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Rick and Caroline's divorce entered its final phase, but Nicole refused to let Maya and Rick move on without her. Brooke decided to attend an alcoholics' support group, and when Deacon wound up in the same meeting, he suggested they lean on each other for support.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 9, 2015 on B&B
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Rick demanded Maya and Nicole patch things up

Rick demanded Maya and Nicole patch things up

Monday, March 9, 2015

At Brooke's house, Brooke vowed that Quinn would never be Mrs. Deacon Sharpe. Quinn asserted that Brooke didn't have Deacon wrapped around her finger anymore, and there was nothing Brooke could say or do to keep him and Quinn from making it official.

Quinn figured Brooke hated that she'd lost her hold on Deacon, Ridge, and Bill. Brooke claimed that she'd left town to give Bill and Katie a chance. Quinn wondered if Bill got to be happy, but Deacon didn't. "Not with you," Brooke replied.

Brooke said Quinn would ruin Deacon's life the same was she'd ruined Hope's. Quinn quipped that Hope's problem wasn't Quinn; it was being her mother's badge of shame. Brooke ordered Quinn to get out. "Look what you made me do," Quinn said and claimed Brooke had made the conversation get ugly.

Quinn asked why Brooke couldn't be happy for Deacon. Quinn grabbed Brooke's vodka and suggested they make a toast. Brooke refused to drink with Quinn. Pouring herself a drink, Quinn relayed that she didn't know why Brooke didn't want to just keep the party going like always.

Brooke said it was none of Quinn's business, and Quinn quipped that her engagement was none of Brooke's business. Quinn said the wedding would happen, and it would be huge. She'd have wine, dancing, and the works. "Nobody will show up," Brooke said. Quinn thought Brooke might be right, but Quinn planned to do it up anyway. She claimed that it would be her only wedding -- unlike Brooke.

Quinn claimed that Deacon was the only man for her, and she was the only woman for him. She warned Brooke to stay out of the way or answer to Quinn. Quinn handed Brooke a glass and walked out. Brooke threw the glass, and it smashed against the door.

Later, Deacon arrived, looking for Quinn. Brooke informed him that Quinn had just left. He asked if everything had been okay, and Brooke relayed that Quinn hadn't slapped her that time. Brooke asked if he wanted to be in a relationship where he had to go in behind his wife to make sure everyone else was okay in her wake. Deacon decided that Brooke was okay, and he could leave.

Brooke claimed not to be all right and urged Deacon to see that nothing was all right with his situation. Deacon felt that Quinn wasn't perfect, which meant he had a shot at being a good husband and father. Brooke was outraged that he'd think of having children with the "monster."

Deacon understood it was a rough time in Brooke's life, but he was sure Ridge's thing with Caroline would end. Brooke declared that she wouldn't go back to Ridge. Deacon doubted she meant it. She asserted it again, and he asked if she was saying there was a chance for her and Deacon.

Brooke denied hinting to a chance. She wanted Deacon to see that Quinn was trouble. Deacon said not to forget that he was, too. Brooke felt it was different and stressed that Quinn was dangerous. He continued defending his position, and Brooke guessed there was nothing more she could say.

Deacon asked Brooke to go bed without having another drink. Brooke claimed she didn't need any more, and there was nothing to celebrate. He left, and she poured herself a drink. She flashed back to Deacon telling her that he'd given up on her and had found love with Quinn.

"I knew it!" Deacon said, taking the drink from Brooke's hand. Shocked that he was back, Brooke quibbled about it being just a small drink. She promised she wouldn't drink any more. She told him to go off to his fiancée, but he looked skeptical. She pushed him to leave, and once he was gone, she sat down and cried as she stared at the tempting bottle.

At Quinn's loft, Quinn arrived and saw Wyatt waiting for her. He asked how it had gone at Brooke's house. Quinn said she hadn't hit Brooke -- but she'd wanted to. Quinn told Wyatt what had transpired at Brooke's house but declared that Brooke wouldn't get between Quinn and Deacon.

At the mansion, Nicole said she didn't want to put anyone out. Rick stated that she wouldn't be, and there were plenty of rooms in the house. Ivy thought that was exactly the point, but he said their houseguest should get one of the better rooms. Nicole thanked Aly, who grinned uneasily.

Rick sent Aly for snacks and drinks, and Ivy left with Aly. Maya decided that she needed to talk to Rick before Nicole moved in. Nicole asked if Maya didn't want her there. Maya said there was a way to do things right. "Just showing up like this?" Maya added.

