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Wyatt thought he'd called a ceasefire by getting Ivy to delete the video, but he was shocked when Steffy reloaded and fired Ivy from Forrester. Some were displeased when Ridge proposed to Caroline, and Brooke ordered Ridge to be honest with Caroline about his vasectomy, or she'd do it herself.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 7, 2015 on B&B
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Ridge and Caroline hold on, Ivy lets go Ridge and Caroline hold on, Ivy lets go

Monday, September 7, 2015

At the loft, Thomas was headed out the door as Ridge assured him that he, Thomas, and Caroline would be a great team and would make beautiful things together. Thomas congratulated the couple, and as Ridge hugged Caroline, she seemed to snarl at Thomas, who then closed the door behind him.

Thomas went to work and interrupted Brooke, who was working in the CEO's office. He informed her that he'd been accepted to the design team. Brooke thought it was great. She'd known Ridge would "come through." Thomas said that Ridge had in more ways than one.

Later, Brooke couldn't believe Caroline and Ridge had reunited. "A bassinet -- seriously?" Brooke asked Thomas. Thomas said Ridge had changed his mind and was committed to children with Caroline. Flashing back to the conversation about Ridge's vasectomy, Brooke replied that nothing was certain.

Brooke said it wasn't even what Ridge, who enjoyed living in the moment, wanted. Thomas replied that it was just like the impulsive Ridge. Brooke believed Thomas had been right to worry about Caroline, who'd been through a lot in the last twenty-four hours. "If I could turn back the clock..." he replied.

Back at the loft, Ridge told Caroline that there were things to consider before starting a family. He wished he hadn't let her go the other night because he'd never wanted to hurt her. Caroline said he'd thought he'd been doing what was best for her, but she was glad he'd found his senses.

Ridge picked up a sketchpad as Caroline cooed about motherhood and the joy of even poopy diapers. Ridge said that some would find it daunting, but she replied that she had him. She wanted to have a baby right that moment. Ridge did, too, but he wanted to take care of some procedures first.

Assuming he meant work, Caroline asked if what was on the pad was one of things to take care of. Ridge replied that he'd been working on it for a while, but he needed her approval on it.

Caroline asked when Ridge had needed her approval on anything. Ridge remarked that they'd been through a lot; she'd taught him how to design again, and she said he'd taught her to walk again. He wanted to take one more step before he and Caroline had children.

Ridge believed that lines were important, and lines had united them. He had one more line to run by her. Flipping a page on the pad, he revealed a revised sketch of her backside. In the new sketch, she wore a wedding gown and veil. On the page, he'd written, "Will you marry me?"

Caroline's eyes widened, and she clamped her hands over her mouth. Ridge said she was his muse. She'd given him back his life, and he didn't want to live without her. He loved her, and he'd love their child. He said to not ever question his commitment.

Caroline's eyes watered as Ridge knelt before her and produced a diamond ring. She exclaimed that it was huge. He said to shut up and say she'd marry him. She eagerly complied, and they kissed.

Later, Caroline crawled onto the bed. Ridge spread out beside her. She told him that she loved him for not letting her give up on her idea of having a family. She felt that he knew her better than she knew herself. She was excited that, even though she'd thought she'd lost him, he'd be her husband and the father of her child. Ridge couldn't wait to start a life with her.

Caroline said she'd drink to it. Ridge went to get Champagne, but they only had beer. She said she didn't want that. She only wanted "this." Caroline curled up on his lap like a kitten, and he held her.

At the beach house, Ivy and Steffy shouted conflicting commands to Wyatt about Ivy's video file. Steffy wanted it deleted, and Ivy warned Wyatt not to do it. Wyatt tried to convince Ivy that Aly had attacked Steffy on the roadside, but Ivy assumed Steffy had played into Wyatt's old feelings for Steffy.

Wyatt denied it and insisted that Steffy wasn't a murderer. Ivy asserted that even without the video, she had been a witness. Wyatt knew that Ivy thought she was avenging Aly, but the methods were wrong, and he'd been wrong to encourage using the video to get a shot at Forrester. The only thing wrong in Ivy's eyes was Steffy murdering Aly.

Steffy declared that she hadn't done it, and Ivy was attacking Steffy's life. Ivy said life had consequences, and Steffy should have thought of them before striking Aly. Wyatt ordered the women to stop it and resolve it as the family they were.

