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Caroline's divorce became final, but she was dismayed to hear that Ridge had no desire to father another child. The wedding of Maya's dreams became an emotional nightmare when she overheard how her father truly felt about her and her marriage.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 3, 2015 on B&B
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No means yes?

No means yes?

Monday, August 3, 2015

At the sky lounge, Quinn and Deacon were smooching when Eric pulled out a pad to write them up for public displays of affection while on the job. Eric asked how their marriage was. Quinn said it was going well, despite Brooke trying to prevent it. Eric stated that Brooke had been wary -- with good reason.

Later, Eric was in Rick's old office with Quinn, complimenting her work. Quinn said that the new CEO had been complimentary as well. She assumed that Ridge's takeover hadn't sat well with Eric. Eric replied that Ridge took whatever he wanted. "The way he took Brooke from you?" Quinn asked.

Eric said it had been a long time back, and fathers and sons had complicated relationships. Quinn relayed that she'd heard Thomas wanted to be on the design team. Eric believed it was a good thing; however, he hoped Thomas had inherited Ridge's designs skills -- and not Ridge's other traits.

In Rick's old office, Caroline was typing out a message. Brooke asked if it was premature of Caroline to hint that Forrester was about to make a game-changing announcement. Caroline asked if Brooke had a problem with a father-son collaboration. Brooke felt that it had worked for Ridge and Eric, and it would for Ridge and Thomas -- as long as Caroline refereed.

Caroline didn't think she had to do it because the men respected each other, and the designs were all that mattered. Brooke guessed that Caroline had seen Thomas' designs and asked what Caroline thought. Caroline didn't think her opinion mattered. Brooke said Caroline wasn't giving herself enough credit, and Caroline was Ridge's muse, inspiration, and confidante -- everything Brooke had been.

A message from Caroline's parents interrupted the conversation, and the topic turned to parents worrying into a child's adulthood. Caroline said that Ridge had nothing to worry about with Thomas, who knew what he wanted. Brooke added that Thomas wanted a place on the design team, and Caroline was anxious to know how Thomas' meeting with Ridge had gone.

In the CEO's office, Thomas couldn't believe Ridge was serious. Very serious, Ridge said the CEO's son got no free rides. Thomas claimed to just want Ridge's opinion. Ridge replied that he'd given it, and if the design was the best Thomas had, Thomas wouldn't be on the team.

Ridge saw nothing wrong in pushing oneself to be the best. Thomas thought it was easy for the boss to say because he called the shots at the office -- and with the women in his life. Ridge asked where that statement was from. Before leaving, Thomas said that, as a young designer, he'd been soaking in what was going on, and someday, someone might tell Ridge that he was out of touch and out of date.

Later, Brooke arrived and mentioned that Caroline had gone home to rest at her parents' behest. Ridge wondered why he couldn't get Caroline to rest, but he was impressed with how she'd recovered and gotten back to work.

Ridge received a message from Caroline. Brooke guessed Caroline had said that she hadn't wanted to interrupt the meeting with Thomas, and she was at home, awaiting Ridge in something silky. Ridge asked how Brooke could read his text messages from the other side of the phone, and Brooke reminded him that she had once been the one to wait for him at home. "Now look at me," she said.

Ridge told Brooke that she could have any man she wanted. "But not the men that are taken," she added. Brooke found it strange that she'd always known she'd win over Taylor, but there had turned out to be someone else -- someone younger.

Ridge asked if Brooke had given Caroline a hard time about it. Brooke remarked that Caroline was as young as Ridge's daughter, but Brooke guessed Ridge had felt the same way when Brooke had married Eric. Ridge believed that the triangle still affected his relationship with his father. Brooke remarked that it was the way Ridge had taken the company from Eric and Rick that had done it.

Brooke picked up the ripped design and looked questioningly at Ridge. Ridge said that it had been Thomas', but Ridge had ripped it up. Brooke asked why Ridge hadn't showed a little diplomacy. Ridge tried to explain himself but concluded that Brooke might be right. He wanted Thomas to grow and not get by on his name.

