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Hope's family gathered around her after she miscarried her baby. Hope walked out on Wyatt, and Wyatt disowned his mother. After revealing to Liam that she'd always wanted to be with him, Hope took an indefinite trip to Milan to see Brooke and to heal. Bill kissed Katie and told Quinn to jump off a roof.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 8, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, December 8, 2014

On his drive to Brooke's house, Liam left a second message to let Hope know that he was on his way to see her because he was worried that Quinn could be headed in Hope's direction. Liam arrived at the house, saw the open terrace door, and went outside to the garden.

In the garden, Quinn rushed down the steps to the banged-up Hope. Hope was dazed as she rolled off her stomach and onto her side. Quinn tried to help Hope, but Hope ordered her to get away.

Liam screamed Hope's name as he charged down the steps and shoved Quinn out of the way to get to Hope. He accused Quinn of pushing Hope, but Quinn denied doing it. Liam scooped Hope up in his arms and ran up the steps with her.

Alone, Quinn stared at the platform where Hope had landed and flashed back to what had just occurred with Liam. Quinn remembered times in which she'd tried to get others to see how much she needed to be in the lives of her family members and, again, Liam running up the steps with Hope.

At the loft, Deacon pleaded with Wyatt to reconsider the restraining order, but Wyatt didn't believe that anyone could reason with Quinn. Wyatt didn't know why Quinn couldn't even use common sense about staying away until the situation improved. "She showed up to her sonogram, dressed like a freaking nurse. A nurse! Enough is enough!" Wyatt exclaimed.

Wyatt didn't know why he'd even want Quinn in his life at the rate she was going. Deacon said that once Wyatt held the baby for the first time, he'd understand why Quinn couldn't stay away. Wyatt disagreed. To Wyatt, Quinn took parenting to a whole other level, and he couldn't keep pretending that she was just another soccer mom in a minivan.

Wyatt believed that his mother was dangerous, and because Hope feared Quinn, he had to keep her away. Deacon felt that Hope would regret keeping her child's grandmother away, and he asked for another chance to talk to Quinn. Wyatt responded that talking wouldn't help and added that Deacon knew how dangerous Quinn was. Deacon said a restraining order was a bit much.

"She had a sword up to Liam's neck!" Wyatt reminded Deacon. Wyatt was sure that Quinn would have killed Liam, and Wyatt recalled that she'd pushed Ivy off a bridge without a second thought. Wyatt was sure that Quinn would brood and throw around threats, but deep down, she'd know that it was best for him and Hope. He predicted that after a few months, everyone would cool off, and he hoped that circumstances might be different by the time the baby was born.

Wyatt asked Deacon to leave so that Wyatt could talk to Quinn alone. Deacon wasn't sure it was a good idea, but Wyatt asserted that it was between him and his mother. Deacon said it wasn't too late to rip up the papers. "Your mother is a danger, but not to Hope -- and certainly not to your child," Deacon said and exited.

Alone, Wyatt flashed back to Quinn dressing up as a nurse to get into the sonogram. He remembered Hope talking about a restraining order as he'd tried to mediate between the women.

Wyatt's phone rang. It was Liam. Wyatt didn't answer it because he didn't want to deal with Liam at that time. Quinn entered, looking spooked, and Wyatt stated that he'd been text-messaging her. She nodded absently, and he asked if she was upset. She nodded, and he asked who'd upset her. "Me. I'm upset with myself," Quinn murmured.

Wyatt asked if Quinn had been with anyone -- Liam in particular. Quinn looked away, and Wyatt asked if it had been just Liam. "Of course not," Wyatt cynically stated in Quinn's shaken silence. "You went to go see Hope, didn't you?" he asked.

Quinn was staring in thought but not speaking, and it was freaking Wyatt out. He assumed she'd gone to the baby shower, and he demanded to know what had happened. Quinn said it had happened after the baby shower. Liam had gone to Hope to tattle on Quinn like he always did, but Quinn had just wanted Hope to know that she'd get the space she wanted, and Quinn was backing off.

"So you went to her to tell her that? Where?" Wyatt asked. Quinn replied that they'd been in Brooke's backyard. Wyatt asked why it was so hard to stay away from Hope. He said Quinn's determination had made her a good mother; however, it was too much at times, and it was getting in the way of her being a grandmother to his child.