Wyatt admitted to being bitter about Liam's new job at Forrester and relationship with Steffy, but he said the video didn't make Steffy a killer. He added that he'd enjoyed seeing the pair squirm, but he'd been wrong. Wyatt told Ivy that she could grieve, but she couldn't hold the accident over Steffy.

Wyatt instructed Steffy to give Ivy another chance because Ivy was going through a traumatizing experience. He wanted to delete the video to prevent another tragedy, but Ivy insisted upon holding accountable a woman who got away with everything.

Steffy stated that she and Ivy were family, and Ivy and Aly were her cousins. Steffy said she had to carry the night with her forever; however, Aly's death hadn't been intentional, and Liam leaving Ivy wasn't comparable to it. Steffy didn't know why Ivy was trying to ruin her life but said it wasn't like Ivy.

Wyatt asked Ivy to really think about what Aly had stood for -- family, love, honesty, and truth. He knew that, deep down, Ivy didn't believe it had been murder. He asked Ivy to really listen to Steffy.

Steffy explained that Aly had plotted to murder her. Aly had punctured the tire and had tried to run Steffy down. Steffy had tried to get through to Aly, to no avail. After Aly had swung a tire iron and sent Steffy to the ground, Aly had picked up a rock. Ivy replied that she hadn't seen it. Steffy said it was why the video was dangerous. The video didn't show the right angle, but Aly had indeed had a rock.

Upset, Ivy cried that she hadn't seen it. She'd been Aly's best friend. Aly had needed help, but Ivy hadn't seen it. Ivy felt guilty for being too caught up with Rick's antics, the deportation, and holding on to Liam. Ivy declared that Aly had been sick, and Ivy had missed it. Ivy stated that they'd all known Aly's problems, but they'd just called her crazy and intolerant. Wyatt replied that they'd all missed it; they couldn't get Aly back, but they could end the hurt.

Ivy told Steffy that she knew Steffy hadn't intentionally killed Aly. Ivy said Steffy wasn't a murderer, and Ivy was sorry. Wyatt bent over the laptop, but Ivy stopped him. She sat before it and deleted the video of her cell phone storage. Wyatt hugged Ivy as she cried, and Steffy sighed in relief.

Never Speak of it again Never Speak of it again

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

At the loft, Ridge and Caroline cuddled, admiring her ring. Ridge said it wasn't too late to change her mind, and he wasn't the greatest catch. She shushed him and replied that he was the most wonderful man she'd ever known. She loved him and couldn't wait to be his wife.

Ridge grabbed his phone to call Thomas. Caroline stated that Thomas had just been there. She asked why he wanted Thomas to return. Ridge said that she'd see.

In the CEO's office, Thomas flashed back to the incident at the hotel. Brooke arrived, glad he was still there. She still didn't know how Ridge could go from one extreme to the other about having children. Thomas didn't know what was complicated about it. When Brooke persisted to complain that just having another baby wasn't the answer, Thomas suggested that she talk to Ridge about it.

Thomas received a call from Ridge, who wanted Thomas to return to the loft. Thomas remarked that he'd just been there, but Ridge insisted. After the call, Brooke was anxious to know what Ridge wanted and how he'd sounded. Thomas conveyed that his father had seemed upbeat. Brooke kept questioning Ridge's demeanor until Thomas said that if she let him leave, he could find out something.

Alone later, Brooke browsed the Internet. Her mind replayed her talk with Ridge about the vasectomy.

Later, Thomas arrived at the loft and braced himself when Ridge said what he wanted was as personal as it could get. Ridge said he knew that Caroline and Thomas had had a connection, and Thomas had had his doubts. Thomas stated that the couple was on a roll and shouldn't let anyone stop them. With wolfish glare at Thomas, Caroline asserted that they didn't intend to.

Ridge was glad that Thomas was on their side. Pulling Caroline's hand to his chest, he showed off the ring and said he needed Thomas to be his best man. Caroline tried to hide her shock. Ridge explained that the couple wanted to have a baby and had decided to ride the momentum into marriage.

Thomas agreed to be the best man, and Ridge hugged him. Ridge stated that he didn't want anyone else by his side. Caroline's lips pursed, but she faked a smile. Ridge excitedly said that Thomas had turned an excellent day into a perfect day.

