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Rick invited Maya to Big Bear for a surprise marriage proposal. Brooke warned Maya to tell Rick or else Brooke would do it. Nicole confided Maya's secret in Wyatt, who told Liam to fire up the media for a public roast.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 4, 2015 on B&B
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Ridge reacts to Carter's announcement

Ridge reacts to Carter's announcement

Monday, May 4, 2015

In Rick's old office, Rick said he and Maya needed the getaway, and the cabin had been the setting for a lot of big events in the Forrester family. Rick felt that Maya had handled gossip and insults with grace, and she was a sexy woman, too. Maya noted that he'd confronted many obstacles, but he told her that none of them were due to her. "Not yet," she replied.

Rick was confident that she'd never cause him an obstacle, and the only real one he'd had to deal with was Ridge. Maya asked if Rick was comfortable leaving Forrester for the retreat. Rick was and said Ridge had been neutralized. Maya thought it had to be a relief.

Rick recalled that in the past, Ridge had been able to do no wrong -- except to Rick and Brooke. Rick remembered the pain Ridge had put Brooke through. Rick said that Brooke had tried to hide it, but Rick had been good at picking up on secrets -- until Maya had happened along. Rick admired her integrity, and it gave him something to live for. He'd once had Caroline, but Ridge had taken her away.

Maya declared that Ridge couldn't take her away from Rick. Rick added that Ridge couldn't take Forrester, either. Rick felt that he had everything and that his entire life had been building up to "this." Rick couldn't wait to get Maya up to Big Bear. She asked if he was sure he could get away, and he replied that he just had to clear the schedule.

Rick felt that everything was as it should be at Forrester with the leadership. The profits were up, and Ridge was at the drawing board and out of Rick's hair. "And I have you," Rick added. Maya looked worried, and he asked if she was okay with things. She said she was; she just wanted to be everything he needed in a woman. "And I am," she decided and hugged him.

In the studio, Eric tried to soothe Brooke's worries about Rick proposing to Maya. Eric said that Rick needed stability, and Maya provided that for him. Brooke figured it meant that Eric approved of the couple. He admitted that he hadn't at first, but Maya had been by Rick's side in a way that Ridge and the others hadn't been. Eric agreed with Rick that Maya deserved credit for his success.

Brooke wished Rick would wait. Eric asserted that Rick, who was on the fast track at Forrester, wouldn't wait for anything. Eric believed it was tradition for a Forrester man to have a strong woman by his side. Brooke agreed that Rick needed a strong woman, but not necessarily marriage.

Brooke decided that she and Eric needed to focus on stopping Ridge from quitting. Eric didn't want Ridge to leave, either, and decided that they'd all have to hash it out and work together. Brooke stated that was why she felt that Rick needed to get his priorities straight, and getting engaged and planning a wedding weren't priorities.

Eric agreed that planning a wedding should be months off, but he wouldn't discourage Rick from becoming engaged. Brooke figured it would be hard to get Ridge and Rick to work together. She believed the men had been at odds for years because of her. Eric blamed himself. He said he'd tried to be supportive of his sons, but it had gotten him into trouble.

Just then, Maya arrived, looking for something. Brooke and Eric explained that they wanted Rick and Ridge to work together. They felt that Rick valued Maya's opinion and honesty, but Maya said she had no influence over Ridge. She agreed that the men should work together, and Eric told her it would help the company if she could help Rick sort out his differences with Ridge.

Maya agreed to do it if she ever got the opportunity. Eric pointed out that she had it at that moment, and she was the only person Rick trusted implicitly. Brooke said that the men were family and should look out for each other instead of arguing and competing. Maya agreed.

In the CEO's office, Ridge believed that Carter was mistaken about Maya. Carter said he'd overheard Maya and Nicole talking, and afterward, Maya had confirmed to Carter that she was transgender. Ridge figured it was a joke, but Carter insisted that he wasn't making it up, and the Avant sisters had sworn him to secrecy.