Rick said it was fine, and he'd handle everything. Maya looked irritated as he talked about the sisters bonding. Rick added that Aly staying near the kitchen would be super convenient. "For making snacks?" Maya quipped. Maya asked to talk to Nicole alone, and Rick left to check on Aly and his chips.

Once Rick had gone, Maya asked what Nicole was up to. Nicole acted like she didn't know what Maya meant. Maya noted that her sister had shown up twice, and somehow her living arrangements kept being a topic of conversation. Maya didn't understand Nicole's hot and cold temperament with Maya, either.

Maya cited Nicole's comment about Maya having no future in modeling and said she felt Nicole was judging her. Maya felt Nicole didn't like the choices Maya had made but wouldn't mind getting in on the action. Nicole admitted that she'd judged Maya a little but claimed to really want to be with her sister. "In her Beverly Hills mansion," Maya figured.

Nicole claimed it could be anywhere, and she didn't care who Maya lived with. Nicole conceded that she did think the "accouterments" were amazing. Maya defensively claimed that she and Rick had worked hard for them, and she didn't know why Nicole wanted to be with her after so much time. Nicole said she loved her sister. Maya loved Nicole, too. The two hugged, and Nicole slyly grinned.

In the kitchen, Aly was livid about Rick kicking her out of her room. Ivy urged Aly to say something about it, but Aly thought it would be rude to do in front of Nicole. Ivy said Rick was pushing Aly around. Ivy sensed that Rick knew Eric wouldn't let him throw the cousins out, so Rick was trying to make them leave on their own.

Aly said it wasn't Nicole's fault, and Ivy and Aly doubted it was Maya's, either. They concurred that Maya had looked just as shocked by Rick's actions as they had been.

Rick entered to check on his snacks, and Ivy asked if he was serious about Nicole living there. He replied that she'd been sleeping on couches. Aly asked if it really had to be her room. He stated that Aly could give up her room for a little while. Ivy asked why Aly would do that, and he indignantly asked if Ivy had a problem with it. Aly interjected that Rick hadn't even asked her first.

Rick claimed that he'd been trying to be polite and expected the cousins to do the same. Aly stated that she wasn't saying she wouldn't do it, but she'd wanted to be part of the decision. Ivy chimed in that Maya seemed to feel the same way and didn't seem overjoyed to have her sister there.

Rick claimed that Maya and Nicole needed a chance to reconnect. Ivy tried to get him to see that he wasn't the only one who lived there, and he should have consulted them. Rick declared that they'd show Nicole the hospitality that Forresters were known for -- end of discussion.

Secrets and admissions

Secrets and admissions

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

by Pam

At Brooke's, she poured herself a drink, but a knock at the door interrupted her before she drank it. She opened the door to Wyatt. He entered, and Wyatt explained that he had to talk to someone. Brooke worried about Hope, but Wyatt said she was fine.

Wyatt added that he had divorce papers. He needed to move on with his life. Wyatt worried about being alone. Brooke said she understood.

Brooke offered Wyatt a drink. Wyatt wondered if Brooke had really forbidden his mother to marry Deacon. Brooke said she had, and she would do it again. Brooke worried that Quinn was not good for Deacon, and Brooke said that Deacon was Hope's dad. They had a bond. Wyatt understood that Brooke was protective of Deacon.

Wyatt asked if something had been bothering Brooke. She lamented that she was alone again. Wyatt noted that she understood his predicament of moving on. Brooke agreed. Wyatt offered to keep her company when she was down because he was a fun guy. She giggled, and she poured them both more drinks. Brooke insisted that they stop discussing sad things. She wanted to sing, dance, and laugh.

Brooke stumbled, and Wyatt suggested that she'd had enough to drink. Brooke teased that Wyatt was supposed to be fun, but he was a Debbie Downer. Wyatt encouraged her to take it easy and stop drinking. Brooke said she was home and not going out. There was no reason to stop partying. Wyatt said goodnight, and he left. He gave Brooke a disapproving look. Brooke looked sad.

Brooke turned and poured herself another drink. She turned around, stumbled, and cracked her head on the coffee table. She was out cold.

At Quinn's, Quinn advised Deacon that Brooke needed to stay away from Deacon, and Deacon needed to stop worrying about Brooke. Quinn hissed that Brooke had forbidden them to get married. Quinn said that was a pretty nervy statement from Brooke -- an ex-lover. Quinn wondered why Deacon had been so worried about Brooke.

