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January 5 to 9, 2015
Eric and Caroline were disappointed and hurt to learn that Rick had deceived them to get control of Forrester for one year. Unable to undo the contract, Eric took off for his extended trip. Caroline begged Rick to help heal their marriage, but he once again took off his wedding ring. While Caroline moved into the cliff house, Maya and Rick moved into the mansion. To everyone's shock, Rick replaced Stephanie's portrait with a portrait of Maya. Rick paraded Caroline in front of the portrait, and Caroline accused Rick of lashing out because he still loved Caroline. Rick denied it, and Maya prophesied that she'd be the next Forrester matriarch.
January 12 to 16, 2015
Ridge warned Rick that if he said he didn't love Caroline one more time, Ridge would believe it. Caroline and Carter pressed Maya to see that Rick was on the rebound, and Maya confronted Rick about whether he loved her. Just before she walked out on him, he said that he did. Rick answered a video-call from Caroline while in bed with Maya, and later, he discovered Stephanie's gun in the nightstand. Ridge convinced Caroline to move on and take it slowly with him. During an argument, Ridge declared that he wasn't taking orders from Rick, and Maya ordered Ridge to respect his boss or work elsewhere.
January 19 to 23, 2015
Bill returned from a business trip and named Liam as the new president of Spencer Publications. After naming Katie as the new vice president, Bill failed to negotiate a new spot in his old bed. As Maya got to know Nicole, Rick set out to investigate the little sister. Liam knocked Rick to the floor when he walked in on Rick berating Ivy and Caroline. Brooke returned home, and appalled by Maya's portrait, demanded to know what Maya was doing with Rick. Rick saw Caroline kissing Ridge and fired three shots from Stephanie's gun in their direction.
January 26 to 30, 2015
Rick's gunshots plowed into a wall at Forrester, not into Ridge or Caroline. The designers decided to force Rick to step down or go to jail for attempted murder. Brooke blamed herself for Rick's erratic and dangerous behavior and took it upon herself to fix it. Brooke ordered Ridge to keep the police out it, and she demanded that Rick forgive his wife and reconcile his marriage. Fed up with Rick's antics, Liam enlisted Bill and Steffy in a plan to take over Forrester Creations. Brooke was sullen but also glad when Bill finally left her to pursue Katie.
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February 2 to 6, 2015
Brooke tried to solve the family's and the company's problems by demanding that Caroline and Rick reunite. When that didn't work, she decided to go after Ridge to teach Caroline a lesson. Wyatt returned home, sad that his marriage had fallen apart. Rick cracked the whip on Wyatt, and Wyatt promptly quit his job. Bill and Liam convinced Wyatt to try to grovel for his job, so he could be their double agent at Forrester. Steffy refused to accept Ridge with Caroline, but she couldn't side with Liam to take over Forrester because she still had feelings for Liam. Bill convinced Katie to take another shot at marriage.
February 9 to 13, 2015
Liam told Ivy that he wanted to take over Forrester, but he needed Steffy, who was still in love with him. Confident in her relationship, Ivy urged Steffy to join forces with Liam. Steffy refused to do it unless she could have it all, including Liam. Ridge and Caroline made love, and when Brooke appealed to him to return to her, he told her that he was in love with Caroline. Brooke got drunk on Valentine's Day, and Deacon was there to urge her to reach out to her family, not the bottle. Wyatt groveled for his job back, and Rick allowed Wyatt to return to Forrester.
February 16 to 20, 2015
Eric cut his trip short and returned to town. Rick believed Eric wouldn't approve of Rick's choices; however, Rick's successful quarterly reports convinced Eric to let Rick and Maya have the house and Eric's faith in them to run the business. Rick questioned how he'd been treating the people around him. Brooke reluctantly agreed to be Katie's maid of honor but giggled and drank her way through the ceremony. Steffy agreed to Liam's plan as long as she and Liam reunited. Ivy walked in on Steffy attempting to seduce Liam.
February 23 to 27, 2015
Liam rebuffed Steffy's affections, and Ivy warned Steffy about cozying up to Liam. The Forrester staff complained to Eric about Rick's poor treatment of them, but Rick made Eric proud by acknowledging and righting wrongs. Ridge vowed to take Rick down, and Liam offered Ridge the perfect way to do it. While Maya and Rick celebrated winning, Steffy urged Ridge to work with Liam to take Rick down. Deacon took the drunken Brooke home from a restaurant and wound up kissing her. When Quinn learned that Deacon had been delayed due to helping Brooke, Quinn stormed over to Brooke's house, smacked her in the face, and warned her to stay away from him.