Carter stated that Maya wasn't the first transgender model. Ridge agreed and said he knew several; however, Ridge said that Rick trusted Maya and would freak out. Ridge figured it had been a shock to Carter who'd been engaged to Maya. Carter admitted being thrown by it, but to him, the point was that Maya was a female who'd been wrapped in a male's body. Ridge said he had no idea how Rick would react. "Oh, Ricky boy. You're in for the shock of your life," Ridge concluded.

Carter explained that Maya had decided to reveal herself if there was a marriage proposal, but Nicole was trying to talk Maya out of it. Ridge said Rick would lose his mind over it, but Carter said Rick wasn't that stable to begin with, which was why Carter had told Ridge.

Carter felt that Ridge couldn't quit because Rick leaned on Maya and shared everything with her, but Maya had hidden a significant part of her life from him. Ridge said Rick wouldn't be able to function once he found out. Carter suspected it would be a full-blown breakdown, and if the news reached the tabloids, Rick would be unable to fulfill his responsibilities as CEO.

Carter decided it wasn't the time for Ridge to leave and asked who knew about his resignation. Ridge said his father, Brooke, and Carter. Cater predicted that Ridge's resignation on top of Maya's secret could cause the company to unravel. Ridge decided that he'd take it from there. Carter asked what Ridge would do. "What needs to be done," Ridge replied.

Later, Ridge was staring at several framed pictures of Maya and Rick. Rick entered and guessed that Ridge was thinking about the happy couple. Ridge said he'd been talking to Carter, but it hadn't been about business. Rick guessed that Ridge thought that pictures were disgusting, but Rick wouldn't hide his happiness. It had been hard to get it, and despite what Ridge thought, Rick was succeeding.

Rick said he understood it was a team effort. He felt that Ridge, Caroline, and the others had been amazing. Rick began to talk about Maya. Rick said that Maya had given him loyalty and honesty, which meant more to him than anything.

Ridge told Rick that he wouldn't like what Ridge had to say. Rick asked what it was. Ridge sighed but remained tense. He stated that Maya hadn't been honest with Rick about herself and wasn't who Rick thought she was.

She's not who you think she is

She's not who you think she is

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

by Pam

In Carter's office, Carter flashed back to when he had told Ridge about Maya. He remembered that Ridge had been in disbelief when Carter explained that Maya had been born Myron, not Maya. "Maya Avant is transgender," Carter had said.

Nicole entered and interrupted Carter's train of thought. Nicole wondered if he had gotten chewed out by the boss. Carter scoffed. He told Nicole that Ridge planned to quit because of Rick and Maya. Nicole hoped that Carter had changed his mind.

Carter and Nicole's discussion changed to Nicole's relationship with Wyatt and her jetting around with him. Carter teased that Wyatt would probably ask Nicole to bring a passport on their next date. Talk turned to Maya. Nicole said Maya was convinced everything would be fine, and Nicole agreed as long as Maya never told Rick about being transgender. Carter mumbled to himself, "It's too late for that."

In Brooke's office at Forrester, Eric, Maya, and Brooke discussed that Ridge and Rick had never gotten along. Maya understood that Rick's position as CEO hadn't improved the situation. Eric noted that Maya had a positive effect on Rick's self confidence and self esteem. Maya agreed, but she added that Ridge had a deep resentment for Rick. She wanted things to work out, and she understood their sibling rivalry since her sister had arrived in town. Maya left.

In Rick's office at Forrester, Rick accused Ridge of being difficult. Ridge replied that he was worried that Rick had been misled. "I'm trying to help you," Ridge said. Ridge explained that Rick had treated everyone horribly and "deserved to get burned but not like this." Ridge said that he knew Rick felt Maya was the only person Rick could trust. "She's not who you think she is," Ridge said.

