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Ivy consummated her relationship with Wyatt, guaranteeing his loyalty. Liam saw Ivy's video and vowed to protect Steffy at all costs. Thomas confided in Caroline about Steffy's dilemma, and Ridge opened up to Katie about not wanting to start a new family.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 17, 2015 on B&B
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To delete or not to delete

To delete or not to delete

Monday, August 17, 2015

At the sky lounge, Ivy wondered if people in the meeting had noticed something brewing between Wyatt and her. Wyatt asked if it was a problem if the people had. She thought it was a nice decoy. He joked about being a mere decoy for her and said that people thought his siding with her was personal, which it was; however, she also deserved to be the new face of Forrester.

Ivy said she and Wyatt had been overlooked, and the video was their insurance policy. Ivy knew it sounded cold and as if she was using Aly's death to advance her career. Wyatt insisted that Ivy had earned it and that Aly would want it for Ivy. Ivy decided that she wanted to go visit Aly.

In Aly's room in the mansion later, Ivy touched Aly's things. She became distressed when she happened upon remnants of Aly's hate board. Ivy boxed up some of Aly's things and left.

In Rick's old office, Steffy said that if Ivy had a video, then it would show that Steffy had defended herself against Aly. Thomas replied that the video only showed Steffy hitting Aly with a tire iron, and to Ivy, it looked like murder. Steffy insisted that she'd been trying to get through to Aly. Thomas replied that it hadn't been in the video.

"So much for Miss Sweetness," Steffy quipped about Ivy's blackmail. She refused to let Ivy threaten her, but Thomas said the video looked really bad. Steffy asked who else had seen it, and Thomas told her about Wyatt. Steffy left, saying she was putting a stop to the madness.

Later, Wyatt followed Steffy into Rick's old office. They were alone together, and Steffy told him that she knew about the video. He guessed she hadn't wanted to give him a promotion, and she said it wasn't funny. He replied that it didn't have to be so serious, either, and she figured that it wouldn't be as long as she went along with the plan.

Wyatt said making Ivy the model had been just a helpful suggestion. Steffy sarcastically reasoned that it was to keep reporters from her. He added that it was also a chance for Ivy to strut her stuff. Steffy explained that Aly had caused the tragic events for herself by attacking Steffy, going after Steffy with a tire iron, and attempting to smash Steffy with a rock.

Steffy insisted that she'd been defending herself and asked what else she should have done. She added that Ivy was using Aly to get ahead. Steffy asked where Wyatt's loyalty was and noted that he was a Forrester employee. She'd also thought they were friends. He cynically replied that he'd thought that, too. She realized that he was bitter about her and Liam and was using the incident to lash out.

Wyatt claimed it wasn't so. Steffy asserted that blackmail was illegal and that he was supporting the wrong person. She said she needed him to delete the video. She raged that Ivy was blackmailing her and making it seem as if Steffy was responsible for Aly's death. Wyatt asked if Ivy had a right be upset after losing her man and cousin because of Steffy.

Wyatt said that Ivy was indeed upset, and so was he. He reminded Steffy of the summer of fun they were supposed to have had together. "If you want to throw in with Liam, fine. Whatever," Wyatt griped. He said Liam was the vice president without ever holding a position or garnering any experience at Forrester. "And I'm stuck selling jewelry? Yeah, that's fair. Thanks," he bit out.

Steffy declined to defend her relationship with Liam or to remind Wyatt of his importance to the business; however, she expected his allegiance. She claimed that they were a team, but he was starting to waver. She instructed him to get into Ivy's phone and computer to make sure everything was cleared.

Steffy asked if Ivy had sent the video to anyone else. Wyatt didn't know. Steffy said to find out because she wanted it gone. She insisted that she was innocent and had defended herself. She'd been beating herself up about it, and to her, the idea of murder was ridiculous.

Steffy advised Wyatt to do the right thing and focus on himself and his future at Forrester. She implored him to erase the video and see to it that there were no more copies. Wyatt grumbled in agreement. She kept insisting, but he interjected that he'd said he do it.