Ridge said Eric hadn't let Ridge do it, but Ridge and Thomas were very different. Brooke didn't see how it was so. She said that Thomas was committed, angry, rebellious, and charming. Ridge denied being angry but did recall being as charming as hell. Brooke warned that Thomas' charm was dangerous, and it would be hard for a woman to deny him.

At Ridge's loft, Thomas arrived while Caroline awaited Ridge in a robe. Thomas was livid that Ridge had ripped up his design. Thomas said Ridge's message had been clear about Thomas being a pale imitation of Ridge. Caroline asked if Thomas wanted her to talk to Ridge.

Thomas was fine with his father putting him through it. He recalled that Ridge had torn up a lot of things, including the great family they'd had. Caroline asked Thomas to wait there to talk to Ridge, who should arrive soon. Caroline got up to get some wine, but her ankles were too stiff to stand on. She said Ridge usually rubbed them for her, and Thomas offered to do it.

Caroline thought it was sweet but wanted Ridge to do it. Thomas said that she was in pain, and he propped her ankles on his lap. As he worked on them, she thanked him but said he didn't have to do it. He told her to think of him as a stand-in for his father, and he joked it would win him some points.

"Oh, so he poo-poohed your initial design," Caroline said. She believed that Ridge just had certain expectations. Thomas had some, too, and one was not to have his work destroyed because Ridge was ticked about something else. She asked what made Thomas say that. Thomas replied that his father had "never not been" supportive. She replied that Ridge was happy to have Thomas back in town.

Caroline was happy for it, too. Thomas asked if being with Ridge was boring, but she said Ridge was an exciting man. "For his age," Thomas quipped. She replied that it was for any age, and age and maturity didn't always go hand-in-hand. She sensed that being abroad had matured Thomas, and Ridge would soon see it. Thomas said that the beautiful Caroline had high hopes, but they'd get dashed once Ridge moved on.

Thomas apologized. Caroline said that Ridge wasn't like that and asked if it was so hard to believe he'd found something with her. Thomas didn't find it hard to believe. Stroking her leg, he said he remembered seeing her legs when she'd stepped out of the limo upon her arrival to town, and he'd known it wouldn't last with her and Rick.

Caroline said that if she'd known then what she did "now," she would have made a different choice. Thomas stated that he'd left town, she'd gotten with his father, and they'd both made mistakes. He began kissing her leg. She asked what he was doing and told him to leave. He went to the door, but instead of leaving, he locked it.

Caroline asked what Thomas was doing. He sat on the couch, yanked her onto his lap and began kissing her. Caroline told him that she couldn't. He said that he'd lost her once, and he wouldn't do it again. "No," she breathlessly replied, but Thomas said, "Yes."

Living in the moment

Living in the moment

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

At Ridge's place, Thomas said he had stayed away for too long, but he was back and was there for Caroline. He tried to kiss her again, but she told him that she'd said she couldn't. He asked what was stopping her. "That's what I thought," he stated in her silence, and he kissed her again.

Ridge knocked on the front door. Thomas snapped out of his fantasy and discovered that he was still only massaging Caroline's ankles. Caroline asked Thomas to open the door because Ridge had probably forgotten his keys again.

Thomas let Ridge in, and Caroline explained that Thomas had been massaging her ankles like Ridge usually did. Thomas didn't know what good he'd done, but she said her ankles felt better. Thomas decided he should probably go, but Ridge asked if Thomas hadn't been there to lay into Ridge. Thomas felt that Ridge deserved it, but he didn't want to get into a big fight with his father.

Ridge didn't want it, either. He was glad Thomas was there because he wanted to apologize to Thomas. Ridge said he'd gone too far in making his point, and Thomas had needed someone to encourage him, not toss his work out. Ridge knew Thomas could do better, and he was pushing Thomas because Ridge believed in Thomas and wanted him to trust his instincts.

