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Caroline resigned herself to a life without children, but Ridge contemplated making her dreams into reality. Ivy's power grab ticked off many, but it turned Wyatt on. Steffy perplexed Ridge when she passed the modeling job to Ivy. A touch sparked feelings within Thomas.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 24, 2015 on B&B
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Nice and easy to manipulate

Nice and easy to manipulate

Monday, August 24, 2015

In Rick's old office, Quinn was making suggestions for changes to one of Ivy's pieces. Ivy snapped that she liked it the way it was. Quinn suggested that they look at it from a different perspective, and Ivy suggested that Quinn stop critiquing as if Ivy was her flunky. "Excuse me?" Quinn said.

Ivy touted that she'd taken over the line when Quinn had been fired, and though Ridge had kept Quinn on, Ivy wouldn't back down to Quinn. A text message from Ridge about a meeting interrupted Ivy. Quinn asked where and when the meeting would be. "Did I say you were included?" Ivy quipped.

Wyatt hopped from his seat across the room and asked if it was the modeling decision. Quinn guessed the rumors were true about the new modeling position but laughed at the thought of Ivy as a candidate. Ivy replied that she had modeling experience. Quinn said Steffy had all "that experience, not to mention, she's hot." Ivy asked what was wrong with the way she looked.

Wyatt intervened to explain that Ivy had attributes, and she wasn't the center of reporters' interest in Aly's death. Ivy assured Quinn that modeling wouldn't take Ivy away from the jewelry, and if anything, it would make her more hands on. Quinn scowled.

"If looks could maim," Deacon joked, entering. Ivy said Quinn was all his, and Ivy and Wyatt left.

Deacon noted that someone seemed superior. Quinn remembered that the "prima donna from Down Under" used to be nice and easy to manipulate. Deacon reminded Quinn that Ivy had lost her cousin, but Quinn said it didn't give Ivy the right to rip Quinn's head off.

Deacon suggested that Quinn take the problem to Ridge. Quinn asked if she was supposed to tell Ridge that Ivy was living up to her new nickname, "Poison Ivy."

In the CEO's office, Steffy thanked Liam for believing her about the incident, even though she was sure Ivy expected him to turn his back on Steffy. He stated that Ivy wasn't herself. Steffy replied that there was no excuse for blackmail. Steffy had already racked her brain enough about remembering the incident, what impact her actions would have on the family, and if there would be a trial, and she refused to let Ivy control her life. Liam said they didn't know if it was Steffy striking Aly or the fall that had caused Aly's death.

Ridge entered, interrupting to start his meeting. Thomas arrived, and Ivy and Wyatt entered. Ridge announced that even though he appreciated Ivy throwing her hat into the ring, Steffy would be the new face of Forrester. The looks around the table grew grave.

Wyatt asked if the decision was final, and Liam said it was. Wyatt grew snippy about Liam answering for the CEO. Wyatt discussed the press and its interest in Aly's death. "Wyatt!" Ridge yelled. More quietly, Ridge said Steffy knew how to deal with the press and had done it for years. Wyatt replied that it was different. Ridge asked how, and Wyatt looked at Ivy.

Ridge asked if Ivy had something to say. Ivy stated that he was making a bad decision, and it was one he'd regret. Steffy asked to speak to Ivy alone, and the men left the room.

At the sky lounge, Liam, Ridge, and Thomas met. Thomas wondered if they should have left the women alone, and Ridge asked if there was something they knew that he didn't.

Liam nervously left the table but listened nearby as Thomas said he'd been looking out for his sister when he'd been concerned about her taking the job. Ridge declared that Steffy was the new model, and he expected Ivy and Thomas to support the choice.

Ridge left, and Thomas and Liam exchanged looks. Thomas figured that Liam had seen the video. The men were concerned that Ivy would make good on her threat. Thomas asked how they'd stop her.

Later, in Rick's old office, Deacon was massaging Quinn's feet as she worked. Wyatt walked in and was grossed out by what he saw. Quinn asked about the meeting, and Wyatt explained that the underdogs had lost again. Quinn asked where Ivy was. Wyatt said Steffy was talking to Ivy, and he doubted Ivy would back down without a fight.

Deacon didn't see what Ivy had to fight with. Wyatt hinted that they'd be surprised. Quinn asked what was going on. She suspected something was happening between Wyatt and Ivy. "Girlfriend," Deacon coughed. Wyatt admitted that he and Ivy might be dating, and she might be his girlfriend. "Whatever she is to you, you'd better reign her in -- or I'm gonna do it for you," Quinn asserted.

