The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 25, 2015 on B&B

Rick convinced Eric to keep Rick as CEO, and Ridge rallied the stockholders to overrule Eric and crown Ridge as CEO. Carter located Maya and tried to convince her not to leave town. Nicole revealed Maya's whereabouts to Rick, and he recreated the first time they'd met each other at Dayzee's.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 25, 2015 on B&B
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Caught between two sons and a CEO seat

Caught between two sons and a CEO seat

Monday, May 25, 2015

At the mansion, Rick said that when Ridge whined about him, Eric should think of all Rick had done to keep Eric's legacy alive. Rick implored Eric not to let Ridge manipulate Eric and to stand up for Rick. Eric said Rick's health was more important than profits, and Rick needed to step back a bit. Rick disagreed. He admitted to being unkind but claimed it wasn't as bad as what Ridge had done to people, the company, Rick, and Eric.

Rick insisted that Ridge had stolen their wives, and Eric couldn't give Rick's job to Ridge. Rick asked if Eric had ever thought of how it would be if Ridge had left Brooke and Eric alone. Eric believed Rick knew the history, which wasn't as straightforward. Rick told Eric not to justify Ridge's behavior. Rick didn't think he could have done anything about the past, but he could stop Ridge at that point.

Rick said that Eric had the power to make sure that Ridge couldn't hurt Rick again. Rick ordered Eric to tell Ridge that Rick would be even better once he was through the scandal. Rick wanted Eric to deny Ridge and stand up for Rick. Eric said he had a lot to think about, but Rick didn't see what there was to think about. Rick said the best thing was for him to get back to work.

Rick asked if the woman-stealing Ridge was who Eric wanted running the company. Eric said he wanted Rick, but things had happened. Rick insisted that he was invested in Forrester. Rick asked why, if Maya had left, Eric wanted to take Rick's job, too. Rick demanded that Eric tell Ridge that he could no longer take whatever he wanted.

In the CEO's office, Ridge asked why Caroline hadn't told him about the accident. Ivy entered and saw Caroline in a wheelchair with braces on her legs. Caroline briefly explained that a car had plowed into her, but she was fine. Caroline asked about Ivy and Liam, and Ivy said the couple was good.

Ridge was surprised that a Spencer man had time for Ivy because the others were too busy digging into Maya's past. Caroline suspected that it was her uncle's work, not Liam's. Ivy agreed, adding that Liam knew what and what not to print. Ridge guessed he shouldn't complain, because Rick wouldn't be CEO for much longer.

Caroline, Ivy, and Ridge discussed the morality clause in Rick's contract, and Ivy wondered if Ridge had convinced Eric to invoke it. Ridge said that he and his father didn't always agree, but he believed that Eric would ask Rick to step down.

Later, Ridge was alone in the office, eyeing the CEO's chair. He sat it, and Eric entered. Ridge noted that it had taken a long time. Eric replied that Rick had had a lot to say. Ridge stated that Eric had to sometimes disappoint a son, but it had to be done.

Eric said that Rick loved his job. Ridge was sure Rick did love bossing and intimidating people. Ridge said he'd do things differently. Ridge knew that it wasn't easy to choose between two sons. Eric replied that he was tired of it. Ridge noted that Rick had had his chance. Eric remarked that leading could be difficult at first. Ridge stated that there were different levels of difficulty. There was nervous difficulty and then there was shooting at people difficulty.

Ridge didn't think Rick's leadership skills would change. Eric said Rick knew how to make money, something that Ridge overlooked from time to time. Ridge didn't feel he overlooked profits, but he recalled that Eric had said that fashion was the engine. Ridge recalled that Eric had run the business as the head designer and CEO. Eric gave Ridge a look, and Ridge guessed Rick had tried to talk Eric out of it.

