The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 20, 2015 on B&B

The Forresters celebrated the successful launch of their new line, and Rick surprised Maya with a runway proposal. Aly recreated Darla's accident with Steffy as the victim, but Aly wound up dying on the dark road. Ivy filmed the death and told Wyatt that Aly would get justice for her murder.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 20, 2015 on B&B
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The freedom to approve and to disapprove

The freedom to approve and to disapprove

Monday, July 20, 2015

At the fashion show, amid the applause, Maya took a few turns on the runway. Nicole asked her parents what they thought. Vivienne cooed that Maya was beautiful. Nicole told Julius that it was his daughter up there. He said nothing, and Nicole cut her eyes away. Everyone except Julius clapped for Maya.

Backstage, Ridge and Caroline stood by the curtain and watched the show. Aly continued to simmer as Ivy turned her gaze away from Steffy and Liam in frustration. Steffy told Aly that they could use her help. "Clearly," Aly quipped, but she added that they didn't want to listen to anything she had to say. Steffy said that Aly needed to stop it because they were in the middle of a show.

Aly responded that it wasn't a show; it was filthy and degrading. Steffy stated that she'd thought Aly had been on board. Aly didn't want to talk to Steffy.

Steffy suggested that Aly go home, and they'd talk about it later. Aly assumed Steffy was trying to get rid of her. Steffy relayed that it wasn't good for Aly to be there. Aly retorted that Steffy didn't know what was good for Aly or the company. Steffy looked worried as Aly strode off.

Later, Steffy encountered Aly again backstage. Steffy said she hadn't meant to upset Aly earlier. Aly claimed not to be upset and said Steffy didn't need to treat her like a child. Steffy asked if nothing about the groundbreaking show impressed Aly. Steffy insisted that it was about freedom and self-expression for everyone woman.

"Every woman? I guess Maya fits into that category?" Aly asked. Steffy asserted that Maya certainly did. "And all the others like Maya?" Aly bitterly asked. Steffy stated that it was about progress and awareness. Aly argued that it was about sex, and it wasn't the values her mother and grandmother had stood for. Steffy tried to say something about Darla, but Aly snatched Steffy's arm.

"Don't talk to me about my mother!" Aly told Steffy, who yanked her arm back. Aly asked where the HFTF values were. Steffy stated that Hope was gone, and HFTF was no longer needed because "the future is now." Steffy claimed they weren't moving backward, and they weren't afraid to go forward. Aly argued that they were moving backward, and Steffy was taking the company backward. Steffy didn't want to argue there and again asked Aly to go home.

Aly told Steffy not to dare tell Aly to leave. Aly declared that she was a Forrester -- a true Forrester. "Then start acting like one," Steffy bit out and stormed off. Darla's spirit appeared and agreed that Aly needed to start acting like a Forrester -- and put an end to the depravity.

More couture gowns hit the runway, and backstage, the staff prepared for the showstopper. In the audience, Pam wished she'd made her lemon bars for everyone. Charlie was impressed by the crowd's energy and proclaimed that Ridge's first show as CEO was a success. Pam pulled out a baggie of lemon bars, and Charlie begged her for one.

Nearby, Katie believed Maya would perform well in the showstopper. Bill hoped so, remarking that a lot of eyes and press were on Maya. Katie said it was thanks to him. Bill repeated that it was thanks to him, and if Maya blew it, the line would go down the toilet. "And our investment," Katie added. Bill agreed.

In the front row, Julius was ready to leave, but Vivienne told him that they were watching their daughter.

Backstage, Rick told Maya that California Freedom was all her. He had a surprise for her, but she asked if it could wait while she changed. Rick agreed to wait and said the surprise was nothing big.

Later, Maya left the dressing room and flashed back to scenes of Rick telling her how he felt about her. Rick asked if she was set. He said she was about to make Forrester history that day. He kissed her. He said she was beautiful, and the whole world would know how he felt about her.