Rick shouted that Ridge and Carter had been talking trash about Maya. Maya entered. "Were you talking about me?" Maya asked. Rick mocked Ridge and explained that Ridge and Carter had told him Maya was not the woman Rick thought she was. Maya looked defensive. Rick stated that no one was completely honest, but he added that Ridge had always held Brooke to a higher standard. Ridge said the conversation wasn't about Ridge and Brooke. It was about Maya.

Rick pointed out that Maya's support had helped Forrester become a success, and Rick praised her loyalty. Rick reminded Ridge that everyone knew about Maya's prior jail time. "She doesn't have to explain herself," Rick said.

Ridge maintained that "no one is exactly who we think they are," he said. Rick told Ridge to get out of his office. Ridge left, and Maya thanked Rick for his support.

Rick said that eventually Ridge had to realize that Maya and Rick were committed to each other. Rick scoffed that Ridge had plenty of scandals in his past. Rick praised Maya for her honesty. Maya thanked him for making her feel good about herself. He said a trip to Big Bear would be good for them. Maya smiled that they could enjoy the mountain air.

Rick thanked Maya for bringing stability and success to Forrester. He maintained that Ridge was trying to undermine the company's success. Rick said they needed to get away from the distractions of work. Maya agreed. "It's time for us to get to know each other even better," she said.

In Brooke's office, Brooke told Eric that Ridge saw Rick's confidence as arrogance. Eric added that Rick achieved great success at Forrester with Maya's help. Brooke worried that Rick would get hurt again if he acted too quickly in marrying Maya. Eric countered that Maya's support meant a lot to Rick. "Maybe Maya will be the one to bring peace between Rick and Ridge," Eric said.

Ridge entered and looked distraught. Eric understood that Ridge was upset, and Brooke chimed in that there had to be another solution rather than Ridge quitting Forrester. "I appreciate your concern," Ridge told Eric, "but it's your other son you should be concerned about."

Brooke defended Rick and said that Rick was not the tyrant Ridge made him out to be. The discussion turned to Maya, and Brooke was surprised that Ridge wanted to discuss Rick's girlfriend. "Let's talk about Maya," Ridge said.

Ridge grilled Brooke and Eric about the seriousness of Rick and Maya's relationship. Eric and Brooke were surprised at Ridge's interest, but they admitted, under pressure, that Rick would probably ask Maya to marry him soon. Eric and Brooke wanted to know why Ridge was so curious about Maya.

Ridge explained that Rick was the CEO and everything he did affected the company. Ridge worried that Rick had built a brand around Maya. Ridge suggested that Rick should return to International or move to Paris for a while.

Brooke insisted that Rick wasn't leaving his position, but Ridge countered that Rick had gotten himself into a "bit of a situation." Ridge explained that with Rick's temper there was no telling what he would do. Brooke said he wasn't like that anymore. He was in a safe and secure relationship.

Ridge interrupted. He reminded Brooke and Eric that Rick had made Maya the face of every line and every collection. Rick held her up as a paragon of integrity and honesty, but there was something she hadn't shared that would impact Rick and the company. Ridge shared that Maya was transgender. Eric and Brooke were in shock.

At Spencer, Wyatt, Bill, Liam, and Katie discussed that Wyatt needed to get more information out of Nicole, and Wyatt reminded them that he'd had little time to spend with Nicole because he'd had to rework the jewelry collection. Bill ordered Wyatt to get more information, but Katie pointed out that Wyatt liked Nicole.

Wyatt admitted he really cared about Nicole. He flashed back to his first few dates and kisses with Nicole. Wyatt smiled and called Nicole to set up a date. Nicole answered her phone. "It's about time, Spencer. Did you call to apologize or ask me out?" Nicole asked. Wyatt said that he had called for both, and he promised to take her out that night.

Katie, Bill, and Liam offered advice on different ideas like flowers and expensive dinners that would impress Nicole. Wyatt laughed and thanked them all. "I enjoyed your enthusiasm and your advice, but I think I got this," he said.