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MARCH 2015
March 2 to 6, 2015
Ridge agreed to Liam's takeover plan -- as long as Ridge and Steffy led the business and Liam reunited with Steffy. Liam stood by his relationship with Ivy, and Steffy left town. Brooke was sure Deacon would leave Quinn for slapping Brooke, but to Wyatt and Brooke's shock, Deacon proposed instead. Quinn warned Brooke not to stand in Quinn's way, and Brooke declared that she would never allow the wedding to happen. Rick conned Aly into cooking, making martinis, and rubbing Maya's feet. He invited Nicole to live at the mansion, and Aly was shocked to hear him tell Nicole that she could have Aly's room.
March 9 to 13, 2015
Kris announced to Rick that the last step in the divorce was a six-month waiting period. Maya accepted Nicole as a houseguest but was anxious to make it a short stay. Nicole refused to leave and threatened to tell Maya's secret to Rick unless Maya became more welcoming. Brooke declared that she wouldn't allow Quinn and Deacon to get married, but unable to talk Deacon out of it, Brooke got drunk again. Brooke decided to attend an alcoholics' support group, and she and Deacon were surprised to find themselves in the same meeting. Brooke was weak in her resolve, and Deacon suggested they support each other through their sobriety.
March 16 to 20, 2015
A visit from Katie and Bill and news about their Aspen honeymoon made Brooke crave a drink. Deacon rushed to Brooke's aid and threw out every bottle in the house. Nicole invaded Forrester, and the upset Maya couldn't complete her photo shoot. Nicole told Maya to get her a modeling job, and as the sisters argued about whether Nicole really knew any secret at all, Nicole asserted her suspicion that Maya used to be her big brother, named Myron.
March 23 to 27, 2015
Nicole forced Maya to admit that she'd been born as Myron. Maya revealed that she'd been a female trapped in a male's body, and it was the reason she'd left home for Los Angeles. Maya and Nicole decided to try being sisters, but Maya insisted upon keeping her secret unless Rick proposed to her. While Quinn made wedding plans, Deacon helped Brooke through her sobriety struggle. Doing so made Deacon draw closer to Brooke, and he asked Brooke if there was a chance for them. Displeased with Ivy's work, Rick rehired Quinn. He claimed it was to spark creativity, not a rivalry.
March 30 to April 3, 2015
Katie continued to worry about Brooke after learning that Brooke was leaning on Deacon for sobriety support. To everyone's shock, Rick rehired Quinn. Brooke admitted to Deacon that it could be their time -- if he wasn't engaged to Quinn. After overhearing Deacon say he was thinking about a chance with Brooke, Wyatt took the news straight to Quinn. Quinn stabbed Brooke with a newly crafted dagger. Nicole tried to worm her way into Forrester and pressured Maya to help Nicole become a model. While the sisters argued about it, Carter overheard Nicole say that Maya was Myron, Nicole's brother.
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APRIL 2015
April 6 to 10, 2015
Though Quinn dreamed of stabbing Brooke, Quinn sanely asserted that she wouldn't be Deacon's second choice. Deacon assured Quinn that she was his first choice, and Quinn demanded that Deacon and Brooke cease their sobriety partnership. Carter was disillusioned upon learning about Maya's past. Struggling with his own sense of betrayal, Carter agonized over whether to disclose the information to Rick. Rick coaxed Brooke back to work full-time. Ridge assumed Brooke was trying to return to his orbit, but he didn't have a heart for her anymore. Brooke insisted that she was supporting Rick, and Ridge would need her, too, once he finally dumped Caroline.
April 13 to 17, 2015
Quinn sent out invitations to her wedding, but only Wyatt, Carter, and Deacon showed up to celebrate. On the big day, Brooke took Hope, who was on a video call, to crash the wedding. During the call, Hope implored her father not to marry Quinn. Bill, Liam, Katie, and Ivy waited anxiously for Wyatt to sweet-talk Nicole into revealing "Rick's" big secret. Nicole's interest in Wyatt piqued, and while she questioned Maya about Wyatt, the conversation turned to Maya's secret. Liam eavesdropped outside the door and overheard the women worrying about the fallout that would ensue if the secret got out.