Rick left to talk to Quinn. Steffy approached and said Maya was the show, the fame, and the message, and Maya seemed to be embracing it. Maya said it was her story, and she wanted it to be heard.

Over the intercom, Steffy announced that the showstopper was their vision of freedom, inclusion, and acceptance for the twenty-first century woman. Maya appeared on stage and arm-danced before striding down the aisle in the white gown. After she took a few turns on the runway, the models in the other gowns arrived back onstage, and Steffy introduced Caroline and Ridge, the designers.

From backstage, Wyatt noticed Ivy's reaction to the monitor, which displayed Steffy and Liam joining the designers onstage. Aly stared at Liam and Steffy, and Darla urged her to do to "them" what they'd done to her.

Onstage, Maya noticed that everyone was standing and applauding -- except Julius. When he finally stood, she smiled sadly.

Steffy spoke of how dedicated Forrester was to California freedom and every human's right to speak his or her mind without discrimination. Ridge thanked everyone for supporting their show and wished everyone a good night.

Rick hopped on the stage, took the microphone from Ridge, and said he had a few words to add.

Rick took Maya's hand and said many people wanted to know how he felt about "this woman," and he wanted to answer it without reservation in front of her parents, family, and the world. He wanted to put an end to the gossip and rumors.

Rick told Maya that she inspired him and was beautiful inside and out. "You're the woman I've been looking for. I want to marry you," he said.

The audience gasped and cooed. Rick knelt down on one knee, held up a ring, and asked Maya to marry him. Maya was caught off guard but, giggling, she told Rick that she'd marry him. They kissed, and everyone applauded. She grinned at her father, who slowly clapped without expression.

This is for you, mom

This is for you, mom

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

by Pam

After the fashion show, Maya, Rick, Brooke, Nicole, Vivienne, and Julius celebrated the good news of Maya and Rick's engagement. Nicole said she had goose bumps after seeing Rick propose, and they all marveled at Rick's taste in jewelry after they eyed the sparkling diamond on Maya's finger.

Julius said it was risky to propose in public. He admired Rick's confidence. Brooke said that Rick had never lacked confidence. Julius said that times were different from when he and Vivienne were young.

Vivienne laughed and reminded Julius that he had proposed at a family dinner. Julius countered that he had asked her father's permission in advance. Rick felt awkward. Rick stammered that he should have asked Julius, but he'd never thought of it. "Times have changed," Julius said. He added that it was not his place to decide what Maya should or shouldn't do with her life.

Julius added that he couldn't believe what he was about to say. "This union absolutely has my blessing," he said. Vivienne clapped, and everyone cheered.

Brooke and Maya had a private moment in which Brooke apologized for ordering Maya to tell Rick she was transgender. Maya said she understood. Brooke added that she was very happy for Maya and Rick. They embraced.

Rick asked about Julius and Vivienne's travel plans. Rick wanted them to stay in Los Angeles because the wedding would be soon. Maya balked that the wedding could not be too soon because she had to plan it. Rick insisted it would be soon. Julius said it would be costly to reschedule flights, and Rick offered to pay for the flights. Julius accepted. "I guess we're staying," Julius said.

When Julius and Vivienne were alone together. Julius said that Rick could have had any woman in the world, but he had chosen Maya. Julius poured another glass of Champagne and said that Maya was no longer their problem -- she was Rick's problem. Vivienne was angry. "This is about the money," she said. She accused him of lying, but Julius aid he was not lying, and he had been trying to accept everything. He felt there was a lot of Champagne in their future.

Celebrations continued in the showroom, where Steffy, Ivy, Wyatt, and Liam discussed that California Freedom was a success, and they toasted with Champagne. Aly glared at them, and Steffy offered her a glass of Champagne. "I'm not 21 yet," Aly sneered.