Ridge stated that he had to go, and the moment he left, Caroline told Thomas that she'd frozen upon seeing him. Thomas asked how she felt about him being the best man. "You couldn't say no?" she exclaimed. He congratulated her, and she stated that she'd take it -- as long as he meant it.

Thomas said he'd only ever wanted to see Caroline happy. She replied that she was happy and would be as long as Ridge never found out. She believed it would ruin everything, and Ridge would never forgive Thomas.

Later, Caroline asked Thomas if he was sure of how things had happened. Thomas was. She found it confusing because she'd never betray Ridge, especially not with Thomas. Thomas said the couple had broken up, and he'd thought she'd wanted him. She asserted that she hadn't, but he said it hadn't been clear -- especially with the way she'd been looking at him.

Caroline yelled that she'd taken pills. Thomas replied that he'd been drunk and hadn't known what she'd taken. He decided to convey how the night had been for him. He said he'd thought that Caroline and Ridge had been over, he and Caroline had made love, and he'd held Caroline in his arms until they'd fallen asleep. She'd been content and at peace, and he'd thought she'd been his.

Thomas relayed that after Caroline's reaction, he'd figured out he'd been wrong, but he hadn't had nefarious thoughts. He asked if she really thought he'd do something so horrible. "No," Caroline replied. He thanked her. She said that, moving forward, the night had never happened. Thomas said she didn't have to worry, and he'd never wanted to hurt her.

Ridge returned from the corner store with Champagne. He asked why Caroline was crying. She claimed she was just emotional due to everything going on. He hoped things weren't moving too fast because he didn't want to wait. Pouring Champagne, he said he wanted to start the party right then.

At the beach house, Wyatt noticed that Ivy was quiet. She quipped about everyone believing she'd changed "so drastically." He didn't see it that way. He said she'd gotten lost for a little while. He got that the video had been her way to strike back. She replied that she'd just deleted all the power.

It bothered Ivy that, while Steffy wasn't a murderer, Steffy was still responsible for killing Aly. Ivy believed she'd given away the only chance to make Steffy pay for it. Wyatt stated that she'd done the right thing. He was proud of her for it but wanted to make sure she was moving beyond it. He wanted her to say that she'd done the right thing. "Well, I did it, didn't I?" Ivy asked.

Wyatt persisted, and Ivy said the video hadn't been helping Aly. It also had diminished who Ivy was, and for those reasons, Ivy agreed that it had been the right thing to do. Ivy felt somewhat relieved that the video was gone. It had been almost too much power against a woman whom she abhorred.

Ivy relayed that she hadn't liked that Steffy had been living large without taking responsibility for Aly's death, but blackmail had been a step too far. Wyatt joked that fierce Ivy had been sexy, but she'd reigned herself in. Ivy credited Wyatt with stopping her. She asked if he just walked around, saving women from themselves. "Only when they need it," he replied and kissed her.

At the cliff house, Steffy arrived and informed Liam that it was over; before Steffy's eyes, Ivy had deleted the master video from Ivy's devices. Liam asked how it had finally happened. Steffy credited Wyatt, who'd pushed Ivy until the guilt had surfaced. Steffy stated that Ivy felt guilty for not knowing that Aly had been in trouble, and once Wyatt had helped Ivy see it, Ivy had deleted the video.

Steffy shuddered, thinking of what could have happened to her if Wyatt hadn't talked Ivy down. Liam replied that they would have found some way to stop Ivy. Steffy was glad that Wyatt had moved to their side.

Liam asked how it had happened. Steffy said she'd begged and pleaded. He asked if Wyatt had made it hard for Steffy. Steffy said Wyatt had been torn, wanting to delete the video and wanting to be loyal to Ivy. Steffy said it wouldn't have happened if Wyatt hadn't convinced Ivy.

Steffy realized that she'd been so preoccupied with the video that she hadn't mourned Aly's death. Liam remarked that it didn't feel real. He said Aly had spent "so much" time in Paris and hadn't been around much; it seemed as if she could walk through the door at any minute. He knew it wouldn't happen, but he said it wasn't Steffy's fault.

