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Loved ones gathered to remember Aly, but Ivy couldn't forget Steffy's role in Aly's death. Steffy was shocked when Ivy accused her of murder. Wyatt and Ivy shared dinner and kisses. Thomas turned in a sketch, but Ridge ripped it up and said his son should be embarrassed by the piece.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 27, 2015 on B&B
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Filled with sound and fury, signifying guilt

Filled with sound and fury, signifying guilt

Monday, July 27, 2015

At Forrester, Steffy was alone in the CEO's office, flashing back to the incident. Liam arrived with coffee. He figured she could use it after the last couple of nights.

Steffy said she kept going over events in her mind. Liam stated that it could have been Steffy out on that road, and life was unpredictable. He was glad they'd found each other again, and he was grateful for the lifetime they had ahead of them.

At the mansion, Ivy stood by a table of photos that featured Aly and family members. She wistfully smiled, and the incident flashed in her mind. Thorne, Brooke, and Eric arrived. Eric said Aly had been a special girl. Ivy hugged Thorne, who said he didn't understand how it could happen to his baby.

Caroline, Wyatt, and Ridge arrived. Thomas entered next. Ridge was glad Thomas had made it. Bill and Katie arrived, and Quinn and Deacon entered. Deacon remarked that Aly had been his daughter's fan, so he hoped everyone could try to get along that day.

Near the balcony, Pam told Oliver that Aly wouldn't want them to be sad. Charlie remarked that Aly could really light up a room. Oliver said he'd felt Aly slipping away, and he was upset with himself for not being there. Charlie reminded Oliver that he'd had to work, and no one could have foreseen it. Pam concluded that no matter what had happened that night, Aly was at peace.

Caroline consoled the sullen Ridge, who felt it was unfair that Thorne had lost his wife and his child. She asked where Thorne was. Ridge didn't know and said it might be too much for Thorne.

In Aly's room, Thorne picked up a stuffed rabbit and sat on the bed. Eric and Brooke turned to quietly exit, but Thorne didn't want them to go. He said he just needed a minute. Brooke and Eric sat with the tearful Thorne and comforted him.

Downstairs, Steffy and Liam arrived. Ivy rendered an angry look at the couple by the door. Wyatt asked if it was because Steffy was with Liam or because Steffy was the reason Aly was dead. Liam approached and asked how everyone was doing. Ivy said everyone was in shock. Ivy stated that everyone knew what had happened, but it just didn't make sense.

More family members arrived, and Eric and Brooke returned downstairs with Thorne. Eric thanked everyone for being there to remember Aly, and he asked the family to speak about her. A slow song played as family members got up to speak. Flashbacks of Aly with various family members played. Oliver tried to speak, but he burst into tears.

Flashbacks of Aly's birth and childhood played as Thorne spoke. The song faded, and Thorne thanked everyone for being in Aly's life. He said they'd made Aly happy, and she'd told him many times. He believed she'd want them to remember her as always being happy. Looking at her portrait, he told Aly that he loved her.

Ridge stood and recited, "Out, out brief candle. Life is but a walking shadow. A poor player. That struts and frets his hour upon the stage. And then is heard no more...It's a tale told by an idiot, filled with sound and fury, signifying nothing...signifying nothing..."

Ridge said that his father had always taught him that there was a lesson in everything. He asked Eric what the lesson was. Ridge asked if Aly had lost her way because she'd been driven by something she'd thought was right when everyone had believed it wasn't. Eric tried to stop Ridge, who spoke over Eric, asking if the lesson was just that life was precious, and one shouldn't judge someone else.

Thorne told Ridge that it was enough. Ridge stated that Aly's heart was strong and pure, but her mind was drowning in darkness. "And we missed it," he stated. He asked if the lesson was acceptance or awareness. He didn't know the answer; however, he said that whatever it was, the next time they got dressed up -- and they all met there to gaze upon the image of someone that had gone far too early -- they should just make sure it signified something.

