The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 10, 2014 on B&B

Hope and Ivy had a modeling showdown in the Dam Square. Wyatt's boat ride was a success for Ivy and Liam but a disaster for Wyatt, who Hope blasted for manipulating the couple. Ridge stood up to Rick on behalf of Caroline.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 10, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, November 10, 2014

At Quinn's loft, Deacon had overhead Quinn telling Wyatt to take action to push Ivy and Liam together. Quinn hoped the pair could at least get past the hand-holding stage of their relationship. With a kiss, Deacon prodded Quinn to focus on other things.

Quinn suggested that she and Deacon take a trip. Deacon told her to stay away from the kids and decided to give her a reminder about behaving. He handed her the sonogram photo, and she grinned at her "grandbaby." He felt that she was her own worst enemy, and she'd ruin Wyatt's marriage by going to Amsterdam.

Quinn said that Liam just needed to pull the trigger. Though Deacon didn't think Quinn was wrong, he said she was pushing too hard. He conveyed that giving the kids space didn't mean they would stop being there when the kids needed them. Deacon pleaded with Quinn not to give the kids a reason to shut her out and told her to stay away from Liam and Ivy.

Deacon made Quinn promise not to do anything impulsive. She agreed not to go to Amsterdam. He insisted that Wyatt was grown enough to handle it, and she'd score more points by letting him.

While Deacon was in the shower later, Quinn called the hotel where Liam, Ivy, Hope, and Wyatt were staying in Amsterdam. Upon learning that Ivy and Liam had separate rooms, Quinn claimed it was a mistake. She asked if she could change it to one room for them, but the hotel refused to allow her to.

At the bridge with Lars in Amsterdam, Wyatt set up a romantic boat ride for Liam and Ivy. Hope observed Liam rubbing Ivy's back to keep her warm but cut her eyes away when Ivy caught her staring. Wyatt asked Lars to tell Ivy that it was his idea to give Ivy and her line the boat ride as a Dutch welcome. Lars walked off, and to himself, Wyatt figured the boat ride would do the trick.

Liam, Ivy, Wyatt, and Hope strode to the Forrester boutique, where Yvette, the publicist they'd had in Paris, awaited them. Wyatt introduced Yvette to Liam and Ivy, but their reputations had preceded them with Yvette. Yvette wondered why Hope and Wyatt hadn't said they'd planned to marry in Monte Carlo. Hope called it spur-of-the-moment, and the group shared an awkwardly silent moment.

Yvette said the buzz from the Paris shoot had reached Amsterdam. Wyatt explained that the shoot would be about glamour, beauty, sophistication, and everything Hope, the lead model, represented. "And Ivy," Yvette added, and Wyatt looked puzzled.

Yvette said that everyone wanted to know who Ivy Forrester was, and it was time for Ivy to put herself in front of the camera. Hope asked if Yvette was suggesting that Ivy model, too. "Absolutely," Yvette replied, and Hope rendered a stiff smile.

Yvette explained that a mystery surrounded Ivy, who'd avoided the spotlight in the past, and they needed to show a Logan and a Forrester working together. Liam believed that Spencer Publications would love to promote it. Yvette stared expectantly at the hesitant Hope and Wyatt. Wyatt said they'd get back to Yvette on it, and Hope quickly nodded in agreement.

Yvette left to see to the diamond's arrival, and Liam and Ivy discussed the jewelry on display. Wyatt pulled Hope aside to guess at why she was so quiet. Hope stated that she didn't want Ivy modeling. Even if it was good for the business, Hope didn't want Ivy moving in on her life any more.

Wyatt's face flattened, and Hope glared at Liam and Ivy as they talked nearby. Hope insisted that Ivy had to stop stepping into Hope's life. Wyatt asked what that even meant. He asked if she meant at work or if they were talking about Liam, too.

Across the room, Ivy observed Wyatt and Hope's intense conversation and told Liam that she knew what it was about. Ivy was sure that Hope didn't want Ivy modeling, and Ivy said Hope might be right. Ivy had never modeled before, and she asked who'd choose to learn at the biggest shoot of the year. Liam said Ivy was fantastic at everything she did.

