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Ivy showed Thomas the video of Aly and Steffy and blackmailed him to support her career change. Steffy was shocked when Thomas backed Ivy, not Steffy, as the new spokesmodel. Maya refused to hold her peace at her wedding, and after a confrontation with Maya, Julius left the ceremony alone.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 10, 2015 on B&B
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No more pretending

No more pretending

Monday, August 10, 2015

Under the staircase at the mansion, Vivienne said Julius couldn't call their daughter a freak. She asked what had happened to him trying. Julius corrected that he hadn't called anyone a freak, "but our daughter? What a joke." He claimed to be trying but couldn't accept what "he's done to himself."

Maya silently sobbed as she listened. Julius wished he could replace what Myron had been with what Myron had become, but Julius just wasn't ready. Maya skulked away from the staircase.

Nick decided to get started. Nicole headed to get Maya, who Nicole felt should have been ready. Vivienne wondered what was keeping Maya, and Julius quipped that Maya was probably primping.

After a while of waiting for Maya, Nick figured he'd gathered everyone too soon. Eric said it was the bride's prerogative to take her time. Carter joked that the officiant had to entertain the guests. Nick told a terrible joke and cried out for Maya to hurry. Everyone laughed.

Aside with Julius, Vivienne laughed, too. She saw everyone having fun, and she wanted for her and Julius to have fun at the celebration. Julius guessed she wanted him to pretend the son he'd had so many dreams for hadn't become a blushing bride. He said he'd pretend, but it wasn't a celebration.

Vivienne reasoned that she and Julius couldn't have wanted a better life for any of their children, and Maya had the courage to be her true self. Vivienne asked him to find joy that Maya had become a success and would never have the monetary struggles they'd had. He replied that it would make him joyous if he made it through the ceremony.

Aside with Eric, Bridget complimented his beard. She asked why he and her uncle hadn't traveled to New York. Eric replied that if he had, he'd have to admit that Bridget lived there.

Bridget asked how her mother was. Eric said that Brooke was good. Bridget was surprised to hear that Deacon and Brooke were friendly. Eric replied that it wasn't "that" way, and Deacon was married. Bridget had heard about that from Hope, who hadn't had anything nice to say about Quinn.

Zende handed out Champagne. Brooke was surprised when he extended a glass to her, but she took it. When he wasn't looking, she set it down.

Katie forced Bill to meet the Avants. Julius recognized Bill as the "magazine guy" who liked to make money off other people's misery. Bill said it was a poor choice of words if used to describe the life of Maya, who had blossomed into the poster child for people like her.

Bill said he published the truth, and it was up to individuals how they responded to the truth. Bill believed that Maya had flourished under the limelight he'd given her. Julius asked if Bill was suggesting that if someone didn't want to become fodder for tabloids, then one shouldn't do things to become the subject of gossip in the first place. Bill responded that he couldn't have put it better himself.

Aside with Julius later, Vivienne was livid that Julius had excused Bill Spencer for persecuting Maya. Julius said it wasn't his place to excuse or not, but he'd been embarrassed and hadn't wanted Myron putting Julius' business out there. She asked if Julius had ever considered what their daughter had gone through. He insisted that Bill had only printed the truth; the rest was Maya's own doing.

Eric approached and asked if it was time to send up reinforcements to help Nicole. Vivienne was sure they'd be down soon. Julius hoped so. He was ready to get "this thing" over with.

In her room, Maya sobbed to herself. Nicole entered. Maya uttered that she couldn't go down there "right now." Nicole asked if Rick had done something. Maya said it had been their father, and no matter how much she'd waned to believe or have their parents in her life, she shouldn't have trusted it.

Nicole noted that they were at the wedding. Maya quipped that it was her freak show wedding that her father would force himself to sit through, even though he couldn't accept her and thought Rick would leave her for a real woman.

Nicole couldn't believe that their father had said those things to Maya on her wedding day. Maya replied that Julius hadn't said them to her. Maya explained that she'd heard their parents talking while she'd been at the top of the staircase. She'd been ready to let that man walk her down the aisle, but he'd called her a joke and a freak. Maya couldn't go downstairs and face him. Nicole asked what would happen to the wedding.