Deacon admitted that Brooke had suddenly become a drinker. Deacon said that Brooke had never been a heavy drinker, but she had been hitting the booze pretty hard recently. Quinn scoffed that Brooke would be fine as soon as she snared another man.

Deacon maintained that he had a good reason to worry about Brooke because he'd had his own problems with alcohol. He knew the symptoms. He admitted that he was an alcoholic. Quinn was surprised.

Deacon said he'd been in Alcoholics Anonymous before, and he planned to return. Deacon added that he needed to be clean in order to make it work with Quinn. Surprised, Quinn promised to be supportive. They hugged.

At the Forrester mansion, Ivy, Aly, and Nicole hung out in the kitchen. Ivy and Aly asked about Nicole's plans. Nicole shared that she was a student at UCLA, and she majored in computer science. Aly and Ivy said they needed an IT person around the house.

Aly and Ivy marveled that Nicole would want to stay at the mansion rather than at school -- in the middle of college life at its best. They offered to help her find housing. Nicole wondered if they wanted to get rid of her -- especially since she had Aly's room. Aly and Ivy covered, but Nicole said she understood.

Nicole added that she wanted to hang around awhile and get to know her sister again. They had spent little time together as youngsters, and after Maya had left home, they'd had little contact.

Ivy and Aly wondered if Nicole had something against Maya. Nicole denied it, but she added that Rick had invited her to stay at the house -- not Maya.

Nicole quizzed Aly and Ivy about why Rick would have fallen for Maya when he'd been married to Caroline Spencer -- quite a change in women, Nicole noted. Nicole wondered if Aly and Ivy believed that Rick loved Maya.

Ivy and Aly said Rick seemed vengeful toward Caroline, but they added that Rick and Caroline had hurt each other, and Maya and Rick had been together before. Nicole thanked Aly and Ivy for the information. She went to bed. Ivy wondered what Aly thought about Nicole. They agreed she seemed nice, but they remembered that Maya had started out as a friend to them.

Upstairs at the Forrester mansion, Rick and Maya cuddled. Maya thanked Rick for being so generous to her. Rick wondered why Maya had been against allowing Nicole to stay with them. Maya said that she'd left her family behind years before and had never looked back. Maya gushed that she loved the closeness of Rick's big family. It was everything she had ever wanted. The Forresters worked together, lived together, and had plenty of drama, but they cared about each other on a deeper level.

Maya wondered what had made Rick choose Maya over all the women he could have been with. Rick gushed that Maya had been honest with him. He noted that she had integrity. Maya said that she often lacked confidence. She worried that the Forresters and others didn't respect her. Rick argued that people were in awe of Maya -- her beauty, her grace, and her intelligence. Maya and Rick kissed.

Rick wondered if there was a reason Maya didn't want Nicole to stay with them. Maya hesitated then said that she would try to mend her relationship with Nicole. Maya thanked Rick for being so good to her. Maya got up to take a shower.

Later, while Maya had been in the shower, Nicole knocked on the door to Rick and Maya's room. Rick answered and asked if everything had been all right. Nicole agreed, and she thanked Rick for his hospitality. Rick told Nicole that she was family.

Nicole had wanted to say goodnight to Maya, but Rick said Maya was in the shower. Nicole asked why Rick had decided to be with Maya. Rick was surprised, but Nicole explained that it had appeared that Caroline Spencer had it all. Rick said Caroline had done something very offensive to him, and they would be getting a divorce.

Rick added that he loved Maya's honesty and integrity. There were no secrets with Maya, he said. Nicole thanked Rick, and she left. Rick closed the door, and Nicole peeked around the corner at the closed door. She said aloud that Maya had a big secret that she doubted Rick or anyone knew.

Massaging feet and vodka by the case

Massaging feet and vodka by the case

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Brooke had had a drunken tumble in which she'd fallen, hit her head, and been knocked out cold. The doorbell rang, and Brooke awakened and stumbled to the door.

A deliveryman told Brooke that he was delivering a case of vodka. Brooke maintained that it had to be a mistake, but the deliveryman maintained that the order had been recorded late the night before, and they had promised to deliver the next day. Brooke looked confused, and she suggested the deliveryman set the case on the foyer table.

