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Quinn convinced Ivy to defend and cultivate her marriage, but when Ivy overheard Liam professing love for Steffy, Ivy offered Liam an annulment. Ridge offered Maya her job back, but Maya wouldn't return without Rick. Liam informed Steffy that he was nuts about her.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 22, 2015 on B&B
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How's that for blindsided?

How's that for blindsided?

Monday, June 22, 2015

At the sky lounge, Quinn peeked in on Wyatt comforting Steffy. Quinn grinned and sneaked off.

At the cliff house, Ivy had something to tell Liam, but Quinn arrived, saying she just happened to be in the area. Liam found it hard to believe. He recalled that Quinn knew about everything going on with Ivy and him. Quinn quipped that ministers and wedding dresses didn't just show up from nowhere.

Quinn was impressed with Liam for rescuing Ivy once again. Grinning, Quinn called him a rescue ranger and said it showed how much he loved Ivy. Quinn was glad to have helped by sending Carter.

Liam received a message and told the women it was from Forrester. Ivy said he could leave to take care of it, and she'd talk to him later. Liam grimaced at the smiling Quinn, and he left.

Ivy told Quinn that she couldn't get deported. Quinn asked if Ivy was glad she'd listened to Quinn about marrying Liam. Ivy elaborated that she didn't need to be married to Liam.

Later, Quinn asked if she had it straight that Liam had professed his love for Steffy in front of Ivy and had lost Steffy, and then he'd agreed to make his marriage with Ivy work. Ivy said that, next, Immigration had arrived to inform her that she really did have dual citizenship. Quinn assumed that she'd interrupted Ivy from telling Liam. Quinn said that telling him was the last thing Ivy should do.

Quinn showed Ivy a stunning bracelet, and Quinn said it was Ivy's wedding present. Ivy said her marriage wasn't real, and Liam was only married to her to keep her from being deported. Quinn asked if Ivy loved him, and Ivy stated that he loved Steffy.

Quinn asked what would happen if the agent returned and said, "'Whoops! I made another mistake!'" She noted that Ivy had the life she'd always wanted, and Ivy shouldn't screw it up. Quinn believed that Liam needed saving from himself. He'd been with Steffy many times; it hadn't worked out before, and it wouldn't work out again.

Quinn pronounced that Ivy was Mrs. Liam Spencer. Ivy stated that she might be Mrs. Spencer at the moment. "Give that back," Quinn interrupted and took back the bracelet. Ivy insisted that Liam had to know about the new development because he had feelings for Steffy. Quinn told Ivy that Liam had had feelings for her before Steffy had returned, and Ivy couldn't just hand him over.

Quinn decided to hand the bracelet to Ivy. "The next time I ask for it back, you say...?" Smiling, Ivy replied, "'No. It's mine.'" Quinn believed that Ivy could have it all -- if Ivy didn't say a word to Liam.

In the Forrester's CEO office, Steffy blazed in, still in shock about Liam's marriage. She figured it would take years to solve, and knowing Liam, he'd try to make the marriage work. Wyatt knew Liam, too, and said that if Liam felt the way that Steffy did, Liam wouldn't have married Ivy at all. Wyatt said it was hard to hear, but Liam had fallen for someone else in Steffy's absence.

Steffy revealed that Liam had said the marriage wasn't real, and he wanted to make it work with her; however, she refused to go down that road again. Wyatt stated that there were other avenues, and she needed to get a new map. Wyatt hugged Steffy, and from the doorway, Liam called her name.

Liam entered and said he needed to talk to Steffy alone. Wyatt said Liam had no right, but Liam replied, "Don't." Wyatt left, and Steffy asked what Liam wanted from her. Liam didn't know, and he was really confused; however, he wanted to tell her that Ivy had asked to make the marriage work.

Steffy got upset, and Liam asserted that he'd only agreed because Steffy had walked away. Steffy insisted that she'd returned and had made it clear that she'd wanted him but wouldn't share him. He claimed that the marriage had been for show, but she responded that he'd just told her that he was going to make it work. Liam asked Steffy to say he'd made a mistake in agreeing to it.