Maya didn't want to call off the wedding, but she didn't know how to say her vows to Rick with an ache in her stomach. She'd only wanted to feel love that day, and "this" wasn't how she wanted to remember her wedding day. Nicole wondered if Maya had misunderstood Julius. Maya shook her head. Nicole asked if their mother had agreed, and Maya thanked God that Vivienne hadn't.

Maya hoped that it wouldn't change because she needed their mother to stand by her. Nicole was sure it wouldn't change. She said they'd already known that their father was a closed-minded jerk. Maya whined that Julius had said he was trying. "He lied, Maya!" Nicole exclaimed. Nicole said he had to deal with it, but it didn't have to affect the wedding day.

Maya whimpered that Julius was her father. Nicole said to forget him, and he didn't matter that day. Only Rick and Maya mattered that day, and Julius' feelings wouldn't touch the couple's love or marriage. Nicole stated that the others were there to celebrate and be happy, and it was Maya's moment, not their father's moment. Nicole told Maya to own her day and not to let Julius take it away.

Maya decided she was stronger than Julius' embarrassment and hate. Maya said she could pretend she hadn't heard him and that he was nowhere near her. The sisters hugged, and Maya thanked Nicole. Maya needed a moment, but she asked Nicole to tell everyone that Maya was on the way.

Nicole left, and Maya stared at herself in the mirror.

Downstairs, Rick wanted to check on Maya, but Nicole entered, saying Maya had just needed a moment. Nicole announced that it was a go, and Nick sent everyone to their places.

Maya returned to the top of the stairs, and Vivienne grinned and cued the music. Maya descended the stairs. She stopped at the bottom, and Julius held out his arm for her. Maya stared at him for long time. Vivienne held out Maya's flowers. Maya took them and grasped Vivienne's hand before allowing both of her parents to walk her down the aisle.

At the altar, Rick softly asked if Maya was all right. "I am now," she replied as her parents took their seats. Nick thanked everyone for gathering in full support of the couple. Nick said it hadn't been that far back that the thought of her family being at her wedding had seemed impossible. Nick was honored to witness it and asked who gave the couple away to each other for marriage.

The Avants and Forresters said that they did. Nick began to talk about the families merging together, and Maya stopped the ceremony. She said that she wouldn't be able to look back upon the day and remember Nick's words, knowing that they weren't true.

Maya felt that she and Rick deserved to be surrounded by supporters. There was one person she needed to talk to, and she couldn't go forward until she did. "Dad?" she said, and Julius looked up.

Maya gives her dad an earful

Maya gives her dad an earful

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Maya interrupted her wedding to Rick to confront her father. Julius wondered aloud if Maya had a case of cold feet. He and Vivienne wondered if she was sick. Maya answered that she was not sick. Julius told her that he was worried. "I wouldn't know," Maya said, insisting that Julius had never worried about her before.

Maya addressed the crowd and shared that she had waited her entire life for that wedding. She added that she had looked forward to her parents' approval, "but nothing's changed," she said. She glared at her parents.

Maya confronted Julius and said she knew that he did not approve of her and had faked his approval. Julius wondered if he was being asked to leave. Maya wondered why Julius had attended. Julius claimed he was there to give away the bride. "You can't give away something you've already thrown away," Maya seethed.

Julius tried to defend himself. He said that some things could not be changed. "A dog can't be a cat, and a boy can't be a girl," Julius said. Brooke and Eric tried to interrupt on separate occasions to give Maya and Julius time alone, but Maya refused. She said Julius had never loved her and never cared about her.

Julius insisted that he could not give up his beliefs. He said that he had prayed for her and sacrificed for her. He did not understand her, and he had given her distance as a child because it had been the best he'd been able to do.

Julius tearfully explained that he'd had a son and named him Myron after Julius' father. Julius continued to explain that his father had taught himself to read, hopped a train, slept in parks and alleys, and worked as a painter and roofer to earn enough money to get his own room. He had worked hard in the building trade -- hard enough to start his own business. "That's who I named you after," Julius said.

"I think you overstayed your welcome," Rick said, but Julius wanted to be heard. He told the crowd that his father had disowned him before he'd died because his namesake had disrespected the whole family. Maya turned away. Julius turned to leave. "Vivienne?" he asked. He expected that his wife would accompany him, but she refused.

