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Hope revealed to Liam that she was pregnant with Wyatt's baby, and she decided to remain in her marriage. Brooke found herself caught between two men and their marriage proposals. Maya caused Katie to question Ridge's design partnership with Caroline.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 22, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, September 22, 2014

At Forrester in the evening, Charlie and Pam informed Rick, Caroline, Maya, Eric, and Carter of what Quinn had done to Ivy in Paris. Everyone gathered around a laptop to see the footage of Quinn's misdeeds. Pam passed out lemon bars that she'd made in Charlie's honor, and Ivy asked Pam to save one because Ivy had to leave to take care of something.

After Ivy had left, some of the group felt sorry for Wyatt, who Charlie figured hadn't known about his mother's schemes. Caroline guessed Wyatt would lose Hope, and Rick asserted that there was no way Hope would remain with Wyatt.

Later, Carter saw that Maya had separated Rick from the other small groups conversing, and Carter intervened to ask if Rick had heard from Hope. Rick said he'd sent her a message, and he'd also received another design from Ridge via email. Eric noted that Caroline and Ridge were making quite a design team. Caroline replied that they were mostly Ridge's ideas, but Donna said not to be modest.

Eric asked Carter what they should be doing about Quinn. Carter suggested having her committed, and Maya advised having Quinn arrested. Charlie said it was out of their jurisdiction, but he had his eyes on Quinn. Donna was sure Quinn would cause more trouble.

Donna said that Wyatt had never had a chance because Hope's heart had always been with Liam. Eric noted that there was nothing standing in Liam and Hope's way. "Not even Quinn," Carter added. Charlie stated that they'd all make sure of that.

At the beach house, Quinn urged Wyatt not to give up on his marriage. He claimed that he wasn't doing that, but he didn't want her anywhere around him. He felt that his future was in jeopardy because of her. Quinn claimed that she hadn't pushed Ivy that hard, and he balked at the response.

Quinn admitted that she'd been too overprotective, and she should let Wyatt lead his own life. She reasoned that she'd had to make a move to keep Liam and Hope from getting together again. Quinn believed that her actions would lead to Hope and Wyatt growing old together. Quinn had faith in Hope's feelings for Wyatt, who'd given Hope something Liam never could -- complete devotion.

Quinn said she'd always be in Wyatt's life and could be a good mother. Quinn was the last of Wyatt's worries. He feared that, at any moment, he'd receive word that Hope was leaving him for Liam. Wyatt claimed he'd understand if she left, because a lot baggage went along with being with him.

Wyatt relayed that Quinn wasn't a regular overbearing mother-in-law. He didn't know who would want to sign up for a lifetime of Quinn endangering and manipulating people. Quinn tried to reason with Wyatt, but he told her to get out. Quinn left, and Wyatt stared at his phone. He started to send a message for Hope to call him and flashed back to the wedding.

At Quinn's loft, Quinn arrived and found someone in her welding gear and working with her blowtorch. She shut off power to the torch and ordered the person to leave before she called the police. Ivy removed the welding helmet and advised Quinn against doing that.

Ivy said that she knew what Quinn had done to her, and Quinn quipped that it was old news. Ivy called Quinn sick and depraved. Quinn asked how many minutes it had taken for Ivy to latch onto Liam. Referring back to the Paris incident, Ivy ordered Quinn to never touch her again. Quinn dismissively said she'd barely tapped Ivy, who'd gone over the bridge surprisingly easily.

Ivy wasn't sure if she felt sorrier for Liam and Hope or for Wyatt, who had Quinn as a mother. Quinn replied that he didn't need Ivy's pity. Ivy responded that Wyatt was about to lose Hope and his marriage, which was everything he cared about.

At the cliff house, Hope said she'd always wanted Liam and to have a life with him. Tears flowed from her eyes as she said she couldn't believe she was putting him through it. Liam asked her to say whatever was wrong, and Hope blurted out that she was pregnant with Wyatt's baby.

Disillusioned by the news, Liam asked what had led her to take a pregnancy test. Hope had been busy with her line after the honeymoon and hadn't really noticed her period being late. She hadn't wanted to freak out about it as she'd done the last time, but after the talk about having children had surfaced, she'd decided to double-check by taking a test before she'd arrived at Liam's.

