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Quinn got her old job back, and Deacon wrestled with his old feelings for Brooke. Quinn drew blood after Wyatt interrupted her happiness with a news flash about Deacon and Brooke. Carter overheard Nicole asking Maya why she didn't reveal to everyone that she'd been Nicole's brother, Myron.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 30, 2015 on B&B
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Second Chance at Work, Love, and War

Second Chance at Work, Love, and War

Monday, March 30, 2015

At Brooke's house, Deacon needed Brooke to say if there was a chance for them. Brooke guessed Deacon had seen the kind of woman Quinn was. He contended that Quinn was good for him, and he wanted to marry her; however, he couldn't live with himself if he didn't take a shot at Brooke.

"If Quinn could hear you now," Brooke murmured. Deacon claimed not to want to hurt Quinn. Brooke didn't see the difference, since Quinn had hurt so many others. He felt that Quinn was doing the best she could, but Brooke asked if Quinn had done the best for Hope. Deacon tried to defend Quinn; however, Brooke said Quinn destroyed people, and she feared Quinn would destroy him.

Brooke understood that Deacon wanted companionship, but she insisted that he really didn't want Quinn. Deacon demanded to know who he should be with, if not Quinn. "Is it you?" he asked.

Deacon noted that Brooke had always made it clear that there was no chance for them. It had led him to propose to Quinn, and he'd had to beg and convince Quinn that Brooke was out of the picture. He didn't know what to do because Brooke was the one he should have held onto and loved.

Just then, Deacon received a call from Quinn. She asked if he could believe she was at Forrester. Deacon asked what she was doing there, and she told him to get just there soon.

After the call, Deacon told Brooke that Quinn wanted to see him. "That's too bad," Brooke uttered. He asked what he and Brooke were doing and what was going on with them. Brooke didn't want to say anything, but he implored her to be as straight with him as he'd been with her.

Brooke was grateful for the support Deacon had given her. He'd reminded her that life could be great. She couldn't help but think of the past and how unexpected and passionate they'd been together. "Creating our beautiful baby girl...So, yeah, I think that this could be our time. But -- " she began to add.

Deacon asked what would stop them. Brooke felt there were a few things, and his engagement was one of them. He asked if they could be together if he weren't engaged to Quinn. "I think it could be our chance," Brooke repeated. Deacon seemed torn as he processed her words.

At Forrester, Quinn promised Rick that he wouldn't regret giving her another chance. Rick asked Wyatt if he thought she was up for it. In a measured tone, Wyatt remarked that Quinn had made positive changes and wouldn't let Rick down. Rick said he'd be watching.

Ridge, Pam, Carter, and Ivy arrived to find out what Rick wanted. "Why is she here?" Ivy asked. Everyone was shocked that Rick had invited Quinn there. Rick said the company had had a nearly flawless quarter, but one department had been lacking. The department needed a maturity that only one person could provide. He announced that he'd rehired Quinn, and no one but Quinn smiled.

Pam and Carter protested Rick's decision. Ivy and Ridge chimed in about how dangerous Quinn was. Carter said Rick had fired Quinn. Rick replied that he'd changed his mind. Pam hoped Wyatt agreed that it was a terrible idea. Wyatt reluctantly said it was between Rick and Quinn.

Rick reasoned that some buyers liked Ivy's designs, and some had requested Quinn's. He said there was a demand, and he was filling it. Quinn tried to empathize with the others, but Rick told her not to. Rick said he ran the company as he saw fit, and whoever didn't like it could use the door. He said no one was forcing anyone to stay, and he had to do what was best for the business.

Quinn understood why everyone was leery, but she promised she was a changed person. She said they could ask Wyatt. Wyatt seemed to almost choke as he said Quinn had been making an effort. She said she'd been designing and was settling down with Deacon. Wyatt's eye's bulged at the statement. The others did not find the engagement reassuring. Rick demanded that everyone stop their whining and get over it because Quinn was there to stay.

