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Steffy refused to rehire Ivy. Bill told Quinn that Wyatt was inferior to Liam, and Liam warned Wyatt that Mount Saint Quinn might be about to erupt. Thomas punched Ridge, who'd caught Thomas in a compromising position. Caroline confessed to Ridge about her drugged-out night with Thomas.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 28, 2015 on B&B
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Ridge sets Caroline free from the marriage

Ridge sets Caroline free from the marriage

Monday, September 28, 2015

At the loft, the upset Caroline asked if there was even just a little bit of a chance for them to conceive. Ridge replied that there wasn't. He believed he should have told her sooner. He wanted to give her a baby, but he couldn't. She asked if he was sure. He replied that the doctor had said that performing a reversal wouldn't even make a difference.

Caroline stood, clenching her stomach. Ridge didn't know if it was a result of the procedure or not. He wished he could go back and undo it because he hadn't known how much he'd want her to mother his child. Ridge felt as if he'd betrayed Caroline, but it hadn't been meant to be a secret.

Ridge had wanted to make a baby, half her and half him -- "a little monkey." He sat Caroline back down and said she'd been very clear about being a mother. He wanted that for her, and it was the reason he'd rushed to marry her. He said he'd wake up in the middle of the night, staring at her as she slept, trying to find the right words to tell her.

Ridge hadn't wanted to tell Caroline because he hadn't wanted it to end. He'd wanted them for always, but it hadn't been what she'd signed up for. Taking her hand, he said that he, Ridge Forrester, was releasing her from her vows, and they could pretend their marriage had never happened. "What? What are you doing?" Caroline sobbed. She said that he was her husband, and she loved him more than anything.

Caroline asked about the possibility that Ridge's vasectomy could reverse itself or hadn't taken hold. Ridge claimed that his had definitely taken. She said it couldn't be happening. Ridge blamed himself. He said they loved each other, and they'd work through it. "I'm so sorry," she said.

Ridge replied that it was he who was sorry. He didn't want Caroline to grow to hate him in time -- when doubt arrived, and she'd decide that what they had wasn't enough. He didn't know the emptiness inside her, but he was there and always would be. Ridge hugged Caroline.

In the CEO's office, Thomas flashed back to Caroline helping him design and to her reviling him the morning after they'd had sex.

At Bill's house, Katie and Bill were finally getting out of bed after playing hooky from work to canoodle. She offered to make him a smoothie. He asked for two -- one to take to Wyatt. She replied that Bill would need something bigger than a smoothie to help patch things with his son.

Katie made two smoothies, but Bill decided not to take the smoothie to Wyatt because Wyatt might see it as a bribe. Bill said he couldn't open a fashion house just because his son's girlfriend had lost her job. Katie believed there was more to it for Wyatt, but she saw why Bill didn't want his sons competing.

Bill didn't believe anything good would emerge from it and said the sibling relationship was already under enough strain because of Liam being over Wyatt at Forrester. Bill said Wyatt would eventually understand. Katie didn't think Bill should expect Wyatt to be thankful that Bill hadn't funded the fashion house just so Wyatt could have a better relationship with his brother. She said Wyatt believed that Bill always put Liam first.

Bill admitted that he felt as if he had a lot more to make up for with Liam. Bill said that he'd loved Liam's mother, and if she hadn't disappeared, he could have made a life with her and raised Liam from day one. Katie remarked upon Quinn being Wyatt's mother. Bill exclaimed, "Hell, no," to a life in the suburbs with Quinn. He said Liam could have had a nuclear family, not Wyatt.

In the design office, Ivy pleaded for one more chance to do her job and prove her loyalty at Forrester. Ivy didn't believe it was right for her to get fired from her company. She claimed she was a Forrester and wanted to prove herself. Steffy declined and said Ivy wasn't welcome there anymore.