Wyatt said that Quinn didn't want to be on Ivy's bad side. "Are you serious? Who are you talking to?" Quinn asked. Noting that Ivy was making demands and getting all uppity, Quinn asked if he'd heard how Ivy had spoken to her earlier. Wyatt claimed that Ivy just wanted respect as a designer. Quinn said she did respect Ivy, mostly, but Quinn had a lot more experience.

Deacon recommended that Ivy chill out a little bit, especially if she was becoming Wyatt's girlfriend. Wyatt said he'd talk to Ivy, but Ivy was dealing with a lot. Wyatt thought Ivy might wind up with the promotion, but if she didn't, then the chips would fall where they would.

Back in the CEO's office, Ivy didn't know why she'd let herself believe things would turn out differently. Steffy said she was sorry, but Ivy replied that it was just another thing Steffy had taken from Ivy. Steffy asked Ivy to listen, but Ivy thought that, unless Steffy was turning herself in, it was a waste of time. Steffy said that Aly was gone, and the family would never be the same.

"What you are doing right now -- " Steffy said. Ivy interjected that she was holding Steffy accountable, probably for the first time in Steffy's life, and all Steffy was trying to do was to save herself. Steffy claimed not to be doing it but noted that Ivy was using their dead cousin to get ahead as a model.

Ivy believed Steffy was just making a show of reaching out for Liam's sake. Ivy said that Steffy had taken Liam, Aly, and the job, but Steffy wasn't going to get away with it anymore.

Steffy took it as another threat, and Ivy said Steffy shouldn't have accepted the position. Steffy said she hadn't accepted, but "if you keep this up --"

Ivy asked who was threatening whom. Steffy said she wasn't a monster, and though Steffy had to live with what had happened to Aly, Steffy wouldn't let Ivy blackmail her. Ivy said it was justice for Aly, and Ivy had the video to prove what Steffy had done.

Steffy asked to see the video. Ivy played it, and Steffy shook her head in disbelief. Ivy said that there was no rock, as Steffy claimed, and Steffy had attacked Aly -- not the other way around. Ivy asked if Steffy wanted the world to see that she'd killed her cousin.

Ridge arrived, and Ivy put away her phone. Ridge asked talk to Steffy, but Ivy said she and Steffy were in the middle of replaying what had happened. Steffy told Ridge that she wanted Ivy to be the face of Forrester, and Steffy would concentrate on being the president.

Ridge was disconcerted by the change, and Steffy said she'd changed her mind. He asked why. Steffy said she had enough on her plate, and she couldn't keep adding more. Ridge asked if she was sure, and Steffy said that she was.

Ridge left, and Ivy remarked that Aly would be glad that Steffy wasn't getting her way. Steffy replied that Aly had had issues; and Steffy was beginning to wonder if Ivy did, too. Ivy asserted that she had a video that would convince a jury that Steffy was a murderer. Ivy believed that she'd been too nice for too long. "Don't mess with me. As long as I'm around here, I own you," Ivy declared.



Tuesday, August 25, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Ivy and Steffy argued about what had happened with Aly. Steffy maintained that Aly had attacked her, and she defended herself. Ivy called Steffy a murderer. Ivy claimed she had proof on her phone that Steffy had murdered their cousin. "Stop lying," Ivy seethed.

Steffy wondered what more Ivy wanted. "You're the new face of Forrester," Steffy said. Ivy said she owned Steffy and always would. Ivy insisted that Steffy had no conscience. Steffy argued that Aly would have killed her.

Ivy countered that Steffy had everything she wanted. She had taken Liam from Ivy and taken Aly's life. "I had no choice," Steffy maintained. Ivy countered that Steffy no longer had a charmed life and had to accept some responsibility.

Steffy was angry. "You pulled over and recorded our fight. What does that say about you?" Steffy asked. Ivy argued that there was no rock in the video to support Steffy's claim that Aly had been about to hit her with the rock.

Steffy countered that there had been a rock, and she wanted Ivy to let Aly rest in peace. "Let this go," Steffy begged. Ivy refused. "I was there too," Ivy said. She maintained that she had watched the video numerous times and had never seen Steffy's version of the truth. Ivy chastised Steffy for making a fool of Ivy when Steffy had stolen Liam from her, and Ivy refused to allow Steffy to make a fool of her again.

