The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 1, 2014 on B&B

Hope and Liam made peace with the paths their lives had taken. Unable to accept her banishment, Quinn spied on Hope's baby shower. Bill talked Wyatt into getting a restraining order on Quinn. Hope fell down the fountain staircase after a confrontation with Quinn.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 1, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, December 1, 2014

At the loft, Deacon had prepared breakfast in bed for Quinn, but when she entered the kitchen, she was already dressed. He said he'd thought she'd needed the meal after their previous night, but she'd spoiled the fun of having the meal in bed. Quinn said it was nice. She hadn't imagined sharing her life with anyone after Wyatt had moved out. Deacon replied that they'd be a family from then on out.

"Not if your daughter has anything to say about it," Quinn griped. She complained about Hope not letting her see Wyatt on Thanksgiving. Deacon stated that Quinn had tried to crash the dinner, but she quipped that she should have been invited. He told her that she might be the next time if she stopped pushing, but she complained that Hope hadn't even let her drop off yams.

Quinn brooded about Hope not telling Wyatt she had been there. Instead, Hope had been in the living room with Liam, admiring the new sword necklace. Quinn huffed that Ivy had made it to replace the old one. She asked how many family holidays she was supposed to miss while waiting on Hope.

The chuckling Deacon kissed Quinn's palm. She snatched it back, insisting that she was angry. He replied that she wasn't angry at him. "Well, no -- not yet," she retorted. Quinn asserted that Hope didn't get to choose her family, but since she'd chosen Wyatt, Quinn was part of the deal. Deacon stated that, if it made Quinn feel better, Hope wasn't fond of Bill, either.

Deacon received a call from Pam, who informed him of Hope's baby shower that day. He said it wasn't his thing, but he'd be there for Hope. Pam explained that it was only for women, and he asked why she'd called. "You have a habit of showing up unannounced. I'd rather you didn't," Pam responded.

After the call, Quinn asked if Hope was having a baby shower that afternoon. "Don't even think about it!" Deacon exclaimed, reminding her that she hadn't been invited. Snarling, Quinn asked if he really thought she'd subject herself to an afternoon of lemon bars and stupid party games.

Quinn slammed her fork down and stormed into the bedroom. Deacon shook his head. In the bedroom, Quinn pulled out clothes, murmuring about what to wear to the baby shower.

At Forrester, Hope, Ivy, Pam, and Aly discussed how nice the speech game had been at Thanksgiving. Aly and Pam decided that they should have a game like that at Hope's baby shower. Eric interrupted to say how well Ivy and Hope had done in Amsterdam. Touching her stomach, Hope said that her modeling days were over, and the focus should be on Ivy's jewelry.

Aly figured Hope could have all the attention at the baby shower. Eric was excited about entertaining at the house. To him, it would be like old times when, some weeks, he and Stephanie had entertained almost every night. Pam told him that the party would be for women only.

As the ladies exited, Eric asked Hope to remain behind. He complimented her on how she'd handled herself with Ivy on the trip and hadn't let personal issues get in the way. He added that Rick had let personal issues cloud his judgment. Hope admitted that she didn't know how well she'd handled herself in Amsterdam. Seeing Liam and Ivy together had been difficult for Hope.

Hope explained that she and Ivy had done their best not to let it affect things. Hope understood that she was married, and she was head-over-heels in love with her baby. It was hard for her because, even though she and Wyatt couldn't wait to be parents, she'd been making the same plans with Liam a short time back. In Hope's view, Quinn had intervened and ruined everything.

"And it still just feels very unfair," Hope added. Eric guessed that Hope felt manipulated, and if Quinn hadn't interfered, Hope would still be with Liam. Hope stated that she was still trying to get past it. Eric asserted that she could, and she would, because she was a strong girl. Nodding, Hope replied that she wanted to be, and he thanked her for being honest with him.

At the sky lounge, Aly and Ivy helped Pam make a diaper cake, and the talk turned to the Amsterdam photo shoot. Ivy said she'd never been so nervous in her entire life, but Liam had helped her relax. Pam guessed that it was a good thing Ivy had invited him.