Ridge stated that there were consequences to bad behavior, which was why the clause was in the agreement. Ridge wanted the company to return to a place where people flowed with creative energy, worked together, and took pride in their creations. Ridge asked if Eric wanted it run that way again and run that way by the guy who'd been beside him since day one.

Ridge wanted to run Forrester the way Eric had in the past. He relayed that Eric had said it was his dream for Ridge. "Now it's time," Ridge asserted. Ridge told Eric to let Ridge run the company.

At Spencer, Bill whizzed into Liam's office, ready to have a lunch celebration. "You promised me," Liam stated. Liam was upset that Bill had published Maya's story without consulting Liam. "Oh, that," Bill murmured and said he'd given Liam the night to get over it.

Liam wasn't over it or the idea that Bill had risked Liam's reputation. Bill said he'd changed his mind, which was his prerogative. Liam didn't know why he had his position if Bill didn't value Liam's opinion. Bill said he could value it without agreeing with it. After watching while Liam's stock plan had gone nowhere, Bill had stepped in and moved things along.

Liam showed Bill some articles that Liam considered backlash for Spencer publishing the story. Bill shrugged it off. Liam reminded Bill of the last transgender story in the press, and Bill recalled being upset that they hadn't been the first to run it. Liam reminded Bill that the person in the story had committed suicide. Bill had forgotten that, but he didn't worry about it happening with Maya.

Liam insisted that Bill should be worried about Maya -- and about himself -- because he didn't know the consequences that could befall them for running the private story. "Open your eyes, Bambi! Look around! Do you know where you are? This is Spencer Publications," Bill yelled. Bill asserted that they published stories, and the stories paid for their building.

Bill felt that if Liam had a crisis of conscience and wanted to change his lifestyle, Boy Scout Monthly was hiring. Liam decided that Bill could have lunch alone while Liam tried to quell the uproar Bill had caused. Bill didn't care if Liam wouldn't have lunch with him and said he'd go by himself. "You know why? Because I'm hungry!" Bill raged and slammed the door behind himself.

Later, Ivy arrived at Liam's request. Liam was upset that Bill had gone behind Liam's back to print a story that might not even get rid of Rick. Ivy didn't want Liam to worry about the things his father did, but Liam did worry because it reflected upon Liam. Liam felt guilty because it had all happened due to him wanting something better for Ivy and Caroline. Ivy said not to feel guilty and that she loved him.

Back at the mansion, Caroline arrived, and Rick wished she'd told him about the car incident. She asked if he was okay after his accident and mentioned that she'd heard about the "other stuff." Rick asked if she was there to rub it in and if Ridge had sent her to do so. Caroline replied that she'd thought Rick needed a friend. She admitted that she partly felt Rick deserved it for putting Maya on a pedestal.

Rick claimed that Maya hadn't been dishonest; it had just taken a while for her to tell him how she'd become a woman. He claimed it didn't change his feelings, and Caroline said she wouldn't judge. Rick conveyed that Maya had left him. Caroline was shocked, saying there was no way Maya would have given up after all the work she'd put into being with Rick.

Rick claimed Maya wasn't the gold-digger that Caroline had claimed Maya was, and Bill's story and Rick's reaction to it had scared Maya. Rick added that Ridge was using it to become CEO. Rick said Caroline could tell Ridge that it wouldn't work, and Ridge wouldn't take Rick's job. Rick figured that Eric was with Ridge at that moment, giving Ridge the news, "whatever" the news might be.

Steffy returns and Ridge's anger  rises

Steffy returns and Ridge's anger rises

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Caroline and Rick discussed that Rick would fight Ridge to retain his position as CEO. Rick said Caroline could tell Ridge that his bid for the CEO spot wouldn't work, and Ridge wouldn't take Rick's job.

Caroline reminded Rick that she was there to offer her support. She realized that it had to be difficult to deal with the news that Maya was transgender. Rick claimed it was "nothing we can't overcome."