On the rooftop at Forrester, Liam and Thomas discussed that Steffy had trouble dealing with Ivy. Liam maintained that Ivy was taking everything out on Steffy. Ridge interrupted and wondered why Steffy would have allowed Ivy to be the new face of Forrester. Ridge wondered what was wrong.

Liam understood that Steffy had allowed Ivy to be the face of Forrester because Ivy had modeled in Amsterdam.

Ridge said it was out of character for Steffy to have turned down becoming the face of Forrester. Ridge insisted that something else was happening behind the scenes. "What am I missing?" Ridge asked.

Thomas and Liam tried to get Ridge to stop worrying. Liam reminded Ridge that Steffy was trying to get along better with Ivy and have less drama at Forrester. Ridge agreed, but he wanted assurance that if something were wrong, Thomas would tell him. Thomas agreed. Ridge smiled, but he said he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong, and he was convinced that Liam and Thomas knew what it was. Ridge left.

Later, Steffy and Liam discussed that she did not want her dad to know about the video. Liam understood, but he was tired of Ivy threatening Steffy. Steffy agreed, and she added that she had to live with what had happened -- a memory that would haunt her for the rest of her life.

Steffy worried that she also had to live with Ivy calling her a murderer. Liam was livid. He refused to allow Ivy to control them. He knew that Steffy had done nothing wrong. He promised to put a stop to it immediately.

At Forrester, in Quinn's office, Quinn advised Wyatt to tell Ivy to watch her attitude. Wyatt thought it was funny that Quinn had accused Ivy of being mean and controlling. "You're just not used to a woman standing up to you," he said.

Quinn argued that she had been "rather pleasant lately." Wyatt agreed, but he added there was always room for improvement. Quinn marveled that Wyatt had let Steffy slip away, and he'd hooked up with Ivy instead. Quinn maintained that Steffy was still available, and Wyatt refused to butt heads with Liam again. He said he was with Ivy.

Quinn worried that Ivy was always barking at her. Wyatt reminded his mother that all of them had lost a relative in Aly. Ivy interrupted, and she hugged Wyatt. Ivy announced that she was the new face of Forrester. Ivy and Wyatt smiled and celebrated, but Quinn had a disapproving look in spite of her smile.

In Steffy's office, Ridge quizzed Steffy about letting go of becoming the face of Forrester. Steffy defended her decision. She said she didn't want the stress. She had the ordeal of Aly hanging over her head, and she had a lot of work as president. "It was bad timing," Steffy maintained. Ridge wondered if there was another reason. Steffy said that she would never get over what had happened with Aly. Ridge hugged her.

In Ivy's office at Forrester, Ivy examined some sapphires with a magnifying glass, and Liam entered and congratulated because she had become the new face of Forrester. He noted that sapphires were a lot like Ivy: beautiful, brilliant, and precious.

Ivy countered that she had been all those things until Steffy had returned. Liam advised Ivy to stop blaming Steffy. Liam reasoned that he had made his own decisions. He reminded Ivy that their relationship had become complicated in a hurry due to a lot of reasons including her immigration issue.

Liam said that he had seen a lot of changes in Ivy. She had been colder and darker than ever before, and he worried about the person she had become. Ivy warned that Liam wanted to justify Steffy's behavior by blaming Ivy. Liam disagreed. He said that Ivy had become unethical and self-serving.

Ivy shouted that Steffy had killed her cousin. Liam said that Ivy had used her video as a bargaining chip to advance her own career. He doubted that she was seeking justice for Aly but rather revenge.

Ivy said that Steffy was the guilty one. Liam angrily warned Ivy to stop tormenting Steffy. He admitted that he'd had it with her threats. He dared her to go to the police with the video or delete it and mourn Aly's death properly. "No more threats, no more blackmail -- what's it gonna be, Ivy?"

Face of Forrester face-off

Face of Forrester face-off

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Liam advised Ivy to go to the police with the video or delete it. He maintained they were the only two options. "You're such a risk taker," Ivy mocked. Liam reminded Ivy that he was a risk taker. He had jumped in the Seine to save her; married her to keep her in the United States; and loved her.

Ivy quickly pointed out that Liam had not loved her the way he loved Steffy. Liam looked away. Ivy said that Liam wanted what was right for Steffy, not for Ivy. Liam threatened that if Ivy was the person who put Steffy in prison, everyone at Forrester would dislike her. "Steffy did not commit murder," Liam said.

