The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 17, 2014 on B&B

Hope fled Amsterdam after witnessing Ivy and Liam's kiss. Rick failed to price Ridge and Caroline's line into ruin, and Eric ordered Rick to reconcile with his wife or lose his job. After Bill had beaten the stew out of Ridge for messing with Caroline and Katie, Caroline told Ridge that she'd fallen for him.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 17, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, November 17, 2014

In Amsterdam, Hope gasped, witnessing Liam and Ivy kissing on their boat in the canal below Hope's balcony. Hope turned from the scene and reentered the hotel suite to tell Wyatt that she wanted to go home. Wyatt insisted that they could work the issue out.

Hope stated that the shoot was over, so there was no reason for them to be there. "Fine. The jet's unavailable," Wyatt bit out without even checking first. She asked him to book a commercial flight, and he asked about Liam and Ivy. Hope muttered that they could stay and enjoy themselves.

Wyatt made the flight arrangements, and Hope murmured that his suitcase was on the bed. He apologized for seemingly meddling by booking the boat for Liam and Ivy, and Hope stated that she'd thought it had been for herself and Wyatt. He replied that he'd planned his and Hope's evening for the hotel, but she said it hadn't been before he'd made sure that Ivy and Liam were alone.

Wyatt claimed that it had been to get the couple out of their hair. Hope cut him a sharp look. Unable to do tiptoe around "this" anymore, he confessed to doing it for his brother; however, he'd also done it for himself and Hope. Wyatt wanted Liam to move on. Wyatt wanted them all to move on.

Wyatt asked if Hope was sick of the lost puppy-dog looks from across the room. He figured that if Ivy could help with that, they should let her. He felt that he might have been impatient, but he hadn't threatened or endangered anyone. "I mean, really, who did it hurt?" he asked.

On their flight later, Wyatt noted that Hope hadn't said a word since they'd been at the hotel. Hope said she'd been thinking. She doubted that she had to tell him that it had been a difficult trip for her. Wyatt said he should have been focused on her, and the boat ride had been a bad idea. Hope revealed that when she'd been on the hotel balcony, she'd seen Ivy and Liam kissing on their boat.

Wyatt asked how it had made Hope feel. With tears in her eyes, Hope replied that she'd felt guilty. Squeezing Wyatt's hand, she said she shouldn't have overreacted, and she was sorry. She felt bad about comparing him to his mother. Wyatt replied that she was a stressed-out pregnant lady, but she said they could blame it on hormones.

Wyatt said he understood that having Liam around had been hard, but they had to focus on their marriage and the baby. Hope said it was what she wanted to do. Wyatt squeezed her hand. She flashed back on times with Liam and times with Wyatt. The sonogram memory played in her mind, and touching her stomach, she smiled.

After their boat ride, Ivy and Liam kissed on the pier. He asked how she'd known he'd needed the trip. Ivy said she knew it had been hard having the foursome together, but he stated that she'd turned him toward the future, a future with Ivy, the new supermodel at Forrester.

Ivy laughed. She said her life had changed a lot in a short time. She'd gotten the job at Forrester, moved to the States, and had met "you, my love."

Night fell, and the couple arrived outside Ivy's hotel room. Ivy thanked Liam for the lovely time, and he wondered if the night had ended. She opened her door and was surprised to find that her room had been lit with candles. Liam remarked that he had friends in high places. He pretended to be tired and turned to leave. Ivy pulled him back to her, and they kissed.

Liam said he hadn't set up the boat, but he'd set up the room to show his appreciation for Ivy. "Your strength, and your support, your grace, and your modesty...and your giggle...and your accent...uhm..." he stated. It was amazing to him how all those traits had become things he didn't think he could live without. Liam poured some champagne. He and Ivy toasted and kissed.

Liam stepped out of the room. When he returned, he asked Ivy if there was anything different about him. She checked him over, and he pushed his collar back. He was wearing the sword necklace she'd made him. Liam stated that it was the first time he'd worn it, but he'd wear it from then on as the symbol of his new life and all the changes that had happened to him because of her. They kissed again.

