The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 8, 2015 on B&B

Steffy and Liam's connection sparked, but Ivy's deportation issues threatened to short-circuit a reunion. Wyatt declared his interest in Steffy, and Quinn supported her son by urging Ivy to marry Liam to stay in the country. Ridge helped Caroline take her first steps.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 8, 2015 on B&B
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Love-sick, lingerie-wearing emoji threat

Love-sick, lingerie-wearing emoji threat

Monday, June 8, 2015

At the lounge, Aly wanted Ivy to be excited about the change in Forrester leadership. The women agreed that Steffy was the only downside. Finally finding peace with Steffy's presence, Ivy doubted Steffy would be a problem. Aly scowled, and Ivy prompted Aly to say what the problem was.

Aly revealed that she'd caught Steffy kissing Liam. Aly relayed that Steffy had claimed to have been celebrating, but Aly was sure that Steffy was after Liam. Wyatt arrived and asked if there was a big meeting going on. As Aly hurried off to the meeting, she told Ivy that she'd keep an eye on Steffy.

Wyatt asked Ivy what the problem with Steffy was. Ivy stated that Steffy had been back for two seconds and had already kissed Liam, even though he had a girlfriend and wasn't interested. Wyatt corrected that Liam was unavailable, but not necessarily uninterested.

Ivy said Wyatt was supposed to be making her feel better. She wondered why everyone talked as if Steffy was a goddess. Ivy didn't understand what had happened to "girl code" or why Steffy had to keep throwing herself at Ivy's boyfriend. Wyatt assured Ivy that she was just as fascinating, pretty, and smart as Steffy, and Liam was crazy about Ivy.

Ivy wasn't worried about Liam. She just didn't want to keep looking over her shoulder or to be the insecure girlfriend. Wyatt said it "came with the territory" with a woman like Steffy. Ivy quipped that if Wyatt was so taken with Steffy, then he should ask Steffy out. He replied that Steffy was his brother's ex-wife. "Oh, yeah. 'Cause that really stopped you guys," Ivy replied and urged Wyatt to go for it.

In the CEO's office, Steffy and Ridge discussed the upcoming meeting. Steffy was sure Aly would pitch her shoe line. Ridge noticed a tone in Steffy's voice, and Steffy revealed that Aly had seen her kissing Liam. Steffy claimed it hadn't been a big deal -- just too much Champagne and excitement.

Ridge was confused because Steffy had told him that she'd moved on. Just then, Liam entered for the meeting, and Ridge observed Steffy straighten Liam's lapels and compliment his new suit.

Aly and Carter arrived, and Aly took Liam aside to ask if everything was okay with him and Ivy. Liam indicated that it was, but he didn't understand why Aly was asking. Aly advised Liam to feel lucky to have Ivy. Steffy approached and asked Aly to cool it. Aly told Steffy to butt out.

Aly told Liam that Ivy was her relative and friend. Aly revealed that she'd seen the kiss, and she didn't want Ivy to be hurt. Aly insisted upon knowing if Liam saw a future with Ivy. Steffy interjected that it wasn't appropriate for Aly to get involved.

Aly asserted that she had an obligation to protect her friends and the company's integrity. Steffy asked if Aly had to do it at that moment. Liam assured Aly that there was nothing to be worried about, and she was blowing it out of proportion. Aly stated that she'd told Ivy about the kiss.

Ridge called the meeting to order. He asked models to show off some new gowns that he and Caroline had worked on. Liam complimented Ivy's jewelry, which he thought the models were wearing. Ridge corrected that it was Quinn's jewelry, and Liam seemed to be embarrassed by his mistake.

Steffy proposed relaunching the lingerie line, and Aly sardonically guessed that Steffy would make herself the spokesmodel. Aly asked about HFTF, and Ridge said it was on hold due to Hope's absence. Aly asked Liam if it was really a good idea to do the lingerie line with Steffy. Liam responded that it was just an idea at that point, but Aly asked how Ivy, his girlfriend, would feel about it.

Noting that it was bad enough that Ivy had to deal with Steffy, Aly asked if Liam would also work with Steffy while she was in her bra and underwear. Ridge told Aly that they were trying to have a meeting, but Aly insisted upon standing up for Ivy. Liam didn't think it was necessary, but Aly asked where it would leave Ivy if something happened between Liam and Steffy.