Pam left Ivy and Aly to finish the diaper cake. Ivy hoped that Hope felt Ivy's support. Ivy believed that Hope would be an amazing mother. Aly added that, with any luck, Ivy would be an amazing aunt.

Ivy flashed back to her and Liam expressing love for each other on the boat. Aly said it was good to see Ivy happy. Ivy felt foolish for smiling all the time, but Aly explained that Ivy was in love.

Ivy still couldn't believe the words had fallen from her lips. Aly believed that Ivy and Liam had been swept up in the moment. Ivy expressed that it had been everything one would want the moment to be, and she was on the most incredible ride of her life.

At the cliff house, Liam looked at Hope's Amsterdam photo. His face dimmed as he recalled their sullen moments on the bridge. When he moved on to Ivy's photo, he grinned, remembering the boat ride. Wyatt entered the house to talk about the camaraderie at Thanksgiving the other day. They'd been like one big, happy family, and Wyatt asked if Liam and Ivy could continue after the baby was born.

Liam couldn't believe Wyatt had driven out there to find out about his relationship with Ivy. Liam asked if Wyatt was supposed to be at a baby shower. Wyatt replied that it was ladies only and wondered if Liam had gotten the proofs. Liam excitedly relayed that he had, and Forrester would get a two-page spread. Wyatt believed the Amsterdam shoot deserved the cover.

Liam believed that the campaign would be a huge success, and he admitted that the trip had been good. Wyatt nodded knowingly, and Liam asked what the gesture indicated. Wyatt asked if Liam and Ivy had enjoyed themselves after Hope and Wyatt had left.

Liam seemed frustrated by Wyatt's persistence. Wyatt had noticed that Ivy had been into Liam, and the feeling had seemed mutual at Thanksgiving. "Like something might have happened in maybe you took my advice. Did you?" Wyatt asked. Liam called Wyatt subtle.

Wyatt claimed that Ivy and Liam were good together, and moving on didn't have to be a heavy burden. In Wyatt's view, it was already happening. Liam figured Wyatt thought Liam should just go with the current. Wyatt agreed. He said that Liam and Ivy could have a great life together, just like the one Wyatt and Hope had.

Later, Liam was alone when Hope arrived. Liam asked if she should be at her baby shower. Hope was on the way there, but her talk with Eric had made her decide that she should be talking to Liam. Liam assumed it was about the photo proofs, but she said that it was about Amsterdam.

Liam remarked that Hope and Wyatt had ended the trip early. Sighing, Hope stated that she'd seen Liam and Ivy on the boat, kissing. She stammered that it had been a fluke, and he said he and Ivy had noticed the hotel. He was sorry he hadn't seen Hope. She indicated that she hadn't expected him to.

Hope flashed back to witnessing the kiss, and Liam asked if it had been why she'd left. She said the flight over had been awkward enough. He remarked that things had seemed fine at Thanksgiving. Hope agreed, adding that Ivy seemed really happy and upbeat around the office. Grinning, Liam said it had been a good trip, and it had been topped off by a mystery boat ride.

Liam remarked that he still didn't know who'd arranged the ride. "I do," Hope bitterly murmured. He asked who it had been. "Your brother," Hope replied. The answer settled over Liam. He smiled mirthlessly, saying that he should have known. Hope spoke as if Wyatt had innocuously been trying to do something good and had figured something would happen in a romantic setting.

Hope expressed that the ride had looked beautiful, and it wouldn't have been hard to get sucked up in it. Liam replied that Ivy had told him that she loved him. "Wow," Hope responded. She asked what he'd said back. He gestured with his head, and she gleaned that he'd told Ivy the same thing.

Hope tried to seem cheerful, but her tearful expression revealed her true feelings as she asked why he wouldn't say it back. She said Ivy was a wonderful person and exactly the kind of woman she'd want for him. Ivy had been there for Liam, and the couple had been spending a lot of time together. Hope figured it had been just a matter of time, and she stated that she was happy for him.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

by Pam

At Liam's house, Hope and Liam discussed that they were glad they could be honest with each other. Hope said that she was happy Liam had met someone like Ivy because Ivy was good for him, and Hope knew that Ivy loved Liam. "You can tell me anything," Hope said. She sniffed.

