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Brooke drank her way through Katie's wedding to Bill. Eric returned to town and gave his bed and Stephanie's spot on the wall to Rick and Maya. Rick reevaluated his behavior in light of Eric's trust in him. Ivy witnessed Steffy's tenacity firsthand as she caught Steffy persuading Liam to return to her.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 16, 2015 on B&B
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Big Girls Don't Cry About Being Single

Big Girls Don't Cry About Being Single

Monday, February 16, 2015

by Chanel S Garner

At Katie's house, Bill and Katie kissed, and Bill expressed excitement about marrying Katie the next day. Katie had a thousand things to do to prepare, and asking Brooke to be the "matron of honor" was at the top of the list.

At Spencer, Wyatt implored Liam to work faster on Steffy and the plan because Wyatt had just begged the Prince of Darkness for his job back. Liam knew that it was hard to work for Rick. Wyatt asserted that Rick had shot up the place, and he asked what Steffy's holdup was. Liam deemed it complicated, and the brothers discussed what the alternatives would be if Steffy wouldn't join them.

Bill strode in and told his sons that he had big news. Bill gave Liam the next day off from work and told Wyatt to get Rick to do the same for him. Wyatt scoffed, and Liam asked what the news was. Bill stated that he and Katie were getting married the next day, and he couldn't do it without his boys.

Liam poured the men some organic scotch, and Wyatt said it smelled like sludge that grew on a fish tank. Liam claimed it was all he had, and he toasted to Bill and Katie. Wyatt took a drink and complained that the aftertaste kept on giving. Bill thanked Liam for his toast -- even though Liam had tried to poison them with the organic booze.

Bill had two sons, but he could only have one best man. Wyatt had been through a rough time, and Bill wanted him to know that he had a home and Spencer family. Bill loved Wyatt and said he'd be honored if Wyatt would be the best man. Wyatt looked at Liam, who said it was all Wyatt. Wyatt said he'd be honored to do it. Bill said he couldn't wait to marry Katie and rebuild their life together.

Bill left, and Wyatt asked Liam if he was really cool with the best man thing. Liam was fine with it, and he wanted Wyatt to know that he was in Wyatt's corner, too. Wyatt was glad but still suffering with the funky aftertaste of the scotch. Liam decided to take Wyatt for a burger, and they left.

At Brooke's house, Brooke awakened on the sofa next to a nearly empty bottle of vodka. She started to polish off the last swig but hid the bottle when Katie entered. Katie claimed to have been calling Brooke all morning, and Brooke lied that she'd been oversleeping due to jetlag.

Katie announced that she and Bill were getting married the following day. Brooke congratulated Katie, but upon hugging Katie, Brooke grimaced sadly. Donna rushed into the house, anxious to know why she'd been summoned to the house so urgently.

Katie announced that she and Bill were getting married. Donna hugged Katie and launched into planning mode. Katie said it would be a simple ceremony at the house, and Donna volunteered to help the bride get ready. Katie thanked Brooke for giving Katie and Bill the space to reunite, and Katie wondered if it was too much to ask of Brooke to have her be the matron of honor.

Brooke didn't think she should even attend the wedding, let alone stand up for Katie. Katie said the wedding was about all of them moving forward and healing as a family. Katie needed Brooke to stand up for her and implored Brooke to do so. Brooke gave in, and when they hugged, Donna said to make room for the chopped liver.

The sisters hugged, and Katie left. Brooke poured herself a drink, and Donna said she couldn't believe Brooke had agreed to be matron of honor when Brooke was in love with the groom still. Brooke stated that she and Bill were history, but Donna called it recent history. Donna didn't believe Brooke could just turn her feelings for Bill off.

Brooke asserted that she was over Bill because she chose to be over him. He'd be Brooke's brother-in-law, and Brooke couldn't have the same feelings for him. Brooke said she couldn't stare into his eyes or have that same yearning. Donna asked if the liquor had become Bill's replacement.

"Yes. Yes, for the time being. And I'm not interested in what you have to say about it," Brooke quipped and drank more.

Back at Katie's house, Bill advised Katie that he'd asked Wyatt to be the best man. Katie said Brooke would stand up for the bride, but Brooke had seemed off and lonely. He replied that Brooke was a big girl. Katie was concerned because she hadn't remembered Brooke ever being without a man.

