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Maya was cautiously optimistic when her father offered to try his best to accept her, but in his heart, Julius still struggled with what his son had become. At the fashion show, Darla urged Aly to act and save the family legacy. Liam told Steffy that he'd chosen her for his future.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 13, 2015 on B&B
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I will if you will

I will if you will

Monday, July 13, 2015

At Forrester, Rick wondered if he should offer Nicole's parents the guesthouse. Nicole said not to encourage her parents, whom she'd never return to even if Rick and Maya kicked her out. Rick claimed that they'd never do it because the place was Nicole's home.

Nicole believed her parents felt that everyone was against them. Rick said he was too familiar with the feeling to criticize, but Nicole stated that he'd gotten past it. She hoped her parents were on the next flight out so that Maya didn't have to hear the awful thing they'd said about her.

Rick asked if Maya knew that their father was in town. Nicole didn't know the point of telling Maya, and Rick replied that Maya and Nicole's relationship of caring and trust was the reason.

Zende arrived with papers for Rick. Nicole and Rick joked about her parents dragging her from Forrester, and Zende asked if she was going away. She explained that her parents were there to take her away from Maya, who they felt was a bad influence on Nicole. Nicole claimed she was the bad influence who'd lied to and bullied Maya, but Maya's only influence had been to make Nicole a better person.

Zende was sure Nicole would go back with her parents. Noting a strange look on Zende's his face, she asked if he'd ever disobeyed or stood up to his parents before. Zende said he hadn't. He claimed not to be saying he'd been perfect, but Tony and Kristen had saved his life, which had made it easier for Zende to obey. Nicole asked if Zende thought she should go with her parents. "Maybe. But I hope you don't," he replied.

Zende and Nicole figured they should get out of Rick's hair. Rick pointed to some stacks of papers and said he'd asked Pam to make him twenty copies of two reports, but she'd claimed not to know that the copier could collate and staple. Rick needed the stacks sorted out for his upcoming meeting. He gave the interns the task and exited.

Later, Zende found some paperclips because the stapler wasn't doing the job. Nicole mixed up the pages between the two reports. She quipped that no one would read Rick's report all the way through, and Rick had just given them busy work. Zende agreed, but he said Rick was trusting them. Nicole stated that it her complaint had been a test, and Zende had passed.

Nicole said Zende was awesome, but he replied that he was bad to the bone. She didn't recognize the phrase, and he couldn't believe she'd never heard the song. Tony had always played the song to cheer up the homesick Zende. Nicole claimed she'd gotten homesick -- for the home she hadn't had. Zende told her that she was strong to make her own choices and live on her own.

Nicole stated that she had Maya, but Zende replied that Nicole was strong to be loyal to Maya. She said most people just thought she was annoying. "Strong," Zende asserted, and she smiled.

At the mansion, Maya was shocked by Julius' warm greeting. She called for Nicole, but Vivienne said Nicole, who was going through a rebellious period, wasn't there. Maya stated that her parents had known Nicole didn't want to leave, but they could rest easy because Maya would take care of Nicole.

Julius replied that Maya would never understand, but when a man and woman had a child, there was no such thing as resting easy. A parent would always wonder if their child was safe or if they'd done anything wrong. He said they remembered every harsh word. "Do you, Dad?" Maya asked. She stated that she sure remembered, and he asked if she was trying to shame him.

Julius asked if that was any way to welcome Maya's father for a visit, but Maya replied that he was there not for a visit but to save Nicole from heinous Maya. Julius called Maya as self-centered as always. He wondered if Maya had ever thought of how hard it would be to ask a man to give up his only son. He wondered what about his dreams and who'd carry on his family name.

Julius said Maya wanted him to accept her, but she didn't accept him. Maya claimed to know he didn't want her in his life, and he asked why she thought he was there, subjecting himself to "this."

Julius wanted to know about Rick. Vivienne said she'd met Rick briefly. Maya explained that Rick had surprised her with the portrait when they'd moved in. Julius noted that Maya looked different, and she replied that he did, too. He remarked that it was just the years, but with her, it was more.

Julius asked if Maya was what she wanted to be. Maya believed that she still had a way to go but was happier than she had been when he'd last seen her. Julius asked how prison had been, and Maya asked him if he was the person he wanted to be. He admitted to having regrets. She asked if he could say her name, and he asked if she meant her real name.

