The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 26, 2015 on B&B

Caroline and Ridge ordered Rick to quit his job or go to jail. Brooke laid down the law to all the misbehaving parties at Forrester Creations. Liam hatched a Forrester takeover plain involving Steffy and Bill. Bill finally fired Brooke from her job as his lover and perpetual fiancée.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 26, 2015 on B&B
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Rick's jealousy and bitterness gets the best of him

Rick's jealousy and bitterness gets the best of him

Monday, January 26, 2015

At Liam's house, Liam and Ivy cuddled in bed. Liam offered to get another blanket, but Ivy liked the cold. It reminded her of Amsterdam, where Liam had been "quite the captain." She stated that there was no end to his hidden talents.

Liam mentioned that he had an extra toothbrush for her in case she wanted to spend the night instead of rushing home. Ivy wondered whose home she'd be rushing to -- Rick and Maya's or Eric's. Liam suspected things might be more awkward after the fallout earlier that day. Ivy said she should take her protector with her, and Liam conveyed that he'd go Neanderthal on Rick again if he had to.

Ivy wondered why they were discussing Rick instead of what they'd have for breakfast in the morning. Liam wanted syrup waffles from Amsterdam and threatened to go on a hunger strike when Ivy said she couldn't make them. She called him immature. He tickled her, and they kissed.

Later, Ivy and Liam lay face-to-face in bed. She told him that she didn't make love likely and needed to know if he was still holding out hope for his last love. Liam assured her that he wouldn't have made love to her if he felt that way. He said that he wanted Ivy, and they kissed.

At the mansion, Maya finally put on a robe over her red teddy as she explained to Brooke that Rick should be home soon for the special evening they'd planned together. "In Eric's home, dressed like that," Brooke remarked. Maya quipped that the teddy was one of Brooke's top sellers.

Brooke noted that Maya still hadn't explained the appearance of Maya's portrait. Maya said that she wasn't the portrait type, but she was getting used to it. "So everyone else should, too," Brooke knowingly added. Brooke had known that Caroline and Rick had been having problems, but Brooke hadn't expected to return home to "this."

Maya suggested that she and Brooke wait to talk when Rick got there. Brooke had a lot of questions for Rick, but she wanted to start with Maya. To Brooke, problems in the guesthouse seemed to explain why Rick was temporarily in the main house, but it didn't explain why Rick was with Maya instead of his wife. Maya asserted that Caroline was living elsewhere.

Brooke gleaned that Rick and Caroline had gone their separate ways. Maya asked if Brooke knew that Rick was CEO. Brooke stated that Eric had made the decision in part because Caroline and Rick were a dynamic team. Brooke asked if that had devolved, too.

Maya was uncomfortable talking half-dressed and decided to change clothes. "While you do, I will put Stephanie's portrait back where it belongs," Brooke decided and scowled at Maya's portrait.

Later, Maya returned, and Brooke noted that Stephanie's portrait wasn't in the garage. Maya offered to call Rick about it and about Rick's location. Brooke wondered if Rick hadn't gotten home yet because he was working things out with Caroline. Maya doubted that.

Maya felt that Rick should be the one to explain things, but she assured Brooke that she loved Brooke's son. Brooke asked about Caroline's love for Rick, and Maya relayed that Caroline had turned to someone else and had been unfaithful with Ridge.

Later, Brooke was absorbing the news as Maya stated that Brooke knew Rick and Ridge's history of animosity, so Brooke could imagine the pain of the affair. Brooke murmured that Maya had said it had been just a few kisses. Maya relayed that it had been happening while the designers had been working, and it had devastated Rick. Brooke guessed that Maya had picked up the pieces.

Maya said she'd made no secret of her feelings for Rick, and she'd respected the marriage until Caroline had given Maya and Rick a reason not to. Maya guessed she should have let Rick tell Brooke. Brooke stated that Rick had never mentioned it. Maya guessed Rick hadn't wanted to worry Brooke.

Shedding a tear, Brooke asked how Caroline could do it to the devoted Rick. Maya said she couldn't stand watching Rick suffer, but people had called her a gold-digger for comforting him. She didn't care about it as long as Rick knew she was the woman he could trust. Maya said Rick needed more than just her support. Since Brooke was his mother, Maya knew they could count on Brooke.

On the threshold of Rick's old office at Forrester, Rick fired three shots in Caroline and Ridge's direction. Rick kicked open the door and saw Ridge lying on top of Caroline, shielding her. Ridge turned to face Rick and asked him what he was doing and if he was nuts. Rick cynically asked Ridge what he was doing and if he'd been molesting Caroline. Rick asked what Caroline was doing. He guessed she'd say that she'd been drawing, and the creative juices had started flowing.