Steffy wished she'd ridden with Liam that night and not taken her car. Liam hoped they could move on, because Aly wouldn't be back, and it was time to let her go. Liam decided that he "had to make sure." He whipped out his phone and called Wyatt.

Liam put his call on speakerphone. He asked Wyatt to do the same, so Ivy could hear. He affirmed that Wyatt had gotten Ivy to delete the video and thanked them for doing it. "Now I need something else from you," he told them, requesting, "Never speak of this again."

Liam asked them to agree that what had happened on the roadside would be buried forever. Wyatt agreed, and Steffy agreed. "Buried forever," was Ivy's reply.

After the call, Wyatt and Ivy cuddled on the sofa. She told him that he'd been incredible. He'd given her exactly what she'd needed when she'd needed it and had helped her to see she shouldn't be focused on the past and resentment. She planned to focus on the future and the fun times they'd have -- as long as he planned to stay around. Wyatt planned to do just that. The two kissed.

Back at the cliff house, Steffy said she'd been neglecting Liam, but Liam stated that he felt lucky to be with her. He said that he belonged with her. She was grateful for him, and he said it was a new beginning for them. He proposed that there would be no baggage or regrets. She said to seal it with a kiss, and they kissed.

Brooke threatens to tell Caroline the truth Brooke threatens to tell Caroline the truth

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

In the CEO's office, Steffy announced to Caroline and Thomas that Ivy had deleted the video, thanks to Wyatt. To Thomas, it didn't sound like Ivy, and he asked if Steffy trusted Ivy. Steffy didn't but was sure the video was gone. She added that they'd made a pact never to talk about it, and she wasn't thrilled that Thomas had told Caroline. Caroline promised that she'd never tell Ridge about it.

Ridge arrived. Steffy relayed that Lieutenant Baker had closed the investigation into Aly's death and had informed Thorne. It was good news to Ridge, who had what he hoped was more good news. Ridge and Caroline flashed the engagement ring, and Ridge said they were getting married.

Blinking away her surprise, Steffy congratulated them and asked if it was what they wanted. In unison, they said they did. Steffy asked if Thomas had known about it, and he relayed that he'd be the best man. Caroline remembered that she had to meet Bill, and she rushed out.

With Caroline gone, Ridge said that Steffy could tell him what she really thought. Thomas asked Ridge if he'd tell Steffy the other part. Ridge revealed that he and Caroline were also starting a family.

Later, Steffy absorbed the news of Ridge and Caroline's engagement happening after a one-night breakup. Ridge claimed it had been a significant night. He hadn't been able to get Caroline out of his mind that night. He'd wanted to talk to Caroline about the daughters that he and Thorne had lost.

Ridge stated that he hadn't wanted to lose Caroline, but she'd been out in the night, devastated an alone, wondering if she'd be enough. Thomas flashed back to kissing Caroline at the hotel.

Ridge said he'd called Caroline to make things right. Steffy asked if making it right was getting married and having a baby, which Caroline knew he didn't want. Steffy wondered if he'd thought it through. Ridge asked if she'd thought it through about Liam.

Ridge wanted to spend his life with Caroline, and he didn't ever want to feel how he'd felt when she'd walked out the door. Steffy asked if Thomas was okay with it. Thomas said it wasn't about him or his sister, and he wouldn't do anything to prevent Ridge and Caroline's happiness.

Later, Steffy and Thomas entered Rick's old office, and Steffy said they were going to get real, because she knew the marriage wasn't what he wanted for Caroline. Thomas tried to change the subject to his promotion, but Steffy wasn't deterred and demanded to know what was going on.

Thomas told his sister to stop analyzing, but Steffy noted that he looked uncomfortable. He said he just wanted to get beyond the marriage and children talk. Steffy said it was a bad attitude for a best man. He asked to change the subject, and she concluded that he did have a problem. He asserted that he was fine with the couple and their happiness, and if Steffy didn't mind, he had a lot of work to do.

At the sky lounge, Katie and Bill arrived, claiming Caroline had summoned them there to hear some mysterious news. He asked Brooke to tell him what was going on. Brooke said she wasn't Caroline's confidante, but Bill believed Brooke was probably keeping tabs because of Ridge. Brooke replied that she and Ridge were friends -- nothing more.