At the beach house later, Wyatt helped Ivy carry Aly's box of things inside. Ivy said she'd been in Aly's room to try to be near Aly, but Aly was gone. Tossing her phone on the couch, Ivy said she still couldn't believe it. She showed him a bear that Aly had won at the pier. Ivy said all the memories were a blur, thanks to Steffy. Wyatt hugged Ivy and offered to draw her a bath.

Ivy guessed she sounded like a broken record, but Wyatt said they were all broken by it. She hated laying it all on Wyatt. She strode to the bedroom to prepare for the bath.

Wyatt located the video on Ivy's phone. Just as he was about to delete it, Ivy asked him what he was doing. She saw the delete prompt on her screen and told him that he wasn't deleting the video.

In the CEO's office, Caroline and Ridge huddled together as they worked on a design. Some interns entered to have them sign a card for an employee who'd had a baby. Caroline signed it, cooing about how cute the baby was. She'd held the baby earlier and hadn't wanted to let it go.

After the interns left, Ridge wanted to finish the design. Caroline said the only question remaining was who'd be wearing it, Ivy or Steffy. Ridge remarked that "five minutes ago," Wyatt had been all about Steffy, but he'd found a new girlfriend to cheerlead. Ridge wondered if Wyatt was bitter about not getting Steffy in the end, but Caroline didn't think it was that.

Caroline understood Wyatt's points. She said that people would talk and ask questions about Steffy and Aly, so it might be a good idea for Steffy to lay low. Ridge figured there was more to it with Ivy and Wyatt. Caroline said they might be bitter about their past romantic entanglements and being left out of the takeover. Ridge couldn't understand why Thomas wasn't being more loyal to his sister.

The interns arrived with hot dogs, but Ridge hadn't ordered them. Caroline kept one of the bags anyway, and after the interns left, she chomped down on a hot dog and asked if it would be Steffy or Ivy.

Later, Ridge and Caroline received a surprise visit from Lieutenant Baker. Baker said he was there to talk about Steffy and her role in the death of Alexandria Forrester.

Lt. Baker loves a hot dog mystery

Lt. Baker loves a hot dog mystery

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

by Pam

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt held Ivy's phone in his hand, and Ivy warned him not to delete her video of Steffy. Wyatt claimed it was dangerous to keep the video, but Ivy argued that it was proof of what Steffy had done.

Ivy angrily accused Wyatt of sneaking her phone away from her in order to delete the video. She wanted to know why he had done it. Wyatt admitted that he'd spoken to Steffy, and Ivy said he had fallen for her excuses. "You're a Spencer male, and you can't resist," Ivy accused.

Wyatt said that Steffy had been worried about the video, and she had explained that Aly had attacked her with a rock. Ivy scoffed and said that Steffy was a liar. Ivy figured that Thomas had told Steffy about the video, and Steffy had decided to manipulate Wyatt.

Wyatt worried that Steffy would be charged with murder. Ivy didn't care. She didn't believe that Aly had attacked Steffy with a rock. Ivy insisted that they watch the video again to see if there was a rock in Aly's hand. They watched, but they didn't see a rock. Wyatt insisted that the angle and distance of the video made it hard to see if Aly had been holding anything. Wyatt maintained that Steffy had been defending herself.

Ivy argued that Steffy was a very good liar. Wyatt countered that if they showed the video to anyone, Steffy could go to jail, and it would be bad publicity for the family. Ivy said she didn't want to jeopardize the family name, but she didn't want Aly to have died in vain. "Her death can't mean nothing," Ivy said.

Ivy said she would keep the video on her phone for Aly's sake. Ivy refused to allow Steffy to get away with anything. Ivy wondered if Wyatt was on Steffy's side. Wyatt said there were no sides. Ivy reminded Wyatt that she had been all alone in Los Angeles, and Aly had been both friend and family to her.

Wyatt kissed Ivy and carried her into his bedroom. They made out and made love. Later, they marveled at how great it had been. "Wow, I wasn't expecting that," Wyatt said. Ivy said she wasn't usually so quick to give herself to a man, but she wanted to be desired and appreciated. She wanted to know she could trust him. Wyatt agreed.

