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Ridge conditionally supported Liam, forcing Liam to choose between Steffy and Ivy. Deacon proposed to Quinn, but Brooke forbade the marriage to take place. Rick continued to manipulate Aly and expected Aly to give up her bed for his new houseguest.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 2, 2015 on B&B
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Partners With Benefits

Partners With Benefits

Monday, March 2, 2015

At Brooke's house, Brooke lay on the floor, groaning. "It's one thing to slap me, but to waste my vodka?" Brooke said, gesturing to her spilled drink. Quinn ordered Brooke to stay away from Deacon, and Brooke asked if Deacon was in her house.

Brooke said she was no threat to Quinn but wouldn't stay away from Deacon because of Hope. Quinn noted that Hope was grown and living in another country. Quinn guessed that, because no other man would have Brooke, Brooke would go after the man she'd shunned for years. Quinn asked if Brooke thought she could take him from Quinn. Brooke replied that she didn't think it, but Quinn did.

Quinn apologized. She didn't know what had gotten into her. She tried to help Brooke up, but Brooke screamed not to touch her. Quinn said she shouldn't have slapped Brooke and offered to clean up the drink. Brooke got up and called Quinn a psycho for slapping Brooke to the ground. Quinn noted that Brooke hadn't been steady on her feet to start with.

Quinn welcomed Brooke to get drunk and pass out, as long as it wasn't around Deacon. Quinn claimed she'd only cared for two men in her life, Bill and Deacon, but Deacon actually wanted to be with her. She wouldn't let Brooke take him away. "I don't desire Deacon," Brooke replied. However, Brooke added that he was a good friend and listener, so Brooke would hang out with him if she wanted to.

Brooke ordered Quinn to go and locked the door behind Quinn. Brooke poured another drink and hugged her bottle. In her dark house, Brooke grabbed a family photo. She stared at it as she puttered over to the couch and plopped down. She sobbed and drank more.

At the loft, Wyatt thought Deacon should be going to Brooke's house, where Quinn had undoubtedly been headed. Deacon wasn't concerned. He figured Brooke was passed out in bed and wouldn't even hear Quinn knocking. Deacon felt he'd made a good decision in taking Brooke home. "As long as you didn't make any bad decisions while you were over there," Wyatt quipped.

Wyatt was skeptical about what had gone on at Brooke's house that had led to Brooke being in a bikini. Deacon insisted that nothing had happened. Wyatt claimed to know Deacon's history with Brooke and what could happen if she was knocking back drinks. Wyatt said Quinn hadn't cared about another man that way since his father, and he warned Deacon not to hurt her.

Later, Deacon was alone and thinking of what had transpired with Brooke that day. Quinn arrived and claimed she'd been running errands. As he fixed her a plate, she asked if he'd leave her for "her." He said he wouldn't leave Quinn for anyone, and he loved and respected her. He added that he'd told her that he hadn't wanted to hide anything from her.

Deacon noted that Quinn hadn't answered his calls or messages. He figured she'd gone to Brooke's house and asked what had happened. Quinn admitted to going there, and he asked if Brooke had been asleep or still drinking. Quinn carefully replied that she might have knocked some sense into Brooke about drinking. "Thanks -- I think," Deacon replied.

Quinn insisted that she'd had to go over there and say something because Brooke didn't get drunk and invite a man to a swim party for no reason. Deacon said Brooke was lonely. Quinn argued that with family and other available men around, Brooke didn't know loneliness, and Brooke could find any other man in town to tuck her in besides Deacon. Deacon hugged Quinn.

In the CEO's office, Steffy found her father and began discussing the takeover plan. Ridge was concerned about Bill's involvement, and he needed to talk to Carter about the legal aspects of it. Ridge was open to the deal, but he didn't want to get Steffy's hopes up about things. He wanted Rick out of the office but couldn't make a decision just to fix Steffy's love life.

Steffy claimed not to be asking that, but Ridge replied that she was. She said she was asking him to fix the company, and the rest would fall into place. Ridge took off to talk more with Liam about the deal.

At the cliff house, Ivy and Liam made out, and Ivy quipped that she wasn't even wearing a bikini. She said that hearing him defend their relationship earlier had meant a lot to her, but another shot with Steffy must have been tempting. Liam said it had been, but not in the way Ivy thought.