In the other office, Quinn was ecstatic about being rehired. It was the third happiest time of her life behind Wyatt's birth and Deacon's proposal. She was happy that Rick believed in her, but Wyatt noted that the others didn't feel that way. Quinn only cared that she had Deacon and Wyatt's support. The job was just a cherry on top, and she felt her life was falling into place.

In Liam's office, Bill and Katie arrived. Liam informed them that things were quiet at Spencer, but he'd learned from Ivy that Rick had just called a huge meeting at Forrester. Katie saw nothing wrong with Rick doing that, and Liam began griping about Rick's treatment of Ivy. Bill prompted Liam to tell Katie about the plan. Liam hesitantly revealed that he'd sort of planned to take over Forrester.

Bill and Liam explained the moves they'd made to advance their takeover plan, and Katie wasn't surprised by Steffy's ultimatum. Katie stated that her nephew presided over a very successful business, but Liam and Bill explained that it was about Rick's treatment of people, Caroline and Ivy in particular.

Katie asked about Wyatt's opinion, and Bill said he wanted Rick gone as much as his brother and father. Bill said Rick was a smarmy dictator who acted like he was God. "And there's only one of those -- me! He's got to go," Bill declared.

Katie worried about the effect it would have on Brooke, and Liam asked what was going on with Brooke. Katie didn't know but hoped Brooke was getting the help she needed.

Later, Liam was alone when Ivy arrived. Liam instantly figured out that something was wrong. Ivy explained that Rick had canceled a meeting with her then had called a meeting to announce that he'd rehired Quinn at Forrester.

The scent of a woman

The scent of a woman

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Deacon wondered if there was a future with Brooke. "You do want to be with me," Deacon noted. Brooke said that Deacon was with Quinn, but if he hadn't been, it might have been their chance. Brooke clearly stated that there could be nothing between them as long as Quinn was in the picture.

Brooke told Deacon that he was very important and very special to her. She admitted that she had thought about what they'd once shared. Deacon looked hopeful, and Brooke smiled. They hugged, and Deacon left.

Outside Brooke's house, unseen by Deacon and Brooke, Katie had arrived and she'd watched Brooke and Deacon embrace. After Deacon had gone, Katie called out to Brooke. "What's going on?" Katie asked. Brooke smiled and said that Deacon often stopped by and checked in on her, "He's been there for me," Brooke said.

Katie reminded Brooke that Deacon was engaged to Quinn. Brooke acknowledged that she was not romantically involved with Deacon. Katie pressured Brooke for more information. Brooke finally admitted that Deacon had helped her with her drinking problem because he understood.

Katie said she would have helped Brooke, but she'd thought Brooke had had it under control. Brooke lamented that it had started with a few glasses of wine and had escalated to a lot of vodka, and she'd spent a lot of time alone in a big empty house. Brooke quickly noted that she wasn't jealous of Katie, but she was unhappy.

"I'm not happy, and I want to be, and I'm gonna fix this. Deacon understands," Brooke declared. Katie looked skeptical. She advised that Brooke could have turned to anyone but Deacon. Brooke professed that Deacon was incredibly sensitive and helped her to stay away from drinking. He had helped her to realize she didn't need to drink.

Brooke said she'd been attending A.A. meetings, and that was where she'd seen Deacon. Katie warned that if Deacon was struggling, he might not be the best person to help her. Brooke disagreed and claimed they had a pact that they would help each other if they wanted to drink. She repeatedly stated that Deacon had been generous, kind, and amazing. "Really -- Deacon has been incredible," Brooke gushed.

Katie worried. "Are you developing feelings for him?" Katie asked. She quizzed Brooke about an attraction and falling for him again. Brooke professed that Deacon was a gentleman. Katie reiterated that Deacon was engaged to Quinn.

Brooke said she understood, and she wanted to get her life back under control. She planned to do that with the help of Forrester and Deacon. She told Katie she was on her way to Forrester Creations to get back to work. Katie was pleased that Brooke was returning to work, but she was puzzled about Deacon.