Ivy flashed a skeptical look, and Liam took her to a mirror. He said that in the mirror, he saw beauty, poise, and class. He insisted that Ivy had those qualities and "so much more." Ivy doubted Hope would agree. Liam shrugged. Ivy said that she and Hope had discussed removing the tension between them, and it seemed that Hope was having a tough time seeing Liam with Ivy.

Just then, Liam's phone chimed, and Liam remembered that he had to take a conference call soon. Ivy suggested that he take it at the hotel, and she'd meet up with him later.

Once the diamond was in its case, Hope stared at it. She flashed back to Liam warning her that Wyatt had given it to her because it had a hold on her. She recalled the Paris shoot, returning the diamond to Wyatt, walking away when Liam hadn't shown up, and seeing Ivy holding on to Liam.

"They shouldn't even be in Amsterdam together," Hope told Wyatt. Wyatt figured that it really got to her. He said it was okay, and it had been how he'd felt to see Hope with Liam. Hope tried to apologize, but Wyatt claimed that he wasn't jealous.

Wyatt and Hope hugged, and he asked her what she wanted to do about Ivy and the photo shoot. Hope figured she would look spiteful if she turned it down. Ivy interrupted to get Hope to join a talk with Yvette. Wyatt decided to go back to the hotel, and after he left, Ivy told Hope that they each knew why Hope was upset. "You still can't let go of Liam, can you," Ivy said.

Hope claimed not to want to "go there" again. Ivy said she had eyes and could see Hope struggling with it. Hope denied it, saying Ivy could be more considerate. Ivy asked how. She didn't feel like she was flaunting her relationship in front of Hope, who'd said from the very beginning that it was too early for Liam to be in a relationship. Ivy asked how much longer before Hope let Liam go.

Hope claimed to be doing it. She said she was married and pregnant. Ivy asserted that it still bothered Hope to see Ivy with Liam, and that led Ivy to believe Hope still had feelings for him. "Of course I do!" Hope yelled. Hope admitted that it hurt to see Ivy and Liam together. Hope wanted Liam to be happy, but it took time. Hope claimed that it would take time to get over what she'd had with Liam, and it was "too damned bad" if she wasn't doing it fast enough for Ivy.

At the waterfront hotel, Liam stopped the bellhop as he was taking Ivy's bags into Liam's room. Wyatt arrived in time to observe Liam directing the bellhop take the bags to Ivy's room. Once the bellhop had left, Wyatt asked if Liam wondered if fate was trying to tell him something.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

by Pam

In Amsterdam, Wyatt confronted Liam and said that he was tired of the lovesick way that Liam had looked at his wife. Wyatt encouraged Liam to move on, and Liam said he had been working on it. Wyatt noted that Liam and Ivy's luggage had all been delivered to one room, and Wyatt suggested that Liam take that as a sign that he was meant to be with Ivy.

Wyatt recommended that Liam make a move on Ivy. Liam replied that Wyatt wanted Liam to behave like a caveman. Liam accused Wyatt of trying to be as manipulative as his mother had been. Liam knew Wyatt wanted Liam with Ivy to keep him away from Hope.

Wyatt admitted that he was worried about Hope. Wyatt knew that Hope hated seeing Liam with Ivy, but Liam had to stop exchanging glances with Hope. "Leave my wife alone. Respect my marriage," Wyatt said. He demanded that Liam do it for the baby.

Wyatt and Liam discussed that Liam and Hope would always have a connection, but they all knew that their relationship was over. Liam said they'd all had to make serious adjustments in warp time and tried to move forward. Wyatt suggested that Ivy deserved more than Liam had given her, and she needed his attention. Wyatt wanted Liam to focus more on Ivy and less on Hope. "Keep your eyes off my wife," Wyatt commanded.

Liam said that he had never intentionally disrespected Ivy, but he realized that he had been making Ivy unhappy in Amsterdam. Wyatt suggested that Liam be more romantic because Amsterdam was one of the most romantic cities in the world. "Go for it. Make it happen," Wyatt said.