Someone has to tell Rick

Someone has to tell Rick

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

by Pam

In an office at Forrester, Brooke, Eric, and Ridge were silent after Ridge had shared the news that Maya was transgender. Brooke broke the silence. "You'll say anything," she said. Eric questioned why Ridge would want to spread such stories.

Ridge replied that he had quietly shared with Rick's parents that Maya had been born a boy. Eric wondered if Ridge was certain that it was true. Ridge said that Carter had overheard Maya and Nicole discuss it, and Maya had admitted it to Carter.

Eric noted that Carter had been engaged to Maya. Eric wondered why the news had suddenly been announced, and he wondered if they were sure Rick didn't know the truth. Ridge assured Eric that Rick was unaware. "Now, who is gonna tell him?" Ridge asked.

Brooke was in shock and paced the room. She wondered how Maya could have kept such a secret from Rick and everyone. Eric reminded Brooke that Maya would have had to have a legal name change and a new ID. Eric believed that to Maya, it was personal and private.

Brooke argued that Maya had withheld some very important information from Rick and the company. Eric told Brooke and Ridge that Maya was the most successful lead model they'd had at Forrester since Brooke had been the lead model. Eric added that Maya's decision had not been an easy one. An entire panel of psychiatrists and doctors had to have signed off on Maya's decision to become a female. Ridge agreed, but he pointed out that they had to protect the company and deal with the issue internally.

Ridge worried about what would happen to Rick when he found out. Ridge suggested that they ease him out of Forrester for a short time. "Oh, my God," Brooke shouted. She accused Ridge of taking advantage of the situation and using it as an opportunity to oust Rick.

Ridge shook his head and suggested that the news they had about Maya was something Rick had a right to know. Ridge repeated that someone had to tell Rick. Eric insisted that it was obvious Maya should be the one to tell him. Eric and Brooke agreed it would not be up to Ridge to tell Rick "because he would enjoy it too much," Brooke said.

Ridge, Eric, and Brooke agreed the news would break Rick's heart. Brooke said that Maya was the one person Rick trusted more than anyone. She added that Rick had bought Maya a ring. Brooke agreed she would be the one to tell Rick the news. "I will do it after I visit Maya Avant," Brooke professed.

In Oliver's studio, Nicole was modeling for Oliver, and Oliver told her to slow down her movements. Maya entered, and Oliver repeated that Nicole needed to hold the positions for a few seconds. Maya stepped in and showed Nicole how to model. Maya recommended that Nicole count to five silently then change positions.

Maya told Nicole to try it, and Oliver shot some more photos and complimented Nicole's style. Maya coached Nicole through the modeling session. Nicole teased that Maya hadn't coached her before, but Maya reminded Nicole that she and Oliver had tried to coach Nicole about 200 times, but she hadn't listened.

Oliver chimed in that it hadn't been 200 times. Nicole asked Oliver to take photos of her hands because Wyatt wanted her to be a jewelry model. Maya asked Oliver to get some rings and bracelets. After Oliver left, Maya indicated that she thought Rick was going to ask her to marry him. Maya admitted that she was terrified and had to tell Rick the truth. She shared that she had been afraid to believe that she would ever be as happy as she was.

"Life can be good for you and for me. Why does Rick need to know?" Nicole asked. Maya insisted that she would tell Rick. Maya emotionally said she would be all right. She smiled.

Nicole and Maya embraced. Nicole's voice broke when she apologized for her treatment of Maya. She promised to never say anything. Maya thanked Nicole for finding her. She added that she couldn't talk to anyone the way she could talk to Nicole because she was family. "Please just be happy. Don't worry," Nicole said. Maya predicted that things might change, but she would tell Rick, and he would hear it from her and no one else. Nicole left.

Maya looked at photos of herself then she looked in the mirror and smiled. Brooke entered, and they briefly chatted about Nicole and how difficult it was to keep her focused. Brooke said that Maya had always seemed single-minded.

Maya admitted that she had been a loner, sometimes by choice. Brooke noted that some models were exhibitionists, and others were introverts. Brooke moved closer to Maya. "You could be staring right at them and not know the person you are looking at," Brooke said. She glared at Maya. "I know," Brooke whispered. Maya looked unnerved.