Steffy apologized and asked Aly to hang with her and the others. Aly was distant. Steffy tried to start a conversation about the showstopper. Aly looked disgusted and walked away. Steffy appeared disappointed. The others consoled her, and Aly watched from her hiding place among the racks of dresses.

Aly spoke to her vision of Darla and complained that the Forresters would be holding a party to celebrate how wonderful and talented they were. Aly maintained that Steffy was clueless -- she was the daughter of a drunk. Aly despised the California Freedom line -- "free from morals and responsibility," she said.

The vision of Darla warned that it didn't have to be that way. "I could change things," Aly said. Darla encouraged her. "Do that, Aly. Do it tonight," Darla said. Aly twitched and looked angry.

On the other side of the room, Ivy, Liam, Wyatt, and Steffy worried about Aly. Ivy insisted that Aly needed professional help."Aly's so dark lately," Ivy said. She explained that Aly went straight to her room every night at home. Steffy suggested that they try to show Aly they cared and help her put her demons behind her.

Liam checked his phone and said reviews of the show were all positive, but Steffy worried about sales. Liam, Wyatt, and Ivy agreed they wanted it to be the best quarter ever at Forrester because they had listened to Rick brag about his record sales repeatedly.

Steffy suggested they get to the afterparty at the Forrester house. Ivy and Wyatt had to put away jewelry, and they promised to meet Liam and Steffy at the house. Steffy noted that Ivy still believed there was a chance she would get back together with Liam. Liam agreed.

"I'm committed to you," Liam said to Steffy, and Steffy told him she wanted everyone to get along that night because it was the first time they would be seen as leaders together. She didn't want anything to ruin the celebration.

In Rick's office, Maya and Rick celebrated alone. Maya wondered if Rick thought they could get married quickly. Rick refused to have a long engagement after what had happened with Maya and Carter. Maya said she had been pining away for Rick for years.

At the Forrester mansion, Nicole and Zende prepared for the party down by the pool. Liam, Ivy, and Wyatt showed up, and Ivy said she wanted to see if Aly was upstairs. In Aly's room, Ivy saw stuffed animals all over the bed, and she opened the closet door. Ivy discovered the creepy poster with blacked-out eyes, and she realized the level of hatred Ivy had for Steffy. "Oh my God," Ivy said.

Ivy showed the closet discovery to Liam and Wyatt, and they all worried for Steffy's safety.

In the Forrester parking lot, Aly punctured the tire on Steffy's car, and she waited for Steffy in her own car. Steffy got into her car and drove down the road. Aly followed her. Steffy called Liam to tell him she was on her way to the house. After she hung up, she realized she had a flat, and she pulled over.

Aly watched from a distance. Steffy got the jack out of the car and started to change the tire. In Aly's car, the visions of Darla changing her tire the night that Taylor hit her appeared on the screen. The voice of Darla encouraged Aly to take out Steffy the same way Steffy's mother had killed Darla. "Get rid of her, Aly," Darla said.

Liam called to warn Steffy that Aly was dangerous, but her phone sat on the seat of the car while she changed the tire. Aly sped toward Steffy. "This is for you, Mom," she said. Aly shouted that she had to save the whole family. She spat that the California Freedom line was all about perversion. Steffy screamed as the Aly's car closed in on her.

Life is a highway

Life is a highway

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

by Pam

On the side of the road, Steffy tried to change her flat tire. Aly watched from a distance, and the visions of Darla, Aly's mom, changing her tire the night that Taylor hit her appeared on the screen.

Aly heard the voice of Darla, and Darla encouraged Aly to run into Steffy. Aly shouted that she had to save the whole Forrester family. Aly started the car and sped toward Steffy, who screamed as the car headlights blinded her.

Aly stopped before she hit Steffy, and Steffy screamed at Aly. "What the hell are you doing? Get out of the car," Steffy ordered. Aly remained seated in the car. Steffy dragged Aly out of her car.