Steffy asked if Liam loved Ivy. Liam said nothing. "That's what I thought," Steffy said. Liam insisted that he loved Steffy, and he'd spent a long time lying to himself. He claimed that it had taken the false marriage and the threat of losing Steffy to realize it. He still cared for Ivy. He didn't want to hurt Ivy, but if there was a chance, he couldn't lose Steffy again.

"You already did," Steffy responded. In her view, the marriage never should have happened in the first place if he'd really wanted her instead of Ivy. Liam claimed he didn't want to turn it around on Steffy, but the truth was that Steffy had walked out on him at a painful and difficult time for them. He'd been devastated, and he'd had to swallow all those feelings down to move on.

Steffy called it "mission accomplished." Liam said it had been accomplished until Steffy had returned. He asked how he could deny who they were together. Liam said he'd told Ivy he'd make the marriage work, but he didn't know "what the hell" he was doing. He believed they could fix it somehow. Steffy said that she wanted to believe him, but it was the same situation, different girl.

Steffy said she couldn't do it, and the married Liam shouldn't even be there. Liam asked her to give him a sign. Steffy told him that he could only tear up marriage papers so many times, and she ordered him to go home to his wife. Liam walked out, and Steffy gasped, trying to control her emotions.

At Spencer, Katie and Bill discussed how he never got blindsided. Katie blindsided him with a kiss and said if he'd consulted her, no one would have punched him in the mouth at Forrester. He showed her a contract, and she cooed that he did listen to her. Bill said he valued her insight, and they kissed.

Bill got on the phone and told someone that he wanted Liam to do it. Katie asked what the call had been about, and Bill explained that he wanted Liam to do a sit-down, exclusive with Steffy about returning to Forrester. Bill wanted the interview to include wine and steak, and Katie asked if he was playing matchmaker again. Bill replied that she sounded like Wyatt, who had an interest in Steffy.

"Seriously? Really?" Katie whined. Bill relayed that he'd told Wyatt that Wyatt was setting himself up for heartbreak. Bill asked Katie if she agreed that things had a way of working themselves out the second time around, but Katie insisted that Liam was committed to Ivy.

Bill and Katie called Wyatt on speakerphone. Bill offered to let his son use the jet for a date. Wyatt said he didn't have a date, but his brother had a new wife. Bill and Katie gasped in disbelief, and Wyatt explained how Liam had wound up married to Ivy due to an immigration problem. Wyatt wished that he could see the looks on Katie and Bill's faces. Wyatt ended the call so he could go back to picking up the pieces for Steffy, and Katie asked Bill, "How's that for being blindsided?"

Bill tried to call Liam but got no answer. "Oh, any chance to jump into a phone booth, put on his little cap," Bill ranted. Katie exclaimed that it was a big step, but Bill snapped that she'd just said the couple was into each other. She corrected that she'd meant dating, not marriage. Katie called Liam impulsive. Bill stated that Liam wouldn't be married if he didn't have to be -- not with Steffy around.

Back at Forrester, Wyatt returned to checking on Steffy. Steffy told him that Liam had said the marriage wasn't real. Steffy just wanted Liam to be happy, and it was obvious to her that he wasn't. Steffy didn't want to compete for Liam, and Wyatt said she shouldn't have to. She thanked Wyatt for getting it. She refused to share Liam with anyone -- especially not his wife.

Back at the cliff house, Liam returned. Ivy asked if he'd seen Steffy at Forrester, and he replied that he had. He recalled that she'd been about to tell him what McCafferty had wanted earlier. Ivy looked distressed and recalled Quinn telling her to keep quiet and not screw it up.

Steffy takes a stand

Steffy takes a stand

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

by Pam

At Liam's house, Ivy worried about whether or not to tell Liam about the immigration officer's news that Ivy did indeed have dual citizenship. He had apologized for the paperwork mix-up. Ivy realized she didn't need to be married to Liam to stay in the United States.

Liam watched Ivy, who nervously paced the room. Liam asked what was wrong. He worried that the immigration officer had threatened her. Ivy didn't answer. She kept hearing Quinn's voice ordering her to hide the truth about her dual citizenship from Liam.