Afterward, Caroline greeted Thomas. She remembered that when Steffy had arrived back in town, Aly had thought Thomas would join Steffy. Thomas wished he'd done it. Caroline asked if that meant he was thinking of staying. Thomas replied that his sister needed him.

Eric found Ridge in the foyer and asked what Ridge's speech had been about. Thorne wanted to know, too, and couldn't believe Ridge would attack Aly's memory. Ridge said he hadn't done that. Thorne asked what Ridge had been getting at because, as Steffy had witnessed, it had been an accident in which Aly had fallen and hit her head. "That's what happened, Ridge. Or is it?" Thorne asked.

Steffy grimaced as she overheard them from her nearby seat. Liam told her to stop feeling guilty because it had been an accident. He said that no one blamed her. Steffy asked him to say her farewells while she did something. He agreed and said he'd wait for her outside.

Steffy went to the photo table, picked up a picture, and sobbed. Ivy said she knew what Steffy was thinking, and Ivy had been thinking about it, too. Steffy replied that she'd rather focus on Aly's life. Ivy stated that it was hard getting the image of Aly in her condition out of Ivy's mind. Ivy figured it had to be worse for Steffy. Steffy asked why.

Ivy stated that Aly had tried to hit Steffy with a car, and then Aly had attacked Steffy. Ivy said Steffy had already been in shock, but "then you find out she's dead?" Ivy didn't know how Steffy had held it together to answer questions. Steffy replied that she hadn't said much, and everything had happened very fast. Ivy asked if Steffy had told "them" exactly what had happened.

Steffy answered that she'd told them what she could. Scoffing, Ivy said she understood why Steffy didn't want to talk about it, but Steffy couldn't keep it all inside. Ivy believed it would be much better out in the open, and Steffy needed to just deal with the consequences. Steffy asked what Ivy meant. Ivy said she knew what had happened, and Aly's death hadn't been an accident.

Ivy moves ahead in blame game

Ivy moves ahead in blame game

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

by Pam

Outside on the Forrester mansion terrace, Wyatt and Liam discussed the sad loss of Aly Forrester. They agreed that Thorne had suffered for years because he'd lost his wife, and his only child had just died in tragic, horrific accident -- just like his wife. Liam noted that Steffy felt horrible, but it was not her fault. Wyatt asked if Steffy had remembered anything more about the accident. Wyatt noted that it was crazy that Aly had stumbled and fallen.

Liam lamented that if Aly had not gone crazy, she'd be there, and they would all be celebrating after the fashion show. Instead, Aly had clearly hated Steffy and had attacked her. Liam noted that it would haunt Steffy for the rest of her life. Liam and Wyatt worried about Steffy's ability to cope. Wyatt said he wondered if she would handle it.

Liam insisted that Steffy had Liam to lean on, and they would get through it. Liam was suspicious of Wyatt's intentions. Wyatt was angry that Liam had implied that Wyatt would try to hit on Steffy. Liam and Wyatt argued, but Liam said they had been involved in a stressful situation.

Liam said that Steffy had blamed herself, but no one else would say it was her fault. Wyatt said that could change. "They were there," Wyatt said of Aly and Steffy. Liam maintained that Steffy had nothing to feel guilty about.

Inside the Forrester mansion, Ivy confronted Steffy about Ay's death. "Aly died because of you," Ivy accused. Steffy countered that it had been an emotional few days. Steffy knew that Ivy didn't like her, but Ivy had no right to blame her.

Ivy said she knew exactly what had happened. "She was my cousin too," Ivy said. Steffy wondered why Ivy was accusing her. Ivy reminded Steffy that Aly and Steffy had been the only people on the side of the road. Steffy was stunned that Ivy was holding Steffy responsible. "That's exactly what I'm saying," Ivy said.

Steffy reminded Ivy of what they had all found in Aly's closet -- Aly had destroyed pictures of Steffy. "Aly went ballistic," Steffy maintained. She recalled that Aly had blacked out her eyes and put a nail in her head in one picture.