Caroline wished that Maya had told Rick sooner, but Rick defended Maya. Caroline said that Maya had been manipulative. Caroline reminded Rick that he'd been furious about her kisses with Ridge. Rick told her things were different.

Rick thanked Caroline for reaching out to him. She said they had meant a lot to each other at one time. Rick encouraged Caroline not to trust Ridge.

At Spencer, Liam complained to Ivy that Bill had gone behind Liam's back to print the stories about Maya. Ivy reminded Liam that his father had always been ruthless. Liam agreed, but he wanted the company to have some sensitivity and common decency. Ivy advised him not to feel guilty, and she added that she loved him.

Ivy noted that Ridge had said that Rick's situation could mean a shift in power at Forrester. "Rick could be on the way out," Ivy said. She added that Bill had said it was "all just business."

Liam lamented that he could live with it all -- as awful as Spencer had handled it -- as long as it protected Ivy and Caroline from Rick. Ivy cuddled Liam and admired his necklace. She claimed it wasn't because she had made it but rather because it meant that Liam was wearing a little part of her. Liam smiled. They discussed that the last necklace had been the past, and this one represented the future. Ivy noted that Steffy had been in Liam's past. Ivy was glad she could trust him.

At Forrester, Ridge and Eric discussed Eric's dilemma about what to do with Rick as CEO. Eric refused to use Rick's pain against him. Ridge pointed out that Rick had made some poor decisions in his time as CEO.

Eric countered that Rick had many accomplishments, as well. Ridge pointed out that Rick didn't have any compassion or leadership skills. Ridge pointed out that it was not about Maya being transgender. It was about how Rick had reacted to that news and to other news. In recent months, Ridge noted that Rick had crashed his car and could have killed someone. Rick had also taken a loaded gun to the office and fired it. Ridge demanded that Eric make him CEO.

"I'm gonna stand with Rick," Eric said. Ridge was angry. He said that Eric seemed to be making decisions that were directly in opposition to what Ridge suggested. Ridge noted that it was about their past. Eric said they always seemed to return to the same point.

Eric argued that it had nothing to do with the past. He wanted Ridge to accept that Rick was the better man for the job. Ridge scoffed. Ridge insisted that Eric had to be concerned.

Ridge reiterated that it all went back to the past. Eric agreed somewhat. He pointed out that Ridge had stolen Brooke from him just as he had stolen Caroline from Rick. "They were happy," Eric said. "You expect to be rewarded for that?" Eric asked. Ridge was silent. "You're not quite the Forrester you think you are," Eric said.

Eric continued that Ridge would not be crowned for those achievements. Eric accused Ridge of wanting to take everything that Rick had left. "Shame on you," Eric said.

Ridge refused to accept Eric's decision. Ridge added that it all boiled down to being a true Forrester, and Ridge was not truly Eric's son. Eric angrily stated that he was Ridge's father. "Don't you dare suggest otherwise," Eric ordered.

Ridge countered that Eric insisted that he loved Ridge, but he showed him no loyalty or respect. Eric argued that Ridge was a world-famous designer, and Rick was the CEO. Eric couldn't believe that Ridge could not be content.

"And you got the girl. You always get the girl. Lean back and enjoy the fruits of your labors," Eric suggested. Ridge was angry but said nothing. Eric left. Ridge picked up the phone and said, "I need to see you right away," to someone.

Later, Steffy walked into Ridge's office after she had received his call. She smiled and asked how he'd known she was in town. Ridge teased that he always knew where she was. Steffy and Ridge discussed the news about Maya, and Ridge pointed out that Rick had handled it badly.

Steffy noted that Rick had handled many things badly, including shooting a gun off in the building. Ridge lamented that Rick had not done enough to convince Eric to force Rick to step down as CEO.

Steffy asked if her father was ready to be part of a hostile takeover, and Ridge agreed. He insisted it was time to fight for Forrester and oust Rick.