Maya claimed to only have one legal name. Julius said he'd heard the name a lot, and the librarian in town had set aside articles for him to see and would say, "'Look how beautiful he is!'" Maya didn't think the woman had meant any harm and had always been helpful in getting Maya information. He added that he'd also heard her name at church and at the agency where he'd once worked.

Maya asked if he still worked at the limousine agency. Vivienne relayed that he hadn't for some time, and he'd been fired for covering his nametag. Julius said that he'd been a joke there, and people like that didn't have friends. He supposed that he'd put it on himself for telling people that Myron was dead. Maya asked if that was what Julius had wished.

Julius asked what kind of father would wish his daughter dead. He emphasized that he'd said "daughter." He said that he and her mother had formed their child, but looking at Maya, there was no other word to call her but daughter. He felt that they were all being tested, but one of them had failed. He thought maybe it had been he, but he could certainly say Maya's name.

Vivienne told Maya that she'd struggled. Vivienne hadn't known if it would be weakness to love Maya as she'd been and to let Maya be, or if it would be weak to try to pull Maya back from the life she'd eventually begun living. Vivienne had seen social media rally behind Maya against the articles about her. Julius said he'd never seen those, but the librarian had told him of Maya's success.

Maya asked if Julius was there because he admired success. Julius stated that hard work should be rewarded. She asked if her happiness mattered. He asked if that wasn't the reason she'd left. Maya claimed that she'd left to stop hurting, and it was only so long someone could take derogatory words before she believed them or left to find a better life.

Maya had missed her parents. She'd wished she'd had someone stronger and wiser to look up to, but she believed she'd turned out okay. She said they could catch their flight if all they'd wanted was to look at her. "But if you want more -- " she started to say.

Julius asked what it would take if they wanted a second chance at a family. Maya said she needed them to accept her for who she was; they might not be able to, but she couldn't have them in her life without it.

Julius reckoned that Maya didn't want much -- just for him to give up his beliefs. Maya replied that she wanted a lot and always had. She figured it had been painful and confusing to be her father. Julius stated that she'd never acknowledged anything like that before.

Maya added that it had been hard on Vivienne, who'd wanted to keep Maya safe. Vivienne had walked her home from school to keep her from getting beaten up and would hide upsetting things from Julius, but "you couldn't save me from myself." Maya said none of them had known how to handle it, but they'd made it through. She didn't want to live in the past or assign blame.

Maya stated that she could still tell them she loved her parents, and she knew that they loved her, too. If not, there wouldn't have been so much anger. She wasn't expecting them to change, read books about people like her, march in parades, or agree with her choices. She just asked that they respect her right to make them and to be happy.

Maya's parents started to leave, but Julius said Maya was young and thought people could just change, just take their lives in for repair as she'd done. Maya replied that it wasn't exactly like that. Julius asked her to stand up and look into his eyes. The tearful Maya complied.

With a tearful voice, Julius said he'd try. He was set in his ways, but the one thing he'd never stop being was her father. He said he'd try to get to know the woman she'd become and the life she'd created for herself, and he'd try to find a way to fit in. "This, I can promise you," Julius vowed with tears on his cheeks. Maya exclaimed, "Daddy!" The two hugged.

California freedom and 'our girl'

California freedom and 'our girl'

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

by Pam

At Bill's, Liam shared that he was concerned about something, and he worried that Bill could not help him. Liam wanted to talk to Katie -- not Bill. Bill countered that he knew what was bothering Liam.

Bill figured that Liam was concerned about his love life, and Bill guessed that Liam was trying to make a decision between Ivy and Steffy. Bill advised Liam to stop stringing along two women because Ivy had always "been a stand-in for Steffy anyway."

Liam defended his relationship with Ivy. "She ain't Steffy," Bill said. Katie and Liam balked, but Bill said Steffy had always been Liam's first choice. Katie interrupted, "Except when Hope was his first choice."

Liam admitted his feelings for Steffy were stronger. Bill insisted that Liam's feelings for Steffy had always been stronger. Katie understood, but she said that she thought Ivy was with the wrong Spencer brother. "Ivy and Wyatt kind of has a nice ring to it. Ivy and Wyatt would make beautiful babies," Katie said.

Katie added that fate might intervene and make the choice for Liam. Liam looked uncomfortable, and Katie said she had gotten closer to Ivy. She felt that Wyatt and Ivy could easily end up together. "How would you feel about that?" Katie asked.

At a meeting at Forrester, Steffy, Caroline, Carter, Ridge, Wyatt, Aly, Ivy, and Rick discussed the California Freedom line they had planned. They discussed how the theme would translate to the runway.