Steffy added that Aly had driven a nail into her tire so she would veer off the road, and then Aly gotten within inches of hitting Steffy with her car. "And then she tried to attack me. She was ill, Ivy. She completely lost her sanity," Steffy said.

Ivy didn't back down. "What did you think would happen?" Ivy asked. Steffy seemed confused. Ivy insisted that normal, healthy people didn't trip over something and die. Ivy grilled Steffy about what she had told the police. "Is that your story? Is that the truth? Is it not possible that you distorted reality?" Ivy shouted. Steffy maintained that she had done nothing wrong.

Liam and Wyatt entered to a clearly awkward moment between Ivy and Steffy. Liam wondered what was wrong. Steffy said she'd had a disagreement with Ivy. Liam worried about why. Liam said he needed some time alone with Ivy. Wyatt suggested that he and Steffy get some air out on the terrace.

Outside, Wyatt said it was weird that Liam wanted to talk to Ivy. Wyatt worried that Liam was breaking up with Ivy. Steffy said it wasn't her place to say.

Inside, Liam professed that he cared about Ivy. "Are you seriously doing this right now? At my cousin's memorial? This is how you want to do this?" Ivy asked. She was in disbelief that Liam would break up with her at that time.

Ivy knew Liam wanted to be with Steffy. Ivy was angry and felt betrayed. "You finally gave in," Ivy said. Liam maintained that it was more complex. "We've finally been given another chance," Liam said of his relationship with Steffy. He told Ivy that he had loved her, and he grabbed her arm. "Don't touch me," Ivy said.

Ivy maintained that she had been nothing more than someone to fill the time while Steffy was out of the picture. Liam disagreed, but Ivy went off on him. She told him that he clearly wanted to be with someone with no moral center and no conscience. "Then good luck with that," she said. Liam looked confused.

Later, Steffy met with Liam, and he lamented that he had broken up with Ivy after a funeral -- it had been poor timing, but he didn't want to string her along. He noted that Ivy was furious. "She was hurt," Steffy noted. Liam confessed that it was much more intense and that Ivy had been very insulting about Steffy. "I know you're the best decision for my life, and I'm optimistic about our future," Liam said. They kissed.

In another room, Wyatt met with Ivy, and they agreed that Liam had terrible timing to break up with her after her cousin's funeral. Wyatt asked if Ivy had confronted Steffy, and Ivy said she had. She said that Steffy had not admitted to anything. "She wouldn't budge -- not even an ounce of remorse," Ivy said.

Ivy played the video again on her phone of Steffy hitting Aly with the tire iron. Ivy praised Aly as a loyal friend who had been a little withdrawn and in pain. Wyatt and Aly agreed that they all should have done more, but Wyatt said that none of them had known how much help Ivy needed.

Ivy said that Steffy had lied to her father and the police. Wyatt argued that he knew Ivy wanted justice, but she had to be careful. "No one can see this video," he said. Ivy looked confused.

At Forrester, Caroline and Ridge discussed how sad it was that Thorne had lost his wife and his only child. Caroline wished there was something they could do for him. Ridge maintained that they would support him and surround him with family. Thomas stood in the doorway and watched Ridge hug Caroline.

Caroline greeted Thomas and told him they had been talking about Thorne. Thomas said he felt horrible for Thorne. Thomas had wanted to be there for Steffy. He promised to stay. "I've decided to move back to Los Angeles," he said. Ridge wondered if he'd thought it through.

Thomas said it had been on his mind for a while. Caroline defended Ridge's questioning because they wanted Thomas to be happy. Thomas promised to take care of his responsibilities in Paris, but he planned to return to Los Angeles. Ridge announced there were no executive positions in Los Angeles. Thomas understood, but he wanted to join the design team. Ridge wondered if Thomas would be happy.

Thomas said he'd learned all aspects of the business, but he wanted to be a member of the design team. Ridge was skeptical. "The Taboo line was a huge moneymaker, and I backed you in the takeover," Thomas countered.