Rick claimed he'd seen Ridge all over Caroline, pawing her, and he'd had to do something to get Ridge off of her. Ridge snatched the gun from Rick and emptied the bullets onto the desk. Ridge called Rick insane and said Rick could have killed them. Rick said to relax because he would have done just that if he'd wanted to. "You two going at it like that -- you deserve it," Rick stated.

Charlie charged in with his gun drawn, and Carter and Pam arrived, asking what had happened. Ridge accused Rick of shooting at Ridge and Caroline. Charlie left to check that no bullets had struck anyone in the adjacent offices, and Rick claimed that he'd been stopping Ridge from defiling Caroline.

Pam asked where Rick had gotten the gun. Rick said it was Stephanie's old gun. Rick claimed his lawyer had stopped by to pick the gun up; however, when Kris had left it, Rick had discovered "the cradle robber" on top of Rick's wife.

"Your wife? Now she's your wife?" Ridge asked and demanded to know if Rick wanted to be with Caroline or not. Ridge ordered Rick to stop jerking Caroline around, but Rick insisted that she was indeed his wife. Ridge yelled that Rick had kept turning Caroline away, but "now" he wanted to shoot at men to keep them away from her. Ridge insisted upon knowing if Rick wanted Caroline or not.

Grinning manically, Rick told Caroline that she'd get a visit from his attorney. He said she could drop the gun off with Kris. To Ridge, Rick screamed, "Do me a favor -- stay off my wife!"

Rick stormed out, and when Charlie returned, he, Pam, and Carter took photos of the bullet holes in the wall. After they left, Caroline muttered that it had happened "so fast." Ridge picked up his phone to locate Lieutenant Baker's number. Ridge said Rick could stomp around the CEO's office but couldn't use people as target practice. Ridge was sure Eric would agree -- document or no document.

Caroline pushed away the phone and said she couldn't let Ridge call the police on her husband, who'd been through enough. "He pulled out a gun, and he shot at us," Ridge replied. She claimed that Rick hadn't meant to hurt anyone. "How do you know that? What if he's a lousy shot?" Ridge asked.

Caroline asked Ridge to let it go, but Ridge said that it had to stop. Caroline felt that Rick was in a lot of pain because of what she'd done, and she couldn't have him arrested on top of all she'd done to him. Caroline begged Ridge, and he put the phone away. The two hugged.

Ridge said Caroline was extraordinary, and they could be extraordinary. Caroline asked what Ridge meant. "I'm leaving Forrester -- with you," he revealed. Ridge wanted them to start their own design house. He was tired of asking for forgiveness, and he wanted to see Caroline happy. "So do me a favor. Run away with me," Ridge said.

Ridge and Caroline plot to oust Rick

Ridge and Caroline plot to oust Rick

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge encouraged Caroline to run away with him. He enthused that they could leave Forrester and start their own company. "Just say yes. Say yes," Ridge prompted.

Rick's attorney entered and interrupted. He presented Caroline with divorce papers. Ridge gave the attorney the gun that Rick had used to shoot at Caroline and Ridge and suggested that the attorney knew what to do with it. Ridge encouraged Caroline to have her own attorney look at the papers, but Caroline refused. She wanted to sign and get it over with.

"Do you have a pen?" Caroline asked the lawyer. He handed her a pen, and Caroline maintained that she had wanted nothing from Rick, but Ridge recommended that she give it some time. "I've given this enough time," she countered.

Caroline signed the papers and handed them back to the lawyer. "There, it's done. Now we can all move on," Caroline said, and she smiled and looked satisfied and at peace. "I didn't expect Rick to come in here with a gun -- he's not the man I married," she said.

Caroline shared that Rick had hurt her and threatened her, and she had put up with it. Ridge said he was sorry, but Caroline wasn't. "I did everything I could to save my marriage," she said. She added that she had drawn the line at Rick's violent threats, and she had no room for him in her life. "Now what?" Caroline asked with a flirty smile.

At the Forrester mansion, Brooke was surprised at all the changes at the house. She noted that Maya had "put your stamp on this place." Brooke motioned to the painting of Maya that had replaced the painting of Stephanie. Maya explained that it had all been Rick's doing, and they would replace the painting when Eric returned.

Brooke advised Maya that it had all happened a bit too fast. "What are you up to?" she asked Maya. Maya blamed Caroline for Rick's actions. Brooke asked Maya to explain, and Maya launched into her explanation of how Caroline had kissed Ridge, and that had hurt Rick.