Each of the people at the meeting offered an opinion on how the line embodied a woman's freedom to be free to express her true self. Aly looked sick. Ridge noted that he wanted Maya to lead the models, and the team suggested transgender models as well. Ridge asked Rick what he thought. Rick said he didn't like it. "I love it," he said, and everyone laughed.

Caroline noted there had been a groundswell of support for Maya. Ridge asked if everyone was okay with the idea, and the entire team looked to Aly. Aly said she understood. It wasn't like when her grandparents had run Forrester. "I'm in -- whatever it takes," she said. Ivy smiled. Carter noted that it was rare that everyone agreed.

Rick admitted that as president, he'd let his ego get in the way of progress, but Ridge quickly pointed out that Rick had made the company a lot of money. Steffy said she wanted everyone to make it the best fashion show ever. The meeting ended, and Aly disappeared.

Later, Caroline and Ridge discussed design ideas. Caroline congratulated Ridge because the entire team had agreed. He said he was very good at picking teams -- and the perfect woman. Ridge and Caroline kissed.

In Steffy's office, she met with Wyatt, Ivy, and Liam, and they discussed that even Aly had been on board with the plan for the new line. They marveled that everyone was getting along. Liam pointed out that Aly had promised they would see a new side to her.

At the Forrester mansion, Maya's parents, Julius and Vivienne, told Maya they would not be leaving Los Angles anytime soon, and she seemed confused. Julius promised to make an effort to get to know his daughter. Maya and Julius embraced, and Julius and Vivienne left. Outside, Vivienne asked why Julius had said those things to "our girl."

Inside, Maya appeared very happy. Nicole arrived and apologized for missing their parents. Nicole worried that their parents had ambushed her. Nicole wished their parents had never visited. She said it was sad that they would turn their backs on their own kid.

Maya interrupted Nicole's rant and shared that Julius had promised to try to accept her. "He called me his girl. You can imagine my surprise," Maya said happily.

Maya admitted that she'd expected it would be more of the same condemnation from him and their mother. Maya rejoiced that he had hugged her. Nicole said he might see her in a different light. Maya said that he hadn't changed, but he was trying. Nicole looked skeptical. She left.

Outside the Forrester mansion, Nicole called her mother to find out where she and Julius had gone. Her mother said they were at the coffee shop. Nicole advised her mother that she was on her way and needed to speak to her parents.

At the coffee shop, Vivienne pressured Julius to try to accept Maya. She accused him of lying to Maya. "Why would you do that to our daughter?" she asked. Julius said he was trying really hard. "But I don't know if I can accept Maya because of what she's become," he said.

Julius added that he had lost his son, and it was like a death to him. "My parents raised me with solid traditional values," he said. Julius noted that Maya's success had turned their world upside down. Julius had lost his job, and they had both lost friends. "This is how I get repaid," he said.

Vivienne chastised Julius for making Maya believe that he was a different man. She said that if he could try to accept her, it would mean everything to Maya. Nicole sat down and wondered if Julius and Vivienne were still disgusted with Maya.

Nicole worried that they had shown up at the Forrester mansion to judge Maya, and she wondered if they were truly accepting of Maya. "Are you lying to her, Daddy, or did you honestly mean everything you said to her," Nicole asked.

At the Forrester mansion, Maya smiled at the thought that her parents had visited her. Rick entered. He couldn't wait to tell her about Ridge's idea for the fashion show. Maya hugged him and reported that her parents had visited, and they were going to try to accept her. She excitedly told him her parents had embraced her.

Upstairs at the Forrester mansion, Aly was alone in her room. She heard Darla's voice telling her to stop everyone from their design ideas. "Only you can stop them," Darla said.

A day of reckoning and of understanding

A day of reckoning and of understanding

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Due to CBS News coverage of President Obama's address on the Iran nuclear deal, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air.

As a result of the preemption, the episode that was originally scheduled to air on Wednesday, July 15, aired in its entirety on Thursday, July 16. Subsequent shows were pushed back one day and there were no "lost episodes" as a result of the preemption.

Cha, Cha, Cha returns to La La Land

Cha, Cha, Cha returns to La La Land

Thursday, July 16, 2015

At the mansion, Maya said it was possible that her father might be able to accept her. Rick thought the statement was vague. She knew it didn't sound like much, but her father had taken her transition personally. Until that day, she'd believed that her father had seen her as a disappointment.