Thomas decided that he hadn't needed to take things so personally, and he wanted to go back to the office to work on some designs. Ridge offered to have them all draw at the loft, and Caroline echoed him, saying they could draw together. Thomas declined because he needed to clear his head, and he left.

Ridge and Caroline cuddled on the sofa. Ridge regretted tearing up the design. Caroline asked why he'd done it. He shrugged, saying it hadn't been up to their standards. She said she'd seen it, and it hadn't been terrible. He relayed that people didn't want to buy "not terrible," and Thomas had acted as if it had been ready for production. She replied that Ridge had certainly settled the thought of it.

Ridge reminded Caroline that he'd apologized, which hadn't been easy for him. Caroline said it might not have fixed things, but Thomas had left a lot less upset. Ridge figured that Thomas had been there to vent to Caroline. Ridge figured the apology hadn't helped because Thomas hadn't even wanted to draw with Ridge. Caroline said there was no better motivation than trying to prove someone wrong.

The couple began making out, but a message interrupted them. Caroline said Rick had forwarded a message from his attorney that the divorce was final, and the marriage was over. Caroline felt disillusioned because she'd never failed at anything.

Ridge told Caroline that she hadn't failed; it just hadn't worked out. It felt like an excuse to Caroline. Ridge replied that one could work as hard as he could, but sometimes things just didn't work out. She conveyed that she'd always thought that if she followed her checklist, her life with turn out to be what she'd thought it would be.

Ridge told Caroline that sometimes they bumped into things and had to change direction. Caroline saw herself as reaching goals she set for herself. He said she wouldn't reach them with Rick. She had admitted that she'd thought she could, and she imagined that having kids with Rick would have made the divorce much harder. Ridge agreed.

Caroline assured Ridge that it had been the right decision, and she wanted him to know that she was happy and in a much better place with him. It hadn't been what she'd expected or planned. "Just live in the moment," he uttered, and they kissed.

At Forrester, Zende arrived in the CEO's office and chatted with Brooke about how much he was learning as an intern. He remarked that all the interns had been doing well, including Nicole, who he was sure had made an impression at Forrester. Brooke said that Nicole was very young but had matured during her time there with Maya.

Brooke felt it was good that Zende was there because they needed more Forresters. Zende said Thomas was back, and she replied that Thomas' homecoming hadn't been as happy as Zende's. Zende assumed it was because of Aly's memorial. Brooke said it was that and the sketch Ridge had ripped up because it hadn't met Ridge's standards.

Zende thought it was harsh to rip it up. Brooke agreed, but she believed that Ridge knew what Thomas was capable of and wanted him to be the best he could be.

Zende remarked upon how difficult it might be for Thomas to return to town. Brooke knew the feeling. She'd returned home to see that many things had changed with Rick and his marriage, Quinn and Deacon, and Ridge and Caroline. Zende said he'd been shocked by the latter. Brooke stated that the designers might make a great team, but not a great couple in the long run.

Zende asked what Brooke meant. Brooke said the pair had work in common, but Ridge and Caroline's futures might be different. Brooke didn't think the two had much in common outside of work.

Later, Zende arrived at the sky lounge to work out. He saw Thomas furiously pumping weights and guessed it was about Ridge. Zende said it wasn't "going around the office," but Brooke had confided that Ridge had ripped up Thomas' design. Zende said it was no wonder Thomas was so revived up. Thomas claimed his mood was about something else.

Thomas told Zende that Ridge hadn't retracted his statement, but he'd apologized. Thomas hoped Ridge wasn't so harsh with Caroline. Thomas wanted the best for Caroline -- especially after Rick had derailed her dreams of family and children, and Thomas didn't think those things were an option for her anymore.

Zende assumed Thomas was saying that Caroline wanted children, but Ridge didn't. Shrugging, Thomas said Ridge had kids already and probably didn't want to return to diaper duty. Zende reasoned that Ridge might it if mattered to Caroline. Thomas wasn't sure but said she might have changed Ridge.

