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Steffy made peace with Ridge and Caroline's relationship. Ivy convinced Liam to marry her for citizenship, and Steffy refused to wait around for Liam again. Just as Ivy talked Liam into giving the marriage a chance, Immigration informed her that she really did have dual citizenship.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 15, 2015 on B&B
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A limited partnership for a specific purpose A limited partnership for a specific purpose

Monday, June 15, 2015

In the CEO's office, Steffy wondered who'd convinced Ivy to plant herself in Los Angeles. Wyatt said he wanted to wish people away, too -- Liam in particular -- but Liam and Ivy were committed and there to stay. Wyatt suggested that Steffy move on. "With you?" Steffy asked.

Steffy said that Wyatt didn't need to constantly remind her of Ivy and Liam's commitment. Wyatt felt that Steffy deserved better than competing for Liam's attention, and she wouldn't have to do it with Wyatt. Steffy claimed that all it took was proximity for her and Liam to spark up again.

At Ridge's place, Ridge arrived while Caroline was sketching couples dancing. He guessed it was her in the sketch. "Someday," Caroline said, and the two kissed. On her computer, she showed him x-rays that depicted her two broken, dislocated ankles. Her tibia and fibula had also been broken. She had pins and plates that held it all together.

Ridge received a call. After it, he told Caroline that he'd forgotten to mention that Steffy would be there to drop off paperwork. Caroline tensely stated that Steffy wasn't their biggest fan.

Moments later, Steffy arrived with gourmet cupcakes. It was her way of apologizing for making judgments based upon stereotypes. She had realized that it only mattered that Caroline made Ridge happy. Caroline invited Steffy to stay and share the takeout Ridge had gotten.

Later, Caroline, Ridge, and Steffy were eating, and Caroline was concluding a discussion about her rehabilitation. She asked what Steffy was up to, and Steffy said that after the takeover, she'd begun talking to Wyatt. Caroline's eyes bulged, and Steffy elaborated that Wyatt was doing most of the talking.

Caroline asked what it was with Steffy and Spencer men. Steffy called it her curse. Ridge asked about Liam. Caroline said she hated to point it out, but Ivy wouldn't go anywhere anytime soon. Steffy said such was life, and Wyatt was a nice guy.

In Rick's old office, Quinn tried to convince Carter to help Ivy remain in the country through a marriage to Liam. Carter asserted that it was an issue between two governments. Quinn exclaimed that it would take months, but she needed Ivy "now." She urged him to put on his officiant's hat and get Liam and Ivy married that very night.

Carter wasn't buying Quinn's sudden concern for Ivy and Liam. Quinn asked if wanting to save Ivy from deportation made Quinn a terrible person. Quinn admitted that she didn't want to lose her partner. Carter felt there was more to it and asked what Quinn was up to.

Quinn claimed to be worried about her job due to the new leadership. Rick had cared about jewelry, but Ridge only cared about design. She exclaimed that she and Ivy created beautiful pieces together, and Ivy looked up to her. Carter figured it didn't hurt to have a Forrester in one's corner.

Quinn added that Ivy was a sweet girl. "You didn't think that when you pushed her into the Seine!" Carter exclaimed. Quinn declared that people could change. Carter asked if the couple was really getting married. Saying it all depended upon him, she shoved a white garment bag at him and hurried him off to marry the couple. He left, and Quinn prayed, "Please work. Please work. Please work."

Quinn got back to work, and as she hummed the wedding march, Wyatt entered. To him, the humming was a clue that Quinn was up to something. She denied it, and he murmured that he was unhappy that Steffy was still hung up on Liam. Quinn didn't think it would be the case for long.

Wyatt asked what Quinn had done. Quinn resented people always thinking she had an agenda. She said maybe she just believed in Liam's commitment to Ivy. Twisting a ring onto her finger, she added, "And maybe, just maybe, he's reinforcing that commitment as we speak."

Quinn returned to humming, and Wyatt exclaimed, "That's what you were humming?"

Later, Wyatt was shocked to hear about the deportation. Quinn was sure Liam would stop it with a wedding, because it was "so right up" Liam's hero alley to rush in and save the damsel in distress. "I am gonna be sorry saying this. I don't hate it," Wyatt decided.

