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Ridge's doctor diagnosed Ridge with infertility and deemed a vasectomy reversal pointless. Caroline learned that she was pregnant and blanched at Ridge's news that his sperm wasn't viable. Zende and Nicole made things official. Ivy went to Forrester and asked Steffy to rehire her.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 21, 2015 on B&B
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Ridge's doctor wants a fertility test Ridge's doctor wants a fertility test

Monday, September 21, 2015

At Forrester, Pam instructed everyone on how to decorate the CEO's office for an impromptu wedding reception for Ridge and Caroline. Near the wedding cake, Eric asked if they could do better than paper plates. Pam had thought about it and decided to go with paper because the newlyweds were free-spirited, artsy people. Eric said Pam was right as usual.

Off to the side, Steffy was preoccupied with her thoughts. Carter asked if she was rethinking firing Ivy, but Steffy said the firing was final. Steffy said she'd never thought Ridge would marry Caroline. To Thomas, Steffy said it was weird to have to call Caroline stepmother.

Ridge and Caroline arrived to congratulatory shouts. Caroline said the wedding had taken place on an oceanside estate and had been wonderful. Charlie toasted to the couple, and Quinn hoped that their marriage would be as wonderful as hers.

Since everyone was together, Ridge took a moment for business. He asked how everyone felt about Ivy being gone and what had happened. Steffy looked away. Quinn said she and Ivy had had a good thing going. Quinn would miss Ivy, but Quinn said she was a worker bee, not a decision maker.

Ridge announced that Thomas was on the design team, and everyone clapped. Caroline noticed the cake, and as everyone gathered around the table to partake in it, Brooke pulled Ridge aside.

Ridge said Brooke was wasting her breath because he wouldn't tell Caroline about the vasectomy. He insisted there was no need to tell Caroline because he planned to see a doctor that day.

At the sky lounge later, Pam was worried as Quinn, Nicole, Zende, and Carter had cake. Charlie assured Pam that she'd outdone herself, and Pam finally breathed after Quinn approved it.

Nicole was surprised that Caroline hadn't said more about the wedding. Quinn wasn't. Quinn said women like Caroline were bred for more flashy events. Pam thought that Ridge and Caroline drew out something quiet and personal within each other.

Talk turned to how Brooke might feel about Ridge's marriage. Quinn said that once Brooke marked a man, Brooke saw him as hers for life. Pam didn't think the vibe she was getting from Brooke had to do with jealousy or marking territory. Pam wondered if it was the age difference with the couple. Quinn conjectured that Brooke might feel protective of her mother-father bond with Ridge, and Brooke might see a new family and life with Caroline as a threat.

Later, only Quinn, Zende, and Carter remained. Carter wanted to hear more of Quinn's theory about Brooke, and Quinn asked him to suppose Ridge stopped having time for R.J. Quinn said men -- at least most of them -- reverenced the mother of their children. She noted that Brooke already had to share with Taylor, and with only so much of Ridge to go around, Quinn might be possessive, too.

Back in the CEO's office, Thomas, Caroline, and Ridge were alone. Ridge was pretty happy with his new marriage and with having his son on the design team. Caroline felt lucky to work with two Forrester men. Ridge decided that he had to go. She asked where he was off to, and he mysteriously said he was off to lock in their future.

Ridge left, and Thomas asked how Caroline felt to be married. It was unreal for her. When she'd arrived in the city, her career had been more than enough for her, but she'd become Ridge's wife. She hoped to be the future mother of his children. Caroline wanted everything life had to offer. Thomas said she deserved it, and she replied that she was glad he was back.

Nicole, who'd been listening outside the door, entered and remarked that Caroline should be on her honeymoon. Caroline said she and Ridge would get there once things settled down at work.

Caroline left, and Nicole told Thomas that it was apparent that he wasn't taking the wedding well. Thomas denied having any conflicting feelings. He asserted that Caroline was his friend and his father's wife, and he asked Nicole not to think or talk "like that" about him and Caroline.

In the corridor, Charlie told Pam that she was the home run of his life. As they kissed, Zende approached and grunted. Pam stated that she'd called Zende there to give him an envelope of tickets. He couldn't believe Pam had gotten them. Pam said it helped to throw around the Forrester name. Zende couldn't wait to tell Nicole, and Pam said Nicole was in the CEO's office with Thomas.