Maya chose to be cautiously optimistic going forward, and though she wanted to believe that her father was being sincere, she'd be okay if reconciliation didn't happen. Before leaving to return to the office, she stated that it would be really nice to have a relationship with her father again.

At the coffee shop, Nicole recalled that a few hours earlier, her father had been calling Maya a freak. For that reason, Nicole didn't buy Julius' sudden change of heart. The Avants demanded that their daughter show them respect. "That your brother can become a woman -- " Julius started to say.

Julius cut himself off and stated that he was trying to see things differently, and uniting the family would be beneficial for them all. In a snarky tone, Nicole asked if that was why Julius had sent Maya away. Julius said he hadn't known what kind of life there could be for someone like Maya, what kind of people would be in that life, or what kind of exposure it would present to the family.

Julius believed he'd been right because Maya had wound up in jail, and he'd assumed that she'd take up the same kind of life when she'd gotten released. Nicole claimed it hadn't been the same, and she'd sent her parents pictures and emails to prove it. Julius conveyed that he'd had to see for himself.

Nicole said that getting to know Maya and the Forresters had been good for her. Julius countered that he and Vivienne deserved the same opportunity to know Maya, the life she lived, and the family she'd gotten close to. Julius decided he should talk to the man Maya had been living with. He tossed a few bills on the table, and rising to leave, he told Nicole to take Vivienne to the hotel.

After Julius left, Nicole said they should have gone with him. Vivienne stated that they had to let Nicole's father handle it his way. Nicole noted her mother's worried look and asked what she feared Julius would say. Vivienne stated that Julius could be blunt, and some people might not appreciate the directness. "Like when he called my sister disgusting?" Nicole asked.

Vivienne said Julius wouldn't say it to Rick. Nicole questioned it and Julius' ability to accept Maya for who she was. Vivienne reminded her daughter that it hadn't been easy for him, and Nicole knew how it had been with the years of embarrassment and ridicule.

Nicole asked why Julius was suddenly fine with it. Vivienne replied that he wasn't -- not yet -- but time with Maya might help. Vivienne didn't know what was in her husband's mind; however, she believed he was trying to see the good in Maya and what she could add to their lives.

Back at the mansion, Rick opened the door for Julius, and Julius promptly introduced himself. The men shook hands and sat in the living room. Rick said Maya had gone into the office to prepare for the show the next day. Julius asked if Rick wasn't needed. Rick relayed that he worked for the International division; he'd worked and lived in Paris, but Los Angles had become his home again.

Rick remarked that he knew about Julius' talk with Maya earlier, but Rick didn't know just how much Julius wanted to know about Maya or her relationship with Rick. Julius said he did want to know, and he was interested in hearing what kind of man wanted to make a life with a woman like Maya.

Julius noted that Maya had relayed that the portrait had been Rick's idea. Rick said it was a family tradition, and when Maya had moved in, Rick's father had had a portrait of his wife there. "Lady of the house," Julius said, and Rick replied, "Something like that." Julius assumed Rick hadn't "known" when he'd put it there. The fact that Rick hadn't removed it said a lot to Julius.

Rick conveyed that he wasn't proud of how he'd reacted upon finding out. Julius asked if Rick hadn't suspected. Rick said he hadn't had any idea, but Spencer publicizing it had led to his bad reaction.

"Humiliating," Julius concluded. Rick said it wasn't that, but Maya had also assumed the same thing and that he'd reject her. Rick stated that it wouldn't happen, and he loved Maya, to whom he was completely committed. "So you're straight?" Julius asked.

"I'm sorry?" Rick replied.

"You like girls," Julius clarified.

"Well, yes, obviously," Rick responded. Julius surmised that before Maya, Rick had dated regular women. Rick replied that he saw no difference between Maya and other women. With a knowing chuckle, Julius said that Rick was a successful man and could have any woman he wanted. He asked if Rick really wanted Maya. Rick asserted that he did.

Rick asked if it was surprising to Julius that someone could appreciate Maya for who she was. Rick had been under the impression that Julius was trying to accept Maya and asked if Maya was wrong about it. Julius said he was there because he was trying. Julius and Vivienne wanted to be a part of Maya's life, but they needed to know if Rick was committed and if it would last.

Rick said he and Maya had been through a lot, but he didn't know what Julius knew of it. Julius said he'd rather not know what Maya had "been through." Rick said Julius would be impressed, and Maya inspired him as no one ever had. Julius asked where Rick saw the relationship going.