Ivy asked why Steffy was being so stubborn. Steffy said she couldn't trust Ivy, and all she saw was Ivy trying to manipulate her way back into being the face of Forrester. Ivy reminded Steffy of Aly's death and the murder accusations.

Liam interrupted, entering and asking what was happening. Ivy replied that she just wanted to be a part of her family's company. Steffy asserted that she couldn't trust Ivy after what she'd done. Liam stated that Ivy would easily find another job. "Fine," Steffy stated, deciding to write Ivy a letter of recommendation. She claimed that she didn't want Ivy out of work, just out of Forrester.

Later, Ivy had gone, and Liam was quietly working. Steffy said he had the "deep, serious thinking" look, and she guessed he thought she should rehire Ivy. He claimed that he hadn't said that, and if Steffy couldn't trust Ivy, then Ivy couldn't be there. Steffy sensed he had more to say.

Liam said Ivy wanted to earn the trust back with just one more chance. Steffy kissed him until he was quiet, and he guessed she was done with the Ivy talk.

Thomas entered and guessed the office was taken. He hadn't been able to work across the hall and had decided to get a change of scenery. Steffy joked that he was accustomed to people canoodling because he worked with Ridge and Caroline. Thomas said Ridge and Caroline were at home. Steffy wondered if the newlyweds would ever get out of the honeymoon phase.

At the beach house, Wyatt finally told Quinn about the fashion house proposal. Quinn was ready to quit her job and join in, but Wyatt explained that Bill had shot down the idea.

Later, Ivy was at the beach house, telling Wyatt and Quinn how things had gone with Liam and Steffy. Quinn couldn't believe Liam hadn't tried to convince Steffy to let Ivy back in. Ivy replied that he'd tried to convince Ivy that she'd find a job elsewhere.

Quinn was amazed that Liam had forgone his chance to prove he wasn't Steffy's lapdog. "Steffy's gonna have to buy a new little purse just to carry him around in," Wyatt quipped. Quinn said she'd laugh if she weren't so angry. Wyatt said to relax because there was nothing they could do. Quinn replied that when it was about his happiness, there was no end to what she could do.

Wyatt appreciated Quinn but said his happiness wasn't her responsibility. He claimed to be happy, but Quinn doubted that could be true because his girlfriend had been fired, his father was doing nothing to help him, and he had to answer to his spineless brother. Wyatt asked Quinn to stop pouring salt in the wound. He stated that he could handle everything but Liam's treatment of Ivy.

Ivy needed fresh air. Wyatt offered to take her for a walk on the beach. Quinn didn't feel like doing it, but he murmured that he hadn't asked Quinn. As the couple left, Quinn got a call from Deacon. She quipped that Bill and Liam had better pray they didn't see her that day.

Just then, Bill entered, and Quinn told Deacon that she'd call him back. Bill had seen Wyatt and Ivy headed toward the beach and asked Quinn to tell Wyatt that his father had stopped by to talk. Bill tried to leave, but Quinn said Wyatt deserved more than just talk. She asked why he was determined to keep Wyatt down and wondered if Bill hated Quinn that much.

Bill said he'd made a business decision. Quinn imagined that a Spencer fashion house would be hugely successful. Bill replied that it was too bad they'd never know for sure. Quinn didn't know why Bill couldn't give her son a chance. In her mind, it was always Liam, and she was sick of it.

Forresters surprise each other

Forresters surprise each other

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Thomas got a text message and smiled. Later, Othello and Thomas worked on the music for the California Freedom line. Brooke entered and wanted to find Ridge and Caroline. Thomas said they had gone for the day.

At the loft, Ridge apologized for the fact that his vasectomy could not be reversed. He told Caroline that he had really wanted a family with her. He wanted to watch his baby grow inside her. Ridge hugged her and said he loved her and didn't want her to sacrifice her dreams for him.

Ridge said the situation had him "torn up." "Please stop," Caroline said. "You lost something too." Ridge didn't know what to say. Caroline said she had to process everything. She hugged Ridge and left.