In Steffy's office at Forrester, Steffy and Thomas discussed that Wyatt would delete the video. Thomas wasn't so sure that Wyatt could be trusted. "Aly attacked me, and I defended myself," Steffy said. She maintained that once the video was erased, it would be Ivy's word against hers. Thomas worried that the police would dig deeper. Steffy reiterated that Aly would have killed her. She added that Thomas was stressing her out.

In Ridge's office, he and Caroline met with Lieutenant Baker. Ridge discussed that he was surprised there were any questions about Aly's death because it had been an accident. Baker insisted he had a lot of questions. He noted that something smelled good -- it was hot dogs that had been delivered by mistake. Caroline suggested he have some. "I wouldn't want to take your lunch," Baker said.

Ridge and Caroline watched Baker eat the hot dogs. Baker asked if there had been any animosity between Aly and Steffy. Ridge admitted that Aly had suffered from some mental problems ever since her mother had been killed in an accident that had involved Steffy's mother. Baker wanted to hear what Steffy had to say about it.

Steffy and Thomas interrupted, and Baker offered his condolences for the loss of their cousin. Steffy wondered why he was there. He shared that it was yet another Forrester death on the same stretch of highway where Aly's mother had been killed. Thomas reminded the lieutenant that his mother had been cleared of that. Steffy pointed out that Aly had been trying to recreate the scene of her mother's death by killing Steffy. "She had mental issues. She was crazy," Steffy said.

Baker said he would have to talk to Thorne and the doctors who had been treating Aly. He agreed it was clear that Aly had been targeting Steffy. "It just feels like something else is going on here," he said. He added that he had questions about any death that could have been a murder. Steffy looked sick.

Steffy starts to crack under pressure

Steffy starts to crack under pressure

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

by Pam

At Wyatt's, Wyatt offered Ivy coffee in the morning after she had spent the night with him. She said they had to hurry because she didn't want to be late for a meeting. Wyatt offered to take her home to change her clothes. They flirted and embraced, but Ivy said she would drive herself home. Before she left, Ivy wanted to make sure they were on the same page about Steffy.

Wyatt acknowledged that he would never delete the video on Ivy's phone because Ivy had asked him not to. They kissed, and Ivy left to go to work. Wyatt promised to see her later.

At Forrester, in Ridge's office, Steffy, Thomas, Caroline, Ridge, and Liam discussed that Lieutenant Baker had been there the previous day, and Liam worried that it was the first he had heard of it.

Thomas and Caroline worried that Bill could make it a story if the police continued to quiz Steffy, but Steffy confidently said there was no story. Liam looked confused, and Steffy said she had to leave. The meeting broke up, and Ridge and Thomas discussed that Steffy needed to stay out of the limelight, but Ridge was worried there was something more that Steffy and Thomas were hiding. Thomas said he wanted to protect Steffy.

Caroline intervened and said the police had to investigate. Ridge quizzed Thomas about Steffy, but Thomas told his father not to worry. Ridge left, and Caroline promised to help Thomas with his design.

Caroline used her pencil to sketch on Thomas' design, and Thomas was clearly smitten and attracted to Caroline. She didn't notice, but she worried that he was distracted. She knew he was concerned about Steffy. Thomas agreed.

Later at Wyatt's, Steffy visited Wyatt and quizzed him about deleting the video on Ivy's phone. Wyatt tried to explain that he'd had Ivy's phone in his hand, but Ivy had caught him. "What did you tell her?" Steffy asked in a panic.

Steffy worried that Ivy knew everything, and it would make the situation "a thousand times worse." Steffy added that Ivy had more ammunition and was out of control. Wyatt explained that he and Ivy were involved in a relationship, and he wouldn't lie to her.

Wyatt maintained that Ivy was smart and probably had a copy of the video. Steffy said they would have to get the copy too. Wyatt reminded Steffy that she was being unreasonable.

Steffy maintained it would be her word against Ivy's without the video. "It's not about you. It's about Ivy and Aly. Ivy is hurting," Wyatt said. Steffy agreed, but she said Ivy was out for revenge because Liam had chosen Steffy rather than Ivy.

Steffy added that she had chosen Liam over Wyatt. Wyatt disagreed. Steffy shouted that they weren't in high school. "This video could get me in real trouble. This video is dangerous and doesn't show what really happened," Steffy said.