Ridge told Aly it wasn't the time or place to discuss Liam's love life. Ridge cut the meeting short and told Liam to figure it out on his own time. As Ridge and Carter left, Aly asked Liam to think about his actions. She said Steffy had already kissed him, and "who knew what she'd do next."

Alone with Liam later, Steffy hoped she hadn't gotten him into trouble with Ivy. Liam joked that Steffy always got him into trouble. Steffy didn't think Aly should have made a big deal of things. Though Liam didn't agree with Aly's approach, he understood her point. Liam was excited to work at Forrester, but he asked Steffy not to make it difficult for him.

Steffy apologized for the problems. She said it was just that she felt comfortable with him. She grew tearful, saying he'd been her lover and best friend. Liam asked Steffy not to do it. She sucked up her tears, saying she didn't want to make things awkward between him and Ivy. Steffy waved it off. She said she'd always love him, but she was good. Liam started to speak, but Steffy told him to go.

Liam left, and Steffy berated herself. "I'm so stupid," she uttered.

Wyatt entered. Steffy tried to pull herself together, but he sensed that her mood had to do with Liam. Steffy pretended not to know why Wyatt would conclude that it was Liam and not her job or moving. Wyatt asked if she still had feelings for Liam. Steffy asked if she was that obvious.

Wyatt described Steffy as the equivalent of a love-struck "emoji." He gave her a pass because he'd been that way for Hope. Steffy had forgotten that he'd dated Hope. "I married her," Wyatt corrected. Steffy didn't think Hope seemed like his type. Wyatt asked what his type was, but Steffy was still trying to figure it out.

Wyatt told Steffy that she'd be all right; she just had to change her perspective on things. Steffy was thrilled for the changes in her life but knew it wouldn't be easy seeing Liam. Each time she returned to town, she promised herself that she'd be better; however, she'd see Liam and, "I don't know."

Steffy wanted a summer of fun, romance, and adventure. Wyatt believed she'd have it. He said they should stop thinking about what they didn't have and focus on what was right in front of them.

Back at the sky lounge, Liam was trying to explain that Steffy had just gotten caught up in the moment when she'd kissed him. Ivy complained that it was always Steffy's excuse, and Steffy seemed to "forget" that he was in a relationship. Ivy was losing her patience with the situation.

Liam understood Ivy's feelings but said they just had to understand that it was how Steffy was. He said that the kiss had been Steffy's version of welcoming him to Forrester. Ivy hoped it didn't happen again. With a kiss, she stated that she wanted Liam's lips all to herself.

Taking steps toward big changes

Taking steps toward big changes

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

by Pam

At Ridge's place, Caroline was cuddled up on the couch. Ridge entered and said that he had talked to her doctor. "He thinks it's time to put some weight on your legs," Ridge announced. Caroline agreed, but she asked about his first big day as CEO. He said it had been fine, but it wasn't the same. "Cause I miss you. You're my number one priority," Ridge said.

Caroline said her therapy was going well. Ridge said she was "stronger than you think." He encouraged her. "We're a team. I need you there," Ridge said. Caroline agreed she wanted the same thing. "Let me help you," Ridge said.

Caroline looked skeptical. She suggested that Ridge return to the office. "Don't shut me out. Talk to me. What do your remember?" Ridge asked.

Caroline answered that she had been walking on the sidewalk one minute, and suddenly she'd heard a really loud noise. She'd tried to get out of the way but hadn't been able to react fast enough. "Next thing I know, there is a car on top of me. I was pinned, and I couldn't move, and I remember looking at my feet and seeing them but not being able to move them and people trying help me," she said tearfully.

"I remember being scared that I'd never walk again," Caroline added. Ridge told her he didn't want her to be scared anymore. "You're going to take your first steps today," he said.

Caroline appreciated his efforts, but she was unsure. She said she felt she could do nothing for herself -- not even get a cup of coffee, drive a car, or run an errand. She lamented that she had been an independent person before the accident.

"My life was going somewhere," she cried. She worried about her career and her relationship with Ridge. She felt stuck. Ridge took in a walker and encouraged her to use it. He helped her up, and he reminded her that she had helped him draw. He'd felt useless "until you put me back together again. I want to do the same for you," Ridge said.

Ridge helped Caroline stand up with the walker, and she took a few steps. She smiled, and so did Ridge. She wanted to sit down, and she collapsed into his waiting arms on the couch. Ridge hugged her and kissed her. She thanked him. "I did it," she said. "You did. It was all you," Ridge replied.