Liam couldn't believe it was happening. He said things had never been fair for him and Hope. Hope said she hadn't wanted to let Quinn get away with her manipulations again. As Hope's voice heightened, Liam scooped her up into his arms and held her. Hope asked how Quinn could have done it to them. Hope uttered that she was sorry. Liam responded that none of it was Hope's fault.

Hope stated that she'd been on the way to Liam to make a life with him, but she'd had a feeling. "And you were right," Liam replied, and she cupped her belly. Liam figured there had to be a way to work it out. He screamed that it was like everyone on the planet wanted to keep them apart, but there had to be another way. He declared that he wasn't losing her that time.

Liam sat with Hope and proposed raising the child with her. He said there were all kinds of families in their day, and all that mattered was that they were together. He asked if she wanted to be together. Hope did, but she told him that he was talking about raising his brother's child. Liam exclaimed that he didn't care, and he'd do whatever it took because letting go of her wasn't an option.

"I am not accepting any other way," Liam declared. He suggested that he and Hope say that the child belonged to him. Hope stated that they'd always know it wasn't, and she couldn't have a baby with one man but raise it with another. He promised to love the child as his own because it was a part of her.

Hope knew that Liam would be a wonderful father, but she said the secret would burden them for their entire lives. She couldn't do it to him, Wyatt, or the Spencer family, which the secret could destroy. Liam didn't care about his family or Wyatt. Liam cared about Hope, and he wasn't giving up on her. Hope said she wanted to be with him, too, but "this" was not the answer.

Liam didn't know what to do, but he said Wyatt wasn't who Hope had wanted or chosen for her life. Hope replied that Wyatt was her husband, but Liam said it was only because she'd been deceived. Liam refused to have Hope feeling obligated or making the sacrifice. Hope asked what other solution there was and if Liam wanted her to walk away from her marriage.

Liam asked if anyone else knew about it or if she'd seen a doctor. Hope had only told Liam, and though she hadn't seen a doctor, she figured people would know soon. "What if they don't?" he asked. Liam became gravely serious and cautious as he said that no one else knew she was pregnant, and if she wouldn't let him raise the baby with her, they had to act quickly.

Hope asked what Liam was talking about. "There is one other thing we can do," Liam responded.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

by Pam

At Liam's, Hope told Liam that she wanted to be with him and not Wyatt. Liam and Hope discussed what they could do to be together. Liam suggested that if no one knew about her pregnancy, there was another option, meaning abortion, but Hope said she couldn't do it. She would always wonder what might have been. Liam agreed and understood. Hope shook her head and said she didn't want to lose Liam. She wanted the future they had always talked about.

Liam suggested that she could have the baby with Wyatt, "but you can still be married to me. We can raise the baby together," Liam said. Hope doubted that would work. She refused to force Liam to raise a baby that wasn't his, but Liam insisted he would love the baby as his own because it was part of her, and he loved her.

Hope became more philosophical. She told Liam that she had grown up without her father. She'd had a steady parade of men in and out of her life, and it had been confusing, She loved Ridge and Nick. "They were really good men, but they weren't my dad. I wanted my dad," Hope said.

Hope shared that she had promised herself at an early age that she would never do to a baby what her mother had done to her. Liam insisted that he, Hope, and Wyatt could raise the baby. "I'm not sitting here pretending it's easy, but we don't have a choice," Liam said.

Hope disagreed. She tearfully refused to damage a family that hadn't had a chance to start. "I won't do what my mother did to me. This is just how it has to be. I refuse to become my mother," Hope said. Liam argued that she was nothing like her mother, but Hope noted that she had been in love with two brothers. She lamented that she'd made bad choices, and she insisted it would stop. "I think that I could have a good life with Wyatt," she said.

Liam tearfully said that he and Hope had been manipulated like puppets. He was angry that Quinn had won again. Hope agreed, but she said a higher force had been at work. "I'm going to raise my child with my husband. I owe it to the baby to try," she said. They embraced, and Hope said, "I will love you forever."

Hope recalled that she and Liam had been through "so much," but no one could take away their memories. Liam and Hope recalled their first meeting, and flashbacks showed their time in Italy and their wedding along with their missed meeting at the Eiffel Tower. Hope and Liam tearfully kissed, and Hope left. She stood outside Liam's house and sobbed.