At Forrester, Caroline told Ridge that she could tell that Rick still loved her. Ridge said Rick was berating her like a child, and as a grown man, Rick should know better. She empathized with Rick, but Ridge asserted that even though he and Caroline had made a mistake, no one got to talk to her that way, not even Rick. Caroline blamed Rick's behavior on Maya, who'd been right there to pounce on Rick.

Ridge grabbed a pencil, opened a pad, and called Caroline over to him. Caroline snipped that they weren't doing that anymore. He claimed to just want her opinion. Eric whisked in with a tablet. He'd cut his trip short and had been looking at the dresses made from the collaboration sketches. On paper, they'd been impressive, but in person, they were groundbreaking. He asserted that Ridge and Caroline made a "hell of a team."

Eric believed the designs could return Forrester to its glory, and they were experiencing a real moment for the company. Caroline asked if Eric wanted her to keep designing with Ridge. She said Rick's name, but Eric declared that they could fix it. She wasn't sure about that; however, Eric said they could, and they would. Ridge began to speak, but as he left, Eric said, "Just do the work. And that's all."

In Rick's office, Maya was concerned when she saw Rick drinking. Rick brooded about Ridge defending Caroline earlier. Maya hated to see Rick angry, but he said he had reason to be. She felt that he had more reasons not to be, and she asked why he was still letting the pair get to him. Maya wanted to know how to cheer him up, and he said she could let him do something for her.

Rick gave Maya another jewelry box. In it, there was a pair of diamond earrings. As she put them on, he locked the door. She asked how the diamonds looked on her, and he replied that they clashed with her dress and everything else she was wearing. Sensual saxophone music played as Rick hiked up Maya's thigh and pushed her back onto the desk, and they passionately kissed.

After the half-dressed pair had sex, Rick pulled Maya onto his lap at his desk. He said he hadn't realized how lucky he'd been when he'd had her. He claimed to have been let down many times in his life by people like his father and Amber. Maya added Caroline, and he said that he'd asked Caroline to quit. Maya felt that Caroline would have done so if she'd really loved Rick.

Maya claimed that Caroline hadn't been loyal, and Rick didn't have places in his life for people like that. Instead, he had Maya, and she'd be there for him always. Rick kissed her, but as he stroked her arm, he flashed back to the days he'd met Caroline, proposed to her, and married her. Maya said that Caroline had tricked Rick and betrayed his trust, but Maya would never do that.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

by Pam

At Katie's, Bill and Katie discussed that Will had slept late, and Katie explained that it was because Will had not slept well during her visit to her father's place in Dallas. Katie reminded Bill that kids often didn't sleep well in a new environment. Bill didn't remember too much from his childhood. Bill asked if Katie's dad still hated his guts, and Katie confirmed that her father hated Bill for what he had done.

Bill changed the subject and wondered where Ridge had gone. Katie said that Ridge had not been at the house while she'd been in Dallas. Bill asked for a cup of Katie's coffee because he hated the organic stuff that Liam made. "I knew there'd be something you'd miss about me eventually," she said.

Katie returned with coffee, and she and Bill discussed that Bill hadn't had Will overnight since Brooke had left. Bill couldn't believe that Brooke had taken off. He lamented that Will had started to like the nursery they had made for him at Brooke's place.

Katie said that she knew how much it hurt Bill to have a woman take off on him. "It looks like you and Smidge are going to beat us to the altar after all," Bill said -- he took the opportunity to call Ridge the wrong name.

Katie doubted that would happen. She wondered if he'd heard about Ridge and Caroline. Bill said he had been aware that they were working together. "Is there something else?" he asked. Katie told Bill that Caroline had helped Ridge draw, and they had often been uninterrupted at Forrester. Bill had heard how much assistance Ridge had needed, and how much everyone had blamed Bill. "I'm well aware, which I always found to be BS," he said.

Katie went on about Caroline and Ridge. Bill interrupted that he had previously asked if it had bothered Katie. She admitted that it had not bothered her "Before. And that was the truth," she said. "Before what?" Bill demanded.