"But why is he living here with you," Brooke asked. "We're a team," Maya answered. Brooke was skeptical. Maya professed that Rick had needed a woman he could trust -- who was devoted to him and his success. "I won't let him down," Maya promised.

Brooke noted that in return "you get all of this" Maya acknowledged that it looked bad, but Maya added that she "loved the life of Forrester," and she did not plan to pretend that she didn't because she had grown up with nothing, and she had nothing to hide.

"How is my son?" Brooke quizzed. Maya explained that Rick had not dealt well with Caroline's betrayal with Ridge. Maya said that Caroline had to have known Rick's history with Ridge. Maya said that Caroline had reopened a huge wound for Rick.

Rick entered the front door, and worried aloud that he needed some relaxation. Maya called to Rick's attention that Brooke had arrived. Rick asked if Hope had also returned, but Brooke said that Hope had needed some more time to work things out. Hope planned to remain in Milan for a while.

Rick said he'd had a "bang-up day at the office." He acknowledged that Brooke had to have had some questions because he'd been living with Maya. Rick explained that before he answered her questions, he had to tell her about the problems at the office.

"There was an incident at the office. Shots were fired," he said. Brooke and Maya were shocked, and Rick tried to explain that he hadn't tried to hit anyone. Brooke and Maya asked who he'd shot at. Rick replied that it had been Caroline and Ridge. Rick added nonchalantly that they had probably called the police.

Brooke asked about the gun, and Rick explained that it had been in Stephanie's nightstand. He whined that Caroline had begged him to return to her and their marriage, but she'd been kissing Ridge. "I had to get him off of my wife," Rick shouted. Maya and Brooke looked confused and worried.

Rick maintained that Ridge and Caroline would make it seem worse than it had been. Rick sat down, and Maya sat down and grabbed his hand. Brooke left the room and called Ridge.

At Forrester, Caroline flashed back and relived the shooting incident in which Rick had mocked her. "Teach me, Ridge," Rick had said. She recalled that Rick had said he'd had to get Ridge off of Caroline and that Ridge had called Rick insane. "You could have killed us," Ridge had shouted.

Rick had maintained that they'd deserved it.

Caroline looked thoughtful, and she stopped her flashback. She overheard Ridge, who had called Eric. Ridge explained what had happened while Caroline continued to flash back to Rick's justification of shooting at Ridge and Caroline.

After Ridge hung up, Caroline wondered what had happened. Ridge noted that Eric had been shocked. Ridge reminded Caroline that Rick should be in jail. Caroline agreed that any other employee would be in jail, but she added that Rick didn't belong in jail.

Ridge's phone rang, and it was Brooke. Ridge gave her a quick version of what had happened, and he shouted that Rick could have killed them. Ridge told Brooke that Caroline had refused to call the police, but Ridge added that he would not let it go. "Your son's out of control," Ridge said.

Brooke hung up and returned to the living room with Rick and Maya. Her eyes were filled with tears, and she told them that Ridge and Caroline had not called the police. Rick lamented that Caroline had been lying to him, and Maya chimed in that it had all been Caroline's fault, and Rick was a victim.

Brooke reminded Rick and Maya that Caroline was his wife. Rick shook his head and said that he'd been stressed out about running the company. Rick professed that his only peace had been with Maya.

Rick justified that he had shown his appreciation for Maya when he'd hung her portrait because she was the only one who'd been there for him. Brooke explained that she'd have been there for him, but she'd thought he'd been fine, and she had been helping Hope.

Brooke hugged Rick, and he said he had to go to bed. She encouraged him to get a good night's sleep, and she hoped he would awaken and feel more like himself. Rick looked confused. He kissed Maya, and Maya promised to join him soon. Rick went upstairs.

Brooke poured herself a drink and noted that Rick was really attached to Maya. "We've been through a lot," Maya said. "My son is in trouble," Brooke announced. She added that she understood that Maya was helping him, but she worried about Maya's sincerity.

"I am back, and I will be watching," Brooke advised, and she scowled at Maya. Brooke promised to show herself out after Maya had gone to bed. "Goodnight, Mrs. Forrester," Maya said. Brooke squinted at Maya and looked around the house with distaste. Brooke glared at the painting of Maya, and Maya watched Brooke from the balcony above.

At Forrester, Caroline told Ridge that she hoped Brooke had returned to help Rick. Caroline thought Rick should be fired because he was unstable. Ridge wanted to get away from Forrester, but Caroline said they needed to fight because Rick was dangerous and had to be stopped. Caroline reminded Ridge that Eric had originally chosen Ridge as CEO, and Ridge noted that he and Caroline had developed the greatest couture line ever.