In another hotel room in Amsterdam, Ivy and Hope had a similar conversation about Hope and Liam. Ivy said that Hope clearly would not let Liam go. "Logan women," Ivy said coldly. Hope demanded to know what Ivy meant. Ivy explained that Hope and her female family members acted as if they were entitled.

Ivy said that Hope was a lot like her mother. Hope defended Brooke as an incredible woman, but Ivy suggested that Hope needed to show some strength of her own and let Liam go. Ivy reminded Hope that she was married to a great guy who loved her.

Hope argued that she was committed to her marriage. Ivy advised her to stop the "long lingering looks to Liam." Hope defended herself and said that she and Liam would always be connected and had been in love for a very long time.

Ivy challenged that Hope was supposed to be in love with her husband. Hope agreed that she was in love with Wyatt. Hope suggested that Ivy had never been in love -- and that was why Ivy couldn't understand her connection to Liam. "You just don't turn that off," Hope said tearfully.

Hope gently explained that she was not a threat to Ivy's relationship with Liam. She knew that if it wasn't Ivy that Liam was involved with, it would be someone else. Hope realized she had to get used to it. "I'm married and pregnant, and grateful for my family," Hope said.

Hope emotionally begged Ivy to understand how Hope felt. She asked for "a shred of compassion" because it hurt to see Liam and Ivy together. "Why the hell did you bring him here, Ivy?" she asked. Hope explained that Liam was her first love and meant everything to her. "Liam and I will always be connected. I come with the package. You have to get used to it," Hope advised.

Ivy recommended that Hope needed to think about Wyatt's feelings. She reminded Hope that Hope had made vows. Hope countered that just because she had gotten married didn't mean that she no longer cared about Liam. "It's hard for me to see him with you, but I promise I am doing everything I can the best way I know how," Hope said.

Hope added that it would take time for her to get over it, and she would, but it had to be in her time -- not on Ivy's timetable. "So stop being so judgmental," Hope said through tears.

At Spencer Publications, Quinn barged into Bill's office, and Bill bellowed at Alison that Quinn was not supposed to be allowed in his office. Quinn noted that Alison was not at her desk. Quinn insisted that Bill needed to help their son maintain his relationship with Hope. Bill refused.

Quinn whined that Ivy and Liam had shown up in Amsterdam, and Hope had a hard time getting over Liam. Quinn demanded that Bill help. Bill told Quinn she had to butt out of Wyatt's relationship and get a life.

Bill softened slightly, and he told Quinn that she had done a great job raising Wyatt. Bill told her it was time to stop trying to manipulate Wyatt's life. He had grown into a wonderful man, and Quinn had to stop her interference.

Quinn thanked Bill and reminded him that they would be grandparents together. She wished she hadn't kept Wyatt from Bill, but it had all turned out fine. Quinn worried that Hope had decided to keep Quinn out of her son's life.

Bill suggested that Quinn had to chill out and leave the kids alone. Bill added that seeing Liam move on with Ivy had to be difficult for Hope. Quinn said that was what had her worried, and they had to help.

Bill teased that he could buy out a restaurant for a romantic dinner for Liam and Ivy -- all alone. Quinn was elated that he would do that, but Bill said it was never going to happen because they had to leave Wyatt, Liam, Ivy, and Hope alone. Quinn objected, but Bill reminded her that Quinn had destroyed her credibility with Hope. "It's not okay. She doesn't trust you, and she's afraid of you," Bill said.

Quinn said she'd had some lapses in judgment, but it was no reason to shut her out of her son's life. She worried that Hope had convinced Wyatt to ignore her. She angrily expressed concern that she would be missing out on milestones in her grandchild's life. "It's unfair, and it's unacceptable," Quinn said.

Bill rolled his eyes. Bill reminded Quinn of her past transgressions, but she refused to be eliminated from the gene pool. "You don't listen. Let Hope recover from your latest lapse in judgment," Bill commanded.