Hope and Liam agreed that it was comforting that they were both happy. Liam marveled that Hope was going to have a family and that it was really special. Hope giggled and said that she was excited about her future with Wyatt and their baby.

Liam noted that someday they would understand why everything had happened the way it had. Liam added that Hope had been glowing, and that made him happy. He said that he'd seen the change in Hope, and he understood the connection she had to her baby. Hope described it as incredible feeling.

Hope had to leave to attend her baby shower, but Liam wanted assurance that Quinn would not be there. Hope assured him that Quinn was not permitted anywhere near her or the baby. Liam asked, awkwardly, if he could feel the baby. Hope smiled and agreed. Liam placed his hand on Hope's belly, and Hope placed her hand on top of Liam's hand. Liam sighed, and Hope smiled. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

At Quinn's place, Quinn tried to decide what to wear to Hope's baby shower. Deacon saw her put on makeup and asked where she was going. She teased that she'd known he had grown accustomed to seeing her without clothes, but she had plans.

Deacon discouraged her from attending Hope's baby shower. Quinn said she understood that Hope did not want her there. Deacon insisted that Quinn needed to "stay away from my daughter." Deacon encouraged Quinn to give Hope some space.

Quinn said that she wanted to be involved in the baby's life. Deacon understood, but he reminded Quinn that she had to steer clear of Hope. Quinn smiled and asked Deacon to save her some whiskey. Quinn left, and Deacon shook his head.

Minutes later, Liam arrived and wondered why Deacon was at Quinn's place. Suddenly Liam realized that Deacon had been staying with Quinn. "Oh, God," Liam said. Liam reminded Deacon that Quinn had tried to kill him and that Quinn was dangerous.

Deacon declared that Quinn had not hurt him or his daughter, and he did not condone anything that Quinn had done, but she had changed. He tried to explain his relationship with Quinn. Liam was shocked that it had become a relationship. Liam worried about where Quinn had gone, and Deacon admitted he had no idea.

Liam advised Deacon to sleep with one eye open, and Deacon replied that he already did. He added that he was not stupid enough to try to control Quinn.

At Eric's house, Aly, Caroline, and Ivy marveled that Pam had pulled a baby shower together so quickly. Pam offered mimosas, and Pam told Caroline that she'd had to invite Maya. Caroline said she didn't care, but it might be awkward for Maya. Aly agreed because Rick had dumped Maya and returned to Caroline.

Ivy asked if Hope's "monster-in-law" had been invited, and Pam noted that Quinn was never to be invited and was shut out of their lives. Donna and Katie entered with a huge bag and gift. Donna added that she had gifts from Brooke and Bridgett as well. Donna and Katie wondered if the "other grandmom" had been invited. Everyone noted that Quinn was not welcome, and no one felt sorry for Quinn. Aly added that Quinn had caused people's dislike for her.

Maya entered and apologized because she'd had a late fitting. Caroline rolled her eyes. Hope arrived and said that she'd talked to her mother and missed her, but Hope added that Brooke had sent her love to everyone.

Caroline hugged Hope. Pam started games where guests had to guess the baby's gender and the date Hope would give birth. They all giggled and gave opinions on what Hope would have.

Outside, Quinn stood at the door, but she decided to break in on the second floor. She did get in, and she hid behind a plant near the balcony that overlooked the living room where everyone had gathered. Quinn overheard Hope tell everyone that she'd felt a flutter recently and was excited. Katie advised her to savor it. They all agreed that Spencers made adorable children. Hope wondered if she would soon be an aunt to Caroline's baby, and Caroline said it wouldn't be far off.

Maya interrupted, and Pam encouraged everyone to eat. The guests reviewed name ideas for boys and girls. Hope opened Pam's gift -- a homemade blanket with an owl on it.