Thomas added that he had some designs that he felt Ridge and Caroline would like. Ridge asked if Thomas had discussed it with Eric. "Grandad will be thrilled," Thomas said. He added that they needed another Forrester on the design team, "Am I in?" he asked. Ridge said Thomas would have to earn his stripes like everyone else.

Alone in an office, Steffy read an obituary for Aly. She flashed back to the scuffle she'd had with Aly and to Ivy's voice echoing: "It wasn't an accident."

Thorne demands answers regarding Aly's death

Thorne demands answers regarding Aly's death

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Ivy looked at a photo of Aly and flashed back to when she had seen Steffy hit Aly with the tire iron. Wyatt entered and quoted from an article that said the accessories alone in the most recent fashion show warranted a new product line at Forrester. The article praised the design work.

Ivy was distant. Wyatt said it was cause for celebration and expansion. Ivy didn't feel like celebrating. "Steffy's the reason Aly's dead," Ivy said. Wyatt argued, but Quinn entered and interrupted. Quinn advised Wyatt and Ivy that they needed to get on board for expansion.

Quinn ordered Ivy to get Liam "in the loop" for expanding the jewelry line. Ivy wasn't paying attention. Quinn softened and said that she knew Ivy was grieving Aly's death, but they had to get to work.

Thorne entered, and Wyatt greeted him. Quinn stopped talking, and Thorne lamented that it seemed impossible that his daughter could fall, hit her head on a rock, and end up dead. Thorne was angry at Ridge's comments at the memorial service. "He's got to carry on like some arrogant ..."

Wyatt and Ivy defended Ridge's comments that they had all missed signs that Aly needed help. They added that Ridge had been worried about Steffy. "Steffy's alive. My daughter's dead," Thorne said. He wondered how it had happened. Ivy looked away.

Quinn tried to help and offered to take Thorne for a walk. Ivy pointed out that Aly had talked about Thorne and how much she loved him all the time. Thorne was angry and wanted explanations. Quinn took Thorne outside for some fresh air.

Ivy seethed. "Steffy killed her," Ivy said. She wondered if they could remain silent while Thorne suffered. Wyatt insisted that Ivy had to calm down. He reminded her that no matter what Thorne knew, Aly would not return.

Wyatt added that they didn't know everything that had happened between Aly and Steffy. Ivy argued that Thorne should know the truth, but Wyatt said the repercussions would destroy the family and the company.

Ivy lamented that Aly had needed help. She added that Steffy shouldn't have put herself in a situation that confronted Aly. Wyatt said that Aly had attacked Steffy and had tried to hit Steffy with her car. Ivy reminded Wyatt that the video on her phone showed Steffy had hit Ivy with a tire iron.

"I knew she was in trouble that night. I wanted to bring her back," Ivy said of Aly. Ivy lamented that Aly had died on the side of the road. "You're amazing," Wyatt said. He praised the ways she stood up for Aly. "I think it's amazing," he said. Wyatt kissed Ivy.

On the rooftop, two women sat at a table and discussed Aly's death, while Steffy stood nearby. Liam entered and asked them to leave so he could talk to Steffy alone. They left, and Liam announced to Steffy that they had sales through the roof for the new line. Steffy agreed and said they had numerous buyers scheduled to visit the company within the week. Liam promised to handle it. Liam wanted Steffy to get away for a few days.

Steffy refused, but Liam said that she had been through a traumatic experience that most people couldn't even imagine. He wanted to help her, but she said she didn't want to relive it. Liam wanted her to tell him what had happened.

Steffy flashed back to the flat tire and Aly nearly hitting her with her car. Steffy recalled dragging Aly out of her car and Aly's attack on her. Steffy said she should have known that Aly wasn't herself. Aly had claimed that everything decent had been taken from her.

Steffy recalled that, for a moment, Aly had seemed to listen, and she remembered that she had hugged Aly. Then, Aly had gone on the attack again. Liam suggested that was when Aly had fallen and hit her head on a rock, and there was nothing Steffy could have done to prevent it. Steffy said it was all a blur.

