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Zende arrived in town, and Ridge gave Forrester internships to him and Nicole. Steffy was thrilled that Ivy gave Liam an annulment. Aly became enraged by Steffy and the new freedom campaign. Aly's anger boiled over at the holiday party, and Darla's spirit urged her to take an eye for an eye.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 29, 2015 on B&B
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Favoritism in family and in love

Favoritism in family and in love

Monday, June 29, 2015

In Rick's old office, John surprised Ivy with a visit. John was happy about her nuptials and how much money she'd saved him by having a quickie wedding. He wanted to celebrate, but Ivy told him that he might want to hold off because she might not be married for much longer.

Ivy informed her father that she believed Liam wanted to reunite with Steffy. Ivy explained what had happened with Immigration, and John said she'd handled herself with the honesty and grace he'd raised her to have. Ivy wished Liam wanted her and only her.

John urged his daughter to stay strong and asked how she thought her parents had stayed together. Ivy said it was because they were never in the same city. John replied that it was because they hadn't given up, and even though her mother probably wanted to strangle him, he was smart enough not to let a good woman go. He believed Liam was smart, too.

Ivy said she wasn't giving up, but she couldn't be blind to the history between Liam and Steffy. John felt that his daughter was strong, intelligent, and beautiful. He believed she'd be okay either way and said that Steffy had nothing on her. Ivy hugged her father.

In Steffy's office, Steffy expressed surprise that Ivy had told Liam the truth about her dual citizenship. Liam said that Ivy had integrity and knew how he felt about Steffy. "How, exactly?" Steffy asked. Liam thought it was a trick question.

Liam said he was telling Steffy that he wanted her in his life, but Steffy asked about his feelings for Ivy. He admitted that he cared about Ivy. "That's what I thought," Steffy snapped.

Steffy asked what would happen next. Liam assumed he'd get an annulment, but she said it wasn't that simple. Her problem was that he'd gotten married in the first place. Liam admitted that he'd made the wrong decision, but he said it had made him see how much he wanted to be with Steffy.

Liam didn't want Steffy to question what they had together. Steffy said the open-endedness made her feel uneasy. He claimed to be doing the best he could to figure it out without hurting anyone. Steffy replied that he was sorting through his feelings, but he hadn't said the relationship with Ivy was over. Steffy needed to know how he felt about Ivy.

"I'm wondering the same thing," Ivy said, entering the room. Ivy didn't want Liam to feel trapped with her, and she asked if he wanted an annulment. He mumbled that it would be for the best, and Steffy said it was only fair to Liam. Ivy told Steffy not to forget that Ivy had been with Liam long before Steffy had returned, and Steffy had been very unsuccessful at trying to get him back in the past.

Steffy claimed things were different. Ivy agreed. She said the marriage had been a huge wakeup call, and Liam wasn't ready to let Steffy go yet. Liam nervously suggested that it wasn't the time for the conversation, but Ivy said it was fine. Ivy understood that Steffy and Liam had history that Ivy couldn't compete with, but Ivy also knew what was between her and Liam and that Liam loved her.

Ivy refused to fight with Steffy and said no man was worth Ivy's dignity. Ivy was confident enough in herself to know that she deserved a man who was completely committed to her and her only. "We both do," Steffy asserted, her eyes narrowing on Liam. Ivy stated that she believed in her and Liam and the future they could have, but it all depended upon him.

In the CEO's office, Pam interrupted Ridge and Caroline's makeout session to announce that Ridge had a special visitor. Ridge exclaimed with joy when Zende entered the office. Ridge hugged Kristen's son and gleefully introduced him to Caroline. Ridge was excited that Zende wanted to intern at Forrester and thought it would be fun not to tell the other applicants that Zende was a Forrester.

Zende returned to the corridor, and Ridge explained to Caroline that Tony and Kristen had adopted Zende around the time of their African honeymoon. Caroline liked that Zende had character and wasn't trying to take advantage of Ridge for a corner office. Ridge joked that Zende probably would have gotten it, too. To Caroline, it was refreshing to meet someone who didn't want favoritism.

In the corridor, Pam handed out lemon bars to interns awaiting their interviews. Nicole arrived, and Pam assumed Nicole wanted to find Maya. Nicole said she was there for an interview. Pam hadn't seen Nicole's name on the intern list. Nicole replied that she was hoping for a second chance to prove herself and start anew.