At the Forrester mansion, Rick was dressed in a suit, and he grabbed his briefcase, but Eric entered the house and stopped him. Rick greeted him and acknowledged that Ridge had probably spewed a bunch of negative comments about Rick. Eric agreed but said it was a battle Ridge could not win.

Eric added that he recalled what Rick had said about Ridge stealing Brooke and stealing Caroline. Rick agreed. Eric complimented Rick on his treatment of the situation with Maya. Eric said that Ridge could learn from Rick. "You've done a terrific job as CEO," Eric said. He added that Rick had also grown as a man and had Eric's unconditional support.

Rick gushed that he would continue to improve because he wanted to be like his dad. They emotionally shared that they loved and trusted one another, and they embraced.

Team effort, no conditions

Team effort, no conditions

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge told Steffy that he'd had it with Rick and his father. Steffy wondered why Eric continued to side with Rick, and Ridge said that Eric had inexplicably sided with Rick in many things. Rick had moved into Eric's house. Rick had treated people like garbage, and Ridge refused to take it any longer.

"If Dad doesn't want to do anything about it, I will," Ridge said. He maintained that they had to act quickly. "It's got to be us," Ridge said. He added that he and Caroline would design, and Steffy would help run the company. "We got to take Forrester back," Ridge said. Steffy agreed.

Ridge added that he knew Steffy had a thing for Liam, but she had to put that on hold. "It can't interfere," Ridge said. Steffy agreed. She worried that Ridge had been unable to turn his back on his father previously. Ridge hated that he had to turn against his dad, but he said that would no longer be a problem. They had to save Forrester.

Ridge asked Steffy for her shares and her help. Steffy said that the first time she had returned, she'd expected to get back together with Liam, but she understood he was with Ivy. Steffy promised her loyalty to Ridge. Ridge asked if Steffy could handle it, and she agreed she could. "Keep our eye on the end game," Steffy said.

At the Forrester mansion, Rick prepared for work, and Brooke wondered if Rick should return to the office so soon after his accident. Rick assured her he was ready. Brooke gushed that he had a strong work ethic, and Rick credited Brooke and Eric. He said he was thankful to Brooke and Eric for their support. Brooke said that she and Eric loved him and were very proud of him.

Rick noted that Eric's support for him could have gone either way. Brooke didn't know what he meant, but Rick said that Ridge had "asked Dad to fire me so he could be CEO." Brooke was shocked, and she said it was inexcusable that Ridge was trying to take his job.

Rick added that Bill Spencer was at the root of all the recent problems. Rick blamed Bill for his treatment of Maya, and he added that Maya had never returned his phone calls. Rick gushed that Brooke and his dad were on his side. Rick promised not to give up on Maya.

Rick complained that Ridge had undermined every decision Rick had ever made. Rick mocked Ridge as a designer who did not understand business. "Thank God you're still the man in charge," Brooke said. Rick added that he had told Eric that he blamed Ridge for breaking up their family.

"Ridge is devious," Rick added. Rick blamed Ridge as a home wrecker who had done the same thing with Caroline. "He wrecked our future -- no remorse," Rick said. Brooke congratulated Rick for his business acumen. "Eric has made it very clear he wants you in charge," Brooke said.

Rick admitted to Brooke that he was elated that Ridge would have to answer to Rick for the rest of his career at Forrester. Brooke didn't want Rick to stress because he was still recovering. Brooke encouraged him to take it easy. "We're very proud of you, and we believe in you," Brooke said. Rick hugged his mom, and Brooke shed one single tear.

At Spencer, Liam told Ivy he couldn't think about anything but her. They teased one another, laughed, and made out. Bill and Katie entered and interrupted. Liam reminded Bill that he was still angry with Bill for exposing Maya. Bill argued, but Katie agreed it had been wrong. She worried about the image of Spencer. Bill defended himself and said he needed to shake it up.