At Forrester, Quinn reveled in returning to her old job. She sat in her office at her old desk and put her feet up on it. Wyatt joined her, and Quinn told him how happy she was to return. "I'm back," she crowed. Wyatt agreed that Rick had given her another chance, but Wyatt added that everyone at Forrester would be looking over her shoulder. Quinn acknowledged that she had to prove herself, but she added that she reported to Rick and no one else. She appreciated the opportunity. Wyatt congratulated her and left for a meeting.

Deacon entered Forrester and saw the door ajar to Quinn's old office. He saw her sitting at the desk with her feet up. He suddenly recalled Brooke's words that he might have a chance with Brooke. He entered the office and wondered what Quinn was doing there and how she had gotten past security.

Quinn told him that Rick had invited her back to Forrester and given her old job back to her. She called Deacon her good luck charm. Quinn explained that her customers had missed her. Deacon congratulated her, and they hugged.

Quinn sniffed something. "What's that? Why do you smell like perfume?" Quinn asked. Deacon looked guilty. She quizzed him about the scent. "Your friend from A.A. is a woman," Quinn noted. She added that his friend had very good taste in perfume.

Deacon apologized for not telling her the truth, but Quinn interrupted. She said she had known it all had to be secret. She hoped the woman was grateful for all of Deacon's help.

Quinn gushed about how Deacon had helped her. She remembered that she'd been on the roof, ready to jump, with Bill egging her on. She recalled all the pain she'd caused, but Deacon had saved her.

Quinn marveled that she had become a new woman with Deacon's help. She had renewed her relationship with her son and worked toward earning his forgiveness. She was glad to have a man who loved and supported her. She noted that Deacon had been improving himself for the sake of their relationship. "Just do not ever come home smelling like perfume again," she said. Quinn hugged Deacon.

Brooke entered. "What are you doing here?" Brooke asked. "Your son rehired me," Quinn crowed. Brooke doubted her and said Rick would never do that, and it had to have been a mistake.

Quinn grew angry and said that anything that was good for her was unacceptable to Brooke. Quinn accused Brooke of undermining and sabotaging her happiness. Quinn got closer to Brooke and smelled Brooke's perfume. Quinn turned angrily on Deacon. "Your friend from A.A. is Brooke," Quinn accused. Brooke and Deacon looked guilty.

At Spencer, Liam and Ivy discussed Rick's latest schemes at Forrester. Ivy said that Quinn had returned to work at Rick's invitation. Liam was amazed because he said Rick knew that Quinn was crazy. Ivy said Quinn wanted everyone to believe she had been transformed, thanks to her engagement to Deacon.

Liam shook his head, but Ivy said there had been requests for Quinn's designs. Liam looked skeptical, but Ivy acknowledged that Ivy and Quinn had very different styles. Ivy didn't want to defend Quinn, but she had to admit that Quinn was an incredible artist.

Ivy and Liam agreed that Quinn was volatile. They worried about what might happen if something didn't go her way. "Quinn Fuller is dangerous," Liam announced. Ivy nodded, but she added that Quinn's actions had had one unintentional positive outcome because she and Liam had ended up together. Liam and Ivy kissed.

Lush secrets at Forrester

Lush secrets at Forrester

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Deacon admitted to Quinn that Brooke was indeed his friend from A.A. Deacon apologized for not telling Quinn the truth, but he reminded Quinn that he and Brooke shared a child together. Deacon didn't want Quinn to get upset with Brooke. Quinn scowled at Deacon, and Brooke glared at Quinn.

Deacon explained that he had gone to the same A.A. meeting that Brooke had attended, and he'd overheard Brooke telling her story. "I could hear the desperation in her voice, and we made a pact to be there for each other in the dark times," he said.

Deacon worried that Quinn would go ballistic if she heard that it was Brooke who was his A.A. friend. "Please, can we move past here," Deacon begged Quinn. "I can't believe you," Quinn shouted, but she softened. She wished Deacon had told her the truth, but she understood that he'd had to save Brooke from herself. Quinn smiled and assured Brooke and Deacon that it would all be fine.