Outside the loft, Caroline called Thomas. He answered the phone half naked. Caroline said she was on her way over to see him. He told her it was not a good time, but Caroline insisted she had to see him.

At the Forrester mansion, Caroline made her way up to Thomas' bedroom, and she knocked. He refused to open the door, and Caroline said it was important. She begged him to open the door. Thomas complied, but he only opened it slightly, and he again advised Caroline that it was not a good time. Caroline maintained that she couldn't wait.

Thomas worried that something had happened with Ridge. A woman's voice called out to Thomas. Caroline pushed the door open and saw a woman in bed. "Mrs. Forrester!" Charlotte said. "Charlotte? The intern?" Caroline asked of Thomas. She advised Thomas that she had something to tell him, and she refused to leave until they had spoken privately.

At Wyatt's house, Bill had been looking for Wyatt, but he encountered Quinn instead. Quinn reminded Bill that Liam was not his only grown son. Bill scoffed that Quinn could not give him parenting lessons.

Quinn worried that Liam had been given two titles: the vice president at Forrester and president at Spencer. Quinn wondered why Liam should have the cushy title at Forrester when Wyatt had worked there all along.

Bill reminded Quinn that Ridge had chosen Liam as the vice president. Quinn continued her rant. "Whatever Liam wants, Liam gets," she dished. Quinn worried that Bill hated Wyatt because Quinn was his mother. She reasoned that Wyatt was strong and confident, ate red meat, and drank scotch -- just like Bill.

Bill argued that he loved all his boys equally, but when it came to business, Liam was the better leader. Quinn defended Wyatt and said he had been running her jewelry company since he was a teenager. Bill countered that Spencer was not a rinky-dink jewelry company. It was a major global conglomerate.

Quinn insisted Wyatt could run either company and Bill had no faith in Wyatt because he was her son. Bill agreed her DNA was not reliable. "Wyatt's reckless, impulsive, emotional, and he's just not as bright as Liam," Bill said.

Bill shared that Liam would be his successor and had been appointed executor of his estate. "Wyatt will always have a black mark against him because he has your genes. Fortunately, my other son does not," Bill said. He left.

At Forrester, Liam looked over a folder, and Steffy leaned over his shoulder. Liam worried about letting Ivy go. Steffy said that Liam was a sweet and caring guy and had a soft spot for Ivy. Liam said the downside to firing Ivy was that Ivy was a buffer between them and Quinn. "Now we have to deal with Quinn directly, and I'm not happy about that," Liam said.

Steffy thought that things were good with Quinn, but Liam scoffed and said Quinn hated him and was dangerous. He reminded Steffy how out of control Quinn could be. "You have to keep your guard up," he said.

Liam wondered where Ridge and Caroline were. Steffy didn't know, and Liam noted that she'd had reservations about Ridge and Caroline's marriage. Steffy joked that she had actively objected, but she noted that Caroline made her dad "genuinely happy in a way I haven't seen in a long time."

Steffy wanted Liam to go home with her, but Liam said he had work to do for Spencer. He promised to see her at home. Steffy left, and Quinn entered. Quinn launched into a tirade that Liam had everything. He got the girl and had a great life while his brother had been repeatedly overlooked.

Liam countered that Wyatt had a good job and made nice money. Liam encouraged Quinn to let Wyatt's life play out on its own. "Stop micromanaging," Liam advised. Quinn complained that Liam had helped anyone in distress but hadn't bothered to help and support Wyatt -- and be a brother to him. She begged Liam to rescue Wyatt from "injustice." Liam looked confused.

At Bill and Katie's home, Bill entered and hugged Katie. He called her the best part of his day. Katie wondered why Bill was tense. He explained that he'd had an encounter with Quinn. Bill said that he told her things just to get under her skin.

Katie had a disapproving look. She advised Bill that Quinn had a point. Liam had two very important positions, and Wyatt did not. Bill balked, but Katie quickly said she knew he loved all his sons, but she understood how Quinn might not think so.