Ivy changed the subject. "Ridge could be the next CEO at Forrester," Ivy announced. Bill wondered what had happened to influence a change, and Ivy explained that Ridge was sick of Rick's treatment of everyone. Bill and Katie agreed that Rick's contract was irrevocable, but Ivy and Liam noted there was a morality clause that could push Rick out.

Bill said that Ridge would need Steffy's and Spencer's shares to take over. Liam agreed, and his phone rang. It was Ridge, who asked to meet with Liam at Forrester. Liam left for his meeting.

At Forrester, Steffy and Ridge agreed that Rick deserved what he would be getting. Rick interrupted their meeting, and told them to get out of his office. Rick warned Ridge that their father was on Rick's side. "No matter how many times you go crying to Dad -- it's always going to stay that way," Rick said. Rick reminded Ridge that he was not a Forrester. Ridge countered that Rick had shot up the office.

Rick warned that Ridge and Caroline had to approve everything through Rick. Steffy was angry. Ridge advised Rick to enjoy his desk. Ridge feigned that he would work to please Rick and their father.

In another office, Ridge and Steffy waited for Liam, and Steffy recalled her last trip to Los Angeles when she had made a play for Liam. She flashed back to Liam's comments that it would be wonderful to get together with Steffy again -- to be her husband and touch her again, but he was committed to Ivy. Steffy smiled at the memories. Liam entered and interrupted her thoughts. Ridge thanked Liam for meeting them, and Liam greeted Steffy. She explained that she was on board to take over Forrester without any conditions.

Ridge did have conditions. He did not want Bill anywhere near Forrester shares or decisions. Liam wondered if Ridge could turn against his father because he had been unable to do it previously. Ridge agreed he would jeopardize his relationship with his father because he had no options. Ridge pressured Liam for a decision to exclude Bill from the deal. Liam looked pensive.

Change is Coming

Change is Coming

Thursday, May 28, 2015

At Spencer, Katie and Ivy figured Eric hadn't unseated Rick, which meant that the takeover was back on the table. Katie asked how much it bothered Ivy that Steffy would become involved. Ivy was confident that Liam wouldn't agree to be with Steffy for the stock. Katie remarked that Forresters had a way of getting what they wanted. Ivy asserted that she was a Forrester, and she wanted Liam.

Ivy recalled that Steffy had thrown herself at Liam the last time she'd been in town, but Ivy and Liam were closer than ever. Ivy wasn't worried, but she didn't like someone hitting on her man. She felt that things would be fine as long as Steffy stayed in Europe.

In Rick's old office, Ridge and Steffy told Liam that Eric still supported Rick, and they needed the Spencer stock to protect the Forrester legacy. Liam asked if there were strings attached. Steffy said that his stock for her love was off the table. Ridge remarked that it was a shame for Liam and asked what Liam's answer was. Liam wondered what was in it for him.

Ridge offered Liam a position at Forrester. Ridge would be the CEO, Steffy would be the president, and Liam would be the vice-president. Liam was amazed that Ridge would trust a Spencer. Ridge said he trusted Liam. Liam asked if Steffy realized that they would work closely together. Steffy asked if he had a problem with it, but Ridge and Liam wanted to know if she did.

Steffy touted that she, Liam, and her father wouldn't even be there if she hadn't gotten the company back from Bill Spencer. Liam didn't doubt her business prowess. She playfully accused Liam of suggesting that he was too irresistible for her to concentrate on her work. She insisted that Liam had "what's her name," she'd have her work, and they'd have the company. Liam decided that he was in.

Liam and Ridge shook hands, and Ridge said no one could know about it until they were ready to strike. Ridge was worried about how Eric would react, but Steffy said Eric had put himself in the situation. Ridge left, saying he had to talk to someone.

Liam and Steffy joked and chatted about working together. He asked if they could handle it. "As long as you know who the boss is," she quipped. Liam joked that she outranked Liam everywhere -- like the bathroom counter, the closets, and the side of the bed.