"What are you doing? You could have killed me!" Steffy shouted. Aly looked crazy, and she called Steffy disgusting. Steffy acknowledged that 100,000 things disgusted Aly, and Aly looked angry.

Steffy realized Aly had been following her and had punctured the tire. "You did this," Steffy said. Aly sneered at Steffy. "You wanted to reenact the night your mother died," Steffy said. "Your mother killed my mother," Aly seethed. Aly accused Steffy's mother of stealing Aly's mother and ruining her life. "Thou shalt not steal," Aly shouted. "How about thou shalt not kill?" Steffy countered. Steffy and Aly argued. Steffy said Aly had tried to kill her.

Steffy understood that Aly didn't like Steffy and Maya or the way they dressed, but Steffy said Aly couldn't decide what was right for everyone. It wasn't up to Aly to tell others they had to do what Aly wanted.

Aly argued that her mother was a saint, but Steffy said no one was perfect. Aly freaked out, and Steffy said they could not change the past, but they had to accept it and move on. "You gotta let this go," Steffy begged.

Aly shook her head and sobbed, and Steffy hugged her. Aly said that she had spent most of her life without a physical mother because of Taylor. She added that Forrester had lost its way, and Aly felt all alone. "You're not alone," Steffy said.

Aly pushed Steffy away. Aly picked up the tire iron and swung it at Steffy. Steffy backed away, but Aly looked crazy and moved toward her. Steffy begged Aly to put down the tire iron, but Aly looked determined.

In the Forrester mansion living room, Nicole flashed back to good times with Zende. He entered, and they flirted. They wondered where everyone had gone because the party had started down by the pool. Nicole expected the entire family to celebrate.

Maya and Rick entered, and Nicole teased that Rick and Maya had missed the standing ovation at the party, but everyone had moved down by the pool. Rick, Maya, Zende, and Nicole relived the success of the fashion show. Nicole noted that their father had changed his mind about Maya.

Nicole and Maya agreed that they'd never thought they would have their family back together again. Rick and Maya asked where all the Forresters had gone. Nicole said that Ridge and Caroline had gone home, and no one had seen Steffy. Rick said Steffy never missed a party.

Nicole added that Wyatt, Ivy, and Liam had gone upstairs to find Aly. Maya made martinis while Zende and Nicole talked. Rick flashed back to his speech at the fashion show in which he had told the crowd how much Maya had inspired him. He smiled at the memory of his proposal. Maya delivered the martinis.

Upstairs at the Forrester mansion, Ivy, Wyatt, and Liam worried about Aly and Steffy. Liam tried to call Steffy again. Wyatt warned that Aly clearly had deep-seated hatred for Maya and Steffy. He said it went way beyond a disagreement with Rick, Maya, or Steffy. Wyatt and Liam agreed Aly needed professional help.

Ivy defended Aly as having problems that they could help her with, but Liam said she clearly needed a professional. Wyatt, Liam, and Ivy joined Rick, Maya, Zende, and Nicole in the living room. They discussed the problems with Aly, and they showed Rick and Maya the pictures that had been in Aly's closet.

Rick said that Thorne was on his way home to see Aly, but they were unsure of his flight number. Ivy insisted she had to find Aly. Ivy knew that Aly often went to her dad's old office at Forrester, but Rick noted that security would have seen her.

Ivy suggested the old beach house or the nearby highway where Darla had been killed. Ivy said Aly often went there to feel closer to her mother. Ivy left to find Aly.

Wyatt, Liam, Rick, Maya, Zende, and Nicole discussed the accident that had killed Darla. Zende explained that he remembered it even though he had been a kid. He remembered that Darla had had a big birthday party for Aly. After the party, Phoebe, Steffy's twin, had had a flat on the highway, and Darla had driven up to help her.