Suddenly, they all turned around and saw Quinn standing in the doorway. Donna reminded her she had not been invited. Quinn begged to be part of the experience and promised not to cause any trouble. Hope glared at Quinn, but Quinn reminded Hope that Quinn had raised Wyatt by herself.

Quinn realized that she'd hurt everyone and threatened everyone, but she promised not to cause any harm because she had so much love to give, and she added that no child could ever have too much love.

Quinn knelt down and begged Hope to let her into her life. Katie pulled Quinn to her feet and told her to leave. Quinn turned toward the door, but Hope stood up and said, "Stay." Hope walked over to Quinn and called her "Mom." They embraced.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

by Pam

After Hope had called Quinn "Mom" and they had embraced, Quinn asked Hope to repeat it, and Hope obliged. Quinn said that she couldn't wait to see the baby, and Hope said that she hoped Quinn would be present for the delivery. Quinn promised to be present before, during, and after the delivery. The women at the shower welcomed Quinn into the family.

Donna and Katie noted that it had all been through the power of forgiveness. The women at the shower noted that Quinn's days of snooping on the stairs had ended, and Quinn asked to feel Hope's belly. Hope invited her to touch her grandchild. Quinn smiled to herself, but it had all been a fantasy. Quinn had been standing in the second-floor hallway, hidden behind a potted tree, and she looked out over the balcony at the guests as they laughed and chatted about babies.

Hope enthused that she couldn't wait to meet the baby. Everyone agreed, and Hope added that Wyatt was very excited. Hope continued to open presents, and the crowd marveled at a new stroller, cute baby clothes, and a pair of jeweled slippers that Ivy had made.

Later, Ivy and Aly discussed that Liam had told Ivy that he loved her. Ivy said it hadn't sunk in. Ivy acknowledged that even though she and Liam were together, she knew that he would always have feelings for Hope. Liam called Ivy at the shower to confirm that Quinn had not been there. Ivy said there had been no surprises, but she didn't know that Quinn had been standing on the second-floor landing.

Caroline caught a private moment with Maya. Caroline advised Rick's mistress that anything left in her house that belonged to Maya would be in the trash. "You gambled and look what that got you: dumped, humiliated, and alone," Caroline said. Maya countered that Rick had returned to her before, but Caroline replied that it wouldn't happen again.

Ivy and Hope spent some time alone. Hope encouraged Ivy to take good care of Liam. Pam interrupted and announced a new game, and the women stepped outside on the terrace. Once everyone had moved outside, Quinn skulked down the stairs and checked out some of the gifts.

Quinn cuddled the baby clothes and smiled. She walked over to the food table and picked up a knife. Quinn studied the blade and then chopped into the cake on the table and cut a giant piece of cake. She put it on a plate, covered it with a napkin, and tiptoed out the front door, unnoticed.

Later, Hope emotionally thanked everyone in the room and gushed that she felt a lot of girl power around her. She marveled that she and Wyatt had made an amazing little person, and she was wowed by it.

Hope said that she had done a lot of talking and promised to stop. She told everyone that she loved them. Hope shared hugs and kisses with all the guests. Ivy hugged Hope and thanked her. Ivy advised Hope that Liam had been concerned that Quinn might crash the party. Hope said that they had survived.

At Quinn's, Liam and Deacon discussed that Quinn could not be trusted. Deacon insisted that he did not condone anything that Quinn had done, but he defended her as a single mother who'd had to fight for everything she had ever done. "And sometimes she fights dirty," he said.

Liam worried that Deacon had forgotten how Hope felt about Quinn. Deacon said that he could never control Quinn, and he didn't trust her, but he and Quinn clicked because he had "needs and desires."

Deacon added that he had been in a unique position to draw Quinn and Hope together. Liam claimed it was a fantasy and that Hope would never accept Quinn. Liam advised Deacon to cut ties with Quinn.

Deacon said he had decided to try a new perspective and state of mind. He wanted to be positive about what would happen. Liam disagreed and said that Quinn was too dangerous. Deacon insisted that people could change.

Liam reminded Deacon that Quinn had been trotting around the globe, terrorizing people. Deacon noted that Liam still loved Hope. Liam said he would always be fond of Hope. But he added that he had moved on with Ivy.