Caroline arrived, and Brooke decided to give the Spencers privacy. Caroline said Brooke could stay. Caroline asked her uncle to guess her news. Bill wouldn't play. Caroline flashed her ring as a hint. "Oh -- my -- God. You're engaged," Katie said, and Brooke's eyes widened in shock.

Katie wryly said that it was some rock. Bill asked if Caroline knew that Ridge had a drawer full of rings. Caroline knew that it was kind of weird because of everyone's history with Ridge; however, Katie was with Bill, and Brooke could have anyone she wanted. Katie called it unexpected, but it wasn't so for Bill, who'd seen the outcome from the moment Caroline had started working with "that predator."

Caroline noted that Brooke hadn't spoken. Brooke said marriage was a big commitment. "Not to Ridge," Bill quipped. Bill remarked that it was one in a long line for Ridge. Brooke asked if the couple was ready for marriage. Caroline claimed that she and Ridge were committed, but Brooke said there was more to a marriage than two people. Brooke asked about Ridge being unable to give Caroline a family.

Shrugging, Caroline said she'd been happy to be with just Ridge. Bill was stunned that she'd forgo having children. Caroline stated that it hadn't been a deal breaker for her, but Ridge had changed his mind. Katie was stunned when Caroline told them that Ridge had given her a bassinet.

Bill asked if Caroline realized that she'd push Ridge in a wheelchair to the kid's graduation. Caroline relayed that Ridge wasn't that old, but Bill ordered her to do the math. Brooke asserted that Ridge hadn't wanted to have kids. Caroline repeated that he'd changed his mind.

Brooke and Katie attested to seeing Ridge get caught up in the moment. Bill decided that Caroline would take a vacation and gain some prospective. Caroline called them "Debbie downers." Brooke asked if Ridge had said he would give Caroline a child. Exasperated, Caroline conveyed that Ridge wanted what she wanted, so they'd have kids.

"Good luck with that," Brooke stated before gathering her things and leaving.

Caroline told Katie and Bill that there should be celebrating, not mourning, and she'd thought Bill would be okay with it. Bill wondered where she got that from and said owning shares in Ridge's dressmaking company didn't mean Bill wanted his niece at the end of the aisle with Ridge. "If there's a wedding -- I mean, when -- when there's a wedding ..." Katie started to say.

Bill asked when the wedding was and grimaced when Caroline said it would be soon. Caroline stated that Bill "and the boys" were the only family she had, and she really needed support. Katie asked about Thomas. Caroline relayed that Thomas was just about the only supportive person.

Caroline wanted Bill to be happy for her. She asked him to put aside his differences and do it for her. Bill replied that she was like his daughter, so of course, he'd be there for her, and they hugged.

After Caroline had gone, Katie told Bill that he'd been sweet with his niece. He griped that it meant he'd been doing something wrong. Katie replied that he couldn't resist his niece, and it had been nice to watch. Bill hoped he didn't regret supporting Caroline. He didn't want to have to pick up the pieces. Katie reasoned that there might be none to pick up.

Bill said Ridge had better treat Caroline like a princess. "Like you do?" Katie replied. Bill replied that there was no comparison. She thought he was sexy when he was protective.

Back in the CEO's office, Brooke arrived and asked, "Are you out of your mind?" Ridge guessed she'd heard. She told him that he was in denial about Caroline, who was from a different era. He quipped that Stephanie had said that about Brooke and Eric. Brooke asked what the couple had in common besides an attraction. Ridge tossed a sketch toward Brooke.

Brooke reasoned that they should leave it at a bohemian artist shacking up with a younger woman. Ridge quipped that a marriage wouldn't be "bohemian." She reminded him of his "grown" children, one of whom still needed his attention. He claimed that he'd always be there for R.J.

Brooke asked why Ridge was spinning dreams in Caroline's head. Ridge claimed that he wasn't. Brooke reminded him about the procedure he'd had, and he stated that he'd have it reversed. She asked if he'd consulted his doctor. He hadn't. She stated that there was no guarantee.

Brooke guessed that Ridge hadn't told Caroline anything about it. Ridge claimed not to want to worry Caroline. Brooke declared that it had disaster written all over it. He assured Brooke that he and Caroline would get married, and it would last. Brooke insisted that he tell Caroline about the vasectomy.