At the same time, Steffy and Phoebe's mom, Taylor, had also headed out to pick up Phoebe, but Taylor had been drinking. Taylor had driven along the highway, and had hit Darla, who had been trying to change Phoebe's tire. Darla had later died. Rick added that Taylor had left the scene of the accident, and no one had known who had killed Darla until much later.

Wyatt, Liam, Rick, Maya, Zende, and Nicole agreed that it had been traumatic for Aly. They all worried that they had not heard from Aly or Steffy. They hoped Ivy could find Aly.

On the highway, Ivy drove toward the spot where she knew she would find Aly. Ivy flashed back to much happier times with Aly during holidays. Then Ivy recalled finding the horrible poster and picture in Aly's closet.

Tragedy by the roadside

Tragedy by the roadside

Thursday, July 23, 2015

At the mansion, Maya, Rick, Wyatt, and Liam were talking about rallying the family and getting Thorne in the loop about Aly. Thorne arrived and asked what he needed to be in the loop about. Rick greeted him with a hug and said it was about the good news that he and Maya were engaged.

Thorne gleefully congratulated them and said he hadn't had the time to tell Maya that he'd been impressed with the way she'd handled Bill's media stories. Maya said she'd hid out a bit, but Thorne replied that she hadn't run away. He was proud to have her in the family.

Thorne was bummed that he'd missed the show and swore to never fly commercial again. He claimed the show was his only reason for being there. Rick was glad that Thorne was there because Aly was in trouble. The men told Thorne that Aly had regressed, and they were worried about her.

Thorne was upset that things had taken a bad turn just when Aly had been doing great in her job and her relationship. Maya said Oliver, who was on assignment in Milan, had conveyed that he was confused because Aly had pulled back from him. Liam added that Aly had had outbursts at work.

Rick figured it might have been his fault because he'd been "a little drunk on power" and hadn't realized how fragile Aly was. Maya felt awful and said she should have done better by Aly. Rick stated that whatever his part was, he was truly sorry. Thorne thought it went without saying. He couldn't blame Rick for Aly's issues, which kept resurfacing. He asked exactly what was happening with Aly.

Everyone explained to Thorne what they'd found in Aly's closet. Liam told Thorne about Aly's confrontation with Steffy over lingerie and Aly's belief that Steffy was just like Taylor. Thorne had been afraid it would be that, and he said Aly had never gotten over her mother's death.

Thorne asked if Aly talked to Darla. Liam replied that Steffy had said so, and he asked if it was a bad thing. Thorne said it depended upon what was in Aly's head. He stated that Aly had created a world in her head, and when people deviated from the behavior she expected, "well -- that's why she has a problem with you." Maya said she got it.

Thorne believed that Aly had a huge heart but got overwhelmed by the real world and change. He said she'd take refuge in her head, and that was when the darkness emerged. In his view, her anger and intolerance was just pain screaming to get out. Wyatt said being on Aly's bad side wasn't fun.

Thorne decided that he'd take Aly to Paris, and there, he'd get her help. He just hoped he'd get to her before it was too late.

Later, Rick and Maya cooed about their engagement and how happy Maya was. Liam was worried that Steffy wasn't picking up her phone. Wyatt wondered why they hadn't heard from Ivy. Liam figured Ivy and Aly were having a heart-to-heart, and Wyatt said he'd begun to worry about Steffy. Liam asked Wyatt if they realistically had a reason for worry. "Nah," Wyatt replied but still looked worried.

Thorne made arrangements for Aly to see a doctor the next morning. He informed his family that after the appointment, he and Aly would take the jet to Paris. Thorne planned to have Aly work with him so he could keep an eye on her.

Maya called Thorne amazing for his unconditional love and support despite Aly's "limitations." Maya said Aly had a lot of challenges, just like Maya had. Maya said her father had rejected her, so Aly was lucky to have Thorne. Thorne replied that there was nothing he wouldn't do to protect his daughter -- even from herself.