At Forrester, Wyatt tried to persuade Steffy that they could have a great summer together. "I am your boss," Steffy said. Wyatt reminded her they were both young and single. Wyatt refused to feel sorry for himself. Steffy wondered if he was implying that was what she was doing.

Wyatt noted that Steffy had had hopes of returning to Los Angeles and working with Liam -- and a whole lot more. Wyatt reminded her that Liam was pretty serious with Ivy.

Wyatt suggested dating, and he noticed Steffy hadn't shot him down. Steffy wondered if he was really serious. They bantered and flirted, and Steffy teased that Wyatt seemed to date "every new face at Forrester." Wyatt responded that he'd deserved that because he had dated Nicole, but he refused to apologize because for a long time he'd mourned his lost relationship with Hope and hadn't done anything. Then he'd started dating.

Wyatt suggested that Steffy needed to stop mourning her relationship with Liam. He added that they had both lost relationships and babies. "It's okay to move on and live your life," he said. He added that they both had been stuck and needed to stop it and move forward.

"You're too beautiful and too smart to be locked up," Wyatt said. He convinced Steffy they were unattached and could have a great summer together. He kissed her, and she seemed to melt. "But just so you know, I won't play second string to my brother," he said.

On the rooftop at Forrester, Ivy and Liam argued about Steffy's continued interest in Liam. Liam maintained that Ivy didn't have to worry, but Ivy knew that Steffy was making a play for Liam every chance she got. "She won't stop at anything to get you back," Ivy said. She worried that she was about to lose everything. Liam tried to console her, but she looked worried.

Bill showed up, and Liam angrily reminded him that he had almost sided with Rick. Bill explained that he'd planned to take down Rick all along. He had needed to get Rick to take a swing at him so that everyone would see he was unstable. Bill claimed he had taken one for the team.

Bill asked where Ridge was, and Liam said he'd already left. Bill scoffed. Ivy quickly left for a meeting. Bill noted that Ivy was hot, but Liam had to be tempted by Steffy. Liam shook his head.

In her office, Ivy met with Jake and told him she would do anything to get exposure for the new jewelry line. She asked Jake to tell marketing that she was ready for interviews, appearances, and more. Jake agreed, and he left.

A man in a suit knocked on Ivy's office door, and he asked if she was Ivy Forrester. He announced he was from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Ivy was surprised.

A reboot that's 'hot as hell'

A reboot that's 'hot as hell'

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

by Pam

At Liam's house, Bill chattered on about Liam's love life and the fact that Steffy had returned. Liam was frustrated that Bill wouldn't leave him alone, and Liam maintained he was committed to Ivy. Bill insisted that the opportunity to reconnect with Steffy had to be appealing. "Steffy excites you in a way no other woman can," Bill said.

Bill wondered if Liam would be able to stand by and watch another man make a move on Steffy. Liam looked confused. Liam told Bill it was none of his business. Bill wanted Liam to admit that it was "scaring the hell" out of him that Steffy was back, and Liam had another chance with her. Bill wondered if Liam was going to let some other guy sweep Steffy off her feet. Steffy showed up.

"What am I interrupting?" she asked. "Well, well, well," Bill said. Steffy claimed to be there on official Forrester business. Steffy held up a red lingerie teddy and said she needed their opinions because she wanted to reboot the lingerie line.

Steffy held it up against her own body, and Liam and Bill admired it. Liam said nothing, but Bill said it was "hot as hell." Liam insisted that Bill leave, but Bill kept talking about how Liam needed to reconsider what they had discussed. "Get out," Liam shouted.

After Bill left, Steffy wondered if she had interrupted something important. Liam told her to ignore his dad. She did. She said she wanted to reboot the lingerie line. She had sketched a design and asked one of the Forrester sewers to make a prototype. Steffy asked if Liam needed her to model it before he made a decision. She insisted that she loved it, but she wanted her vice president's opinion. Liam agreed with his dad that it was hot.

Liam added that his dad had advised him to get back together with Steffy before someone else swept her off her feet. Steffy said she had hoped to rekindle their romance, but Liam had made it clear that he was committed to Ivy. Steffy added that there was someone else in her life. Liam was speechless.

Steffy suggested he make a move quickly because she had met someone who was interested. Liam started quizzing her about who it was. They engaged in a guessing game when Liam realized it was someone from Forrester.

"Charlie," asked Liam.