Katie dished that Ridge and Caroline had apparently gotten carried away. Katie said that they had kissed and nothing more. Bill was angry. "She's just a kid," he said of Caroline. Bill angrily added that she was a newlywed.

Katie said Ridge and Caroline were artists. She believed Ridge -- that they had not had sex. She said that Ridge had been carried away, and Caroline had idolized Ridge. Bill wondered if Ridge ever admitted to any wrongdoing.

Bill realized that the situation with Ridge and Caroline was what had sent Katie to Dallas. Katie agreed, but she said Bill had taught her stand up and fight. "So I'm back," she said. Bill asked if Katie would set ground rules for Ridge as she had for him. Katie wondered if Caroline could give Ridge something that Katie could not. Bill made fun of her comment and reminded her that Ridge made dresses, and Caroline was the same age as his daughter.

Katie defended Ridge because he had needed help. Bill assumed that Ridge had used Caroline and seduced her to secure his spot as CEO. "Is that what you're telling me?" Bill demanded. Bill said that he had to leave. "No one is going to treat the women I love that way," he said.

Katie told Bill to calm down, but he left. Will's voice could be heard on the baby monitor, and Katie told her son not to worry. "Daddy's gonna take care of it," she said and smiled.

At Forrester, Eric congratulated Rick on music he had found for the fashion show. Rick credited Maya. Rick said he'd wanted something new for the day. Caroline and Ridge entered, and Rick invited them to join the discussion about the fashion show.

Rick announced that the show would be streaming live, and Maya added that she had scheduled posts on twelve social apps. Ridge mocked her and said it would be great to market the show with apps and a video game. Rick advised Ridge to stick to what he loved best or second best -- and he looked at Caroline.

Eric interrupted and said that Jarrett would be joining them for an advance story because he had always been good to Forrester. Jarrett entered and noted that the designs were a collaborative effort between Caroline and Ridge. Jarrett said he'd meant no offense to Caroline, but he wondered why Ridge had chosen to work with Caroline.

Jarrett suggested that the collaboration had been from Rick, and Caroline and Ridge did not argue. Rick noted that Jarrett had already written his story. After Jarrett left, Rick mocked both Ridge and Caroline and suggested they could have done more to promote their line, but Ridge and Caroline argued that no matter what they had done, Rick would not have been happy.

Eric interrupted and advised Rick that they all had to work together. Caroline begged Rick to reconsider his relationship with her. Rick refused.

Rick told Ridge and Caroline that Maya had put together the schedule for the fashion show, but Ridge said it was ineffective. Rick said that Maya would review it. Ridge scoffed that Rick was letting Maya make fashion decisions. Maya stood up to Ridge and said she was perfectly capable of handing everything -- and she knew what Rick wanted.

Ridge encouraged Rick to return to his wife. Rick looked at Caroline, and Caroline said that every time she looked at Rick, she had seen the hurt and disappointment in Rick's face. She knew that he still loved her. She saw anger, and she wanted to wait for the anger to fade, but she couldn't wait forever.

Rick suggested that since the line was finished, Rick would hire a young design student to help Ridge and hold his hand. "If that's okay with you," Rick snarked at Caroline. Eric wanted to return to business. Rick said he had decided to raise the prices on the new gowns, since Eric had such faith in the line. Prices Rick suggested ranged from $10,000 to $35,000 per design. Ridge, Eric, and Caroline noted that Forrester had never asked that kind of price before.

Ridge noted that Rick was trying to kill the line, and he wondered if Eric would let him do it. Caroline warned Rick that if the line failed, he would fail with it. She said she wanted him to shine, but if he chose to ruin the line, she would still survive. "I'm tougher than you think," Caroline said.

Rick countered that he had wanted their marriage to shine. "Stop being a child," Ridge advised. Eric said the meeting had ended, and he demanded to speak to Rick alone. Rick ordered Caroline and Ridge to leave. Rick said Maya would stay because she was the only who had his back.