Liam said there were a lot of questions surrounding what could have been for him and Steffy. If he hadn't had Ivy, he might have gotten caught up in it. Ivy hated that their relationship stood between him and the Forrester shares. He said they had to hope Steffy changed her mind. Ivy stated that he needed Steffy and Ridge's shares to make it happen.

Ivy decided to leave to get more work done. Liam explained that it wasn't her fault if the takeover didn't work. She wished Steffy could rise above her feelings to do what was best for everyone.

Later, Ivy arrived in the Forrester CEO's office in time to hear Steffy ending a call with a hint that she might move to Los Angeles. Ivy said Steffy should make the move because the company needed her. Steffy quipped that a lot would have to change for her to make the move, and if Liam wanted to take over Forrester, being with Steffy was part of the package.

Ivy stated that Liam wouldn't go back to his past relationship. She said she and Liam had discussed Steffy kissing him, and the honesty had been a bonding experience. Steffy wasn't buying it. To her, Ivy seemed confident on the outside, but Ivy was scared that her couple of months with Liam didn't compare to Steffy's history. Steffy revealed that Ridge had gone to see Liam, and if the men struck a deal, Ivy's little bonding experience wouldn't add up to much.

Back at the cliff house, Ridge arrived to Liam stating that he "knew you" couldn't stay away. Ridge asked if Liam had been expecting Ivy or Steffy and warned that Liam's answer could affect why Ridge was there. Liam guessed it was about his offer. Ridge called it Steffy's offer. Ridge had thought about it, and to him, it made sense to get rid of Rick and give Steffy the life she wanted.

Ridge said that Steffy had never been happier than when she'd been with Liam, but Ridge asked why Liam wasn't jumping on the offer. Ridge was close to making the deal but insisted that Ridge and Steffy would run the business. Liam was fine as long as Ivy and Caroline weren't miserable at work. Liam was pumped about it, and he knew he could make it happen. Ridge said that it couldn't happen without Steffy's twenty-five percent stock ownership.

Liam asked if Ridge was playing matchmaker. Ridge quipped that Liam's personal life wasn't Ridge's concern; however, Ridge needed something to benefit Steffy, and he was doing what he felt any other father would do. He wanted her to be comfortable and happy. Either Liam could provide that, or Ridge would endure the year with Rick.

Ridge said after a year, Eric would see that Rick couldn't run anything and would ship Rick off somewhere like to the basement or to Elba. Ridge didn't want to wait a year, so he told Liam to make a move if Liam still had feelings for Steffy. Ridge said Liam could have his family back, but Ivy couldn't be in the picture. Ridge asked Liam to think about it and left.

Having it all -- with an accent

Having it all -- with an accent

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Ivy and Steffy discussed that Liam and Ridge had talked about Liam's plan to take over the company. Steffy confided that Liam understood that if she gave him her shares, it meant they would be running the company together as a couple -- just as her grandparents had -- because husband and wife teams had been the most successful in running the company.

Steffy's phone rang, and it was Liam. He told her that he wanted to see her at his place. Steffy looked confident, and Ivy looked worried.

At the Forrester mansion, Maya admired her new necklace in the mirror, and Rick surprised her when he caught her checking out her reflection. She thanked him again for the gift. Rick said it had all been due to his father's support. Rick said it had been one of the best days of his life. He reminded Maya that the necklace had been very expensive.

Maya said she was very proud of Rick because he had made amends and proved he was a team player in the earlier meeting at Forrester. "I hope I was convincing," Rick said. Maya asked if he'd meant what he had said.

Rick professed that he had made the announcements at work in a calculated way. He added that he had been working on his interpersonal communication skills. Maya gushed that it was what made him a good CEO. Rick added that he was going to remain CEO.

Aly entered, and she had numerous bags. She reminded Rick and Maya that they had agreed to review her shoe line. Rick feigned that he remembered. Rick told Aly that it would be best if he had a martini and Maya had a glass of Champagne.

Aly agreed, and she paused, but then she realized that Rick expected her to get the drinks. Aly begrudgingly left to prepare the drinks, and Maya playfully swatted Rick for treating Aly like a servant.