Liam and Ivy argued about Steffy. Ivy maintained that Liam refused to see the truth. Liam countered that Aly had planned to murder Steffy, and Ivy knew that.

Ivy argued that the video told another story, and she called it a murder in progress. Liam argued that it had been self-defense, and Ivy said Liam's judgment was clouded by his obsession with Steffy. Liam shook his head and softened.

Liam apologized for hurting Ivy. He worried that she was seeking revenge. Ivy said she had trusted and loved Liam. She said he was always the superhero, the rescuer -- like he had rescued her from the Seine. But he could not rescue Steffy and allow her to avoid justice. "I will not let Aly die in vain," Ivy said.

Ivy told Liam that Steffy needed to confess to the police. "Time is running out," she said. She added that Steffy belonged in a courtroom. Liam walked out, and Ivy looked determined.

On the Forrester rooftop, Quinn and Wyatt discussed that Ivy was the new face of Forrester. Quinn questioned how "Poison Ivy" had pulled it off. Wyatt said that he and Ivy were working toward similar goals. It was their turn in the limelight at Forrester.

Wyatt was sick of what Liam, Hope, and Steffy had achieved. Quinn agreed that Wyatt deserved more, but she felt something was going on. Wyatt dismissed her concern and said that he and Ivy were a couple, and it was Ivy's turn to rise to the top.

In Steffy's office, Ridge encouraged Steffy to reconsider being the face of Forrester. Steffy begged Ridge to let it go. She needed time to recover. Ridge sympathized with her.

Ridge reminded Steffy that Aly's death hadn't been her fault. Steffy flashed back to when Ivy had shown her the video on her phone. Ridge said she had to move past what had happened. Steffy said she would try, but she needed time.

Ridge suggested Steffy take a few weeks before she made a decision. He promised to speak to Ivy and tell her she would not be the face of Forrester. "Ivy will understand," Ridge said.

Steffy panicked and implored Ridge to give the job to Ivy. "I told you I don't want to do it," Steffy said. Ridge argued that Forrester needed Steffy. Ridge wanted to find someone else. Steffy refused. She told Ridge to go home to Caroline. Ridge left.

At Ridge's place, Thomas and Caroline worked on designs. Caroline explained that the California Freedom fashion line was about having no constraints. She suggested that he lose the sleeves on the design he had. She suggested he drop the neckline by an inch. While she worked on the design, Thomas fantasized about kissing Caroline. She wondered if Thomas disapproved. He said he liked her changes.

Thomas said he was worried about Steffy. He explained that Steffy had turned down becoming the face of Forrester. Caroline was surprised. Thomas noted that they both knew why she had turned it down.

Caroline didn't believe that Steffy could be prosecuted. They were glad they could confide in one another. Thomas asked if Caroline had told Ridge how important a family was to her, but Caroline said Ridge had "been there."

Thomas confessed that he, Phoebe, and Steffy had been a handful to raise. They both laughed. Caroline said Ridge liked to live in the moment and didn't want to discuss the future.

Conversation turned to the painting that Ridge had done of Caroline. Thomas teased that he could paint a fresh portrait of Caroline from a different angle. He painted a giant smiley face on the easel, and they both laughed. Ridge entered. "What's going on here?" Ridge asked.

At home, Steffy and Liam kissed, and they discussed that things had not ended well when Liam had met with Ivy. Steffy lamented that her dad had pressured her into being the face of Forrester, but she had declined. She felt like she had been squeezed from every angle. Liam promised they would get through it. Liam vowed not to give up, but he realized it wouldn't be easy. Steffy worried.

Wyatt and Ivy met, and Ivy shared that her meeting with Liam had been tense. She said that Liam had threatened her to take the video to the police or stop her threats. "He tried to scare me," she said.

Wyatt called Liam an idiot. Wyatt and Ivy made a pact that they would get what they wanted together. They agreed they had been overlooked for too long. Ivy pointed out that Wyatt had delivered a huge audience for the Hope for the Future diamond and had put Forrester jewelry on the map, but he had received nothing.

Wyatt agreed, and he noted that Ivy was a Forrester but had never been in the spotlight. Ivy said it was because she wasn't Ridge's daughter. They kissed and promised to work together to get what they deserved.