Eric warned Rick that he had given him the CEO position and expected him to be responsible and fair. Rick maintained that he was, but Eric said that Rick was willing to sacrifice the company because of his personal vendetta. Eric warned that if Rick fired Caroline, it would be foolish because she was going to be one of the hottest designers around after the show was over and her designs had debuted.

Rick wished he had the knack his father did to keep his "ex-lovers on the payroll." Eric looked at him and angrily replied that Rick had acquired quite a mouth since he had been CEO. Maya defended Rick and maintained that she would make sure Rick was happy. Eric frowned at both of them and walked out in disgust.

In the back of the showroom before the fashion show, Ridge told Caroline he was sorry about Rick. Caroline said nothing had changed. She regretted that they had done all that work for nothing. "It looks really good," Ridge said. He lamented that none of it would sell due to the price, but it was a beautiful collection.

"He just wants to bury what you and I made together," Caroline said. She tried to defend Rick and added that he was hurt. Ridge disagreed. "He's being a brat," Ridge said. Caroline worried that Rick didn't care anymore, and she wondered how much more she could take. Ridge hugged her. Bill walked into the other side of the room and saw Caroline and Ridge in an embrace. He angrily shook his head.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

by Pam

Behind the scenes of the fashion show at Forrester, Ridge and Caroline discussed Rick's vendetta against them. Ridge said that Caroline's debut as a couture designer would be a big hit.

Ridge added that Rick's reaction was because of Ridge, but Caroline argued that they both shared the blame. Ridge received a text message, and he announced that Rick had another change. Caroline told him to leave. Ridge said things always had a way of working themselves out. Ridge left, and Caroline fixed her hair in a mirror. She saw her Uncle Bill behind her. "I thought you might need me," Bill said. He hugged her.

Bill told Caroline that she should be happy because her debut was going to be incredible, but Caroline was sad. "Rick and I are not in a good place," she said. "Because of Ridge," Bill observed.

Caroline tried to explain that she and Ridge had experienced something very rare. Bill worried that Caroline had allowed herself to fall for "Forrester." Caroline shook her head. She said it had been a creative rush, excitement, and the honor of being with Ridge. She claimed they were "creative souls melded together." Bill covered his eyes.

"It was really powerful," Caroline said. Bill credited Ridge. "He's got game," Bill said. Bill maintained that Ridge had dazzled Caroline, who had been sucked into hero worship. "We were just working," she said. She added that it might have been a crush or something more.

Bill asked if Caroline had been unhappy in her marriage. Caroline had not been unhappy. She said Rick's resulting reaction had been stupid and incomprehensible.

Bill worried that Ridge had used Caroline's feelings to strengthen his bid for CEO. Caroline looked unhappy. Bill felt she had confirmed his assumptions. Caroline said that the feelings weren't one-sided. "It's too hard to explain," Caroline said.

Caroline maintained that it was over, and her only focus was to get her husband back if it was possible. Bill insisted that Ridge had been older and should have known better. Bill reminded Caroline that she had married Rick, and she was a Spencer. "Forrester does not get a pass on this one," Bill said.

In Rick's office, Maya and Rick discussed the big fashion event had no room for failure on any level. Rick had changed the lineup again. Maya said that she was nervous because she had never modeled couture before. Rick said she would be fine, and Maya cooed that it had been sexy to watch Rick work. Rick teased that Maya had been distracting him. Maya curled herself around Rick and whispered that it was a preview of what would happen later that evening.

Ridge entered and asked what Rick had wanted. Rick noted that Ridge seemed irritated. Ridge agreed. Rick said that he had tweaked the lineup again. Ridge worried that Rick had made too many changes to things that were not his expertise.

Rick said that he was CEO and would change whatever he wanted. Maya piped up and told Ridge to show more respect. Ridge told her to stop. She argued, but he shushed her.

Ridge warned that Rick had sabotaged the company and it would affect his position. Maya tried to say something, but Ridge ignored her. Maya said she had every right to be there. She snarked that Ridge had no right to try to kick her out of the office, but Rick told her to get ready for the show. Maya left, and Ridge advised Rick that he would sink Forrester and lose Caroline for good if he didn't get past his vengeance. Rick looked uncomfortable.