Bill believed there was a first time for everything, and being single wasn't a death sentence. He didn't want to talk about Brooke when he'd soon marry the love of his life. They heard Will calling for them. Katie asked if Bill was ready to jump back into it. "With both feet," he replied and kissed her.

At Forrester, Ivy presented some of her jewelry. She was offended when Rick said it looked cheap and as if a soccer mom had gotten it by couponing her way into a great deal. Ivy was sorry Rick didn't like them, but she'd had in mind loaning them to Katie for the wedding.

Rick said Ivy wasn't authorized to loan out Forrester jewelry. Aly began to say that Ivy had thought it was okay because Katie was Rick's aunt. Maya interjected that Rick knew his relation to Katie, but Ivy still needed permission. Ivy asked for the permission. Rick said it was fine -- if Katie didn't mind looking cheap.

Rick remarked that he wasn't going to the wedding, so Caroline was free to go with Ridge. Chuckling, Rick called it ironic that two adulterers would attend a wedding together. Aly assumed that Katie hadn't had a chance to tell Rick about the wedding. Rick said that was cute of Aly, but he'd been invited. "Did you really think you'd be invited before us? You're really adorable, Aly," Maya added.

Rick stated that he wasn't going because he was too busy running a fashion house to attend Katie and Bill 2.0. Ivy asked if that was the only reason. Rick figured Ivy assumed that Caroline was the reason he wouldn't attend, but it wasn't. He said that if Ivy was busier and more focused, she wouldn't be pawning off a sweet-sixteen charm bracelet as a Forrester creation. Maya stated that a little bit of effort went a long way.

Next, Aly modeled shoes from her line, "The Aly's." As she pranced around in them, her heel broke, and she implored Rick to understand that the shoe was just a prototype of the design. Aside, Rick snickered with Maya about Aly -- the product of Darla and Thorne -- who'd fallen out of the stupid tree and had hit every branch on the way down.

Aly saw the pair laughing and smiling, and when she and Ivy exited, Aly took the smiles to mean that Rick was seriously considering her line. Ivy said not to get any hopes up until it was definite.

Back in the CEO's office, Maya sat on Rick's lap, and they laughed about Aly's broken shoe. Rick was amazed that everyone had been against him but had turned desperate to appease him. He remarked about Wyatt begging for his job, and Maya stated that people needed a lesson in humility and in who was the boss. "Who says we can't have fun reminding them?" Rick asked, and they kissed.

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Wedding bell blues for Brooke

Wedding bell blues for Brooke

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

by Pam

At Katie's house, Justin and Bill prepared for the wedding. Liam showed up with Ivy, and Bill worried that Wyatt had not arrived. Justin acknowledged that the groom had been "a little anxious." Wyatt entered, and Bill chastised him for being late.

Bill teased that he had chosen Liam to fill in as his best man. Wyatt wondered if Bill was joking. Bill smiled and said that he was very happy because he had three great sons and his own dashing good looks. Bill hugged his sons.

Upstairs, Katie prepared for her wedding with Donna's help. Will was dressed in a tux, and he tried to comb his hair with Katie's brush. Donna and Katie worried that Brooke had not arrived. Donna teased that "our Bill" must have been nervous. Katie worried that Brooke's involvement in the wedding had been too much for Brooke, but Donna said Brooke would be fine.

At Forrester, Ridge and Caroline prepared to leave for the wedding. Ridge worried that Katie had selected Brooke as her matron of honor, and that would make it a difficult day for Brooke. Caroline sympathized.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was dressed in a long, elegant, low-cut blue gown with feather accents on one shoulder. Her driver asked if she needed anything. He suggested that she hurry because they were running late.

Brooke looked around the room. She had been searching for something, and she found a jewelry box that she slipped into her purse. She passed her bar and poured herself a glass of vodka. She drank it quickly and left.

At Katie's, Carter and Justin joked that Carter could launch a second career as a wedding celebrant with all the weddings that took place in the Forrester family. Carter noted that Brooke was a beautiful woman, and Bill had turned down Brooke to remarry Katie. Justin agreed that all the Logan women were beautiful and very close. He knew that Brooke had set aside her feelings for Bill in order to see Katie and Bill happy.

In another part of the room, Liam and Wyatt discussed business, but Bill interrupted and said there would be no shop talk for the day. Brooke entered the house, and Bill excused himself to greet her. He told her she looked lovely, and he presented her with a glass of Champagne. He added that Donna and Katie were upstairs.