Zende made room for Nicole to sit beside him on a bench. Nicole wondered if Zende knew that he was in one of the top fashion houses in the world. She asked if he knew about the Forrester family, and he said he'd heard that they were good people. She asked if he knew about their business model, and he replied that he was well-versed.

Nicole was sure there was a lot Zende needed to know, and she offered to use her connections there to help him out. She claimed that Forrester had been like a second home to her over the last months, and she'd built some solid relationships. She added that Maya was her sister, and she was determined to work her way up, just as Maya had done.

Pam announced that Ridge was ready to see the interns, and Nicole assured Zende that he'd do great. Pam led everyone into the office, and when Ridge saw Nicole, he explained to her that he was about to have a meeting. Nicole handed him a résumé and hoped he might consider her.

Ridge gestured to the interns and listed their scholarly credentials. He ended with Zende, who had a business degree and noted there was a lot of competition. Nicole knew her résumé wasn't as good as the others. She apologized for "coming on" too strong in the past and behaving like a big shot who owned the place. She wanted a chance to pay her dues and work her way up.

Ridge asked the interns questions about the company and their interests. When Ridge got to Zende, Zende shrugged, saying he thought he dressed pretty well. Nicole tried to help by saying Zende didn't know much about Forrester, but he'd be a great fit. Ridge agreed and added that they all would. He gave everyone internships, and the crowd cheered.

Pam took the interns on a tour, but Ridge asked Zende and Nicole to remain behind. Ridge expected Zende to work hard and hoped his mother would visit "now" that he was in town. Nicole was surprised that Ridge knew Zende's mother, and Ridge revealed that it was his sister.

Nicole was floored that Zende was a Forrester, and as Ridge helped Caroline out of the office, Zende revealed that he and his uncle had just wanted to have a little fun by not revealing his identity. He said that it was cool of her to have his back, and he might still need her help around there. Nicole replied that it would be her pleasure.

Getting reacquainted at Forrester Creations

Getting reacquainted at Forrester Creations

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Maya was back in the office and on the phone. Caroline entered with her walker, and Maya hung up to greet her. Caroline welcomed Maya back to Forrester, and Maya also welcomed Caroline back after her accident.

Maya asked about the accident in which Caroline had been hurt, and Caroline explained that one minute she had been walking, and the next she had been under a car. She added that Ridge had helped her start walking again.

Caroline commented on Maya's situation with Rick. Maya said that Rick knew about her past and still wanted a relationship with her. Caroline chastised Maya for keeping it from RIck for so long. Maya agreed she should not have done that. She added that when Bill Spencer had told the world about her past, she had tried to do what she'd thought was best for Rick and the company by quitting her job and staying away from Rick so he could made a decision about his personal life with her and the business.

Maya told Caroline to call her names including Myron and Myrna. Maya said that she could take it after all she'd been through. "Take your best shot. Go ahead and hurt me if you can," Maya shouted.

Caroline admitted she was bitter. She said that Maya had not been honest, and Maya had made a big deal of a few kisses that Caroline had shared with Ridge. Maya defended herself. She said that she had not lied, and she reminded Caroline that her relationship with Ridge might have started out as a few kisses, but it was clearly more than that.

Caroline maintained that Maya had lied and manipulated Rick. "I think you're a hypocrite," Caroline said. She added that Maya's cover-up was far more intense. But it was all over.

Maya argued that she should have told Rick sooner, but she was the woman that Rick loved. She had grown up a boy, but that was not who she was. "Rick has only known the real me," Maya said.

"I've moved on now, and I'm happy with Ridge," Caroline said. She said she wanted Rick to find a woman that made him happy. "And he found that in you because you are a beautiful and courageous woman," Caroline said tearfully.

Caroline added that she had grown up with two moms, and she had been teased throughout her school years. She said she couldn't imagine what Maya's life had been like. She and Maya were both tearful. "I admire you and respect you because you had the strength and courage to be the woman you are -- someone that Rick is proud of -- one kick-ass woman," Caroline said. Caroline said she liked Maya just the way she was. They tearfully hugged.