Quinn was still eerily silent. Wyatt noted that he'd never seen her look so scared, and he demanded to know what had happened.

At the hospital, Liam carried Hope in, and even though he wasn't her husband, he insisted upon staying with Hope. The doctor allowed him to, and when she examined Hope later, Hope's neck was stiff. The doctor asked if she had abdominal pain. Hope did, but she added that she hurt all over. The doctor asked if Hope had been alone when she'd fallen.

Hope said she'd been with her mother-in-law, and Liam asked if Quinn had pushed Hope. Hope said it hadn't been that way. She explained that she and Quinn had been arguing, and after Quinn had gone, Hope had lost her balance on her high heel. The doctor concluded that Hope didn't have a concussion or broken bones.

The doctor left to set up an ultrasound, and Hope asked if Liam had called Wyatt. Liam said he'd left a voicemail because Wyatt hadn't picked up. Liam asked Hope to believe that the baby was fine and to keep up positive thoughts.

The doctor returned with the ultrasound equipment, and Hope noted that she'd heard the baby's heartbeat at the first ultrasound. Starting up the machine, the doctor decided it was time to hear it again. After a few seconds of looking at the projection screen, Hope wondered if they should be hearing something. She asked the doctor to keep searching and check higher on her belly.

The doctor said she was sorry; there was no heartbeat. Hope implored her to keep looking, but the doctor said that "he" was gone. The doctor expressed sympathies again, and she and her assistants left. Liam grabbed Hope's hand as Hope sobbed.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

by Pam

At the hospital, Liam held Hope's hand, and she sobbed. Liam asked if she wanted him to call Wyatt, Brooke, or Deacon. He tried to offer comfort and said the nurse had said that Hope could have painkillers.

Hope tearfully said her baby had been a boy. The doctor entered, and she expressed condolences for Hope's loss. Hope asked what had happened, and the doctor explained that Hope's fall had separated the placenta and the uterus -- cutting off oxygen to her son.

The doctor advised that Hope had to have a procedure that would take about 30 minutes. The doctor prepared to exit, but Liam said that he was sure Hope had another question. "I see nothing to prevent you from conceiving again," the doctor said. Hope tearfully thanked the doctor.

Liam waited with Hope for the procedure. She tried to pull the I.V. out of her arm, but Liam said she needed it. Hope apologized to Liam for all the things that had gone wrong between them. "I've gone about so many things the wrong way. Too many accidents I could have prevented," Hope lamented.

Liam reminded Hope that someone had always been watching out for her just as someone had always been watching out for him. Liam said it had been his turn to take care of her. Liam kissed her hand.

At the warehouse, Quinn was visibly shaking on the couch, and Wyatt repeatedly asked her what had happened, but she didn't answer. Wyatt grew impatient and shouted at his mother to tell him what had happened at Brooke's that involved Hope and Liam.

Wyatt assumed there had been an argument when Quinn had seen Liam and Hope. "I'm not gonna be angry. Was it an argument? I'm your son, and I love you. What is it this time?" he asked.

Wyatt grew more frustrated with Quinn, and he said he was going to visit Liam. Quinn begged Wyatt not to look for Liam. Wyatt announced that he had a restraining order for Quinn. He explained that the order meant she had to stay 500 feet away from Hope and the house. He had added that once the baby was born, they could hopefully get along better.

Quinn explained that she had visited Hope at her mother's house. Quinn said she'd thought it would make Hope happy to know that Quinn had planned to no longer bother her. "She was so angry, so I thought maybe if we went outside," Quinn related.

Quinn talked about the staircase and the "little" waterfall, and Wyatt said there was nothing little about the staircase and the waterfall. "All those stairs," Quinn said, and she shook her head. "I never touched her, Wyatt. I swear to you, I never touched her," Quinn added. Wyatt raced out of the warehouse.

At Spencer Publications, Bill received a call that Deacon had been waiting to see him. Bill grumbled that Deacon should not have been able to get into the building, but then Bill acknowledged that Deacon was family.

Deacon entered and asked for a minute of Bill's time. Bill immediately lectured Deacon for thinking that minutes meant nothing -- that was only to the unemployed like Deacon, but minutes were precious to the employed.