Brooke noted that everything had turned out the way it should have. Will would have his parents together again. Bill asked Brooke to rein in her son at Forrester because he had been a loose cannon. Brooke scoffed, and Carter interrupted Bill to discuss details for the ceremony.

Bill left Brooke alone, and he eyed Ridge and Caroline, who had just arrived. Bill spoke to Carter, and Brooke took another glass of Champagne. Ridge walked over to greet Brooke. "You look lovely," he said. "I do, don't I? Did you come alone?" Brooke said playfully. She giggled and flirted, but Ridge told her that he had arrived with Caroline, who entered and greeted Brooke.

Brooke received a text message from Katie, and Brooke joked that she would leave the "kiddies unsupervised." Brooke laughed and headed upstairs, and she grabbed a bottle of Champagne and three glasses on her way to see Katie and Donna.

Ivy and Aly discussed the events of the day. Aly teased that Liam could propose and make it a double wedding, but Ivy was certain that would not happen because Steffy had returned. Steffy wanted Liam back.

Upstairs, the Logan girls giggled and embraced. Donna popped the cork, and Brooke proposed a toast. Donna prepared Katie's dress, and Brooke and Katie chatted. Brooke poured herself some more Champagne. Brooke said that Ridge and Caroline had detained her.

Katie wondered if Brooke was all right. Brooke said she was fine, but Ridge was apparently having a midlife crisis and needed some arm candy. Brooke quickly changed the subject to Katie because it was Katie's day. "You never looked more radiant," Brooke said.

Katie gushed that she hoped her two sisters could find as much love as she had. Katie teased that she'd heard Donna had a new boyfriend. Brooke promised they would all soon be as "deliriously happy" as Katie.

Donna tried to remove Katie's dress from the bag, but the zipper was stuck, and Katie encouraged Brooke to help Donna. Then Katie asked Donna to check on things downstairs. Brooke helped Katie put on her dress. They embraced, and Brooke looked tearful.

Downstairs, Caroline embraced Bill and congratulated him. Ridge joined her and extended his hand to congratulate Bill. Bill said that Katie would be happy Ridge had arrived. Bill finally shook hands with Ridge. "Katie's very special. Take care of her," Ridge advised. Bill agreed, and he advised Ridge to take care of Caroline.

Upstairs, Brooke had another glass of Champagne while Katie checked text messages from their dad. Katie announced that he would not make it to the wedding. Brooke presented Katie with their mother's locket. Katie opened it and saw the pictures of all four of the Logan children: Storm, Brooke, Donna, and Katie. Brooke helped put the locket on Katie.

Katie hugged Brooke. She said that she'd never thought anyone would get between them, but it had happened. Katie was happy that Brooke had traveled "halfway around the world so that Bill and I could find each other again," she said.

Brooke eyed the picture of Katie and Bill on Katie's bedstand, and Brooke looked unhappy. Donna entered. "It's time," Donna announced. "Let's get you married," Brooke said.

Downstairs, music started playing, and Donna entered first. There was a long pause as the group waited for Brooke to enter. Hidden from the crowd, Brooke drank another glass of Champagne, stumbled, and then entered the room.

Brooke walked down the aisle and stared at Bill. Bill looked at her. "Here Comes the Bride" started, and Katie entered the room. Bill relaxed and smiled. Katie stood at Bill's side, and Brooke put on a brave smile as she watched.

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Cheers to forgiveness

Cheers to forgiveness

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
by Pam

At Katie's, her wedding to Bill was underway, and Brooke had walked down the aisle. She smiled and looked nervous. She looked at the crowd, and waved to everyone. "Hello," she said awkwardly. Carter started the wedding celebration, and Brooke looked sick. Ridge looked worried, and Caroline asked if he was all right. Carter announced that Bill and Katie were about to marry, and Bill smiled. "For good this time," Bill said.

Carter announced that weddings were a time for new beginnings and fresh starts, but Bill and Katie had a relationship that didn't end. Instead, like a river, they had temporarily diverted and gone in different directions. "Going with the flow," Brooke whispered, but everyone heard her.

Bill's sons, Liam and Wyatt spoke. Liam read a poem about compassion, patience, and forgiveness. "Clothe yourselves with love," he said. Brooke inappropriately said, "Cool."

Wyatt had found a quote about forgiveness. He thanked Katie and Bill for setting an example for all of them. He added that it had taken a lot of courage to reunite. Bill kissed Katie. Brooke played with her flowers.

