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Rick pretended to reconcile with Caroline but assured Maya that he really wanted to be with her. Caroline and Ridge put their feelings aside, and Ridge continued his engagement to Katie. Thanksgiving at the Forresters' adhered to Hope's tradition of guests saying nice things to the person to their right.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 24, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, November 24, 2014

At Eric's house, Taylor and Eric discussed the hard line Eric had taken with Rick. Eric was adamant that Rick stop acting like a toddler and reconcile with Caroline before he lost his CEO position. Taylor wondered if more than kissing had gone on between Caroline and Ridge. Eric stated that all three of them had made mistakes, but there was no reason to end the marriage -- especially when Caroline was working hard to maintain it.

In the showroom, Maya saw that the Forrester website had crashed because the server was overloaded with hits. "We are that hot! I am that hot!" she proclaimed. Carter couldn't believe how self-absorbed she was. She claimed to be excited for Rick, who was a winner after his first showing.

Carter asked Maya why Rick was so upset about Ridge and Caroline's success. Maya sidestepped the question, saying she preferred to keep her eye on the prize, which was the money Forrester would make. "It's gonna be a goldmine, and since I'm Rick's chick -- " Maya said.

"Not if I can help it," Katie interrupted as she entered. Katie was looking for Ridge, and she stated that she'd heard about the preview. Carter touted that it had been a success for the designers, and Maya interjected that it had been one for Rick, too.

Maya asked if Katie knew that Rick was CEO and that Maya was the lead model. Katie knew about Rick and claimed not to be surprised about Maya. Maya went on about Rick's brilliant ideas but then guessed she was biased because she lived and worked with Rick. Katie's nose flared, and she curtly excused herself from the room.

Maya gloated about her future as Rick's wife. In Carter's view, Rick still had feelings for Caroline. Maya's grin dropped, and she declared that Rick was done with his marriage. Carter warned her not to get ahead of herself. She proclaimed that Rick loved her, and they were amazing together.

In Rick's old office, Caroline was taken aback by Rick's request to reunite. Rick said he needed her, and they'd hurt each other enough. He believed that if their wedding vows meant anything to her, they could get back to what he'd almost thrown away. He asked if she wanted to work through things.

Ridge murmured that he needed to get some work done. Rick said it was good because he needed time alone with his wife. Caroline stole a glance at Ridge as Rick led her out of the room.

Rick took Caroline to the CEO's office and said he wouldn't blame her for giving up on him. Caroline accused him of giving up on them. He claimed to have said many things out of hurt, but the truth was that he couldn't lose her. He claimed that he was still having a hard time accepting what Ridge and Caroline had done, but he wanted to believe that they could put the marriage back together.

Rick figured it would take time because their marriage had taken a hit. Caroline asserted that she'd wanted to work things out, but he'd turned to Maya. He replied that he'd been immature and selfish because he hadn't been able to get the image of Ridge and Caroline out of his head.

Rick claimed that he'd found his senses, and he was sorry for the pain he'd caused Caroline. Caroline was sorry for hurting Rick, but she felt that nothing changed what he'd done. Rick asked if she was saying that it was too late. She replied that she really didn't know.

Later, Rick was alone and disillusioned when Maya entered. Maya assumed he was still upset about Ridge and Caroline's success. Maya tried to comfort him by saying it just meant more money for the company. She said they were embarking on the golden age of Forrester with him as CEO, and she'd be by his side. Rick said that his position was on the line, and he could lose it at any time.

Rick relayed that Eric knew about the attempted pricing sabotage and was questioning Rick's position and treatment of Caroline. Rick revealed that Eric had given him an ultimatum -- Rick could remain as CEO if and only if he reconciled with Caroline.

In Ridge's office, Katie arrived, and Ridge expressed surprise that she was back in town. She noticed his bruised face, and he explained that it had met with Bill's fist while Bill had been defending Caroline and Katie. Touching his face, Katie asked if he'd be okay and if they'd be okay. She was sorry Bill had fought Ridge. Ridge said that it hadn't been her fault, and none of it had been her fault.

Katie noted that the preview had gone well. She mentioned that Caroline had helped Ridge draw, and Ridge asked Katie not to do "that." They each sighed. Katie asked what they were doing.