At Forrester, Liam was in Ivy's office, and Ivy entered. She accused Liam of visiting her to help get Steffy out of a jam. "She hasn't said anything about a jam," Liam maintained. Ivy realized that Steffy had said nothing to Liam about the video on Ivy's phone.

Ivy wondered what Liam wanted. Liam seemed to want to have a friendly conversation, but Ivy refused. She wondered if he had left her because she was too sweet and honest. She guessed he wanted the edgy, dangerous girl he'd gotten. Steffy was "naughtier and darker," Ivy said.

Liam argued, but Ivy said that Liam deserved to know what he'd chosen. "She's not as blameless in all of this as she pretends to be," Ivy said. Liam insisted that Ivy stop blaming Steffy for the tragic accident that had killed Aly. "I was there, and they were fighting," Ivy countered. Liam argued that Aly had fallen and hit her head on a rock. "Is that what happened?" Ivy asked in mocking tone.

Ivy wondered if that was what Steffy had said, and Liam asserted it was. She asked if Steffy had talked about the accident, and Liam said she didn't want to discuss it. Ivy suggested that Steffy was probably distracted and showing signs of anxiety. Liam admitted that Steffy had been under a lot of stress.

Ivy reminded Liam that he had chosen Steffy. Liam argued that he had truly loved Ivy, but Ivy told him to stop. "And now you have her and all her secrets. You really want to know what happened that night? Go speak to your girlfriend," Ivy challenged. Liam looked confused. Ivy left.

Later at Wyatt's, Ivy told Wyatt that Liam believed that Steffy was the victim. Ivy added that Liam knew nothing about the video. Wyatt wondered if Ivy had told Liam about it, but Ivy said she hadn't said anything about it. She had merely advised Liam to ask Steffy about her involvement in Aly's death.

At Forrester, Liam was in his office, and Steffy joined him. Liam had thought Wyatt was meeting him, but Steffy said she had just been with Wyatt at his house. Liam wondered why Steffy would leave a meeting at Forrester to see Wyatt at his home. Steffy dodged Liam's questions, but she said that she needed Wyatt to speak to Ivy.

Steffy said that someone needed to remind Ivy that Steffy was her boss. She knew that Liam couldn't do that because Ivy was mad at him. Liam agreed that Ivy was very upset with him and Steffy. "Mad doesn't even begin to cover it," he said. Steffy said that Ivy was immature and jealous. Steffy wanted Wyatt to get Ivy to stop talking about Aly's death.

Liam asked about the details, and Steffy said that Aly had lost it. "She attacked me," Steffy said. Liam countered that Ivy thought something else had happened. Steffy said nothing. Liam said that Ivy had hinted that Steffy was responsible for Aly's death. "You're not responsible for Aly's death, are you?" Liam asked.

Twenty questions and no straight answers

Twenty questions and no straight answers

Thursday, August 20, 2015

In Rick's old office, Steffy asked if Liam was asking if she was responsible. She didn't know how to answer him. She asked if Aly would still be dead if Steffy hadn't been on the roadside with her. Steffy guessed not but said Aly had attacked Steffy. Steffy asked if it made Aly responsible. Steffy didn't know. Liam replied that it was a simple question with a simple answer.

Liam posed his question a different way, asking if Steffy had caused Aly's death. Steffy admitted that she had, just not in the way Ivy meant. He guessed they were back to her shutting him out when the going got tough. She claimed it wasn't true, but he asked why he was just hearing about it.

Steffy explained that things hadn't been clicking in her mind when the police had been asking her questions. Her brain had been stuck on the question of how it could have happened. Liam stated that he'd been under the impression that Aly had hit her head in the struggle.

Steffy recounted the struggle with Aly, the tire iron falling, and Aly wielding a rock. Steffy explained that she'd grabbed the tire iron and swung it blindly. She claimed that she hadn't known if she'd even hit Aly, and she'd thought she'd been telling the police the truth about it being self-defense. Liam agreed that it had been self-defense, but Steffy said Ivy didn't see it that way.

Liam figured that Ivy was grieving and hurting, and it was Steffy's word against Ivy's. Steffy said Ivy had a video that she was threatening to use against Steffy. Liam couldn't understand who would decide to film something at a time like that. He wondered how the video contradicted Steffy. Steffy hadn't seen the video but stated that Wyatt had said the video was bad for her.