Carter read the marriage promises about sickness, health, for richer, and for poorer, and Katie said, "I do." Carter read the same things for Bill. While Carter read the vows, Brooke distracted Bill by twitching her nose.

Carter said it was time to exchange rings, and Brooke panicked. Brooke whispered to Katie that she'd forgotten the rings, but Carter said he had the rings. Katie said she didn't want to make a promise to Bill because promises could be broken. "I'm capable of great things," she said. Katie added that she was capable of big mistakes, but she vowed to consistently love Bill. She called Bill her friend, her frustration, her happiness, and her hurt. "My home, my heart," she added.

Katie vowed to cherish "who we are together and fight for it. That's what brought us to this place, smarter and stronger than we have ever been," she said. Bill smiled and caressed Katie's face as she spoke.

Bill placed the wedding ring on Katie's finger. "My Katie," he said warmly. The ring, he added was a symbol of his love and devotion. He vowed to follow through on his promises. "That's what you're going to get from me because that's what you deserve. And you're too smart to settle for anything less."

Bill reminded Katie that he wanted her, their family, and their life together. "Nothing means more to me. I give you this ring so that you will never, ever forget that," Bill said.

Brooke looked tearful as she watched. Bill kissed Katie, but Carter stopped them, and he teased that it wasn't time yet. Carter pronounced Katie husband and wife. Bill kissed Katie. Everyone clapped and stood up.

Brooke smiled through her tears. Caroline dragged Ridge to his feet and to congratulate Bill and Katie. The group headed off to eat, drink, and celebrate. Bill and Katie kissed, and Brooke had another drink of Champagne. Ridge and Caroline hugged. Brooke grabbed two glasses of Champagne, and Katie asked if one was for her. Brooke covered. She said she'd wanted them to have their own private toast.

Katie worried that Brooke was using the booze to numb the pain, but Brooke maintained that a girl should be allowed to party once in a while. Brooke professed that she was happy for Bill and Katie. She loved them and was glad they were together again.

Katie wondered if Brooke had second thoughts. Brooke said she was happy. She hugged Katie, and they rejoined the party. Wyatt and Liam toasted Katie and Bill in honor of Will. Brooke shouted her support, and everyone looked uncomfortable. Music played, and Liam danced with Ivy. They smiled and laughed. Brooke was alone, and Caroline and Ridge danced and kissed.

Brooke wanted to make another toast, and she grabbed another glass of Champagne. She toasted her beautiful sister and her husband. "Cheers," Brooke said.

At Quinn's, Deacon told Quinn that he'd missed her while she'd been in the workshop. She teased that someone had to make a living. The conversation turned to Bill and Katie's wedding. Deacon worried that Quinn might feel bad that Bill had gotten away.

Quinn laughed. "You must have me confused with Brooke," Quinn said. Deacon noted that Brooke had said the wedding didn't bother her, either, but he didn't believe Brooke or Quinn. Deacon recalled that Quinn had been sure that she wanted to be with Bill for the rest of her life at one time. Quinn said she was over it, but clearly Brooke hadn't been, and Quinn wondered if Brooke had hit on Deacon.

"No, she didn't," Deacon said. Quinn quizzed Deacon about why he'd been so worried about Brooke. He answered that she was not herself. She had wanted to do what was right for Bill and Katie.

Quinn didn't feel sorry for Brooke, but Deacon did. He worried that Brooke had never been without a man and her family. She was teetering.

Later, Quinn entered the room, wearing her black leather getup. Deacon was happy to see her. Quinn advised Deacon that Brooke and everyone else could take care of themselves. She promised to take care of Deacon. "No, baby. I'm gonna take care of you," Deacon said. They kissed passionately.

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How Could You Forget?

How Could You Forget?

Thursday, February 19, 2015
by Chanel S. Garner

In the CEO's office, Rick was worried because Eric was returning early that day. He hadn't told Eric that Rick and Maya had moved to the main house, where Maya's portrait had replaced Stephanie's. Maya was sure Eric would understand the pressure Rick had been under.

Eric arrived. Maya and Rick asked about the trip. Eric said his brother had boundless energy, but Eric had had enough of travelling. Eric thought it was important for him to be home.