April 20 to 24, 2015
Despite Hope's pleas via video-call, Deacon married Quinn, and the newlyweds spent a romantic wedding night at the loft. Carter and Maya became suspicious of Wyatt and Nicole's fast-moving relationship. Upon learning that Wyatt was partying at the beach house with Nicole, Liam warned Wyatt to keep his feelings in check and his eyes on the prize. When Liam and Ivy's search of Forrester revealed no clues to the secret, Liam arranged a romantic jet ride for Wyatt and Nicole. During the ride, Nicole revealed that her big secret involved Maya. Eric gave Rick his blessing to run Forrester, and Rick opened up to Brooke and Eric about his desire for a scandal-free marriage and life with Maya.
April 27 to May 1, 2015
Upon learning of Liam and Wyatt's plan to oust Rick, Pam and Charlie snooped in Maya's purse and discovered her estrogen pills. Charlie readily guessed that Maya was transgender, but Pam refused to accept it or spread the rumor to Liam and Wyatt. Rick purchased an engagement ring and invited Maya on a mysterious celebratory trip to Big Bear. When Ridge heard that Eric was contemplating extending Rick's contract, Ridge resigned. Desperate to stop Ridge from leaving Forrester, Carter revealed to Ridge that Maya's birth name was Myron, and Maya was transgender.
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MAY 2015
May 4 to 8, 2015
Carter confided in Ridge about Maya's secret, and Ridge conferred with Brooke and Eric about how to handle it. Brooke confronted Maya about being transgender and demanded that Maya reveal it to Rick before he proposed to her. Rick planned a getaway to Big Bear for a surprise proposal, and Nicole warned Maya not to ruin things by unearthing the past. Wyatt succeeded in getting Nicole to trust him, and Nicole confided in him about Maya's past. Wyatt told Liam to fire up Spencer media because they were about to blow Rick out of the water.
May 11 to 15, 2015
Maya and Rick took off for Big Bear, and the Forresters worried about what would happen once Rick learned of Maya's birth gender. At Spencer, Wyatt and Liam debated how to handle Maya's secret, but Bill was primed to publicize it to the world. Ridge and Wyatt petitioned Bill to keep it between Rick and Maya. Katie demanded that Bill pull the plug on it, but Bill instructed Justin to print the story with the possible headline, "Forrester Family Matriarch Once a Man." Rick proposed to Maya, but before answering him, Maya revealed that she'd been raised as a boy named Myron.
May 18 to 22, 2015
Rick didn't care about how Maya had become a woman, but he flew into a rage when he received media notifications that the world also knew. Maya fled the cabin, and as Rick pursued her in his own car, he had an accident. Maya hid out at her old apartment and resigned from her job. As Rick recovered at the mansion, he attacked Ridge for blaming him for the scandal. Ridge urged Eric to invoke the morality clause in Rick's contract. Eric appealed to Rick to step down as CEO, but Rick implored Eric to let Rick remain the CEO to defend Maya -- and Forrester -- from Bill's smears.
May 25 to 29, 2015
Eric refused to invoke the morality clause in Rick's contract. Ridge convinced Thomas, Steffy, and Liam to go ahead with the Forrester takeover, minus the relationship clause. Ridge made himself the CEO, Steffy the president, and Liam the vice president of Forrester. Ridge summed Eric to a meeting to inform him that his and Rick's time was over. Carter found Maya's hideout at Dayzee's and tried, to no avail, to convince her to remain in town. Nicole revealed Maya's whereabouts to Rick, and as Maya sat at a table, Rick arrived in a waiter's uniform, which was the same thing he'd been wearing when they'd first met.
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JUNE 2015
June 1 to 5, 2015
Eric warned Rick that Ridge had the stock power to take Forrester from them. Betting that Bill hadn't sold his stocks to Liam, Rick offered to give Bill more power at Forrester if Bill voted his stock with Rick. Bill accepted the offer if Rick would get rid of the "disgrace," Maya. Rick socked Bill and walked out on Forrester. As Rick and Maya reconciled, Aly saw Steffy kissing Liam, Forrester's new vice president. Wyatt warned Ivy that Liam would fall for Steffy again, but Ivy advised Wyatt to ask Steffy out. Ridge became the CEO of Forrester and promised to help Caroline walk again.