Quinn revealed that she'd already sent Carter to the house, and all Ivy had to do was convince Liam. Quinn didn't think Liam would let Ivy be deported, and Wyatt questioned Quinn's glee about it. She exclaimed that she was "so happy" for Liam. Wyatt frowned, and she admitted that she hadn't been able to fake that one even for herself. She said she was happy for Wyatt because the marriage would clear the way with Steffy. "Mom. Mom! You're not going to do that again!" Wyatt warned.

At the cliff house, Ivy proposed that marriage would keep her in the country. Liam didn't think deportation was an option. Ivy stated that they could solve it if he'd marry her. Liam became anxious and antsy. Ivy relayed that she'd lose her career, her job, and him if she returned to Australia. Liam replied that it wasn't exactly what would happen.

Ivy said a marriage would buy her time to get her paperwork in order, and she pleaded for his help. Ivy only had a week to voluntarily leave the country. She said she didn't even have to move in. She just had to make it look like she lived there. She was mortified to even ask it of him.

Ivy said it wouldn't be real, and it would be on paper only. She believed he'd be saving her life, and she needed to know if he'd do her the biggest favor she'd ever asked of him. Liam cared about Ivy but noted that they were just dating. Marriage was a leap, but he didn't believe she should be deported.

Liam said that if they did it, they'd be legally married, but it wouldn't be a real marriage. He said they'd still be just dating, and the marriage would be a limited partnership for a specific purpose. Ivy agreed that they'd still be dating and nothing more.

Ivy and Liam heard a knock on the door, and Liam opened it for Carter. "Either I'm the magical solution, or you have no idea why I'm here," Carter said, holding the garment bag. Presenting the bag to Ivy, Carter announced that Quinn had sent him there to do the wedding and to give Ivy the dress. Liam was surprised Quinn knew about it, and Ivy said it was because Quinn had seen the immigration officer.

Liam agreed to marry Ivy. Ivy thanked him, and he said he had his own reasons. He didn't want Ivy to leave the country. Ivy hugged him and rushed off to change. Carter asked if Liam was sure about it. Liam said he cared about Ivy. He hadn't planned on marrying her that night, but he wanted to help her. Liam explained that they'd remain in a relationship and not really be married.

Liam stopped in mid-speech when Ivy appeared in a silk, sleeveless top and a flowing, soufflé skirt bottom gown with an open midriff. Liam believed she looked stunning, but she wondered if it was too much. Carter warned that Immigration might be suspicious of the quickie wedding, so making it look authentic worked in their favor.

Liam broached the subject of his feelings for Steffy. He couldn't go forward with the wedding to Ivy without talking about it. Ivy said she understood that it was a marriage for Immigration, and it would end once her citizenship was secure. He asked if she was good with it. She replied that she was. Taking her hand, Liam said, "Let's get married."

I got the wedding bell blues I got the wedding bell blues

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

by Pam

At Ridge's place, Steffy, Ridge, and Caroline played cards. Steffy said that she felt she and Liam would get back together soon. Caroline wondered what had changed, because Ivy and Liam had been together for months, and they seemed committed to one another.

"I'm back now," Steffy said. She announced that she and Liam would be working together. Steffy lamented that she and Liam would still be together and married if she hadn't run off previously. Steffy knew it was complicated to explain to Ridge and Caroline, but she also knew that Liam had planned to end things with Ivy that night.

Caroline reiterated that Liam was committed to Ivy, but Steffy noted that things could change in an instant. Steffy told Caroline that she should have never left Los Angeles, and she knew that Liam felt the same. She explained that they had a lot of history.

Steffy recalled that she and Liam had been married, and she had been pregnant. Liam had asked her not to ride her motorcycle, but she had and had subsequently lost their baby. Caroline understood, but she reminded Steffy that Liam would never have held that against her. Steffy agreed, but she said he'd moved on with Ivy after Steffy had gone, and she didn't blame him.

Steffy said she planned a surprise for Liam, and Caroline said it was sweet. Ridge interrupted and said that he didn't want Steffy to get her hopes up and get hurt. Steffy told Ridge to relax. She was convinced that Liam would end things with Ivy.

Steffy took time to apologize to Ridge and Caroline. She realized that they made each other happy. Steffy said she was glad. She added that Caroline had helped Ridge draw again, and he was helping Caroline to walk again. She believed adversity had connected Ridge and Caroline. She was glad they were happy.