In Rick's old office, Ridge kissed Caroline and announced that Eric was on his way home. Ridge was certain that Rick and Maya's days were numbered. Caroline believed that Eric could get through to Rick. Caroline and Ridge didn't believe Eric would tolerate Rick's behavior at the business, and Ridge hoped he might get to be CEO for more than five minutes.

Caroline and Ridge discussed whether Eric would even want to return to work at Forrester. Caroline said Eric lived for Forrester and would want to be involved. Ridge wasn't so sure, but she believed that Eric would back Ridge upon seeing what a terrible job Rick was doing.

Maya entered to announce that Rick and Eric were catching up in the other office. Caroline and Ridge informed Maya that her and Rick's king and queen ride was over. Ridge doubted Eric would support Rick, who'd been demeaning the entire staff.

Maya said Rick had had to take a tough stance with some people. Caroline mentioned Rick's treatment of Aly and Ivy, but Maya didn't think it would make a difference. Caroline asked how dense Maya was. Maya said she believed in Rick, and Eric did, too.

Ridge asked if Maya thought Eric would be okay with her and Rick moving into Eric's home and bed. Ridge concluded that Maya hadn't believed the day would arrive, but it was there. "Your picture's coming down. The locks are being changed, and Rick will no longer be CEO," Ridge predicted.

Back in the CEO's office, Rick asked to hear more about Eric's trip. Eric decided that they'd discuss it later. He wanted to know how things were at the company. Rick stated that running it had been rewarding but more challenging than he'd expected. Rick admitted that he'd done things and made choices that Eric might not agree with, and he didn't want to disappoint Eric.

Eric asked if Rick had something to tell him. The leery Rick stammered, not knowing how Eric would feel about what Rick had done. Rick explained that he and Maya had moved into the main house and master bedroom. He added that he'd removed Stephanie's portrait and replaced it with one of Maya. Rick explained that he hadn't gotten rid of Stephanie's portrait but had had it stored with care.

Eric asked what else. Rick said he'd lied to Ivy and Aly about remodeling the guesthouse so that he and Maya could move into the main house. He'd made up the remodeling thing and had done other things he was ashamed of. Rick hoped Eric would understand or eventually forgive him.

Eric asked if Rick thought Eric didn't know any of it -- or hadn't been keeping tabs on everything around there. Eric was angry that Rick had shot at Ridge and Caroline. Rick claimed he was sorry about it and said it would never happen again. Eric vehemently agreed that it wouldn't. Rick claimed Ridge and Caroline had destroyed Rick, but he knew the gun thing had been wrong. Rick said he deeply regretted it.

Eric asked if Rick still had feelings for Caroline. "Not any good ones," Rick responded. Rick claimed to really love Maya, but he might have been too eager and might have gone too far with the portrait. "This has been a terrible time for this company," Eric stated.

Eric decided to show Rick something. It was the quarterly report. Rick hadn't realized that it had already "come out." Eric said that it was Rick's first report as CEO, and if Rick kept up with those numbers, Eric couldn't imagine where Rick would take the company in the future.

Eric congratulated Rick and said it was a job well done. The stunned Rick took the report and grinned. Eric was impressed with everything Rick had accomplished. Rick asked if Eric meant it. Eric said Rick had earned his position, and the sales figures had proved it. Rick had figured that profits had gone up, but he'd never expected the results on the report.

Eric said that the report should make Rick relax a bit, loosen his tie, and smile every once in a while. Eric decided that he'd put Stephanie's portrait in the guesthouse, where he would be staying. He wanted Maya and Rick to remain in the main house. Rick disagreed, saying it belonged to Eric. Eric stated that the house was too big for him, and Rick and Maya could enjoy it.

Rick didn't know what to say. Eric stated that Rick was running things well, and Rick had bounced back from Caroline and Ridge's betrayal. Rick attributed it to Maya being beside him. Eric said that Rick had a woman and a father who supported him. Eric was in awe of Rick's strength. Eric said that Rick hadn't felt Eric's fatherly love in the past, but Rick had it and Eric's loyalty "now."

Eric was proud of Rick and loved him. Rick said Eric didn't know what it meant to him. Rick vowed to do right by Eric and make Eric proud. The men hugged.

At the cliff house, Liam and Ivy kissed, and he tried to persuade her to stay longer. He loved it when she spent the night, and she said the planned to do it more often. Steffy called Liam as Ivy was preparing to leave for work. Steffy wanted to talk about the plan, and he asked her to meet at his house.