The power of support

The power of support

Thursday, August 27, 2015

In the evening at the beach house, Ivy and Wyatt said they had the power and wouldn't be pushed around. She knew he didn't like the idea of putting Steffy in jail. He said it wouldn't happen, as long as they got what they wanted. He believed that people like Liam got things handed to them. Wyatt felt that, as long as no one got hurt, it was fine to use the video to get him and Ivy a chance to move up.

Over wine, Wyatt and Ivy discussed how they were probably the bad ones in Liam and Steffy's eyes. Ivy said Liam had made her promises, but she'd become the disappointment after Steffy had returned to town and murdered their cousin. Wyatt was amazed that his brother had said that. Ivy replied that it had been in Liam's tone when he'd said she wasn't the Ivy he'd known.

Wyatt said change was good, because the new Ivy wouldn't wait for Liam's scraps. Ivy conveyed that Liam thought it was Wyatt's fault, and Ivy had hung around Quinn for too long. Ivy said it was true, and her changes were due to Wyatt. Wyatt asked if it was a good or bad thing and if she had any regrets or thought he was a bad influence on her.

Ivy didn't think it was bad, but she did have regrets. She regretted not wising up to Liam sooner and not being a better friend to Aly. Ivy said the change Liam saw was Ivy's coping mechanism for Aly's death, and Ivy didn't care if Liam didn't know who she was anymore. She felt stronger due to Wyatt.

Wyatt found the fire within Ivy sexy. He said a weaker person might have "gone home." Ivy admitted to contemplating it, but she asked what it would mean for Aly's memory if Ivy packed up and left. "Especially if you'd be leaving me," Wyatt added.

Ivy said Wyatt was joking, but it was kind of true. She told him that he'd been a shoulder to cry on when she learned she'd been just a Steffy stand-in. Ivy said she and Wyatt had been bummed that they'd never find people like them again and hadn't realized what had been right in front of them. Wyatt stated that he realized "now," and he and Ivy kissed.

Wyatt couldn't help but wonder what would happen in a few months when Liam would tell Ivy that he was done with Steffy. Ivy replied that Liam would never be done with Steffy. Wyatt stated that Liam always needed a girl in the wings. Agreeing, Ivy was sure Liam had been shocked when she'd declined the role, and she declared that he'd have to find another. Wyatt said she'd made his day.

Wyatt wanted Ivy to know that she'd helped him, too. He'd felt like second fiddle to Liam, but Ivy had seen Wyatt's potential and wasn't looking over his shoulder, waiting for Liam to show up. "Right?" he asked. Ivy claimed not to be waiting for Liam.

Wyatt said Ivy was genuine and all the things he wasn't. Ivy replied that he was all those things. Dubiously, he said he tried. To him, Liam had taken advantage of her goodness, but Wyatt planned to appreciate it. Liam had wronged her, but it had given her a confidence that Wyatt found sexy.

Wyatt and Ivy kissed and had sex on the sofa. After, Ivy was amazed at how different her summer had turned out. She'd been in a marriage of convenience with Liam but had wound up with Wyatt. Wyatt said she was moving up in the world. She said it was thanks to his support, which was the most support she'd ever felt. Surprised, Wyatt asked about her parents' support.

Ivy said her father was great, but he was in and out and always traveling. Her mother wasn't as hands-on as Quinn. Ivy noted that she'd been in the States for a while, but it hadn't yet occurred to her mother to visit her. Ivy would understand if it was because of a job or money, but it wasn't. Ivy said her mother had always been in her mother's own world.

Wyatt knew what it was like to have a mother who was in her own world, and it emphasized his point that it was good they'd found each other. He felt that he and Ivy could do anything together. "It is good to have some leverage, though," Ivy remarked, getting her phone.

As they watched the video again, Ivy said she wouldn't waste it and let Aly's death be in vain. She believed Aly would want her to use the video. She felt that Aly had been an underdog like them, and Aly would tell them to use the video to win and take whatever they could from Liam and Steffy. Wyatt kissed Ivy's forehead but looked concerned.

At the cliff house, Liam informed Steffy that Ivy probably expected Steffy to go to the police herself. The flustered Steffy said the only reason she'd go to the police would be to report Ivy's blackmail. Feeling responsible, he noted that Ivy wouldn't be blackmailing Steffy if he'd stayed with Ivy. Steffy said he should be glad he'd escaped. He figured it was one way to look at it.