June 8 to 12, 2015
Ridge helped Caroline work through the horror of her car incident and take her first steps in the living room. Bill and Steffy pushed Liam to reunite with Steffy, and Wyatt asserted his interest in Steffy. Immigration notified Ivy that she had to leave the country immediately due to visa issues. To help Wyatt in his bid for Steffy, Quinn urged Ivy to ask Liam to marry her to remain in the country. Liam opened up to Ivy about his changing feelings for Steffy, and Ivy suggested that she and Liam solve the immigration problem with a wedding.
June 15 to 19, 2015
Ridge continued to encourage Caroline during her recovery. Steffy apologized to the couple for judging them based upon stereotypes. While Ivy was convincing Liam to marry her, Quinn sent Carter to the cliff house to marry the couple. Liam married Ivy under the condition that they were still just dating. Steffy blew her gaskets when Liam informed her of the marriage of convenience, and she refused to share her man with another woman -- again. Just when Ivy and Liam decided to give the marriage a try, Immigration informed her that she really did have dual citizenship.
June 22 to 26, 2015
Ivy debated telling Liam the truth about her dual citizenship, but Quinn urged Ivy not to hand her man over to Steffy willingly. Once Ivy overheard Liam professing love to Steffy, Ivy told him about Immigration's error and offered him an annulment. Liam told Steffy that he no longer had to be married to Ivy and shouldn't have gotten married because he was nuts about Steffy. Public support for Maya led Ridge to ask her to return to Forrester and set the record straight about her resignation. She agreed to return only if Rick could, too. Ridge agreed to let Rick back at Forrester, and Maya and Rick reunited.
June 29 to July 3, 2015
Zende arrived in town, and he and Nicole flirted while beginning their Forrester internships. Maya and Caroline made peace with their tumultuous past. Ivy gave Liam an annulment, setting him free to pursue her or Steffy. Aly hadn't forgiven Taylor for Darla's death and was enraged by Forrester's new freedom swimsuit and lingerie campaign. During the Independence Day party, Aly fumed about Maya and Steffy always winning. Darla's spirit told Aly to take an eye for an eye. Nicole and Maya were shocked when their mother arrived at the party to take Nicole home.
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JULY 2015
July 6 to 10, 2015
Vivienne failed to convince Nicole to return to Illinois, so Julius arrived to order his daughter to go back. After Nicole defended her sister and urged her parents to get to know Maya, Maya was shocked to find her parents at the mansion and even more shocked that her father hugged her. Aly condemned Forrester's new direction in a meeting, and Steffy told her to check her attitude or return to Paris. Aly built a shrine of Steffy hate in her closet, but to Steffy's face, Aly agreed to cooperate. Ivy still held on to hope about Liam, but Katie advised Ivy to consider dating Wyatt.
July 13 to 17, 2015
Maya, Vivienne, and Julius aired their feelings. Julius agreed to try to accept Maya, but Nicole didn't trust Julius' motives. Vivienne seemed ready to embrace Maya, but Julius still struggled with it. Julius met with Rick for a frank talk about how Rick truly felt about Maya, about dating a transgender woman, and about Rick's sexuality. At the fashion show, Julius told Brooke that he appreciated what Rick had done for Maya's life. Liam decided to tell Steffy that he'd chosen her -- Ivy just didn't know it yet. As the show got underway, Darla pushed Aly to put a stop to the "pornography" on display.
July 20 to 24, 2015
At the culmination of the fashion show, Rick proposed to Maya on the runway. Ivy discovered Aly's hate shrine to Steffy and Maya in the closet. When Thorne arrived in town, he learned about Aly's troubles. Ivy searched for Aly on PCH, where Aly had orchestrated a flat tire to ambush and attack Steffy. Ivy arrived in time to videotape Steffy swinging a tire iron at Aly to defend herself from Aly's attempted blow with a rock. Aly died on the highway, and as Steffy broke the news to Thorne, Ivy showed Wyatt her video and accused Steffy of murdering Aly.
July 27 to 31, 2015
Amid Thorne's agonizing, unanswered questions, the Forresters hosted a memorial service for Aly. Thorne demanded to know how Aly had really died. Ridge refused to let Thorne blame Steffy. Ivy, however, did blame Steffy, but in the middle of Ivy accusing Steffy of murder, Liam interjected the news that he'd chosen Steffy. Wyatt comforted Ivy with kisses and a private dinner. Thomas turned in a design to Ridge, who felt his son was being hasty. Upon Thomas' insistence upon an opinion, Ridge ripped up the design and called it an embarrassment for a designer with successful past experience.
