttered. Liam grew emotional when his mother sprang to mind, and he nodded.

Bill understood Liam's feelings, but Bill believed that it would be different that time if Hope was solid and if Liam could depend upon her. Liam was sure he could. Bill stated that winners could afford to be generous, and he advised Liam to be generous.

Later, Liam heard someone enter his house and assumed it was Hope. He grimaced upon seeing Quinn, who tossed him a set of keys she'd forgotten to return to him. He replied that he'd never given her keys, and she shrugged, guessing that they were Bill's keys. Quinn attempted to apologize for her lapse of judgment, but she burst out laughing in the middle of it.

Liam stated that he was about to hide his knives, and Quinn claimed that it was an offensive thing to say to someone who'd fought her way through therapy. Liam found it offensive to get chased with a sword by a nutcase who probably never went to therapy at all. Liam informed Quinn that the statute of limitations hadn't run out on her attempting to murder him, and he had video footage of the other murder Quinn had attempted in Paris.

Quinn asked Liam to extradite her because the jail food was probably better over there. Liam began to count to ten, which was all the time he'd allotted her to leave. Quinn sat down and said Hope would take responsibility for marrying Wyatt. Liam stopped counting. Quinn said she, Hope, and Wyatt had reached an understanding, and Hope took her commitments seriously.

Quinn wanted Liam to invite Ivy to the house so that Quinn could apologize. With a coy smile, Quinn said that he and Ivy had been a cute couple in Paris. Liam was appalled that Quinn was trying to be a matchmaker. He declared that she was done and that the marriage she'd staged was done, too.

Friday, September 19, 2014

In the CEO's office, Pam and Charlie called Deacon, Brooke, and Donna together to expose what Quinn had done to Ivy in Paris. Pam declared that Hope had never had a chance to choose a life with Liam because Quinn had been manipulating things in Paris.

Donna, Brooke, and Deacon watched the footage that Charlie had gathered of Quinn in Paris. Brooke asked if Hope knew about it, and Pam and Charlie explained that they'd told Liam first and assumed he'd tell Hope. Brooke found it hard to imagine what Liam had felt upon seeing the videos.

Later, Deacon left Hope a message to check on her. Brooke entered after canceling a meeting that Hope had had with Jarrett, who'd been waiting downstairs. Deacon remarked that Hope's life had been upended. Brooke was thankful that Bill hadn't been involved. Deacon wondered if Bill really had been in cahoots with Quinn, who Bill had been bedfellows with before.

Brooke insisted that Bill had been a victim of Quinn's manipulations, too, and Brooke wished Quinn had stayed out of Hope's life. Deacon assumed Brooke meant that Hope would be married to Liam if Quinn had stayed away. Brooke felt sorry for both men, and she stated that one of them would lose. Deacon assumed she meant Wyatt. "All because of his mother," Brooke bitterly said.

Deacon tried to reassure Brooke that Hope would be okay because she was strong like her mother. Brooke stated that it would be Hope's decision that time around, not Quinn's.

In the reception area, Charlie, Pam, and Donna chatted about Liam and Hope's tortured love affair. Charlie wondered what Hope would do upon learning what Quinn had done, but Donna was more interested in what Brooke and Deacon would do "now that they know."

At the cliff house, Quinn told Liam that Hope wouldn't hold against Wyatt what his quixotic mother had done. Liam scoffed at Quinn's description of herself and wished he'd had her thrown in jail for the sword incident. Quinn was indignant because Liam had chosen to repay Wyatt saving him by attacking Wyatt's marriage.

Liam was done listening to Quinn, but Quinn reasoned that Hope hadn't had to marry Wyatt that day. Liam asserted that Quinn had manipulated things, and she'd made it happen. Quinn called herself a go-getter and said Liam sat around "boo-hooing" about not getting the girl.

Liam insisted that Wyatt wasn't getting the girl. Quinn reasoned that Wyatt already had the girl, and he was convincing her not to punish him for what Quinn had done. Liam felt that no one was that persuasive, and Hope had realized that her evil mother-in-law had robbed her of the chance to decide with whom to spend her life.

Quinn claimed it hadn't been that much of a choice, and Hope had been lucky to find love at first sight in the woods that day. Liam corrected that it had been for Wyatt, but not Hope. Quinn felt that Wyatt treated Hope as she deserved, and Hope had finally gotten the husband she wanted. Quinn believed they'd overcome her actions, and the marriage would be stronger.