As Zende approached the office door, he heard Nicole say that she was good at reading people, and she'd known all along that Caroline was the reason Thomas had kissed her.

At the doctor's office, Ridge's physician noted that Ridge's file indicated that he'd been adamant about having a vasectomy in the past. The doctor asked what had changed. Ridge told the doctor about his new wife and said he needed to see about getting the vasectomy reversed right away.

The doctor said that reversal success rates declined over time, but Ridge's procedure hadn't happened that far back. Ridge asked when they could reverse it, and the doctor said they needed to do a fertility test. He didn't see a point in doing the procedure if it wouldn't yield the results Ridge wanted.

Ridge didn't think it was necessary. He said he'd just had the vasectomy, and it should still be under warranty. The doctor conveyed that age, illness, or trauma could affect the outcome. He asked Ridge about the Persian Gulf incident. Ridge said he'd know already if it had changed something for him, but the doctor reminded Ridge that he'd had memory loss.

The doctor said he was just being thorough, and the fertility test would be a short procedure -- a simple needle aspiration. Ridge told the doctor that he was ready to do it right then.

In Rick's old office, Eric wanted to know how Brooke and Steffy really felt about Ridge's new marriage. Steffy relayed that Caroline had rocked Ridge's world, making him want to start a new family. Brooke twisted her mouth and turned way. "I take it you don't approve," Steffy responded. Brooke said it wasn't her place, but Eric said Brooke was allowed to have feelings about it due to her past with Ridge.

"We're off that merry-go-round, and I can't say I'm sorry," Brooke replied. She said that Caroline was too young for Ridge, but Brooke wished them all the best. Eric sensed there was more. Brooke revealed that she had her reservations about Ridge's sudden urge to have a child at that point in his life.

Steffy got it. She hadn't believed that she'd ever have to accept it, but since Ridge and Caroline were determined to stay together, Steffy felt she had to get off Ridge's back about it.

Later, Caroline and Pam entered the empty office. Caroline was telling Pam to accept an interview segment from Bill. Pam replied that Ridge had wanted to decline it. "Boys and their battles," Caroline murmured. Caroline told Pam to set it up, and Caroline would handle Ridge.

Entering, Brooke said Caroline had spoken like a true Forrester wife. Pam exited, and Brooke said she wanted to wish Caroline the best. Brooke had had her doubts, but she supported how happy Caroline made Ridge. Brooke just wanted to remind Caroline that having a family was never a given.

Brooke felt it was a fabulous time in Caroline's life, and Caroline's dreams were happening; however, Brooke warned that a winning streak didn't last forever, and one didn't always get what they wanted when they wanted it. Brooke believed that Ridge and Caroline were good together and had a bright future, "So if it has to be...let that be enough."

Caroline was confused. She asked if Brooke was talking about getting pregnant right away. Brooke replied that she was saying something of the sort. Caroline conveyed that she knew nothing was guaranteed; however, she was young, and Ridge was the most virile man she'd ever known. Caroline didn't doubt that they'd have their baby soon.

Ridge gets bad news Ridge gets bad news

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Caroline sketched, and Brooke entered. Brooke asked where Ridge had gone, and Caroline dished that Ridge had told her he was planning their future. She teased that he was secretive, and it was all she needed to know. Caroline marveled that Ridge was always full of surprises -- including whisking her off for a wedding on the coast.

Brooke acknowledged that Ridge was full of surprises. Caroline suspected that Brooke knew something. Brooke said she didn't know anything and advised Caroline not to read too much into it. Caroline agreed. Brooke knew that Ridge didn't want to disappoint Caroline.

Caroline admitted that she felt weird discussing Ridge with Brooke, but Brooke told her that she remembered feeling that way about Ridge. Caroline wondered if Brooke still had feelings for Ridge, and Brooke said they would always love each other, but Brooke would not "pine away" for Ridge. "That time is over for me and just beginning for you," Brooke said.