"I'm staying," Vivienne exclaimed. "Be careful, Vivienne. Remember who you are," Julius warned. Vivienne reminded Julius that she had obeyed and loved him for 35 years, but she was going to see her daughter get married.

Julius countered that it was a freak show. "Can't you see how unnatural this is?" he asked. Vivienne said the only unnatural thing she had done had been to "turn my own child away from my door," she said. Vivienne apologized to Maya.

Julius turned to Maya. "Are you happy now?" Julius asked. He said that she had broken up his family. Maya angrily turned to Julius. "All I wanted was your acceptance and approval, but I don't care. I don't want you here. So go. Let me be," Maya said calmly. Julius turned and left.

Rick whispered to Maya, "Tell me what you need." Maya responded that she had all she needed. Vivienne hugged Maya and admitted that she had spent half of her life being wrong. "I'm so proud to be your mother. I didn't do a good job, but I'm still so proud," she said.

At Forrester, Steffy tearfully recalled her encounter with Aly. Thomas entered and told Steffy she looked awful. Steffy lamented that their cousin was dead. "I may have killed her," Steffy said. "Don't say that," Thomas said.

Thomas maintained it was survivor's guilt, but Steffy said it wasn't. They agreed it had been an accident, and Thomas pointed out it could have been Steffy who had been killed. Steffy agreed that Aly had planned to kill her. Steffy lamented that she hadn't just run, but she also felt she had reasoned with Aly at one point.

Steffy recalled that Aly had admitted she'd felt lost and empty. But Steffy remembered that they had struggled. Thomas said Aly had fallen and hit her head. "No. I hit her. I picked up the tire iron and hit her," Steffy cried.

Thomas argued that her mind had played tricks on her. Steffy flashed back to the events and remembered that Aly had tried to hit her with her car then had attacked her again outside the car with the tire iron. Steffy had knocked it aside, and she remembered Aly had been standing over her. "I grabbed the tire iron, and I ... Oh, my God," Steffy said as she broke down.

Thomas insisted it had been self-defense, and Aly had been out of her mind. "She threatened your life. It was still an accident," Thomas maintained. He reiterated that it was a tragic accident, but telling anyone else would only complicate things, and it would never get Aly back.

Tire-iron video flattens Forrester confidence

Tire-iron video flattens Forrester confidence

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, after Julius had left, Maya, Vivienne, and Nicole hugged. Maya said she wad ready to go on with the wedding. Nick, the marriage officiant, shared that when he had been sanctioned to perform the marriage, he'd been reminded of the Declaration of Independence. Nick quoted that "it is self evident that all men are created equal."

Nick said he was happy to be sharing in the union of Maya and Rick. He spoke to the guests about how the couple had suffered through a lot of complications and pain, but they had strengthened their commitment in their minds and in their hearts.

Eric spoke about how proud he was that Rick had become the man Eric had always known he would become. Eric said that the family had shared many events in that house. He said they had recently bid goodbye to his granddaughter. He wanted to celebrate and support Maya and Rick. Eric and Rick hugged.

Nick announced that Maya's mother would share a reading. Vivienne shared a Shakespeare quote from a sonnet about love "that looks on tempests and is never shaken." Vivienne suggested that Maya and Rick's love should be their compass and guide them to their future because the love that had drawn them together would never steer them wrong. It was a blessing to them and an inspiration to everyone else.

Nicole shared a reading from the poet Dante Aligheri's "The New Life," and Maya hugged Nicole. Maya and Rick exchanged traditional vows and rings. Then, they offered personal messages to one another. Rick said that Maya had taught him what true love, acceptance, and courage were. "I promise to be the husband you inspire me to be," he said.

Maya vowed to love Rick no matter how much they changed over the years. She recalled that she had never felt such love and support as he had shown her. She promised to be a devoted wife to Rick. Nick pronounced them husband and wife. "I present to you Rick and Maya Forrester," Nick announced.

At Forrester, Steffy and Thomas continued to discuss Steffy's guilty feelings about her deadly encounter with Aly. Thomas maintained that Steffy could have been killed, and he insisted it had been self-defense. They agreed that Aly had wanted to kill Steffy. "You were protecting yourself," Thomas said.