Deacon begged Bill to stop the insults for one day. Deacon shared that he had been concerned about the restraining order that Wyatt had obtained against Quinn. Deacon worried that it was an extreme measure. Bill admitted that it had been his idea.

Deacon asked why they couldn't handle it as a family. Bill answered that Quinn had never learned to accept boundaries, and she had caused too much trouble. She had scared Hope, and Hope didn't need that kind of stress or agitation while she was pregnant.

Deacon asked how Bill would have felt if Katie had kept him from his son. Bill looked away. Deacon assumed that Katie had kept Bill away from his son, and he asked how it had happened. Bill changed the subject.

Bill reminded Deacon that Quinn should have been arrested. Bill advised Deacon that Hope had already put up barricades to Quinn. If Deacon wanted to fix the problem, he would have to convince Quinn to leave Hope alone. If Quinn could prove that she could behave herself, maybe Hope would let her back into her life. Deacon agreed that it made sense. Deacon added that Quinn lived for being a grandmother. Deacon left.

Deacon returned to the warehouse and greeted Quinn. Deacon told Quinn that he felt the restraining order had been extreme. He said that it had all been Bill's idea -- as a temporary situation, and Deacon promised to help Quinn.

Deacon advised that Quinn had to prove she was not a threat to their grandchild. "It might be too late for that," Quinn said. Deacon angrily yelled at Quinn to tell him what had happened, and Quinn confessed that she was scared out of her mind because she had visited Hope at Brooke's house. "All those stairs and the water," Quinn mumbled.

Deacon demanded to know if Hope was all right. "I never laid a hand on her, you know. I wanted her to know..." Quinn blubbered. Quinn admitted that Hope had fallen, and Liam had taken her to the hospital. Deacon freaked out and asked if Hope and the baby were all right.

Quinn admitted that she didn't know what had happened, but Hope had been clutching her stomach in pain. "No, no, no!" Deacon shouted, and tears welled in his eyes.

At the hospital, Liam waited at Hope's bedside as she recovered from the anesthesia. He held her hand, and Wyatt entered. "I'm so sorry," Liam said. Hope extended her arms. "Hi, my husband. The doctor said we had a son," Hope whispered tearfully. They both cried.

"It's okay. We can always..." Wyatt stopped speaking and tearfully embraced Hope. Hope nodded. Liam said goodbye, but Wyatt asked him to stay. Wyatt asked about Quinn. Hope said that it hadn't been Quinn's fault.

Hope recalled that Quinn had upset Hope because she had refused to leave her mother's house. "She didn't listen," Hope said. Hope flashed back to when she had demanded that Quinn leave Brooke's house.

Hope said that she had fallen all on her own because she had caught her heel on the step. "I lost my balance. It's my fault -- completely my fault. I'm sorry, so sorry," she said amid sobs. Wyatt hugged her.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

by Pam

At the warehouse, Deacon angrily asked if Quinn knew the hospital where Liam had taken Hope. Quinn tearfully confessed that she had no idea. She cried and relived the experience of finding Hope at the bottom of the stairs. Quinn sobbed that she'd heard Hope scream when she'd fallen down the stairs.

Deacon shouted at Quinn that he -- and everyone -- had warned Quinn to leave Hope alone, but Quinn had felt the need to sneak into the baby shower and then visit Hope at Brooke's, uninvited. "All you had to do was leave it alone," Deacon said tearfully. "I begged you," he said.

Deacon said he was going to the hospital closest to Brooke's house. Quinn said she would go with him. "No," Deacon commanded. He ordered Quinn to stay away from Hope and the hospital. He left, and Quinn eyed the restraining order that Wyatt had delivered. Quinn paced the room and flashed back again to Hope lying at the bottom of the stairs where she had clutched her belly.

At Spencer, Justin entered Bill's office and wondered what had happened when Wyatt had delivered the bad news to Quinn. Bill said he hadn't heard anything. Justin said it had been dangerous for Wyatt to tell Quinn to stay away from Hope, but Bill said that it had to be done because Quinn had become obsessed about being a grandma.