At Wyatt's, Caroline entered and sympathized with Wyatt about what his mother had done to Ivy in Paris and how it had impacted Liam and Hope. Wyatt thanked Caroline for visiting him, and he said that he knew Hope was at Liam's. Wyatt worried that he had lost Hope, and he lamented that his mom always thought she was helping Wyatt. Caroline hugged Wyatt, and she reminded him that nothing had changed. Hope had married Wyatt and stayed married to him after she had discovered that Liam had indeed been in Paris.

Wyatt worried that Hope might stay in the marriage because marriage was a sacrament. He didn't want Hope to stay married out of obligation. Wyatt worried. He confessed the he had wanted to swap homes with Liam, and Liam had been furious. Caroline wondered what Wyatt had been thinking.

Wyatt said he had imagined raising a family with Hope and wanted the larger house. Wyatt added that he thought Liam, a single guy, might have wanted the beach house instead. Wyatt decided he couldn't lose Hope because of his mother. "I love you whatever you decide," Wyatt texted to Hope. Caroline approved.

At Brooke's office, Bill entered, and Brooke noted that he had received her text. Bill wondered what she had wanted. Brooke said that she was sure Bill had heard what Quinn had done -- having pushed Ivy in the Seine so that Liam had been forced to rescue her and miss his meeting with Hope at the Eiffel Tower.

Brooke insisted that Ivy and Liam should have had Quinn arrested. Bill said that half of Los Angeles could have Quinn arrested. Brooke agreed that no one did so because Quinn was Wyatt's mother. Bill noted that it sounded like Brooke had chosen sides. Brooke said that Liam and Hope had always wanted to be together. Bill promised not to interfere. "Liam has always been the man for Hope, and nothing is going to stop her," Brooke said.

At Quinn's, Ivy told Quinn that the only reason Wyatt and Hope had been married was because Liam had arrived late to the Eiffel Tower -- thanks to Quinn, who had pushed Ivy into the Seine. Ivy insisted that Hope and Liam would end up together eventually. "Did it feel good pushing me?" Ivy asked. Quinn scoffed at Ivy, but Ivy boldly pointed out that she had taken Quinn's job at Forrester. Ivy accused Quinn of being jealous of Ivy.

Quinn dismissed Ivy and added that Ivy should be grateful to Quinn because Quinn had freed Liam up and made him available to Ivy. Quinn added that Ivy never would have gotten Liam's attention without Quinn's help.

Ivy insisted that Quinn was obsessed with Wyatt. Quinn said she was a mother, but Ivy said Quinn was nothing like any of the moms Ivy had known. "I don't expect you to understand," Quinn said. Ivy maintained that Liam had always wanted Hope, and they would be together. Quinn looked skeptical.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

by Pam

At Liam's, Liam stood outside his house and flashed back to his conversation with Hope when she had told him she was pregnant. Liam suddenly heard Bill calling out to him from inside the house. Liam entered, and Bill wondered if Liam had talked to Hope. Liam said that he had, and he had told her all about Quinn. Bill said that Brooke had been confident that Liam and Hope would be back together. "So where's Hope?" Bill asked.

Liam admitted that Hope had returned to Wyatt. Bill wondered if Hope would leave Wyatt. "It's too late for that," Liam said. "Because they're married?" asked Bill. Liam answered that Hope and Wyatt had been married for a while -- building it on a lie -- but they'd moved on. "I thought Hope and I could turn back the clock. I really did, but I was wrong," Liam said.

Bill sympathized with Liam, but Liam was convinced that Bill was pretending. Bill told Liam that Wyatt wasn't happy because Liam had been unhappy. Bill promised that Quinn would never mess with Liam again. Liam said that there was nothing left for Quinn to take from him.

"So what now?" Bill asked. Liam answered that he wanted to focus on work and asked Bill to teach him to rock climb. Bill offered to call his boxing trainer. Liam said he'd had one gut punch already. Bill reminded Liam that he had not been hit with anything new. Liam agreed. He thought it would make a difference that he had uncovered what Quinn had done, but it hadn't. "Right now, I don't know what to believe," Liam said. Bill hugged Liam.