Ridge knew that Rick had a vendetta against Ridge, but he worried that Rick would hurt everyone. Maya headed toward the door, and Ridge stopped her. "Break a leg," Ridge told her sarcastically.

Ridge reminded Rick that everyone knew that Rick had been angry, but Ridge added that Rick should have taken it out on Ridge -- not the company or Caroline.

"Stop making stupid choices," Ridge commanded. Ridge advised that Rick needed to dump Maya and return to his beautiful and talented wife. Rick taunted that Ridge had forgotten to mention what a good kisser Caroline had been.

Ridge argued that Ridge and Caroline were artists, and their feelings had been innocent. Ridge begged Rick to give Caroline a few minutes alone later that evening. "Don't punish her anymore," he said.

Ridge encouraged Rick to rebuild his relationship with Caroline. Ridge added that it would kill him to think Rick had let the best thing in his life get away because of something Ridge had done. Ridge walked out. Rick looked thoughtful.

Maya returned and asked if Rick was okay. "How's it feel out there?" Rick asked about the showroom. Maya answered that there was a lot of energy and anticipation. She added the dresses were beautiful. Maya worried that Rick seemed distant, but he said he had a million things on his mind.

Maya had promised to make Rick proud when she walked down the runway in her first couture gown. Rick was called to the showroom.

Later, Maya encountered Caroline, and they argued. "Rick still loves me," Caroline said. Maya advised Caroline to let Rick go, but Caroline vowed to never give up on Rick. Caroline said Maya wanted all the Forrester perks and privileges, and Rick was the vehicle. Maya admitted that she would take care of Rick and his wealth.

Caroline said that Rick would see through Maya at some point. Maya maintained that Rick knew Maya -- there were no surprises. In contrast, Maya accused Caroline of running around with Ridge behind Rick's back. Caroline warned that Maya had started a fire she might not be able to put out. Maya looked defiant.

On the rooftop, Ridge looked out over the side of the building, and Bill joined him. "We've got some business," Bill said. Bill accused Ridge of preying on and discarding women. Bill promised to keep Ridge away from both Caroline and Katie. "You mess with Spencer women, expect me to be in your face," Bill said.

Bill reminded Ridge that he had been in love with Katie -- the woman with the red string around her finger. "Remember her, Mr. Poetry?" Bill asked. "I do love her," Ridge said.

Bill accused Ridge of using Caroline, but Ridge said Bill hadn't been there. "You didn't see what happened," Ridge said. He tried to explain that it was two artists, and Bill said that he had heard all of it from Caroline.

"Now it's done," Ridge said. Ridge and Bill argued about Bill being self-righteous. Ridge reminded Bill that he had thrown Ridge out of a helicopter. Bill told him to stop crying about it.

Bill accused Ridge of seducing his niece and leaving casualties in his wake -- including both Caroline and Katie. Bill vowed to defend the Spencer women, and he punched Ridge in the face.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

In the afternoon at Forrester Creations, Caroline worked alone at a feverish pace backstage to prepare for the fashion debut. Guests arrived in the showroom, and Eric enthusiastically welcomed Gloria Bardwell, who'd travelled from Genoa City to view the line for Lauren Fenmore's boutiques. Gloria was excited to be there but wary of the gown prices.

As Caroline was backstage, asking Carter where Ridge could be, Ridge was at the sky lounge, duking it out with Bill. Eric arrived backstage and observed Rick watching Caroline. "She needs help," Eric asserted. Eric told Rick to help, but Rick replied, "Everyone's got their jobs."

The displeased Eric stated that a CEO pitched in where needed and didn't price his gowns out of range. Eric relayed that Gloria was in sticker shock. Rick said Ridge had called the gowns works of art, and Rick had priced them accordingly. Eric grimaced and walked off.

Rick approached Caroline to find out where "lover boy" was. Caroline didn't have time to talk, but Rick barked that it was Ridge's collection. Caroline snipped that it was "our" collection, and she didn't know where Ridge was.

Nearby, Maya had gathered together some models to tell them that at the show's end, they'd follow the lead model. "That's me, understood? Good," she immodestly said, grinning.