Liam stated that the marriage wouldn't even have happened if Quinn hadn't risked Ivy's life to keep him from Hope. He felt that it boiled down to Quinn's neurotic obsession with her adult son's love life. "It's not cute, Quinn. It's not funny. It's not endearing. You deserve to be locked up in a padded room, and if I have anything to say about it, you will be!" Liam asserted.

At the beach house, Wyatt explained that he'd made excuses for his mother all of his life, but after falling in love with Hope, Quinn's craziness hadn't been able to touch him. Or so he'd thought. He hated the way Quinn had invaded his marriage, but he asked Hope not to let it get between them. He didn't want to lose what they had because of what Quinn had done.

Hope murmured that Quinn had supposedly been getting professional help, and Wyatt stated that he'd make sure it happened. Hope relayed that Quinn wasn't sorry and would do it again if it meant that Hope and Wyatt would be together. Wyatt asked if Hope was sorry that they were together. Hope stammered that she hated being manipulated.

Wyatt said that he and his mother were different people. Hope claimed to know that. He implored her not to let it affect their marriage. Wyatt noted that they were just a few weeks married and already dealing with their first test as husband and wife. Wyatt insisted that if he'd known what his mother had wanted to do, he would have put a stop to it, even if it meant Hope being with Liam.

Hope claimed to know that. Wyatt recalled that they were making plans to move into a bigger house and to start a family. He said his mother's actions didn't have to change it, and he asked what Hope wanted to do. Hope said that there were things that she "had to go and do." Wyatt dubiously replied that it was okay and looked worried as Hope walked out the door.

Wyatt sat down and scrolled through pictures of his wedding until Quinn entered the house. Quinn meekly said she knew Wyatt probably didn't want to see her, but she wanted to help fix things. Wyatt rasped at her to stay out of it, and he might not be a husband for long, thanks to her.

Quinn asked where Hope was, and Wyatt guessed that Hope had gone to see Liam. Quinn suggested that his wife had taken a drive to clear her head instead. Wyatt ordered her to stop pretending it was nothing and that everything would return to normal. "Maybe it will," Quinn replied.

Wyatt asserted that Quinn had committed a crime -- again. Quinn quipped that she'd pushed poisoned Ivy into a little bit of water, but Wyatt contended that Ivy could have drowned. Quinn exclaimed that Ivy hadn't, but he said it wasn't the point.

Quinn thought the point was that Wyatt's spineless brother had been about to ruin Hope's life again, and Quinn couldn't let it happen -- not if it meant Wyatt losing Hope. Quinn felt she'd done him a favor, but Wyatt told her not to do him any favors ever again. He was worried that he'd lose the only woman he'd ever loved, and Quinn urged him not to give up.

Wyatt assured his mother that he wasn't giving up; however, Quinn's actions did affect his marriage, and Liam would probably take advantage of it. Quinn wished she'd thrown Liam in the river instead. She said that Hope loved Wyatt and wouldn't throw away a future with him for another chance with Liam. Quinn asserted that Hope and Wyatt shared a bond that Liam couldn't destroy.

At the cliff house, Liam heard a knock at the door. He opened it and saw a sullen Hope, who'd changed clothes somewhere after she'd left the beach house, on his doorstep. Wordlessly, he wrapped his arms around her, and she let out a breath as she held onto him. He was glad she'd returned and guessed she'd spoken to Wyatt.

Hope added that she'd seen Quinn, too, and Liam stated that Quinn had been grandstanding at his house earlier. Hope said that Wyatt wanted her to look past what his mother had done. Liam asked how Hope could possibly do that when she'd be married to him if it hadn't been for Quinn.

"I know. And Liam, I want you to know -- you are the love of my life," Hope said, cupping his neck with his hands. She said she'd thought about what they'd done and been through, and she'd never forget their times together. "I love you," she professed and kissed and hugged him.

Liam was happy. He said they'd known the day would arrive, and it finally had. "Now" they could have the life they'd always wanted. Liam hugged Hope again, but he sensed that she seemed off. He asked what was going on and if she was okay. Hope's eyes were red and tearful as she said, "I'm...."

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