Rick respected that Julius wanted to know Rick's intentions. Julius asked if Rick saw a future with Maya, and Rick said he did. Julius believed it was good. Julius had previously prided himself on the stability of his family, but when Maya had gone, he'd lost it. He said the trip to see her might help them get it back.

In her bedroom, Aly stared at her Maya-Steffy hate board and wondered what kind of message tolerance, freedom, and acceptance was. She asked what had happened to romance, elegance, and glamour. Throwing her board onto the bed, Aly said the new line wasn't sexy; it was smut.

Darla's face appeared over one of the photos on Aly's board, and Darla agreed that it was wrong. Aly half-sobbed, upset that even Ivy didn't get it. Aly said the others were trying to do something good, but if they didn't stop, they'd ruin everything. Aly had left Forrester because she couldn't stomach pretending that Maya and Steffy were role models. Darla instructed Aly to go back because she was the only one who could put a stop to it.

At Forrester, Ridge, Steffy, and Caroline were working in the CEO's office, and Steffy was amazed by the amount of work she could do without Aly breathing down her neck. Caroline was glad that Steffy had gotten through to Aly. Steffy said she didn't want Aly to leave, but she'd had to wake Aly up about getting on board. Ridge said they all had to be on board for the campaign to succeed.

Later, Ridge was fitting a gown to a transgender woman, and Maya was apologizing to Steffy for being late. Steffy was thankful that Maya had put them in touch with Sonja.

Aly arrived, studied Sonja, and asked Steffy who she was. Steffy replied that it was Maya's friend, who was in the show happening the next day. "Oh," Aly stiffly replied. As everyone worked around her and talked with Sonja, Aly looked as if she might erupt.

Steffy asked if Aly wanted an introduction to Sonja. "No!" Aly said as if offended. She added that they were busy, and she didn't want to get in the way. Steffy walked off, and Aly darted her slanty, disapproving stare back at Ridge, Caroline, and Sonja, who was leaving to take the dress to fitting.

After Sonja had gone, Steffy figured Maya need to get home to get some rest. As Maya, Ridge, and Steffy discussed how California Freedom was what Forrester was all about, Aly marched out of the office. In the corridor, she declared that it couldn't go on, and she had to stop it.

Aly went to the sky lounge, and in the overcast sky, Darla appeared. Darla said it was almost time to make them pay. Aly asked how to do it. A music box tune played as Aly stared down at Steffy's car, parked in the lot below. Tears rolled down her face as a flashback of Darla's car incident played on screen. Darla told Aly to take from them what they'd taken from Aly. "Tomorrow, the day of reckoning finally arrives," Darla proclaimed.

Friday, July 17, 2015

At Forrester, the showroom was alive with chatter and music as guests arrived. Liam stammered while greeting them, but Steffy swooped in, recognizing the guests and notifying them of their up-front seats. Liam called her a natural while he acted more like a flight attendant.

Ivy stared at the two from backstage. Wyatt pulled her back, saying there was nothing to see out there and plenty to do. Aly appeared and leered at Steffy and Liam from behind a dressing screen.

After Ivy had checked jewelry on the transgender models, Aly slinked up and told Ivy to just look at Steffy all over Liam. Aly had a delusion of Steffy draped against Liam and swinging her hair. What Ivy saw were the executives talking, and she said Steffy wasn't all over Liam.

Aly wondered if, to Steffy, freedom meant taking what she wanted. Ivy replied that they were all trying to get along, and Aly needed to calm down and stop being judgmental. Carter called Ivy away, and Aly watched as Liam dragged Steffy away to a place he called "the future."

At the sky lounge, Steffy fussed about leaving her and Liam's first fashion show. Liam said the future had arrived. It was them working together, running Forrester, and keeping it relevant for years to come. He said the future was standing right before him, and it was she, the force of nature who'd barreled back into his life to fight for what she believed in.

Liam claimed Steffy didn't have to fight anymore, and he thanked her for giving him the time to see the obvious. She wiped away tears, and he told her not to cry. He claimed to be right where he wanted to be, with her, day after day and year after year. They kissed, and he said, "Cha, cha, cha."

Back at the show, Quinn inspected jewelry, and her husband swooped behind her to give her a kiss of support. Later, Quinn was alone, peeking through the curtain and grinning at the crowd She spotted Deacon talking to Brooke, and the grin faded.

In the showroom, Deacon told Brooke that he was glad to find someone else without a drink in hand. Brooke thanked him for helping her through. He replied that he'd always be there for her.