Bill's phone rang, and Liam shared that he had been at the hospital and had bad news. Liam told Bill that Hope had lost the baby, and Deacon had arrived to console Hope. Liam felt Bill would want to be there for Wyatt. Bill promised to pick up Katie on the way so that Katie could be there for Hope.

At Forrester, Katie walked into Ridge's office, but he was not there. She admired his latest designs. Katie walked into Ivy's office and asked if Ivy had any idea where Ridge had gone. Ivy warmly greeted Katie, but she had no idea where Ridge was. Katie admired Ivy's new jewelry collection.

Katie and Ivy bantered about success. Katie encouraged Ivy to enjoy her success. Ivy agreed, and she said that she loved her work. Ivy said that Los Angeles had started to feel like home.

Ivy and Katie discussed that Liam had influenced Ivy's attitude. She said that their trip to Amsterdam had moved their relationship forward. Katie said that she was glad to see that Liam had moved on from Hope. Katie admitted that she still cared for Liam, even though she had divorced his father. Katie felt that Ivy was good for Liam. Ivy smiled.

Katie got a call from Bill. "What's wrong?" Katie asked. Bill explained that Hope was in the hospital. Something had happened, and Hope had lost the baby. Bill promised to pick her up to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, Wyatt and Hope embraced, and Liam watched. Wyatt gently asked Hope if Quinn had had anything to do with her fall. Hope flashed back to her fall down the stairs and said, "No. I fell. I'm sorry. I tried so hard to protect him. Oh, God, he was a part of me, and now he's gone," she said. Wyatt comforted Hope, and Liam stepped out into the hall.

Deacon entered and checked in at the desk at the hospital. He asked about his daughter. Liam was in the hall, and he heard Deacon. Liam called out to Deacon and explained about Hope's fall. Deacon asked about broken bones, and Liam said she had not been seriously hurt. Deacon asked about the baby. Liam tearfully explained that she'd had a miscarriage.

Deacon said he needed to call Brooke, but Liam said that he'd already left a message for Brooke to call him. Liam encouraged Deacon to see Hope. Deacon left. Donna showed up at the hospital and expressed her surprise because the pregnancy had gone so well. Liam explained that there had been an accident.

Katie, Bill, and Ivy showed up. Liam announced to everyone that Quinn had been there. "She was there, Dad, and I think that makes her responsible," Liam said angrily.

Deacon entered Hope's hospital room. "Dad, my baby's gone," Hope told Deacon. She explained the painful experience of the ultrasound where she had prayed to hear a heartbeat, but she'd heard nothing. "He was already gone," she said. "Yes, our little boy," Hope said, and she looked at Wyatt.

Liam entered the hospital room and asked Wyatt to join him outside the room. Liam said that he had called their dad, and Liam asked if there was anyone else Wyatt wanted him to call. Wyatt said there was no one. "I'm so sorry. I tried to get her here as soon as I could," Liam said. Liam and Wyatt embraced.

Bill, Katie, Donna, and Ivy entered Hope's room. Bill embraced Wyatt and kissed Hope on the forehead. Katie hugged Wyatt then held Hope, and Hope cried. Ivy entered and held Hope's hand. Bill and Katie embraced. Liam and Ivy embraced. Hope and Wyatt held one another and cried. Hope looked at Liam.

At Quinn's, Quinn continued to pace and worry. She couldn't get the image of Hope falling down the stairs out of her head. She received a call from Deacon. Quinn picked up the phone and started to cry. "No," she said. She sobbed and fell to the floor.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

At Forrester, Aly entered Rick's old office and informed Ivy that Hope was home. Ivy wondered if Hope still thought of Wyatt as home. Aly couldn't help thinking of Hope's predicament if Hope had only remained married to Wyatt for the baby. The women couldn't imagine remaining in a marriage because of a pregnancy, and Ivy figured that Hope was married because she wanted to be.

At the loft, Quinn noticed blankets and a pillow on her sofa. Liam entered, and she said Deacon always forgot to lock up. She assumed Deacon had slept on the sofa the previous night. It had occurred to Liam that no one had heard from Quinn since the incident. He asked if she wanted to know if Hope was okay. Quinn asked if Hope was indeed okay. He said Hope would be, but the baby was no more.