Liam demanded to know why Ivy wouldn't answer him. "We shouldn't be married. It doesn't feel right," Ivy blurted out. Liam admitted that he had wanted to pursue his feelings for Steffy because he had been around her again. Liam added that he would not stand by and watch Ivy lose her family and career. He didn't want her to be forced to return to Australia.

Ivy looked hurt. "I'll talk to Carter," Ivy said. She planned to get an annulment. Ivy maintained she wasn't interested in trapping Liam. She acknowledged that he was in love with Steffy.

Liam asked if Ivy wanted out of the relationship. She grabbed his hands and told him that she loved him. "You can't help your feelings like I can't help mine," Ivy said. She added that it meant a lot to her that he had married her to keep her in the U.S. "Maybe that's enough?" she wondered aloud.

Later, Ivy sat alone in another room at Liam's. Her phone rang, and it was Quinn warning her not to tell Liam the truth. Ivy maintained that the marriage was unnecessary.

Quinn advised Ivy not to hand Liam over to Steffy. "Be the wife that he needs," Quinn said. Quinn suggested that Ivy plan for a future with Liam and starting a family. "Liam loves you, Ivy," Quinn said. Ivy hung up.

At Forrester, Ridge and Steffy discussed Steffy's failed relationship with Liam. "We were right there," she said. Steffy lamented that they had been close to getting back together.

Ridge said he was sorry for Steffy, but Steffy maintained they were done. Ridge said that Liam had married Ivy for a good cause, but he added that Steffy deserved better. Ridge planned to tell Liam.

Steffy maintained that Ivy and Liam would have to be married for years. She refused to wait for him, and she refused to be second behind another woman after all she had gone through with Hope.

Steffy said she wanted a normal guy. Ridge hugged his daughter. Wyatt entered, and Ridge left. Steffy warned Ridge not to talk to Liam.

Wyatt said he'd overheard Steffy's conversation. He understood that she was in the market for a wonderful, committed guy. "And here I am, right on cue," he said.

Steffy and Wyatt bantered about monogamy, and they flirted. Steffy said that Wyatt was refreshing. Wyatt encouraged her to have some fun. "Spend some time with me," he said. Steffy said she wasn't ready to date, and Wyatt understood. "That's why I haven't asked you out yet, but I will, and when I do, you'll say yes," he said.

Steffy liked Wyatt's confidence, but Wyatt warned he would not be interested if she went running back to his brother. "That's not happening," Steffy said. Wyatt assured her they would be okay together. Wyatt left.

Steffy closed her eyes and flashed back to her honeymoon with Liam. She took a deep breath and tearfully stood up. She angrily wiped away her tears.

In Quinn's office at Forrester, Deacon entered and kissed his wife. She said she was working on wedding rings for Ivy and Liam. She promised they would ward off anyone who wanted to interfere.

Deacon thought the rings were props because the marriage was one of necessity for Ivy to remain in the U.S. Quinn said they had been a couple before they'd gotten married. "Why do you care?" Deacon asked. Ivy said she had warmed up to Ivy, but Deacon guessed that Quinn was working an angle.

Quinn admitted that if Liam was married, he would stay away from Steffy, and that left Steffy free because she was "perfect for Wyatt." "Don't get carried away," Deacon said.

Quinn added that there was a secret involved. She said that Immigration had made a mistake. There had been a bureaucratic snafu, and Ivy did have dual citizenship, so the marriage had been unnecessary. However, Quinn maintained that Liam didn't know.

In Bill's office, Katie and Bill discussed that Liam had married Ivy. Bill wondered why his sons didn't consult him more often because he had "vast life experience." Instead, Wyatt and Liam often made stupid decisions.

Katie defended Liam's choice to marry Ivy if she was going to be deported. Wyatt entered and said they should not be surprised because Liam had made a career of rescuing women and small, furry creatures.