Later, Steffy had gone, and Ridge and Caroline chatted. Ridge said it was nice to see Caroline and Steffy getting along. Caroline said it was a bit awkward. Ridge agreed, and he added that Steffy was stubborn.

Caroline laughed and said, "I wonder where she gets that from." Ridge laughed and asked if Caroline wanted to try the walker again. Caroline said she loved his encouragement, but she needed a rest.

Ridge said that Steffy was part right in her assessment of their relationship. "I want to help you get better, but it's not adversity that brought us together. I fell in love with you because you are the most complete person I know," Ridge said. Caroline said that when Ridge said things like that, she fell in love with him all over again. She pulled on his collar to draw him close to her, and they kissed passionately.

At Forrester in Wyatt's office, Wyatt wondered why Quinn was happy that Ivy would marry Liam. Quinn noted that it would mean Liam was off the market, and Steffy would be eager to pursue Wyatt.

Wyatt wondered what role Quinn had played in Ivy and Liam getting together. Ivy said she had given Ivy a little push to ask Liam to save her from being deported. Wyatt seemed skeptical, but she noted that she and Ivy had formed a nice working relationship.

Quinn was hoping that Ivy would text to tell her if she had married Liam, but Wyatt doubted that Ivy would send a text to Quinn. Later, Quinn had gone, and Wyatt found a news release about Steffy. He flashed back to their kiss and smiled.

At Liam's place, Ivy, dressed in a beautiful white dress, said she couldn't believe they were getting married. Ivy noted that the marriage certificate was just paperwork, and they were still just dating.

Carter asked them if they were ready. He said he didn't want to skip over anything, because everything had to be perfectly legal for Immigration to recognize the marriage. Carter added that he usually said something about the couple before the ceremony. "Would you mind if I did that?" Carter asked. Ivy and Liam agreed it would be nice.

Carter said that he realized the marriage was a legal arrangement to keep Ivy in the country, but he noted that they had to have trust in each other to get married. Ivy and Liam smiled. Ivy thanked Liam.

Ivy agreed they'd still be just dating and nothing more. The marriage would be a limited partnership for a specific purpose. Carter conducted the ceremony. He spoke about their relationship, and he helped them recite their vows. Ivy went first and zipped through the vows without a hitch.

Liam said his vows. He started off strong and equally as sincerely as Ivy had, but he stumbled and struggled. He stopped. Ivy asked him if he had a problem with marrying her. Liam noted that he knew Ivy was scared. He wanted to make her happy. "Liam, you are helping me," Ivy said.

"We can take a break," Carter said. Liam declined. "Are you sure?" Carter asked. Liam launched into his vows without any assistance from Carter. He smiled as he finished with just a little help from Carter.

Carter announced that Ivy and Wyatt had pledged themselves to each other. "It is my honor to pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride," Carter announced.

Liam kissed Ivy tenderly. They all signed the marriage certificate. "It's done, Mr. and Mrs. Liam Spencer," Carter said. He noted that the certificate was the proof they would need, and he added that he would take a photo so they would have that as proof, as well. Carter snapped a photo of them on his camera and promised to text it to Liam and Ivy. He congratulated them. Liam and Ivy thanked him, and he left.

Liam and Ivy hugged. Liam noted that Ivy had worked too hard to build a life in America to lose it because of some paperwork errors. She thanked him, and she said he had rescued her when she had fallen in the Seine, and he had rescued her again. They embraced. Ivy left the room to change.

At Steffy's, Steffy looked through photos on her phone, and she found one of her with Liam at their first wedding in Colorado. She texted it to Liam, and she added text about remembering good memories.

Liam opened the text from Steffy on his phone while Ivy was in another room. He looked nervous. He texted that he needed to see Steffy the next day. Steffy responded that she looked forward to it. Steffy sat and smiled. She looked confident and admired the photo from their first wedding.

At Liam's, Liam looked unhappy. Ivy returned to the room. He said he'd thought she had gone to change, but she said the dress was too pretty. Liam agreed she had been a beautiful bride. "I felt like one," she said. She announced that she was Mrs. Liam Spencer.

Liam and Ivy laughed at what a whirlwind day it had been. Liam said he hadn't thought he'd be getting married when he'd gotten up that morning. Ivy was grateful Liam had married her because she didn't have a backup plan to avoid deportation.