The morose Quinn said that the baby had been her family, but everyone liked to forget it. Liam replied that people wouldn't forget that she was the reason the baby wouldn't be born. Quinn asserted that she hadn't pushed Hope. Liam replied that Quinn hadn't pushed Hope or Ridge, but it didn't let her off the hook for the sequence of events or how things had turned out.

Quinn told Liam to "go to hell," but Liam retorted that he didn't believe in hell. She advised him to wait a few years. She said he circled like a vulture, but he asked her what other person had given a thought to her that day. She asked if she should feel grateful that he'd shown up to rub it in her face.

Liam said that, whether Quinn believed it or not, he cared about his brother, who wasn't in a mindset to deal with Quinn. "And you have got to admit that you need some kind of professional help," he added. He was sure she hadn't wanted to end a life. She asserted that she hadn't ended it. Liam added that she hadn't wanted to end Wyatt's marriage, either.

Quinn asked if Hope had left Wyatt. Liam believed it was a matter of time. He added that when Hope did leave, it would be Quinn's fault, not Liam's. Quinn claimed that he didn't know anything, and the couple was probably bonding over the loss and strengthening their marriage. Liam doubted that Wyatt and Hope would just go on their merry way after the incident.

Quinn shot back that Liam couldn't admit that Hope loved Wyatt. Liam admitted it but added that Hope would do anything to keep Quinn out of her life. Quinn murmured that she was thinking of moving away. Liam didn't think it mattered if Quinn moved to another planet because, after Hope had learned of Quinn's actions in Paris, the baby had been the only thing keeping her with Wyatt.

Quinn guessed Liam had arrived to say it was thanks to her, and she told him to get out. Liam asserted that he wasn't the one depriving Wyatt of what he wanted most in life.

At the beach house, Hope moped into the living room. She saw a table full of baby shower gifts. Wyatt offered to donate them to charity. Looking away, Hope asked if he should be at work. He replied that he was off that day. He offered to make her breakfast, but she didn't want anything to eat.

Wyatt thought it might make Hope feel better to sit in the sunny room, but Hope responded that she wasn't sick. He remarked that the doctor wanted her to rest. Hope replied that she was merely sore. He expressed that he was grateful because, "if anything had happened to you..." Hope replied that something had happened to her.

Wyatt believed that they'd have other children, but he understood if she didn't want to talk about it because it was too emotional. Hope replied that talking about it might be better because they might not talk themselves into accepting the unacceptable, like they usually did. He informed her that he'd gotten the restraining order the previous day, so Quinn couldn't be near Hope or the house.

Hope decided that it was best not to talk about things, after all, because the worst thing that could have happened had already happened. Looking frustrated, Wyatt responded that she'd said she didn't blame Quinn. Hope clarified that Quinn hadn't pushed her down the stairs, but if he'd kept Quinn away from Hope, then Hope wouldn't have been there in the first place.

Hope raged that Wyatt should have protected her. Wyatt gasped as she asserted that she'd asked him over and over again to keep Quinn away their family. "And what did I get? I get a restraining order -- yesterday -- that nobody ever saw!" Hope argued.

Wyatt asked if Hope saw that Quinn wasn't there. He declared that Quinn had seen it, and he'd served it to her. "And where was I? In the hospital?" Hope countered. Wyatt asked her to tell him that she wasn't trying to leave him. Hope didn't know what she was doing. Wyatt said he knew, but they'd recover from it and keep the promises that they'd made to each other.

Hope didn't know how Wyatt could talk about promises when he hadn't kept his promise to keep Quinn away. Wyatt declared that it wasn't fair, and he asked if he should have chained Quinn to a workbench. He thought he'd had it handled, but he reminded Hope that she knew Quinn.

Hope agreed to knowing Quinn and was astounded that Wyatt had turned out as well as he had. She said that he was strong, accomplished, loved, and respected. "By you? Are you are talking in the past tense now?" Wyatt cut her off to ask.

Hope asked Wyatt to be honest. She asked if he were tired of the sudden moments where he didn't know if she was being sincere or how she felt about him. "Yes!" he replied. She said the moments would keep happening because they both knew Quinn had engineered their marriage.

Wyatt disagreed. He decided that the reason they were together was the same reason she was thinking of leaving him. "You always want what you don't have," he concluded with a sting in his tone. Hope felt the sting and silently retreated to the bedroom.