Thomas didn't want Caroline to get burned like his mother, Brooke, or Katie. He loved Ridge but said Ridge wasn't dependable for women. Thomas believed that Ridge sold the women on idyllic futures, but Thomas had never seen them actualized -- not once.

Love trumps motherhood

Love trumps motherhood

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

In the CEO's office, Brooke was glad that Ridge had apologized to Thomas for ripping up the design. She believed Ridge had been harsh because he wanted the best for his son. Thomas wondered if Ridge had Caroline's best interest at heart. Brooke questioned why he'd single out Caroline.

Thomas said he was probably being overprotective, but Brooke knew that an involvement with Ridge wasn't smart. Brooke admitted that she'd been wary of the relationship at first, but she'd seen how they could be a good couple. She didn't know why Thomas wasn't giving it a chance.

Thomas said his father "ends things." He'd seen it happen with Brooke and Taylor, and he didn't want it for Caroline. Brooke began to doubt that Thomas' problem was Ridge. She wondered if Thomas had feelings for Caroline. Thomas hesitated, and Brooke decided it wasn't her business.

Brooke hadn't meant to put Thomas on the spot, but she'd sensed that there was more. Thomas flashed back to first meeting Caroline. Brooke said he'd been interested when Caroline had first arrived in town and wondered if he had become interested in Caroline again -- especially "now" that she wasn't married. Thomas claimed it was a move of his father's, but Thomas didn't play games like that.

Brooke believed Ridge had grown after his helicopter "accident," which had been a humbling experience. She felt it was possible for Caroline and Ridge to be together for a long time. Thomas said the extraordinary Caroline deserved a guy who'd stick around and let her be what she wanted to be.

Brooke didn't believe Ridge would hurt Caroline or keep her from doing anything she wanted to do. Thomas said it was adventurous with Ridge at first, but it always ended in tears.

At Ridge's place, Ridge was empathetic to Caroline for going through a divorce. Caroline said the issue was letting go of a vision and a life. Ridge joked that the bright side was that he was no longer sleeping with a married woman, and he suggested that they slip into something more comfortable.

Later, Caroline and Ridge lounged on the bed with wine and a cheese and fruit plate. She wanted to languish there without a care. Ridge said she could do so because there was a lot to process. Caroline relayed that it was a time of letting go of plans she'd made for herself. She hadn't seen herself being "here" at that stage in her life. She'd thought she'd be more settled and sure of the future.

Ridge said that Caroline was in Venice Beach with her handsome prince. He asked what more she could possibly want. "I want to have a baby," Caroline responded. Ridge was taken off guard. She realized she'd dropped something big on him, and he probably didn't know what to say; however, it had been something she'd been thinking of since childhood.

Ridge asked why they couldn't just be in the moment. Caroline was his girl. She was it for him, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Caroline wanted that, too, but she asked about starting a family together. Ridge replied that he'd had a family. "Now," all he wanted was a life with Caroline. He didn't want to share her with anyone.

Caroline understood. She admired the way Ridge was with his children, but she wanted her have her own child, too. Ridge remarked that they'd never discussed it before. She replied that they'd been getting to know each other and dealing with Rick and work.

Caroline felt that her divorce day was a good time to talk about it. She was terrified at the thought of being a mother, but she also feared never getting to be one. Ridge understood and thought she'd be a wonderful mother. She thanked him.

Caroline said her accident had put things into perspective. She was thankful for little moments; however, before one knew it, five and then ten years passed, and one began to think about what she'd wished she'd done and had. For her, the wish was a family.

Caroline tearfully said she wanted the joy Ridge had with her children, and she asked if he'd consider having kids with her. Ridge wiped a tear away. He said that if he were twenty years younger, he would have a thousand children with her. "I just can't see myself being a father again," he uttered.

Ridge wanted Caroline to have a fulfilled life. He wanted her to have everything she wanted. If he lost her, it would kill him. Caroline didn't want to lose him, either. He asked what they'd do. She really wanted a child and to be a mother. Sobbing, she said she'd known about their age and life-experience differences from the start, and she didn't want him to think it was an ultimatum.