Steffy admitted that she was also worried about Ivy, who had been acting like she knew more about what had happened that night. Steffy added that Ivy had arrived at the scene after Aly had fallen, and Ivy had called 9-1-1. Steffy told Thomas that Ivy had not seen anything. Thomas promised to take care of his little sister. He would protect her from Ivy and anyone else.

In another office, Ivy told Wyatt that she had thought Steffy would return to her senses after Ivy's memorial, but she had not. Ivy said it had not been an accident. Later, Wyatt had left Ivy's office, and Ivy was working, but Thomas interrupted. He offered his sympathies because he knew that Ivy and Aly had been friends and much more than cousins.

Thomas reminded Ivy that it had been difficult for all of them. He added that Aly had been extremely troubled and had been sick. Ivy agreed, but she said Steffy was no saint. Thomas ordered Ivy to stop upsetting Steffy.

Thomas advised Ivy that it had been an accident that had cost Aly her life, and he wouldn't tolerate Ivy's veiled threats that Steffy had somehow been responsible. Ivy countered that Thomas thought his sister was the victim, but she wasn't.

"I saw exactly what happened," Ivy said. She recalled that Aly and Steffy had been fighting. "Steffy hit Aly with the tire iron," Ivy said. Thomas argued, but Ivy said she had proof. She handed Thomas her phone and played the video. "Now you see exactly what your sister's done," Ivy said. Thomas looked fearful.

In Steffy's office, Wyatt entered, and Steffy told him that Ivy had been saying dangerous things about Steffy. Wyatt maintained that there were no secrets, but Steffy knew how close Ivy and Wyatt were. Steffy issued a warning for Ivy to "watch the way she talks to people."

Using what she's got to get what she wants

Using what she's got to get what she wants

Thursday, August 13, 2015

At the beach house, Ivy slept in Wyatt's bed. She dreamed that Aly appeared and implored Ivy not to let her die in vain. Aly said that Steffy had killed Aly, and it had been murder.

Ivy jolted awake and discovered Wyatt trying to rouse her and hand her a cup of coffee. She guessed he hadn't slept so well on the sofa. Ivy couldn't believe that there had been a wedding at her house the previous day, and she hadn't been invited.

Wyatt noted that Ivy had spent the night, sleeping in his shirt, and she looked incredibly sexy. The two kissed, but Ivy was too preoccupied with her dream to be into it. She explained the dream to Wyatt and said Aly had been asking for justice.

Later, Wyatt entered the room. He'd promised to cook breakfast, but he only had cereal. Ivy was studying the video, looking for something she hadn't seen before. Ivy said she'd given Steffy chances to tell the truth; however, Steffy kept denying it. Ivy added that Thorne's life was in shambles, but Steffy went on as if it had never happened. Ivy knew that Aly had been emotionally unstable, but it didn't excuse murder -- which was the only way Ivy could see Aly's death.

Wyatt was worried that Ivy was letting the death consume her. Ivy guessed she'd turned into a real drag. Wyatt kissed her and said she could never be such. He felt that they'd been burned by Liam and Steffy, but it hadn't been with a bad outcome. He hadn't seen "this" happening at all.

Ivy hadn't seen it, either, but she also hadn't foreseen Steffy waltzing into town and turning Liam's head. Wyatt assumed Ivy was still having a hard time accepting what had happened with Liam. Ivy replied that it wasn't so; Liam had made his choice, and she'd made hers. "When I give myself to you, Wyatt, there'll be no turning back," she uttered, and they kissed.

Ivy stared at the phone again, and Wyatt asked, "What? What are you thinking about now?" Ivy felt she'd been pretty understanding and had given Steffy every chance to go forward. Ivy hadn't told anyone really, and she hadn't gone to the police. She believed that she was owed something for her silence. Wyatt asked what she was getting at.

Ivy revealed that Quinn had overheard Ridge saying that he wanted to expand upon the new brand and add another face to Forrester Creations. Wyatt still wasn't sure where she was headed. Ivy stated that the Forresters didn't know it yet, but they kind of owed her, and she asked what better way to show appreciation. "Than to what? Make you the new face of Forrester Creations?" he asked.