Quinn hadn't been listening. She fantasized about watching Hope deliver a baby. She watched the happy faces of Wyatt and Hope after a nurse placed the baby in Hope's arms. The camera closed in on the face of the baby, and it was Quinn. Hope screamed. Bill shouted at Quinn, because he knew she had not been listening. Quinn insisted she would not be pushed out of her son and grandchild's lives.

Quinn left Bill's office, and she called Wyatt. Wyatt told his mother that Liam had been pining after Hope. Quinn vowed to get on a plane and travel to Amsterdam to help him. Wyatt refused her offer. He said that he had rented a boat for Liam and Ivy -- a romantic boat ride. He had to leave, and he hung up on her.

Wyatt was at the boat, and he spoke to the boat captain about how the evening boat ride should include a lot of romantic interest, and he wanted Liam and Ivy to remain on the boat the entire night. The captain agreed.

In another part of Amsterdam, Liam stood on a bridge and looked over the water. He flashed back to when he'd stood on another bridge in Paris and tried to get to Hope, but she'd left with Wyatt. Hope noticed Liam on the bridge, and she guessed that he'd been thinking about Paris. They discussed that they would never forget each other, but they had to move on and accept life the way it was. They agreed it was difficult.

"It's really hard," Hope said, and she cried. They embraced, but Liam broke away and sighed. Hope walked away, and Liam's eyes filled with tears.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

by Pam

At the hotel in Amsterdam, Liam knocked on Ivy's door. After she opened the door, he presented her with a tulip, and Ivy smiled. He asked how Ivy had slept, and she answered that she was fine because she had known that he'd been next door all night. Ivy was excited, and she said she couldn't believe she was going to model. She wished that she and Hope could get along.

Ivy and Liam discussed that her problems with Hope went far beyond modeling. Ivy said that Hope was married to Wyatt and about to have his baby. She had to eventually get over Liam, Ivy insisted.

In another area of Amsterdam, Hope, Wyatt, and the Forrester photography team had been preparing for the photo shoot, and Hope told Wyatt that she was worried because Ivy was not a professional model. "I can't stand by and coach her through the entire thing," Hope complained.

Wyatt advised her to be focused. "And you have to let Liam move on with his life," Wyatt said. Hope smiled weakly and said she was not interfering in their relationship. She apologized for being preoccupied. Wyatt kissed her.

Hope assured Wyatt that she loved him, but she needed a little bit of time and understanding. She added that she had almost married Liam. Liam and Ivy entered, and they all greeted one another. Ivy admitted she was nervous. Hope called Ivy over to look at some of the gowns they would be modeling.

Hope reminded Ivy that the jewelry was important, but they still had to remember Forrester was all about the clothes. Hope suggested that Ivy add a little bit of flair and style to show off the dresses and accessories.

Hope explained that every first-time model was nervous and usually moved too fast. "Move slower than you think. Pause and take a breath between shots," Hope advised. Hope and Ivy looked over the accessories. Ivy thanked Hope for the tips.

Wyatt and Liam noted that it appeared Hope and Ivy had been getting along. Wyatt reminded Liam to enjoy the romantic ambience of Amsterdam. Wyatt said they needed to get to Dam Square for the photo shoot. Wyatt asked everyone on the team to listen up, and he announced that they had a tight schedule and a lot to do. Wyatt asked if everyone was psyched. Hope and Ivy agreed they were.

At Dam Square, Liam cuddled with Ivy and asked if she was ready. She smiled but looked nervous. Liam told her that she would be fine, and the camera was going to love her. Ivy worried that she would mess up, but Liam said she should just be herself and act natural.

"You're a Forrester, and you belong here. People want you to be here," Liam told Ivy. He added that her jewelry was beautiful. Liam tenderly caressed Ivy's face, and Hope watched as Liam hugged Ivy. Hope couldn't take her eyes off of Liam and Ivy. Wyatt tried to get Hope's attention.

The photographer told them it was time to start, and Hope told Ivy that she didn't have to try modeling if she was nervous. Ivy felt that Hope was trying to squeeze her out of the event. "Let's see what you've got," Hope countered. Wyatt and Liam tried to calm both Hope and Ivy.