Caroline cried that she didn't want Ridge to think she felt she'd been led on, and he'd always been honest. Part of her had always known he felt that way, but she'd had to know if there was the slightest chance he'd be open to it. It was hard for her to hear that he wasn't, but if she had to choose between motherhood and Ridge, she'd always choose him. Ridge clasped her hands and kissed them.

Ridge and Caroline stretched out on the bed together. Ridge held Caroline as she suppressed tears.

In the Forrester showroom, Nicole was enlisting Othello's help to turn some of her lyrics and beats into hits. He called her a renaissance woman, into modeling, music, and computers. As for modeling, the "zombie" walk wasn't for her, and if it was up to her, she'd put on a real show. He dared her to do it at that moment -- unless she was all talk. She told him that he was about to be schooled.

From behind the door, Zende grinned as Nicole took the stage. Othello used his equipment to announce her as Forrester's lead model, Miss Nicole Avant. Nicole danced and pranced down the runway. She did the "Roger Rabbit" and the "Percolator" dances. Zende slipped in. Othello announced Zende, who climbed on stage and danced with her to the song, "Let's Rock It Out."

Afterward, Othello greeted Zende. He said it was good to have Zende back in the city, and Othello didn't want him taking off for Miami anytime soon. Looking at Nicole, Zende replied that he had reasons to stay. Nicole raved about the city, and Othello remarked that Zende had a live one there.

"Now for the showstopper," Othello said. He lit a crystal ball above the stage, played a slow song, and left the room.

Nicole said the scene reminded her of her prom, but her school had been too low budget for a crystal ball. She asked if Zende's school had had one. He didn't know. She was shocked that he hadn't gone to his prom. Taking her hand, he replied that it was never too late, and they began to dance. Zende asked who was leading. "Me. Get used to it," she responded and placed her head against his shoulder.

Julius's questions raised questions

Julius's questions raised questions

Thursday, August 6, 2015

At Forrester, Eric and Brooke were finishing up work to head to the mansion for the big night ahead. Brooke believed Rick had found his match and remarked that Maya was well adjusted -- considering her parents. She thought the mother was sweet, but the father...Eric called Julius a piece of work, and Brooke stated that Julius had better be on his best behavior.

In Rick's old office, Zende didn't know why Nicole questioned Julius' sincerity. Nicole figured Zende had grown up as a Forrester and didn't know what it was like for someone who'd struggled in life.

Zende recalled that a few weeks after his adoption, his parents had bragged about how perfectly he'd make his bed, but they'd figured out that he'd been sleeping on the floor to avoid messing up the bed. She apologized because she sometimes forgot how it had been for him.

At the mansion, Rick was delighted that he and Maya would get married the next day.

At the front door, the Avants entered. As Julius placed a bow-wrapped golf club off to the side, Vivienne told him that they shouldn't just walk into the house. He replied that their daughter lived there. He cooed about the extravagance of the home and said it was a whole new social echelon, one she wasn't used to. Vivienne grimaced at him.

Julius wondered who was paying for the wedding. "I'm not," he said. He stated that he might be the "father of the bride, or whatever that is," but he couldn't do it. Vivienne said the Forresters were too gracious to mention money. He refused to be a no-class pauper with nothing to offer in return.

Rick entered from the study and said Maya would be happy to have them. Julius asked about Rick running International and if he had houses all over the world. Vivienne cut off the conversation by discussing how hard she'd clapped for Maya at the fashion show.

Maya hurried over to greet her parents. Vivienne complimented her white dress. Julius quipped that she always looked like a model wherever she went.

Later, Rick and Maya entered the house from the balcony. Rick was telling Maya that the rehearsal, led by Nick, had gone well, and he'd asked Zende and Nicole to tell the guests to return inside for dinner. Maya murmured that her father had behaved, but it had only been the rehearsal.