Bill worried that "Crackpot Quinn" had had something to do with it. Wyatt admitted that Quinn had helped Ivy. Wyatt left. Katie asked why Bill was against a Wyatt and Steffy relationship. Bill answered that Wyatt would get his heart "stomped on" because Liam would return to Steffy at the earliest opportunity. Katie wondered if Liam might decide to return to Steffy too late, and she might have moved on.

At Liam's, Liam sat in the living room and held the wedding rings he and Steffy had exchanged during their wedding in Aspen. He flashed back to the wedding and kissing Steffy. Ivy interrupted his thoughts and hugged him.

This episode featured the song "Think About You," performed by Molly J McCook and written by Casey Kasprzyk and Anthony Ferrari.

Welcome back to Forrester Creations

Welcome back to Forrester Creations

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

by Pam

In the CEO office at Forrester, Pam, Carter, Eric, and Charlie prepared a welcome back party for Caroline. Pam peeked out the door and said that Ridge and Caroline were getting off the elevator. Charlie and Carter joked that the banner and balloons were a little much, but Pam said that Caroline had been through a lot. Pam said she'd barely had time to whip up a special batch of lemon bars.

Outside the office, Ridge followed Caroline out of the elevator, and Caroline walked slowly with her walker. Ridge helped her, but Caroline reminded him she could do it on her own. Ridge begrudgingly agreed. He wondered if she wanted a selfie, and she took one. Ridge wanted to send it to her moms. He wanted them to see how well she was doing.

Caroline thanked Ridge for helping her, and they kissed and hugged in the hallway. Pam peeked out the office door and advised them "to get a room." They all laughed, and Pam told Caroline how good it was to see her. Pam opened the door for her, and Carter, Charlie, and Eric greeted her with a chorus of "Welcome back."

Caroline smiled, and thanked them all. "Welcome home, sweetheart," Ridge said. They hugged and kissed. Eric teased that they had planned to keep it low-key, and Charlie chimed in that it was low-key because Pam would have had a brass band if she could have found one on short notice.

Carter congratulated Caroline because she had fought back and maintained her sense of humor. Ridge teased that she'd done that "most of the time." Caroline shushed Ridge and told him that the team wanted to think of her as Superwoman. "Don't rat me out," she said.

Caroline told the group that she would not have returned so soon if Ridge hadn't helped her. He'd been there for her first steps and had always encouraged her. Ridge hugged her and told her that he needed her designing at Forrester. "Make me look good now that I'm running this place," he said. The group toasted with Champagne, and Charlie, Carter, and Pam exited while Ridge, Eric, and Caroline discussed business.

Out at Pam's desk, Pam fielded calls about Maya Avant. Callers felt that Maya had been fired, but Pam tried to explain that Maya had quit. Charlie and Carter agreed something had to be done fast.

Inside the CEO's office, Eric shared the news that there had been a public backlash because customers thought Maya had been fired because she was transgender. Ridge wanted to consult with the public relations team on how to inform the public that Maya had quit, and Caroline promised to address it on her blog. Eric insisted they needed to do more.

Ridge assumed that Eric wanted Maya back as their top model, and Eric agreed. He advised Ridge to speak to Maya. She was with Rick at the house. Ridge objected, but Eric reminded Ridge that as CEO, he had to do things for the good of the company.

Ridge figured that Eric had already spoken to Rick about returning as well. Eric said that was the case. "You need to make this happen, Ridge," Eric said. Ridge left the office, and Carter asked where he was headed. Ridge said he would be talking to Maya.

Inside the CEO office, Caroline thanked Eric for the welcome back party. She noted that if Rick had been CEO, "my welcome back would not have been quite so warm." Eric understood. He had hoped that Caroline and Rick would have stayed together. "But I see how much you and Ridge love each other," Eric said.

Eric held Caroline's hands and warned her not to let being CEO overwhelm Ridge. He encouraged her to make sure that they made time for each other. Caroline agreed.

Eric worried about how Caroline felt about Maya's return. Caroline said that she wanted what was best for the company. Since she had two moms, she was happy to see the support for Maya. "I agree with you. I think Forrester needs Maya back," she said.