At Wyatt's, Hope entered, and Wyatt said that he had tried not to call or text her. "I've been pacing a groove in the floor," he said. Wyatt admitted that his mother had gone to a whole new level of crazy. Hope said she had gone to Liam's. Wyatt noted that she had returned, and he hoped that it was very good news. "Or you're here to get your stuff," he said.

Wyatt shared that his mother had returned and actually made sense. He acknowledged that she had been despicable and disgusting, but it hadn't changed the reason they had been married. Wyatt justified that Hope would not have married him because Liam hadn't shown up. She'd married him because they were in love and he made her happy. "It had nothing to do with my mother or Liam," Wyatt said. He reminded Hope that they had taken a leap of faith, and no one had forced or pushed her to do that.

Hope made Wyatt promise that his mother's involvement would stop and could never ever happen again. Hope acknowledged that she had put herself in the middle of everything by dating both Liam and Wyatt. Wyatt didn't want to relive the past. He said he looked forward to adventure with her. "I don't need to know what's in our future. I know that I want to share it with you. Where do we go from here"? Wyatt asked.

Wyatt suggested that they get away and stop worrying about the past or the future. Hope laughed and said that she loved that Wyatt had one surprise after another for her. "That's what life is going to be like with you," she said. Wyatt kissed her and noted that she'd made it sound like they had a future together.

Wyatt wanted them to be as successful as Eric and Stephanie. Hope said she had always been a planner and wanted to slow down. She added, "You are my husband, and I love you, and I'm committed to our future and our family. This is where I need to be."

Wyatt promised to make Hope happy and begin their life together, and maybe start a family of their own. "Yes, we will," Hope said. They hugged. Wyatt smiled gratefully, and Hoped looked scared.

At Forrester, Aly and Ivy discussed what would happen when Hope learned that Quinn had pushed Ivy into the Seine. Aly said that Hope and Liam had a deep connection, and she said Hope would leave Wyatt. But Ivy said that Hope had married Wyatt, and the news about Quinn changed nothing -- Hope had chosen Wyatt.

Ivy said that she had heard Logan women never let go of any man they wanted. It appeared that Hope was a lot like her mother. Ivy and Aly worried about Liam. Aly suggested that Ivy call Liam, but Ivy refused.

Aly decided to call Liam, and Liam answered. He said he had to call her back because he and his dad had been talking. Aly asked if Hope had been there, and Liam said that she had returned to Wyatt. Aly thought that Hope would end her marriage, but Liam said that wouldn't happen.

"I understand," Aly said. Aly shared with Ivy that Hope had honored her commitment to Wyatt. Aly felt that Bill would be glad to have Hope away from Liam. Ivy disagreed.

Aly told Ivy to visit Liam, but Ivy said he was heartbroken. She hoped that Hope would let Liam get on with his life. "He's such a wonderful guy. He deserves to be happy," Ivy said. She hoped he discovered life after Hope.

At Liam's, Bill had left, and Liam sat outside his home and flashed back to meeting with Hope when she had said, "I will love your forever."

Thursday, September 25, 2014

At the beach house in the morning, Brooke arrived with breakfast. She was ready to help Hope move out, but Hope revealed that she was staying with Wyatt. Brooke expressed surprise, and in a rush of emotion, Hope suddenly hugged her mother.

Hope remarked upon the random sequence of events that had upended her life. Brooke called Quinn's actions unfortunate, but Brooke believed that Hope could change things back. Hope stated that she and Liam couldn't be together, and Brooke asked why. "Because I'm pregnant," Hope revealed.

Brooke was overwhelmed with emotion about the unexpected news. She asked if Hope was sure, and Hope said she was definitely pregnant. Hope stated that she'd begun to notice that her period had been late, and she'd had a feeling that she'd needed to take a test before reuniting with Liam.

Brooke assumed the test had been positive. Nodding, Hope tearfully explained that instead of having a reunion with Liam, she'd had to end it with him. She said Liam had offered to raise the baby as his own. "That's a solution!" Brooke exclaimed. Hope shot it down as being unfair to anyone involved. Brooke guessed that Wyatt was thrilled, but Hope asked if she was awful for not telling him yet.