Just then, Caroline entered and guessed they were discussing weddings and babies. Brooke stated that Caroline had wanted children with Rick. Caroline didn't want to disrespect Brooke, who had feelings and a child with Ridge, but Caroline asked if it was hard to believe she'd want the same thing.

Brooke remarked that it wasn't so simple. Ridge asked why Brooke was questioning things when he and Caroline would get married and be happy. "And have a family," Caroline added. Ridge agreed.

"We'll see..." responded Brooke. Caroline wanted to know what Brooke's problem was. Brooke hinted that Caroline didn't know everything. Ridge said there was nothing to know. Brooke stated that Caroline had expectations and a right to know. Brooke insisted that he tell it, or she would.

Caroline is certain she's not pregnant Caroline is certain she's not pregnant

Thursday, September 10, 2015

In the CEO's office, Brooke told Ridge that his bride-to-be didn't know everything. Ridge responded that Caroline knew all she needed to know. Caroline told them to stop talking about her as if she wasn't there. Brooke said that his fiancée had certain expectations, and Caroline guessed that the problem was R.J.'s feelings about the marriage and a new sibling.

Ridge was sure that no matter how R.J. felt, he'd eventually love Caroline, and Ridge added that there were no guarantees about the baby. She claimed to know it and said the fun was in the trying. Caroline decided to leave to work on a sketch, but before going, she assured Brooke that she'd never try to replace Brooke in R.J.'s .life, and she wasn't the wicked stepmother type.

After Caroline had gone, Ridge laid into Brooke for trying to force his hand. He ordered her to stay out of his life with Caroline. Brooke said that she was a mother and knew what Caroline was going through. Ridge replied that Caroline was getting married and was happy. Brooke asserted that Caroline wanted a family, and he replied that they didn't know if it wasn't possible.

Brooke explained that Ridge never wanted to disappoint his beloved, but vasectomies couldn't always be reversed. It was wrong to start the marriage with a lie, and Caroline deserved to know. Ridge wished Brooke would be done, but she said that if she were Caroline, she wouldn't want to be in the dark about something so critical. He claimed not to be keeping Caroline in the dark.

Ridge said Caroline had been through enough, and his vasectomy could be reversed. Brooke repeated that it wasn't always true. She'd done the research and asked if he had. Squirming, Ridge said he had a company to run, and she'd heard him say that there were no guarantees. Brooke replied that Caroline didn't know why, and any woman would want to know.

Brooke wished she'd gone about addressing her concerns in a different way. She asked if Ridge had seen his doctor. Ridge hadn't. She asked if he'd been online. Ridge said he'd do all that, but he had a wedding to plan. He revealed that he'd told Caroline that they'd have a child in a year.

Brooke hoped it worked out, "but if it doesn't -- " Ridge cut her off, saying he couldn't think like that, and he didn't want to worry Caroline unnecessarily. Ridge didn't want Brooke to worry, either, and asked her to keep it between them. He said that it was his secret, and no one else would know.

In Rick's old office, Thomas flashed back to his time on the bed with Caroline before they'd had sex. Nicole and Zende entered with some fabrics Thomas had asked for. Thomas seemed zoned into his work until Zende zapped him out of it. Thomas apologized, saying he was behind on his work and preoccupied with the other things going on.

Nicole didn't want to be in suspense, and Thomas said that Ridge and Caroline were getting married. Nicole remarked that Thomas looked as if the proposal had been the last thing he'd expected. Thomas said that relationships were complicated, and he revealed that the couple planned to start a family. Zende asked if Ridge was okay with it, and Thomas repeated that relationships were complicated.

Thomas explained that Ridge had already made two families. Nicole thought it was sweet that Caroline had made Ridge want to try for a third one. Thomas told them that they all needed to get back to business. Thomas figured that Ridge and Caroline were a little distracted, but Thomas, Zende, and Nicole were the future of Forrester; people expected big things from them.

Thomas wanted Zende to work closely with Thomas and even create some designs. The excited Zende left with some bolts. Nicole told Thomas that she hoped he was really happy for his father, and she recalled that Thomas had dated Caroline. Thomas replied that it had been a long while back.

Later, at the sky lounge, Nicole and Zende worked out on break. Zende gave her pointers and expressed concern for his "peeps" when she attempted a heavier weight. She preferred that he called her something else, and when he called her his partner in crime, she said that guys were clueless. He replied that guys might know how to mess with girls' beautiful heads.