At the Forrester mansion, Maya entered, and Rick greeted her. "I still have my key," Maya said. Rick thanked her for visiting him. She teased that he had torn her away from laundry. Rick said that she could have taken it with her. They laughed.

Maya looked at her picture still on the wall. "I love this home," she said. She added that she loved sharing it with Rick. He suggested that it was time for her to return home. He offered her a martini.

Maya said that she felt it might be too soon because they had a lot to figure out. She lamented that she had not told him sooner and had caused a lot of trouble -- including Rick losing his job. Rick disagreed. He reminded Maya that he never would have been CEO without her by his side because she had given him the courage to be a CEO.

Maya recalled that Rick had been a very successful CEO. Rick praised Maya for the way she had handled the news and the media attention. He praised her courage and called her "a beautiful, fierce woman."

Rick encouraged Maya to return home. Rick assured her that he would not look at her differently than he had before. They kissed, and Maya smiled. Rick assumed she agreed, and they kissed again.

Ridge entered and interrupted. He apologized for the interruption. "I have to talk to Maya. Forrester needs you," Ridge said.

Maya and Rick knew that it was no secret Forrester was getting a backlash from fans. Maya agreed to return and clear up the misconception, but she had one condition. "I will happily return as lead model as long as Rick comes with me," she said. Maya encouraged Ridge to tell his brother that he needed Rick to return to Forrester, as well.

Reunited, and it feels so good

Reunited, and it feels so good

Thursday, June 25, 2015

At the mansion, Ridge indicated that he was there to talk to Maya. Maya claimed that Ridge had something to say to Rick, too. She agreed to return to Forrester and make it known that she hadn't been fired for being transgender, but Rick had to be along with her.

Ridge stated that Rick had made his day by punching Bill, and there was probably a place for Rick in Paris. Rick grunted, saying he could run international from where he was. Maya insisted that she and Rick were a package deal, and Ridge said it was fine. Ridge welcomed Rick back aboard, and as the men shook on it, Rick hoped all Ridge's CEO choices would be as good as that one.

Later, Rick and Maya were alone, and he commended the way she'd handled Ridge like an executive. Maya couldn't believe the ground support surrounding her, and Rick exclaimed that she had "hash tags." She said Ridge could have asked her to just make a statement to clear up her resignation misunderstanding. Rick claimed that Forrester could never find another led model like her.

Rick was blown away that Maya had used her moment with Ridge to ask for Rick to return to Forrester. She said Rick would still be CEO if it weren't for her. He claimed that he wouldn't want to be CEO without her, and she said she didn't want to be at Forrester or anywhere without him, either.

Rick said modeling meant a lot to Maya, and Maya said it meant as much as Forrester did to him. He replied that he hadn't been thinking of his job when he'd punched Bill. "I know. You were thinking about me," she replied. Rick said that Maya didn't have to do what she'd done for him. She stated that Ridge was willing to give her a second chance, and she thought Rick deserved one, too.

Rick decided that he and Maya needed to take their party upstairs. The two went upstairs and held each other on the bed. They said that they'd missed each other, and they kissed.

In Steffy's office, Caroline, Steffy, Wyatt, and Quinn met about jewelry. Caroline wondered where Ivy was, and Quinn guessed Ivy was somewhere around there with her husband. Caroline was shocked and asked if Liam and Ivy were married.

Wyatt explained Ivy's immigration problem to Caroline, who said that the couple would have to live together. Steffy murmured that Immigration would check up on them for years. Quinn decided to take some design notes to Ivy, and after Quinn had gone, Caroline said she was sorry to Steffy.

Wyatt interjected that Steffy had been through it before with Liam, and Steffy asserted that she wouldn't put herself through it again. Wyatt said she wouldn't have to if she found the right guy.

In Rick's old office, Liam assured Ivy that she could relax because she couldn't get deported. Quinn arrived and asked Liam to leave so that she and Ivy could work. After he'd gone, Quinn exclaimed, "No goodbye kiss for your husband?" Quinn urged Ivy to reel Liam in and make the marriage work. Ivy stated that her marriage shouldn't have happened, and she didn't need it to stay in the country.