"Let's do this," Hope said. Hope modeled a stunning red and black dress with a gorgeous statement necklace, but she continued to look at Liam. Wyatt watched Hope look at Liam, but Hope turned and smiled at Wyatt. She modeled another dress, but she carefully watched Liam and Ivy. Ivy smiled but looked nervous.

Hope's session was done. "You're on, Forrester," Hope said to Ivy. Ivy stood in front of the camera. She took a deep breath and adjusted the dress but looked uncomfortable. Hope looked worried. Ivy relaxed, posed, and looked great. Liam gave her a thumbs-up. Ivy smiled and laughed, and Hope looked hurt. Wyatt was called away.

Hope looked sad, and Liam walked over to her. "Hey, so you okay with all of this?" Liam asked. "I'm not okay with any of this," Hope answered., Hope looked like she wanted to say more.

In Los Angeles at Eric's home, Eric talked to Rick on the phone about Ivy modeling jewelry with Hope. "Her father would be so proud," Eric said. Taylor entered and interrupted. Eric hung up with Rick and called Taylor a beautiful mirage. They embraced, and Eric wondered how long Taylor would stay in Los Angeles. She answered that she hadn't decided. She did have patients, and her kids were old enough that they really didn't need her in Paris.

Eric asked about Steffy and Thomas, and Taylor shared that Thomas was dating, but Steffy had a hard time and dated very little. Taylor added that she and Thorne had issues but had remained friends. Eric told her that she would always be family.

Eric wondered if she'd heard that he was no longer CEO. "Did you choose Rick to take your place?" she asked. "Not at first," Eric admitted. He said they could discuss it later.

Eric caught Taylor up on the new campaign and photography shoot in Amsterdam. Taylor had been surprised that Hope had married Wyatt and not Liam. Eric agreed he'd been surprised as well. He said they all had to learn to get along.

Eric welcomed Taylor home, and he made his traditional martinis -- one for him and one for Stephanie. He filled a martini glass with water for Taylor. They smiled and toasted. Taylor said that she had made a lot of mistakes.

Eric told Taylor that Stephanie had always loved Taylor. Taylor replied that she had not been loveable at the end of Stephanie's life.

Taylor apologized for announcing Brooke and Bill's affair at Katie's party. She admitted that she had been jealous and vengeful. Eric said that it was all in the past. She thanked him for his forgiveness. Eric advised that she had to learn to forgive herself. He reminded her that he had needed a lot of forgiveness in his life.

"I miss times like this," Taylor said. She grabbed his hand. Eric hugged her, and Taylor warned that they had to watch out because someone -- meaning Stephanie -- was always watching. Eric laughed and said that he and Stephanie had an agreement. They laughed, and Eric kissed her on the cheek before she left.

Eric returned to the living room. "Snuck one over on you, didn't I?" he asked the portrait of Stephanie. Suddenly, the portrait fell off the wall, and the fireplace grate fell over.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

At the loft, Quinn was glad Wyatt had figured out that he needed to be proactive. Deacon didn't think Liam was a threat to Wyatt in light of the pregnancy. Quinn responded that Liam was making eyes at Hope and not interested in Ivy on the level that he should be, but Wyatt had organized a boat tour for Liam and Ivy to help the hapless Liam take his relationship to the next level.

Deacon stated that Wyatt was just as meddlesome as his mother. Quinn remarked that Wyatt could have been more creative in his plan, but he knew what he was doing. Quinn believed that ensuring Hope and Wyatt's happiness without Liam threatening their marriage might help Quinn's cause with Hope. Quinn muttered that most women respected their mothers-in-law, but Deacon replied that most women didn't have to deal with Quinn.

Quinn launched into a sob story about scrimping as a single mother while Brooke had married into the Forrester fortune and raised Hope with a team of nannies. Deacon called his daughter a hard worker. Quinn displayed her calluses from her hard work, but he chuckled. She claimed she adored Hope -- sometimes. "But sometimes I just want to..." Quinn said and slipped into a fantasy.