In the showroom, Pam offered Gloria a lemon bar. Gloria wasn't interested, and as Pam persisted, the irritated Gloria asked if Pam worked there. Pam indicated that she was Eric's sister-in-law, and Gloria discerned that Pam was Stephanie's sister. Pam offered the dessert again, insisting that it was a Midwest treat. Gloria reluctantly took it and blew some of the powdered sugar off it. To Gloria's surprise, she liked it -- despite the seemingly long time it took her to chew it.

Rick strode down the runway to kick off the show. He was proud to introduce his premiere collection, and he hailed his predecessor, mentor, inspiration, and father, the incomparable Eric Forrester. Rick said the gowns were a collaboration of Ridge Forrester and Caroline Spencer Forrester.

Backstage, Caroline turned to a monitor when she heard Rick say her name. A man approached her to see if she needed help, and she implored him to find Ridge. Rick cued the beginning of the show and stepped off stage. He curtly nodded at Caroline, and she sent out the models.

Intense rock music played as the models strutted down the runway in floor-length gowns. The show's scenes cut between the fashion show and Ridge and Bill scrapping on the rooftop. A mixture of silks, satins, and lace floated over the catwalk as four gowns debuted. Some were edgy, some were high-elegance, and all where glamorously Forrester.

At the sky lounge, Bill had gotten the best of Ridge, who was huffing and puffing after Bill had slammed him into the boxing pole and struck him down on his back. Bill said the entitled Ridge wouldn't run over the people in Bill's family. Holding his side, Ridge strained to ask if Bill meant the wife he'd cheated upon or the two sons Bill hadn't even known about before they'd shown up at his door.

Bill decided that Ridge never learned, even after the dunk in the ocean, which had been child's play in Bill's view. Bill was serious about protecting his family, and he warned Ridge to stay away from Caroline and Katie, or else Bill would return. "And you won't even see it coming until it's too late," Bill said and socked Ridge in the stomach. Turning to leave, Bill told Ridge to enjoy the show.

Back at the show, Maya prepared to take the stage in the showstopper, which had a gold, micro-ruched halter top and an ivory sheath bottom. The halves were joined by a single soufflé ruffle that flared at the waist and flowed like a train behind the gown. "Don't touch it. It's perfect," Maya snipped when Caroline approached. Caroline said that, as the designer, she'd decide when it was perfect. Adjusting the soufflé ruffle, Caroline announced, "Now, it's perfect."

As Maya pranced out on stage, Ridge limped up to Caroline. She gasped at the bruised sight of him and guessed that he looked that way because of her. She hugged him. Rick sent the models out for the finale, and he spotted the designers embracing.

Rick asked what had happened to Ridge but quickly decided to hear it later because the head designer needed to close the show. Ridge refused to go on stage, looking the way he did, so he instructed Caroline to go alone. Ridge said that she deserved it, and he wanted it for her.

When Caroline didn't move, Ridge advised Rick to tell her to do it. Rick told Caroline that she'd be great. Caroline braced herself and walked onto the stage and into a sea of applause and flashing lights. She returned backstage, and Ridge swept her into his open arms.

Rick sorely watched Caroline help Ridge limp to a chair. Maya observed Rick watching Caroline and approached him to say the show had gone well for the CEO and the head model. Still distracted by Ridge and Caroline, Rick murmured that the designs had had something to do with it.

As Ridge sat in his chair, Caroline tried to ice his head. She was upset that Bill had hurt Ridge -- especially since Ridge had just recovered from the ocean dunk. Ridge wished he could say that Bill was licking his wounds, but Ridge didn't think he'd gotten through to Bill.

To Ridge, all was well that had ended well. Caroline asked how he could say so. He shushed her and asked if she'd heard the crowd. He said it had all been for her, and she'd deserved it. "We did this together, hand in hand," Ridge added, taking her hand in his. Caroline smiled.