In Ridge's office, Ridge seemed distracted while he worked on a design. Caroline worried that he was concerned because his daughter was going through a lot. Ridge agreed. Thomas entered. He shared that Steffy was withdrawn. "It's almost as if she feels responsible," Thomas said.

Caroline said she still couldn't believe that Aly was dead. Thomas wanted to cover for Steffy as president, but Ridge refused his offer. Thomas promised he would earn Ridge's trust.

Thomas teased Caroline and Ridge about their relationship and called it bizarre. Caroline was offended. She asked what he meant, and Thomas noted that he and Caroline were the same age. Ridge interrupted and said that Thomas needed to submit designs. Caroline commented that if Thomas was half as good as Ridge, "then he's better than most," she said.

Thomas vowed to deliver. "Make sure you wear your reading glasses," Thomas sneered at Ridge. Caroline asked if it bothered Ridge. "Don't be ridiculous," Ridge said, and he hugged Caroline.

Caroline left, and Steffy met with Ridge. They discussed that the company had tremendous success due to the California Freedom line. Orders were rolling in. Ridge noticed that Steffy was distant.

Ridge reminded Steffy that it was awful about Aly, but he needed her leadership. He wanted her to stay away from the press and not answer questions from the media because it was a difficult time. Thorne stood in the doorway and overheard the conversation.

"A difficult time for Steffy?" Thorne asked. Ridge maintained that he wanted to protect his daughter and help Thorne. "What about my daughter? Who protected Aly?" Thorne asked.

Ridge and Steffy maintained that they felt terrible. Thorne noted that Ridge had lost a daughter, but he had learned the details of what had happened to Phoebe. Thorne wanted to know the details of what had happened to Aly because he had nothing.

Thorne angrily said that Ridge had trashed Aly in front of family and friends at her memorial service. Ridge argued that he had told everyone they needed to be more aware of cries for help because they had all missed the signs that Aly had been a victim of mental illness.

Thorne didn't let up. He insisted that Steffy had been with Aly when she had died. "You tell me what happened. Tell me!" Thorne demanded. Ridge tried to intervene. "Shut up, Ridge," Thorne said.

Steffy said Aly had been out of control and had tried to hit Steffy with her car. Then Aly had attacked her. "I just tried to defend myself," Steffy said. "I don't believe you. Something else must have happened. Tell me. You tell me," Thorne demanded.

Providing much-needed distractions

Providing much-needed distractions

Thursday, July 30, 2015

In the CEO's office, Thorne didn't believe that Aly had died by tripping and falling on a rock. "And not over a cliff?" he asked. Steffy insisted that Aly had fallen hard. Thorne sensed that something else had happened, and he demanded that Steffy tell him how his daughter had died.

Steffy asserted that Aly had attacked her and had wanted to hurt her, and in Aly's rage, Aly had fallen. Thorne didn't buy it, but Steffy stated that he hadn't been there. Agreeing that he hadn't, he said his little girl had died on the side of the road, but he hadn't been there. He demanded to know how Aly had died and that Steffy tell him at that instant.

Ridge told Thorne that it was enough, and he tried to get Steffy out of the office. Steffy sobbed and said she was sorry. She stated that she would have done things differently if she'd realized how far gone Aly had been. She said Aly had really loved Thorne, and he'd been a good dad.

Steffy exited, and Ridge asked Thorne what he was getting at or trying to accuse Steffy of. Thorne didn't know. Something just wasn't right to him. Ridge replied that Thorne's little girl was gone, and it never would be right. Patting Thorne's chest, Ridge said Thorne needed to cry, grieve, and tear up the room if need be. Ridge was there for Thorne but wouldn't allow Thorne to blame Steffy.

In Rick's old office, Ivy pulled back from Wyatt's kiss and asked what he was doing. Wyatt claimed to be stopping her from obsessing. Ivy said she couldn't stop envisioning Steffy and the tire iron. Wyatt pledged to help Ivy in whatever way he could. He said they could talk to Steffy or the police -- whatever it took. He didn't care, as long as she understood he wanted to be there.