Caroline admitted that what she loved most about Ridge was that he made her feel so special. Brooke agreed. She said that when she looked at Caroline, she saw a younger version of herself. Caroline said she looked forward to having a baby with Ridge. Brooke and Caroline agreed there was nothing more special than "having a child with the man you love."

At the doctor's office, Ridge wanted to rush his tests and the reversal of his vasectomy. He pointed out that he had recently had the vasectomy procedure, so it shouldn't be a problem. The doctor reminded him that it was more complicated than that. Ridge waited in the doctor's office for results, and the doctor said it would take longer than an hour, but Ridge didn't want to leave. Ridge wanted to make his wife happy and have a family. "Nothing is going to stop us from having one," Ridge said.

Later, the doctor returned to the office and said he was unable to reverse the vasectomy because Ridge's sperm had low motility -- healthy sperm in motion -- and Ridge asked about treatment. The doctor said he would recommend in vitro fertilization, but it was often unsuccessful for someone with Ridge's low stats.

Ridge insisted on rerunning the tests, but the doctor claimed he already had. Ridge looked devastated. "I promised," Ridge said. "I'm really sorry," the doctor replied.

In Thomas' office, Zende interrupted Nicole and Thomas and wondered why Thomas had kissed Nicole. Thomas and Nicole looked embarrassed. Thomas said that Nicole had not encouraged him, but kissing her had seemed like a good idea at the time.

"Did you like it?" Zende asked of Nicole. Nicole was surprised. "It happened so fast," she said. Zende noted that that sort of thing was frowned upon in the workplace. He added that it could be perceived as sexual harassment. "Right?" Zende asked.

"Is that what you think this is," Thomas asked Nicole. Nicole looked uncomfortable. Nicole begged Zende not to be upset, and she asked Thomas for some privacy. Thomas left, and Nicole explained to Zende that it had meant nothing, but Zende said she clearly kissed other guys, even though he thought they had something special. He felt he had misread things. Zende turned to leave, but Nicole grabbed him.

Nicole took Zende outside to talk, and she told him that she knew Thomas had not been thinking of her when he had kissed her. "Thomas was thinking about someone else, and maybe so was I," she said. She noted that Thomas was trying to lose himself in his work. Nicole assured Zende that she was not interested in Thomas.

Thomas joined Caroline in her office. She showed him how to modify a sweetheart neckline just enough so that Ridge would approve. She made a few other changes to a design, but Thomas was only half listening because he had flashed back to kissing Caroline. Caroline paused and realized that he was distracted. Caroline realized she was giving too much advice. Thomas disagreed.

The conversation changed from designs to Caroline and Ridge. Thomas told Caroline he was glad that his dad had not disappointed her. Thomas was glad that Ridge had decided to give Caroline a family. "Dad comes through again," Thomas said. Caroline said she wanted Ridge and Thomas to be closer.

Brooke found Ridge in his office, and she said she'd talked with Caroline, who had shared that Ridge was planning their future. Brooke assumed Ridge had had an appointment to reverse his vasectomy. He admitted he had, but it would not work. "I can't have a baby, Brooke," he said.

Ridge disclosed that he had a problem with fertility. Ridge lamented that he had never seen Caroline happier than when they'd had their wedding ceremony, but he changed his mind. Ridge said he had seen Caroline happier when he had told her he wanted to have a family with her.

Ridge didn't know what to do. "She wants to be a mom and carry my son or my daughter, and I took her dream away," Ridge said. Brooke hugged Ridge. "I'm sorry," Brooke said.

Brooke knows a secret Brooke knows a secret

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge looked at pictures of Caroline, and Brooke entered. Ridge stopped her and said he hadn't told Caroline about his vasectomy yet. Ridge said he had to wrap his head around it. Brooke asked if he was positive he hadn't been misdiagnosed. Ridge said the doctor had run the tests twice. Brooke reminded Ridge there were other options, but Ridge shook his head.

Brooke recommended a second opinion, but Ridge said it was a waste of time. "What do I do now?" he wondered aloud. He worried about explaining it to Caroline. Brooke said Ridge had a responsibility be honest, and she recommended he do it right away.