On the road, Aly swung a tire iron at Steffy. Steffy urged Aly to stop. Aly asserted that Maya and Steffy were taking down the family, and she couldn't let Steffy ruin everything. The women tussled over the tire iron, and as Steffy wrenched it away from Aly, the women fell back from each other and onto the ground. The weapon clanged on the street.

Aly picked up a rock, and as she neared Steffy, she said that Steffy and Maya were what was wrong with the family. Aly recalled that the family had stood for values, and Hope had led the way. Things had changed to Steffy and Maya flaunting their bodies. It was shameless and disgusting to Aly.

In her car, Ivy called Aly and left a message to say that she hadn't been a good friend because she'd been caught up in other things, but she'd like to get together to talk.

As Ivy drove, she squinted her eyes. "Aly? Steffy? What are they doing?" Ivy asked, scrambling in the car for her phone.

Up ahead of Ivy's car, Aly was wielding a rock and yelled that Steffy's mother had killed Aly's mother. Cowering on the ground, Steffy whimpered that it had been an accident. Aly yelled that Taylor hadn't had to pay for it, and Taylor had taken Thorne. Aly said that Taylor had ruined everything, and Steffy was just like Taylor. Aly declared that she had to do it for her mother, her family, and herself.

As Aly leaped forward, Steffy scrambled to grab the nearby tire iron. Steffy swung the tire iron. It hit Aly, and Aly fell to the ground. Aly's head thudded against a rock.

Ivy raised up her phone sideways, as if she were photographing or recording something. She gasped at the events ahead of her.

Steffy looked around for Aly and quivered upon seeing her knocked out with her head against the rock. Steffy threw the tire iron, and Ivy ran up beside them. Ivy asked if Aly was okay, but Steffy helplessly said she didn't know. As Ivy called an ambulance, Steffy begged Aly to wake up. Ivy asked what had happened, but the stunned Steffy just shook her head.

Ivy discovered that Aly wasn't breathing and screamed at Steffy to say what had happened. Steffy sobbed that she didn't know; Aly had tried to attack her, and Steffy just didn't know. Ivy checked Aly's pulse and said she thought Aly was dead. "!" Steffy cried.

Steffy declared that Aly wasn't dead, but Ivy said Aly wasn't moving or breathing. Steffy cried that Aly had fallen and hit her head on the rock, and Aly had just knocked herself out. "What?" Ivy said.

Sirens wailed, lights flashed, and Steffy waved, yelling, "Over here!"

A paramedic started CPR. A police officer asked what had happened. Steffy cried that it had been an accident; Aly had tried to attack her with the car. Steffy said Aly had fallen and hit her head on the rock. The officer asked if that was Steffy's story. Steffy declared that it was, and it had been a terrible, terrible accident.

The scene went into slow motion. The paramedic touched Aly's neck and shook his head. Ivy and Steffy broke down into uncontrollable sobs.

The tales of two cousins

The tales of two cousins

Friday, July 24, 2015

At the mansion that evening, the teary-faced and disheveled Steffy limped into the living room. In her mind flashed the events from PCH. Liam entered, exclaiming that he'd been looking for her. He took one look at her and asked what was wrong.

Steffy explained that she'd had a nail in her tire, and as she'd gotten out to change the tire, a car rushed at her, stopping inches from hitting her. Liam asked what kind of crazy idiot would do that. Steffy said it had been Aly, who'd tried to reenact Darla's death with Steffy.

Steffy stated that she'd had to defend herself. She'd thought Aly would kill her. She'd tried to calm Aly down, but Aly had attacked her. "And then something happened!" Steffy sobbed, flashing back to the car headlight and Aly falling. Steffy muttered that Aly was dead. "What?" Liam exclaimed.

Just then, Thorne entered, saying he'd thought he'd heard voices. He was worried about Aly, who wasn't answering her phone, and he asked if Steffy had seen his daughter. Thorne apologized for his daughter's retreatment of Steffy. Steffy said she had to tell Thorne something.