"Too old," Steffy replied.

"Carter? asked Liam.

"Too tall," Steffy answered.

"Oliver? asked Liam.

"Already taken," Steffy lamented.

Steffy teased that the mystery man had the same last name as Liam, and he had already kissed her. Liam groaned that it was Wyatt. "You kissed my brother?" Liam asked. Steffy said that she and Wyatt had a lot in common. She noted that Liam seemed jealous -- odd for someone so committed to Ivy.

Steffy said she was moving on. She was unconvinced that Ivy was the one Liam truly wanted, but she was tired of pining over him. "I can't keep doing this, Liam," Steffy said.

"Something tells me you're not being honest with yourself," Steffy added. "If you want me, I need to know. Now. Show me, Liam." Steffy caressed his face, and Liam looked uncomfortable.

In Wyatt's office, Quinn showed up and said she was there to see Ivy. She worried about Wyatt and his love life. He said it was fine. Quinn had worried about Hope, but Wyatt said they were as good as divorced. He lamented that he had blown it with Nicole, but he was glad he had dated again. "I'm looking in another direction," Wyatt said.

Quinn wanted to know who the new woman in Wyatt's life was. He shared that it was Steffy, and Quinn gasped. He added that they had a lot in common, and it was time they both found some happiness and excitement. Quinn was elated. "I just want my baby to have what I have," she said.

Quinn worried about Steffy's history with Liam, but Wyatt was convinced that Liam was content with Ivy. Later, Quinn had gone, and Wyatt flashed back to his conversation with Steffy. He recalled noting that they were both unattached and that she would have a lot of fun with him. He remembered the kiss he had shared with Steffy. Wyatt smiled.

In an office at Forrester, Agent McAffrey explained to Ivy that she was illegally in the United States. Ivy explained that she had dual citizenship because her dad was American and her mother was Australian. McAffrey said that Ivy had never filed the proper paperwork.

"My dad always told me I'm a citizen of this country," she said. McAffrey pointed out that there were specific procedures she should have followed. He added that she was breaking the law by being in the United States.

McAffrey warned that he could have her deported immediately, and she would never be allowed to return to the U.S., but he would allow her to get a ticket and make plans to leave the country. He wanted to see the ticket, or he would return with a court order. "You'll be leaving the country either way," he said. Ivy said she would contact a lawyer, and the agent told her she could contact anyone she wanted, but the result would be the same. He left.

Ivy immediately met with Carter. Ivy told him about the immigration office's case against her. She gave Carter the papers the immigration agent had delivered. "You're being deported?" Carter asked.

Cater asked about her dad, but she said he had no cell service where he was at that time. Ivy was crushed that she might have to leave her job and her boyfriend. "How is this happening?" Ivy asked. Carter admitted that he had no expertise in immigration law. He worried that the papers appeared to be in order, and Ivy needed to talk to her dad. Carter left.

Later, Quinn entered and greeted Ivy. Quinn wondered why Ivy was so distraught, but Ivy said she didn't want to discuss it. Quinn said they had to discuss their jewelry designs because Ridge wanted to see them as soon as possible. Ivy argued that she couldn't deal with it. Quinn looked at Ivy's desk and picked up a stack of papers. "You're being deported?" Quinn asked.

The hand the rocks Wyatt's love life

The hand the rocks Wyatt's love life

Thursday, June 11, 2015

In Rick's old office, Quinn was shocked to learn about Ivy's visa problems. Quinn claimed to be concerned because she and Ivy worked together. Ivy explained that she'd thought she had dual citizenship, but her father hadn't properly filled out her paperwork. Carter had advised Ivy to follow Immigration's directives, but waiting on paperwork in Australia could take years.

Ivy was upset because her whole life would be altered. Steffy was already kissing Liam, and Ivy was worried that she'd lose her boyfriend. Quinn asked how long Immigration had given to provide proof of citizenship. Ivy only had a week. Quinn asked for Ivy's "plan B" was, but Ivy had none. Ivy was sure Steffy would be all over Liam the moment Ivy boarded her plane.

Quinn said that Liam loved Ivy, but Ivy revealed that Aly had seen Steffy kiss Liam. Ivy wanted to go to Liam to tell him about the problem. Quinn offered to cover if Ivy wanted to take the day off. Ivy was skeptical of Quinn's support. Quinn admitted that she wasn't a fan of Liam's; however, Ivy and he made a sweet couple, and Liam was a committed man.