In the design office, Caroline sketched, and Thomas showed her one of his sketches. They paused to critique his work then conversation turned to Thomas' love life. He admitted that he had kissed Nicole. Caroline was surprised. She asked if they were dating, but Thomas explained that Nicole had been asking a lot of questions about Thomas and Caroline. He added that everyone knew they had dated years before.

Thomas admitted he kissed Nicole to distract her from her questions. Caroline worried that Nicole knew something about the time she and Thomas had recently spent together, but Thomas said he had never spoken of it to anyone and never would. He promised to be supportive and keep their secret. Caroline decided to show their designs to Ridge.

In Ridge's office, Ridge and Brooke continued to talk about his obligation to tell Caroline the truth. Brooke said that Caroline was young and healthy, and she would want to start a family soon. Ridge ordered Brooke to stop badgering him, and Caroline walked in. Caroline said it seemed tense.

Ridge put his arm around Caroline. They all made small talk, and Brooke smiled and left. Caroline wondered why Brooke had been behaving so oddly. Ridge answered that Brooke always thought she knew what was right for everyone.

Caroline told Ridge that she and Thomas had been working on new designs for the collection, but Ridge was distracted. Caroline noticed and told him that he could tell her anything. She wondered if he had another surprise in store. She mentioned working to have a family.

Ridge confessed that he had been at the doctor's office, and Caroline worried that Ridge was anxious about his health and aging. Ridge said it was nothing like that. He caressed her face and reminded her that he had initially told her he couldn't give her the family she deserved. Caroline agreed, but she said things had changed.

Ridge nodded, and Caroline told Ridge that she was thankful to him for all he had done. "I love you, Ridge. I can't wait to start a family with you," she said and hugged him.

In the design office, Brooke met with Thomas, and she said that he was working on some advance designs just in case Ridge and Caroline had a baby by the next year. Brooke suggested it might not happen that quickly. She didn't think a baby was in Ridge and Caroline's immediate future. Thomas wondered if she knew something, but she said life was full of surprises and smiled.

In the reception area, Pam and Charlie discussed a cake Pam had baked, and Charlie said it was delicious, but she couldn't win every bake-off she entered. Pam was disappointed that she had finished last in the competition.

Conversation between Pam and Charlie turned to how Zende had wanted to surprise Nicole with concert tickets. Pam and Charlie decided to find Zende. Pam noted that Kristen and Tony's son was a great kid. "Nicole found herself a real keeper," Pam said.

Nicole and Zende worked on reports on the rooftop and rehashed Thomas' kissing Nicole. Nicole reiterated that it had meant nothing. She wondered why Zende hadn't tried to kiss her sooner. Zende said he liked to take things slowly and be respectful.

Nicole said that Thomas was a great guy, but she had her eye on another Forrester. Zende guessed it was Eric, and Nicole acknowledged that Eric was a good-looking and distinguished man.

Zende agreed. "Grandpa gets all the ladies. He's such a player," Zende teased.

Nicole admitted that Zende was the only guy on her radar. She said she would be happy to shout it from the rooftop. She got up and knocked over a folder of Zende's, and it had concert tickets in it. She asked if the tickets were for the two of them, but Zende said they were not.

Pam and Charlie showed up and dished that Zende had been so excited about asking her to the concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Charlie dished that he had connections there because he often worked security. "You'll love it," Pam said.

Pam and Charlie left, and Nicole said the encounter had been enlightening. Zende admitted he should have asked her out sooner. He kissed her, and Nicole said it had become really hot on the rooftop. They agreed they had both imagined kissing before. Nicole encouraged him to do it again and often. They kissed again and smiled.

Caroline's good news might be bad news Caroline's good news might be bad news

Thursday, September 24, 2015

At the sky lounge, Nicole wondered why she and Zende had waited so long to kiss. They each asked if the other had been nervous about it. Zende acted as if he hadn't been, and she said that if he'd waited any longer, she would have kissed him. He said he wouldn't have minded, and she kissed him.

Rick arrived. He assumed that something was up because Pam was acting cagy. After a few moments, it became apparent to Rick that Nicole and Zende had become a couple, and in Rick's opinion, it had certainly taken long enough. Nicole quipped that Forrester men loved long courtships, and Rick replied that the Avant women were worth it.