Katie stated that she'd had a lot of time to think while she'd been away. Space had made things clearer for her. She'd promised herself that she wouldn't change the way she loved because of what Bill had done to her in the past. In her view, people didn't know how long they'd be on the earth, but it made no sense to love someone with half of a heart.

Katie wanted to love with everything within her, and she needed the same in return. She didn't know if it had been fair to expect that of Ridge when he'd been incomplete, but she wanted and needed to be loved that way. She needed to know if he could do it and if she had all of him.

Ridge grew pensive, and Katie noted it. He apologized. Holding up her ribbon, she stated that she hadn't wanted to remove it out of anger or resentment. The ribbon was a symbol of their commitment, but it was also just a string that could be untied. The emotional Katie said she needed all of Ridge, and if she couldn't get it, she had to remove the ribbon.

Katie began to take the ribbon off, but Ridge asked her not to. She uttered that they had a good thing. "Don't throw it away. Don't throw me away," she said, and he hugged her.

Later, Ridge was alone when Caroline quietly entered. Ridge asked how it had gone. Caroline couldn't believe Rick's timing. She'd begged Rick not to end it, and just when she'd revealed her feelings to Ridge, Rick had decided to reconcile out of the blue. Ridge dismissed thoughts of himself and asked where she and Rick went from there.

Caroline asked the same question about Ridge and Katie. Ridge replied that he and Katie would have the life they'd planned. Caroline asked if it was what he wanted. "But what about us?" she asked. Ridge responded that there was no them, and "this is goodbye."

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

by Pam

In Rick's office, Rick tried to explain to Maya that his father had given him an ultimatum that Rick would lose the CEO position if he did not return to Caroline. "That's what I'm going to do," Rick said.

Maya was furious, but Rick said that he loved Maya and wanted to be with her. He had to pretend to return to Caroline in order to secure a future with Maya. "I want to run this company with you," Rick said.

Maya wondered how long Rick thought it would take because she anticipated that it could be years. Rick admitted that he had to wait until his father retired. Rick added he had to be in a more powerful position so that no one could argue with him.

Maya was against the idea and worried that it could backfire. She hated that he would return to Caroline every night. Rick vowed that Maya would remain the lead model, and Rick would still find time to be with her, but Maya noted that everyone would be watching them, and they would have to sneak around.

Rick told Maya that he needed her. "I really need you," he said. "Okay," Maya said. Rick lamented that he didn't like the idea, but he had to do it and had to find a way to get Caroline back to put his plan in motion.

In another office at Forrester, Ridge and Caroline agreed there would be no future for them, but Caroline looked unconvinced. "I don't know what I want," Caroline admitted. "Who does?" Ridge asked.

Caroline said she hadn't thought that Rick would forgive her, and she noted that working with Ridge had changed her. "It's changed me, too. I love that. I really do," Ridge said.

Ridge added that Rick was Caroline's husband, and she had to return to her marriage. Caroline wondered if she should pretend that they had never had such strong feelings for one another. Ridge admitted that he'd enjoyed his time with an extraordinary person, and he promised to never forget that. Rick entered, and Ridge remained.

Rick wanted to know where he and Caroline stood. He wanted to work on their marriage. "I still love you," he said. Caroline cried. "Tell me you want this marriage and that it's not over," he said.

Rick admitted that he'd been cruel and dismissive and had overreacted. He added that he'd made a huge mistake when he'd turned to Maya.

Rick apologized and called Caroline a special woman. He said that he could still see love in her eyes. He begged her to say the word. Caroline said okay, and Rick repeated it. "I want to work on our marriage," he said, and he kissed her hand.

Rick thanked Caroline and asked if she still had his wedding ring. Caroline produced his ring from her purse, and he asked her to slip it on his finger. She obliged, and Rick and Caroline hugged.

Rick left, and Caroline announced to Ridge that Rick had forgiven her. Caroline noted that Rick had sounded sincere. Ridge said that Rick had finally learned to do the right thing.

Caroline walked away, but Ridge grabbed her hand. "Let me look at you," he said and he held her hand. "You are magnificent," he said, and they hugged.