Vivienne entered with Julius, who was whirling Champagne in his glass. He asked how he'd done, marching Maya up to the preacher. Maya explained that Nick wasn't ordained, and they weren't having a religious ceremony. Julius asked who Nick was, and she replied that he was a dear friend whom she'd asked to perform the ceremony.

"Oh, so this is a play wedding," Julius concluded. Rick said it was official, and Nick had gone to the courthouse to be deputized. "California freedom," Julius quipped and walked to the server for a drink for Vivienne.

Nicole and Zende approached, holding champagne flutes. Nicole explained to her mother that Zende was a Forrester by adoption. Julius called it the luck of the draw. Zende didn't think so. He said he'd chosen his parents, and they'd chosen him.

A server handed out caviar. Julius ate it and tried not to spit it out. Zende asked if everything was okay. Julius said it was great, and he didn't want to insult his host's taste in caviar. Vivienne said it was salt made into jelly. "Don't embarrass yourself, darling," Julius said.

Nearby, Eric and Brooke approached Rick and Maya. Eric complimented the décor that Brooke and Maya had done together. Eric said Brooke loved everything about weddings. "Especially getting married," Rick quipped.

Later, Julius asked for a moment with Eric. Julius remarked that Eric was retired. Eric replied that he sort of was. Julius presented Eric with the golf club as a gift, but Eric stated that he didn't play golf. In a hopeful tone, Julius said Eric might want to start.

Nicole and Maya huddled, watching the fathers interact, until Eric walked away without the golf club. Maya asked if Nicole thought Julius was really trying. Nicole said it was never wrong to hope.

Later, Brooke and Eric were with the Avant parents. Vivienne was excited and nervous. It was a day she'd never thought she'd see. Julius said it was hard for a man to reach the understanding that he'd never be a grandfather. Eric replied that the couple could adopt when the time was right.

Rick approached with Nick to make introductions. Nick was excited to be justice of the peace for a day, and he really wanted to see Maya get married. Julius asked how long Nick had known Maya. Nick remarked that it had been since she'd first arrived in Los Angeles. Julius asked if it had been the first or second time, but Eric interrupted to ask if they should be doing something nuptial, like a toast.

As the others went for drinks, Julius said Nick looked strong and was probably a golfer. Nick agreed. Julius remarked that Eric had a fine new putter and just needed clubs and a teacher. Nick didn't know if he could teach a sport that he found frustrating at times.

Assuming Nick probably had lost his cool on the course before, Julius said it happened to them all. "Testosterone. You can't just pack it up and put it in a drawer," Julius remarked, chuckling.

"Actually, you can, as long as it's not past its expiration date," Nick joked. Julius' expression flattened, and Nick hurriedly said everyone was ready for them and the toast.

Vivienne began the toasts. She spoke about how grateful and thankful she was to know that her daughter was happy and successful. Nick toasted to his two dearest friends, and his new friend, Julius. Julius did not smile or toast. Brooke and Eric spoke together, wishing the couple a life of happiness.

Rick toasted to Maya and said the world was a better place because of her. He couldn't wait to make her a Forrester. Rick and Maya kissed. Maya smiled at her father, but he didn't smile back.

Julius went to the balcony. Maya followed him. He told her that she was neglecting her guests. She said she needed to know if he wanted to be there and what he did or didn't feel about her. Julius had hoped his presence was enough.

Maya said there had been years that Julius had wanted nothing to do with her. Julius tried to get her to see that he was from a different generation, one that didn't discuss things like "this." Maya couldn't believe there weren't other kids like her. Julius said that if there had been, they might have been pretending that they weren't.

Maya refused to pretend. She felt at home within herself. Having her family would be her dream, but for it to happen, Julius had to accept her as she was. He said she couldn't expect him to overturn everything he'd ever felt with one snap of his fingers. He knew he'd "come up short" with her. He'd had some problems, but he claimed it was all behind him.

Julius had begun to see things differently about who Maya was and what she'd done with her life. He knew she doubted his sincerity, but he really did want to be a part of her life. Maya thanked him.