Deacon told Liam he would have been "damned proud to have you as a son-in-law." Deacon said he was sorry it hadn't worked out. Deacon had to leave, and Liam asked if he could hang around to make a few calls. Deacon agreed, and he begged Liam to cut Quinn some slack. Deacon left.

Liam waited for Quinn to arrive at her home, and he confronted her. She lied and said that she had not been at the shower, but Liam noticed the cake from the shower. Liam claimed that Quinn would never change, and he felt that Hope would never be safe from Quinn.

Quinn defended herself and said that she was no longer dangerous, but she was misunderstood. Liam lashed out at Quinn and her total disregard for everyone. "I didn't do anything," Quinn said.

Quinn encouraged Liam to get over Hope and allow Hope and Wyatt to move on. Liam vowed he would protect Hope from Quinn. Liam glared at her.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

At the loft, Liam pressed Quinn to admit the truth about being at the baby shower. Quinn felt as if she were being maligned. He insisted that he was protecting Hope, but Quinn contended that Hope had a husband for that. Quinn claimed to have gotten the cake from a bakery, but Liam accused her of ignoring Hope's wishes, going to the party, and taking the cake as a memento.

Quinn stood by her bakery story, but Liam asked for the name of the shop. She told him to lay off, but he refused to do so as long as she was stalking Hope. Quinn asked why she'd stalk her family. He replied that her exile was driving her crazy. Quinn said it was tearing her apart to be treated like a pariah instead of the doting grandmother-to-be she actually was.

Liam hoped that Quinn wasn't blaming it on Hope after all she'd done to Hope. Quinn stated that she'd made it possible for Hope to marry a man who idolized her and wouldn't give another woman a second thought as Liam had with Steffy. Quinn said she might have been overzealous; however, the baby had secured Hope and Wyatt's marriage, and Quinn was no longer a threat.

The disbelieving Liam asked why Quinn was still showing up where she didn't belong and stalking Hope. He vowed that Quinn would never be rid of him as long as she was a threat to Hope.

At the mansion, Hope and Ivy packed up after the baby shower. Ivy asked what Hope and Wyatt would name the baby. Hope wanted to name a baby girl after her grandmother, Beth.

Hope recalled that Ivy had said that she accepted Hope being a part of Liam's life. Ivy noted that Liam and Hope shared a history and would be connected forever. Ivy loved how protective and loyal Liam was, and she wanted Hope's baby to get to know its uncle.

Hope conveyed that she'd visited Liam earlier to let him know she'd witnessed the boat kiss in Amsterdam. Hope said she knew that Liam and Ivy had expressed love for each other. Ivy acknowledged her love for Liam and that the baby had changed the course of Liam and Hope's lives. Hope said Quinn had done the course-changing by pushing Ivy into the river. Sighing, Hope decided that she had to stop the might-have-beens that lurked in her head.

Hope declared that she was committed to Wyatt and the child. Ivy believed that Hope would be a good mother. Hope said Liam had said the same thing. Ivy stated that it was because he knew Hope "so well" and cared about her. Hope replied that she cared about him, too.

Later, Ivy was alone when Liam called to hear how the party had gone and if Quinn had been there. Ivy hadn't seen Quinn. He asked if they'd had vanilla cake with fresh berries at the party, and Ivy wondered how he'd known about the cake. He said he'd tell her later.

Back at the loft after the call, Quinn claimed that it wasn't what Liam thought. Liam theorized that, like a creepy stalker, she'd crashed the party and lurked in the shadows. Unable to leave empty-handed, she'd swiped some cake on the way out. He began to guess what Hope would think, but Quinn yelled at him to stop running to Hope with negativity about Quinn.

Quinn declared that she wasn't a threat; she was a mother and grandmother who didn't want to be ostracized from the family that meant everything to her. She asked if Liam could understand and have empathy. She wanted everyone to unite for everyone's sakes, but especially for Hope and the baby.