Brooke said it was okay for Hope to get used to it first. Hope relayed that it was complicated, but Brooke reasoned that it was "never not a miracle." Hope said she'd always wanted to be a mother, but she wasn't announcing it yet. Hope bade Brooke permission to tell Deacon, but no one else.

"This baby was supposed to be Liam's," Hope sadly said. She believed that it would have been Liam's if Quinn hadn't pushed Ivy. Brooke asked what Hope would do. Hope relayed that she'd remain married, and she'd watch Wyatt's face light up when she told him that she was pregnant.

"Because he's a really amazing person, and he loves me so much. And he's going to be the best dad ever," Hope added. Hope vowed to go on her leap of faith and be the wife Wyatt deserved. She'd love the child, be a good mother, and spend her life being grateful for her family.

"And Liam?" Brooke asked. Hope whimpered, and tears glazed her eyes. "I'm going to forget about Liam -- somehow -- because I have to," Hope said and mirthlessly chuckled as her eyes welled with tears. Brooke scooped Hope into her arms and held her.

In Bill's office, Liam set down files and thought of Hope's pregnancy announcement. Wyatt entered and said he was probably the last person Liam wanted to see. Liam murmured that it hadn't taken Wyatt that long to show up to gloat. Wyatt replied that he was there to apologize for his mother.

Wyatt said it had been far from the first time he'd had to do it, but before, it had been easier to forgive Quinn and believe she wouldn't do it again. Wyatt didn't think he could look the other way anymore because he had a wife and family to protect. Liam guessed Wyatt was looking forward to that.

Liam revealed that it was hard for him, and Wyatt stated that he wasn't there to rub it in Liam's face. Wyatt said that he, Hope, and Liam were family. "Wyatt, you basically walked off with my life, and now I get to sit here and watch you live it," Liam resentfully replied. Wyatt asked if Liam could find forgiveness by the time Wyatt and Hope got pregnant.

Liam's brow creased as he silently realized that Hope hadn't told Wyatt about the pregnancy. Liam asked if Wyatt had discussed starting a family with Hope. Wyatt said Hope wasn't ready, but he wanted to have a kid as soon as he could "bring her around."

Liam seemed to retreat into his thoughts as Wyatt promoted being friends if not brothers. "Maybe," Liam replied. Wyatt was sorry for Liam's pain but insisted they could only go forward, not back. Wyatt hoped Liam could take part in Wyatt's family because it was happening as they spoke.

In Rick's office, Carter arrived and feigned surprise to see Maya sitting in there, waiting for Rick. Carter claimed to hate interrupting her bid for Rick's attention, but he had a meeting with Rick. Maya touted that she wasn't bothered because she could have Rick's attention anytime she wanted.

Rick arrived and said that Caroline was working with Ridge. Maya remarked that Caroline and Ridge's design partnership had happened out of nowhere, but Rick contended that Ridge had been exposed to Caroline's designs since after Paris. Carter wondered why Maya even cared.

Katie arrived. She said she was waiting to see Ridge. Rick and Carter decided to do their conference call in Carter's office, so that Katie could wait for Ridge in Rick's office. After the men departed, Maya noted that Katie had been "orphaned" by Caroline and Ridge, too.

Katie looked quizzically at Maya, who elaborated that Caroline and Ridge spending all that time together had left Rick and Katie alone. Katie wasn't bothered by it because it went along with creating and designing. Maya wondered why Ridge would suddenly single Caroline out for specialized attention. "They work together. It's fine," Katie insisted. Maya questioned it being fine for Katie.

Katie sensed that Maya wanted to say something. Maya asserted that Katie should know what Maya had seen between Ridge and Caroline. "It was a lot more than designing," Maya said and claimed to have seen Caroline looking very comfortable in Ridge's arms.

In the CEO's office, Caroline asked Ridge if he'd reconsider letting her tell Rick what was going on with the designing. "Absolutely not," Ridge replied. She explained that it was hard for her to keep quiet, and Ridge suggested that they stop doing it if it was that much of a burden. Caroline figured that Ridge wouldn't need her for that much longer, so she'd continue to keep the secret.