In Quinn's mind, the screen turned gray. Hope was tied to a chair in Quinn's loft. Large pictures of Quinn were in front of Hope, who struggled against her bindings. The leather-clad Quinn said that she loved Hope and the baby. Quinn tickled Hope with a feather wand and commanded her to say that she wanted Quinn to be in their lives.

Hope twitched and protested. "I love you, Mama Quinn, and I want you to be a part of my family,'" Quinn instructed Hope to repeat. Hope agonized beneath the tickling wand until she could take no more, and she said the words Quinn wanted her to say.

Back in reality, Deacon asked Quinn why she had zoned out and what she'd been about to say. Quinn replied that she wanted Hope to know that having Quinn in Hope's life wasn't torture.

At the Amsterdam boutique, Ivy and Hope arrived in their gowns after the photo shoot. Wyatt and Liam followed them in. It was time for the indoor closeups of the jewelry, and Wyatt instructed the ladies to put on the sass and personality. "You ready, Forrester?" Hope asked, and Ivy quipped, "All day, Logan."

Upbeat music played as the photographer took headshots of Hope and Ivy, who wore the earrings, necklaces and bracelets from the outdoor shoot. Hope's experience helped her move effortlessly, and Ivy struggled at first to form natural poses. Hope seemed frustrated by Ivy, and Ivy seemed irritated that Hope was hogging the posing space in front of the camera.

After a music and dress change, Hope modeled as if she was the only subject in the room. Ivy pushed her way to the forefront, and the women circled each other like waltzing sharks. When the shoot concluded, Liam and Wyatt congratulated the ladies on a real smackdown. Hope said it hadn't been a competition, and Ivy replied that she hadn't been competing.

Ivy went to help pack up the jewelry, and someone pulled Wyatt away, which left Hope and Liam standing together. Liam awkwardly murmured that he'd enjoyed the shoot. She was glad he'd gotten to see it. He stopped himself from speaking, and she asked what he'd been about to say. He said that they had Mexico, Italy, France, and the Netherlands. Hope joked that they got around.

Wyatt began listening in from nearby as Hope admitted that Ivy had done well that day. Liam thanked Hope for helping Ivy. "Is that what I was doing?" Hope asked. She assumed that they were all in it together, and he said it seemed that way. She stated that everywhere she went, there Liam was.

Wyatt received a call from Lars. Hope neared Wyatt and overheard him telling Lars to make it the most romantic boat ride ever. Hope smiled as she listened.

Later, Hope approached Wyatt. She was glad that work had ended, and she said that, knowing her husband, he probably had something planned for their evening. Wyatt stated that he had something special in mind.

Across the room, Ivy and Liam were discussing what they should do with their evening. Liam received a call from Lars, who invited Liam and Ivy to take him up on a mystery reservation.

At the dock later, Liam and Ivy arrived to meet Lars and noted that they were by the boat they'd seen the other day. Lars stated that it was his boat, and someone had told him that the couple was fond of it. Lars had arranged for a romantic ride and said he'd show them how to operate the boat. He made them promise to make it really romantic, and Ivy and Liam seemed amazed at their fortune.

At the hotel, Hope was ready to relax for the rest of the day. Wyatt said that she'd been an inspiration earlier and had put away the drama as if there had never been any issues. Hope seemed to hear his sarcasm as he added, "Except for that smackdown diva fest you guys had out there." Hope guessed diva action was natural for Forresters.

Wyatt reminded Hope that it had been the baby's first modeling gig, and the baby had done a good job of remaining hidden from the press. Hope remarked that Liam had had a good time.

Wyatt tensed, saying that Liam and Ivy were having a good time together. Wyatt wanted to stop focusing on others, and Hope excitedly asked what their plans were for the evening. She asked if she'd need a jacket, if they'd go out, and if they'd eat with Liam and Ivy. Wyatt figured that those two already had plans, and Hope stiffly said she wondered what they were up to.

Wyatt hoped that Liam and Ivy were moving forward, full steam ahead. Hope decided to retrieve items from the mini bar, and Wyatt opened the windows and used binoculars to stare at the canal. He grinned when saw Ivy and Liam piloting Lars's boat through the water.