Thorne wanted to speak first. He said Aly had had a lot of ups and downs, and he'd tried to fix things for her; however, the wound ran deep, and Aly always seemed to regress after therapy. He realized that he needed to be there for Aly, and so he was taking her to Paris. He wanted to spend time with her, get her therapy, and he foresaw a re-adjusted Aly returning to Los Angeles someday.

Thorne wished Aly would answer her phone. "She won't," Steffy uttered. Steffy explained that Aly had punctured Steffy's tire and had attacked her on the highway. Thorne couldn't believe it and said Aly was not dangerous. He wanted to talk to Aly, but Steffy said he couldn't. He asked what that meant and demanded to know where his little girl was.

Steffy began explaining that Aly had tried to kill her, but Thorne roared at Steffy to stop and tell him where Aly was. Steffy sobbed that Aly was gone. "Gone? Like what? Ran away? Like she's done before?" Thorne asked. Barely audible, Steffy repeated, "She's gone..."

"No. No..." Thorne said with an obstinate shake of his head. Steffy sobbed that it had been an accident, and she hadn't meant to do it. Thorne ran out of the house, and Steffy cried in Liam's arms.

At Forrester, Ivy was in Rick's old office, thinking about the highway incident. Wyatt arrived and asked if she'd found Aly. Noticing how frazzled Ivy was, Wyatt assured her that Thorne would get Aly the help she needed and that Aly would be okay. Ivy replied that Aly wasn't okay; Aly was dead.

Wyatt was shocked and asked what had happened. Ivy said it had been on PCH, and he assumed it had been an accident or Aly had taken her own life. Ivy stated that Aly hadn't taken her own life, and Aly had died because of Steffy. Wyatt wanted to hear the story from the beginning.

Ivy recounted seeing the women on the side of the road. She said that even if Aly had grown unstable, Steffy hadn't had to kill Aly. Wyatt decided it was beyond reason, and Ivy hadn't seen what she thought she'd seen. Ivy said she had proof, and Wyatt asked what kind of proof it was.

Ivy went for her phone. She said she didn't know why she'd done it, and as horrific as it sounded, she'd caught everything on video. Ivy didn't know why she'd pressed record, but she was glad she had. She showed Wyatt a few-seconds clip of Steffy rising off the ground and swinging at Aly, who looked as if she bounced off the front of the car and hit the ground.

Ivy said asked if Wyatt believed her. He said he just didn't understand why. Ivy added that Steffy had told police that Aly had tried to hit her with the car and had attacked her. Ivy said Aly had needed help and hadn't deserved to die. Wyatt remarked that she'd had her whole life ahead of her.

Ivy stated that her best friend and cousin was gone, and she wanted to know why Steffy had lied to the police if she wasn't guilty. Ivy claimed that Steffy had told police that Aly had gone at her, tripped, and hit her head on a rock, which wasn't what had happened.

It didn't make sense to Ivy. Wyatt agreed, but he believed there had to be another answer. He couldn't understand why Steffy would kill her own cousin and lie about it. Ivy stated that they needed to accept it. She couldn't pretend not to have the footage. She said Aly deserved justice, and she'd get it. "This wasn't an accident. This was murder!" Ivy declared.

In the show room, Nicole and Zende were cleaning after the show because Pam had directed them to do so after the party. Cooing about how wonderful the show must have been for Maya, Nicole revealed her aspirations to be on the runway. Zende urged her to get up there and strut it.

Nicole was hesitant, but Zende talked her into doing some playful runway walks, and he clapped for her. His gasped her by her waist and lowered her off the stage. Nicole swooned, and he said he could read her mind. She asked what she was thinking. He believed she wanted him to get on the runway, and he was sensing that she was happy.

Nicole agreed that she was, and he asked why it surprised her. She replied that she'd never been one to believe that things would work out for her, but she'd begun to believe that things were changing.

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