Katie worried that Bill had not given Wyatt the green light for a fashion house. Bill refused to pit his sons against each other in the fashion world. Katie agreed, but she pointed out that Wyatt would become more resentful.

Bill noted that the design house was the project idea she had been looking for. Bill warned that if it had happened, it would only be a matter of time before Quinn would be involved. "I don't want her in the building," Katie said. She noted that Quinn was capable of anything.

At the loft, Ridge sat alone, and Brooke showed up. She could tell by the look on his face that he had told Caroline that he couldn't have children. Ridge admitted he had. He said he hadn't known what to say to her afterward, and Caroline had left to get some air. "We're fine. Nothing will come between us," he said.

Thomas rages at  Ridge

Thomas rages at Ridge

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

by Pam

At the loft, Brooke quizzed Ridge about where Caroline had gone after Ridge had told her about his vasectomy. Ridge didn't know were she had gone, but he assured Brooke that Caroline would return home. Brooke asked if she should stay and talk to Caroline. Ridge refused her offer and said he would walk her out.

Ridge received a text message, and Brooke wondered if it was Caroline. Ridge shared that Pam had sent him a message that one of the interns had been lost, and he had to find her. He added that when Caroline returned home, she would return to no one but him.

At the Forrester mansion, Caroline stood in Thomas' bedroom while Charlotte, the intern, was in Thomas' bed. Caroline said it was important. Thomas refused and said it was clearly a bad time. He pointed out that they were not at work, and she had no business interrupting him. He was young and single. Caroline looked surprised.

Thomas asked what she was doing there. Caroline grabbed her stomach and looked sick. Thomas told her she had to take better care of herself. He wondered what she wanted. "I don't know," Caroline said. She apologized and told Thomas and Charlotte to pretend she had never been there.

Before Caroline left, Thomas asked if there was some kind of emergency at the office. Caroline said there wasn't. She turned to leave, and Thomas watched her hurry down the stairs. Caroline went down the stairs and grabbed her stomach.

Later, Thomas walked Charlotte out of the mansion and apologized for Caroline's interruption. He had no idea what the problem with Caroline was. "Rain check?" Thomas asked. He kissed Charlotte, and Ridge walked in on them. Ridge called Charlotte by name, and Charlotte greeted him as "Mr. Forrester." Ridge told Charlotte to leave.

After Charlotte left, Ridge chastised Thomas for crossing the line with an intern. Ridge noted that Charlotte was much younger than Thomas. Thomas countered that Ridge had a much younger wife. Ridge was angry and said he wanted to talk about Thomas, not Ridge's past. Thomas admitted that he and Charlotte had played strip poker.

Ridge reminded his son that Forrester could not handle another sex scandal. Thomas was defiant and countered that Ridge had slept with at least four models and had played with women's hearts his entire life.

Ridge said that Thomas had to remember there were limits for the son of the company CEO. "You cannot have whatever woman you want without consequences," Ridge shouted. Thomas blasted his father for having double standards his entire life. Thomas remembered that Ridge had gone from Brooke to his mom to others and then back and forth with Brooke and his mom again.

Thomas claimed that he didn't have room for a father in his life anymore. Thomas accused Ridge of pretending to be a doting family man to offset this reputation as a playboy. Thomas claimed that Caroline would end up a single mom just like Taylor and Brooke had. Thomas promised that he would never be a dad like Ridge.

Thomas continued to berate Ridge and said that he had always wanted his father's love as a boy, but he had never felt that he had gotten it. Ridge listened intently. "I'm sorry, Thomas, but you have a very convenient memory," he said. Ridge reminded Thomas that Ridge had paid for everything for Thomas: college, sports cars, and the job at international, and Ridge had needed to bail Thomas out of a lot of trouble including a relationship with a woman in Paris. Ridge accused Thomas of being a spoiled, entitled brat. Thomas punched his father, and Ridge glared at him.