Wyatt kissed Ivy again, and Ivy asked if he was distracting her. He said he wasn't but figured she actually did need a distraction. He decided that she'd have dinner with him at his house that evening.

Later at the beach house, Ivy grimaced, exclaiming that her food was too spicy. Wyatt said she'd insisted upon it, and she replied that she hadn't wanted to look like a wuss. He replied that he'd never think that -- especially after the last few days. To him, Ivy had been strong while losing Aly and Liam. He wanted her to know that he'd be there for her for anything she needed, and Ivy asked if he'd swap dishes with her.

After the meal, Wyatt and Ivy drank wine and watched the ocean. She said he'd accomplished his mission of getting her to forget her pain for a night. He was glad because he'd wanted to give her a night that was just for her. She called him gentlemanly. Chuckling, he replied that he tried to be at times.

Ivy acknowledged that Wyatt had to be hurting, too, because Liam and Steffy were together. Wyatt admitted that he'd gotten his hopes up, but he didn't know the good of dwelling on it -- especially when a bad thing turned out to be really good. He motioned her forward, and they kissed.

As Ivy and Wyatt made out, Ivy asked if they could take it slow. Slow was good for Wyatt. He kissed her neck. Flashing to Steffy striking Aly, Ivy jerked. He asked what was wrong. She sighed and hugged him.

In the sky lounge, Caroline found Thomas working out. She said she still had a way to go before she could do the same. He recalled being a little panicked when he'd heard about her being hit by a car, but he'd realized that if anyone could make it through with a smile on her face, it would be Caroline.

Thomas guessed his father had helped her with her recovery and wondered how the relationship had formed. Caroline was surprised that Thomas and Ridge hadn't talked about it. She explained how things had been after the helicopter incident and that she'd become Ridge's drawing tool. Thomas remarked that one could leave it to his father to pick the prettiest tool in the shed.

Caroline preferred to be called "muse," and Thomas joked that he'd always wanted a stepmother younger than he, just like the other kids on his street. Caroline got a message from Ridge that he wanted her to meet him at home. Thomas joked that his father's young girlfriend was teaching his father some new tricks, like leaving work for a change. Caroline said she'd see Thomas later.

At Ridge's loft later, Ridge showed Caroline a picture of Aly that he'd "stolen" from the memorial. He didn't know where to put it, and Caroline suggested the mantel. He repeated that he didn't know where to put "it," and he was tired of losing people. She replied that he wouldn't lose her, and she kissed him.

As Ridge and Caroline had sex, Thomas was at the office, sketching Caroline's face on a pad.

At the cliff house, Katie was glad to hear that Liam had made his choice -- even though she'd believed that Ivy had been a refreshing choice. Bill asked what the point was of continuing a relationship bound for nowhere, and he was glad that Liam had handled things like a man -- more or less.

Katie asked how Ivy had taken it. Liam replied that Ivy hadn't taken it well, but he'd had to be honest. Before she and Bill left, Katie said she believed that Ivy would be just fine, eventually.

Later, Steffy arrived, still upset by her talk with Thorne. Liam said she had to remember that Thorne wasn't thinking straight, and Steffy knew that it had been just an accident. Steffy pursed her lips.

Deciding Steffy needed to unwind, Liam poured some wine and said he wouldn't let Thorne blame her for Aly's death, which wasn't her fault. Liam figured Thorne just didn't want to hear the truth.

Steffy asked if Liam would want to hear that his daughter had jammed a nail into someone's tire and had tried to run them over. Steffy said it was tragic to lose Aly to such a horrific accident. Liam noted that it hadn't been entirely an accident, and Aly had targeted Steffy and tried to run her over.

Liam figured that the truth of it was eating at Thorne. Liam said Thorne wasn't ready to place the blame on Aly yet. Liam believed Steffy was strong enough to bear it, knowing that Thorne's pain and disillusionment wasn't about her. Liam said all that mattered was that Steffy knew what had happened.