Caroline maintained that she and Ridge should run the company. They agreed to take over with no more regrets or guilt. Ridge smiled, and he and Caroline embraced.

Brooke is blindsided by news regarding a former flame

Brooke is blindsided by news regarding a former flame

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

by Pam

At Spencer, Katie and Liam bantered about business. Katie admitted that it was nice to return to Spencer. Liam said there was a buzz in the building that everyone had welcomed her back.

Liam noted that he didn't want anything awkward between them because he had been named president and she had been named vice president. Liam respected that Katie had at one time been CEO. Katie said that she was happy for Liam.

Liam proudly announced that Bill had reinstated some of Katie's initiatives, and he added that he hoped Bill and Katie would work things out on a personal level as well. Liam teased that Katie could do a lot better than Bill, but she had made Bill a better person. Katie did not want to get her hopes up about a future with Bill. Liam said he felt Bill had been humbled.

Katie said she would stay open to whatever headed her way. She changed the subject to Liam and Ivy. Katie wondered if Liam and Ivy had taken their relationship to the next level, and Liam laughed. He said that he had been very lucky to meet Ivy. He complimented Ivy's personality and her beauty and said he had a future with Ivy.

Katie admitted that she had been a fan of Liam and Hope, but she recognized that Hope had left for Italy, and Liam reminded her that Hope was still married to his brother. "I'm glad you're moving on," Katie said.

Liam returned the conversation to Katie and Bill. Katie dished that Bill could be very charming when he wanted something. "I have to be grateful to Brooke for stepping away and giving us the space to rediscover each other," Katie said. She hoped she and Bill could become a family again with Will.

At Quinn's, Deacon offered to grab breakfast for them, but Quinn said she was too busy. Deacon tried to romance Quinn, but she was distracted. Deacon asked what was wrong. Quinn answered that she was worried about Brooke's return.

Deacon teased that Quinn was jealous. Quinn scoffed, but he had clearly hit a nerve. Deacon reminded Quinn that he was not with Brooke, but Quinn noted that he and Brooke shared a very sordid past. Quinn quizzed Deacon about his past with Brooke.

Deacon tried to minimize his relationship as an affair that had resulted in the birth of Hope. Quinn reminded Deacon that he had been married to Brooke's daughter when he'd had a hot and heavy affair with Brooke.

Quinn called Brooke a glamorous, successful sex symbol, "if you like blondes," she said. Quinn added that Brooke had been at the center of many scandals. Deacon agreed, but he added that he was with Quinn.

Quinn announced that there was big news at Spencer with Liam as president and Katie as vice president. Quinn noted that if Bill returned to Katie, it left Brooke without a man.

Deacon wondered why Quinn was worried about Brooke. He wondered if she was insecure. Quinn scoffed, but Deacon knew she was concerned. Deacon promised that he wouldn't leave her. He called her adorable, and Quinn told Deacon to stop being so confident, or she would throw something at him.

Quinn reminded Deacon that not so long before, she had thought Bill would return to her and Deacon would end up with Brooke. "Baby, I'm not interested in Brooke," Deacon said. He promised to share his life with Quinn. Quinn caressed Deacon's face, and they kissed.

At Brooke's house, she recalled romantic moments with Bill on a balloon ride, in Europe, on a boat ride, in his helicopter, riding through Abu Dhabi in a convertible, and their wedding. She smiled as she flashed back through all the memories.

Brooke remembered when she had told Katie that she was leaving Los Angeles to give Bill and Katie a chance to be together. She flashed back to Katie's skepticism because Katie was in love with Ridge. Brooke had reminded Katie that Will would have the chance for his parents to be together. "I want Ridge," Katie had said. Brooke remembered that she had promised to take herself out of the equation and give Bill and Katie one more chance.

Brooke looked thoughtful as she remembered her last visit with Katie, but her flashbacks were interrupted when her doorbell rang. She opened the door to Bill. Brooke wondered how Bill had heard she'd returned. Bill confessed that he'd been keeping tabs on her.

"Seeing you like this -- I can't tell you how it makes me feel," Bill said. He confessed that it did something to him seeing her pretty blonde hair and her beautiful green eyes. Bill noted that he had texted, called, and emailed while she'd been gone, but she had never responded.

Brooke halfheartedly apologized and said that she'd been really immersed in her work, and she'd dealt with Hope. Brooke admitted that she didn't think Hope had fully dealt with the loss of her child, and she didn't know if Hope and Wyatt would be able to save their marriage.