Aly delivered the drinks. She pulled out a pair of shoes and started to discuss them, but Rick interrupted and grilled her about how many times she had shaken the martini. He chastised her because she had done it too many times, and Thorne should have instructed her in the art of martini making.

Aly apologized, and Rick said the shoes looked more like a discount line, but then he said he wanted to see them on. Aly suggested that Maya model them because she knew that Rick would like them on Maya. Maya declined because she had been on her feet all day. Rick suggested that Aly massage Maya's feet so she could model the shoes.

"Excuse me?" Aly asked in shock. Maya said it was unnecessary, but Rick insisted. Aly massaged Maya's feet, and Maya looked embarrassed. Maya told Aly that she'd done enough. Maya looked impatiently at Rick.

At the Forrester offices, Ivy and Wyatt reviewed the jewelry line. Wyatt noted that Rick had approved an opal bracelet -- a surprise. Ivy agreed, but she seemed distracted. She said that Rick had been critical, but it had been approved.

Wyatt noted that Ivy seemed distant, and he asked what was wrong. Ivy explained that in order to take control of Forrester, Liam had to get back together with Steffy. "He could have this entire company and his ex-wife," Ivy lamented.

Wyatt said he didn't believe that Liam would choose Steffy. Ivy reminded him about Liam and Steffy's history, but Wyatt reminded Ivy that Steffy was Liam's past, and he wanted to look toward the future. "He started this project to protect you and Caroline -- the Spencer women -- that's how he referred to you," Wyatt said. Ivy left to visit Liam.

At Liam's, Steffy entered and said that her father had understood her conditions. Steffy wondered if Liam had agreed. "Is that why you called me? Are you ready to take over Forrester Creations?" Steffy cooed.

Steffy reminded Liam that she'd left before because she couldn't handle it -- the loss of the baby. She had practically handed Liam over to Hope, but Hope hadn't appreciated what she had. Liam argued that Wyatt's mother had been a crazy interference, and Steffy understood that it hadn't been entirely Hope's fault.

Steffy said she understood Liam had feelings for Ivy, but they couldn't compare with the feelings Liam had shared with Steffy. She wanted to pick up where they had left off. "Ivy is very important," Liam said. Steffy interrupted that Forrester could be theirs if they did it together.

Liam professed that the idea of running Forrester with her would feel good. Liam gushed that he had deeply loved Steffy. "You know how much you mean to me," he said. He added that she was one of the smartest people he had ever met. He enjoyed the thought of working with her, living with her, and touching her again. He warmly touched her face. "We would make it work this time," he said, "but Ivy."

Liam said he was committed to Ivy. Steffy was saddened. "She better appreciate you. I don't blame you for giving that kangaroo a shot," Steffy said.

"What happens now?" Liam asked. Steffy said she would return to Paris and watch from there. She'd watch the company from afar and see what happened. "And wait. For now," Steffy said. Liam and Steffy hugged. "Be happy," she told Liam. They hugged again, and Steffy left. Outside, Steffy paused and cried.

Later, Ivy arrived at Liam's. Liam welcomed her, and she wondered if Steffy was still there. Liam teased that Steffy was gone and had not been hiding in her bikini. Ivy confessed that she had seen Steffy at Forrester, and Steffy had been very confident that she and Liam would reunite and run Forrester together.

Liam stopped Ivy and told her that he had really wanted to take over Forrester but not at that cost. He had no plans to agree to Steffy's conditions. They hugged. Ivy was relieved. Liam was surprised that Ivy had been worried. "We talked about this," he said.

Ivy agreed they had discussed it, but Steffy had been confident, and it had all made sense that Liam and Steffy would revisit their history. She marveled that Liam could have had it all. She wondered who could push Steffy aside. "A man in love with someone else," Liam said. Ivy smiled.

"What I've discovered about myself is that I love my beauty with an accent," Liam teased. He added that he had wanted control of Forrester Creations for Caroline and Ivy. He didn't want to have it all if he didn't have Ivy.

At Forrester, Steffy entered Wyatt's office, and Wyatt wondered what had happened with Liam. Steffy begrudgingly confessed that Liam had chosen to stay with Ivy. "For now," Steffy said with a smirk.