Ivy added that she knew getting married probably hadn't helped their relationship. "You helped me. I love you, Liam," Ivy said, and she kissed him. "My husband," she said, and they both laughed.

Memories, marriage, and more mementos Memories, marriage, and more mementos

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Steffy looked through photos she had stored on her tablet. They were romantic photos of her and Liam. Ridge asked her what she thought of a design he was working on, and he held it up for her to see. She never looked up but said it was good. "You're fired," Ridge joked.

Steffy chastised him and said it wasn't funny. Ridge worried about Steffy's obsession with Liam. Steffy said she wanted to make memories with him for the rest of their lives. Ridge warned she might not get what she wanted. He wanted her to be happy.

Steffy informed her father that Liam made her happy. "How cute are we?" Steffy asked, and she held up a photo. "I just want to remind him how good we are together," she added.

Steffy was convinced she and Liam would soon be back together. Ridge advised her not to get her hopes up. He added that sometimes things didn't work out, no matter how much a person wanted them to. He explained that he and Taylor had never been able to make it work.

Steffy scoffed that she was completely different from her mother and dad. Ridge reminded her that Ivy had been a big part of Liam's life. "I don't want you coming back here crying," he said.

Steffy said she wanted another chance with Liam. She remembered everything -- every laugh, every look, every song. "I want to relive it again with him over and over and over," she said.

At Liam's, Liam drank his morning coffee, and Ivy joined him. She asked if she looked different since she was a married woman. Liam said she was still as beautiful as she had been in the bridal gown. Ivy lamented that they'd had the most boring wedding night ever because they had fallen asleep so early.

Liam said it had been a stressful day for everyone. Ivy promised to make up for it later. She added that she would make dinner and take some of her things over if it was okay. She wanted to make sure it looked realistic. Liam agreed.

Ivy and Liam discussed that nothing had changed in their relationship. They were still dating and were married only on paper. Ivy asked Liam if he wanted to take one car to work, but he said he had some things to take care of before he headed into Forrester. Ivy said she would see him later. Liam looked pained.

After Ivy left, Liam called Steffy at Forrester and asked if she could meet him at the house as soon as possible. "I really need to talk to you," Liam said. Steffy promised she would be right over.

Later at Liam's, Steffy entered in a good mood. She said she had a lot of surprises for him. She carried a large purse and a bag and teased that she wasn't moving in "yet." She said she wanted to make him smile and take him for a "little stroll down Memory Lane." She promised there were many more memories ahead of them. Liam looked sad.

Steffy showed Liam photos of them on her tablet. She said she'd spent too much time alone reminiscing in Paris, and she wanted to relive their time together. She said one place stood out the most: Aspen. She called it their special place, and she pulled out a snow globe with a carriage in it. She reminded Liam that they had taken a carriage ride through Aspen. They both flashed back to the carriage ride. Liam loved it.

Steffy pulled out a favorite food they had enjoyed in Aspen: truffle fries. Liam dug into the fries. She said they could enjoy the truffle fries and watch Bob Hope, and she handed him two DVDs. Liam and Steffy laughed.

Steffy added that after watching movies, they would need to burn off the truffle fries, so she would plan an adventure of paragliding. She took out miniature paragliding and parasailing toys, and they played with them. They flashed back to their adventures in Aspen. They laughed and kissed. Liam put his arms around her, and he stopped.

Steffy said she had one more memento. She opened a box with their wedding rings -- mood rings they had purchased in Aspen. Steffy said the surprise ceremony had caught them both off guard. They flashed back to the mountain wedding they'd had in Aspen.

Steffy apologized. She lamented that they would still be married if she hadn't run off to Paris. She was sorry she'd left. She remembered they were both in a lot of pain, but she should have stayed. Liam kissed her on the cheek. "It's okay," Liam said.

"I love you," Steffy said. She wanted to start over. Liam tried to interrupt her, but she kept talking about how she wanted to get back on track. Liam asked her to stop. He said something had happened the previous night. Steffy understood it was intense, and she added that if he and Ivy had been together, it had to be the last time. "That's not it," Liam said.

Liam assured Steffy that he was going to tell her something that was going to make her unhappy, and he didn't want her to overreact, no matter how bad it sounded. Steffy said she never overreacted. She demanded that he tell her what had happened.