Quinn advised Deacon that she never wanted secrets between them again. Quinn turned to Brooke and told her they would be seeing much more of one another at Forrester. Quinn received a text message to attend a human resources meeting, and she left.

After Quinn had gone, Brooke warned Deacon not to trust Quinn, and she marveled that Rick had rehired her. Deacon confessed that seeing Quinn at her best had convinced him that he had made the right choice in deciding to marry her.

Deacon tried to persuade Brooke not to cut him out of her life. He promised to be there for her, and he added that she would always be his unattainable woman, but he and Quinn were good for each other. He promised to always care for Brooke, but Brooke wondered why Deacon couldn't see that Quinn would never change.

Deacon argued that Quinn had changed, and Rick had seen it. Deacon maintained that she was talented. Brooke argued that Quinn had nearly killed Ridge. Deacon said that Bill was the one who had nearly killed Ridge. Deacon's phone rang, and he had to leave. He and Brooke embraced.

Quinn watched, unseen, from the doorway. Brooke and Deacon agreed they would always care for one another. Deacon left, and Quinn hid so that he wouldn't see her. After Deacon was out of sight, Quinn entered the office and confronted Brooke. "You pathetic lush. This is a new low even for you. Who the hell do you think you are?" Quinn asked. Brooke looked surprised.

At Spencer, Bill played with Will, and Katie joined them. She had some paperwork for Bill, but Bill said she was the vice president. She didn't need him to look at it. She countered that she wasn't looking for approval. They agreed she wanted to suck up to the boss. Bill got Will to say, "suck up," and they all laughed.

Bill and Katie discussed that Liam -- the company president -- needed to do some sucking up, but Bill said it had been a bad day for Liam and Ivy. Katie wondered what Rick had done. Bill explained that Rick had rehired Quinn Fuller. Katie was surprised, but Bill added that Forrester customers apparently were clamoring for both Quinn and Ivy's jewelry. Katie told Bill that she had been worried about Brooke because Brooke had been involved with someone.

Bill was furious because he thought it was Ridge, and that meant Ridge was two-timing his niece. Katie said it was not Ridge, but it was someone who was almost a family member -- and he had supported Brooke. Katie confessed it was Deacon Sharpe.

Bill was surprised that Brooke would be involved with a dishonest ex-con. Bill wanted to intervene, but Katie said they needed to stay out of it. He agreed.

At Forrester, Maya looked at a picture of Rick and flashed back to when she and Nicole had had their discussion about how Maya had been Myron. "You're my brother," Nicole had said. Nicole had wondered about the operations and procedures that Maya had undergone. "Why couldn't you just wear the clothes?" Nicole had asked. Maya had argued that she had always been female.

Maya had reminded Nicole that she could never tell Rick or anyone the truth about Maya. "You take care of me, and I'll take care of you," Nicole had said. Rick entered and interrupted Maya's thoughts. He asked if she'd heard that he'd rehired Quinn Fuller. Maya was surprised.

Rick asked how things had gone with Nicole. Maya didn't seem positive, but Rick had anticipated that Nicole and Maya had been working on their relationship. Nicole showed up and chatted with Rick. He was looking forward to getting to know her better.

Rick encouraged Maya to take Nicole along for a tour of Forrester and to a fitting and to introduce her to everyone because he expected them to see more of Nicole at Forrester. Maya stammered that she would just make it a quick fitting or cancel it. Rick said Nicole could hang out with him. Maya did not want to leave Nicole alone with Rick, but he insisted. Rick said he wanted to learn all about Maya from her sister. Maya looked nervous, but she left.

After Maya had gone, Rick discussed his family with Nicole then told her about Amber and Caroline -- women who had both lied to him. "What I have with Maya -- what you see is what you get," he said. Nicole understood that honesty was really important to Rick, but she added that Maya had not always been open and honest. Outside the office, Maya overheard Nicole. Maya burst in and told Nicole she had said enough. Both Rick and Nicole were surprised by Maya's behavior.