Later, Hope returned fully dressed. Wyatt asked where she was going. "Out," she replied. He reminded her that she was supposed to take it easy. He didn't think she was up to it. She screamed that she wasn't the one who'd died, and he yelled that it had been his baby, too.

Hope held in her sobs, and Wyatt said he knew she was trying to avoid the conversation. Hope clarified that she was trying to withdraw from a conversation that they weren't ready to have. "No one made you marry me. Liam was late in Paris, and that was all the excuse that you needed. And now you're just looking for an excuse to turn around and undo it all?" he asked.

Wyatt asked if Quinn had engineered the marriage and the baby, too. Hope wiped tears from her face. He acknowledged that Quinn had been a problem, and it was why he'd gotten the restraining order. He asked what Hope wanted from him. Hope closed her eyes, silently crying. Wyatt declared that he loved her. "And this wouldn't be so difficult if I didn't love you, too," she responded.

Wyatt seemed taken aback by the words. Hope walked to the door but paused on the threshold. He seemed to hope she might turn around, but she closed the door without looking back.

At the loft later, Wyatt knocked on Quinn's door. She hesitated as she looked at it. She heard him on the other side, saying she'd better open the door if she ever expected to see him again.

Quinn let Wyatt into the loft. He assumed that he didn't have to tell her anything, but he wanted to know what she had to say to him. Quinn stated that she'd been leaving, walking away from Hope. Quinn was sorry and said she shouldn't have been there.

Wyatt asked why Quinn had even had him and why she'd wanted to raise a baby alone. Quinn hadn't believed she'd be alone. She said she was too selfish for that, and she hadn't known that Wyatt would become the love of her life. Wyatt asked if she understood how unhealthy it sounded.

Quinn asked if Hope was okay. Wyatt stated that Hope was physically okay, and Quinn asked why he was there. He opened his mouth to speak, but he hopelessly shut it and sat down. After a moment, he said that his and Quinn's relationship made them unfit for anyone's company but their own. Quinn insisted that people adored Wyatt, and he lit up every room he walked into.

Wyatt guessed Quinn thought it was the basis for self-esteem, but he felt that others found it obnoxious. Quinn said he should be home because his wife needed him more than ever. "Yeah, I don't think I'm wanted at home right now," he replied.

At Brooke's house, Hope stood on the terrace and gazed down at the stairs. She recalled her fall and grasped her empty belly. She turned, and behind her stood Liam. He silently strode up to her and took her into his arms.

Friday, December 12, 2014

In Bill's office, Katie arrived at a time when Bill could use the company. Katie hadn't wanted to intrude upon his grief, but she'd needed to check on him face-to-face. "It's a nice face," he responded and thanked her for thinking of him. Katie wanted to help him with his loss in any way she could.

Bill didn't really know what to say after losing a grandson. Katie hadn't known that it had been a boy. Bill hadn't seen Wyatt since the hospital. He figured that Wyatt could use some time to heal without a pep talk from his father.

Bill declared that it shouldn't have happened, and Wyatt should have been able to be the father that he'd wanted to be. Bill said that many children were born unwanted, but Wyatt's child had had an extended family waiting with open arms. It was tough for Bill to accept losing his grandchild, and Katie hugged him.

Bill wasn't the type to bemoan fate, but he asked if Liam and Wyatt losing their first children was due to the "sins of the father." Katie said that Bill could take on that burden if he wanted to, but the miscarriages had had nothing to do with him. He thanked her for her knack for keeping him humble.

Katie recalled how happy and radiant Hope had been at the baby shower. Bill said he wasn't good at being helpless. Katie replied that it was sometimes all one could be because healing moved at its own pace. Bill blamed the loss on Quinn, who'd had no business being on Brooke's property.

"What are you planning?" Katie warily asked. Bill feigned innocence, but Katie knew him too well and could tell he was planning to right a wrong. He replied that he protected his own. She told him that there was nothing he could do short of driving to Mulholland and taking it up with the gods. Heading to the door, he decided to do just that.

Katie pulled Bill back toward her and implored him not to do anything he'd regret. "You care about me," Bill responded. She agreed that she did. "My Katie. I miss you," he said, stroking her hair. Suddenly, he pulled her into a long and slow kiss. He charged out the door, and she yelled for him not to do anything he couldn't take back. Alone, the breathless Katie touched her lips.