In the bedroom later, Liam said it felt natural to be together again. Steffy agreed. He remarked that she was the prodigal wife, and she added that she was right where she should have been all along. She didn't want him to resent her. Liam replied that she'd returned with her arms swinging, fighting for them. Steffy told him that he could trust her, and she was never leaving him.

Liam said he wouldn't let Steffy. He and Steffy kissed again and had sex.

The son also rises -- if the father allows it

The son also rises -- if the father allows it

Friday, July 31, 2015

In Rick's old office, Thomas was joking with Caroline about the way Ridge had summoned her home the other night. Caroline didn't see it that way. Thomas wondered what the couple even had in common, and she said he'd be surprised. She added that she and Ridge got each other, and they were a team. Thomas figured it meant that if she liked something, Ridge would, too.

Thomas showed Caroline one of his designs and asked for her opinion. Caroline stared at it, and he grew anxious. She claimed to be absorbing it, and he concluded that she didn't like it. She replied that it was good, but if he wanted it to fit in with the new collection, he had to make some changes.

Caroline recommended changes and advised Thomas to design for every body type. She said the collection was about embracing uniqueness and celebrating whatever the woman was. Thomas thanked her for the tip and asked her to wish him luck in presenting it to Ridge. She said he didn't need luck, and before he knew it, he'd the third member of the new line's design team.

In the CEO's office, Quinn met with Ridge and a model to present a necklace. Quinn explained to Ridge that she was new school. Ridge asked if she meant that he was out of touch. She replied that what he, as a couture designer, would see as over the top, she'd see as a bold statement.

Quinn put the necklace on the model. Ridge observed it and decided that he saw Quinn's point. He offered to meet in the middle by having her remove some stones from it. Grinning, Quinn told him that she could do that, and she excitedly left the office.

At the sky lounge, Brooke still wasn't used to Deacon popping up at Forrester. Deacon said it was a benefit of his marriage, but it had to be driving Ridge crazy, which was worth the price of admission. Brooke asked if Deacon was paying a price for his marriage. He claimed to be a happy man. Brooke warned that it was a spell, and with a naughty grin, Deacon agreed.

Quinn arrived and paused upon seeing Deacon and Brooke together. She approached them. Deacon was glad to see her, and even though Hope wasn't there, he was enjoying being with two of his favorite women. She asked if she was interrupting a personal moment, and Brooke said they'd just been discussing her. Quinn assumed that Brooke had been poisoning Deacon against her, and Brooke asked if Quinn had always been so paranoid.

Quinn noted that Brooke had stooped so low as to video-conference Hope in to stop the wedding. Relaying that Deacon claimed to be a happy man, Brooke asked how she could be anything but happy for him. For Deacon's sake, Quinn asked Brooke to be genuinely happy. Brooke said she accepted the marriage. Deciding it was progress, Quinn stated that she wasn't bad at heart and hadn't done anything crazy for months. "Keep up the good work," Brooke replied.

Deacon asked about Quinn's meeting with Ridge, and Quinn said it had gone surprisingly well. Brooke asked if Ridge hadn't been being nice. Quinn explained that Ridge was aloof, his own personal interpretation of niceness, but she'd learned that he could also compromise. Deacon said it meant Ridge valued her work and her opinions. Brooke assumed Quinn was happy working with Ridge.

Quinn noted that she appreciated Rick, who'd rehired her, but Ridge had improved morale. Things were fun, creative, and alive again. She assumed there would be new blood infused into the business because Thomas wanted to return, and Thomas seemed like he got what he wanted.

After Brooke had left, Quinn was amazed by the civil interaction they'd all just had but felt that Brooke's new warmth hadn't melted Brooke's icy exterior. Quinn wondered how the warm-blooded Deacon had connected with the woman, but she quickly decided she didn't really want to know.

Deacon said Quinn was a fantastic partner, and he appreciated her effort. Quinn replied that she'd do anything for him, and she couldn't believe she was in a working marriage. He asked if she'd doubted them, but she replied that she'd doubted her ability to do "the wife thing." Quinn hadn't thought she'd had room for more than her career and son in her life, but walking into a bar one night had changed everything.