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August 3 to 7, 2015
Thomas fantasized about being with Caroline, but when Brooke questioned whether he had lingering feelings, he denied it. With her divorce final, Caroline took stock of her life. She expressed her deep desire to be a mother, but Ridge couldn't see himself becoming a father again. Julius attempted to stuff down his true feelings about Maya and her marriage; however, just before the wedding began, Maya overheard him declare that the wedding was a joke. Julius was pretending to accept it to protect Maya's day, but in his heart, he just couldn't accept what Myron had done to himself.
August 10 to 14, 2015
Ivy showed Thomas her incriminating video and demanded that he back her as the new spokesmodel in exchange for her silence about the truth behind Aly's death. Ridge and Steffy were shocked when Thomas backed Ivy instead of his sister for the new modeling position. In private, Thomas told Steffy that Ivy had a video of the fight and was accusing Steffy of murder. In the middle of her wedding, Maya demanded Julius say how he really felt about her. Julius couldn't accept that Myron had become Maya and asked Vivienne to leave with him. Vivienne chose to stand by her daughter. Julius left alone, and Rick and Maya exchanged vows.
August 17 to 21, 2015
Lieutenant Baker questioned Steffy about Aly's death. Steffy thought she'd convinced Wyatt to delete Ivy's video; however, Ivy persuaded him back to her side, and the two consummated their relationship. Ivy led Liam to question Steffy about Aly' death, and Steffy revealed that Ivy was calling Steffy's self-defense "murder" and blackmailing Steffy with a video. After Liam saw the damning video, he vowed to protect Steffy. Thomas confided in Caroline about the blackmail problem and swore her to secrecy about it. Despite the baby issue, Caroline remained optimistic about her relationship with Ridge, and Ridge told Katie that he didn't want to start another family.
August 24 to 28, 2015
Ivy's new self-confidence turned Wyatt on, but after a dose of Poison Ivy's new haughtiness, Quinn ordered Wyatt to rein Ivy in before Quinn did it for him. Giving in to blackmail, Steffy passed the modeling torch to Ivy. As Ridge parented his adult children about their careers and issues, Caroline stuffed down her desire to have children with him. Brooke warned Ridge against procreating to appease Caroline, but Ridge said he wanted Caroline to be fulfilled. Caroline described to Thomas the magic touch that had sparked her relationship with Ridge. When she placed her hand over Thomas' to help him design, Thomas felt a spark of his own.
August 31 to September 4, 2015
Ridge set Caroline free because he'd had a secret vasectomy. Caroline took Pam's pills and drank wine, and Thomas arrived for moral support. The next day, Caroline was horrified upon waking up in bed with him. Ridge asked Caroline to reunite and start a family with him within the year. Caroline accepted and hid her discontent when Ridge hired Thomas to the design team. Steffy increased pressure on Wyatt to delete the master video file. Ivy caught Wyatt and Steffy with Ivy's laptop. Steffy commanded him to press delete, but Ivy ordered him not to do it.
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September 7 to 11, 2015
Brooke's head spun as Ridge and Caroline went from broken up to reunited to engaged in one day. Despite still wanting Caroline, Thomas agreed to be Ridge's best man. Unbeknownst to Thomas, Caroline later accepted Ridge's proposal to elope. Brooke tried to force Ridge to be realistic about a vasectomy reversal. She threatened to tell Caroline about it, but Ridge swore her to secrecy. Bill warned Ridge about how to treat Bill's niece. Ivy deleted the video, and Wyatt thought he'd gotten Ivy and Steffy to lay their beef to rest. Ivy assumed she was still the Face of Forrester, but Steffy canceled the first shoot and fired Ivy.
September 14 to 18, 2015
Ridge and Caroline slipped away to marry themselves at a Malibu beach house. Thomas hid his disappointment with it in a kiss with Nicole. Ridge made an appointment with a doctor, but Brooke urged him to tell Caroline the truth in case the vasectomy reversal didn't work. Steffy fired Ivy, and Wyatt fired back by appealing to Bill to open a rival fashion house. When Katie and Bill visited Forrester, Liam and Steffy exerted their authority at the company. Liam wondered if Bill had lost confidence in him, but Steffy believed Bill respected Liam for asserting himself. Bill was intrigued at the idea of starting a new fashion house but decided not to ignite a war between his sons.