Steffy didn't want to think about it anymore. The pair decided to have a quiet evening without video talk. They selected a Bob Hope movie and savored the idea of togetherness. Liam claimed that he hadn't ever really given up on the idea of her returning home. They toasted to home.

Steffy and Liam ate pizza, and she thanked him for making her laugh and remember that she had a lot to look forward to. They cuddled and watched the movie. She told him that it felt good that he believed in her and hadn't walked away. Liam said that neither of them would let go ever again. At Ridge's loft, Ridge stood before Thomas' smiley face painting with a rose in hand and asked if Thomas liked to paint. Referring to Ridge's portrait of Caroline, Thomas said it had inspired him. Ridge replied that it inspired him, too, but if Thomas wanted to impress Ridge, he'd concentrate on designing.

Thomas claimed he'd been doing that very thing with Caroline, who'd been helping him out. "Was she?" Ridge asked, staring at Caroline. He kept watching her as Thomas pulled out his designs. Hesitating, Thomas asked if Ridge would rip them up. "I hope not," Ridge replied.

As Ridge tore his gaze from Caroline and reviewed a design, Thomas nervously explained the changes he'd made after receiving Caroline's input. Kissing Caroline, Ridge said Thomas had improved and was on the right track; however, Ridge still hadn't decided how Thomas fit into the business.

Caroline said she'd told Thomas that the designs would be good. Ridge noted that she seemed invested. Caroline stated that she'd seen Thomas' growth as a designer. She wanted things to work out for him and for everyone. Thomas liked earning his way by his merit and not his name. Ridge said he wanted Thomas to be the best designer he could be -- even better than Ridge after Ridge was gone.

Feeling inspired, Thomas decided to return to the office to work. As he was closing the door behind himself, he observed that Caroline couldn't wait to hop up on Ridge, who was standing by the fireplace. She wrapped her legs around Ridge's waist, and Thomas closed the door as the couple kissed.

Ridge leans toward having a child

Ridge leans toward having a child

Friday, August 28, 2015

At the sky lounge, Thomas and Zende worked out and discussed their drives to make it at Forrester. Nicole arrived, and Thomas chuckled, listening to her and Zende's flirty banter. Thomas asked how she was doing, and she said she was having the best summer ever. Zende added that he was, too.

Talk turned back to Thomas' shot at the design team. Zende recalled that Thomas had had his own line once. Thomas replied that it had been so, but it was in the past. Thomas explained that Caroline and Ridge were on the same wavelength and had a specific vision in mind. He felt that he had to get on the same page before he could be an asset.

Nicole asked if Thomas foresaw problems for him and Caroline, who'd once dated. Thomas conveyed that dating Caroline was the past, too, and the pair had grown and changed since then.

After Thomas left, Nicole and Zende discussed Rick and Maya, who were on their way back from their honeymoon. Nicole told Zende that he should have stopped her from opening her big mouth about Thomas and Caroline's past relationship. Zende said that she'd just been playing around, and though Thomas probably wouldn't have mentioned it, he'd seemed fine about it.

Nicole and Zende discussed Thomas' chances at designing and Ridge ripping up the past designs. Nicole stated that it was Ridge who pushed everyone passed their comfort zone to make them the best that they could be; however, Nicole wondered if Ridge had done it for Caroline.

Zende asked if Nicole thought Ridge would hurt Caroline. Nicole didn't know. She noted that the relationship was new, and the age difference was serious. Zende replied that age was a number. Nicole reasoned that it might be that way at first, but after a while, different needs might emerge based upon their ages in life. Nicole thought Caroline deserved the best and wasn't sure if that added up to Ridge.

In the CEO'S office, Caroline and Ridge arrived for work. Ridge loved being CEO. Caroline had only known the artist Ridge, but she liked corporate Ridge's style. As he kissed her, she told him that he was a sensitive balance between Rick and Eric. Ridge kept kissing her, but she insisted they get to work.

Caroline pulled out another of Thomas' designs. Ridge liked it but suggested a change. He sensed that Caroline really wanted Thomas on their team. She thought Thomas was talented, and as Ridge's son, he'd be a good fit. Ridge wanted Thomas to earn his position and not walk through life with his hands out for what he thought he was entitled to. She said Ridge was a good father.