Zende wondered if Thomas had been serious about working together. Nicole figured Thomas had meant it; however, she wasn't sure he meant his happiness about Caroline and Ridge. Nicole sensed that something was going on where Thomas and Caroline were concerned. Zende warned her to be careful talking about the CEO's son. Nicole said she wouldn't mess up the chance Ridge had given her. Zende was glad because he liked having her around there.

Later, Thomas was returning to Rick's old office as Caroline was leaving it for the bathroom. They were both designing in the room, and he asked if there was a problem with them sharing the office. Caroline claimed that there wasn't and left for the bathroom.

When Caroline returned, she let Thomas know that Pam had lemon bars on her desk with his name written on each one. Caroline was just joking, and he remarked that it was great to see her in that kind of mood again. Caroline stated that they each knew why she hadn't been in a joking mood.

Stammering, Caroline revealed that she'd thought she might be pregnant, but she knew for certain that it wasn't the case. She was letting him know in case he'd had concerns. The idea of pregnancy hadn't occurred to Thomas. She said her mind drummed up worst-case scenarios; however, she wasn't pregnant, and they didn't have to worry about it.

Thomas told Caroline that he wasn't the type of guy to take advantage of a woman, and he hadn't known about the drug. Caroline knew it, and she believed him. Thomas felt awful. He was sorry she'd gone through it, even if he sometimes still wondered about them. She said it was the last time they talked about that night. It was their secret, and no one would find out.

Fired as the Face of Forrester Fired as the Face of Forrester

Friday, September 11, 2015

At Forrester, Liam and Steffy discussed her untalkative mood the previous night, which had been due to Ridge's news about marriage and children. Liam had thought Ridge might slow down after his breakup with Katie. It was hard for Steffy to make peace with it, but she'd be happy if Ridge was.

Liam and Steffy recalled it was the day of Ivy's first photo shoot and left to attend it.

At the sky lounge, the interns bustled to prepare for Ivy's first photo shoot. At a makeup stand, Ivy wondered if Steffy and Liam had forgotten her shoot. Wyatt doubted they'd forget something so big.

Ivy changed into a coral sheath gown, and everyone wondered where Oliver was. Steffy and Liam arrived, and Wyatt and Ivy noted that Oliver should have been there an hour earlier. Steffy said she'd told Oliver not to meet them because there would be no shoot with Ivy that day. Wyatt asserted that they were on a schedule, and the shoot had to be done.

Liam and Steffy thanked the interns, whom he sent to pack up the shoot. Ivy and Wyatt demanded to know why. Ivy asked if she needed to discuss it with Ridge, but Steffy said it wouldn't benefit Ivy. Wyatt refused to sit there and play guessing games, and Liam invited him to leave. Ivy expressed confusion. Steffy said she was making changes, and the first was the face of Forrester.

Steffy typed on her phone as Liam saw the crew out. Ivy said she'd thought they'd had an agreement, but Steffy said she'd been forced to decline the job. Wyatt explained that Ivy had deleted the video and all traces of it at Steffy's request. Liam relayed that it wasn't so simple, and Steffy had been terrified of losing everything. Ivy sighed, saying she'd thought they'd moved on from it.

Steffy conveyed that they had, but Ivy's actions had been reprehensible. Steffy asked if Ivy thought Steffy would reward her for it. Ivy said that Steffy should be thanking her, not tearing into her. Steffy replied that it was simple, and Ivy's modeling days were over at Forrester.

Later, Liam, Ivy, and Wyatt followed Steffy into Rick's old office, where Steffy picked up files to read as if the modeling conversation was over. Wyatt said it seemed that they'd gone backward. Liam told Wyatt to let Steffy speak for two seconds before interrupting her. "Shut up!" Wyatt rasped at Liam.

Ivy said she'd deleted the video when she hadn't had to do it. Steffy asked if she should be grateful. Ivy had expected civility, not for Steffy to throw her weight around and take Ivy off the campaign. Steffy said Ivy had never been a part of the campaign originally. Wyatt assumed Steffy wanted the job back. "I've been the Face of Forrester...." Steffy said in a knowing tone.