Slap-happy confessions, proposals

Slap-happy confessions, proposals

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

by Pam

At Brooke's, she flashed back to when Quinn had visited her the previous day. Brooke remembered that Quinn had warned her to stay away from Deacon and then slapped her. Brooke remembered falling to the floor.

A knock at the door interrupted Brooke's flashback, and she discovered that Deacon was at the door. "You're back?" Brooke asked. Deacon said they needed to discuss what had happened the previous day when Deacon had found a very drunk Brooke at the restaurant and driven her home. "We need to talk about what happened," Deacon said. Brooke scowled.

Deacon asked if Brooke remembered what had happened, and Brooke replied that she didn't black out when she drank. "I remember you kissed me," Brooke confessed. Deacon remembered that they'd kissed each other, but Brooke maintained that he had caught her by surprise.

Deacon said they remembered the day differently. "You dazzle me. You always have," he said. He added that Brooke represented the ideal woman to him, but he realized they could never recapture their shining moments. "I found Quinn, and I'm committed to her," Deacon admitted.

Deacon said that Brooke would always have a piece of his heart. Brooke acknowledged that Deacon wanted her to understand that he loved Quinn. Brooke advised him to have the conversation with Quinn because Quinn had been insecure. Brooke didn't stop there.

"You've hooked up with a whack job," Brooke said. Brooke related the entire encounter with Quinn for Deacon. She advised Deacon that Quinn packed quite a punch and had knocked her to the floor but later apologized. Deacon looked sick and shook his head. Brooke advised Deacon to be careful because Quinn was crazy. Deacon silently left.

At Quinn's, Wyatt arrived and wondered why Quinn had summoned him. "What did you do now, Mom? Let's hear it," he said. Quinn stammered but finally confessed that she'd gone to Brooke's and "set her straight. I slapped her," Quinn admitted.

"You what?" Wyatt exclaimed. Quinn tried to defend herself -- that she was upset because Brooke had been "parading around in her bathing suit and busting out her moves. Brooke is a man predator," Quinn dished.

Quinn maintained that Brooke had wanted Deacon in her bed. Wyatt mocked Quinn's concern for "protecting poor defenseless Deacon." Quinn blamed Brooke for stealing Bill, and she worried that Brooke would steal Deacon, as well.

Wyatt shouted at Quinn that a slap went too far and that it would damage her relationship with Deacon when Brooke told him about it. Wyatt warned that Brooke would be only too happy to tell Deacon. Wyatt reminded his mother that Brooke hated Quinn and blamed her for ruining Hope's life.

Quinn defended herself and said that she had apologized to Brooke for the incident. "You better hope your boyfriend sees it that way," Wyatt said. Wyatt shook his head and left.

At Liam's, he awakened next to Ivy and smiled. Ivy awakened, and Liam said that she was beautiful awake or asleep. Ivy smiled, and they kissed. She said she'd never been the kind of person to stay in bed all day, but she could easily see herself "burrowing" all day with him.

Liam laughed and said they should hide away for the day or at least until someone needed them. Ivy said she'd be happy with a few hours away from work. Liam agreed, and he noted that things had a way of working out.

Ivy acknowledged that a lot of other women wanted Liam, and Ivy was grateful that Liam had chosen her because he could have had everything with Steffy. "Everything feels like nothing if it means losing you," he said.

Ivy questioned why Steffy would basically blackmail him to join in the takeover. Liam maintained it was classic Steffy. He said Steffy needed time to adjust to the new reality. He added that the Forrester takeover would happen, but he wasn't going to lose Ivy over it. Ivy kissed Liam passionately. Later, Liam returned with breakfast in bed. Ivy was grateful, and Liam fed her strawberries.

At Ridge's loft, Steffy visited Ridge. She told him that she loved Liam. "If I could change one thing about our recent history, I'd have never left," she said. Ridge consoled her and said that he understood she'd needed time alone to heal. Steffy admitted that she had learned that she'd risked losing what was important. "The world doesn't stop" because she'd needed a break.

Steffy said she didn't want to work on the takeover because she wouldn't torture herself watching Liam fall deeper in love with Ivy. "I get it," Ridge said. Ridge hugged her. Steffy walked around the apartment and noted that the place "had a nice vibe." She looked at the paintings Ridge had done. "Caroline, I'm assuming. Nude?" Steffy said in a disapproving voice.