Quinn urged Ivy to make it work because defeat wasn't an option. Ivy was amazed at Quinn's response. Quinn said people were critical of her obstinate resilience, but in Ivy's case, it was the only way to be. Quinn believed Liam would wait for Ivy, and Ivy shouldn't accept less. Quinn hugged Ivy.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Bill arrived. Wyatt snipped that Bill had gotten the wrong son. Bill said to ease up, and Wyatt quipped that Liam, vice president of Forrester and president of Spencer, had all the pressure. Bill guessed he'd walked in on a pity party.

Bill explained that he'd given control of the stock to the son who'd pitched the takeover idea, and Wyatt would have gotten it if he'd pitched the plan. Wyatt felt that he should have been consulted. Bill replied that Wyatt didn't have "a Steffy." Wyatt retorted that Liam didn't have a Steffy, either.

Bill sensed it might change and didn't believe one could fight destiny. Wyatt reminded Bill that Liam was in love with Ivy, who had been Liam's inspiration for the takeover. Bill corrected that Ivy had only been a part of the reason, but Wyatt said that unless Ivy disappeared, Liam and Ivy were solid. Bill felt that a reunion was obvious and inevitable.

Wyatt believed differently, and he wished Bill wouldn't pressure Liam. Bill called Ivy a stopgap measure and doubted she could hold back the reunion, especially with Liam and Steffy working together. "I mean, tell me you don't find that woman incredible," Bill challenged. Wyatt agreed and added that she was a "hell of a kisser." Bill felt that things were getting a little weird.

Wyatt revealed that he'd kissed Steffy earlier that day. Bill asked why Wyatt would do it. Wyatt thought he'd be a fool not to do it. Bill bellowed that she was in love with Wyatt's brother. "Oh, so you're worried that I might get hurt. I'm touched. Thanks, Dad," Wyatt cynically responded.

Quinn arrived and wondered if Wyatt had told his father. "Oh, boy," Bill murmured. Quinn said it was wonderful, but Bill saw nothing wonderful about Wyatt pining for a woman who was in love with Wyatt's brother. Quinn asked if Bill would stop playing favorites.

Bill asked Wyatt and Quinn to get real because Liam and Steffy were the future of Forrester Creations. Wyatt asserted that he wouldn't back down because of Bill. Bill said it wasn't about him; it was about Liam. "Who's involved with another woman," Wyatt added.

At the cliff house, Liam asked if Wyatt knew that the kiss Steffy had planted on him had been for Liam's benefit. Steffy claimed that Wyatt had done the planting; she'd just enjoyed it. She preferred Liam's lips on hers, but she planned to move on unless Liam gave her a reason not to.

"My brother?" Liam said. Steffy thought Wyatt was fun and confident. She liked who she was when she was with Wyatt, but there was only one guy she wanted to kiss -- if he was ready for it.

Liam and Steffy remembered times in the house. Steffy asked if he remembered what she'd said when he'd proposed to her there. After some prompting, Liam recalled that she'd said she'd bring him back to life. Steffy stated that she didn't have to do it that time, and he didn't appear to be suffering. "I'm the one who's suffering," she stated. He said she'd suffered enough, and she uttered that there was only one thing he could do to make it stop.

Liam and Steffy recalled having good times and bad times. She said she wouldn't give any of it up. He added that it had gotten them to where they were. She wondered where that was.

Behind them, Ivy slipped into the house. Steffy said that much had happened, but they were back in the same place. He felt as if they'd stepped outside of a time capsule. Steffy declared that she wanted their life back. She wanted the good, the bad, and the lost child. She felt incomplete. He likened it to walking out in the middle of a movie.

Steffy urged Liam to finish what they'd started. She was sure that Ivy was wonderful, but it was about what Steffy and Liam had let slip away. They agreed that losing the child had been too much to bear. She was sorry she hadn't been able to be there for him. Liam said it had been a two-way street.

Steffy stated that they couldn't turn back time, but they could start again -- if they wanted to. Liam said he had to talk to Ivy. By the door, Ivy frowned. "About us?" Steffy asked. Liam said, "About everything." The hurt Ivy sneaked out of the house and sobbed on the stoop.

Back in the house, Liam said Ivy had helped him through a dark time in his life. Steffy quipped that he was surrounded by an abundance of female love. Liam claimed not to know why and to be no different from other guys. Steffy asked if he was feeling what she was feeling. He admitted that feelings were resurfacing. He had to be honest with Ivy about it, but he had to be honest with Steffy, too.