Secrets Kept and Secrets Exposed

Secrets Kept and Secrets Exposed

Thursday, April 2, 2015

At the sky lounge, Wyatt asked if Carter had been working on Quinn's contract. Carter said human resources was handling it. Wyatt sensed that Carter didn't want to work on it. "Frankly, I don't," Carter snipped. In his view, rehiring Quinn was one of Rick's many mistakes.

Wyatt agreed that Rick had mistakes but said Quinn wasn't one of them. Wyatt said Quinn was grateful to be back, and it was better than her being holed up at the loft alone with Deacon. Wyatt didn't trust Deacon, and it scared Wyatt to think of what would happen if Deacon slipped out of Quinn's orbit.

Deacon arrived, looking for Quinn. Wyatt told Deacon to go home. Deacon wanted to take her out to celebrate, but Carter quipped that Deacon should wait for her first paycheck. Wyatt was frustrated because Quinn had a hard road ahead of her and needed support. Deacon said Quinn would rise to the occasion, but Wyatt wondered if Deacon would spend his free time with Brooke.

Deacon asserted that it wouldn't happen that way, and he and Quinn were engaged. Wyatt thought Deacon's words sounded ridiculous. Wyatt took no stock in the progress Quinn had made due to Deacon and believed that one mistake would send her careening into oblivion.

Deacon claimed to be committed to Quinn. Wyatt said Deacon had better be, because Quinn was wearing Deacon's ring. Wyatt didn't know what it meant to Deacon but knew what it meant to Quinn. Wyatt warned Deacon not to rip Quinn off, "or I'll rip you a new one."

Deacon left, and Carter said Wyatt was right to be tough on Deacon. Carter said Wyatt had better keep an eye out because if Deacon strayed, "all hell would break loose."

In Rick's old office, Brooke ordered Quinn to stay away from her, but Quinn demanded that Brooke stay away from Deacon. Brooke called it impossible because she and Deacon were parents together. Quinn said Brooke had pushed Quinn to her limits, and Brooke knew what that meant.

Brooke was outraged that Quinn would threaten her after Rick had just rehired Quinn. Quinn claimed it wasn't a threat, but Brooke, who knew the signs, suspected that a slap was on its way. "Oh, no. That was last week's approach. How about strangulation?" Brooke quipped.

Quinn claimed to empathize with Brooke, who was alone for the first time and was hitting the bottle. Quinn was sure it wasn't public knowledge and that Brooke wanted to keep it that way. Quinn stated that Brooke needed support, "but not from Deacon."

Brooke claimed that she and Deacon had been friends for years, but Quinn said Brooke had made him miserable. Brooke contended that she'd given him a daughter, but Quinn said it had been a mistake. Quinn asserted that Brooke had treated Deacon like garbage; however, he was good enough for Quinn and would be her husband.

"Not if I have anything to say about it," Brooke murmured. Quinn didn't know why Brooke cared. She said Brooke didn't want Deacon, and he didn't want Brooke.

Just then, Deacon entered. He asked what was happening. Quinn got a call, requesting her to finalize her paperwork. Before leaving, she said that it was good that Brooke was dealing with her problem, but it was best that Brooke call someone else for help in fighting her demons.

Quinn left, and Deacon guessed that the women had gotten into it. He said it was too much to expect Quinn to accept Brooke as his sobriety partner. Brooke refused to let Quinn interfere with Brooke's progress. He didn't want to either, but he also didn't want to set Quinn off. Refusing to live like that, Brooke stated that if Quinn wanted to explode, "let her explode."

Brooke didn't know how Deacon could even think of marrying someone like that. Deacon thought it was just a setback for Quinn, and he and Brooke understood those. Brooke exclaimed that it was more than a setback. He offered to talk to Quinn, but Brooke said it wouldn't settle that fact that she was Quinn's problem. Brooke worried about him being alone with Quinn.