Quinn and Ivy tried to work, but Ivy couldn't concentrate because of worrying about telling Liam the truth. Ivy felt that Liam deserved to know that they hadn't had to get married. Quinn felt that, because the marriage had torpedoed any chance he'd had to be with Steffy, keeping silent was the most compassionate thing Ivy could do for Liam.

Ivy reasoned that Liam didn't love her. Quinn disagreed, but Ivy insisted that it wasn't the same way he loved Steffy. Quinn tried to convince Ivy to make her marriage work, but Ivy was convinced that the marriage had been a huge mistake.

Quinn indicated that Liam had known what he'd been getting into by marrying Ivy, and he'd done it without even considering Steffy's feeling or the implications. Quinn believed it was the very reason Steffy had given up on him. Ivy argued that she hadn't given Liam time to think about anything.

Wyatt arrived, and Quinn sent Ivy to meet Steffy about some jewelry notes. Wyatt observed Ivy's demeanor and guessed that Liam wasn't the only one having second thoughts about marriage.

Back in Steffy's office, Liam arrived to explain his reasons for marrying Ivy. Steffy insisted that he could have hired Ivy a lawyer or gotten Bill's help instead of getting married. Steffy asked if Liam had anything work-related to discuss. Shocked by her coldness, he asked her not to shut him out completely.

Unbeknownst to them, Ivy cracked the door and heard Liam declare that he loved Steffy and knew that she loved him. Ivy walked away, and Liam told Steffy he didn't want to lose her.

Steffy asserted that Liam could kick himself all he wanted, but she was done obsessing over what might have been. Liam claimed not to be asking that of her, but she balked at his audacity to ask her for anything. He claimed that he'd meant everything he'd said to Steffy, but she asked if he'd meant his "till death do us part" vows to Ivy.

Liam stated that the marriage would not be until death; it would end with Ivy's citizenship. Steffy said it could take years. "Or it could not," he contended. Steffy said it was too late. She recalled that he'd said he'd talk to Ivy, and Steffy had spent hours shopping and putting together a ridiculous trip down memory lane. He claimed it hadn't been ridiculous, and he'd loved it.

Steffy asked why Liam had let her go on like that when he'd known he'd asked her there to tell her about the wedding. He claimed he'd tried but hadn't been able to. Steffy replied that it made two of them because she couldn't do it, either.

Back in Rick's old office, Ivy stormed in. Quinn asked if she'd seen Steffy. Ivy relayed that she'd overheard Liam expressing love for Steffy. Quinn hoped Ivy had dragged Liam out of there, but Ivy said she'd slipped away unseen. Ivy didn't want to trap anyone in a marriage.

Quinn insisted that Ivy had been in real distress, and Ivy's feelings and devotion to Liam were real, too. Ivy declared that it wasn't who she was, and she had to tell Liam.

Later, Ridge entered his CEO's office, where Caroline was designing. Caroline got onto him for keeping things like Liam's marriage a secret. Ridge said he had some news for her, and he informed her that Maya -- and Rick -- were headed back to Forrester. Caroline's jaw clicked. "Great," she murmured.

Ridge and Caroline sketched together and discussed Maya's dedication to Rick. Ridge believed that Maya was all-in with Rick, and Ridge was impressed by Maya's loyalty to Rick. Caroline asked if Ridge thought the two would reunite. Ridge believed they would by nightfall.

Caroline and Ridge smooched, and he apologized for cutting her party short. She said she wouldn't be there if it wasn't for him helping her recover. Ridge responded that he was being selfish because it was no fun without her there, and they kissed.

Free to love the one you want

Free to love the one you want

Friday, June 26, 2015

At the mansion, Maya asked Rick if she was what he really wanted. Rick said the answer was a million times yes, and they kissed. Maya seemed to be unsure of herself, and he said she had nothing to prove to anyone. He felt lucky, grateful, and in love. He wanted her with him on the journey.

Maya and Rick kissed and undressed each other. They fell onto the bed together.