Rick invited Zende to hang out that night, and Nicole asked if it was a setup so that Rick and Maya could interrogate Zende. Rick wanted to watch a football game, but he was sure Maya was going to have some questions. Nicole quipped that the questions had to wait until halftime. Rick said that he and Maya would have things set up that evening, and he was glad to support the young couple the way that the couple had supported him and Maya.

Rick left, and Zende asked if Nicole minded Thursday night football with Rick and Maya. Nicole was up for it, but Zende asked if it would be like having chaperones on their first date. Nicole said not to worry about Maya's protectiveness; Nicole knew ways around it. Zende guessed there would be surprises, and she said he could count on it.

In Rick's old office, Brooke snapped out of her thoughts as Thomas asked her to help him with a sketch before he presented it to Ridge. Brooke reviewed it and liked it; however, she advised Thomas to wait to present it because Ridge needed a little privacy. Thomas relayed that the couple was doing well, and Caroline was upbeat. He said Caroline was excited about a surprise Ridge had for their future.

Thomas recalled having a lot of concerns about his father and Caroline, but he was glad to be wrong. He hadn't thought his father could do it, but he had to admit that Ridge was following through.

In the CEO's office, Caroline figured that Ridge was talking about having their bundle of joy within a year or two. Ridge said it wouldn't be as easy as it sounded. Caroline was just glad that he was willing to try, and he replied that he would make it happen quickly if he could. Brooke's warnings to Ridge echoed in his head. He hugged Caroline and said she'd be a great mother.

Ridge hoped there was more to their life than just having children. Caroline's phone beeped with a reminder of her "OBGYN" appointment. She was excited about finding out what she could do to help the pregnancy process. Ridge wanted to finish talking, but she didn't want to be late.

Later, Brooke and Thomas arrived in the CEO's office. Setting up his sketches, Thomas listened as Brooke anxiously asked where Caroline was and if Ridge had finished his talk with her. Ridge sternly said he'd finish after Caroline's appointment and plunged himself into commenting on Thomas' work.

Brooke asked if Caroline had gone to a meeting. Ridge replied that it was a doctor's appointment. Brooke hoped Caroline was okay, and Ridge said it was nothing for Brooke to worry about. Brooke impatiently flipped through a folder and squinted at Ridge as he discussed design changes with Thomas. The moment Thomas left, Brooke asked, "So what happened?"

Ridge explained that Caroline was doing the same thing he'd done, and Brooke asked if his wife had gone to a gynecologist. Ridge felt bad for getting Caroline's hopes up and wished he'd just been honest about going to his appointment. Brooke asked if he'd had the chance to tell Caroline enough for Caroline to understand that she couldn't have Ridge's baby. Ridge indicated that he hadn't had time.

Brooke berated him for letting Caroline go to the doctor when she didn't have a chance of conceiving with him. She asked if he'd had time to tell Caroline anything. He indicated that he'd started to tell her, but the appointment had interrupted. He murmured that it was getting worse, and Brooke said it was because he wasn't being honest. Brooke told Ridge that he and Caroline had to face it together.

At Dr. Li's office, the doctor congratulated Caroline on getting married and said she didn't see fertility issues in Caroline's file. Caroline said Dr. Li knew how she was, and she just wanted to be as prepared as she could be. She wanted to do all she could to have the healthiest baby possible.

The doctor liked Caroline's proactive zeal but wanted to start with Caroline's status at that moment. Dr. Li asked about Caroline's cycles. Caroline relayed that they were regular with no major changes. Caroline remarked that she'd recovered from her accident. Dr Li suggested that they do some blood work and take things from there.

Later, Caroline wondered if she should wait or schedule a follow-up appointment. Dr. Li said she'd put a rush on the results, and they should be in soon. The doctor said she didn't expect to see anything out of the ordinary in the tests. Dr. Li suggested that Caroline do things to relax and asked what Ridge and she liked to do together.

"Everything. Anything," Caroline replied. She'd wanted to be a mother for a long time, and she was excited to get to do it with Ridge. It was more than she'd dreamed of.