Friday, November 21, 2014

In Rick's office, Rick slammed down some receipts and asked Maya how it was possible. An assistant dropped off more dress orders, and the stunned Maya guessed that Rick's lead model knew how to strut her stuff. Rick said she'd done well, but Ridge and Caroline were the successes. Maya contended that the success belonged to the CEO, who'd get rich off the collection.

With the sweep of Rick's hand, receipts flew off the desk. Rick detested the idea of profiting off his wife's cheating, and in his view, the line should have sucked. "These prices --they're laughable. I hate this!" Rick roared.

Looking up, Rick saw Eric grimacing in the doorway. Maya tried to talk up the showing to Eric, but he demanded that she let him talk to his son alone. At Rick's nod, Maya left.

Maya returned to the showroom to talk to the remaining guests, but they barely paid attention to her as they chatted together on their way out. Carter chuckled, saying it was as if people had no idea how big and important she was. She retorted that he seemed to be clueless, too. She touted the success of the line, but Carter hoped she knew it was due to the designs, not her runway sashay.

Maya praised the CEO, who'd priced the gowns high. Carter wasn't convinced that profit had been Rick's motive. Maya admitted that Rick wasn't happy about Ridge and Caroline's partnership paying off but claimed Rick had seen the bigger picture, which was the fortune Forrester would make. Carter assumed she'd expect more overpriced jewelry. "Maybe Rick's shopping right now," she replied.

Carter conveyed that breakups weren't always permanent. Maya said he was great, but she didn't feel for him anymore. Scoffing, Carter said he meant Rick and Caroline. Maya believed that she and Rick were solid, and the CEO and his model had made a fairytale romance. Carter said she thought she was Cinderella at the ball, but she might be a stepsister cramming her foot into Caroline's shoe.

Back in the CEO's office, Eric was outraged that Rick had set Caroline and Ridge up to fail. Rick stated that either the pair would flop or Forrester would win, and Forrester was getting orders for record-setting prices. Eric argued that a temporary boost in sales meant nothing if the CEO was acting like a petulant child. Disgusted by Rick for flaunting his affair with Maya, Eric said Rick was so determined to take Caroline down that he'd sink the line and humiliate himself and Forrester. "You're CEO now. Act like it!" Eric roared.

Rick didn't think his personal life had any bearing on his job, but Eric contended that Rick was married to a designer, sleeping with a model, and trying to kill Caroline's line. Rick asked why Forrester should profit off something as dirty as what Ridge and Caroline had done. "The great partnership that ended my marriage. Why would I want her to succeed?" Rick asked.

"Because it's your job," Eric countered, grasping his son's shoulders. He believed that Rick was lashing out because he loved Caroline. The anguish had led Rick to make terrible decisions for the company and for himself as a man. Eric insisted that Maya was using Rick, but Rick disagreed and asserted that, if anything, he was using Maya. "For what? To try to forget Caroline?" Eric replied.

Rick stated that Caroline had sneaked off with Ridge. Dismissing the notion, Eric relayed that she'd made a mistake and had asked for forgiveness. Eric suggested that Rick give it to her. Rick asked what would happen if he didn't. Eric replied that he'd fire Rick as CEO if he didn't reconcile with his wife.

Rick asserted that Eric couldn't fire Rick over that, but Eric said he'd fire Rick for not working toward Forrester's best interests. Rick claimed to want to be with Maya. "Oh, stop it," Eric replied, "a few kisses between Ridge and Caroline, and you want to move another woman into your mother's house?" Eric felt that Rick should be grateful that Caroline would still entertain him after that.

Rick uttered that Caroline had betrayed him, but Eric thought it was nonsense. Eric admitted that she'd gotten out of hand; however, Rick's behavior had been much worse. Eric saw Caroline as the future of Forrester and believed that Ridge could mentor her into being a future lead designer. Rick didn't disagree with that but said he didn't have to be married to the woman for it to happen.

"You promised me!" Eric yelled. Eric recalled that Rick had promised to run the company fairly, and Eric was deeply disappointed in Rick. Eric turned his back on Rick, whose eyes watered with tears. Rick said Eric didn't understand what it had done to him. "Ridge of all people!" Rick yelled, wiping hot tears on his cheeks.