Bill and Katie arrived, and Jarret was surprised to see his boss. Bill said his son was third in command, and he had stock in the business. Bill didn't see what all the hype of the show was about but told Jarrett to get a story. Jarrett said he'd try his best, and Bill ordered the reporter to do his job, because there had to be something that would make headlines.

Maya sat at a dressing table as Carter told Rick that every international buyer had accepted their invitations. Rick cooed that it was to be expected, since he ran International. Rick then greeted Maya, who said it would be a big show for her with her parents there. It was her first public appearance since her outing, and she wanted to stand proud and take back her power.

Back in the showroom, Julius and Vivienne arrived. Vivienne's eye danced with amazement. Julius glanced around curiously but didn't see what all the fuss was. Nicole greeted them and introduced them to Zende and the other interns. "You're a Forrester?" Julius quizzically asked Zende.

Vivienne wondrously asked if famous people would be there, and Nicole said, "Here comes one now." Brooke rounded Vivienne and greeted the Avants. Grinning, Vivienne said to call them by their first names. Julius said that Rick was a good man, and he appreciated what Rick had done for Maya's life.

Once they were alone in the crowd, Julius said it was a whole other world out there in "La La Land." Vivienne was awed about the swag bags in the lobby and wished she'd packed nicer clothes to wear. He asked what was wrong with her clothes. "Look around," she murmured. He said he had looked around, and she looked fine.

Julius wanted to know when the show would finally start. Vivienne urged him to relax and enjoy things. She was very proud of Maya. Julius said he was trying, but it was wrong. "Our son -- my firstborn, traipsing up and down on a runway, wearing women's clothing. How humiliating!" he exclaimed.

Later, Rick found Brooke in the showroom. He was enthusiastic about the show. Brooke was, too, but she was still sad that he'd lost his CEO position. Rick wanted to run the business, but he felt it was a big day for himself and Maya. The future was before them, and he hinted that no one could take it from them -- especially after that day.

Rick strolled over to Othello, and Othello assured him that everything would be fine. Rick replied that he wanted it to be a special night for himself and Maya.

Backstage, Nick sat with Maya, who said that if they talked to anyone or sparked a conversation, then they'd done their job. "Reaching out to all walks of life," he responded, adding that the show was really for "all of us." He asked how she felt about her parents in the audience. She replied that it was strange but good, and for the first time in her life, her father had said he was willing to try to accept her. She hoped that Julius had meant it.

Steffy and Liam returned backstage, and Aly returned to glaring at them. Ivy bustled around, and Steffy asked if Ivy knew. Liam claimed that he hadn't gotten to Ivy before he'd felt he'd lose the chance to tell Steffy, but he'd tell Ivy soon.

Steffy put Ridge on the spot, telling everyone that their CEO had some words. Ridge stammered. He decided to thank everyone for their time and dedication. He held Caroline from behind and thanked his co-designer, who was more talented than he'd ever be. Caroline thanked him for admitting it. He said that they made the gowns, but the models made them wonderful.

Ridge said California Freedom was about celebrating everyone's uniqueness without judgment or fear. He was proud of them for redefining Forrester and moving into the future together. Everyone clapped except Aly, who looked away.

Right before the show, Ivy found a moment to express excitement about the show to Liam. She said it was like a new beginning for them all. Liam agreed and requested to talk to her after the show.

The show began with Ridge, who welcomed everyone. He introduced Maya and Steffy. Steffy said they'd had HFTF, but they no longer needed it. She claimed that the future was "right now." She and Maya shared the microphone as they discussed living in a world of free believers, who were free to love themselves and each other. From the ocean to the redwoods, they said that California embodied diversity in its beauty and its people.

They ladies urged everyone to be creative and kind with no condemnation, shame or guilt. They said open hearts and open minds -- "this is California Freedom."

Energetic music played as the first model took to the runway in a black lace-top dress with a hip-high split. The music changed to a dark, music box tune as Aly glared at the model.

Aly went backstage, where Maya had just changed into a cream-colored gown that glittered like diamonds. Ridge remarked that she was beautiful, and her father would be proud. Maya strode out onto the stage to resounding applause.

Rick and Brooke grinned at each other. Vivienne proudly watched, but Julius appeared uncomfortable.

Backstage, Darla's dark spirit appeared to tell Aly that it wasn't freedom; it was sex. Darla said there was no peace-making with them, and they'd become enemies for life. Darla seethed that it was pornography and directed Aly to make it stop. Darla told Aly to save the legacy. She said Aly knew what to do to put an end to it once and for all.

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