Liam stuttered and stammered. Finally he was able to spit it out: "We got married," he said. Steffy laughed. She said that for a minute, it had sounded like he'd said that he and Ivy had gotten married. Liam said nothing. "No. No way. That's ridiculous. You and Ivy? Married?" Steffy was incredulous, and Liam looked sad.

In Wyatt's office, Quinn and Wyatt discussed new jewelry items for the latest Forrester line. Wyatt could tell that Quinn wasn't listening to him. Quinn admitted that she'd been distracted. "I'm dying to find out about Liam and Ivy," she said.

Quinn wanted to find out if they were married. Wyatt said he was sure that Liam had felt pressured and obligated. Quinn maintained it would be a good thing for Wyatt because Steffy would be free.

Wyatt admitted he would love it, but he did not want anyone who was hung up on Liam again -- like Hope had been. Quinn encouraged Wyatt to be prepared for Steffy to arrive knocking on his door. Wyatt left.

Quinn checked her phone, and Ivy walked in. "You got married!" Quinn shouted. Ivy smiled. She admitted that she had been afraid Liam wouldn't agree to it. Quinn noted that he had, and Ivy was safe from Immigration.

Ivy thanked Quinn for the wedding dress. She said it had been a nice touch. Quinn said Ivy had probably looked stunning. Ivy said she felt married on a spiritual level, but she knew they were only married because they had to be, not because they wanted to be. Ivy worried that her marriage could end in an annulment or divorce, but Quinn was convinced that Liam loved her and would want to stay married to her.

In Ridge's office, Ridge worked on a design, and Wyatt interrupted. He told Ridge that the new collection of jewelry designs was going well. "Have you seen Steffy around?" Wyatt asked. Ridge put down his pencil, and he advised Wyatt that Steffy had gone to see Liam.

Ridge warned Wyatt not to think too far ahead because Steffy had hoped to make it work with Wyatt's brother. "Steffy will keep fighting for it," Ridge said. Ridge asked about Nicole, and Wyatt admitted he had blown it. Ridge said Wyatt might be better off to choose someone else. He offered to have Caroline fix him up with one of her friends. Wyatt said he didn't need help, and he left.

Pitying the one you love Pitying the one you love

Thursday, June 18, 2015

At Forrester, Ivy daydreamed about kissing her groom. Quinn said she'd known Liam would take pity on Ivy. "Thanks," Ivy mumbled. Ivy asserted that it was just an agreement, but Quinn sensed that the marriage meant more to Ivy than that. Ivy felt that she'd be getting her hopes up to think it was more, and she felt safer viewing it as a business relationship.

Ivy didn't think Liam was ready for marriage and believed he needed time to figure out who he wanted. Quinn said Steffy didn't need rescuing, but Ivy was the desperate one in need of the hero's protection. Ivy didn't want to base a marriage on that. Quinn said Liam wouldn't have jumped into the Seine and the marriage if he didn't love Ivy.

As the women spoke, the immigration officer arrived. He greeted Ivy as "Miss Forrester," but she said that her last name had become Spencer. The officer had heard. He'd gotten a copy of her marriage license, and he asked what she was trying to pull.

Ivy claimed she wasn't pulling anything, and she'd been with Liam for months. The officer intended to investigate the marriage and asked why she hadn't mentioned that it had been in the works. Ivy didn't think it mattered because it was legitimate. Welcoming him to investigate all he liked, Ivy said that, as of the previous night, she was just as American as he was.

At the sky lounge, a woman flirted with Wyatt , and he said he might meet her in the steam room. Wyatt returned to working out until a towel hit him in the head. He looked around and saw Bill, who ordered him to get to the steam room and ask the hot girl out.

Wyatt shrugged, and Bill surmised that it was because the girl wasn't Steffy. Wyatt knew that Bill thought Steffy and Liam had history, but it was in the past. Bill quipped that history tended to repeat itself. Wyatt insisted that Liam had moved on with Ivy. Wyatt asked why Bill was playing Wyatt's matchmaker. Bill claimed to be looking out for his investment.

Wyatt quipped that Bill didn't trust Liam as much as it seemed. Bill responded that he trusted Liam and Steffy to do a good job, but it didn't mean Bill wouldn't look out for his interests. Wyatt hoped Bill wouldn't be disappointed that Liam wouldn't walk away from Ivy, and Bill hoped that Wyatt wouldn't be disappointed once Liam did walk away.