On the Forrester rooftop, Zende and Nicole discussed the gym that was on the roof. Zende was impressed, and Nicole was surprised that Zende hadn't seen it before. Zende explained that he hadn't been to Forrester in a long time.

Nicole wondered about Zende's mother. She assumed that it was Felicia, but Zende explained that his mom was Kristen Forrester. Nicole figured that he looked like his father. Zende showed Nicole a picture of his dad, Tony, and laughed as he admitted that he had been adopted.

Nicole wondered if Zende had ever tracked down his parents. He explained the entire story about how his parents had both died of AIDS, and he had been raised in an orphanage. He added that he was not HIV positive, but his adopted father, Tony, was. Zende flashed back to his first meeting with Kristen and Tony in Africa. They had met when Zende had found a roll of film that Kristen had dropped.

Before Kristen and Tony had left Africa, they had visited Zende in the orphanage, and he flashed back to their meeting with all the kids and babies in the orphanage. Zende had announced that it was his home. Kristen and Tony had been shocked. They had been distraught that he'd lived there, but they had thanked him and left.

"I thought I would never see them again," Zende said to Nicole. But they had returned to get him and adopt him. He flashed back to their invitation to live with them. "We missed you so much. We decided you could come live with us and be our son," Kristen had said. Zende said he had lived with them ever since in Miami.

In another office at Forrester, Aly and Ivy discussed Ivy's marriage ceremony. Aly lamented that she could have been a bridesmaid. Aly encouraged Ivy to have a second ceremony so the family could celebrate, but Ivy confessed that there was nothing to celebrate. She shared that the marriage would soon be annulled because Liam had only married Ivy to save her from being deported.

Aly acknowledged that Liam cared for Steffy, and she added that Liam had stepped up to save Ivy. Aly wondered if Liam didn't want to stay married. Ivy said that Liam had feelings for Steffy. Aly said that Liam would not choose "Taylor's slutty daughter over you."

Ivy was surprised that Aly had become agitated. "Aly, there's no need for name-calling," Ivy said. Aly replied that Steffy had always used her body to get what she wanted. Aly added that Liam had proven he loved Ivy when he'd married her to protect her from deportation. Aly was sure he would do the right thing again. "He better," she muttered.

Ivy said she loved Liam, and she hoped he would reconsider. But she knew he and Steffy had a strong bond and a lot of history. She doubted that Liam would decide to remain with her, but she still had hope. Aly encouraged her not to give up and hand Liam over to Steffy. Ivy agreed.

Liam and Steffy met in Steffy's office. She discussed reintroduction of the lingerie line. Steffy teased that she didn't think an "old married man" could handle it. Steffy continued to tease Liam about his marriage. She suggested that Carter should give him a deal on all the legal paperwork because Carter had conducted the marriage and the annulment. Liam asked Steffy not to joke about his marriage. He cared about Ivy.

Steffy said she understood. She knew that Ivy still believed they had a future together. Liam looked confused. Steffy said she wasn't happy about it. She reminded Liam that she would not wait around for him to decide who to be with. She added that Ivy needed to become a blonde because she was accustomed to fighting over Liam with a blonde, meaning Hope, and she didn't want Liam to confuse two brunettes. She laughed and told Liam to lighten up.

Steffy said she had a much better idea for the use of their time. She planned to get his opinion on the new lingerie line. She changed into a blue lacy and satin outfit, and Liam loved it. Steffy teased that he had to touch the fabric, and Liam said they would sell out of it in a hurry. Aly entered and ordered Steffy to take her hands off Liam. Steffy and Aly argued about who Liam belonged with, and Aly was clearly agitated. Steffy shook her head.

Poisonous branches in the family tree

Poisonous branches in the family tree

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

by Pam

In an office at Forrester, Ivy met with Carter and reviewed the annulment papers. Ivy looked sad, and Carter suggested that she could sign them in a few days if it was too much for her to handle. Ivy shook her head and said that she had promised Liam she would sign quickly.

Carter wondered if she and Liam were still together. Ivy said they were still dating, but she knew Steffy's return could change everything. Ivy signed the papers, and Carter promised to deliver them to Liam.

In Steffy's office at Forrester, Aly continued to berate Steffy because Aly assumed that Steffy had stolen Liam from Ivy. Aly was obsessed. Liam tried to calm Aly, but she ranted that Liam had loved Ivy until Steffy had returned to town.