At Forrester, Quinn continued her tirade that Liam had everything and Wyatt had nothing, and she wanted Liam to help his brother, who had been repeatedly overlooked. Quinn shared with Liam that Bill had told her that he would always include Liam in more business transactions than Wyatt because Wyatt had her DNA.

Liam countered that Bill had always said things just to get under Quinn's skin. Quinn agreed, but she maintained that Liam should recommend to Bill that Wyatt share in the Spencer empire leadership. Liam scoffed and reminded her that no one ever told Bill Spencer anything. Quinn refused to give up. She insisted that Liam had to help Wyatt. Liam left.

At Wyatt's, Wyatt and Ivy discussed going to work in Australia. Ivy said she would never return to her homeland as a failure. Wyatt argued that she was not a failure but rather an unemployed star. Liam barged in and interrupted.

Ivy left the room, and Liam shared that Quinn had returned to her crazy ways, and Liam was worried. He reminded Wyatt that they had made a pact as brothers when Quinn had tried to kill Liam before. Liam wanted to put Wyatt on notice about his mother. Wyatt understood.

In Quinn's office, Deacon entered and called Quinn's attention to his sexy new sport coat. She dismissed his purchase and complained about Bill and Liam's unfair treatment of Wyatt. Deacon worried that Quinn was plotting again.

Caroline returned to the spot of her wedding and relived the moments where she and Ridge had been married. She walked around the grounds and recalled the doctor's news that she was pregnant, awakening with Thomas, and Ridge's announcement that he'd had a vasectomy. She grabbed her stomach and flashed back to when Ridge had said, "I can't be the father of your child."

Ridge vows to never forget Thomas' actions

Ridge vows to never forget Thomas' actions

Thursday, October 1, 2015

At Wyatt's place, Wyatt wanted to know what his mother had done. Liam just insisted that Quinn was on the move. "Whatever that means," Ivy quipped. She believed Quinn was upset by the way Liam and Steffy had treated Ivy and by how Liam got breaks while Wyatt got marginalized. "We both know the signs," Liam said to Wyatt. Wyatt asked if Quinn had threatened Liam.

"In so many words," Liam said. Wyatt asked how many words, but Liam said the threat had been implied. Ivy scoffed. Liam said Ivy didn't know Quinn like Wyatt and Liam did. Wyatt reasoned that Quinn was upset about Wyatt being passed over, about Bill's special treatment of Liam, and about Ivy's plight. Wyatt sarcastically asked how his mother could get things so right.

Liam wasn't saying Quinn was off her rocker -- yet -- but he didn't like her getting in his face. Wyatt said he worked with Quinn while Liam was playing footsy with Steffy. Wyatt felt that Quinn was on her best behavior, and Ivy stated that Quinn seemed to be one of Ivy's biggest supporters. Liam quipped that the thought of such was reason enough to keep an eye on Quinn.

Ivy retorted that it was too late to show concern for her. Liam said Ivy could trust someone who'd tried to drown her if she wanted to, but he didn't know why Ivy would defend Quinn after what Quinn had done to them. Wyatt said it was because Quinn defended Ivy against Liam's bad treatment.

Wyatt recounted that Liam had strung Ivy along when Steffy had returned demanding a reunion. He added that Liam had broken up with Ivy at her cousin's memorial, of all places, and Liam had done nothing when Steffy had fired Ivy from her family's company.

Liam understood why Wyatt was upset , but Liam was worried about Quinn for all their sakes. Wyatt called Liam's concern sweet but felt Liam was overreacting. Ivy offered to watch Quinn.

Wyatt's phone beeped, and once he'd gone to answer it, Liam told Ivy that he hadn't wanted things to work out as they had. He didn't think Steffy should have fired Ivy. "Yeah, okay," Ivy bit out. Liam said that he might just be an optimist, but he believed there was a way for all to get along.