Ridge conveyed that Rick was breathing behind his throat, and Ridge and Caroline needed to get to work. While reviewing their progress on some gowns, Ridge remarked that, by the end of it, Caroline would have something she could be proud of. To Caroline, working with him was an actualized fantasy, and if his ability returned that very day, she'd walk away with no regrets.

Ridge said that Caroline wasn't going anywhere, and he liked working with her. It reminded him of his beginnings, when designing had been new and learning had been a revelation. He'd been on top for a long time, and suddenly, he was a novice again. Caroline said he'd never be that. To her, he was still the brilliant Ridge Forrester, and it would never change. "See what I mean? You do me good," he replied.

Ridge knew that he was asking a lot of Caroline to keep his secret from Rick, and Ridge was grateful that she was doing it. Caroline said it was her privilege to help him in any way she could. Ridge warned that he'd take her up on it because he needed her. "This experience and everything that you've given me -- I need you, too," Caroline replied with emotion.

Caroline grabbed a pencil but hesitated to mark on the sketchpad before her. She was nervous and didn't want to do anything wrong. Ridge explained that nothing would be wrong because it was a process that they were working through together.

Ridge instructed Caroline to start with the back, but Caroline had never done that before. He explained that one started with what he saw most clearly; it would become the inspiration point. "Come on. Low and draped," Ridge prodded. She asked him to take her hand and show her what he saw.

As Ridge did so, Caroline continuously gazed back at Ridge, whose face hovered just over her shoulder. He seemed engrossed in the process, but she paid little attention to the movements of their hands. Graceful music played as the drawing continued. Ridge leaned closer to her. She turned her face from his as it loomed mere breaths from hers. She stole another look at him, and he glanced back. She caught her breath and looked as if she might kiss him.

Friday, September 26, 2014

In Bill's office, Bill said that Justin wouldn't be getting any of Bill's thousand-dollar-a-bottle scotch. Justin was sure that would change after he revealed what he'd learned while at Forrester. Justin announced that, according to his source at Forrester, Ridge was back at his easel, drawing pretty little dresses again, and Ridge and Caroline had designs already in the works.

Justin assumed that Bill was pleased to hear the news. Bill exclaimed that it was what he'd been waiting for; "Smidge" was designing his heart out again, and it meant a change for Bill and Brooke.

Flashbacks of Ridge interrupting Bill's wedding played as Bill recalled how the "glorified seamstress" had tried to abscond with his bride. Justin and Bill discussed their impromptu plan to dump Ridge in the water, and Bill said he hadn't thought that Ridge would be so soft that falling into the drink would cost him the ability to draw.

Bill declared that the dressmaker was at it again, which meant that all was right in Ridge's world. Bill believed that all would be right in Bill's world, too, and he asked Justin to get the jet fueled up because Bill didn't want any delays. Grabbing his keys and heading for the door, Bill handed Justin the scotch and declared that Bill and Brooke's limbo ended that day.

At Brooke house, Deacon arrived, happy that Brooke had invited him there. Brooke clarified that she'd only wanted to see him to discuss Hope. Brooke explained that Hope wanted to be with Liam, but things had changed. Deacon asked what had changed, and Brooke announced that Hope was pregnant.

Brooke explained that only they and Liam knew about the pregnancy, and Deacon asked if it was a secret. She said that Hope was waiting to tell Wyatt because she didn't want him to think she'd chosen him because of the baby. Deacon believed Hope would be an amazing mother, and he and Brooke would be amazing grandparents. "Maybe more if I play my cards right," he added.

Brooke said it was a blessing that Hope had found out about the pregnancy before returning to Liam. To Brooke, that would have made things even worse. Deacon reasoned that it wasn't as if Hope didn't love Wyatt, and Deacon believed the couple would provide a good home for the child. Brooke agreed, but Deacon assumed she thought that the timing was bad.

Deacon recalled that Brooke's pregnancy with their child had turned out well, even though they'd caused the people they'd loved some heartache. He regretted the pain, but he'd never regret his feelings or the time he'd spent with Brooke.

A flashback of passionate moments between Deacon and Brooke played on the screen. At the end of it were tearful moments of Brooke revealing her pregnancy to him.

Deacon assumed that Brooke hadn't forgotten. Brooke said they were talking about Hope. He replied that he'd been doing a lot of hoping that Brooke would change her mind about his proposal. Prison had taught him patience. He wanted her as his wife, and he asked her to say she wanted it, too.