They laughed together, and Steffy asked if Liam thought they could do it. Liam didn't know because they'd never done anything like it before. Steffy believed they'd be fabulous, and he noted that she'd changed. It was refreshing, like a cool mountain stream. A flashback played of the two kissing in a stream. Steffy remarked that a cool mountain stream was a nice image.

Liam said he hadn't been in Aspen in a while, and Steffy doubted he'd go anytime soon. Liam said he'd missed her, and she was surprised to hear it due to what had happened on her last visit. He recalled that she'd been a little needy, but she said jumping him on the couch didn't make her needy. She joked that it was hunger. Liam asked if anyone had satisfied the hunger.

Steffy said that no one had satisfied her hunger, but she'd be completely about business with Liam. She asked if that disappointed him, but he thought it was a trick question.

Outside the door, Ivy approached and listened as Steffy said that Liam's goodness had made her a better person. Liam had been the great love of Steffy's life, and he always would be.

In the CEO's office, Rick was on a call, asking someone to stay on getting Maya's contact information. He said Maya had to contact them because she was due a paycheck. Carter entered and guessed Rick hadn't heard from Maya. Rick said that he loved Maya and would like to know if Carter had heard from her. Carter hadn't heard from her and suggested that Rick hire someone to find her.

Rick didn't want to force himself on Maya, and he couldn't do anything if she didn't want to see him. Carter admired Rick's reaction to things. Rick said he understood Carter's reaction, but Maya had always been Rick's love, no matter her past. Carter said he'd wanted to tell Rick, but Rick was okay that Carter hadn't. Rick felt that Maya had told him in the best way.

Rick wished he'd learned about it before everyone else. Carter and Rick discussed Ridge wanting to be CEO. Rick said that his father was in his corner. Carter replied that it was huge, but Rick wondered if it was enough.

Rick couldn't believe Ridge's nerve in trying to take Rick's job. Carter asked what would happen with Ridge and the company. Rick remarked that Ridge was the designer who needed stroking and coddling, but Ridge had to learn his place because Rick couldn't stand betrayal. Claiming that he'd had to be a "hard ass" while taking control of the company, Rick said he'd be less abrasive going forward.

Rick was sure that Ridge would still be difficult, and Ridge had to learn that if he went against Rick, he'd be squashed every time. Carter advised that it would be better for the men to work together. Rick believed it would be just fine if Ridge would take orders, but the entitled Ridge didn't do that.

Carter relayed that Ridge was the oldest son. "Of Massimo Marone," Rick noted. Rick said that Thorne was his oldest sibling and knew his place. Rick stated that Ridge was talented but didn't have the skill set to be CEO. Carter said one caught more flies with honey, but Rick claimed to have tried honey.

Rick felt that Ridge's problem was Stephanie, who'd believed that he could do no wrong. Rick believed that Ridge couldn't stand that someone had been elevated over him or that it had been Rick, whom Ridge hated. Carter didn't think Ridge hated Rick.

Rick claimed that Ridge didn't treat him like a brother, but then Rick guessed it went both ways. Rick declared that it was a brand new day at Forrester; Ridge would accept it or be out.

Later, Rick was alone, grinning at his success. He left Maya another message to say that Ridge had tried a takeover, but it hadn't worked because Eric had backed Rick. Rick said he had everything he ever wanted -- except what mattered most. He said he loved her and asked her to call back.

Later, Ridge arrived in a storage room at the Forrester mansion. He slipped a cover off Stephanie's portrait. He didn't like her gathering dust and felt she shouldn't be in there at all. Ridge told the portrait that "change was coming," and what she'd wanted for him was finally about to happen.

Ridge recalled that Stephanie had always been the family leader, and that was why he was visiting her. He said his father was being bullheaded and stubborn. Ridge didn't want to hurt Eric, but the company wouldn't survive if Ridge didn't take action and put Stephanie back on the wall where she belonged. Ridge wanted her there because he felt that Eric would need her more than ever after the takeover.