In Rick's office, Rick admired the ring he had purchased for Maya. Carter entered and informed Rick that he had updated the model release because it was too elaborate to understand. Carter suggested that Rick look it over.

Rick shared that he had something important to discuss. He said he knew it was awkward, but they had a lot of things in common -- mainly Maya. Rick wondered what had happened between Carter and Maya.

Carter confessed that he believed Maya had never intended to marry him. Rick wondered if Maya was afraid of marriage. Carter didn't know if it was fear. Rick admitted that he planned to propose to Maya. Rick asked if Carter knew what kind of wedding Maya wanted. Carter said he did not know.

Rick asked if Carter felt Rick was making a mistake in marrying Maya. "Not if you love her," Carter said. Finally Rick asked if Maya's ring size was a 5, and Carter laughed. He said that was what he remembered. Rick said he didn't want any surprises, but Carter suggested that Rick would be surprised. Carter left.

Later, Ridge entered Rick's office because Rick had summoned him. Rick wanted to mend fences with Ridge, but Ridge said he didn't think it was possible. Rick said they could work on a better working relationship, and Ridge could start by apologizing to Maya. Ridge refused. Rick wanted to know what Ridge had against Maya. "You really want to know? Because I would love to tell you," Ridge said.

You tell, or I will

You tell, or I will

Thursday, May 7, 2015

In Rick's old office, Brooke told Ridge that she hadn't had the heart to broach the transgender topic with Maya the other night. Brooke and Ridge still hadn't wrapped their heads around the news about Maya. Brooke believed it was a pretty big omission on Maya's part and didn't understand how Maya could lead on Rick, who talked nonstop of her integrity.

Ridge thought the integrity talk was more about Rick's impulsiveness and need to impress people than about Maya. Ridge believed it was a disaster in the making, partly due to Maya and partly due to the way Rick would explode once he knew. Ridge wondered what would happen to the company and said they wouldn't be in that position if he'd been in charge.

Brooke put the blame on Maya and vowed to definitely talk to Maya about it that day. Ridge didn't want it to seem as if he was defending Rick's "little attack dog," and he asked if there was any way that Rick would be okay with any of it.

Brooke didn't want to judge, but she also didn't fully understand what Maya had gone through. Brooke imagined that it had to be uncomfortable not fitting with one's born body, and she guessed it was hard to fight to become the person inside. Brooke believed Rick would have a huge problem with the fact that Maya had kept it from him. Brooke revealed to Ridge that Rick had a ring and could propose at any time.

At the beach house, Liam pressed Wyatt to work his magic on Nicole to find out Maya's secret. Liam shoved Wyatt's phone into Wyatt's hand, but Wyatt was hesitant to call Nicole. Wyatt felt that he had to be careful and make sure he did everything the right way. Liam suggested dinner, flowers, and candles. "She hasn't even spent the night yet. You're worse than dad -- you know that?" Wyatt said.

In the CEO's office, Maya cooed to Nicole that Rick would probably propose soon. Nicole advised her sister not to ruin it by telling Rick something he didn't need to know. Rick popped his head in the door and asked who needed to know what. He hoped they weren't talking about him.

Nicole covered by pretending to be discussing their father. Rick warned that parents had a way of finding things out and relayed that his mother always seemed to know his secrets even before he did.

Nicole received a call from Wyatt, who was working at home -- which meant surfing on the beach. He invited her to join him, but she said she didn't go anywhere near sharks. She offered to wear a bikini and watch, and he invited her to play volleyball. She agreed to go, but after the call, Rick said he knew he hadn't heard that Wyatt was surfing and not working.

Nicole claimed that Rick hadn't heard that and asked to borrow a bikini from Forrester. Rick and Maya chuckled knowingly, and he granted the request. Rick noted that he hadn't known that Nicole and Wyatt had gotten close. "Getting there," Nicole responded, smiling.