Having enough of the lectures from Bill, Wyatt left the sky lounge. Bill followed Wyatt to the executive wing's corridor, where Wyatt said Ridge had been discouraging him, too. Wyatt decided he might prove both men wrong. Sensing that it had become serious for Wyatt, Bill said any man would be attracted to Steffy, but Wyatt shouldn't develop feelings.

Wyatt said to relax because he wasn't scribbling hearts around Steffy's name. He enjoyed getting to know Steffy, and it was annoying to hear all the time that it wasn't going to happen. "It's not going to happen," Bill declared. Wyatt growled and said he'd wait to hear it from Steffy.

Bill asked what Wyatt was doing by falling for another girl with feelings for his brother. Bill asked how many people had to tell Wyatt that Steffy wanted Liam. Wyatt said that when Steffy got tired of Liam doing the same thing again and again, she'd be open to someone different, someone like him.

At the cliff house, Steffy told Liam that he wasn't making any sense about marrying Ivy. Liam explained that he'd had to do it. Steffy gasped, and Liam said he'd married Ivy to save her from trouble.

"You married Ivy to save her?" Steffy asked. Liam explained what had led to the threat of Ivy being deported. Steffy yelled that all Ivy had to do was go back to her country, fill out paperwork, and return in a few months. "You didn't have to marry her!" Steffy exclaimed.

Liam asked if Steffy thought it was that easy after a person had been kicked out of the country and relayed that they'd told Ivy she might not ever be readmitted. Steffy asked why it hadn't been worth looking into before a marriage. She asked about Ivy's dual citizenship. Liam didn't know what was going on with it. He just knew that he cared about Ivy, and Ivy had needed his help.

"You just started dating her," Steffy said. Steffy called it insane, but Liam insisted that Ivy would have lost everything. Steffy guessed the wedding had been Ivy's idea. He claimed that he'd made it clear that he and Ivy weren't really married. "Liam, you are married to her!" Steffy bellowed.

Liam insisted that it was just on paper, but everything else was the same. "Yeah, I'm dating her. I care for her. I'm liking getting to know her better, but I'm not ready for marriage, okay? Especially not with you back in the picture," he reasoned.

With all her might, Steffy backhanded Liam. "I'm not doing this again!" She screamed.

Steffy refused to be Liam's other option or to wait around while he figured out whom he wanted. Liam claimed it wasn't like that. "Isn't it? Isn't it!" she yelled. Liam said he'd signed papers but didn't consider himself married. Steffy asked if he had any idea of what he'd gotten himself into.

Liam said it didn't have to change things. Steffy said he wasn't that naïve. Liam hadn't wanted to hurt her and claimed to still see a future with her. "When? How?" she demanded to know. Steffy asserted that Liam loved Ivy and had proved it by marrying her. Liam only admitted to caring about Ivy.

Steffy guessed she had to wait for Ivy's citizenship to have a chance with Liam. She asked how long he had to be married to stop the deportation. Liam said he didn't know. "Oh, you don't know? You don't know?" she said in a smarmy tone. She asked if it would be month or years.

Steffy concluded that Liam was fine with seeing her and his wife for God knew how long. She told him that it could be years of people investigating the marriage. Liam still insisted that he'd do what he could to help Ivy, "but that doesn't mean that -- Dammit!" Liam stomped and roared that he knew it sucked. Steffy declared that sharing him sucked, and she wouldn't do it again.

Liam asked that Steffy try to understand why he'd done it. "She needed me," he said. Steffy stared at him resentfully and said, "I needed you. I needed you!" Steffy said she'd needed him to go to Paris and drag her home. She'd needed him to forgive her for riding the motorcycle. He claimed he had, but she said she'd needed to feel it. She cried that she'd needed to mourn with him.

Steffy had needed Liam to fight for her and to need her. She noted that he'd always been quick to be Hope's hero, and "now Ivy's." She asked what it was about her that made him think she didn't need his help. Steffy admitted that she was tough, but sometimes, she was just pretending. She asked if he even thought about them or their relationship. She'd thought she'd marry him, but she was done.

Liam reached for Steffy but jerked back defensively when she batted at his hands. Steffy bitterly congratulated him and said she believed that he'd just found "the one." Liam insisted that it was a marriage of convenience, but she told him to stop faking his feelings for Ivy. He raged that he sure wasn't faking his feelings for Steffy. Steffy hated the power that Liam had over her.