September 21 to 26, 2015
Ridge's doctor ran tests to gauge Ridge's fertility as the first step in recommending a vasectomy reversal. The tests indicated that Ridge was sterile, making a reversal pointless. Caroline visited her own doctor and learned that she was already pregnant. Caroline was hopeful that the baby could be Ridge's, but Ridge revealed that he was unable to impregnate her. Zende overheard Nicole and Thomas discussing their kiss, and Zende's jealousy led him to kiss Nicole and make things official. Ivy went to Forrester and asked Steffy if she could see the wisdom and benevolence in allowing Ivy to return to work at Forrester.
September 28 to October 2, 2015
Despite Ivy's request for another chance, Steffy refused to rehire her cousin. For fun, Bill told Quinn that Wyatt had inherited her bad genes, which made Wyatt inferior to Liam. Quinn tried to appeal to Liam to "rescue" Wyatt, causing Liam to warn his brother that his mother was headed back off her rocker. Ridge caught Thomas with an intern and accused Thomas of being a spoiled brat out to take whatever woman he wanted. Thomas punched Ridge and later told Steffy that their father had no idea. Caroline revealed to Ridge that she'd unintentionally slept with his son.
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October 5 to 9, 2015
Ivy appealed to Eric to help her get back into Forrester, and Eric persuaded the cousins to put their squabble behind them and move forward as a team. To Ivy's horror, Steffy made her the new spokesmodel for the bedroom line. Liam believed Steffy was playing games with Ivy, and Wyatt encouraged Ivy to rise to the challenge. Upon hearing that Caroline was pregnant, Ridge decided to assume the paternity. Ridge ended his working relationship with Thomas and gassed up the jet to send Thomas to Paris. Wanting a baby with her DNA, Maya asked Nicole to be her surrogate mother.
October 12 to 16, 2015
Katie expressed her dismay over Steffy's choice to make Ivy a lingerie model, but the laughing Bill called it brilliant. Wyatt got Ivy to wear lingerie while paying the pizza man, and she began to warm up to wearing something "more comfortable" in public. Zende cooked Nicole a romantic dinner, and she told him about the surrogacy request. He urged Nicole to make their future a priority, but Nicole felt compelled to become the surrogate. Rick, Brooke, and Steffy were perplexed by Thomas' trip to Paris. Steffy grilled Ridge about the reason for it, but Ridge remained cryptic and staunch about the decision.
October 19 to 23, 2015
Pam, Liam, and Charlie got Caroline to admit that that she was pregnant. Brooke questioned the paternity, but Ridge claimed he'd reversed his vasectomy. When Thomas showed back up in town, Pam told him that he'd have a new sibling. Zende put his feelings aside to support Nicole in her surrogacy decision. Julius and Vivienne arrived for a surprise visit. Nicole and Maya were not happy with the news that their parent were moving to town, and Julius wasn't happy with the news that Nicole would be Maya's surrogate. When Ivy struggled through a lingerie photo shoot, Liam put a stop to it and convinced Steffy and Ivy to make peace with each other.
October 26 to 30, 2015
Despite their parents' misgivings, Nicole and Maya forged ahead with the surrogacy. Nicole seemed frazzled upon learning the first insemination attempt could happen any day. Julius tried to convince Zende to talk Nicole out of it. Zende wanted to support Nicole, but when she said they couldn't have sex, he told her that she could still back out of the procedure. Caroline convinced Thomas that he hadn't fathered her baby, and to Wyatt's dismay, Thomas began flirting with Ivy. A light fixture fell at the Halloween party, and Thomas saved Ivy from being struck by it.
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November 2 to 6, 2015
Vivienne and Julius stood firmly against Nicole becoming Maya's surrogate, but Nicole refused to back out of the procedure. Eric and Brooke lent their support for the surrogacy, and Eric asked Brooke to move into the mansion. With Maya, Rick, and Zende by her side, Nicole underwent the first attempt at fertilization. Thomas tried to put the Spencers in their place at a Forrester meeting. Wyatt fumed about it and about Thomas' flirtations with Ivy. Ridge and Caroline saw the baby for the first time during a sonogram appointment, and she gasped when she saw Thomas in the exam room doorway.