Rick found Maya at Dayzee's

Rick found Maya at Dayzee's

Friday, May 29, 2015

In the CEO's office, Eric checked on Rick. Rick claimed to be focused on work. He hadn't heard from Maya, but he wasn't giving up. Nicole entered and asked to talk to Rick about Maya. Rick and Eric expressed concern for Maya. Eric said Maya hadn't needed to quit the way she had.

Eric left, and Rick asked why Maya wasn't answering his calls. Nicole felt that Rick had been good to her and had given her a job. Even though, in her mind, it was all over, she needed to know why Rick had become embarrassed once everyone had learned about Maya. "I was angry," he said, shrugging. Nicole said that Maya believed he was angry with Maya, but Rick indicated that it wasn't so.

Nicole wanted to know why he'd broken up with Maya if he wasn't ashamed or angry. Rick revealed that he hadn't left Maya; Maya had left him. He stated that he'd said a lot of things he wished he hadn't, but it wasn't over. Nicole indicated that Maya thought it was. He insisted it was why he needed to find Maya and asked where Maya was.

Nicole claimed that Maya had told her to stay out of it. Rick figured Nicole wanted to help, or she wouldn't be in his office. Nicole wanted to understand what had happened. Rick said he'd proposed to Maya. He felt that his PR department could squash the news stories, and he and Maya needed to focus on each other. Nicole was surprised that Rick still wanted Maya after he'd "hung up" on her.

Rick asked when he'd done that, and Nicole explained what Maya thought had transpired on the last phone call Rick had had with Maya. "I didn't hang up. I got in a car accident!" Rick exclaimed. Rick recalled everything that had happened during the car pursuit of Maya up to the point where he'd run off the road. He said Maya didn't seem to want anything to do with him.

Nicole claimed that Maya had been hurt by the embarrassment remark, but Rick said he'd been referring to what Bill Spencer had done. "No, you weren't," Nicole replied. Rick exclaimed that he hadn't meant it, and he wanted and needed Maya. He implored Nicole to say where Maya was. Nicole hoped she didn't regret it, and she revealed that Maya was at her old place above Dayzee's.

At the apartment above Dayzee's, Maya packed clothes into a bag. Carter knocked on the door and said he knew that Maya was in there. She opened the door, and Carter said he'd known the barista had been lying. Maya didn't want anyone knowing she was there. Carter replied that if he'd figured it out, Rick would, too. She stated that she couldn't be there much longer, and she was leaving Los Angeles.

Carter stated that the city was Maya's home, and with her face all over the Internet, she couldn't run away from "this." Maya felt that she wasn't a scandal and deserved to be treated better. Guessing it was why she hadn't talked to Rick, Carter asked if she was angry with Rick. Maya wasn't. She loved Rick too much to be angry.

Later, Maya was explaining to Carter how Rick had "hung up" on her, and Carter said it didn't make any sense because Rick was still trying to get in touch with her. Maya believed that Rick just wanted to explain, but she didn't need it. She figured if they could have kept it quiet, things might have been different. Carter asserted that Rick cared about Maya and really loved her.

Maya said Rick hadn't signed up for all of it, and she'd known that someday, it could go wrong. Falling in love with a public figure had been a huge risk that she hadn't been sure she could take, but Rick had made her happy. Carter asked why she was giving up and quitting her job. She claimed Rick had been through a lot, too, and the news story would die if no one fanned the flames.

Carter told Maya that Rick was looking for her. Maya figured it was because Rick didn't like how they'd left things; however, Rick didn't really want to marry her, and it was over. Carter asked her not to leave, but she said she couldn't stay there. He wanted to know where she'd go. She claimed not to know, but he was sure she wouldn't tell him if she did know.