Bill said he'd been glad to learn that Brooke had returned, and he had looked forward to seeing her again because he wanted to tell her how he felt. "You walked out on me," Bill said bitterly.

Brooke said she didn't know what to say. "Did you ever think about us?" Bill wondered. He asked if she had recalled how much they'd felt for each other and how much he had loved her.

Bill said he had been blind. "Everyone warned me about you, and look where it got me. You turned your back on us. I am done fighting for you. What I want is my family and to spend the rest of my life with your sister," he said. Brooke looked calm.

Bill admitted that he had hurt Katie terribly, but he would make it up to her. Brooke was happy for Bill. She said that she had known she frustrated him, but it had all worked out in the end.

Brooke said that she had become a better person, and Bill would be there for his son. "You and your family have a new beginning," Brooke said. She added that they would lock their memories away forever. Bill nodded and left. Brooke tearfully watched him leave.

Bill and Liam discuss Rick

Bill and Liam discuss Rick

Thursday, January 29, 2015

In Liam's office, Ivy and Liam kissed, and he asked how her how their first night had been. Ivy had loved waking up to his face, but he jokingly apologized about it. The two said they loved each other. Ivy remarked that she liked being at Spencer, and it was peaceful. Liam advised her to wait until Bill arrived.

Ivy recognized Bill's bombastic nature, but she didn't think he was dark. In her view, darkness within a person permeated everything, and working at Forrester had become oppressive under the new dictator's shadow. It was worse for Ivy at home with Maya in person and on the wall. Liam proposed that Ivy solve her problems by visiting her new toothbrush.

Ivy described Forrester as a warzone. It wasn't good for Ivy's creativity, but she doubted her pieces would be more than collateral damage in Rick's war. Liam snarled as Ivy said it was as if Caroline couldn't do anything right. Caroline and Ridge's designs were amazing, but nothing was good enough for Rick, who appeared to be out to destroy everything. Liam bit out that it was no way to run a company.

Ivy relayed that Liam hadn't heard the worst of it, and Rick had fired a gun around Ridge and Caroline. Liam was enraged at that Rick had shot at Liam's cousin. Ivy explained that it had been in the room, but Liam didn't care. Liam said Rick couldn't get away with it.

Just then, Bill arrived. Ivy left for work, and Liam repeated to Bill what Ivy had said about Rick and the gun. Liam declared that Rick had to be stopped, and Liam knew how to do it.

Liam relayed what he'd heard about the climate at Forrester, He asked why Caroline or anyone else had to put up with it. Bill asserted that a Spencer shouldn't have to put up with it. Liam refused to let Rick terrorize his girlfriend, either. Liam believed that he was a diplomatic guy and could get along with anyone, but he couldn't stand the self-entitled Rick Forrester anymore. Bill asked what Liam had as a solution. "I want to take over Forrester Creations," Liam replied, and Bill grinned.

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Donna had coffee as Brooke discussed the Milan office being a mess. It had taken her time to sort it out. Brooke conveyed that Hope wasn't coping well, but Wyatt was hanging in there. Brooke remarked that time hadn't stood still in her absence, and Donna asked if Brooke had been to Eric's house.

Brooke relayed that Maya had answered the door, looking like a Brooke's Bedroom advertisement. To Brooke, Maya moved faster than Brooke ever had. Brooke had been preoccupied with the Milan office and taking care of Hope, and Rick hadn't filled his mother in on what had been going on. Brooke asked why Donna hadn't said anything about it sooner.

Donna said she hadn't wanted to distract Brooke from Hope, and Donna hadn't wanted to cross Rick. "He's been a little scary lately," Donna warily added. She asked if Brooke had seen Rick. "Right after he fired shots at Ridge and Caroline," Brooke replied, and Donna gasped.

Brooke relayed that Rick had behaved as if shooting a gun in an office was an ordinary occurrence, and he'd been detached while claiming that he could have killed the designers if he'd wanted to. Donna asked why Rick would shoot, and Brooke explained that he'd wanted to get Ridge off of Caroline. Donna asked if Brooke found Rick's behavior extreme.

Donna explained how Rick had been treating Caroline and flaunting Maya in everyone's face. Brooke was shaking her head and shrugging as she tried to relay Rick's reasoning, but she admitted that she didn't know what he was trying to accomplish. Brooke said that he believed Maya was his salvation, and looking unsettled, Brooke added she hadn't decided if it should worry her or not.

Donna relayed that Maya had been five steps ahead of everyone. Brooke felt that Caroline should have known better than to entangle herself with Ridge, of all people. Donna felt that Caroline was young and inexperienced, and Ridge should have known better.