Liam asked if Wyatt and Ivy could blame Steffy; he said Steffy had been first choice until Ivy had manipulated the situation. Steffy added that Ivy hadn't earned the job, didn't deserve it, and needed to stop playing the victim. Ivy responded that Steffy was going against her word, but Steffy claimed she had never said that Ivy could remain in the position. Ivy said it had been inferred.

Steffy asked if Wyatt had heard her say that. She claimed that she'd agreed to give Ivy a second chance and wipe the slate clean, which Steffy believed she was doing. Ivy called Steffy petty and said Liam and Steffy were too caught up in a power trip to see anything else. Wyatt didn't see how it benefited the company, when Ivy had already been announced in the press as the new model and when it was too soon for Steffy to go public. Steffy disagreed.

Ivy conveyed that it was her chance to step up as a Forrester. "Or have you forgotten that that's my last name as well?" Ivy snapped. Steffy said Ivy had to earn the stripes. Ivy contended that she'd made a name for herself long before arriving in America. Steffy said Ivy had then told Steffy that she'd committed a crime, killing Aly, when it had obviously been self-defense.

Steffy was trying to fix things and said Ivy would have to deal with the consequences. Ivy asked what it was supposed to mean. Wyatt tried to break the meeting up and let everyone get air, but Ivy said Steffy should say what she was trying to say. Steffy claimed that she'd known it would be challenging to move on. She remarked on Ivy's attitude and decided she didn't trust Ivy.

Steffy said one couldn't work with someone she didn't trust, and Ivy was fired.

In the CEO's office, Ridge and Caroline built a dress on a dress form. Their working turned into canoodling, and Bill grimaced when he and Katie walked in. Ridge assumed that Bill had driven all the way to Forrester to congratulate him. Bill said he'd hoped that Caroline had found her senses over night.

Katie complimented the ring, and Bill asked if the craft store had run out of ribbons. Katie again said it was a nice ring. She tried to congratulate the couple and leave, but Ridge asked Bill if he'd throw a party. Bill claimed he'd be glad to do it for Caroline -- and a different man.

Bill expressed that he was just as protective of Caroline as Ridge was of his daughter. Bill said Caroline didn't have a father around, but she had Bill. Ridge was fine with Bill being fatherly but said Bill wouldn't control the situation. Bill asserted that Caroline had his blood in her veins, and he protected his own -- especially from predators like Ridge.

"Okay. This has been super fun," Katie prefaced for her and Bill's exit. Bill stopped her, saying that Ridge was a deserter. He'd done it to Katie, Brooke, and Taylor, but he wouldn't do it to Caroline. Ridge didn't feel as if he owed Bill an explanation, but he did assure Bill that he'd keep Caroline happy.

Bill asked if it meant having kids. He said Ridge had better be on the same page if it was what Bill's niece wanted. Katie pressed to leave because it wasn't their business. Agreeing that it wasn't, Ridge said he'd still let them know that they planned to try for a family within the year -- if all went well. Ridge claimed there was nothing to worry about, and it was taken care of.

Caroline asked Bill to trust her judgment about who she'd chosen to marry. Katie said she'd had her doubts, due to Ridge's track record, but seeing them together made her excited for their future. Katie volunteered to babysit. Caroline said that Bill and Ridge were the most important men in her life, and she didn't want tension between them. "So what do you say? Friends?" Caroline asked.

In unison, Bill said, "Hell, no," and Ridge asserted, "God, no." Bill told Ridge not to screw it up. Caroline asked for a group hug, but everyone stiffened and refused.

After Katie and Bill had gone, Caroline said Bill had been kind of cute, standing up for her and doing the fatherly thing. "'She's got my Spencer blood! And I'll kill for my family!'" Caroline mimicked Bill. She said it was Bill's way of showing affection. Ridge believed that she was the strongest woman he knew, but if she ever needed protection, it would be from him, not Bill.

Ridge had thought a lot about the wedding day. He didn't think a big bash was them. It had always been Caroline and him against the world, and he wanted to keep it that way. He had a friend's house he wanted to get married at with just the two of them and no one else. He didn't even want a minister. He said they could do it themselves. He didn't want to wait. He wanted to do it that day.

Caroline was surprised, and Ridge asked if she trusted him. She said she did but asked where the place was. Ridge replied that it was the most beautiful place in the world -- Malibu. Caroline agreed to do it that day, and they kissed.

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