Dutch music played as Liam and Ivy stood closely together at the helm of the boat. Liam steered the vessel, and the pair took in the sights. Ivy gazed lovingly at Liam.

Friday, November 14, 2014

In Amsterdam, Ivy and Liam had a romantic time, drinking champagne and cruising down the canals in Lars's boat. Ivy suspected that Liam had arranged the boat ride, but he insisted that he hadn't. She wondered how he just happened to know how and where to steer them. He attributed the boating skill to his Spencer genes but was surprised she hadn't noticed that he'd been driving in circles.

Ivy decided that whoever had set it up for them had known exactly what to do. Gazing at Liam, she remarked that she'd never been happier. Liam told her that she deserved it. Ivy couldn't believe they were there or that she had a job at Forrester with her own jewelry line. She decided that she was living the American dream. "We're living the Dutch dream," Liam corrected.

The song "Follow Me Home" played over scenes of Ivy and Liam taking in the sights. They sneaked gazes at each other as they stood with their arms linked, and Liam kissed her cheek. While steering, he slowly leaned into her and nuzzled his nose against her cheek before kissing it again. She sneaked a look at him, and when he looked back, she glanced off. Liam gazed at Ivy with admiration, and the gravity of a familiar emotion hit him. He grinned, savoring the moment.

In the hotel, Hope was anxious to get to the special event Wyatt had planned for them. Wyatt said he'd rather take advantage of the alone time he had with his wife in the hotel. She liked the sound of it but wondered if it was too late to cancel the boat.

Wyatt looked surprised, and Hope said she'd heard him booking a boat with Lars. Wyatt offered to do the ride the next day, but she said the reservation was for that day. Clearing his throat, Wyatt admitted that the reservation hadn't been for them; it had been a surprise for Ivy and Liam.

Hope asked why Wyatt would make such a gesture. Wyatt replied that it was a great way to see the city. She wondered if Liam and Ivy had thought that his gesture was strange. Wyatt admitted that they didn't know he'd done it. He said Liam probably wouldn't have accepted if he had known. "Exactly, because it's weird," Hope replied.

Hope asserted that Liam and Ivy could have set up their own ride if they'd wanted one. Wyatt stated that he'd seen an opportunity, and Hope responded that he'd just had to take advantage. She declared that he was "so [his] mother right now." Frustrated, he asked what she was talking about. Hope accused Wyatt of manipulating the pair, but he exclaimed that it had been a simple boat ride.

Wyatt guessed that he should have told Hope about it, but he'd been trying to help Liam. "When have you ever done anything to help Liam?" Hope asked. She accused Wyatt of trying to force the relationship. Wyatt admitted that he might be doing that. He said that he might want his brother to be happy and asked what was wrong with it.

Hope replied that Wyatt knew how she felt about lies and manipulation. "More importantly, how you feel about Liam," Wyatt added. He said Hope had to let Liam go and move on with Ivy if he wanted to. Hope replied that it was Liam's decision, not Wyatt's. Wyatt told her to let Liam go, and she replied that she had. "And yet the idea of him with Ivy upsets you," Wyatt stated.

Wyatt claimed that his actions hadn't hurt anyone, but Hope exclaimed that she'd been hurt by it. She claimed that Wyatt was spending too much time focusing on Liam, which put Wyatt and Hope on the backburner. Wyatt asked if Hope wanted Liam to pine away for her all of his life. She claimed she didn't. Wyatt didn't want it, either. He said that Liam being with Ivy shouldn't affect Wyatt and Hope.

Again, Wyatt claimed that he'd wanted to do something special for his brother. Hope said she might feel differently if he'd been upfront and asked Liam before acting. To her, Wyatt's methods were underhanded. Wyatt replied that he could see her view. She said she felt like she couldn't trust him.

Wyatt asked if Hope might be overreacting. "No. You know what? You can't have us both. You married me. You chose me. Liam has to move on with his life, and you have to let him. " Wyatt decided.