Deacon asked if Brooke was worried that Quinn would smother him with a pillow. Chuckling, he said Quinn wasn't that person anymore. Brooke replied that no one knew what would make Quinn snap. He reasoned that Brooke did bring out the worst in Quinn. "So does Hope, Liam, Ridge," Brooke added. She asked what Quinn would do next.

Brooke claimed to want to understand why Deacon would propose marriage to Quinn. Deacon conveyed that Quinn had been good to him and for him. He'd been drifting after Brooke had left. Brooke asked why he hadn't drifted to someone more beautiful and sane than Quinn.

Deacon replied that Brooke was the only beautiful, sane woman he knew. Brooke insisted that Quinn was dangerous, and while others had survived Quinn, Deacon was living in harm's way.

Wyatt slipped into the doorway in time to hear Deacon say he couldn't stop thinking about what Brooke had said about them. Brooke told him not to think about it, but he couldn't help but think that if he wasn't engaged to Quinn, then he and Brooke could have a shot.

"I knew it!" Wyatt declared, entering the room. "I've been right all along."

At Quinn's warehouse, Quinn, dressed in her welding uniform, pounded a slender stick of metal. In the CEO's office, Rick asked Maya not to overreact to Nicole giving Rick perspective. Nicole hinted that everyone had their secrets, but Rick said he and Maya didn't. Nicole asked if he'd told Maya everything about him. Rick chuckled, saying he hadn't told Maya every minute detail.

Nicole said it was probably the same with Maya, who hadn't told Rick everything. Rick figured that Nicole knew some secrets. "A few," Nicole teased. A good-humored Rick asked to hear them. Maya told Rick that it wasn't fun for her, but he claimed that they were just teasing.

Nicole said she'd thought of something she'd learned about Maya that had been disturbing. Maya grew defensive. Nicole revealed that Maya had made a promise to the young Nicole that Maya hadn't kept. Maya had promised to be in Nicole's life and share everything with Nicole. Nicole had waited for it to happen, but it never had. Nicole claimed it was okay because they were together "now."

Nicole said they could share the big "change" in Maya's life. "Are you ready to share it now, Maya?" Nicole asked.

Rick got a call and left. Maya asked what Nicole was trying to pull. Nicole remarked that she'd never said she wouldn't ever tell Rick. Maya assumed Nicole would hold it over Maya's head. Nicole said there was nothing to be ashamed of. Maya claimed not to be ashamed, and in her view, choosing not to disclose her transition didn't mean she was lying to Rick or anyone else.

Nicole asked if Rick had the right to know. Maya said that if he proposed, she'd tell him, and she obviously couldn't biologically give him a child. Nicole claimed that she'd meant what she'd said earlier about the past. Maya asserted that she'd been going through a challenging time, but Nicole noted that it had been a hard time for her, too.

Nicole said Maya had known that Nicole couldn't relate to their parents, and back then, Maya had been all that Nicole had had. Maya asked what kind of support Nicole wanted. Nicole said that if Maya had to ask, then Maya wasn't being a sister; she was being selfish.

Nicole said Maya owned "the place" and was the matriarch; if Maya made a demand, it happened. Nicole reasoned that Maya could make things happen for Nicole. To Maya, it sounded like blackmail. Nicole said they were sisters. "You support me; I support you," Nicole replied and left.

Carter entered while Maya was deep in thought. Carter had seen Nicole in the hallway and guessed that Maya and Nicole had argued about Nicole lying about school. Maya revealed that she didn't trust Nicole. Carter reasoned that the little sister might have wanted to impress Maya after discovering Maya's new lifestyle. Maya replied that it was much more than that.

Carter thought it was sibling rivalry from a failed little sister. Maya screamed that she'd said it was more than that. She quickly apologized. Carter grew serious and reminded Maya that she could talk to him. He asked what was going on.

Carter overheard shocking information

Carter overheard shocking information

Friday, April 3, 2015

At the sky lounge, Katie arrived to see Rick. Caroline had gotten her divorce papers, and Karen had called Katie to see if Rick was okay. "Karen doesn't hate me?" Rick asked. Katie said Karen just wanted the best for the former couple, and it was better that they'd parted before having kids.