Ridge teased that Caroline was "artfully draped." Steffy maintained that Ridge was experiencing a midlife crisis or infatuation. Ridge disagreed and said it was much more than that. Steffy said it was inappropriate.

Ridge refused to defend himself. He said that Caroline was a grown woman who could make grownup decisions -- just like Steffy. He said he was sorry his relationship made her uncomfortable, but Caroline made him happy.

Caroline entered. Caroline noticed Steffy and said she could return later, but Ridge invited her in. Steffy greeted her in derogatory tone. Ridge hugged Caroline, and Steffy rolled her eyes. "A united front," Steffy said.

Caroline acknowledged that Steffy had "reservations" about her dad and Caroline's relationship. Caroline assured Steffy that it was "not just some casual thing."

Steffy countered that Caroline had married -- and was still married to -- Rick. Caroline said that Rick had ended their marriage. Ridge interrupted that they were not going to argue about their relationship. Steffy anticipated that her opinion would matter, but Ridge said that his happiness should matter, and Caroline made him happy. "I see. Okay, then. I want you to be happy," Steffy said.

Steffy said she had a plane to catch. She kissed her dad goodbye and said, "Caroline," in a demeaning tone. "Safe travels," Caroline responded. After Steffy had left, Caroline joked, "That went well." "We'll see," Ridge said.

At Quinn's, Deacon returned after he'd been to Brooke's. "What the hell is the matter with you?" Deacon asked. Quinn blasted Brooke for tattling and exaggerating what had happened, but Deacon angrily told Quinn that she had a disconnect.

Deacon worried that she had been violent and gone beyond limits. He told her she was crazy, beautiful, intelligent, and sexy. "Baby, you don't have to be insecure like this and decking people," he said.

Deacon added that Brooke and Hope were important to him, and Quinn kept irritating them. "I screwed up yet again," Quinn admitted. She encouraged Deacon to head out the door and never return. Quinn looked away. She looked back and noticed that Deacon had remained. "Why are you still here?" she asked. Deacon pulled a box from his pocket and held out a diamond ring. "You're nuts. You drive me nuts. God help me, I want to marry you," Deacon said.

Inferior Workmanship

Inferior Workmanship

Thursday, March 5, 2015

At Quinn's place, Quinn told Deacon to put "that thing" away. She thought they'd just discussed how she wasn't cut out for that type of thing, and she didn't know why he'd burden them with each other. Deacon said the ring meant she wouldn't lose him and didn't need to punch women out over him. She recalled that he'd been about to leave. He said she'd been trying to force him to, but "oh, well."

Quinn guessed Deacon wouldn't go because of the free rent. Deacon refused to be shamed. He felt she liked being the breadwinner and treating him like her little toy. He believed it was better than rent to her, so he advised her to put the "damn ring" on her finger.

Quinn told Deacon to stop cursing at her. Deacon asked her to consider what was in it for her and admitted he didn't have much on the horizon. "Even with Brooke being single?" Quinn quipped. Deacon asked if she thought he'd propose to her if he had feelings for someone else, but she ordered him not to answer a question with a question.

Deacon said he'd finally accepted that it wasn't going to happen for him and Brooke. Quinn figured that meant he'd settle for her. She was okay with being alone, but not with being his security in his old age. He said Brooke had been his ideal fantasy, but he'd realized that he'd been trying to capture something that had already vanished. Quinn asked if he'd given up on Brooke.

Deacon said it had been more like waking up to reality. Quinn had felt that same way about Bill, from whom she'd been fine to accept a warped relationship; however, Deacon was talking marriage, and she didn't even know if she believed in it. Deacon said it was okay because marriage wasn't a religion. She asked if they'd sign a pre-nup. He said not a chance, and she kissed him.

Quinn wanted to see the ring, but Deacon held it back. She assured him that she'd already seen its inferior workmanship from afar. He said she didn't get the ring until he got something first. He wanted her to promise him that there would be no more craziness.

Quinn said she wasn't good with promises. Deacon asked for no more violent craziness. He could deal with household craziness, but not murder plots or smacking Brooke. Quinn reasoned that if she was married to Deacon, she wouldn't need to smack Brooke because she'd lord the marriage over Brooke each chance she got. Deacon assumed it meant Quinn wanted to get married.