Brooke looked in the mirror and realized how horrible she looked. She opened the box and pulled out a bottle of vodka. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She opened the bottle and sniffed it. She prepared to take a sip and started to cry. She recapped the bottle and walked over to the computer. She searched for A.A. meetings and decided to get dressed and attend a meeting.

At Quinn's, Quinn noted that Deacon was up early. He smiled and asked how she'd been feeling. Quinn happily stated that she'd been feeling very engaged. Deacon professed that he wanted to get it right that time. Deacon planned to attend an A.A. meeting that morning.

Quinn said she understood that Deacon had wanted to help Brooke, but she reminded her fiancé that Brooke was not his problem. Deacon quizzed Quinn about Brooke's condition the last time Quinn had seen Brooke. Quinn answered that Brooke had been "soused."

Deacon worried more about Brooke. He said it was easy to sneak a beer here and there then it could became bottles of booze rather than beers. Deacon headed toward the door, and Quinn changed her attitude.

Quinn asked how long the meetings were. She anticipated that Deacon might want some distraction from drinking after he returned. Deacon cheerfully agreed. Quinn wished him luck. Deacon left, and Quinn flashed back to Deacon's proposal. She smiled.

Brooke arrived at an A.A. meeting. Diane, the counselor, shared some views, and she noticed Brooke. Diane encouraged Brooke to share her story. Brooke confessed that she'd been drinking a lot lately -- by herself. She worried about becoming an alcoholic. Brooke said she felt alone.

Brooke admitted that she had blacked out. She shared that she'd been glad no one, especially her young son at boarding school, had seen her. Brooke seemed embarrassed that she'd gone on about herself for so long. Diane said that was the beauty of the organization -- no one was there to judge her.

Brooke agreed she needed to be a member. Diane looked up and welcomed another member in the back of the room. Deacon entered and announced his name and that he was an alcoholic, and Brooke was surprised.

At Forrester Creations, Ivy told Aly it was time to stop cooking for Rick and Maya, waiting on them, and massaging Maya's feet. Aly said she wanted her shoe line, but Ivy maintained that Rick was using her. Ridge entered and assumed that "Ricky" had been mistreating Ivy and Aly. Ivy agreed and said it would end immediately.

Ridge said he would accompany Ivy to see Rick, but Ivy insisted she wanted to meet her cousin alone face-to-face. Ivy wanted to teach Rick a lesson.

Ivy maintained that Ivy's delivery of midnight snacks to the bedroom were over. Aly lamented that she'd lost her own bedroom to Nicole, Maya's sister. Ivy and Aly agreed that Rick had been cruel and needed to be put in his place.

In Rick's office, Maya and Rick kissed. Maya encouraged Rick to ease up on Ivy and Aly because they had become "unhappy campers." Rick scoffed and said they needed find a new campground.

Rick reveled in the fact that, as the months had passed, he was much closer to becoming the permanent CEO. "We are this company," Rick said. He hoped Aly, Ivy, Ridge, and Caroline would soon realize that.

Ivy stormed in and said they needed to talk, but Rick advised her to make an appointment. Ivy refused. "We're family, and we're going to talk." Maya tried to interrupt, but Ivy said she wasn't there to talk to Rick's girlfriend.

Ivy called Rick out on his lack of respect for everyone. She blasted him for expecting Aly to polish shoes and mix drinks. Rick sneered that he had raised his expectations for everyone. Ivy countered that they had raised their expectations of him.

Maya pointed out that Rick's business record was exemplary. Ivy noted that his success rested on Ridge and Caroline's line. Ivy lambasted Rick for treating Aly like a servant.

Rick grew angry, and Maya maintained that Rick had just been having fun with Ivy and Aly. Maya suggested that Ivy stop being so serious. Ivy agreed. She sat down and asked Maya to massage her feet. Maya was surprised, and Ivy accused Rick of running his own sweatshop.

Ivy threatened to call her father, and Rick told her to do it. He added that her latest jewelry designs had not had great reviews. Ivy did not back down. She told him to stop offending family members.

Rick is updated on his divorce from Caroline

Rick is updated on his divorce from Caroline

Thursday, March 12, 2015

At the Alcoholics' Anonymous meeting, Deacon tried to duck out, but the leader urged him to stay and listen to newcomer, Brooke, who was about to tell her story.

Brooke explained that alcohol had never been a problem for her, but her drinking had increased that year. She'd thought that if she wasn't already an alcoholic at her age then she never would be. Brooke stated that she wasn't diagnosing herself; she was merely feeling lost.