As Deacon urged Brooke to say the word, Bill entered and ordered Deacon to vamoose. The men exchanged barbs, and Brooke asked Bill why he was there. Bill asked if he really had to "do this in front of this idiot." Bill decided that he didn't care because what he had to say was too important.

Grasping Brooke's shoulders, Bill stated that Ridge's inability to draw had driven a wedge between Brooke and Bill, but it was over because Ridge was designing again. Brooke looked surprised. As Bill hugged her, he winked at Deacon and declared that nothing was standing in their way.

Bill asserted that Ridge had his gift back, and Bill wanted Brooke back -- "right now. Today." He told her that the first thing they'd do was fly to Monte Carlo to get married on the yacht. Brooke half-gasped and half-laughed. Bill said they'd already be married if it hadn't been for Ridge following them to Abu Dhabi, and she agreed. Bill claimed to have learned his lessons, and he wanted Brooke as his wife. "Tell me now. Will you marry me?" Bill asked.

At Forrester, Maya figured she shouldn't have said anything to Katie, but Maya had spoken up because she didn't want what had happened to her and Rick to happen to Katie and Ridge. Katie decided that Maya was still holding a grudge. In Katie's view, Rick and Caroline portrayed a happy marriage. Maya replied that things weren't always as they seemed. "Exactly," Katie responded.

Katie asked if Maya had been spying on Ridge and Caroline. Maya defensively explained that she'd just walked in but hadn't been seen. Maya concluded that she obviously should have kept the information to herself, and Katie should forget Maya had said anything. As Maya left, she slyly grinned.

In the CEO's office, Caroline and Ridge had moved on to designing the front of their new gown. Katie entered and observed the designers intimately huddled together with Ridge's hand over Caroline's. Katie asked if she was interrupting, and Ridge looked up, saying he hadn't seen her there.

Katie guessed it was because Ridge had been "involved," and she asked how it was going. Caroline offered to show Katie, and Ridge handed Katie the sketchpad. He said the neckline wasn't there yet, but Caroline added that, thanks to her brilliant partner, the waistline was to die for. Katie agreed, and she asked how their designing process worked.

Caroline and Ridge stammered a bit, and in unison, they called the process organic. Caroline said they brainstormed ideas, and Ridge added that Caroline would then draw. Caroline explained that if she got stuck, Ridge would put his hand on hers and guide her to where she needed to be. Katie asked what that was like. Still in awe of it, Caroline expressed that she'd feel Ridge's feelings, and his thoughts flowed though her. It was a rush like no other.

Katie asked Ridge to describe it. Ridge didn't know how to explain it. He said he couldn't draw, "but with Caroline..." Holding up the sketch, he asked if Katie could see what he meant. "See what?" Katie asked. Caroline explained that Ridge's creativity and hers meshed together in one incredible design. Giggling, Caroline said that it was "so satisfying."

Caroline decided to take the design to get Eric's opinion. She was sure he'd love it. After she'd gone, Katie remarked, "Wow, that's something," and she asked how long the collaboration would last. Ridge didn't know but wondered why she'd asked. Katie revealed that people were talking.

"Are you jealous?" Ridge teased. Katie asked if she had a reason to be jealous. She approached him, and he pecked her neck and smiled. Katie stated that he was an attractive man, a fact that she was sure wasn't lost on Caroline, who'd described the working relationship as incredible.

Katie asked if Ridge had tried to design on his own yet. Ridge said he'd tried, but he wasn't ready. She asked when he would be ready. He snipped that he didn't know, and he asked why Katie wanted to mess with a perfectly good working relationship. The cynical Katie was sure Caroline didn't want to mess with it, because Caroline couldn't find anything more satisfying.

Ridge said he couldn't design without Caroline, to whom he owed a lot. Katie asked if it was all professional, and Ridge asked what else it would be. She admitted that a little bird had told her something. He wanted to know what she'd been told, but Katie called it nothing and nonsense.

Ridge readily agreed with that sentiment, and he asserted that he and Caroline were working together as a team. "I'm in trouble, and I've got to get these designs out, okay?" he said. Katie said it was okay, and Ridge hugged her.

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