Ivy stood, wearing Wyatt's button-up shirt that barely covered her panties. She said she knew Ridge would want Steffy to join Maya; however, Ivy could control the campaign, keep it from being too overt, and honor Aly's memory in that way. Wyatt believed that Ivy had proved herself in Amsterdam. Ivy believed it would be tough with Steffy's family in control and Liam as vice president.

"Even though he has zero experience in the fashion industry," Wyatt grumbled. Ivy said the people needed to understand that they couldn't have everything, and there were consequences in life. She asked if he was on board, and Wyatt said he had her back.

At Forrester, Steffy was distracted in thought as Nicole and Zende cooed about being invited to sit in on a meeting. Thomas arrived, and the interns noticed that he had something on his mind, too.

The interns left for the sky lounge. While working out, Nicole thought they should be looking over sales figures. Zende guessed doing that would impress Ridge, but he said that if Ridge didn't cut Thomas slack, he wouldn't do it for Zende.

Zende noted that something weird was going on between Steffy and Thomas. Nicole had noticed it, too. She remarked that Steffy had gone through a lot with Aly's death. It was hard for Zende to believe that Aly, who'd been just a kid, was dead. Nicole said Aly had been a kid who'd tried to run over her cousin before attacking the cousin, and Nicole didn't blame Steffy for wanting it behind her.

Steffy told Thomas that she'd had enough of Ivy's baseless insinuations. Steffy said that she needed to talk to Ivy, and if Ivy didn't back down, Steffy would go after Ivy with everything she had.

Thomas asked Steffy to cool down and think about things. He didn't think Steffy had a lot of options. Steffy replied that she could fire Ivy, but he asked what the chances were of Ivy taking it and quietly returning to Australia. Steffy didn't care. She was sick of Ivy making her the bad guy.

Thomas asked if Steffy had told him the whole story, and she asked if he was doubting her. He believed she'd defended herself that night. He said to leave Ivy to him, and he knew how to handle Ivy. Steffy said she did, too, but Thomas pleaded with her not to make it worse by going after Ivy.

Liam arrived. Sensing something was up, he asked what was going on. Steffy asked him why he was there. He reminded her that he worked there. Kissing her, he said it was the best job he'd ever had. Thomas decided to leave the pair alone, and he exited.

Liam remarked that Aly's death was shining a media spotlight on Forrester -- Steffy most of all. He said that she knew what had happened, and the media wanted to speak with her.

Later, Steffy and Liam were working. Steffy was unimpressed by Ivy's work. Liam thought it was okay. Steffy said they needed more than "okay," and she asked where the originality was as compared to Quinn's work. Steffy believed they needed to awe customers and admitted that she'd begun to wonder if Forrester was the right fit for Ivy.

"I'd reconsider that thought if I were you," Wyatt said from the doorway. Liam asked Wyatt why he hadn't knocked. Liam started to say what he and Steffy had been doing, but Wyatt interjected that the two had been ripping Ivy's work to shreds. Steffy claimed they weren't doing that, but she had some concerns. Wyatt wondered how objective Steffy could be.

Liam noted that Steffy was the president. Wyatt added that Liam was "VP," a fact he constantly reminded Wyatt of. Wyatt decided to remind them of his expertise in the jewelry business, and he deemed Ivy's work to be exceptional. Steffy said it might be for a different fashion house.

Wyatt asked if Liam was ready to throw his old girlfriend under the bus. Liam felt that Wyatt was overreacting. Steffy asked when Wyatt had become Ivy's defender but then decided she already knew. "Maybe," Wyatt replied and hinted that there were a lot of things they didn't know about.

Liam asked for enlightenment. Wyatt said he would if he could, but it wasn't his place. Wyatt asserted that Ivy was a Forrester and wouldn't be pushed out. He said it wasn't a wise idea to even try.

In Rick's old office, Ivy rushed in. Thomas appeared from behind a dressing screen. He'd been waiting to talk to her about the video. Ivy told him that videos didn't lie, even if Steffy had tried to convince him of such. He said he hadn't told Steffy about it, and Ivy was going to delete it.