Rick called Maya over to ask if she was okay. She said Julius had said the things she'd needed to hear, and her heart was very full. Rick said that whether or not her father would change, what Rick and Maya had was what they had. Maya agreed and said that the next day, she'd begin a new chapter in her life. She felt that she had been born to be his wife. Rick said that in a few hours, she'd be Maya Forrester.

By the balcony, Eric apologized about the golf club but appreciated Julius' generosity. Brooke thanked the Avants for Maya, a blessing to their family. Brooke and Eric ambled off. Julius glared at Rick and Maya as they hugged.

You almost got me

You almost got me

Friday, August 7, 2015

At the mansion, Maya placed her wedding garment bag on the bed. Rick and she text-messaged each other about their wedding excitement. Downstairs, Brooke hoped Rick wasn't exchanging selfies and said it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Bridget entered, asking if it was okay for the groom to see his sister. "Bridget!" Rick exclaimed, hugging her.

Beforehand, Bridget had said she couldn't make it, but she'd figured out how to get time off so she wouldn't miss another family event. The Avants arrived, and Rick enthusiastically introduced them to his sister, "Budge." Vivienne asked if Bridget was in the fashion business. Bridget said she dabbled, and Rick joked that his sister was a doctor, which was a family embarrassment they didn't talk about.

Later, Bridget greeted Zende, who she claimed had grown "so much" since she and Logan had seen him the previous year in Miami. She explained that Logan was "glamping" with Owen and Jackie in a camper with a tub. Bridget noticed Katie arriving, and Bill walked in, too.

Rick rushed to the door to make Bill leave. Bill said he wasn't there to ruin the wedding day. He was there to apologize. Rick assumed Katie had put Bill up to it, but she said she couldn't make Bill do anything he didn't want to do. Bill said there was something wrong with him, not being invited to the wedding of Katie's nephew.

Bill wanted to stay for the wedding to show that he respected that they'd withstood all he'd thrown at them and had still made it to that day. Rick replied that Bill had hurt Maya, so she'd decide.

Nearby, Brooke asked if there were any special doctors in Bridget's life. Bridget asked if Brooke wanted Bridget to set her up. Brooke replied that she was enjoying the single life, and Bridget stated that she was spending her time concentrating on her son.

At the door, Eric greeted Nick and Carter and asked how Carter liked Nick taking over the wedding duties. Carter was glad to be able to sit back and enjoy a wedding.

Upstairs, bridesmaid Nicole arrived to help Maya get ready. Maya recalled helping her mother set up for potluck weddings. Maya would sneak off to see the bride, who'd always been joyful and nervous. Maya had known that she'd wanted it someday, and she'd been picturing it for a long time.

Maya sent Nicole to find Nick. Rick arrived with his hand over his face to prevent seeing her. She claimed it was okay because she hadn't put on the dress yet. Uncovering his eyes, he told her that they had a wedding guest problem, but the person wouldn't stay unless she approved it.

Katie and Bill entered, and upset, Maya asserted, "No. Not okay." Bill asked to be heard. He said he and Maya would be parts of the same family, and he didn't want tension between them. Maya said Bill wanted her to shrug off what he'd done, but she wanted to know if Bill was sincerely sorry.

Bill said he was sorry. Maya asked what he was sorry for. He replied that it was for the whole deal. She asked if he was sorry for selling magazines and making money on it. Bill opened his mouth, hesitated, and said, "No, I'm not." Bill was in business to make money and was never unhappy to do so.

Bill felt he'd made a "damn good" business decision, but it had crossed a personal line. He said he could have asked for an exclusive for Maya to express her story in her own way. He'd smelled blood and gone in for the kill without full consideration of how it would affect her.

Bill said he was man enough to admit the mistake. Maya guessed he expected her to be man enough to forgive him. "Exactly. That's -- " Bill cut himself off. "That's cute. You almost got me there."