At Spencer, in Bill's office, Bill met with Katie, and Katie remarked that Bill had been violent at Ridge's expense. Bill wondered if Katie had arrived to lecture him, but she thanked him for defending her. "I appreciate you standing up for me. I wish you had handled things more diplomatically," Katie said.

Bill countered that Ridge had manipulated Caroline and probably ruined her marriage to Rick. Bill hadn't meant to lose his temper, but Ridge had messed with his niece and betrayed Katie. Plus Ridge had "treated Brooke like garbage for years." Katie teased that Bill had been protective and sweet.

Bill said he tried it a couple times a year. He admitted that he couldn't be involved in Katie's life, but he wanted to help because she was an amazing woman. "I hope that loser realizes how lucky he is," Bill said of Ridge.

Bill criticized Katie for wearing a string instead of a ring. Bill said that Ridge could afford at least ten carats of serious bling. Katie said she didn't need serious bling, but Bill noted that when he had bought it for her, she had liked it. Katie countered that their relationship hadn't turned out so well.

They agreed they'd had something very special and had "made a very handsome and charming kid together," Bill said. Bill wanted Katie to be happy, and she assured him that she would be. "You deserve the perfect white knight, but he doesn't exist. I'm sorry Ridge disappointed you, but I'm not surprised," Bill said.

Katie and Bill agreed they liked that they could talk and laugh together. "We were a family. You were my wife," Bill said, and he gently caressed her face.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

by Pam

At Eric's house, Rick and Hope greeted one another, and Hope said that she'd talked to Brooke, and Brooke had sent her love. Eric joined them and asked about Caroline. Rick said that he and Caroline had reunited. "Good," Eric said.

In the kitchen, Charlie and Pam made Thanksgiving dinner, and Charlie suggested some additional ingredients to her family recipes. Pam agreed, and they laughed. Donna entered and volunteered to help, and Charlie and Pam privately joked about what assignment to give Donna. They agreed to put her to work on a veggie tray.

In the living room, Rick greeted Ridge and offered to fill his Champagne glass. Eric joined them, and Rick professed that he wanted to put all their differences behind them. Ridge looked skeptical.

Hope heard a knock at the door, and Hope discovered Quinn on the doorstep. "No, no, oh my God, no," Hope said. Quinn tried to muscle past Hope and said she'd made Wyatt's favorite -- a casserole of yams. Hope reminded Quinn that she was not invited and not welcome. Quinn quickly reminded Hope that Thanksgiving was about putting aside differences, and Quinn noted that Hope was showing. "You have no room at the table for your baby's grandmother?" Quinn asked.

Liam opened the door, and asked Hope if she needed help. Hope said that Quinn had to leave. "Leave now," Liam commanded. Quinn countered that Liam couldn't talk to her that way, but Hope agreed she had to leave. Quinn angrily turned away.

Inside, Rick and Caroline talked near the terrace. His phone rang, and he spoke in French -- he told Caroline he needed a moment to talk business. Caroline left, and Rick spoke to Maya, who had called him.

Maya lamented that she -- not Caroline -- should be with Rick. Rick reminded Maya that his father would remove him as CEO if he didn't stay with Caroline. Rick promised to celebrate with Maya at another time. She vowed to hold him to it, and she drank a glass of Champagne.

Aly asked Ivy about he trip to Amsterdam, and Ivy gushed that Liam had used the "L" word. Ivy and Aly giggled. Oliver interrupted and announced to everyone that he'd been ordered to get everyone to the dinner table.

En route to the table, Ridge ran into Caroline and wished her a happy Thanksgiving. He looked into her eyes and touched her shoulder. Guests gathered around the table, and Eric thanked everyone for joining the celebration.

Eric complimented Hope for helping to host a second Thanksgiving. He added that the holiday was extra special because it was the first wedding anniversary of Rick and Caroline. Eric noted that Rick and Caroline had faced challenges in their first year. Everyone raised their glasses to celebrate their anniversary.

Hope noted that the family had created a new tradition, and it was time to join together and appreciate one another in a spirit of cooperation. Hope wanted everyone to says something they learned from the person on their right.

Hope turned to Bill and said that he was her father-in-law and the grandfather to her baby. She congratulated him because he had created "two really wonderful men who are very important to me and will be all my life," she said.