At the loft, Quinn desperately wanted Wyatt to believe that she hadn't had bad intentions toward Hope or the baby. She'd just wanted Hope to forgive her and give her a place in her grandchild's life. "Son. Grandson," Wyatt corrected. Quinn repeated the words.

Wyatt said that he hadn't done a good job as a man protecting his family. Quinn replied that she'd always wanted to be good for his family and not a part of an unspeakable loss. He stated that she never meant any harm, but the things she set in motion seemed to spiral out of control. He wasn't blaming her, but he was trying to accept his own responsibility in the incident.

Wyatt asserted that Hope had wanted Quinn out of their lives for a good reason. The baby was gone, and he felt that he should have listened to Hope, not Quinn. Wyatt wished he'd emulated Quinn's protectiveness and had stood his ground against her.

Quinn admitted to making mistakes, but she asked Wyatt to remember that she owned up to them -- especially regarding her relationship with him. She begged him to see that she wasn't responsible for Hope losing the baby. Wyatt understood that she hadn't pushed Hope down the stairs; however, she'd been the reason Hope had been there to begin with.

Wyatt raged that Quinn hadn't been able to stay away. She'd had no patience and couldn't wait for Hope to heal. He yelled that Quinn got everything she wanted, regardless of the consequences, and because of her, he'd lost everything.

Quinn asked what Wyatt meant, and Wyatt relayed his suspicion that Hope would leave him. Quinn exclaimed that Hope shouldn't be blaming him. Instead, the couple should be helping each other heal. Quinn asked if he really believed it was all her fault. He declared that her obsessive, suffocating love had cost him everything, and he was done. "Goodbye, Mom," Wyatt said and stormed out.

Later, Quinn went to the rooftop of her building. She stood upon the ledge and flashed back to the confrontations she'd had with Wyatt and Hope. She recalled Hope falling down the steps.

"Do it," Quinn heard. Turning, she saw Bill on the roof behind her.

In Brooke's garden, Liam said he'd known Hope would be there. Hope replied that she hadn't even known she'd be there. Hope couldn't believe her baby was gone. He asked what he could do for her, and she replied that he was already doing it.

Liam asked if Wyatt was there. Hope said she'd arrived alone. Liam offered to leave, but she didn't want that. He wished he could remove her pain. She tearfully said that she'd loved her son "so much," and her baby boy's life was gone -- just like that-- because she hadn't been careful. Liam stated that it was Quinn's fault, and he wouldn't let Hope blame herself.

Liam said that, sometimes, there was no reason for things; sometimes, horrible things just happened. Hope stated that he was always there when she needed him. Liam replied that no matter where life took them, "I'm there." Hope said she was there for him, too.

Liam was surprised to hear Hope say that. Hope explained that her life had revolved around the pregnancy for the past few months; however, the baby was gone, but her life remained. She'd thought a lot about what had happened in her life and why. She'd wanted to be with Liam more than anything, but when she'd gotten pregnant, she'd tried to give the family a chance and give the baby the childhood she hadn't had. "Oh, but I never stopped loving you," Hope uttered.

Liam grew emotional and blinked away tears. Hope cupped his face in her hand, and he pressed her hand close to his chest and above his heart.

Hope and Liam strolled across the lawn, hand in hand, and Liam asked what would happen at that point. Hope felt that she needed to exhale, sort through her pain, and figure out who she'd become. "I need my mom," she said. Guessing that she'd visit Brooke in Milan, he asked how long Hope would be gone. She said it would be as long as it took to piece herself together and find direction.

Liam asked when Hope would leave. "Now," Hope replied. He seemed to think she was joking, but upon seeing the resolve in her eyes, he asked if it would really be that soon. She smiled and told him that she loved him; she'd always love him.

Liam looked away, but something compelled him to kiss Hope. A montage of their joys and tragedies played on-screen. The pair hugged. He kissed her hands, stroked her face, and kissed her forehead. Their heads touched, and they held onto each other's hands.

Slowly, Hope backed away, and she and Liam slipped from each other's grasps. Liam watched her walk off until her image faded away.

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