Liam noted that Quinn almost sounded sincere. Quinn claimed to be such, but he figured she was back-pedaling after another deception. He didn't believe a word out of her mouth and felt that Hope didn't either. He believed Quinn would say or do anything to get her way. Quinn claimed to want to put her family together, but he said they were better off without her.

Quinn told Liam that it wasn't true, but he insisted that it was. Liam noted that she had no impulse control or boundaries, and she didn't think about consequences. He felt sorry for Wyatt, but Quinn countered that Liam couldn't stay out of Wyatt's marriage or accept that Wyatt was married to Hope, who was having Wyatt's baby. Quinn asked why Liam couldn't move on like Wyatt and Hope had.

Liam said that moving on didn't mean he didn't care about Hope or that she wouldn't be an important part of his life. Quinn said he'd always love Hope, and he agreed, adding that he'd be married to her if it hadn't been for Quinn. Quinn asked why he couldn't forgive her the way he'd forgiven Bill.

Liam stated that Bill had learned from his meddling and had been genuinely sorry. Quinn, on the other hand, was only sorry when she got caught. Liam had always believed that Quinn was a danger to Hope, and he declared that she'd have to deal with him if she got near Hope again.

Later, Liam was in his car, on the phone with Hope. He asked to meet with her about Quinn, and Hope agreed to meet him at Brooke's house.

Hope arrived at the house first, and when Liam got there, he said he couldn't stop worrying about Quinn. Hope was worried, too, but hated getting between a mother and son. He insisted that Hope was being a protective mother and looking out for her baby. Liam felt that Hope had every right to be worried about Quinn, and Hope asked if she had even more reason "now."

Liam explained that he'd found out that Quinn had crashed the baby shower. He told Hope about a piece of cake Quinn had that matched the cake at Hope's shower. Hope freaked out. Liam said he didn't know how Quinn had sneaked into Eric's house, but he'd put her on notice. He insisted that he had Hope's back, he'd never stop looking out for her, and he'd always be concerned about her.

In Bill's office, Justin arrived to hear about the fight Bill had had with Ridge. Bill asserted that no one, including "fashion boy," messed with his family and got away with it.

Wyatt arrived, and Justin exited. Bill poured Wyatt a drink and asked if things were okay with Hope and the baby. Wyatt told Bill about the baby shower, but Bill was sure Wyatt hadn't arrived to discuss that. Wyatt revealed that he was worried about his mother. Bill asked what it was that time.

Wyatt revealed that Quinn and Deacon were together, but Bill already knew that. Wyatt began talking about the strong stance Hope had taken about Quinn, but Bill already knew about that, too. Wyatt asked how his father knew, and Bill explained that Quinn had tried to get his support -- which he hadn't given. Bill believed that Hope had every reason to be wary of Quinn, and acknowledged that Wyatt was in a tough spot because he was in the middle.

Wyatt felt bad about cutting his mother off, but Hope was his wife. Bill advised Wyatt to tell Quinn to steer clear. Wyatt didn't think it would do any good. Bill advised Wyatt to show Quinn that he meant business with a restraining order. Bill believed that Quinn would keep badgering the couple, and it wasn't good for the mother-to-be. Wyatt sighed, and Bill buzzed Justin to return to the office.

Bill wanted Justin to initiate a restraining order against Quinn, but Justin said he needed Wyatt's permission. Wyatt was leery of doing it. Bill said the restraining order wasn't permanent, and it would give Quinn a chance to show that she could play by the rules. Figuring that he probably couldn't get through to Quinn any other way, Wyatt gave Justin permission to start the order immediately.

Wyatt flashed back on a conversation he'd had with Hope about keeping Quinn away. He looked worried and asked Bill what would happen if Quinn wouldn't stay away. Bill hoped that Quinn had learned more self-control than they gave her credit for. Wyatt said he was doing it for Hope and to be a good husband. Bill said that Wyatt was a good husband and son, and he hugged Wyatt.

Friday, December 5, 2014

At the loft, Quinn methodically stared at Hope's sonogram. When Deacon entered with food from a food truck, she didn't even look up. She murmured that the picture was the closest she'd get to the child. He figured it was the closest anyone would get, since it hadn't been born yet.