Eric insisted that Rick had to be a man. Eric knew that Rick was hurt and embarrassed, but Eric couldn't depend upon Rick if Rick kept making bitter decisions. Rick asked if Eric would really push him out. "Absolutely," Eric replied. He advised Rick to show Eric the kind of dedicated, disciplined man that Rick was. Eric wanted to see Rick as the kind of man who'd bounce back from adversity better than before, because if Rick didn't stop the foolishness, he was done.

Rick didn't recall Eric serving out his years as CEO in marital bliss. He remembered that Eric had been with other women and models. Rick accused Eric of trying to hold his son to a standard that he hadn't lived up to himself. Eric admitted that it was exactly what he was doing.

Eric explained that marriage was hard, and bad things happened. Eric hadn't developed a real appreciation for Stephanie until the very end. To him, it was clear that Caroline loved Rick, and Eric didn't want Rick to wait as long as Eric had with Stephanie to tell Caroline what Rick felt. Rick claimed it was different, but Eric said to do it or be done. "Man up, Rick. Man up," Eric said and left.

Backstage, Caroline iced Ridge's jaw and said she'd never forget the success they'd had that day. She was upset that Bill had fought Ridge. Ridge replied that Bill had been defending her honor. She couldn't believe that her loved ones were hurt due to her falling for Ridge. Ridge figured that she was being emotional; however, Caroline affirmed that it was true; she'd fallen for Ridge.

Caroline figured that Rick might be acting out because he sensed her feelings. She agonized over causing Rick and Ridge pain, but Ridge tried to get her to stop putting all the blame upon herself. Caroline said that if she hadn't been in Los Angeles, none of it would have happened. He added that they wouldn't have had the line, but she rationalized that he would have reached out to Eric for help.

Ridge didn't believe it would have worked. "There's something about you. Man...there's something about you, the way we connect -- and it's -- and it's something," Ridge told her. The frantic Caroline said the connection had pushed Rick away from her and would probably push Katie away from Ridge. Caroline decided that she had to go back to New York and get away from "all you people." Ridge tried to stop her, but insisting she had to go, Caroline fled the room.

Ridge pursued Caroline to the sky lounge. He jokingly thanked her for meeting him up there to clean up. Caroline gasped at the disaster that Bill and Ridge had made of the place and said it was the precise reason she had to leave. Ridge said leaving wouldn't make things better for anyone; however, Caroline replied that Rick wouldn't have to see her, and she wouldn't have to see Ridge.

Ridge said to forget about him, but Caroline insisted that she couldn't. Calming her down, he said she had to get it together because freaking out and running away wouldn't solve things. He advised her to stay put, work through it, and make Rick see that he was holding up the marriage.

Caroline asked what of her and Ridge. She realized that he no longer needed her to design and had probably never needed her to begin with. "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you," he said, hugging her.

Caroline and Ridge went to Rick's old office to continue talking. She complained that she'd begged Rick. She'd even been willing to forgive his indiscretions with Maya, but it just kept going on and on. Caroline wondered if she should let it drive her from her job and Ridge. She said she might be glad that Rick had showed that side of himself, and it might mean that she shouldn't return to Rick.

When designing with Ridge, Caroline had experienced an intimacy she hadn't deemed possible. She hadn't allowed herself to admit it, but in a bizarre way, it seemed that Caroline Spencer and Ridge Forrester were "coming full circle." Ridge stepped closer, but a knock at the door repelled him from her.

Rick entered, and Ridge assumed he was about to get beaten up again. Rick wanted to talk to Caroline about "us," but Caroline said Rick had made it apparent that there was no "us." Rick asked Ridge to give them a moment, but Caroline tugged Ridge's arm and said he wasn't going anywhere.

Rick decided that he'd speak in front of Ridge. Rick told Caroline that he'd made a mistake. He'd overreacted because he'd been filled with hurt and jealousy, but he didn't want their marriage to end. Caroline stared coldly at her husband but shed a tear when he said that losing her would be like losing everything in his life. "I need you. Could you please forgive me?" Rick asked.

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