Others shared their stories, and Deacon finally spoke. He explained that some might pass out for a day, but he'd passed out for years of his life. He'd been a mean drunk, unfit for his daughter. He'd gotten sober through meetings, and he'd become a better person despite himself.

Deacon shared that he'd met a woman more desperate and needy than himself, and he'd actually been able to help her. He was excited to marry her, but he'd begun drinking again. He feared that he'd revert his old ways and poison everything good in his life.

Later, the leader concluded the meeting by reminding everyone to keep the confidentiality of everyone else in the room. As people left, Deacon approached Brooke. He couldn't believe they'd wound up in the same meeting but was happy she wasn't letting her life go down the toilet.

Deacon asked Brooke not to drink that day, and he said he wouldn't, either. Brooke repeated the step one mantra, but he said to take it seriously. He offered to let her call him if she wanted to drink and said he'd call her if he was on the edge. She didn't know why he'd do that and said she didn't know what she was doing. He joked that it was nice to have a friend with low expectations of him.

At Quinn's loft, Wyatt arrived with an envelope. Thinking it was a prenuptial agreement, Quinn refused to look at it. He said it wasn't, but he needed her to keep it in the safe for him. She wanted to know if it would self-destruct. She asked if it was his will or something for her to read in case he died. Frustrated, Wyatt wished she'd do what he asked without question.

Quinn looked chastised, and Wyatt conveyed that the envelope contained his divorce papers. Quinn thought it was cowardly of Hope to have a lawyer drop the papers on him. Wyatt said the divorce had been his idea. He'd decided to stop kidding himself and to stop blaming and punishing Quinn.

Wyatt knew his mother was seriously off-center and that she'd say or do anything to get what she wanted. He said he and Quinn weren't admitting that he was the same way. Quinn told him not to say that, but he insisted that he was his mother.

Wyatt hadn't understood why the world wouldn't give him the one thing he'd wanted, so he'd chased Hope. He'd begged her, he'd flattered her, he'd tricked her, he'd stretched the truth, and he'd lied to her. "And she loved me. Just not the same way that I loved her," he stated.

Wyatt had known that Hope hadn't chosen to stay with him for him, but he hadn't cared. Finally, it had dawned on him that he was his mother's son.

Quinn asked if he'd tell Liam about it. Wyatt figured it was public record, and Liam would probably find out from Brooke. Wyatt had felt he'd needed to inform Brooke but murmured that it had probably been a mistake. Quinn almost started in on Brooke, but he said it hadn't been like that. He recalled that Brooke had been lonely, and it had been kind of sad.

At Forrester, Rick considered putting another desk in his office for Maya because she seemed to make everything run right for him. She said she didn't need an incentive like that to stay beside him. He informed her that his divorce would be finalized.

Maya offered him whatever moral support he needed, but he said that her waiting at home was all the support he needed. Maya offered to make dinner for the special occasion. She was relieved to no longer be the other woman. Rick thanked her for her patience, and she thanked him for being the best thing to ever happen to her.

At the mansion, Nicole hacked into the home sound system. Her music blared through the house, and she began dancing. She found a letter on the mantel from Maya, who requested that Nicole remove her clothes from the dryer and make her bed because the housekeeper wouldn't do it for her. In the postscript, Maya said a little consideration was all she wanted. Nicole threw the letter into the fireplace, used a remote to turn on the flames, and continued dancing.

Later, Maya arrived and shouted for Nicole to turn off the music. When Maya asked why the fireplace was on, Nicole claimed to be cold and noted that Maya was home early. Maya announced that it was a special day because Rick's divorce "came through." Maya was planning a special celebration. "So it's a great night for you to reconnect with your UCLA friends -- there," Maya decided.

Nicole remarked that two families could live there without Maya even knowing, so Nicole could stay out of the way without a problem. Maya asked if Nicole would really fight Maya on it. Nicole said she wasn't fighting, and life was compromise. Nicole commented that Rick liked her and didn't always want her out of the way. She said he might want her at the celebration and added that she was family.

Maya felt that she'd made a perfectly reasonable request; however, she wasn't asking Nicole, she was telling Nicole to be somewhere else. "And I'm telling you that I'm not going to be swept under the rug just because you're ashamed of me," Nicole asserted.