Deacon said Liam had been there, relaying his suspicion that Quinn had crashed Hope's shower. Quinn revealed that Liam had questioned her, too. Deacon asked if Liam had been right.

Deacon assumed Quinn had been there, and Hope had thrown her out. Quinn asserted that Hope hadn't, but she kept evading the question of where she'd been. Deacon believed that she'd been there, looking through the windows or doing something else creepy.

Quinn denied stooping so low. Deacon asked if she understood how counterproductive it was. She blamed her plight on Liam, the puppy dog who followed Hope around. Quinn wanted to wring Liam's neck. Deacon said that kind of talk would get her a "fifty-one/fifty" again. She pleaded with Deacon to talk to Hope again on her behalf, and he begrudgingly agreed.

At Brooke's house, Hope was disconcerted by Liam's suspicion that Quinn had been at the baby shower. Liam said he was considering hiring a bodyguard for Hope. Hope wanted Liam to be careful about going to Quinn's house because, out of everyone, Quinn hated him the most. Liam insisted that Hope was the one who had to be careful, and Hope thoughtfully touched his hand.

Deacon called Hope, but Hope claimed not to have time to talk. He asked where she was. She said she was at her mother's house with Liam, but she'd try to call Deacon later that night.

After the call, Liam warned Hope to be careful of what she told Deacon, who lived with Quinn. Liam stated that she couldn't take anything for granted. He advised her not to confront Quinn and to just leave Quinn to him. Hope decided that there was one thing she could take for granted, and it was Liam, who'd always be there for her. He added that he always had been.

Hope and Liam hugged, and Liam stated that the baby was all that mattered. He wanted Hope to take care of the baby while he took care of Quinn. Hope thanked him, and he left.

Back at the loft, Quinn anxiously asked Deacon if he'd set up a meeting with Hope. Deacon said Hope hadn't been able to talk at the time. Quinn quizzed him on what Hope had been doing until she gleaned that Hope was at Brooke's house with Liam. Quinn went off about Liam, the snit, who was around whenever Wyatt turned his back.

Deacon assured Quinn that he'd talk to Hope, and they had months until the child was born to work things out. Quinn figured that he was right, and she was overreacting. She decided that she'd continue to do nice things for Hope, but Deacon said Quinn was going to do nothing.

Deacon asked if Quinn understood that Hope's biggest fear was Quinn stalking her. He wanted Quinn to show Hope that she'd respect Hope's privacy. Quinn agreed to do it, and he hugged her.

At Spencer, Bill told Wyatt that Justin was on his way back with the restraining order. Wyatt was antsy about it, but Bill said Wyatt had told Quinn a number of times to back off. Wyatt stated that his mother just wanted to be a part of the family. Bill asked if Wyatt could blame Hope for not wanting that.

Wyatt wished Quinn had just backed off for a while, because to him, the restraining order was extreme. Bill asked for a solution other than letting Hope live in extreme terror. Bill emphasized that Hope needed protection. "Even if it is from my own mother. Great," Wyatt added.

Later, Justin arrived with the month-long restraining order. He noted that it wouldn't take effect until Wyatt served it to Quinn. Wyatt said he'd do it right then. Bill advised Wyatt to serve Quinn and leave -- no discussion. Wyatt said he had to help Quinn digest the shock of it. "No, you really don't," Bill replied and asked Wyatt to call if he needed moral support.

During Wyatt's car ride, Wyatt stared at the papers beside him. He turned on the radio, and a song with the lyrics, "H-O-T-T, hotter than that," played. He flashed back on all his times with Hope.

When Wyatt arrived at the loft, Quinn wasn't there. Deacon said that Quinn had been in the warehouse, hammering out jewelry for Wyatt's wife, because Quinn wanted to play nice. Wyatt replied that it was too late for it, and Quinn couldn't get her way by harassing Hope. Deacon scoffed at the word "harassing." Standing by it, Wyatt said Quinn needed to stay away from Hope -- "at least for now."