Quinn said she was better when she took care of someone, and she could buy Deacon better clothes if he let her. She wanted to build up the business. She didn't want him to work but to be around if she needed him. She refused to change her name, and Deacon said "Quinn Sharp" wouldn't be a good name because people would think she was into swords or something.

Quinn warned that Deacon would wake up to a pillow over his face if he tried to divorce her. Deacon claimed that was the kind of commitment he was talking about. He liked where her head was. Quinn smiled and held her hand out. He slid the ring on her finger. He said the stone wasn't the best, but she grinned, citing that she'd never worn a diamond on her finger.

Bracing herself, Quinn said that Deacon could talk to her about love. He asked if she loved him, and she kissed him. They had sex on the floor, and afterward, they discussed her ring's fit. He admitted he'd had the ring a long time, and she accused him of buying it for a former lover with big fingers. She warned him not to cheat on her, but in her mind, something told her that he wouldn't.

Deacon thought they'd be fine as long as she didn't stab him in his sleep. Quinn said she'd never thought she'd be married unless she was in her seventies. She asked if he really wanted to do it. She didn't think she was a good person and worried that she'd pretend to be.

Deacon thought that everyone but Quinn pretended. Instead, she was outraged by the injustices that hadn't dulled her spirit. She didn't know what to call what she felt to him. He said it was okay, and he'd explain it to her at some point. They kissed, and she rubbed her nose against his.

At Brooke's house, Brooke flashed back to her kiss with Deacon. Wyatt arrived, but she said it wasn't a good time. He joked that he should be able to impose on family. He'd arrived to discuss his mother, who he'd wanted to wash his hands of, but it wasn't that easy. He was worried that his mother was headed for the deep end, and Brooke was the reason for it.

Brooke refused to be blamed for Quinn's issues and said Quinn was lucky Brooke hadn't called the police. Wyatt discussed Quinn's feelings for Deacon. Wyatt had never seen Quinn care and listen to a man before. He was worried that Quinn wondered if she'd always been second choice after Brooke.

Brooke claimed she had nothing to do with Quinn and Deacon's relationship. Wyatt asked what had transpired in Brooke's home the other night. Brooke claimed that Deacon had just driven her home. Wyatt asked how she'd wound up in a bathing suit and remarked that Deacon had told Quinn everything. Brooke replied that Deacon couldn't possibly tell Quinn everything.

Wyatt asked if there was anything about Deacon and Brooke that would concern Quinn. Brooke believed that Quinn would need Wyatt when Deacon walked out on her. Wyatt asked if Deacon had said he was walking out on Quinn. Brooke recalled the way Deacon had reacted to hearing about the slap and added that Quinn had attacked Hope in Brooke's yard.

Wyatt didn't think Deacon held that against Quinn. He believed that Deacon cared for Quinn and protected Quinn. No one had done that for Quinn besides Wyatt. Brooke was sure Deacon was grateful for the room and board. Wyatt asked if Brooke thought that was all there was between Deacon and Quinn. Brooke was sure they had an attachment, and Quinn appealed to Deacon's dark side; however, Deacon liked an easy life, which he wouldn't get from Quinn.

Wyatt left, and Brooke recalled Deacon's kiss. She remembered being in bed with Deacon years earlier and telling him that she'd had everything she'd wanted and wouldn't change a thing.

At Ridge's place, Caroline didn't want to cause a rift between Steffy and Ridge. Ridge revealed to Caroline that Steffy had been in town to enact Liam's plan, but it hadn't worked out as Steffy had wanted. Ridge told Caroline about Liam's plan and Steffy's ultimatum. Caroline said Liam's decision had been good for him and Ivy but bad for Caroline and Ridge.

Caroline wanted Ridge to fight for the company and didn't understand his fear of betraying Eric. Ridge said he and Eric had been friends and rivals, but Ridge had started it all by not being Eric's son. She asserted that Ridge hadn't been responsible for that. Ridge explained that he had to own things, just like he had to own his relationship with her.

Later, Caroline mixed up some paint colors on a palette, and Ridge expressed surprise that she knew what she was doing. She explained the plethora of talents her schools had taught her. He asked what they were working on, and stroking paint on his shirt, she said they were working on him.