Liam asked why Wyatt was involved. Steffy replied that it was due to Ivy, who'd convinced Wyatt not to delete the video after Steffy had asked him to. Liam believed Wyatt was behind it because Ivy wouldn't use leverage to get what she wanted. Steffy told him not to be so sure of it.

Steffy hated what had happened to Aly, but Steffy wouldn't let Ivy blackmail her. Liam wanted to see the video before deciding what to do. Steffy didn't think she could watch it. He asked if she trusted him, and she replied that they wouldn't be talking about it if she didn't. With a kiss, he said to let him handle it, and he'd see her back at the house.

At the beach house, Wyatt was miffed that Ivy had told Liam to ask Steffy what had happened with Aly. To him, Ivy had done it because she knew that Liam would confront Steffy, go all moral on her and need space, and then wind up on Ivy's doorstep, saying, "'You know what? I'm so sorry. I love you. I should have listened.'" Wyatt said it was how it always happened, but he wouldn't do that dance again.

Ivy swore she hadn't had any ulterior motives. She'd just wanted Liam to hear Steffy's answer for himself. Wyatt calmed down but said that the fewer people who knew, the better because, when things got out in the open, they assumed a life of their own.

Ivy wanted to change the subject. Wyatt noted all the questions in the air about her becoming the lead model or them losing their jobs. Ivy asked if she had a split personality. He chuckled, asking who in their town didn't have one. Ivy said she'd been the good girl, but she'd tricked Liam into marrying her. "What are you talking about? That's Liam's favorite way to get married," Wyatt replied.

Ivy didn't know how she'd wound up in the high-stakes situation with Steffy. Wyatt reasoned that her best friend's death had changed things, but Ivy replied that Ivy hadn't died. Cupping her face, he told her that he liked her the way she was right then, and they kissed.

Later, Ivy and Wyatt were cuddled on the couch when Liam entered. Wyatt remarked that Liam hadn't knocked, and Liam said it was a way to find out things people wouldn't tell him. Ivy apologized and said she hadn't realized that they needed to send him a memo. Wyatt joked that she should have gotten Liam an "I'm dating your brother" greeting card. Liam stated that Ivy and Wyatt deserved to be happy and should do anything they could to make it possible -- except a crime.

Wyatt asked what Liam was talking about. Liam said he was talking about using fear to control and take advantage of a person. He called it blackmail and assumed the price of silence was being the new face of Forrester. Ivy asked him how long he thought she'd have a job at Forrester after Steffy had taken Liam and made herself Ivy's boss. Ivy asked why Liam defended Steffy when Aly was the dead one.

Liam didn't think Ivy was going about getting justice in the right way. Wyatt asked Liam why Steffy hadn't told Liam the full truth. Liam asserted that it had been self-defense, but Wyatt replied that the only actual witness contradicted it. Ivy said she'd kept silent and was aware that news of it could cripple Forrester. Ivy claimed to be trying to stop it -- if she could.

Wyatt noted that Steffy was running Forrester but had to be on the cover of every magazine, wearing every garment and piece of jewelry that they made. He asked if it was really blackmail to suggest that Steffy sit down for a second.

Liam wanted evidence that it hadn't been self-defense. Ivy showed him the video, and he was disturbed by the footage. Ivy asked if he'd call it self-defense, because to her, it was murder.

In the CEO's office, Thomas told Caroline that he couldn't talk to Ridge about what was happening with Thomas and Steffy. Caroline assumed it meant Thomas didn't think he could talk to her, either. He replied that it would be asking her to hide something from Ridge.

Caroline agreed that she couldn't keep things from Ridge, but she also didn't have to tell Ridge about every conversation she had that didn't pertain to him. She suggested that Thomas talk to her until she heard something that made her have to stop listening.

Thomas explained that the problem wasn't between him and Steffy, but between Steffy and Ivy. He remarked that he had no idea what it was like to kill someone. Caroline said no one had said "that" had happened to Aly. He offered to stop talking if Caroline couldn't keep it between them.