Maya claimed that Bill had almost gotten her, too -- almost gotten her to leave her job, her town, and her fiancé. She had learned not to hang on to anger. She accepted the apology. She was happy that Bill would stay to see what she and Rick had and that Bill would never scare her away. She said she might give him an exclusive, as long as the profits went to a charity of her choosing.

Bill and Katie left, and Rick said he was proud of Maya. Rick didn't think Bill deserved forgiveness. Hugging Rick, she said everyone did.

Downstairs later, Eric straightened Rick's tie and asked if Rick was wearing the watch. Presenting it on his wrist, Rick said the bride had traditions, and he wanted to have one, too. He couldn't think of anything better than wearing the watch from his father and best man.

Nearby, Julius asked if Zende really liked the fashion business. Zende did thus far. Julius asked if Zende really wanted to make clothes for a living. Vivienne sharply called Julius to her side. Approaching Zende, Nicole asked how embarrassed she should be. He asked how insulting his family business ranked. He added that fathers were made to embarrass their children.

Aside, Julius asked what he'd said. Vivienne told him that she was stopping him before he did say something. Julius stated that Zende seemed to be a guy's guy, who wouldn't be excited about women's clothing. "You mean like our son was?" Vivienne snipped. She told Julius to try for their daughter's wedding day -- as he said he'd do.

"Oh, yippie. I can't wait to see our son skipping down the aisle," Julius quipped. Vivienne reprimanded him, but he said she knew how he felt. He didn't agree with what Myron had done, and it was wrong to mess with nature. "Well, she did, okay? And she's our child," Vivienne asserted.

Vivienne knew it was hard for Julius because she'd struggled with it, too, but all she wanted was for him to keep his negative comments to himself. She didn't want him ruining Maya's wedding day. Julius claimed not to want to ruin it. Vivienne said she was going to wish their daughter well and asked if he wanted to go with her. He didn't. As she walked off, he stared at the portrait above the fireplace.

Upstairs, Vivienne gasped to see Maya in her gown. Vivienne felt embarrassed that she had something for Maya to wear, but Maya was flawless already. Maya urged Vivienne to present it and was emotional upon seeing her grandmother's bracelet, which Vivienne had worn all the time.

Nicole entered to say that it was time. She escorted her mother back downstairs, where Julius was telling Nick that if he finished quickly, he could get in a round of golf later. Nicole told Nick that Maya was almost ready, and he went to take up his station. Julius told Nicole that he'd expected to be walking her down the aisle, and "this" was an adjustment. Nicole stiffly said to be happy for Maya, and then there would be no need for adjustment.

Nicole walked off, and Julius griped that happiness wasn't something he could switch on and off. Vivienne and he went beneath the staircase. Above, Maya stood on the overlook to wait for Julius to walk with her. She looked down when she heard her parents talking below her.

Vivienne said Julius could get through it. Julius really wanted to get through it. He felt it should be easy to be happy for Maya because of the future she was marrying into and the good it might also do for them; however, he didn't think it would last, and Hollywood types didn't view marriage the way "we" do. Noting that Rick had two ex-wives, Julius asked how long it would before the novelty wore off.

Vivienne told Julius to stop. Julius said that Rick was rich and handsome and could have any woman he wanted. "But he's marrying into a freak show? A woman made by surgery? It's not going to be long before he wants the real thing again," Julius reasoned.

In a forceful whisper, Vivienne ordered Julius to shut his mouth. Julius said he knew that he was supposed to stuff it down and keep it inside. He'd told Maya that he wanted to be "inside" her life. He vowed to bite his tongue, march what used to be their son down the aisle, and hand her over to a man as if it were normal.

Julius stated that he'd smile through the joke of a ceremony, say the right things, and do all the right things to protect Maya's day; however, it would be acting because he was trying to make himself accept and believe what he felt was wrong, sick, and unnatural. He couldn't accept it, and he wouldn't accept it. "What she did, and who she is -- it just isn't right," he concluded. Above them, Maya suppressed sobs.

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