Donna explained how Maya had exposed the designers' kisses in the middle of a meeting. Brooke, who'd been exposed like that before, felt bad for Caroline. Donna stated that Maya had been there to pick up the pieces for Rick. Donna wasn't sure what to think of Maya, but Donna shuddered to think of what Rick would be like without Maya.

Donna wished Eric were there to handle Rick and Ridge. She stated that Rick was shooting guns -- again -- and asked if Brooke remembered when he'd shot Grant. To Donna, it felt ominous, as if the whole bottom would fall out at any moment.

Later, Brooke returned downstairs from changing into a suit, and Donna explained that she'd just spoken to Pam, who reported that things at the office were tense enough to burst between Rick and Ridge. Donna said no one felt safe because of Rick. Brooke found it disturbing for the family, but Donna said it didn't feel like a family anymore.

Donna stated that Eric had ruled with benevolence, and even when Ridge had been in charge, no one had feared for their lives. Brooke asserted that Eric wasn't there, but she was back. Brooke refused to let Eric and Stephanie's work go down in a blaze of testosterone.

In the CEO's office, Maya arrived to let Rick know that maintenance had repaired the bullet holes in "his" office walls. She still couldn't believe Rick had shot off a gun at the office. "I wasn't going to hurt them. You're not going to scold me, are you?" he asked in a pouting tone. She claimed it wasn't her style, but she wondered if it really bothered him that much to see Caroline with Ridge.

Rick purported that the issue was the designers lying about being together. He wanted the designers to know that he was onto them. Maya said the walls were his to shoot up all he wanted. He gloated about how quickly Ridge had hopped off Caroline, and Maya scowled.

Ridge and Caroline charged into the office. Rick rasped that he was busy, but Ridge demanded that Rick step down as CEO immediately. Rick found it funny, and Maya stated that Rick had a contract. Ridge doubted they'd need Maya's services, either, but she asserted that he couldn't fire her.

Rick declared that he and Maya weren't leaving -- especially not at Ridge and Caroline's command. Caroline said that shooting at her and Ridge had given them a case, but Rick dismissively replied that he'd shot a gun in an office at his father's company. "You guys just happened to be there," he concluded. Ridge said Rick could have killed them, but Rick noted that if he'd wanted them dead, they wouldn't be there, having a pointless conversation with him.

Ridge clarified that the point to the conversation was that if Rick didn't step down, Ridge and Caroline would file charges against Rick for attempted murder. Maya uttered that they wouldn't dare, and Rick smugly grinned, surmising that they expected him to step down and let Ridge take over as CEO with Caroline by his side. "Well, we all know that's a fantasy, don't we?" Rick said to Maya.

Rick figured his opponents would seek to have him arrested when all he'd done was fire into a room. Ridge declared that it wasn't normal behavior, and Rick wasn't fit to run the business. Caroline believed something was wrong with Rick, and she shrieked that he couldn't just shoot at people.

Ridge advised Rick to go to an island and get his head on straight, and Ridge and Caroline would find Rick something to do upon his return. Rick asked Caroline if she really thought he was unstable. Caroline hated to agree, but she did. Rick asked if she really thought he should step aside and let Ridge and her take over. She quietly agreed with that, too.

Rick became thoughtful, and Maya hoped he wasn't considering stepping down. Rick said they needed to consider all the conclusions. He decided that his arrest would launch the company into a bad spotlight, and the first question from the media would be why he'd fired the gun.

Rick "supposed" he could give a jailhouse interview to garner sympathy, and Maya chimed in that she'd work the press to get it from the outside. Caroline quipped that it would be sweet of the gold-digging mistress. Rick asked if the designers wanted to take the company into tabloid hell just to get back at him. "Not to get back at you -- to stop you," Ridge asserted. Ridge ordered Rick to step down, or Ridge would call the police.

"No, you won't. You're not calling anybody," Brooke declared, entering the room. Ridge welcomed Brooke back, and Caroline could only imagine what Brooke had heard about the state of affairs. Brooke said she hadn't heard anything she'd liked and asked someone to fill her in on things.

Rick told his mother that Ridge was running a typical power play, but with Caroline running shotgun that time. Brooke berated Ridge for making a move on her son's wife then deciding to have her son arrested to get her son's job, too. Ridge said Rick was out of control and had shot a gun at Ridge and Caroline. Brooke shouted that she didn't care, and Ridge was shocked.

Brooke accused Ridge of trying to break Rick and take everything that mattered to Rick. Brooke was angry about what she'd returned home to but declared that it would stop. She said Rick had worked hard to prove himself, Eric believed in Rick, and the irrevocable control would not change.