Maya didn't know why she'd be ashamed of Nicole, who Maya hardly knew. "And you're more educated," Maya added with a nervous laugh. Nicole proposed that they agree that she had just as much right to be there as Maya. Maya said it wasn't true. Maya stated that it was her home, but Nicole was a guest until she found somewhere else to stay. Nicole said she'd found the place.

Maya disagreed, and Nicole suggested they ask Rick. Maya said Nicole had taken advantage of Rick's generosity long enough, and Maya offered to front Nicole's rent and deposit once they found her a new place to stay. Nicole refused to go anywhere, and Maya warned that it was a fight that Nicole wouldn't win. "Wanna bet? I'm not leaving, and you know why," Nicole replied.

In Rick's old office, Carter entered and told Ridge that Caroline had messaged Carter to ask him to sit in on a divorce ratification meeting with Rick and Kris, Rick's attorney. Ridge relayed that Caroline was visiting her mothers in New York and had heard that the divorce would be final. Carter asked if she was okay, and Ridge said she was anxious to put Rick behind her.

Rick called the office to ask Caroline to join him in his meeting. Carter answered and said he'd sit in for Caroline. After the call, Ridge thanked Carter for looking out for Caroline.

Carter crossed the hall to meet Kris and Rick. Kris doled out copies of the first divorce filing. Kris explained that there were some additions earmarked on the document, but the only area of concern was financial. Kris said Caroline's lawyer had reaffirmed that she didn't want spousal support. Rick didn't, either, so aside from the six-month waiting period, they were done.

"Well, done was what we wanted to be," Rick responded.

Kris exited, and Carter asked if Rick had any regrets. Rick was sorry he'd hurt Caroline. Surprised by the statement, Carter said no one had died, and though Caroline had been in pieces, she'd swept them all up. "I just -- You know, if it hadn't been -- " Rick started to say but cut himself off.

Carter said there was still time, but Rick declined. Rick had loved Caroline, and it had broken his heart to lose her. "But this is for the best," Rick concluded.

I'm Not Going Anywhere

I'm Not Going Anywhere

Friday, March 13, 2015

In the CEO's office, Rick lamented that two words had started his marriage, but it had taken "so much" paperwork to end it. Carter said he had to ask if Rick really wanted to go through with it. Carter offered to listen, but Rick acted as if all he wanted to do was conduct business.

Carter understood why Rick was burying himself in work. Carter said it wasn't easy to end a relationship, and Carter couldn't imagine what it was like to end a marriage. Rick didn't want to debate about it and noted that Caroline hadn't even showed up for the divorce meeting.

Carter said Caroline was in New York and hadn't expected the court to sign off that day. He suggested that Rick call her, but as he poured some drinks, Rick decided that marriage should end as it began -- with a toast. "To Caroline and me. May we find more happiness apart than when we were together," Rick said and gulped his drink.

Rick stated that he didn't regret the marriage. Carter didn't think Caroline did, either. He asked if Rick had ever thought of how things had gotten that way. He figured it was a stupid question, but Rick said it wasn't. "We both made mistakes," Rick quietly stated.

Carter asked how things would be when Caroline was back in the office. Rick said they'd find a way to work together, and with the divorce out of the way, it might be easier. Carter, who'd presided over the wedding, had never imagined anything getting in the way of the couple's love and connection. He asked if Rick was really willing to throw it all away.

Rick stated that it had worked out as it had been meant to. Carter guessed it was easy for Rick, who'd been through a divorce before. Rick said that marriage wasn't easy, but he still believed marriage was possible with the right person; however, he hadn't been that person for Caroline or else she wouldn't have betrayed him.

Rick said he'd learned about relationships through watching his mother, who'd believed each time that a relationship would be different. With Maya, Rick didn't have to believe; he just knew.

Alone in his office later, Rick sat down with his copy of the divorce papers. He flashed back over his love affair with Caroline.

In Rick's old office, Eric called a meeting with the staff to discuss Rick's quarterly report. Ridge noted that the entire staff got credit for the numbers, not just Rick. Eric stated that Rick got the credit because he was the leader and made the tough decisions that kept the business running at a profit.

Ivy couldn't argue with the numbers, just Rick's bedside manner. Eric agreed that Rick could improve upon it. Pam said Rick was making "sort of" an effort. Aly added that Rick seemed to be entertaining her shoe line. Eric acknowledged that everyone had problems with Rick, but the numbers had shown his worth as CEO. Eric hadn't wanted to see it at first, but he'd decided that Rick's relationship with Maya had made all the difference.