Quinn asked if Deacon sometimes looked at Brooke and wish he was single. "Never. You're everything I want, and you are everything I need," Deacon responded, and Quinn kissed him.

Later, Brooke looked for Thomas in Rick's old office, but she found Caroline instead. Caroline said Brooke could wait there, and Brooke murmured that it was her day for character building.

After the women remarked upon Aly's death, Brooke asked about the relationship with Ridge. Caroline didn't think they should go there. Brooke didn't know how to avoid it because Ridge and Caroline were a couple. Brooke remarked that things were going well for the pair personally and at the company. Caroline said it would be even better because Ridge would probably hire Thomas.

Brooke was surprised to hear that Thomas was "showing" Ridge designs instead of being hired outright. Caroline said Thomas been over corporate for a long time and wanted to return to design, but Ridge wanted Thomas to earn it just like everyone else.

Brooke recalled that Caroline and Thomas had once been a couple. Caroline replied that it had been a lifetime earlier. There had been a lot of growth, and Caroline didn't even recognize the girl she'd been back then. Brooke remarked that Caroline had made quite an impression on Thomas -- and Rick.

Caroline said Brooke was opening a huge can of worms. Brooke asked if Caroline regretted being there. Caroline said being there had been the best decision she'd ever made. "Well, then, you're welcome," Brooke replied. Caroline admitted that she had Brooke to thank for it, but she still felt awkward talking to Brooke about Ridge. Brooke assured Caroline that she didn't want Ridge back.

"Right. Because if you did, you can have him just like that," Caroline quipped, snapping her fingers. Embarrassed, Brooke giggled. Caroline said she was in love, and with Thomas back, Forrester would return to its roots of having fathers and sons creating together, which was what Ridge wanted.

Back in the CEO's office, Sarah asked if Thomas was there for good. Ridge replied that if Thomas had his way, he'd be a permanent fixture. Thomas arrived. Ridge told Sarah to ask Thomas directly about his future plans. Thomas told the embarrassed Sarah that he'd know after the meeting. Taking her number, he said he'd call sometime.

Sarah left, and Thomas remarked that it was weird to have models flirting with him instead of Ridge. "Well, the son also rises," Ridge replied. Thomas hoped it didn't bother Ridge because, in Thomas' view, it was exactly what was about to happen.

Thomas had designs to present. Believing it was soon, Ridge remarked that attention to detail beat fast and furious. Thomas was ready to get back to work, but there was "this dog-and-pony show." Ridge asked if proving oneself was that kind of show. Thomas said they both knew what he could offer, but they'd do it Ridge's way.

Thomas pulled out a sketch. He said Caroline had liked it, and Ridge would, too. Ridge wanted Thomas to spend more time with the design first to see what it would tell him. Thomas replied that it was how Ridge worked, but Thomas was allowed to have his own style. Ridge said his son could benefit from Ridge's experience. Claiming it was what he was trying to do, Thomas urged Ridge to take a look.

Ridge studied the design. Thomas noted how he'd blended his sensual style with his father's classic hallmarks. Thomas wanted to depict father and son moving forward in Forrester's traditional style. Ridge asked if Thomas really wanted his opinion. Thomas did. Ridge ripped the design in two.

Livid, Thomas said he'd worked all night on it. Ridge saw no point in keeping what didn't work. Ridge needed cutting edge. Thomas argued that it was what everyone in Paris was wearing. Ridge didn't care what people wore that day, he cared about what they'd wear the next day.

Ridge felt that Thomas should be embarrassed by the design. Ridge couldn't believe that "this" was what Thomas had presented for a bid to work with Caroline and Ridge, designers that thousands of visionaries wanted to work with. Ridge noted that Thomas had had his own line, experience, and success, and he asked if Thomas had gotten lazy in Paris.

Thomas couldn't believe it. "Believe it! Look at me!" Ridge responded. Ridge asked if Thomas expected a job because he was Ridge's son. "If you truly believe that this is the best you can come up with, you'd be the last person I'd hire," Ridge concluded.

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