Liam said he couldn't turn his back on Ivy. Steffy quipped that "God forbid" Ivy go through the proper channels for citizenship. Steffy called him a rescuer who couldn't resist a woman in need. He said it wasn't true. "You couldn't save your mother, so you'll save all the others," Steffy bit out. Liam asked where that was from. She told him that he hadn't thought it through, and there were consequences. That time, the consequence was her.

Steffy told Liam that he was married, so their relationship was done. Liam screamed that it wasn't. Liam exclaimed that if she wanted him to fight for her, then there he was, fighting for her. He said he loved her. Steffy yelled that it wasn't enough, and it was never enough. Liam declared that he wanted to be with Steffy, and he'd make Ivy understand it.

"No. I don't want you anymore," Steffy decided. Liam said he'd leave Ivy, and he shouldn't have gotten married. He declared that it had been stupid, he'd made a mistake, and he wanted to take it back. Steffy disbelieved that he'd tell Ivy she had to just go back to Australia.

Liam grabbed Steffy by the neck and in her ear, he said he'd figure it out. "This is what it took," he told her. He said that seeing how much he'd hurt her and disappointed her was what it had taken to make him see that he wanted Steffy, and they could have everything that they wanted, including a family and children. He insisted that he wouldn't lose her again, and he wanted only her.

Love the one you're with Love the one you're with

Friday, June 19, 2015

At Forrester, Ivy didn't understand why her parents hadn't filled out the proper paperwork for her dual citizenship. Quinn thought the marriage had solved the problems, but Ivy was worried that McCafferty, the immigration official, would watch her marriage like a hawk. Quinn said he could watch all he wanted, and he'd see that Ivy was married to the man she loved.

Ivy figured it would work as long as Liam played along. Quinn urged Ivy to get the idea of "playing" out of her head. To Quinn, there was no playing or pretending; there was only being married.

Wyatt entered in time to hear Quinn's last words and asked if it was true. Quinn introduced Ivy as his new sister-in-law. Ivy said she wished she and Liam could have invited family to the wedding, but it had been a rushed thing. Ivy decided to let Quinn fill him in while Ivy got home to her husband.

Once Ivy had gone, Wyatt asked if Quinn and Ivy were friends. Quinn was thrilled to have helped Ivy. "And I didn't have to push, hit, or stab anyone," she added, smiling. She said she'd done her part, Liam and Ivy had done their part, and it was Wyatt's turn. Quinn stated that Steffy didn't have Liam as an option, "so you be her option."

At the cliff house, Steffy insisted that she couldn't do it anymore. Liam claimed that it was nothing like before -- it wasn't a real marriage, and he wouldn't let it change things. He asked her to understand the point of the marriage. Steffy claimed that she did understand; Liam had run to the rescue, regardless of the consequences.

Liam kept saying it wasn't a real marriage. Steffy insisted that Ivy had Liam's name and asked if Ivy was supposed to be okay with him dating Steffy. Liam swore he wanted Steffy and could get Ivy to understand it. He started to say what would happen once Ivy was a citizen, but Steffy screamed, "No! No!" He told her that nothing had changed but signatures on a paper.

"I've changed! I'm different! I've grown!" Steffy yelled. She claimed to have a sense of who she was and what she deserved, and she would not wait around while he flip-flopped. She believed that he wanted her because he was "just freaking out;" however, two minutes earlier, he'd wanted both women. She refused to share her man with any woman.

Liam claimed that it wasn't what he was asking. Steffy asked if he knew what the back-and-forth of the past had done to her. It was too painful, and she loved him too much to do it again. Liam asked if he was supposed to tell Ivy to pack up and catch the next flight. "Yes," Steffy said. Liam reasoned that Ivy had a career and life there, but Steffy bellowed that it wasn't his problem.

Liam said Ivy wasn't a random stranger that he'd helped. He cared about Ivy, and she'd been scared. He'd been the only one who could help. Steffy wasn't buying it and asked about Ivy's dual citizenship. Liam said he didn't know, and Ivy didn't know. Steffy demanded that he figure it out, which he should have done instead of marrying Ivy.

Liam murmured that he'd been trying to do the right thing. Steffy sobbed that it had been their time. She'd believed that they were reuniting, and she asked how he could have married her cousin. Enraged, Steffy smashed a vase onto the kitchen table and slammed chairs around. "You married my cousin! You married my cousin!" Steffy screeched through her sobs.