Rick asked for Karen's opinion of how Caroline was dealing with it. Katie remarked that being with Karen and Dani was good for Caroline. Katie was glad to see he was taking care of himself. She asked if he was okay working with Caroline.

Rick believed that Caroline was talented, and working together wouldn't be awkward forever. He didn't want to be enemies with Caroline. He reasoned that he and Caroline had been friends before they'd gotten together, and in many ways, they could still make a great team.

Katie asked if being a team was really possible. Rick said marriages failed all the time around Forrester, but he and Caroline might be better suited as a business team. Rick decided to look beyond Caroline being with Ridge. "Because, let's be realistic, how long is that gonna last?" Rick asked. He joked that eventually, every smart woman left Ridge.

Katie said that moving on seemed to be getting easier for Rick. Rick recalled that there had been a lot of pain. Caroline had kept secrets, even though she'd known he couldn't tolerate that.

In Rick's old office, Brooke and Deacon tried to tell Wyatt that he'd misunderstood them, but Wyatt repeated exactly what Deacon had said about having another chance with Brooke. Deacon and Brooke tried to make it seem as if they'd been talking about the past, but Wyatt didn't buy it.

Wyatt had heard Deacon say that he could be with Brooke if he wasn't engaged to Quinn. Deacon claimed that he wouldn't have proposed to Quinn if any part of him had wanted to be with someone else. Wyatt accused Deacon of always having a thing for Brooke, and Wyatt said the mere fact that Brooke and Deacon were taking about it meant he and Quinn shouldn't be engaged.

Wyatt left, and Deacon wondered if Wyatt would go to Quinn. Brooke figured it was exactly where Wyatt was headed. Deacon started to take off, but Brooke asked if he was sure.

Deacon said he'd always care about the unobtainable Brooke, but he couldn't chase her anymore. Something about him and Quinn worked. Brooke believed he was making a big mistake. She hoped he realized that one day, but she hoped it wasn't the day Quinn went at him with a sword.

At Quinn's warehouse, sparks flew as Quinn worked. When she took off her goggles, she polished her newly made dagger. Wyatt arrived and guessed that the dagger was a letter opener. Quinn said she'd seen a cheap one on Rick's desk, so she'd made him a new one as an appreciation gift.

Quinn noticed that Wyatt looked disturbed. Wyatt conveyed that he'd overheard something while he'd happened by Rick's old office. Wyatt stammered as he explained that he'd heard Deacon and Brooke talking, and Quinn needed to hear it from Wyatt before too much time elapsed.

Wyatt conveyed that Brooke had said there could be a chance for her and Deacon if Deacon wasn't engaged to Quinn. Wyatt revealed that Deacon was going nuts thinking about it. "Oh, I see," Quinn uttered as she squeezed the letter opener. Her hand began to bleed.

"Oh, my God, your hand!" Wyatt exclaimed. Quinn pretended that it was just a hazard of the job and wrapped her hand with a cloth. Wyatt said that Brooke and Deacon had denied that anything was happening with them. Quinn remarked that the two had been spending a lot of time together, and Brooke was such a delicate, little flower. Quinn decided that she had to explain things to Brooke.

Wyatt asserted that he hadn't told his mother for her to talk to Brooke. He said she didn't need to say a word to Brooke. Instead, Quinn needed to give Deacon back his ring back and tell him to figure out what he wanted. "I appreciate you telling me," Quinn replied, cleaning the letter opener.

Later, Quinn sneaked into Forrester and found Brooke still working in Rick's old office. Brooke was startled when Quinn appeared in the room. Quinn said she'd told Brooke to stay away from Deacon. Brooke replied that she didn't know what Wyatt had said. Quinn stated that Brooke should have listened. Brooke gasped as Quinn stabbed her with the letter opener.