Bill turned to Katie and told her that she was an amazing mother to Will. "It warms my heart," he said. He added that Katie had pushed him to be a better man and a better father. "From time to time, you see through my BS and know how much I appreciate you," he said.

"I do," Katie answered. She looked at Ridge and noted that she had not been a very happy girl the previous year. But she added that Ridge had returned from Paris and changed her life. "I'm really grateful you came home," she said.

Ridge looked at Caroline and thanked her for having pulled him through a very dark time in his life. "And I will always be grateful," Ridge said. Caroline addressed Rick as "my husband the CEO." She said she couldn't wait to see how he led Forrester into the future, and she was thankful to be his wife. "Happy anniversary," she said. They kissed.

Rick looked at Charlie. "Well, what's not to like about Charlie? You keep us safe, and you keep a smile on Pam's face," Rick said. He added that Charlie was a great man.

Charlie looked at Pam. "Pam Douglas, you fascinate me," he said. Charlie explained that Pam was alluring in her pearls at the office and in an apron in the kitchen. He added that she had made him the "happiest security guard in the whole wide world."

Pam looked at Eric and thanked him for rescuing her and giving her a family. She recalled how she had celebrated many Thanksgiving holidays in a Chicago condo with her mother criticizing and complaining. "And now I'm here," she said.

Eric held her hand. Then he turned to Donna and thanked her for loving him for a while. "Forever," Donna replied. Eric noted that she had given him a lot of joy, and he was glad they were still close.

Eric asked everyone to join hands. He wanted everyone to be thankful for their blessings. He said that Stephanie would be listening -- he was sure of it. He and the entire dinner party glanced at the portrait of Stephanie on the wall. He added that he admired everyone for sharing words of encouragement. "Happy Thanksgiving," he said. Everyone repeated, "Happy Thanksgiving."

Donna looked at Carter. She said that getting to know him had been a joy because he had grown up with Marcus. "Thank you for being my son's brother and always making him feel like he belonged." She added that she had respect for Carter and his parents.

Carter turned to Oliver. "Oliver Jones, you are like the friendliest guy I know," he said with a laugh. He congratulated Oliver for his joy of life. Oliver looked at Aly and said she was beautiful and wise. He asked if he thought Darla could hear him, and Aly said she had heard him.

Aly told her cousin Ivy that she had been lucky to meet Ivy and that they shared so much in common because Ivy's parents were in Australia and Thorne had remained in Paris. Aly also complimented Ivy's jewelry line. She added, "We are two Forrester girls taking care of each other. Love you, cousin."

Ivy thanked Aly and looked at Liam. Ivy recalled that when she had moved to Los Angles, she'd never thought she'd have time for anything but work. But after she'd met Liam, she'd had a lot of fun and was thankful for Liam and how he'd handled a boat in Amsterdam. Everyone giggled, and Hope tried to conceal her pain at their happiness. Ivy continued that she couldn't wait to see "what lies ahead for us," she said.

Liam turned to Wyatt and said that what he'd admired most about Wyatt was his ambition because he'd accomplished everything he'd set out to. Wyatt looked confused, but he turned to Hope and remembered that the previous year had been his first Thanksgiving with his father. "And you brought us together -- you gave me my dad," he said. Wyatt and Hope held hands, and Wyatt added that a year later, she was giving him a child. "And all because of a leap of faith," he said.

Hope smiled. "We did it," she exclaimed and thanked everyone. Pam and Charlie carried in the turkey and side dishes, and Hope looked satisfied as she glanced around the table at all the guests, who appeared to enjoy one another's company. They lovingly wiped one another's chins, laughed, and talked.

After dinner, Liam thanked Hope and congratulated her for her second effort that had once again gotten everyone together in a spirit of forgiveness and thanks. Liam remembered that the previous year, Hope had told everyone how much change took place in a year.

Liam added that one thing that hadn't changed was his admiration and love for her. He gushed that he gave thanks for having her in his life everyday. Hope got teary and said nothing but nodded her head.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air on Thursday, November 27. The pre-emption was planned for, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, December 1.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air on Friday, November 28. The pre-emption was planned for, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, December 1.

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