Caroline told Thomas to go on, and he revealed that Ivy was blackmailing Steffy with a video that didn't show everything that Steffy had said. He hoped Caroline saw why he couldn't go to Ridge. Caroline seemed uncertain about it but relented because she'd gotten herself into it.

Thomas said it wouldn't do any good to tell Ridge. He said that if Ridge pressed Steffy to go to the police, she and Ivy would each have to change their statements, but nothing would change it being self-defense. Caroline asked if it looked that way on the video or not.

At Il Gardino, Ridge concluded a business meeting with a kiss on a woman's cheek. As the woman left, Katie happened along and said, "The master at work." Katie was there for lunch with Bill, but Bill had just text-messaged a frowny face because he wouldn't make it. Ridge found the emoji from Bill amusing and decided to stay while Katie had lunch.

Later, Katie felt bad about delaying Ridge, who'd already eaten before she'd arrived. Ridge said he didn't get to see her without the "old Bill and chain." They talked about the two-and-a-half-year-old Will, and Katie noted that Ridge was back in father mode with Thomas and Steffy in town.

Katie asked if the siblings had formed a secret alliance to defeat him yet. Ridge replied that they did have a secret. Ridge discussed his relationship with Thomas and his desire to encourage Thomas. Katie remarked that the men had been through rough patches. Ridge was glad he hadn't inherited his father's paranoia about the eldest son stealing something from him.

Katie believed Ridge was being hard on Eric, but Ridge added that he hadn't inherited Eric's lovability, either. Katie suggested that Thomas might be acting protective over his sister, who'd been through a lot. She wondered if he'd just asked the siblings what was going on. Ridge stared back at her, and she figured he thought parents should be mind readers.

Katie asked about Caroline, but Ridge asked if it was a good topic for them. Katie remarked that, in the past, they'd been able to discuss Brooke and Bill. Ridge relayed that Caroline made him happy, but he still worried about her legs. Katie wondered if the problem with Steffy and Thomas could be their whispers about Caroline. "No, they aren't whispering. I can hear them loud and clear," Ridge replied.

A rock and a hard place

A rock and a hard place

Friday, August 21, 2015

At Il Gardino, Katie and Ridge discussed his relationship with Caroline. Katie said that Caroline had been clear about wanting to have a family and asked how Ridge felt about it. Ridge was silent, and Katie figured that she already knew his answer.

Ridge shrugged it off, saying Caroline was young. Katie doubted motherhood was something Caroline would just grow out of. He reasoned that he and Caroline were just starting out; they had traveling and adventures ahead, and she might not want to give it up at that moment.

Katie didn't know why Caroline had to give it up when there were options for women with children. Ridge asked whose side Katie was on. She said she wasn't on anyone's side. She just knew he'd agreed to be a father to Will and was curious about why Ridge was reluctant to start a family with Caroline. Ridge relayed that he didn't want to start over, and he'd been honest with Caroline about it.

In the CEO's office, Caroline was overwhelmed by the information Thomas had given her about Steffy and Aly but thought that the whole story was on video. Thomas said the video was damning, and he hinted to the reason for Ivy's sudden interest in becoming the new face of Forrester.

Caroline was astounded that Ivy would hold the video over Steffy's head. Thomas told Caroline that she couldn't tell Ridge, but she said Ridge would want to help Steffy. Thomas insisted that he'd protect Steffy. He added that he was also concerned about Caroline because of her relationship with his father.

Caroline claimed to be happy with Ridge, and Thomas urged her to be honest about it because he'd just been honest with her. She replied that he was cynical about his father, and he asked if Ridge was giving her everything she wanted. She believed it was an impossible expectation that was bound to set someone up for heartbreak, and Thomas gleaned that her marriage had taught her that.

Thomas asked if Caroline was getting ninety-nine percent of what she wanted, which was the least of what she deserved. Caroline admitted that there was one thing that she and Ridge weren't on the same page about, but she didn't think she should discuss it with Thomas.

Thomas guessed it was about not starting a family. Caroline stated that Ridge wasn't ready yet. Thomas asked if it was a matter of being ready or being uninterested. She explained that Ridge wanted to just live in the moment. Thomas wondered where it left her. He sensed that she was doing all the sacrificing for Ridge's "moments," but Thomas didn't want to see Caroline get hurt.