Ridge grabbed the palette and asked if Caroline's schools had had gym classes. "Because you'd better start running," he warned and chased Caroline around an easel. They had a paint fight and kissed.

Later, Ridge and Caroline lay in bed, smudged with paint. Stroking him with a paintbrush, she remarked that she wasn't good at making straight lines. He replied that lines had drawn them together. He revealed that she'd made him aware that he shouldn't do something that he'd been doing. She asked why he did whatever it was. He believed it was because he didn't think he deserved her.

Caroline relayed that she was the only one who'd thought that. Ridge decided they'd make a deal to stop thinking that way. She agreed, and they kissed.

Little, Itty, Bitty Engagement Ring

Little, Itty, Bitty Engagement Ring

Friday, March 6, 2015

In the evening at Quinn's loft, Wyatt arrived to a gleefully smiling Quinn, who hugged him before jogging into the kitchen to chop food. Wyatt was weirded out by the twinkle in her eye and asked if it could be happiness he saw. She waved her left hand around and said for him to tell her.

"What the hell is that?" Wyatt asked. In a sing-songy voice, Quinn announced that it was exactly what it looked like, and she and Deacon were getting married. Wyatt was shocked. He'd expected to hear about a breakup due to the slap at Brooke's.

Quinn asked Wyatt to be happy for her. Wyatt wanted to be, but he didn't trust Deacon. She said that Wyatt had to give his "father-in-law slash future stepfather" a chance. He replied that he had to believe there would be a wedding first, but instead, he believed Deacon was still hung up on Brooke.

Quinn insisted that Brooke wouldn't be a problem, and Quinn trusted Deacon. Quinn stated that Deacon was at Brooke's house at that moment, telling Brooke the good news. Quinn planned to meet him there because she felt that Brooke needed to see the happy couple together.

At Brooke's house, Deacon arrived as Brooke was pouring herself a drink. He was sorry for what Quinn had done earlier. Brooke said Quinn was lucky Brooke hadn't put her in jail. Sure that Deacon wasn't living at Quinn's house any longer, Brooke said he could stay in her guesthouse for as long as he needed to. He revealed that he hadn't broken up with Quinn -- he'd proposed to her.

Brooke asked if Deacon had lost his mind. She asked him to consider what Quinn had done to Brooke and to Hope. Deacon said he'd told Quinn that those things couldn't happen again.

Outside the slightly ajar front door, Quinn arrived and listened in as Deacon and Brooke argued about his decision to marry Quinn. He asserted his love for Quinn, but Brooke insisted he could do better than the psychopath. Brooke reminded him that Hope was afraid of Quinn and urged him to just let it be a fling, not a bad marriage. He insisted upon marrying Quinn and hoped Brooke would accept it in time. Brooke asserted that she'd never accept it.

Quinn hid behind a bush as Deacon left.

Brooke heard her door slam, whipped around, saw Quinn, and ordered her to get out. Quinn seethed that Brooke had a big mouth, and if Quinn ever heard Brooke talk to Quinn's fiancÚ that way again, Brooke would have more than a slap to worry about.

Quinn figured that Brooke couldn't stand that Deacon wanted Quinn, and Quinn accused Brooke of desperately vying to make every man she'd ever been with pine for her. Brooke said she wasn't afraid of Quinn, but Quinn called the statement Brooke's first mistake.

Quinn refused to let Brooke ruin the special moment in Quinn's life. Brooke uttered that Quinn would do it herself. Quinn reasoned that she deserved it and had learned from her mistakes. Brooke disbelieved Quinn would ever learn and vowed to stand by Deacon because he wasn't thinking clearly.

Quinn asked Brooke what right she had to interfere. Brooke said Deacon was Hope's father. Quinn called Brooke a lonely, washed-up drunk. Brooke told Quinn not to dare pass judgment on Brooke. "We all have our issues -- some worse than others," Brooke concluded.

Quinn warned Brooke not to stand in the way of her marriage. Brooke declared that she wouldn't stand in the way -- she'd flat-out forbid it. There was "no way in hell" Brooke would allow a marriage between Quinn and Hope's father. Brooke ordered Quinn to take off the little, itty, bitty engagement ring and realize there would be no wedding.