November 9 to 13, 2015
Caroline became stressed when Thomas showed up at her sonogram and wondered what he'd feel like to see his own child for the first time. Brooke told Liam about the vasectomy, and Liam pressed Caroline about the tension between her, Ridge, and Thomas. As Thomas sought reconciliation with Ridge, Steffy tried to broker peace between her father and brother. Caroline warned Ridge to cool down toward Thomas. Thomas overheard Ridge telling Caroline that Thomas would never know. Zende wondered how he'd really feel if Nicole got pregnant, and Rick, Maya, and Nicole learned that Nicole was pregnant indeed.
November 16 to 20, 2015
Caroline and Ridge deflected Thomas' concerns about what he'd overheard, and the couple agreed to stop discussing the issue at the office. Thomas designed a dress for Ivy, but when he kissed her, she insisted that she was with Wyatt. Thomas bet Steffy that he could get Ivy. Steffy wouldn't take the bet but doubted that he'd succeed. When Wyatt left on an overnight trip, Steffy became worried about his relationship. Thomas set up a romantic scene at the mansion. Though Ivy resisted, she eventually gave in to temptation. Liam proposed to Steffy, and she agreed to marry him.
November 23 to 27, 2015
Thomas was ready for another make-out session with Ivy, but the conflicted Ivy declined. Near the end of a romantic dinner with Wyatt, Ivy ducked out to inform Thomas that she had a great boyfriend and would move in with Wyatt if he asked. Nicole and Zende worked through his mixed feelings about the pregnancy. After a warm moment reminiscing with her parents, Maya invited them to Thanksgiving dinner. Family and friends gathered at the mansion to celebrate Thanksgiving.
November 30 to December 4, 2015
Thomas tried to convince Ivy to give him a chance, but Ivy refused to continue to hurt Wyatt. Steffy overheard the guilt-ridden Ivy telling Thomas that what had happened between them wouldn't happen again. Steffy confronted Thomas, who admitted that he and Ivy had made out. Steffy warned Ivy to tell Wyatt, or Steffy would. Before Ivy could tell Wyatt, Steffy did it, and despite Ivy's pleas for forgiveness, Wyatt told Ivy that if she wanted Thomas, she could have him. Ivy confronted Steffy about telling Wyatt first, and Steffy inadvertently pushed Ivy into a bundle of short-circuited wires. Steffy watched in horror as Ivy got electrocuted.
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December 7 to 11, 2015
Steffy got Ivy life-saving help after inadvertently pushing Ivy into live wires on an electrical panel. Ivy survived and slapped Steffy with a restraining order that Lieutenant Baker claimed barred Steffy from entering Forrester while Ivy was at work. Wyatt made up with Ivy after her near-death experience. Ridge learned that Thomas' dalliances with women were a catalyst for the incident between Steffy and Ivy. Thomas wanted to mend things with Ridge, but Ridge ordered Thomas to work on himself. Morning sickness horned in on Zende's time with Nicole.
December 14 to 18, 2015
Nicole's best friend arrived in town. Worried that Sasha would reveal his secret, Julius wanted her to make the visit short. The thought of Rick's baby inside Nicole prevented Zende from having sex with Nicole. Instead of consoling Nicole, Sasha sneaked into Zende's room to be his confidante. Steffy violated Ivy's restraining order to try to talk to Ivy, and while reaching for her phone to call the police, Ivy fell. Wyatt convinced Ivy to tell Lieutenant Baker not to arrest Steffy. Liam attempted to get Ivy to drop the order, and with a kiss, Ivy implored Liam to give his relationship with her another chance.
December 21 to 25, 2015
Nicole and Zende talked out their issues and vowed to not let anything get between them. Rick invited Maya's family and Zende to Hawaii for Christmas. Sasha told Julius that, as his daughter, she deserved to go, too. Ivy dropped the restraining order against Steffy at Liam's behest and remained convinced that Liam should give her another chance. Wyatt revealed to Liam his desire to propose to Ivy, but Liam told neither Steffy nor Wyatt about Ivy's feelings. Stephanie's portrait appeared for Christmas, and Brooke's loved ones rescued her from a lonely Christmas Eve.
December 28, 2015 to January 1, 2016
Quinn crashed Wyatt's proposal to Ivy and forced Ivy to confess that Wyatt was her second choice after Liam. Ivy packed to leave town. Before Ivy could go, Steffy and Ivy argued on the mansion staircase, and Ivy fell down the stairs. Brooke was leery about accepting an editorial position at Spencer. Brooke kissed Bill and confided in him that she couldn't do it because she still had feelings for him. Instead of telling Katie about it, Bill helped her talk Brooke into working with them.
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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate


Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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