After the call, Ivy asked if Steffy was in on the plan. Liam explained that he was meeting Steffy, but he didn't know if she'd be willing to go behind Ridge's back to execute the plan. Liam asked if Ivy would be "home" after work, and she stated that she'd be there as soon as she could be.

Liam asked if Ivy was really okay with him collaborating with Steffy. Ivy asked if it would involve Steffy spelling out her intentions to be with Liam. Ivy claimed not to be worried and to feel comfortable about her relationship with Liam. They kissed, and Ivy left.

Later, Steffy arrived in a bikini and sarong. Liam was surprised by the sensual sight, and Steffy said he knew how she loved the beach. The two caught up about Bill's wedding, and Steffy asked if Liam had taken Ivy as his date. "You think I wouldn't?" Liam asked.

Steffy helped herself to a beer and expressed surprised that Bill hadn't confiscated Liam's house. Steffy missed the beach and joked that no one went swimming in Paris's river -- except Ivy. Steffy asked Liam go for a swim, but he noted that it was too cold for that. She believed the temperature would get the blood pumping.

Steffy slipped off the sarong and revealed a bikini that was mostly thin straps straining to connect flaps of material together. She asked if Liam was scared. He scoffed. He said he'd do it, but it had better score him points about the plan. She laughed it off as if she hadn't heard him.

Later, the wet Steffy and Liam rushed back into the house to dry themselves off. It had invigorated her, but he thought he might freeze to death. She felt that it was like old times, and Liam said he'd forgotten how fun she was. "How could you forget?" she asked and kissed him.

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Non-Negotiable Demands

Non-Negotiable Demands

Friday, February 20, 2015
by Chanel S. Garner

In the CEO's office, Rick hugged Eric and wondered why he'd felt the need to steal the house, the title, and Eric's approval. Eric apologized for making Rick feel as if he'd never earn them. Rick didn't want Eric to make excuses for Rick's behavior. Rick realized that he'd been vindictive and had acted out blindly. Rick stated that he had to do better.

Eric was glad Rick understood it. "Everything that you thought was yours, the job, your mother, me, Caroline. Everything was taken away from you and given to Ridge, and he could turn his back on all those things any time he wanted. Well, no more," Eric decided. Eric declared that it was Rick's office and Rick's job. Rick had a business acumen that Eric had never had. Eric wanted Rick to run with it.

In Rick's old office, Maya, Ridge, and Caroline exchanged retorts regarding how things would pan out for Rick and Maya. Maya believed that even if Rick lost his title, he wouldn't be penniless. Caroline asked how Maya justified her opportunism.

Maya claimed that she hadn't been handed everything in life as Ridge and Caroline had. Learning how to want had helped her to figure out how to get what she wanted. She said that Ridge and Caroline had wound up together as effortlessly as the maid laying out their clothes. Ridge asked if Maya wanted his maid to pack things, and Maya sneered and left.

Later, Maya entered the CEO's office and saw a grim Rick sitting on the settee. Figuring that things had gone badly, she said that Eric loved Rick, and everything could be repaired in time. Rick asked her to be honest with him and tell him how bad he'd been to Ridge, Caroline, and everyone at the office. Maya couldn't answer that because she felt she was just like him.

Maya decided she'd take care of everything with the move, but Rick revealed that he was still in charge. Rick wasn't very proud of himself, but he stated that his father was. Maya hugged him. Rick relayed that Eric had said the mansion was their home, and the office was Rick's. Rick said he'd be a better man for her. She stated that he didn't have to be any different, but he replied that he was already different because of her.

Rick felt that Maya was his safe place, and he loved her. He assured her that he wasn't using her to send a message, and they'd have a great life together. He promised to make her dreams happen, but she said it was already done. They hugged.

Back in Rick's old office, Eric entered. Ridge hailed the arrival of the cavalry. Ridge was sorry if Eric had cut his trip short and asked if Eric was staying. Eric said he might stay or go, and he was determined to become unpredictable in life.

Eric asked if Ridge had seen the quarterly report. Ridge hadn't and said they didn't need numbers to see how crazy Rick had been. Eric asked what Caroline and Ridge were doing together in the office. Caroline said working, and Eric asked if it had become that wherever one was, so was the other.