Ivy didn't think Thomas was in the position to make demands. Thomas asked her to delete for everyone's sakes -- including Ivy's. Ivy asked what was best for Aly, but he said Aly wasn't with them anymore. Ivy replied that it didn't mean Aly's life and death hadn't counted.

Thomas called Aly a sweet, tragic, but troubled girl. Ivy snapped that being troubled wasn't a crime, and he said what Aly had done to Steffy was a crime. He believed Aly had premeditated the attack. Ivy insisted that Aly hadn't been in her right mind, and Steffy's actions had been appalling. Thomas wanted to know what was appalling about self-defense.

Ivy said it was appalling that Steffy had hit a defenseless girl with a tire iron. Thomas replied that it hadn't happened that way, but Ivy contended that the video said differently. He asked what Ivy wanted. She said she wanted what she'd always wanted -- justice for Aly. He sensed that it was more than that. Ivy believed that being quiet deserved more than just thanks.

Ivy claimed to have overheard Ridge discussing expanding the brand and taking on a new model. Thomas believed Ridge would ask Steffy, but Ivy said Ridge wouldn't if Thomas got to him first and changed his mind. Thomas said it wasn't like her. Ivy stated that he could help make her the new face of Forrester. "Or my sister goes to prison," he concluded. Ivy stated that it was all up to him.

Our time to shine

Our time to shine

Friday, August 14, 2015

At Spencer, Katie thumbed through one of their magazines that featured Aly on the cover. Solemnly, she told Bill that his publication about Aly had been respectful. Bill was sure that other, nefarious outfits would dig for details. He believed that a Forrester being dead was big news, but Steffy being on the scene of it was bigger news.

Bill remarked that Steffy could have been the one in the body bag. Katie said it had been unfortunate that Aly hadn't gotten the help she'd needed. Bill assumed that Thorne had taken Aly to the best shrinks in Paris. Katie remarked that Liam had said Steffy was handling things as best she could. Bill felt that Steffy couldn't have done anything to prevent it, and Steffy was lucky to be alive.

Katie wondered if Aly had snapped or if it had been premeditated. Bill thought Aly's hate board signified years of pent-up aggression. He figured Aly wanted revenge for her mother's death and for Steffy being a liberated woman. Katie quipped that she could find other ways to describe Steffy.

Bill felt that Ivy had blood on her hands for not reigning Aly in about Liam and Steffy. Katie said that Aly had just been loyal to Ivy after Steffy had stolen Liam. Bill concluded that it had been tragic loss for the Forresters, and dealing with it was probably a lot more difficult for Steffy than they realized.

In Rick's old office, Thomas said it was beginning to sound a lot like blackmail. Ivy stated that the video showed that it was murder. He didn't believe she'd go to the police with it. Ivy asked why she should cover for Steffy, who'd taken Aly's life. Aly had died in vain, and for Ivy's silence, Ivy wanted something in return. She wanted to stand beside Maya as the new face Forrester.

Wyatt arrived as Thomas was saying Ivy wouldn't be making demands if she wanted justice for Aly. Thomas asked Wyatt to leave, but Ivy said he knew about the video. Thomas remarked that he'd had a feeling that Wyatt was behind it. Wyatt stated that it wasn't a witch-hunt, and despite Ivy's instincts, she hadn't turned Steffy in. Wyatt believed Ivy deserved compensation for it.

In the CEO's office, Caroline agreed with Ridge's idea to add a second face to Forrester, especially since Maya wanted to concentrate on her marriage for a little bit. Liam and Steffy arrived before the meeting. Liam told them all that it was time to address the press coverage of Aly's death.

Later, others arrived for the meeting. Carter held up magazines and said that all the outlets were covering Aly's death -- even Spencer. Liam took a look at his company's magazine, and Carter assured them all that he was on top of any possible libel cases.

Ridge moved on to discussing their image and marketing. He said Maya had done a great job as lead model and face of Forrester. He wanted to add another face. He told Steffy that it was time for her to step up to add some familiarity to the brand. Steffy believed that it was a good time for her, and Ridge decided that it was settled. Ivy said she had another hat to throw into the ring -- her own.

Ivy was sure Steffy would do a great job, and she understood that Steffy was Ridge's daughter; however, she asked him to think outside the box. Ridge said he hadn't asked Steffy because she was his daughter; he'd done it because she was the most qualified. Caroline noted that the campaign and photo shoots were already lined up and ready to go. Ivy responded that she was ready, too.