After Liam had gone, Wyatt couldn't believe that his brother had just been there with an olive branch after standing by Steffy's firing decree. Ivy didn't know how to gauge Liam's sincerity, but Wyatt's had stood up for her again, which turned her on. She said a girl loved having a man in her corner. Wyatt said that was right where he was, and they kissed.

In the design office, Quinn fixated on website pictures of Liam and Steffy that looked more like the couple's glamour shots than professional photos. Deacon figured she should concentrate on him, not Liam. Quinn said Liam wasn't worth her breath, but she'd keep him from interfering with Wyatt.

Deacon questioned how Quinn looked at matters. Quinn recounted that Liam had made a play for a job that should have been Wyatt's, he'd stolen a girl that Wyatt had been interested in, and he'd let his girlfriend fire Wyatt's new girl, who had once been with Liam. Quinn felt that Liam was on a mission to take down Wyatt, and it was because of her.

Deacon reasoned that Quinn wasn't responsible for Wyatt or the things that happened to Wyatt. Quinn said she was Wyatt's mother. Deacon replied that he didn't see Spencer winning any father awards. Quinn stated that Bill had called Wyatt impulsive and reckless and had said Wyatt had gotten his instability from Quinn.

Deacon remarked that the words were from a guy who'd tossed Ridge out of a helicopter. Deacon reasoned that Liam might have been lucky to have only his mother growing up. Quinn refused to give Liam's mother a gold star because Liam was just as unstable as Bill. Deacon said Liam was okay most of the time, and Quinn asked if it was because Hope had fallen in love with Liam.

Quinn said Wyatt had lost a lot because of Liam -- and Quinn. She knew people judged Wyatt based upon her, and though she wouldn't apologize, she knew her behavior had consequences.

Deacon concluded that Wyatt did have a lot of his mother in him -- and it was a good thing. Quinn relayed that Bill had said Wyatt wasn't as smart as Liam. Deacon wondered how the genius Spencer could tell that. Quinn and Deacon called Bill an idiot and a moron.

Quinn wondered how to get through to Liam, who detested her almost as much as Bill did. Deacon offered to talk to Liam and Bill, but Quinn said they wouldn't listen to Deacon. Quinn decided she'd handle it and somehow neutralize Liam. Deacon found the word "neutralize" troublesome.

Quinn stated that she wanted to change Liam's attitude. Deacon doubted she'd change it while carrying around a big stick and suggested that she leave her stick at home. "We'll see," Quinn reasoned and added that Liam couldn't keep marginalizing Wyatt.

At the beach house where she'd gotten married, Caroline roamed the grounds, consumed with thoughts of the events of the last weeks. She flashed back to sleeping with Thomas, sleeping with Ridge, learning about the pregnancy, and then hearing about the vasectomy.

When Caroline arrived home, she saw the empty bassinet and recalled learning she was pregnant and about Ridge's condition. She looked at a picture of her and Ridge and sobbed.

At the mansion, Ridge asked Thomas how it had felt to hit him. Thomas replied that Ridge had disrespected Thomas all his life. Seeming doubtful of that, Ridge asked how Thomas could hit his own father. Thomas claimed that he'd forgotten for a moment, and Ridge's behavior didn't carry too many reminders.

Ridge ordered Thomas not to act like a child. Thomas yelled that he wasn't a child who needed the approval Ridge had given so little of in Thomas' childhood. Thomas certainly didn't need Ridge to approve of whom Thomas bedded. Ridge reckoned it was quite a list and asked who else was on it.

Ridge turned to leave, but Thomas claimed that Ridge was turning his back on him again. Ridge accused Thomas of turning his back on decorum, good sense, and family. Thomas asked where Ridge had been when Thomas had needed him the most. He claimed Ridge had been too busy with his ego, Brooke, and Taylor. Ridge supposed Thomas was purporting to have issues.