Back at Quinn's loft, Wyatt was on the phone with Pam, declining to be set up with someone in her crochet club. Deacon arrived after the call, and Wyatt asked if Deacon was moving too fast. "When you know, you know," Deacon said. Wyatt contended that he wasn't sure Deacon did know. Wyatt felt it was his job to protect Quinn, and he had some issues with Deacon.

Deacon asked Wyatt to lay it out. Wyatt had a long list, and at the top of it were Deacon's feelings for Brooke. Deacon assured Wyatt he was wrong, and Deacon wouldn't have proposed if he wasn't ready for the commitment. Deacon reasoned that he and Brooke would be in each other's lives as friends, but that was it. Wyatt recalled that Deacon had been after Brooke a short time back.

Deacon said it had been before Quinn, and there would never be another woman for him. He asked where his bride-to-be was. Wyatt was surprised by the question because Quinn had been headed to meet Deacon at Brooke's house. The men looked worried, and Wyatt pulled out his phone.

At the mansion, Maya and Rick were having martinis by the living room fire. Aly and Ivy tried to hurry past them, but Rick asked if the pair would whip up some food because he and Maya were famished. "Excuse me?" Ivy asked, but Aly quickly agreed and asked what the two wanted. Rick said to surprise them with anything from scratch.

"Really?" Maya mirthlessly said after the two women had headed to the kitchen. Rick claimed to be having fun and keeping his cousins on their toes. Maya noted there had been a lot of that going on. He saw no harm in it. To him, it was fine to be good but more fun to be bad. She finally cracked a smile.

Maya didn't think it would kill Rick to cut the women some slack. Rick claimed he hadn't had everything handed to him, and he was teaching Aly and Ivy a lesson in compromise and hard work. "By having them cook for you?" Maya asked. He said they could leave if they didn't like it. Maya remarked that the foot rub had been a bit much.

Rick defended that if one didn't wield authority and power without instilling a degree of fear, one would get stabbed in the back every time. He reasoned that he was the way he was because he'd been stepped on too many times. Maya stated that he'd managed to rise above it. He agreed and said he'd learned his lesson. He said to look at Thorne, who'd gotten nowhere by being nice.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Maya answered it and found Nicole on the doorstep. Nicole claimed she'd be out of Maya's hair soon and had just decided to stop by. Rick asked about Nicole's living situation and learned that Nicole was crashing on people's couches at the dorm, which beat sleeping at the library. Rick didn't know why she'd do it when she could stay at the mansion.

Maya scowled, and then in a sweet voice, she questioned whether Nicole would be "into" living there. Rick urged Nicole to accept; however, Maya reasoned that the house was full enough, and they could just help Nicole find a place. Rick was willing to make room and said the sisters needed to get to know each other better. He insisted that Nicole stay. "We both do," Rick added.

In the kitchen, Ivy was indignant about Rick's request and asked if Aly had been obliging him often. Aly, who was willing to suck it up to get her shoe line, said there had been food in bed, some poorly made martinis, and a foot massage for Maya. "What?" Ivy exclaimed.

Aly said it had happened so the lead model could try on a pair of the prototype shoes. Ivy asserted that Rick had no right to command Aly to go anywhere near Maya's feet. Aly reasoned that Rick was in control, and if she didn't do what he said, she could kiss her career goodbye.

As the cousins cooked, Ivy attempted to use cilantro. Noting that Rick hated it, Aly stopped her. Ivy knew he hated it, but as she relented, she insisted that it was the last dinner they'd make. Ivy declared that they had to take a stand before Rick threw them out of the house.

When Ivy and Aly emerged from the kitchen, Rick said they'd arrived with perfect timing. He hoped they had food enough for everyone and announced that Nicole was the newest member of the household. Nicole asked if it was okay with the female cousins, and Ivy asked what Eric would think. Rick asserted that it was his house, and he didn't need permission. He thought Eric would applaud helping Nicole, and Rick expected the cousins to make Nicole at home.

Aly welcomed Nicole to Forrester Manor. Nicole said she didn't know the house had a name. "It doesn't," Maya sniped. Nicole hoped she wasn't inconveniencing Aly or Ivy. Rick said not to be silly, and Aly didn't mind giving up her room. Aly looked shocked. Rick added that he wanted all of them to make their guest feel welcome.

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