Brooke arrived to show Ridge a text message from R.J., who was in the "girls are so annoying" stage of life. Brooke and Ridge observed Caroline's smile fade as she walked out of their conversation. Brooke offered to leave, but Caroline decided to find Thomas to relay the news about Ridge's design changes.

Caroline left, and Brooke wondered if she should have talked about R.J. Ridge said they'd have to talk about their son, and some of that conversation would be in front of Caroline. "Even when children are a tense topic?" Brooke asked. Ridge was sure that he and Caroline would get through it. Brooke asked how it would be so when his girlfriend wanted a family, but he didn't.

Brooke said the biological clock thing was real. It didn't surprise her that Caroline wanted a family, and she noted that Caroline had wanted one with Rick. Ridge, who'd raised two families already, just wanted to live in the moment. He asked what was wrong with it. Brooke found nothing wrong -- as long as the woman he was with wanted to do the same thing. Sighing, Ridge stated that Caroline was okay with it. Brooke asked if he believed Caroline.

At first, Ridge said he did, but then he said he didn't. Frustrated, he asked Brooke to just speak her mind. Brooke recalled that during her last pregnancy, she'd been shocked because a baby hadn't even been on her radar at her age. To Brooke, Caroline was the perfect age for child-rearing. Brooke suspected that Caroline was masking her urges, and those urges wouldn't just disappear.

Ridge asked if Brooke really thought he didn't know it. He professed love for Caroline, and he said that kids would make her happy -- and he wanted what would make her happy. Brooke told him that he shouldn't make a new family to put a smile on Caroline's face.

Ridge asked why he shouldn't, if it took that. He stated that Caroline had given him back his life and ability to draw. She supported him in everything he did. He wanted to give her what fulfilled her. Brooke concluded that it was a lovely testament to his feelings for Caroline, but having a child meant eighteen more years of parenting. Brooke had thought he wanted to be free at his age.

Ridge believed he'd been right to choose Caroline. He was happy and enjoying his life -- not as who he'd been or wanted to be, but as who he was at that moment. The excitement made him feel like a kid at times. Brooke said it wasn't just about his feelings anymore. He replied that if he loved Caroline, he had to put her first. "And that's what I'm going to do," he decided.

In the corridor, Caroline found Pam's anxiety medication beneath Pam's desk. She tried to put it away in Pam's drawer, but the drawer was locked. Caroline took the bottle into Rick's old office and slipped it into her purse. Her phone beeped. On it was a picture of a friend's baby.

Thomas entered and noticed that Caroline seemed off. He asked to see what she'd been looking at. Handing him her phone, she explained that a friend had posted a "pic." Looking at the baby picture, Thomas figured out the reason for her mood. Caroline claimed to be fine, but he said she was allowed to have feelings about choosing his father over having a family.

Caroline changed the subject to the modifications Ridge wanted for Thomas' design, but Thomas slipped back into talking about Caroline's baby issue and said she could confide in him. Caroline sadly admitted her disappointment. She'd always thought she'd have a family. She was fulfilled personally and professionally and very in love with Ridge. She didn't want to ask for too much in life. Thomas said she should have it all. She declared that it wouldn't happen, and she had to be grateful for what she had.

Thomas said the story of Caroline and Ridge was surreal. Grinning, Caroline recalled that it had been just one touch. When explaining how his designs hadn't been working, Ridge had grabbed her hand and begun to draw. "One touch," Thomas uttered. With loving eyes, Caroline replied, "And I just knew."

Thomas acknowledged the connection between Caroline and his father. He hoped they were both happy because Caroline seemed to be giving up a lot. Caroline believed it was a balancing act of sacrifice that evened out in the end. Thomas said his father might wind up wanting to start a family with Caroline and asked what sane man wouldn't.

Caroline asked if Thomas wanted children. "Bring them on," Thomas readily replied. She was surprised by his resolve. He claimed he wanted a full house; he just hadn't found the right partner. He thought she might just walk right up to him, kind of like Caroline had done that afternoon she'd exited the limo. He said she'd stopped hearts, and it had been unfair to other women whom he had to compare her to. Caroline stated that she was one-of-a-kind.

After a laugh, Caroline pulled his attention back to the sketch with a suggestion about lowering the neckline. He grabbed a pencil and made a change. She explained how Ridge envisioned the neckline. Thomas made another change, but Caroline figured she wasn't explaining it right. She placed her hand over his and moved the pencil. She glanced up at Thomas, who was gazing at her, not the paper.

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