After a while, Dr. Li returned with the results. Things were as the doctor had expected. Caroline had no vitamin deficiencies or HIV. Caroline claimed that she could have told the doctor that. The doctor said there was one big surprise. Caroline asked if she should sit down for it, and the doctor said Caroline might want to. Dr. Li said it might be a shock to learn, but Caroline was already pregnant.

Caroline was blown away by the news. As she thought about how she and Ridge hadn't really started trying, her voice slowed, and her face darkened. She flashed back to her night with Thomas. "Oh, no," she murmured. Dr. Li asked what was wrong. She'd assumed Caroline would be happy.

Caroline asked if they could tell how far along she was. Dr. Li said it was early. Caroline asked if it was early as in days or as in weeks. Dr. Li asked to know why Caroline needed to know it. Caroline told the doctor about the mistake she'd made with a friend during a breakup with Ridge. The doctor asked if the man had taken advantage of Caroline, but Caroline said he hadn't. She conveyed that it had been a big misunderstanding and mistake.

Caroline was hopeful that she could have gotten pregnant on her honeymoon. She said that before the wedding, she'd gotten her period, but it had been lighter than normal. The doctor asked what Caroline was asking. Caroline asked if the other man could be the father of her baby.

Ivy asks Steffy to reconsider the firing Ivy asks Steffy to reconsider the firing

Friday, September 25, 2015

At the doctor's office, Caroline begged Dr. Li to say that Caroline was carrying her husband's child. She implored Dr. Li to say there was some way to know or take a paternity test to figure it out before she left the office. Dr. Li considered the fact that Caroline had had a period, even though it had been light, and asked if Caroline had really had no idea that she could be pregnant.

Caroline exclaimed that she'd been on the pill. Dr. Li said no contraception was one-hundred-percent effective, especially if doses were missed. Caroline was upset that she "could be carrying..." The doctor said that Caroline had had a period, and the pregnancy could have happened after. For the time being, there was no reason to believe it wasn't her husband's child.

Dr. Li offered to do more tests when the time was right, but she had a good feeling about it. She decided to start Caroline on prenatal vitamins. Clasping her stomach, Caroline said it was "our first baby." She couldn't wait to tell Ridge.

In the CEO's office, Brooke suggested that Ridge see a fertility expert. Ridge said his doctor was an expert, and the results would still be the same. She believed this his wife loved him and would eventually accept the news, but he had to be honest and stop holding it back. Ridge felt that he was taking Caroline's dream away. Brooke said he'd done all he could, but it wasn't possible.

Ridge insisted that Caroline wanted to carry his child, and as long as she was with him, carrying a child would never happen. Brooke guessed he didn't want her around when Caroline returned but repeated that there were other ways to have a child.

In Rick's old office, which had a new plaque to indicate "design office" on the door, Steffy arrived upset, claiming that Quinn's designs were all wrong. Thomas asked what was wrong, and Steffy stated that the designs were nothing like Quinn had pitched. He asked if Steffy meant they weren't as Ivy and Quinn had pitched. He wondered if Steffy had second thoughts about Ivy's firing.

Steffy wondered why she'd have second thoughts when she couldn't trust Ivy. She'd thought Thomas was on her side. Thomas said he was -- except for when he wasn't. She warned him not to get on the boss's bad side. He said there wasn't a chance, and even though he and Ridge had started out rocky, Ridge was responding well to the designs.

Steffy asked how it was to work closely with the couple due to Thomas' history with Caroline. Thomas was tired of everyone thinking there was something going on. He admitted to being worried that Ridge would let Caroline down, but Ridge was giving her the family of her dreams.

Later, Thomas took a sketch into the CEO's office. He showed it to Brooke, who was impressed. He asked where his father was. Brooke replied that Ridge had gone home to be with Caroline and talk about something in private. Thomas figured it would be an afternoon of romance that would lead to a baby within nine months. Brooke pursed her lips but said nothing.

At the loft, Caroline arrived, noted that Ridge was drinking scotch, and asked what had happened at work. Ridge just stared at her. She decided she needed to tell him her news, but he asked if he could go first. Upon seeing the seriousness in his eyes, she agreed to let him speak first.