Thomas claimed to be beyond it, but Ridge noted that Thomas had just hit him. Thomas said he'd done it because Ridge couldn't keep treating him like a little boy. Ridge yelled that Thomas was not an adult, because an adult knew that some things were off-limits.

Thomas claimed there was nothing wrong with sleeping with Charlotte. They were both young and single, and he wasn't ready to settle down with a woman half his age as Ridge had. Thomas said he'd lived how he'd wanted to in Paris, and he'd do the same in Los Angeles under his own boundaries.

Ridge quipped that Thomas didn't believe "the great Thomas Forrester" needed boundaries. Ridge guessed Thomas didn't need respect for anyone, including his father. "I won't forget this," Ridge concluded and left.

Thomas text-messaged Charlotte to apologize and say it shouldn't have happened. She didn't fault him, but he responded that it still wasn't good. He then flashed back to hitting Ridge. Thomas shivered, thinking of his night with Caroline. "No, no, no, no," he told himself.

Later, Ridge arrived at the loft. Caroline asked what had happened to his face. Ridge revealed that he and Thomas had argued about who Thomas had been sleeping with. Caroline was shocked Thomas had revealed who he'd been sleeping with. Ridge conveyed that Charlotte had been standing right there. Noting that Caroline wasn't surprised, he concluded that "the kid" was out of control.

Caroline asked if the men had fought. Ridge said there had been one punch. However, Thomas was Ridge's kid, and Ridge wouldn't hit his kid. Ridge said Thomas had been disrespectful, and it was the perfect recipe for "another lawsuit." Caroline didn't think Charlotte would go that route.

Ridge said Thomas had been saying all the things Ridge had done wrong to destroy Thomas' life, and he believed Thomas had enjoyed punching him. Caroline didn't think it sounded like Thomas. Ridge didn't know anymore because Thomas had challenged Ridge and said Thomas would take whomever he wanted whenever he wanted. It saddened Ridge to think of the count of women in Thomas' bed.

Caroline's face darkened as her morning after with Thomas flashed in her mind. She looked upset, and Ridge said he was sorry to put it on her because they had their own issues. He asked if they should talk about alternatives to their baby issues. Caroline shook her head. She said there was something that she had to tell him first.

Caroline tells Ridge what happened with Thomas

Caroline tells Ridge what happened with Thomas

Friday, October 2, 2015

At Wyatt's house, Ivy thanked Wyatt for standing by her, even when she'd gone off course. She said it would have been easier to give up on her, but Wyatt replied that there wouldn't be a chance. He cared about Ivy, and he wasn't like his brother. She stated that she got that.

Wyatt noted that Ivy had trust issues, and she cynically asked if he was referring to Liam professing love for her but awaiting Steffy's return. Ivy admitted that Liam had made it hard for her to trust, but Wyatt was making it easy again. They kissed. Ivy couldn't believe that, for so long, they hadn't seen what could be between them. Wyatt replied that it didn't matter because they saw it "now."

A song played as Wyatt and Ivy undressed each other and had sex on the sofa.

In the CEO's office, Sarah flirted with Thomas as he fitted a dress on her. She figured that he'd forgotten about her pool party for her birthday. He recalled the party and remarked that he loved hot tubs. As she left, Sarah remarked that seeing Thomas in a swimsuit would be present enough.

Steffy entered as Sarah left. "She's hot," Steffy noticed. She joked about Thomas having a rough life of fending off models and said it reminded her of the stories about Ridge back in the day. Thomas told her not to compare him to their father. She asked what was wrong with him. He claimed it was nothing, but she didn't believe "nothing" had made him foam at the mouth about their father.

Steffy asked if Ridge knew Thomas was so down on him. Thomas snapped that he probably did because Thomas had punched Ridge in the face. Shocked, she demanded to know what had happened.

Thomas relayed that Ridge had laid into him. Steffy replied that it was a part of Ridge's job description as their father. Thomas asserted that he didn't deserve it anymore, and Ridge had called him a self-entitled little brat. Thomas asked if Steffy believed he really did take whatever he wanted.