Later, Rick and Maya were wrapped together in the sheets, and she was amazed that she'd found someone who could love someone like her. Rick replied that there was no one like her, and he considered himself a lucky guy. They playfully kissed and canoodled.

In the CEO's office, Ridge found Caroline bearing down on furniture, limping around the room. Sensing her frustration, he reminded her that it would take a while. With a groan, she said she knew it. She thanked him for his support, and roping him into her arms, she said she'd think of how to repay him.

Caroline sat down to sketch but wound up tapping the pencil on the table. Ridge said she could design at home but seemed to be unable to do it at work. She replied that it was different. She felt out of sorts. Ridge told her to focus on him, and he asked her to walk to him. With one shoe and one rehabilitation boot on, Caroline hobbled to him. "Good job," he uttered and kissed her.

Ridge seemed to get into kissing Caroline, but she playfully pushed him away and walked to him again. He swung her around and perched her on the desk, where they kissed. He then carried her back to her drawing chair and instructed her to take it one line at a time. He placed his hand over hers to help her draw the first line, and he encouraged her that it would work out in time.

In Rick's old office, Quinn tried to convince Ivy to think before telling Liam about her dual citizenship. Ivy was tired of thinking, and she decided that she was taking honest action.

Ivy left, and Wyatt entered to discuss an inventory shortage. He noticed that his mother was riled up and asked what she'd done that time.

In Steffy's office, Liam tried to convince Steffy that his marriage was temporary. Steffy said she understood that Liam was trying to help Ivy, but in the process, he'd destroyed what he and Steffy had had. Steffy told him to accept that it wouldn't happen for them.

Ivy entered and asked to talk to Liam. Steffy told Liam to talk to his wife, and she stalked out of the room. Liam tried to apologize to Ivy; however, Ivy replied that she knew how he felt about Steffy, and if he wanted her, he could still have her. Ivy said they'd known it wouldn't be easy, but she had understood that the marriage had been just two signatures on a piece of paper.

Ivy was grateful that Liam had helped her, but his feelings for Steffy complicated things. Liam conveyed that Ivy had been there for him, and he'd stay married until she had her citizenship. He refused to leave her out to dry. Ivy stated that she didn't need rescuing, and she couldn't be deported because she was already a citizen of the country.

Liam stated that Ivy was a citizen because of the marriage. Ivy clarified that someone had made a mistake, and she'd been a citizen all along. Liam asked who'd told her that, and she explained that an immigration agent had visited her and confirmed it. She told Liam that she loved him. She'd hoped to be his wife someday, but not the way it was -- not with his constant desire for someone else.

Liam stated that Ivy hadn't had to tell him the truth. Ivy said she had needed to tell him, and she wasn't going to trap him in a relationship. She stated that he'd deserved to know the truth, and Carter could draw up annulment papers. Ivy turned to leave, but Liam touched her arm.

Ivy said she knew that Liam loved her, or else he wouldn't have made the sacrifice to begin with. She wanted a future with him, but she wouldn't stop him from being with Steffy. Ivy turned to go, but Liam pulled her back to him for a hug.

Later, Ivy returned to Rick's old office, where Wyatt was still trying to figure out what Quinn was uneasy about. With one look at Ivy, Quinn assumed that Liam knew. Wyatt asked what the women were talking about. Ivy stated that she didn't have to be married to Liam, who was free to be with Steffy.

At the sky lounge, Liam found Steffy, who accused him of stalking her. Liam said it wouldn't be the first time. She told him that it needed to be his last, and there was nothing more to be said. She didn't want to hear about his undying love for her. She claimed to have returned for him, and she didn't want to have to see him and Ivy around work.

Liam told Steffy that he'd been wrong to marry Ivy without thinking of the consequences. Steffy asserted that he was married, and she was the other woman. She refused to play that role again. He replied that she didn't have to. He revealed to Steffy that the marriage was over.

Steffy asked if Liam would let Ivy be deported. Liam explained that there had been a mistake, and Ivy had had dual citizenship all along. He said he hadn't had to marry Ivy, and even if he had needed to, he shouldn't have because he was totally nuts about Steffy. He asked Steffy to forgive him, and she hugged him.

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