Aly announced that Steffy always tried to use her body to get what she wanted. Aly noted that resurrecting the lingerie line was just a ploy for Steffy to tease and eventually return to Liam. Steffy rolled her eyes then finally laid into Aly. Steffy wondered if Aly would rather be massaging Maya's feet and making crab for Rick.

Steffy reminded Aly that if Steffy had not returned, Maya and Rick would have continued to mistreat family and employees. Steffy promised things would be better at Forrester because she was president. Liam agreed, and he reminded Ivy that Liam's relationship with Steffy was none of Ivy's business.

Aly was not impressed. Carter entered and interrupted with the annulment papers. He told Liam they needed to get them processed quickly. He had pulled everything together, and Ivy had already signed.

Aly begged Liam not to sign the papers and leave Ivy. Aly grabbed Liam's arm and reminded Liam that he loved Ivy. He had loved Ivy until Steffy had shown up. Liam told Aly she had to let it all go. Liam left with Carter.

Aly ranted at Steffy. She said Steffy was a slut just like her mother -- her mother who had killed Aly's mother. Steffy gently reminded Aly that it had all been a terrible accident. She thought that Aly had accepted that.

Aly said she would never accept that Taylor had killed her mother. Steffy reiterated that it had been an accident, but Aly was undeterred, and she called Taylor a lush. Steffy was shocked, but Aly continued. Aly had a wicked look in her eye and advised Steffy to return to Paris.

Steffy tried to reason with Aly, but Aly was out of control. Steffy suggested that Aly clearly needed a distraction. Steffy suggested that Aly get to work on her shoe line, but she didn't appear to be serious.

Aly glared at Steffy and said she had to defend the family -- or what was left of it -- because so many evil people had taken over the company. She was glad that Rick and Maya were gone, but she knew she had to keep the company from falling into the wrong hands. Aly said the family tree had poisonous branches.

Aly looked up and saw Darla's head. Darla encouraged Aly to fight for the family because she was the only one who could. Darla advised Aly to get rid of Steffy. Aly nodded. Steffy noted that Aly was distracted, and Aly admitted she had been talking to her mother. Steffy looked worried, but she dismissed Aly and said they needed to stay away from each other. Aly looked at Steffy with an evil stare.

On the rooftop, Zende and Nicole discussed their family relationships. Nicole explained that she was Maya's sister. Nicole added that she had learned about Maya's transgender status and had not been fair to Maya when they had first reconnected. Nicole regretted that she had expected Maya to take care of her, give her a job, and more.

Nicole confessed that she had made a mistake in trusting the wrong people with the information that Maya was transgender. Zende asked who had let her down, and Maya answered that Wyatt Spencer had told his father then Bill Spencer had told the world.

Zende agreed that Bill Spencer had had no right to make Maya's decision so public. Conversation turned to Forrester Creations, and they agreed that they were both excited to be working at Forrester for the summer.

In another office at Forrester, Caroline and Maya shared forgiveness for all they had done to each other in the past. They were both emotional and thankful. Maya said that no matter what happened, she was glad they'd had that moment together. Caroline agreed. They held hands, and Rick entered.

Maya shared that she and Caroline had managed to mend fences, and Rick was glad. He teased that there had been no welcome party when he'd returned to Forrester. Caroline and Maya laughed. Rick said he was glad to be working with Forrester International again, and he thanked Maya for striking the deal that she would not return without him. They all smiled.

Ivy sat in the office after Carter left, and Wyatt entered. Wyatt had overheard that Ivy and Liam were getting their marriage annulled. Ivy shared that she had believed Liam when he'd said he was over Steffy. Ivy asked if Wyatt was over Hope, Wyatt hesitated and answered affirmatively, but he was unconvincing.

Ivy wished that Steffy would get her own boyfriend. Wyatt said that he was in the running. Ivy was surprised, and she demanded that Wyatt dish on his relationship. He said he'd kissed Steffy twice, but he said they had not dated yet. He hoped Steffy would be over Liam before they went out. Ivy was hopeful.

Wyatt said if things worked out, he could end up with Steffy, and Liam and Ivy could remain together. They both smiled, and Liam overheard their conversation as he was listening at the door.