Rick said Nicole couldn't throw any parties while he and Maya were away. Changing his mind, Rick told her to throw a big party but to make sure there was no trace of it once he and Maya got home. Rick invited Nicole to use Big Bear, too -- just not that night because he and Maya would be there.

Rick left to take care of business, and Nicole exclaimed that he was "totally proposing" that night. Maya grinned and said it might be so. Nicole urged Maya not to ruin it, insisting that if Maya wanted a ring and to call Rick husband someday, she'd better not say a word. Maya insisted that she would do it.

As the sisters debated, Maya received a message that Brooke wanted to see her. Maya wondered if Brooke knew that Rick would propose and was awed by the idea that Brooke would be her mother-in-law. "If you keep quiet," Nicole quipped.

Nicole wanted Maya to delay it because Nicole had just gotten there and met Wyatt. Nicole asked what would happen to what she has with Wyatt if Rick and Maya blew up. Maya said that if Wyatt was the man Nicole thought he was, it wouldn't matter where Nicole lived or what had been on Maya's birth certificate.

When Rick returned to the CEO's office, he was annoyed to find Ridge in there. "You know what I like about you? Absolutely nothing," Ridge quipped. Rick didn't have time for Ridge because Rick was headed to Big Bear with Maya. Ridge said he'd thought Maya was a pool and margaritas chick.

Offended that Ridge would call the lead model and CEO's girlfriend a chick, Rick said Ridge needed to call Maya "Mrs. Forrester," because that was who she'd be one day. Rick claimed that she was honest, caring, beautiful woman who deserved Ridge's respect. "Start giving it," Rick demanded.

At the beach house later, Nicole arrived and wondered how Wyatt could get used to life on the beach. She wore a short lacey cover-up, but quickly snapped it open and asked for his opinion of her bikini. Wyatt's gaze softened in delight. She asked if he could keep a secret and said she'd borrowed it from Forrester. Wyatt said the secret was safe with him.

Later, Maya arrived in Rick's old office. Brooke hoped she hadn't pulled Maya away from anything. "Rick's mother calls, I come running," Maya said, smiling. Brooke remembered being that way about Stephanie, so that Stephanie would know that Brooke was the right woman for Ridge. Maya felt that Brooke comparing Maya to Brooke was the best compliment of the week.

Brooke said she hadn't understood Stephanie's fierce protection over Ridge, but becoming a mother had made her even more protective than Stephanie because Brooke had made more mistakes. Brooke needed to look at her children's partners to ensure that her children were happy and appreciated. She said Rick had been fooled before, and Amber and Caroline had lied through their teeth.

Maya assured Brooke that things were different for Rick and Maya, and he'd finally found a woman he could trust. "Well, that's reassuring," Brooke replied, pausing before adding, "Myron."

Maya murmured that she hadn't known what Brooke had heard. Brooke asserted that she'd heard that Rick was being deceived, and the honest woman of integrity in his life wasn't a woman after all. Maya declared that she was a woman, and Brooke couldn't make her feel ashamed. Brooke yelled that she wasn't out to make anyone feel ashamed, but "this whole persona" is a lie.

Brooke asked if Maya really thought Rick would have gone so far if he'd known. Maya asserted that she did. She believed that Rick loved and supported her, and it had nothing to do with how she'd been born. Brooke yelled that he'd built his life around someone he didn't even know. Claiming that Rick knew her, Maya said she'd tell him the things he didn't know about her. Brooke asked if that would be while walking down the aisle, when he was too far in to get out.

Maya claimed that wasn't what she was doing, but Brooke declared that she knew what Maya was doing. In Brooke's view, Maya had been patient and had planned it all out. Brooke knew the perfect little speech Maya would give about how it didn't matter because she was the same woman he'd fallen in love with. Brooke stated that it did matter because Maya had been dishonest just like the others.