Ridge said to deal with one thing at a time. Ridge had a plan to gather the shareholders to deliver a vote of no confidence in Rick. Eric might have to step down so that his contract with Rick would be nullified, but it was a temporary move just to get Rick and Maya out of Eric's chair, house, and bed. Ridge asked if Eric knew that Maya had Rick had moved into the house.

Eric stated that Rick was his son and could sleep in his house and bed. Eric wanted to know the sleeping arrangements that Caroline and Ridge had. Ridge said his relationship with Caroline wasn't the problem. Eric murmured that Ridge wouldn't think so.

Caroline relayed that she and Rick had told Eric that the marriage was done. Eric asked how Rick should feel about confronting the failure every hour and seeing Ridge and Caroline together in the dark office. Eric suggested that they not discuss bad behavior until they took care of their own. Eric decreed that Rick had Eric's full support and his old job, too.

At the sky lounge, Ivy and Wyatt worked together, but he didn't think she needed his assistance for the simple job. Ivy revealed that she'd asked him there because she knew about the plot to take over Forrester. Wyatt was surprised that Liam had told her. Ivy believed that Liam was honest and hadn't wanted to lie to her about why Steffy was getting cozy around him.

Wyatt didn't know Steffy well but had heard she drove a hard bargain. Ivy revealed that Steffy and Liam were meeting that day at Liam's house. Wyatt said it was none of his business, but the meeting might not be a good idea. He recognized a quality in Steffy that Quinn also had. "They don't wait for an invitation. They just charge on in," Wyatt stated.

Ivy got upset and asked if Wyatt was telling her to distrust Liam. Wyatt said he just knew how Steffy operated. Ivy assumed Wyatt believed that Liam would toss her aside and move Steffy back into the house. Ivy said the two were probably in bed together at that moment.

Wyatt refused to take it that far. Ivy wouldn't, either, because Liam wouldn't lie to her. Ivy bagged up her things, arguing that life was simpler when one didn't lie to loved ones. Wyatt stared quizzically as Ivy concluded the meeting and stormed off.

At the cliff house, Steffy kissed Liam. She claimed to be doing what felt natural and suggested he do the same. Removing her arms from around his neck, Liam said he'd made her a business proposition, but she kept changing the subject. She responded that she'd made him a proposition. "You get what you want. I get what I want. Isn't that fair?" she asked.

Steffy guessed Liam was disappointed in her. Liam didn't know how to be disappointed by being loved, and he asked if reuniting would really have to be a contingency to the plan. Steffy indicated that he was confusing two different things, and Eric might make the company a nonissue by dealing with Rick on his own. Liam asked who Eric would put in charge if he could remove Rick.

Steffy assumed it would be Ridge, who'd been there first. Liam noted that Ridge had also walked away from it. Steffy figured that Liam blamed for her walking away, too. Liam asked if he'd blamed or accused her, and she said she was better at understanding what he didn't say versus what he did say. He admitted that he'd suffered losses. Steffy had been one of them, and he hadn't gotten a vote in it.

Slipping her arms around his neck again, Steffy asked if Liam remembered how good they'd been. "When we were," he replied. She asked if he thought they could be again. Liam said she'd broken his heart. She claimed to have done what she'd thought was best for him.

Liam told Steffy that she wasn't his mother, and she wasn't his doctor. He hadn't needed her to protect him or improve him. He'd needed her to love him and stay. Steffy stated that she could do each of those things. He conveyed that it was too late, and he was in love with someone else.

Liam asked if Steffy was okay. Steffy claimed she wasn't that easily hurt; however, she believed that Liam was settling, and what he had with Ivy wasn't the same as what he'd had with Steffy. Liam believed that since then, he'd learned some things about himself. Steffy decided that he was afraid something would happen, and she'd leave again.

Liam said it wasn't the case, but Steffy conveyed that she wouldn't because she'd learned a few things, too. She asked if he understood that she was agreeing to the plan, and they'd run Forrester together -- as lovers. He asked if they'd gotten down to nonnegotiable demands. She claimed it was the only way she saw herself doing it.

"And the way you look at me..." Steffy uttered and kissed Liam. "I can tell it's what you want, too." Liam said her kisses were still sweet, but he wasn't as easily led by them as he'd been before.

"Really..." Steffy said and pushed Liam down onto the sofa cushions. Just then, Ivy entered the house and saw Steffy sliding on top of him.

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NIP TUCK: Trevor St. John talks daytime return, Y&R role
Y&R goes back to the future with new audio-only showcast
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