Liam didn't know where it was going, and Steffy said she didn't, either. It felt good to him to be honest and to acknowledge things he'd hidden inside for a long time. Steffy locked her hands around his neck and asked if it meant he was glad she was back. The two hugged, and Liam said he'd talk to Ivy.

Steffy relayed that she'd never stopped believing in them. Steffy wanted a family and future with Liam and said nothing would stop them that time.

Back at Forrester, Bill had gone, and Quinn ranted about Bill, who favored sons and dictated how people's lives would be. Wyatt stated that Bill didn't always get his way, and Wyatt felt good about his chances with Steffy. Wyatt felt excited. He hadn't felt that way since Hope had left. Things were looking up for him. Quinn grinned and said she wanted it to be the best year of Wyatt's life.

The sullen Ivy arrived, and Quinn shooed Wyatt out of the office, so the women could work. Once he left, Ivy stated that she was going to lose Liam. Ivy revealed that Steffy had been at Liam's, and the pair had been making plans. Ivy feared she'd lose her whole life in America. Ivy said that if she went back to Australia, she'd lose Liam forever, and Steffy would win.

Quinn assured Ivy that Ivy wasn't going back to Australia, and Liam wasn't going back to Steffy. Placing her hands on Ivy's shoulders, Quinn stated, "I'm gonna make sure of it."

A dog and his balls

A dog and his balls

Friday, June 12, 2015

At Forrester, Ivy told Quinn not to even think about whatever it was Quinn was thinking of doing. Quinn asked what Ivy had said to Liam. Ivy relayed that she'd been hiding and listening to Liam talk about breaking up with her. Quinn said Liam's superpower was saying what only sounded like what a person wanted to hear.

Quinn believed Liam was Ivy's to lose, but Ivy didn't think she had control. Quinn suggested that Ivy would if Ivy asked Liam to marry her. Ivy refused to marry Liam for a green card. Quinn stated that Liam loved a damsel in distress, and if he'd jump into a dirty river for Ivy, he'd jump into a wedding ring.

In Rick's old office, Steffy asked if she got to sign checks. Carter wondered if she knew how many checks they cut, and she asked how else she was supposed to express her presidential powerfulness. Carter gave her a list of her contractual powers, and she asked if she could sign the vice president's underwear. Chuckling, Carter said it hadn't been that fun around Forrester in a while.

At the cliff house, Wyatt dumped keys on the table. He said he'd knocked, but Liam had ignored it. Liam asked what Wyatt was doing kissing Steffy. Guessing they'd skip the small talk, Wyatt asked if Liam was or wasn't done with Steffy. Liam said he'd never be done with Steffy, and Wyatt asked what that even meant. Wyatt likened Liam to a dog trying to hold too many tennis balls in his mouth.

Liam accused Wyatt of lashing out by liplocking with females that had connections to Liam. Wyatt protested that he'd never put the moves on Ivy, but Liam was being possessive over a woman who was not the woman that he claimed to be in love with.

Upset, Liam said Steffy made her own decisions, and his opinion of it didn't matter. Wyatt told Liam that Liam had consistently said he wasn't available and was with Ivy. "Life is change," Liam uttered. Liam said one never knew, and Ivy could return to Australia the next day.

Wyatt asserted that it would never happen. Liam hugged Wyatt, and Wyatt asked what Liam was doing. Liam asked if he couldn't hug his brother. He advised Wyatt to be really careful. He felt that Wyatt was raw and not good at hiding it. Liam said it would take time, but there would be someone else for him. Wyatt thanked Liam for the reminder that Liam wasn't the good guy everyone thought he was.

Later, Ivy arrived, and Liam welcomed her home. Ivy wished it was her home. Liam asked how Ivy's day had been, and after they talked a bit, Liam admitted that Steffy had been there. He wanted Ivy to unwind before they discussed it, but she said she wouldn't relax while waiting to talk about Steffy.

Liam told Ivy that he'd been careless emotionally in past relationships and had failed about being open and honest. He didn't want to do that with her. Ivy asked if he was breaking up with her. He said he wasn't, but there was something. He didn't know how to put the feeling into words, but Steffy was reminding him of how good he and Steffy had been together.