The freedom to live shackled in guilt

The freedom to live shackled in guilt

Thursday, July 2, 2015

In the CEO's office, Liam arrived with annulment papers for Ivy. Liam asked for privacy, and Wyatt left. Ivy asked who'd sign first. Liam asked if she needed a minute. She said he'd been kind enough to marry her, so she wouldn't drag it out, and she'd never meant to make him feel trapped.

Liam flipped through the papers and signed them. Ivy joked that they'd won a prize for the shortest marriage. She signed the document and told Liam that he was free.

In Steffy's office, Steffy was losing patience with Aly. Steffy said she was sorry, but Aly said being sorry didn't undo the damage to her and her father's lives. Steffy noted that Thorne had forgiven Taylor and had dated her. Aly seethed that he hadn't -- not after all Taylor had put them through. Steffy replied that she knew about loss. She'd lost a twin, and twins were as close as two people could ever be.

Aly claimed that it wasn't the same bond as mothers and daughters, a bond Steffy still had with Taylor. "And you still talk to Darla," Steffy quipped. Aly warned Steffy not to look at her like a nut job and added that if she was a nut job, it was Taylor's fault -- just like Liam and Ivy's issues were Steffy's.

In Rick's old office, Brooke was glad to have Maya and Rick back at the company. Pam agreed, and Rick said Ridge wouldn't have accepted Rick back if it wasn't for Maya. Maya prompted Rick, who said she was right, and it was the beginning of a new, less contentious era at Forrester.

Brooke exclaimed her joy and surprise when Zende entered, followed by Nicole. Rick noted that Zende was there to learn the family business, and Brooke wondered when they'd last seen Zende. Zende remarked that it was a few holidays back, and his parents sent their love. Maya asked if Nicole was interning, too, and Nicole said Ridge had given her a second chance after she'd sucked at modeling.

Pam reminded everyone about Ridge's meeting. Pam refused to divulge the surprise topic of the meeting, and after she left, Zende said he'd forgotten how much fun Pam could be. Rick remarked that, with Ridge as CEO, merriment and light had returned to the hallowed halls of Forrester. Some gave Rick the side-eye, and Nicole promised to explain it to Zende later.

Everyone left but the interns, who filled binders with papers. Zende wondered how the meeting was going. Nicole was sure Ridge would let him sit in, but Zende didn't want any favors. He stated that Maya was cool, and she said Maya was taken. "What about you? Are you taken?" Zende asked.

Nicole asked if waiting for Mr. Right was a bad thing. Zende, who happened to be waiting for Ms. Right, asked if he was looking in the right place. Nicole grinned.

In the CEO's office, everyone settled into seats around the table for Ridge's meeting. Liam decided to tell everyone something, but Ivy took the lead. She let the staff know that her immigration problems had been settled, and she and Liam were no longer married. Ridge welcomed Maya back and congratulated Rick for his new position running Forrester International locally.

Ridge and Steffy had decided upon a new direction for Forrester. Ridge said that everyone would agree that HFTF was done, but they'd expound upon its principles of self-empowerment and respect in women by addressing something that Americans took from granted -- their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. The new campaign was called "California Freedom."

Ridge showed them a logo with red, white, and blue waves. He relayed that the designs would express that women were living the lives meant for them and expressing their freedom in a myriad of ways. Steffy said they'd use all facets of Forrester designs, including lingerie and swimsuits. "Wait. Let me get this straight. Bikinis and underwear? That's your way of making women feel free?" Aly asked.

Aly guessed Steffy would be the model, too. Steffy affirmed that she would be, and Aly asked if Ridge was really okay with his daughter running around in her underwear for the world to see. Aly expected that type of thing from Steffy, but not from Ridge, who she'd believed would restore Forrester to its classic roots. Aly said it was wrong and disgusting to sell sex camouflaged as freedom.

Aly asserted that her grandparents would not approve of it. Steffy stated that Eric was all in. Aly disbelieved it. Ridge started to say that he'd talked to his dad about it, but Aly cut in to inform him that his father was Massimo, not Eric. Ridge reasserted that he'd talked to his dad, who wanted them all to pull together around the idea and help the family heal.