Maya asked how Brooke had found out and was shocked to learn that Ridge knew the secret. Brooke added that Rick would know, too, but Maya said that Rick could only hear it from her. She claimed it had been her intention all along, but Brooke said Maya should have told Rick when they'd first dated, when she'd first kissed him, when she'd moved into the house, when he'd made her lead model.

Maya said it might be true, but it was her decision only. She claimed it wasn't as easy as Brooke made it out to be. Maya claimed that she wasn't pretending, and she'd never really been Myron. Maya asked who needed to know how she'd been born besides her doctor. Starting to cry, Maya decided that Brooke wouldn't have said the things to her the other day, but upon finding out, Brooke had decided that Maya was lower than life. Maya claimed it was why she'd had to think long and hard before deciding to allow that kind of treatment into her life.

"To hear you rationalizing like this, I'm sure you've thought long and hard about it," Brooke retorted. Maya said she wouldn't marry Rick without telling him, and if he proposed to her, she wouldn't accept unless he accepted all of her. Brooke told Maya that he was planning to. Maya said she'd suspected it, and if he did, she'd tell him. "If?" Brooke repeated.

Brooke told Maya that she'd do it before Rick proposed. Brooke refused to let Maya humiliate Rick will he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand. Brooke decided that Maya would tell Rick that very day that she was transgender, or Brooke would do it.

A Scandal like this, you can't even imagine

A Scandal like this, you can't even imagine

Friday, May 8, 2015

At Forrester, Brooke insisted that Maya tell Rick about herself immediately. Maya agreed that she'd do it -- if Rick proposed. Brooke declared that it had gone on long enough. Maya asserted that it was her story to tell and asked Brooke to trust that Rick would know once the time was right.

Brooke believed that Maya was trying to control how Rick saw her, and it was a lie of omission. Maya figured that Rick would know that night if he proposed at Big Bear. Maya claimed that she was the woman Brooke wanted for Rick. Brooke stated that if Maya believed so, then she'd tell Rick.

Brooke said Maya owed it to Rick and Maya. Brooke asked if it would be better to get a proposal from a man who knew and accepted her for all that she was. Brooke implored Maya to reveal it before Rick pulled out the ring and asked her to be his wife.

In the CEO's office, Ridge decided to join "team Maya," and Rick asked what the punch line was. Claiming that it wasn't a joke, Ridge said Maya made Rick happy, and it almost seemed as if she'd been made just for Rick. Rick warned that he planned to propose to Maya that night, and he wouldn't stand for anyone disparaging the Forrester matriarch.

Brooke arrived, and Ridge asked if she'd heard the proposal news. Rick said Brooke was happy he'd found a woman he could trust. Ridge asked Brooke to speak up if she wasn't happy about it.

Later, Rick left, and Ridge asked Brooke if she'd really let Rick go through with the proposal without full disclosure. Brooke said she'd talked to Maya and was giving Maya a chance to tell Rick before the proposal. Brooke stated that if Maya didn't do it, she'd have to answer to Brooke.

On the rooftop later, Maya hugged her transgender friend, Nick, whom Maya had asked to meet. Nick hadn't heard from Maya in ages. Maya said she needed him, and no one understood like he did. Maya asked when he'd told Chris about himself. He said it had been the third date, when they'd been clear about taking things to the next level, and he asked if Maya's guy knew about Maya.

Maya relayed that he didn't know yet. Nick was surprised because Maya lived with Rick, but he explained that there was no mandatory timeline. Maya conveyed that she'd decided to tell if Rick proposed, but Rick's mother was pressuring her to tell sooner. Nick said it wasn't Brooke's decision. Maya stated that the proposal might be that night. Nick sensed Maya's nervousness about it.

Maya was relieved that the time had arrived, and she knew it would be a good thing for Rick to know. Nick offered to be there when she told Rick, but Maya said they should be alone when he proposed. "Is being alone a good idea?" Nick hinted. Maya appreciated Nick's worrying but was sure she'd be fine. "Rick's not like that. He would never hurt me," Maya added.