Maya refused to put herself in the position of being around people who didn't accept her. She had to go elsewhere and start over because it was too painful to be around Rick without being his wife.

Later, Maya was alone, remembering her times with Rick. Rick was at his office, having the same memories. He reached for the phone, but grinning, he rushed out of the office.

At the sky lounge, Nicole encountered Carter. She said she'd just spoken to Rick about Maya. Carter revealed that he'd seen Maya at Dayzee's. Nicole stated that she'd told Rick where to find Maya and hoped it had been the right thing to do.

Back at Dayzee's, Maya was in the restaurant, remembering Rick taking her order for the first time. She looked down as a waiter approached. "Welcome to Dayzee's. What can I get you?" she heard Rick ask. She looked up and saw him dressed just as he had been the first time they'd met.

Outside Rick's old office, Ivy listened as Steffy said she'd gone to Paris to hide her feelings for Liam, but for the new venture to work, they had to be completely open and honest with each other. Ivy entered and asked what was going on. Steffy stated that Ridge had said not to tell anyone. "He didn't mean Ivy," Liam stated. Shrugging, Steffy announced that the plan was back on.

"So much for keeping it quiet," Ridge said upon entering. Liam indicated that Ivy had known about the plan before Ridge had known. Ivy asked what had happened to the morality clause, and Ridge said Eric hadn't used it. Ivy assumed that meant the Forresters and Spencers had combined their stock.

Steffy stated that 62 percent of the stock gave them complete control. Ridge added that Steffy was the new president, and Liam was the vice president. Ridge said they needed to move on it, and Ivy decided to leave the three to talk. Ridge put in a call to Eric and asked him to meet at the office.

Liam assumed that everyone should leave Ridge to talk to Eric alone, but Ridge wanted everyone there so that Eric could see that it wasn't about Ridge. It was about protecting the family legacy. Steffy remarked that she missed her grandmother. Ridge was sure that Stephanie would be on their side, and though their actions might seem hostile, it was right for everyone.

Eric arrived and was happy to see Steffy. As he hugged her, he said he hadn't known she was in town. She remarked that she was back for good, and Ridge added that it was what they wanted to discuss with Eric. Eric was excited to have Steffy back in PR to handle the press, but Ridge said she wouldn't be doing that. Eric was fine with it as long as she ran her ideas by Rick, who had to approve them. "Not with this, no," Ridge said.

Eric said that Ridge knew where Eric stood on things. Ridge stated that Eric supported Rick above all else, and they understood it. Eric uttered that he didn't want to fight about it anymore. Ridge didn't like being at odds, either, and he recalled that they'd once been the best team in the business. Ridge said that what Rick was doing to Eric and the company was killing Ridge.

Eric told Ridge that he had to stop it and look at the reality of the situation. Ridge said he didn't. Eric stated that Ridge had made himself clear, but there was nothing else Ridge could do. Ridge replied that it wasn't true. Ridge revealed that he had Thomas' proxy, Steffy would vote with Ridge, and so would Liam. "I see," Eric stated. He noted that Liam wasn't a stockholder, though.

Liam stated that he controlled Spencer's stocks. Ridge said he hadn't wanted it get down to what it had. Eric replied that Ridge wouldn't do it. Ridge said he'd asked Eric to terminate Rick, but Eric had refused. Liam added that Rick had mistreated Caroline and Ivy. Ridge declared that they owned 62.5 percent of the company, and they wanted to protect its future.

Eric didn't see how Ridge could do it. Ridge asserted that he was overruling Eric, and Rick's tenure as CEO had just ended. Eric rasped that he decided who ran the company. "No, you don't decide, Dad! We decide!" Ridge roared back. Eric said Ridge couldn't do it, but Ridge insisted that Eric was making Ridge do it. Ridge was grateful for what Eric had taught him and for the legacy.

Eric shook his head as Ridge stated that it was time for a change in leadership. "Rick's time is over. Your time is over," Ridge said.

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