Aly conveyed that it would cheapen the Forrester brand. Ivy didn't feel that Steffy and Ridge would let it happen. Aly was amazed that Ivy would defend Steffy after what she'd put Ivy through. Liam murmured that it was "so not the time for this," but Aly ranted that she'd walked in on Liam and Steffy, who had been sashaying around in her underwear.

Steffy replied that she and Liam had been working on the lingerie line, but Aly bellowed that the only thing Steffy had been working was her body. Rick intervened. He said he didn't have a lot of credibility with Aly, but he knew a few things about letting anger rule a person's life. He didn't think anyone wanted that for her, and Maya added that they needed to learn to live and let live.

"Oh, great. Now Maya's lecturing me," Aly quipped.

Wyatt told Aly not to be so judgmental, and Ridge added that there was a place for everyone's opinions --- at the appropriate times. Aly complained that everyone treated her as if she was out of touch or from another planet when she expressed her belief that the company was veering away from the values set forth by her grandparents and instilled within her by her own parents.

Steffy told Aly that Thorne was a great father, but when she mentioned Darla, Aly exclaimed, "Don't you dare! You are not worthy to speak my mother's name. You are the reason that's she'd gone!"

Ridge decided that the meeting was over, and as everyone left, Pam suggested to Ridge that she talk to the silently sobbing Aly. "No, let me," Steffy said.

Once everyone was gone, Steffy tried to talk to Aly, but Aly didn't want to talk to Steffy. Aly claimed to know a bully when she saw one. Steffy said she'd never bullied Aly, and Aly replied that Steffy was more into wrecking, like she'd done with Liam and Ivy's relationship. Aly stated that Steffy had tainted the couple and wanted to taint the company. "It's just sex, sex, sex with you!" Aly said.

Steffy asked Aly to stop working herself up. Aly snapped that Steffy didn't really care. Steffy said she did care, but Aly wouldn't believe it because of Taylor. Steffy stated that Aly had forgiven Taylor. "No, no, no, no, no. I was persuaded to," Aly corrected. Aly stated that she'd said the words, but she could never forgive Taylor. Aly sobbed that Steffy had no idea what it felt like.

Steffy agreed that she didn't, but she wanted to get along. Steffy touched her cousin, and Aly stared spitefully at Steffy. A flash of Darla hitting Taylor's windshield played on screen. Steffy was sorry the night kept haunting Aly, but she urged Aly not to give in to the pain and anger.

Payback, retribution, and brainwashing

Payback, retribution, and brainwashing

Friday, July 3, 2015

Somewhere in Los Angeles, a man accepted cash from a woman and gave her a map to the stars. On the map, she quickly located Eric Forrester's house and address.

At the Forrester mansion, Zende and Nicole helped Oliver conduct a poolside photo shoot with Maya. Caroline arrived, and everyone cheered for her because she was walking in regular shoes. Steffy asked when Ridge would arrive, and Caroline said his flight wouldn't get in until that night.

Ivy, Wyatt, Carter, and Caroline watched from the landing above the pool as Steffy strutted her stuff before the camera. Wyatt studied the insecure look on Ivy's face as Oliver roped Liam into taking pictures with Steffy on the diving board. Sickened by the fleshly display at the pool, Aly, wearing a long-sleeved prairie dress, stalked into the house through the kitchen.

Eric and Brooke were inside, cooking with the colonial-dressed Charlie and Pam. Aly complained about Maya still being the face of Forrester. Charlie asked why Aly wasn't dressed for the colonial reenactment they planned to go to later and asked if she'd invite Oliver. Aly grumbled that Oliver was too busy taking pictures of Steffy and Maya in their bikinis.

Aly moped back to the pool area just as Oliver was telling Steffy that it was nice to work with her again. Walking off, Steffy greeted Aly, and Oliver tried to kiss Aly. She jerked back and reprimanded him for the way he'd been looking at Steffy in her bikini. Confused, Oliver said she'd never complained about him working with beautiful women before. "She is disgusting and filthy!" Aly asserted and stormed off.

From the balcony, Steffy entered the house and approached Ivy in the foyer. Ivy complimented Steffy on her photo shoot, and Steffy said she wanted them to get along. Ivy replied that it was a good idea because they worked together. Steffy added that they were family, too.