At the beach house, Liam was disillusioned by the video but still asserted that it was self-defense. Amazed, Ivy said that Aly had been just standing there, doing nothing, when Steffy had struck her. Letting Liam see the video again, Ivy stated that Steffy had killed Aly, and Steffy didn't even care.

Later, Liam had gone, and Wyatt figured Liam was shocked and wondering why he was just then hearing about the video. Ivy said it was because Steffy was self-serving and clearly didn't trust or know Liam. Wyatt corrected that Ivy meant that Steffy didn't know Liam like Ivy did.

Exasperated, Ivy exclaimed, "Oh, Wyatt, that's over! That's over!" Ivy claimed that her focus was on the fact that it was as if Aly's life had meant nothing, but somehow Steffy's did. Ivy was curious about how the morally upright Liam felt about Steffy committing murder. Wyatt contended that Liam wasn't a saint, and rescuing the woman Liam loved trumped Liam's morals.

Ivy saw no way that Liam could condone what was on the video, and Wyatt figured that Ivy was counting upon it being that way. Wyatt felt bad for Liam. "Well, I don't," Ivy snapped. Ivy felt that Liam should know that Steffy didn't walk on water and was a cold-blooded killer.

Wyatt said the statement was extreme. Ivy asserted that Steffy had stolen a life but continued to live with no consequences. Ivy said he could feel bad for Aly, who was gone but not forgotten.

Wyatt didn't want to spend the evening talking about other people. He told Ivy that she was sexy when she was angry, and they went to the bedroom to have sex.

Afterward, Wyatt remarked that he liked "this," and he liked Ivy -- even though she was a million miles away. Ivy apologized for slipping off, and he assumed she was thinking about what was happening with Steffy and Liam. Kissing Wyatt, she bet it was nothing like "this."

Later, Ivy was in bed, staring at the video. Wyatt entered and announced that she'd lost her phone privileges. He got her to put it down, and they began kissing.

At the cliff house, Liam arrived, and Steffy asked if he'd seen the video. Liam was gravely silent, and she told him that he was freaking her out. He stated that he'd seen the video, and it was bad.

Steffy didn't get what Liam was saying. Liam stated that it had been hard to watch. She didn't doubt it but claimed it was still self-defense. "The way you hauled off and hit her with that tire iron..." Liam remarked. Steffy described Aly swinging with a tire iron and then grabbing a rock. Liam interrupted to say that there was no rock, and confused, she asked what he meant.

Steffy insisted that there had been a rock in Aly's hand, and Aly had been poised to crash it over Steffy's head. Liam said whether it had been a tire iron or a rock, it didn't look good, and Steffy had to take him through the events of that night one more time. He explained that her memory was returning gradually, and a new detail might emerge if she went over it again.

Steffy did not want to relive it, but with more encouragement, she told Liam that out of nowhere, she'd gotten a flat tire. When she'd gotten ready to change it, out of nowhere, a car's headlights had headed toward her. She said it had been Aly, and they'd started to argue. Out of nowhere, Aly had grabbed a tire iron to attack Steffy.

"Now, when did she pick up the rock? Is that when she picked up the rock?" Liam asked. Steffy said it was, and he asked what hand it had been in. She explained that Aly had held the rock in her right hand and had been about to crash it on top of Steffy. Steffy had taken the tire iron and swung to protect herself, and that had been when Aly had fallen and hit her head on the rock.

Steffy didn't have all the bits and pieces but swore she wouldn't intentionally kill her cousin. She wept, saying she'd understand if Liam wanted to leave her. Surprised, Liam said he knew Steffy and knew that she'd defend herself when she was threatened. Relieved that he still believed her, even after seeing the video, Steffy began kissing Liam.

In bed together later, Steffy was grateful that Liam believed her. Liam said that Ivy and Liam were lashing out because Liam and Steffy hadn't chosen to be with them. Steffy said she should have told Liam when she'd remembered.

Liam didn't care what the video showed, and he refused to let the bitter Ivy use the video to hurt Steffy. He recognized that it was a serious issue and that they had to do whatever it took to keep anyone else from seeing the video.

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