The subject turned to a big photo shoot that day. Oliver was surprised that Maya wasn't back in the building yet. Eric assumed she was staying away out of respect for Rick's divorce meeting, and Eric asked everyone else to give Rick space, too. Eric hadn't wanted a divorce for his son, but in his view, things had turned out really well with Maya and Rick. He expected the pair to do a great job.

Eric left, and Ivy asked if anyone else felt like gagging. She wondered if the reports meant that Rick would be in charge forever. Pam thought it should be Ridge. Ridge stated that Eric had a problem with Ridge, and no matter how Rick lied and acted out, Eric would trust Rick more.

Oliver left to prepare for the "queen's" photo shoot, and Ivy and Aly poked fun at Maya's uppity behavior. Ridge said Maya was untouchable, and it wouldn't change anytime soon.

At the mansion, Maya claimed not to know what Nicole was talking about. Maya said she'd stopped by the house to prepare before a photo shoot, and when she returned again, Nicole had better be gone. Nicole guessed their parents were right about Maya. In the rare times that her parents had spoken of Maya, Nicole had defended Maya. "But if this is how you treat people..." Nicole added.

Maya asked what was so offensive about her wanting to celebrate Rick's divorce alone with him. She advised Nicole to crash on a friend's couch, and she and Nicole would apartment hunt in the morning, because living there was no longer an option for Nicole. Nicole said Maya had better make it an option because Nicole was starting to like the fancy house on the hill.

Maya said Nicole knew the stay would be temporary and offered cash for a hotel. Nicole didn't want to be bought off. Maya said she was trying to help her sister. "By kicking me out?" Nicole asked. Maya said Nicole should be on campus, hanging out with her friends. Maya was sure Nicole didn't want to deal with Maya's curfews or rules.

Nicole didn't see why Maya had to set any. Maya said she understood why Nicole had traveled so far to go to school away from home, and it was time for Nicole to spread her wings. Nicole informed Maya that Nicole wasn't going anywhere. Maya asserted that it was her house, and she decided who lived there. Nicole corrected that it was Rick's house, and she was Rick's guest.

Maya said Rick wouldn't let Nicole remain against Maya's wishes. Nicole reasoned that Rick wanted the sisters to get along and asked Maya to give it a chance. Maya wanted Nicole to see that Maya had just started her life with Rick, and it was too soon for Maya to have complications. Nicole hardly saw herself as a complication and noted that Aly and Ivy also stayed at the house.

Maya claimed she was making arrangements for Aly and Ivy to stay somewhere else, too, that night, and Maya was sure the cousins would move out eventually. Nicole said she'd probably move out eventually, too, but she wondered why she couldn't enjoy how the other half lived for a while.

Nicole thought it was a compliment that she wanted to be like Maya, soar to the top, and live in Beverly Hills. Nicole told Maya to think of where she'd been. Maya didn't like to think of her past life and said there was a reason she'd left it. Nicole guessed that she was a reminder of it, but she advised Maya to get used to it because Maya's little sister was there to stay.

Maya claimed not to be running from the past. Instead, she'd grown into the person she should be. She'd never thought she'd have the life she was leading, and she was grateful to Rick for what he'd given her. "Just not grateful enough to share," Nicole concluded.

Maya felt Nicole should have gratitude for staying there briefly and for Maya's willingness to help Nicole settle somewhere else. Nicole claimed to be beyond grateful, but she felt Maya could be more welcoming, "considering." Maya said she owed Nicole nothing, and Nicole's attitude was wearing thin.

Nicole asserted that Maya was the hostile one. She figured that Maya was afraid of what Nicole might say in front of Rick. Nicole claimed she'd be more interested in keeping quiet if Maya opened her home and showed more respect. Maya said there was nothing to keep quiet about, and Rick already knew she'd been to jail. "You know that's not what I'm talking about," Nicole replied.

Nicole didn't want to hear any more complaints about her attitude or any more talk of moving. Nicole said she knew Maya's secret, the secret Maya prayed Rick would never find out. Maya claimed not to know what Nicole was talking about, and she told Nicole to leave before one of them said something they'd regret.

Nicole warned Maya not to throw everything she'd worked for away by treating Nicole like garbage. Nicole said Rick didn't know Maya like Nicole did, and she contemplated telling Rick about the real Maya. Maya yelled that Nicole could never tell anyone what Nicole knew.

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