Hope contended that Wyatt didn't even know if Liam wanted to be with Ivy. Wyatt said he'd observed how they were together, and Ivy made his brother smile. "Not if you are the one orchestrating things. Not if you're the one forcing the relationship!" Hope exclaimed. He contended that all he'd done was set up a fun boat ride, and it wouldn't make or break a relationship. He didn't know why Hope was emotionally invested or why she couldn't be happy for Liam, who had a nice girl.

Hope yelled that Wyatt should have been upfront about it. Wyatt agreed, but he said it had to stop. All the looks back and forth had to stop; they were annoying. He stated that the sooner she saw Liam move on, the sooner it would stop. "It needs to stop. It's wrong. We are married, and we are expecting a child. That is what we need to be focused on right now, not Ivy and Liam," Wyatt argued.

Hope frowned and decided that she needed some air. She grabbed a jacket and walked onto their balcony. On the canal, Ivy and Liam's boat floated into Hope's view, and Hope watched them.

On the antique boat, Ivy guessed that her and Liam's ride was over, but he said it wasn't if they didn't want it to be. "I love you," Ivy blurted out. Liam was surprised, and his gaze shied away from her. She apologized, but he cut her off, saying, "I love you, too."

Liam swept Ivy into a kiss, and on Hope's balcony, Hope gasped, and tears welled in her eyes.

At Forrester, Rick gave Maya a bangle bracelet. Maya loved it and said he had great instincts. He replied that it was in jewelry, not women. She decided not to be insulted. "Until now, of course," he added. Slipping her arms around him, she relayed that he had a woman who appreciated him, and they'd accomplish much as the CEO and the model by his side.

From the doorway, Caroline quipped that Maya had a great career as Rick's arm candy, but if she ever wanted to act again, she'd make a great Lady Macbeth. "Out, damn Caroline. Out, I say," Maya retorted. Caroline refused to leave, but Rick said she could make an appointment. Caroline called it ridiculous to make an appointment with her husband, whom she wanted back.

Rick claimed not to have time for it, and as he answered a call, Maya told Caroline to get a clue. Flashing her bracelet, Maya asked if Rick would be lavishing her with gifts if he wanted to be in his marriage. Caroline believed it would happen if he was confused and taken advantage of. Maya said that Rick had someone new, and Caroline needed to take her alimony and move on.

In the Forrester corridor, Ridge asked Pam for his messages. Pam replied that Katie hadn't called -- if that was what he'd been asking her. Ridge replied that Pam seemed to be the one asking something. Pam wanted to know if Ridge and Katie were together. He said he was working on it, and Pam said that if Katie decided to take him back, he needed to ditch the ribbon and buy Katie an actual ring.

Back in the CEO's office, Caroline tried to convince Rick that taking up with Maya wasn't in his best interest. Caroline said that he was lashing out, and he wasn't himself; however, they were still married and could work it out. Rick was still bitter that she'd turned to Ridge, whom he'd watched hurt his mother over and over again. "You turn to him? You kiss him?" Rick raged.

As he entered the room, Ridge told Rick that it was enough, and if Rick wanted to go after someone, Rick could go after him. Ridge wouldn't stand for Rick attacking Caroline. Ridge called Rick an idiot for sleeping with the first woman who'd walked through his door. Rick told Ridge to give Rick a reason to fire him and stated that he'd already warned them about attacking Maya.

Rick recalled that he'd consoled his mother after she'd picked up the pieces from Ridge. Rick asserted that he didn't have to do it any longer, not for his mother or for Caroline. Rick didn't "give a damn anymore" and ordered Ridge and Caroline out of the office.

Ridge and Caroline retreated to Rick's old office. Caroline didn't believe that Rick was himself and said she'd never seen him that way before. Ridge figured that she'd just never seen that side of Rick. Ridge had known Rick longer and had observed Rick lash out and retaliate when he felt he'd been wronged. Ridge didn't want that treatment for Caroline.

Caroline said Rick might have accepted the kiss being anyone but Ridge. Ridge stated that there were two sides to every story, and while Rick wanted Ridge to be the bad guy, it wasn't so clear-cut. Caroline uttered that nothing ever was. Ridge hugged her and said she didn't deserve Rick's treatment.

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