Aly saw her cousins talking and scowled. Liam and Wyatt entered from the balcony, and Wyatt noted that the "beauties" were talking together. Liam said it was nice to see Steffy and Ivy getting along. "Yeah, why not? They each have a Spencer," Wyatt concluded.

Ivy went to the kitchen, and Aly followed her and lit into her for playing nice with Steffy, who was stealing Ivy's man. Ivy said she and Liam were merely dating. Aly claimed that they'd been married. Ivy made it clear that she shouldn't have asked Liam to marry her, and he loved Steffy. Aly corrected that he lusted after Steffy as any man would lust after a woman running around in her underwear.

Aly called Steffy a tramp, but Ivy believed there was more to Steffy. "All there is with her is just sex, sex, sex!" Aly exclaimed. Aly thought it was bad enough that they had to put up with Rick and Maya. Aly believed that everyone had their breaking point, and she warned that she was reaching hers.

Aly was livid at the way Oliver had been checking Steffy out, but Ivy dismissed it as Oliver being a photographer. Aly ranted that Ridge was supposed to save them from "Rick and that awful Maya." Aly hated Maya, but Ivy didn't think Aly meant it. Aly replied that Ivy knew how Maya had treated them.

Aly said Maya had hidden her past from Rick until he'd proposed. Ivy said it hadn't happened that way. "That's not right. She is not right!" Aly declared. Ivy told Aly that was enough.

Pam entered and asked if everything was okay in there. She told her grand nieces to go to the living room, where Eric wanted everyone to gather.

In the living room, Eric announced that he had a few things to say to everyone. He said it was his house, so he got to do that. He told them that independence wasn't a gift; it was something that their forefathers had fought for. He conveyed that they had life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He was glad they had incorporated the ideas into the new line.

Aly said freedom didn't mean taking off one's clothes so that everyone could gawk at one's body. Eric stated that it wasn't a debate, and everyone respected Aly's differing opinion. "Steffy doesn't. Look at her," Aly rejoined. Eric said it was enough, and they weren't there to judge each other. He concluded his speech with a toast to the holiday.

After Eric's speech, Wyatt said there was never a dull moment at a Forrester party. Carter asked Caroline how she felt about her freedom from walkers. She said she wouldn't be there without Ridge.

Nicole approached Rick and Maya and asked when they'd eat the cake. Rick warned her not to prematurely touch the cake he'd made. There was a knock at the front door. Rick opened it and asked if he could help the woman on the other side. Maya's face blanched, and Nicole hurried to the door.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" Nicole asked. Maya went to the door, and the sisters and Rick went onto the porch. Rick reached his hand out to greet Vivienne Avant, but she just stared at it.

Vivienne said their father had sent her. Maya asked what their father wanted from them, and her mother said, "From you, nothing." Rick tried to invite Vivienne inside, but Maya prohibited it. Vivienne said that, for once, she and Maya agreed on something. Vivienne told Nicole to get her things because Vivienne was taking Nicole home, so Maya wouldn't brainwash her.

Inside, Wyatt pointed out that Ivy and Liam were no longer married but dating, and so were Liam and Steffy. Ivy folded her arms over her chest as Liam asked about Steffy and Wyatt. Wyatt draped his arm around Steffy and said they'd never been married. Liam noted that they'd never been on a date, either. "Not yet," Wyatt stated. The four decided that the company was depending upon them, and they'd work in peace and with cooperation. "With a little competition," Wyatt added.

Across the room, Aly rolled her eyes at the foursome of Ivy, Liam, Wyatt, and Steffy. Oliver tried to hand her a plate, but Aly didn't want to eat. He offered to reschedule his Milan shoot to spend time with her, but she didn't want him to. He suggested that she loosen up and enjoy the party. She snapped that doing so didn't mean taking off her clothes. Oliver asked what she expected everyone to wear in summer -- "turtlenecks?" Aly said she wanted to be alone, and Oliver walked off.

Aly braced herself by a mirror and saw Darla appear. Aly noticed that Darla's "sunshine" was fading and figured it was because of Maya and Steffy. Aly asked why the women had to always win. Darla's hair and aura turned black. Darla said that Steffy's mother had killed Darla.

"An eye for an eye. Retribution," Darla seethed. Aly looked bitterly at Steffy. "I know what you're thinking. Do it, Aly. Do it!" the voice said, and Aly glared, quaking with tears and anger.

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