In the studio, Nicole arrived as Oliver was setting up a group of models to audition. She implored him to let her join the group. Oliver advised her to get permission from Maya or Rick.

In the CEO's office, Carter tried to get Maya to open up to him. He said that, even though they hadn't worked out, he still wanted her to be happy, and he wouldn't judge whatever she had to say.

Nicole entered. Maya said it was a bad time. Nicole didn't mind talking in front of Carter and asked if Maya did. Carter reminded Maya that he was there for her, and he left.

Back in the studio, Carter arrived at the time Oliver called for a break in his photo session. The men discussed the models, and Oliver remarked that he'd had the weirdest interaction with Nicole. Carter was surprised to hear that Nicole wanted to be a model. Oliver wondered why a full-time student would want to add modeling to her schedule.

Carter asked Oliver to keep a secret and revealed that Nicole had lied about being in school. Oliver remarked that it explained why she was at Forrester and the mansion all the time. Oliver asked if Carter knew that Nicole had taken Aly's room. "Even though Maya doesn't want her around," Carter stated. Oliver said that something was going on with the sisters.

Back in the CEO's office, Maya told Nicole that she had to stop making Maya feel as if Nicole would tell anyone at any time. Nicole said she could stop it, and Maya could do something for Nicole.

Nicole wanted to be one of the models Oliver was screening. Maya claimed she had no control over it, but Nicole stated that Maya was the first lady of Forrester and could get Nicole in. Maya said she couldn't snap her fingers and make Nicole a model. Nicole reasoned that Maya could get the audition, and Nicole would do the work from there.

Maya asked about Nicole's desire to work with computers. "Are you saying no to me? Because I don't think you want to do that," Nicole quipped. Maya claimed to want the best for her sister, which meant questioning a decision to walk away from computer programming and into modeling -- a very tough industry. Nicole asked why Maya would make it tougher when all she had to do was have Rick send out a memo to get it done.

Maya told Nicole that she couldn't expect to waltz in and have a career unfold for her. Nicole figured that if Maya could do it, Nicole could do it. Maya glared at Nicole, who ordered Maya to be the big sister she should have been years earlier.

Maya didn't understand why Nicole was fixated on modeling and wouldn't let Maya help her in other ways. Nicole asked why Maya couldn't help in the way Nicole wanted. Nicole wanted to be a part of Maya's lifestyle and noted that the homeless Maya had started in a coffee shop and had become a famous model, living in the Forrester mansion.

In the corridor, Carter opened the door to the CEO's office. He heard arguing and listened in. Maya asserted that if Nicole wanted to be in Maya's life, threatening wasn't the way to get there. Maya claimed to know how it worked, and she said if she gave Nicole what she wanted, it would be something else the next day. Maya decided that Nicole was cut off and done.

Maya demanded that Nicole respect Maya and Maya's privacy. Maya said Nicole would do it because Maya was her sister, not because Nicole was getting something out of it. "But you're not," Nicole quipped. Nicole started to say something about Rick, but Maya cut in, saying she'd tell him eventually. Nicole doubted that Maya would do it because she was too ashamed.

Maya said she wasn't ashamed of who she was, but Nicole retorted that Maya was ashamed of who she'd been -- "Myron, my brother." Carter looked shocked as Nicole asked Maya why she didn't just tell everyone that she'd been born a man. Maya yelled that it was her private business.

Carter slipped away from the door when he saw Nicole headed for it. Nicole stormed out of the room, and Carter pushed the office door back open. Maya looked at him, and her expression darkened as he stared back at her.

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Thomas and Hope... Liam and Hope... what about both?
Louise Sorel back as Days of our Lives' Vivian
Suzanne Rogers celebrates 50 years on Days
Jen Lilley headed back to Days of our Lives
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Emmy winner Hayley Erin is back, but she'll be playing [SPOILER]
Hello, again: Hayley Erin opens up about her return to Y&R
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Y&R's Eric Braeden announces he is cancer-free
Camryn Grimes, fiancé Brock Powell expecting first child
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