"Maybe you didn't hear me. He shot at us," Ridge repeated.

Brooke asked Ridge what was wrong with him, and Ridge repeated the question. She accused him of making out with Rick's wife, a woman half Ridge's age. "That's what this is all about," Ridge decided. Brooke decided that no charges would be filed, Rick would remain as CEO, and if Ridge didn't like it, Ridge could leave.

Liam reaches out to someone

Liam reaches out to someone

Friday, January 30, 2015

In the Forrester corridor, Pam advised Donna to at least pretend to work. Donna worriedly paced around and asked Pam where the gun was. Pam didn't know, and the last thing she wanted was to see Rick walking toward her with a revolver in hand.

Donna assured herself that Rick would listen to Brooke. Scoffing, Pam said nobody ever did what Brooke said -- except Donna. Pam believed that Eric was the only solution to the problems because he knew how to handle his sons. Pam said Eric always knew what to do.

Pam pecked away on a keyboard, and Donna asked what Pam was typing. "Our resignations," Pam responded. With things so volatile around there, she wanted herself and Donna to be prepared.

In the CEO's office, Brooke felt that she, more than anyone, had borne the brunt of Rick and Ridge's rivalry, and it gave her the right to end it. Ridge asked if she was really okay with Rick shooting at people. She felt that she had to be in order to end the feud. She decided that no one would call the police, Rick would continue as CEO, and Ridge would deal with it whether he liked it or not.

Ridge said he wouldn't call the police -- if Rick stepped down. Rick told Brooke not to worry because it was probably legal to have a gun range in the basement. Maya warned Rick not to toy around because he could get a slap on the wrist or six months for reckless endangerment. Rick threatened to drag Ridge's dirty laundry out into the public if Ridge went to the police.

Brooke asserted that it wouldn't happen because Ridge wouldn't go to the police. She told Ridge that he owed her for every betrayal and abandonment. Ridge didn't think it was his fault that Rick was traumatized by Brooke's screwed-up sex life. Brooke blamed Ridge for his heartlessness and for his hypocrisy in berating her for being with her sister's husband when he later seduced his brother's wife.

Caroline interjected that no one had seduced her. Brooke bellowed that if Caroline wasn't going to defend her husband, then Brooke didn't want to hear a word from her. Caroline respected Brooke but said Brooke couldn't insert herself into a situation that she didn't understand.

Caroline stated that she and Ridge hadn't had sex, and they hadn't seen each other undressed. She acknowledged that the intimacy that had developed between them had been wrong, but it had been chaste to that very day -- unlike Rick, who'd moved Maya into Caroline's bed hours after Caroline had confessed. Maya insisted that Caroline hadn't confessed; Maya had exposed her.

Caroline said that Maya had told a lie, which Caroline had corrected with the truth. Brooke gleaned that the matter had happened over a misunderstanding and asked Caroline if she wanted Rick back. "I'm listening," Rick responded with an expectant shrug. Caroline rhetorically asked if she wanted a husband who expressed his displeasure with her by shooting at her.

Rick dismissively said Brooke had gotten her answer. Caroline raged that she'd groveled and humiliated herself, and she'd thought it had been worth it when he'd asked her to be back with him. Brooke was surprised to hear that Rick had asked Caroline back. Caroline explained that it had been a ruse to trick Eric into signing the papers, and all along, Rick had had Maya stashed away in a condo.

Maya said that she loved Rick, and she'd tried to do what he'd asked of her. Brooke asked what had changed from the last time Maya had broken Rick's heart to be with Carter. Maya didn't care if she made a fool of herself, as long as she was able to be the best partner and wife for Rick.

Brooke asked Caroline to answer the earlier question. Shrugging, Caroline stated that love hadn't been enough for Rick, who'd served her with divorce papers. She refused to keep hoping and hurting herself again and again. Caroline announced that she was done.

Brooke dismissed Ridge, who, in her view, could not be part of the solution. Ridge was humored by her belief that she should be involved. He noted that she'd finally gotten Bill to give up on her, but Rick had turned into an even bigger tyrant than Bill. Maya charged Ridge with being disrespectful. "Why are you speaking when I'm speaking? And why are you still here?" Ridge asked Maya.

Brooke decreed that Maya would stay. Ridge quipped that it was good parenting for Brooke to let Rick lead her around by the nose. Ridge left, but as Caroline began to follow him, Brooke asked her to stay. Caroline closed the door and turned to listen to Brooke.