Wyatt decided to go to the warehouse, but Deacon, who'd already checked, said Quinn wasn't there. He assumed that she'd gone out for coffee and asked why Wyatt wanted to talk to her. "I don't suppose it has anything to do with the envelope in your hands, does it?" Deacon asked.

Wyatt said that he was serving Quinn a restraining order to keep her away from Hope. Deacon asked if Wyatt was serious, and Wyatt insisted that Quinn didn't listen. "So you went to a judge? Come on, man. It's your mother," Deacon replied.

Wyatt countered that Hope was his wife and Deacon's daughter, and Hope was also scared because Quinn wouldn't let up. Deacon said Quinn had promised to give Hope space and asked Wyatt to give him a little more time. "For what? You don't even know where she is!" Wyatt replied.

Later, Liam rushed into Bill's office, and Bill wondered if Liam had been absent because of a holiday that Bill wasn't aware of. Liam apprised Bill of Liam's investigation into Quinn and the baby shower cake. "What is this? Cakegate?" Bill asked.

Liam said he wanted Quinn out of Hope's life. Bill informed Liam that he was about to get his wish because Wyatt was on his way to hand Quinn a restraining order. Liam figured that it wouldn't be fun for Wyatt. Bill agreed but said Wyatt understood that it had to be done.

Assuming that Liam had missed work because of Hope, Bill asked Liam how she was. Liam said she needed a lot of support, but Bill contended that she had a husband. Liam responded that, being her friend, he wouldn't abandon her as long as "Eva Braun" was on the loose.

Wyatt called Bill to say that Quinn wasn't at the warehouse. Bill told Wyatt to wait for Quinn and report how it went later.

Having overheard the call, Liam practically flew out of the office. From his car, Liam left Hope a voicemail to warn her that Quinn might be on her way there.

At Brooke's house later, Hope gasped upon seeing Quinn on the doorstep. Quinn wanted to talk, but Hope tried to close the door on her. Quinn made her way inside as Hope asked what Quinn didn't understand about staying away.

Quinn knew that the problem was Liam, who hated her for the regrettable things she'd done. Hope asked if Liam was right about Quinn and the shower. Quinn hesitated, and Hope screamed, "Oh, my God! How did you even get into Eric's house?" Quinn admitted to sneaking in and watching the party from the staircase. Hope cringed, but Quinn asked how she could miss her first grandchild's shower.

Hope yelled that Quinn hadn't deserved to be there due to the things she'd done. Quinn quibbled that she'd just wanted to see the presents and said Hope had looked very happy. Hope ordered Quinn to stop it, but Quinn said she wanted to show that she had a heart and some restraint. Hope quipped that Quinn obviously had no restraint, but Quinn said it was exactly why she was there.

Hope declared that Quinn was a threat to Hope, her family, and her baby. Hope ordered Quinn out of her house. Quinn promised to leave after she said one last thing. "No! Damn it!" Hope roared.

"Please, please, please!" Quinn persisted. Hope demanded that Quinn get off Hope's property. Quinn asked Hope to calm down and decided it would be better if they talked outside in the garden. Hope asked what Quinn was thinking, but Quinn had already pranced out the terrace doors. "God!" Hope screamed, storming after Quinn.

Pursuing Quinn down the outside stairs near the fountains, Hope threatened to call the police to report Quinn's trespassing. Quinn calmly said that she wanted to tell Hope that she wasn't going to bother Hope anymore. "You came here to tell me that," Hope pointed out.

Claiming to be sincere, Quinn said she'd promised Deacon. Hope reasoned that Quinn could have called or sent a message -- from a safe distance. Hope cut herself off and decided to just thank Quinn. "I've heard you. Thank you very much. You can go now. You may leave. Please leave," Hope stated, making shooing motions with her hands.

As Quinn ascended the stairs, Hope sat on a concrete planter at the top of the long staircase with fountain tiers flowing down the middle of it. Hope sighed and stood up. Her high heel twisted, and she fell, tumbling down possibly twenty-five feet of concrete steps before her head slapped against a platform in the center of the staircase.

Quinn heard Hope gasp. She rushed to the railing and saw Hope splayed out on the platform below.

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