Rick arrived, and Maya introduced him to Nick, one of the first people Maya had met when she'd moved to town. Rick was glad to meet Nick and asked if Maya was ready for the night that they'd remember for the rest of their lives. She said she was, and they hugged.

In Liam's office, Ivy and Liam kissed, but Ivy said she had to get back to work to give Rick a report before he left for Big Bear -- or else. Liam believed it was the last "or else" because Wyatt had one mission that day: to get the secret out of Nicole. Ivy didn't like Wyatt using Nicole. Liam said Wyatt did like Nicole, but it was imperative that Wyatt get the information out of her.

Liam received a message from Caroline, who was thinking of returning home. Liam had hoped to have Rick out of power by the time she returned, and he felt Rick was the reason she'd stayed away. Ivy agreed, adding that Caroline wouldn't want to watch Rick flaunting Maya around all day.

At the beach house, Wyatt and Nicole laughed about their volleyball game. He remarked that it seemed as if he could look into her eyes and tell her anything. The pair went into the house, where Nicole began dancing. She talked Wyatt into doing it, too, and he did a shopping cart dance.

Nicole kissed Wyatt and said it was for what he'd told her earlier. The two agreed that it was good to connect, and Wyatt added that it was good to have someone to share secrets with. Nicole's face darkened, and he wondered what was wrong. Nicole recalled that they'd talked about secrets before, and he added that she hadn't reciprocated in the sharing.

Nicole felt bad about it, but Wyatt said she didn't have to reveal anything that made her uncomfortable. Nicole conveyed that it wasn't even about her; it was about Maya. Nicole feared that Rick would find out, and if Maya told Rick, he'd probably leave her over it.

"Oh, that's what I overheard," Wyatt said. He relayed that he'd overheard May and Nicole talking the other day but had backed away because it hadn't been any of his business. He second-guessed the decision because the secret was weighing heavily on Nicole. He suspected that Nicole needed to talk about it and promised not to judge Nicole for anything Maya had done because they were completely different women. "Yes, we certainly are," Nicole replied.

"If you want me to say something -- " Wyatt started to say, but Nicole told him that he couldn't say a word to anyone at Forrester. Wyatt swore that no one at Forrester would hear it from him. Nicole remarked that she and Maya had just discussed how the secret shouldn't affect Wyatt because of the kind of guy he was. Wyatt claimed to care only about helping Nicole relieve herself and get peace.

"Her real name was Myron," Nicole said. Wyatt became confused. Nicole stated that Maya was her brother -- or had been. "Maya's transgender," Nicole told the perplexed Wyatt. Wyatt was speechless, and Nicole decided that she shouldn't have told him.

Wyatt expressed gratefulness that Nicole had trusted him. Nicole worried that Rick would leave Maya because of Forrester. Wyatt remarked that it would make headlines. Nicole relayed that she'd wanted Maya to confide in Rick but had changed her mind due to fear of ruining Maya's good life. "Then there's us," Nicole added, and she asked if it changed things for Wyatt and Nicole.

Wyatt indicated that it didn't. He admitted that he was shocked, and his head was spinning. Nicole received a message and said she had to go. Wyatt said it seemed like they still had a lot to talk about, but she relayed that she was talked out. She asked him not to tell anyone and worried if she should have told him. She didn't want Maya to get hurt. Wyatt couldn't promise that Maya wouldn't get hurt because of a secret that big, but he said he'd be there for Nicole no matter what happened.

Nicole left, and Wyatt paced around his living room, grappling with the news he'd gotten. Liam arrived after seeing Nicole leave. Liam was anxious to know if Wyatt had found out the secret. Wyatt said Liam wouldn't believe it, but he also worried about double-crossing Nicole.

"No! But this is huge," Wyatt realized. He said he wanted all of Spencer media fired up, from blogs to television and radio, because he had the secret. "We're going to blow Rick sky-high, because a scandal like this, you can't even imagine," Wyatt told Liam.

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