Brooke claimed that when she'd been young, lost, and panicked, she'd made mistakes that had inevitably caused Rick's adult pain. She said Rick believed that she blamed Ridge, so Rick blamed Ridge, too. Brooke felt responsible, and she had to find a way out of the mess.

Brooke said she thought that Maya was sincere and that Maya believed her own words; however, Maya's actions belied her. Brooke told Maya that Rick would stay in his marriage. Behind Brooke, Caroline shook her head. Brooke told Rick that he was going to forgive Caroline.

Rick said he'd tried, but Brooke ordered him to make it work. She noted that Rick still called Caroline his wife. Brooke remarked upon the erratic way Rick had tossed his wife away for being tempted by a man that he hated and the erratic way he'd shacked up with a woman who coveted his status.

Maya claimed it wasn't like that, but Brooke ignored the statement as she remarked about Rick shooting up the place. Brooke believed that Rick's anger was crippling him, and he had to let it go in order to be happy and free. Cupping his face, Brooke said everyone could see that he still loved Caroline. Brooke asked him to take the first steps by telling Caroline that he forgave her, that he loved her, and that he wanted her back.

At Spencer, Liam was certain Rick would drive Forrester off a cliff. Bill guessed that Liam was concerned that HFTF would suffer. Liam wasn't concerned about that. His concern was for Caroline, who Rick was grinding down to a bloody pulp. Liam believed that, with Caroline designing, he could run the company and put Rick out to pasture.

"That's my boy, leaping into action for a damsel in distress!" the proud Bill said. Bill stated that Liam had to be eating red meat or impersonating "a cold-hearted bastard just to butter me up."

Liam needed Bill's Forrester stock to make a move. Bill said twelve and a half percent wouldn't get Liam anywhere. Liam replied that he knew of another source of stock -- in fact -- he'd been married to it. Bill started to see how the plan could work by enlisting Steffy, Forrester's sleeping giant.

Liam remarked that Steffy had always resented Brooke's influence at the company. Bill said Brooke was back, and he'd seen her. Liam asked how it had gone and pondered the possibility of Brooke reining Rick in. Bill saw little chance of it. "That kid plays Brooke like a freaking violin," Bill added.

Bill asked when Liam would go to Paris, but Liam said that Steffy's social media posts indicated that she was in town. Bill ribbed Liam for still "following" Steffy. Liam turned on his phone and the charm to call Steffy and to say she'd crept into town without calling him. He asked her to visit him, and she seemed surprised. She guessed he wanted her to go to his place and seemed hesitant about it.

After the call, Bill wondered what Steffy would expect. Liam said she knew he wouldn't jerk her around, because no matter the bad times, they'd always been friends. As Liam headed out the door, Bill announced that he was proud of his son. Liam smiled and left.

At the cliff house later, Steffy strode up to the front door. She hesitated, and music played as she flashed back to her happy times with Liam. She shook off her memories and knocked on the door. Liam answered. "Cha-Cha-Cha," she uttered, and he hugged her.

Entering the house, Steffy learned that Liam had tracked her down through her social media accounts. She said she'd occasionally visit friends or attend invents in the city, but she wouldn't always tell Ridge she was there. Liam asked if she and Ridge were still talking. Glancing away conspicuously, Steffy remarked that she'd heard from Hope at least, but there were subjects the pair didn't broach.

Steffy asked if Liam had missed her, and Liam asked how he couldn't miss her. She noted that his place hadn't changed much. He said that he sometimes reminisced about "all the bedtime stories." Steffy told him that she'd never replaced the motorcycle, and he said it was good to see her. She felt good to see him, too. Shaking off emotions, she asked what he'd wanted to talk about.

Liam didn't know what Steffy had heard about the inmates running the Forrester asylum. Steffy said that Paris and Los Angeles were a mouse-click away from each other. She had no use for Rick, who she'd heard had moved his mistress into the mansion. Liam said it was worse. Steffy guessed he meant her father and Caroline. Steffy didn't want to judge anything without talking to Ridge.

Steffy hated the whispering at International. It reminded her of when Brooke had run the company. Liam believed that Steffy should be running the company because she'd been the one to get it from Bill. Chuckling, she wondered who else remembered that. Liam doubted Forrester would survive.

Liam noted that Bill's, Thomas', and her stock combined equaled thirty percent. "Liam," Steffy uttered in a naughty tone. He asked if he'd surprised her. She said he'd always been a daily surprise. He figured that had been tiring, but she replied that she'd never tired of it.

Liam asked what she thought of getting control that no one could take away. Liam was sure that he and Steffy could make it happen.

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