Ridge wanted to talk about Paris. He said he'd been at a crossroads in his life. His children had been doing great, and the idea of having another family had seemed like a lot of work. Ridge stated that if he'd known that Caroline was on the way into his life -- but he hadn't known, so he'd had a vasectomy to make sure he wouldn't have any more kids.

"What...?" Caroline said with a withering expression. Ridge said it had been why he'd said he couldn't give her children. He explained that when he'd decided to marry her, he'd intended to get the vasectomy reversed. Caroline looked hopeful until he added that the doctor had run tests and discovered that nothing was viable. Ridge was sorry that he couldn't be the father to her kid.

At the beach house, Wyatt was trying to work from home rather than go into the office and see Liam's face. Ivy prepared to leave, but he said she'd just gotten there. Wyatt was still upset that Bill had shot down his idea for the fashion house. Ivy understood that Bill hadn't wanted to pit the brothers against each other, and she loved Wyatt for trying to make it happen.

Ivy was frustrated because, though she hadn't been right to use the video as she had, Steffy had been wrong to fire Ivy and have her tossed out of the building. Ivy believed it was her family business, too. Ivy declared that she wouldn't be kept away, and Steffy couldn't get away with it.

Wyatt wanted Ivy to slow down and think about it. He said Steffy hadn't told anyone about the video, but "if you push her..."

Just then, Quinn entered the house, asking who'd be pushed and what was happening. She assumed that Ivy and Wyatt were plotting to get Ivy's job back. Ivy said they weren't plotting. Ivy planned to go to Forrester and hopefully get through to Steffy. Quinn relayed that Steffy never backed down on anything and asked why Ivy thought she would that time.

Ivy felt that she had to try, and Quinn guessed it was because Ivy missed working with Quinn. Ivy said she missed it all, even Pam's lemon bars. "Eww!" Quinn exclaimed. Quinn felt that it was possible with Wyatt in Ivy's corner, and Ivy could count upon him in ways she never could with Liam. Ivy knew it and said Wyatt had proved it in a way Ivy would never forget.

Quinn wanted to know what way that was, but Wyatt asked if Quinn had to know everything. Quinn asked if they had to be cryptic. Ivy returned the subject to her hope of getting through to Steffy, and Quinn asked what would happen if Ivy couldn't do it.

Later, Wyatt guessed Ivy should be at Forrester by then. Quinn guessed he was worried about Ivy and added that it was all up to Steffy. Wyatt declared that if Liam was a good guy, he'd stand up to his girlfriend about it. Quinn replied that Liam's track record with women was sickening, but he was still the fair-haired wonder boy. Wyatt griped that it was especially true in Bill's eyes.

Quinn asked what that meant, but Wyatt dismissed it and went on to say that he'd thought Quinn had seen grand opportunity in the firing. Quinn asked if she couldn't change her mind. She said she could see how Wyatt and Ivy felt about each other, and their situations were similar. Wyatt stated that Liam and Steffy had disrespected the pair. Wyatt hoped it would change -- at least for Ivy.

Quinn asked why Wyatt wasn't fighting Steffy and her lap dog. Quinn believed that her son was a natural-born leader. She felt that he should be running Forrester and Spencer or creating his own company to go head-to-head with them. Wyatt asked who'd said he hadn't tried.

Back in the design office, Steffy was working when Ivy entered and said she'd slipped by security. Steffy asked what Ivy wanted. Ivy said she'd been punished enough, and she asked if Steffy thought it was time for Ivy to get back to the office and do some work.

Ivy knew that Steffy felt justified in the firing. Steffy said blackmail was justification enough. Ivy stated that she hadn't been dealing with Aly's death well. Steffy claimed that they all missed Aly, but what Ivy had done had been wrong. Ivy said she'd been torn by what she'd seen on the video, but she should have dealt with her own guilt instead of using the video as she had.

Ivy understood why Steffy didn't want Ivy as the face of Forrester, but Ivy believed that they'd had time to cool off. Ivy said she was a Forrester, too, and had made a valuable contribution to the business. Ivy believed she could again. She stated that they were family and should be able to put their differences aside.

Ivy claimed to respect Steffy's position in the business and said she could prove herself as a loyal and trustworthy employee. She asked Steffy to please find it in her heart to let Ivy return to the business.

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