Later, Steffy was livid upon learning that Thomas had slept with an intern. Thomas asked why he couldn't if they were consenting adults. "Everyone else around here is doing it!" he exclaimed. She said it was a potential lawsuit, and Ridge had been right to lecture Thomas. Thomas admitted that he'd been wrong and had crossed a line in hitting their father, but he insisted that Ridge was treating him like an immature brat who'd take whatever woman he wanted. "Which is the last thing -- Dad has no idea," Thomas concluded.

At the loft, Caroline's upset demeanor made Ridge nervous. Caroline said she was nervous because she had to make him understand. Seeming to already understand, he asked if she'd already packed her bags or if he'd have the chance to convince her to stay. She said she wasn't leaving Ridge, the vasectomy hadn't changed things, and she'd meant every word of her vows.

Caroline wished Ridge had told her the reason he couldn't have children with her. She understood Ridge had been trying to protect her. She wished she could protect him, too, but it wasn't an easy fix. She sobbed that she couldn't handle it on her own. She needed her husband if he'd help her. Ridge said he'd do anything for her, but she said he might not feel that way after she told him the issue.

Ridge affirmed that he was there for Caroline. She curled up on the sofa, unsure of how to say it. He asked if she was sick. She denied it, and he figured whatever it was couldn't be that bad then. She explained that it was regarding the night that they'd broken up. She hadn't understood the way Ridge had ended things. He claimed not to understand it either and had a lot of regrets about that night.

Ridge stated that he would do a lot of things differently if he could. Caroline stated that she would, too, starting with the pills. He asked what pills Caroline was talking about. She explained that she'd been holding onto Pam's pills until she could give them to Pam. Caroline had taken a few at the hotel she'd checked into. She'd wanted to relax and sleep, but she hadn't known how hard they'd hit her -- especially since she'd taken wine with them.

Ridge was disappointed that Caroline had mixed wine and pills. Caroline said it had been stupid, but she'd been hurt. He blamed himself, but she told him it wasn't his fault. She didn't remember a lot of what had happened, especially after "he'd" shown up. "After he showed up?" Ridge repeated. She claimed that "he" had tried to comfort her. Ridge asked if the man had spent the night.

Caroline conveyed that "he" hadn't realized that she'd been really out of it or that she'd taken the pills. "He didn't realize it, huh..." Ridge knowingly repeated. He asked if it had been consensual and what she'd wanted. She repeated that he hadn't known about the pills, and the man hadn't been able to tell. "Didn't know, huh. Couldn't tell," Ridge repeated. He asked what kind of man did that.

Caroline said she was sorry. Ridge didn't want an apology; he wanted to know who the man was. She said she'd let the man hold her because she'd been upset, and he'd seemed to understand. She sobbed that he'd kissed her, and Ridge tried to keep calm as he asked, "You told him no? You didn't tell him no, did you? You pushed him away? You didn't push him away, either," Ridge concluded.

Caroline repeated that she'd been out of it, and the man had misread everything. She claimed that she'd never -- even if they'd been broken up. Ridge blamed himself again, saying he should have been there for her. He was glad she'd told him but said she should have told him before. She said she'd been ashamed. He didn't think she should be ashamed; it was on him, and he should have been there.

Ridge caressed Caroline's shoulder. He said it wouldn't break them, and they'd get through it because it was them. Caroline gravely stated that there was more. Ridge assumed she had feelings for the guy. She said she didn't, and the man was her friend. He replied that a friend wouldn't do it to her.

Caroline felt it was hard, and things had changed. Ridge replied that their marital status had changed, and their ability to have children had changed. He asked if the man had arrived back in her life and if that had made her feelings change. She replied that that man wasn't back; he was a part of their lives. Ridge asked if he knew the guy and urged her to tell him.

"Thomas," Caroline sobbed.

"My son," Ridge quietly stated.

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