Ivy entered just as Liam was trying to convince Steffy that he loved her as much as he ever had, and he wouldn't give up on them. Steffy saw Ivy behind him and decided to leave. "You're wife is here," Steffy added. Liam whipped around and saw Ivy. Ivy decided that she was the one who needed to go.

Liam grabbed for Ivy, saying he didn't know what she'd heard. Ivy told him that he'd made himself clear about the marriage. To Steffy, Ivy said the union had been thrust upon her and Liam, who weren't ready for marriage. Ivy started to say that Liam could pursue Steffy after the citizenship issue was resolved, but Steffy cut in to ask if Ivy would really let the husband go on his merry way.

Steffy told Ivy that she didn't have to pretend to be so gracious because Steffy didn't want Liam anymore. Steffy said Ivy could continue to be the disaster that she was, and Liam would be there to save her. Liam tried to stop Steffy from leaving, but she stormed out of the house.

Liam said he hadn't wanted Ivy to hear it that way. Ivy replied that she'd already known that he loved them both before he'd taken vows, but she guessed that it was deeper with Steffy. Ivy asked if she'd always be second choice or always be ruining his chances with Steffy.

Liam claimed that Ivy wasn't ruining anything. Ivy asked if she'd be the one stopping him from being with whom he wanted. He uttered that with Steffy, there was history. Being with Steffy felt like being home. "But now we have this marriage," he added.

Ivy asked if Liam had completely shut out the idea of their relationship. She asked if there was any part of him that thought they could make the marriage more than just the right thing to do.

"Yes. Yeah. I would love to have you in my life," Liam said. He would like to keep getting to know Ivy better, but he asked if she could ever see the marriage being more than what it was after knowing of his feelings for Steffy. He wouldn't blame Ivy if she cut and ran.

Ivy felt that Steffy had done enough running for "the both of us. Hope, too." Ivy told Liam that she wasn't like Hope and Steffy. Ivy didn't get scared and run off just because she wasn't immediately handed something. Ivy believed she was a better match for him than Steffy. Ivy understood that it would take more work to convince him of it; however, it hurt to know he still had feelings for Steffy, as if all the time he'd spent with Ivy had meant nothing.

Liam hoped Ivy didn't really feel that way. Ivy said it was how he made her feel. She wanted to be as honest with him as he'd been with her. It was scary to her not to be deterred by what he'd just said to her, but in her mind, it would take a lot more than Steffy to make Ivy give up on Liam.

Ivy believed that, beneath the Steffy confusion, Liam knew that he and Ivy had a foundation for a wonderful life. She asked if he'd give it a go, and one day, she might start to feel like home, too.

Liam didn't know what was going to happen, but he was willing to give the marriage a try. Ivy asked about Steffy. He said Ivy had heard it; Steffy was out and didn't understand. Grasping his hands, Ivy said she did. "Now you've got me -- your wife," she said and hugged him.

Ivy didn't want to pressure Liam and knew that a small part of him still wanted Steffy. Liam cynically said that part of him always would, but he was trying to teach himself how to let go of what wasn't meant to be. He didn't want his disappointment to blind him to Ivy, and he asked how he could dare allow his feelings for Steffy to interfere with finding out about Ivy. He'd chosen to marry Ivy, and she hadn't forced him. He decided that he wanted to see where the marriage would go.

Someone knocked on the front door. It was McCafferty, and Liam let him inside. Looking at the mess, McCafferty asked if it was a bad time. Ivy wanted McCafferty to leave the married couple alone, but he said he just wanted to talk to her.

Liam went out on his deck and daydreamed about his Forrester mansion wedding to Steffy.

Inside, Ivy asked McCafferty to say what he had to say and get out. McCafferty informed Ivy that his department had made a mistake, and she could live and work in the country regardless of whether she was married to Liam Spencer.

When Liam returned inside, Ivy was alone, wringing her hands. Liam asked what McCafferty had wanted to tell her about her citizenship status.

At the sky lounge, Steffy flashed back to Aspen times. Wyatt arrived and said he'd heard. Wyatt told her that the summer was hers, and she didn't owe Liam anything. Wyatt asked if she'd take a chance and have a little fun. Steffy sighed, and Wyatt slowly kissed her.

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