Ridge said it was nothing against Ivy, but he needed a seasoned model who was on par with Maya. Liam added that time was of the essence. Wyatt said he understood Steffy had the experience, but he thought they should give Ivy a shot. He reasoned that Steffy had a lot on her plate with moving to the city and her new job as president. Steffy snapped that she could manage.

Ridge said Ivy had her own career as a jewelry designer. Ivy knew that she hadn't logged a lot of time in front of the camera, but she recalled that it had been a huge success when she'd stepped up in Amsterdam. Carter said Ivy needed to credit Hope with some of it. Wyatt responded that Ivy was beautiful, poised, upscale, and everything that Forrester represented. Liam said they'd used Steffy before, and their clients wanted consistency.

Wyatt argued that Ivy was fresh and new. He reminded them that Steffy had been in the confrontation with Aly, and it wasn't a good idea to put her in the limelight until things were sorted out. Ridge felt that the accident had been sorted out, but Ivy reasoned that an investigation took time. Ivy said they didn't know what would be found, and Forrester could look really bad.

Upset, Steffy started to go off on Ivy. Thomas interrupted to agree that they should go with Ivy. Steffy was stunned, and Thomas said it might not be a bad idea to keep Steffy behind the scenes until things blew over. Liam stated that Steffy hadn't done anything wrong and wasn't hiding anything. Ridge thought Thomas was making Steffy sound like a criminal.

Thomas stated that they had to be smart and respectful, especially with Thorne still grieving. The others contended that hiding Steffy might add fuel to the fire. Thomas just wanted to keep Steffy safe from scrutiny. Thomas noted that Steffy had a full schedule running the business, and Ivy had modeled before. He said Ivy was the safest bet for them.

Wyatt asked Ridge to consider it. Ridge said he'd think about it and ended the meeting. As people left, Steffy roared that she needed to talk to Thomas at that instant.

Alone with Caroline later, Ridge was puzzled by Thomas supporting Wyatt and Ivy. Caroline thought that Thomas might feel slighted by the opportunities Ridge was giving Steffy. Ridge didn't think sibling rivalry was it. He and Caroline both knew why Wyatt was backing Ivy, though. "Because they're hooking up!" the two concluded. Caroline asked if Ridge would choose Ivy or Steffy.

At the sky lounge, Ivy thanked Wyatt for backing her. Wyatt said that Thomas had made good points, and if Thomas knew what was good for the company and Steffy, he'd convince Ridge to give Ivy the job. Ivy had noticed how quickly Liam had jumped to Steffy's defense. Wyatt wondered if it would change if Liam saw the video. Ivy said Thomas hadn't told Steffy about it.

Wyatt felt it would make Aly happy to see Ivy succeed. Ivy added that it would knock Steffy down a peg or two. He said there was no more waiting on the sidelines, and Ivy had too much to offer.

Ivy replied that Wyatt did, too. Wyatt knew, and he said he was way more experienced in marketing and fashion than Liam, whom Bill had made the vice president of Spencer and Forrester. Wyatt was sure there was something illegal about it. Ivy thought it was just like Liam to hang onto the two jobs as long as he possibly could without choosing.

Wyatt decided that Liam could have Steffy and the job titles. Wyatt said no one would stop him and Ivy, and it was their time to shine.

In Rick's old office, Steffy lit into Thomas for not siding with her over Ivy. Steffy raged that she was thinking of firing Ivy, not making her the face of Forrester. Thomas said he had his reasons. Steffy refused to allow it, and he replied that she might not have a choice.

Steffy said she was president, and their father was CEO. She felt that they'd put Ridge on the spot, but she'd smooth it over because Ridge was still loyal to her -- unlike Thomas.

Thomas exclaimed that he was loyal to her, and the situation was more dangerous than Steffy realized. Steffy didn't care if Ivy was saying bad things about her. Steffy said that she could have gotten killed, and no matter what Ivy said, it was only Ivy's words against hers. Thomas replied that he hadn't wanted to tell Steffy, but Ivy had a video and was implying that the incident had been murder.

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