Liam believed he'd been able to resist Steffy because he'd walled off his feelings, but it was difficult to hold them off like he'd once done. Ivy leapt from her seat. Liam said he wasn't going anywhere; he just didn't want to keep things from her. Ivy loved and respected him for it, and she wasn't surprised by his words. He asked her to say whatever she needed to say.

"I'm getting deported," Ivy replied. Upset, Liam asked Ivy several questions about what was happening, and she explained her mistaken dual citizenship problem. Liam asked why the immigration officers had even gone looking for her. Ivy guessed her work visa had expired. Liam didn't understand why she'd gotten a visa if she was an American citizen.

"My company in Australia is not a citizen, so I spoke to the consultant," Ivy replied. She claimed they had told her to apply for the visa, so she'd done it. Liam wanted to know if she'd talked to John or Eric. Ivy hadn't. Liam cried out that she was a Forrester and should use her resources.

Ivy complained that she wouldn't be able to get the papers before she was required to be back in Australia. She doubted she'd get another visa because she was breaking the law by being in America at that moment. Liam wanted to get a lawyer, but Ivy said Carter had already advised her to comply. Liam said that there had to be a way to undo it. Taking a cup of wine, Ivy stated that there might be.

Liam asked for the options. Ivy stressed that she couldn't complete the procedures in the United States, and she still might not get the visa if she submitted the papers and waited in Australia. Ivy didn't want to lose all she'd accomplished, her friends, family, or the love of her life. She liked to play but the rules, but doing so was a real gamble in that instance.

Liam asked what other option there was. Ivy said she hadn't wanted to make a decision that way, and she and Liam were still a year off from a decision, even without Steffy's reappearance. Liam didn't want to include Steffy in the conversation. Ivy asked why not if Steffy could be one of a dozen reasons that they ultimately broke up. Ivy said that she and Liam should be able to choose their future, and they could do it "if we get married now."

Back at Forrester, Steffy entered the CEO's office, and Quinn touted Wyatt's virtues. Steffy said she got it; Wyatt was a good guy. While discussing jewelry, Quinn showed Steffy a ring Wyatt had given Quinn. Steffy asked if Quinn's son seriously bought her jewelry. Quinn claimed he was generous, and he'd actually made it for her.

Wyatt entered and said he hadn't made it. Quinn pretended to remember that he hadn't made it. Wyatt stated that he'd declared his intentions to explore a relationship with Steffy. Steffy assumed he'd had a man-to-man with her father. "Liam," Wyatt corrected. Quinn felt it was good for Wyatt, but Steffy snipped that it had been out of line, and Wyatt didn't talk to other people about her. Steffy told him that if he wanted to discuss what she wanted and who she wanted, "You talk to me."

Steffy slammed down a folder. Quinn said Liam had probably taken it as a courtesy, as he was so committed to Ivy. Wyatt claimed he'd done what he'd done for himself because his brother had a history of accusing him of being underhanded. He asserted that Liam couldn't say it "this time."

Steffy asked how Liam had reacted. Wyatt said Liam hadn't indicated anything one way or another in regard to Steffy. Quinn interjected that there could be wedding bells in Ivy and Liam's future.

Later, Steffy closed the office door and turned to explain why she'd thrown Quinn out. Wyatt said no one ever needed to explain doing that. Steffy told him to never bargain for her like she was a used car. She claimed that, since the seventh grade, she hadn't been giddy over guys competing for her. Wyatt was fine with it -- even though it hadn't been about her -- and doubted Liam would have her back.

Steffy asked why Wyatt thought that. He said it was for a reason that Liam had expressed and for one he hadn't. Steffy guessed Ivy was the reason Liam had expressed and asked for the other reason. "The way you hurt him," Wyatt stated. Steffy asked if Liam had said it. Wyatt said Liam hadn't, but Wyat knew it because Hope had hurt Wyatt the same way.

Back in Rick's old office, Quinn thanked Carter for rushing to meet her. Carter asked if she'd stabbed or assaulted anyone. She said she hadn't, and he complained that she'd said it was an emergency. Quinn clarified that I wasn't her emergency -- it was Ivy's.

Carter stressed that one didn't mess around with Immigration. Quinn said she needed Ivy there because they were coworkers. Carter looked suspiciously at Quinn, who expressed sadness for Liam and Ivy as a couple. Carter admitted that there was a legal option. Quinn quickly added that it was marriage. She asked if Carter could marry Liam and Ivy that day -- if the couple decided to do it.

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