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Julius turned to Zende for help in talking Nicole out of the surrogacy. Nicole became nervous upon learning that the insemination was imminent. Relieved that he hadn't fathered Caroline's baby, Thomas turned a romantic eye to Ivy, whom he saved from disaster during the Halloween party.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 26, 2015 on B&B
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Thomas questions Caroline

Thomas questions Caroline

Monday, October 26, 2015

At the mansion, Julius told Nicole to stay out of the discussion. Maya said Nicole didn't have to, and it was already decided. Rick offered to discuss the surrogacy after dinner, but Julius asserted that fine dining wouldn't change it. Maya asked if it was Julius' idea of one big, happy family, but he asked if doing so meant they all had to be at Maya's disposal.

Julius declared that Nicole was too young to understand what she was offering. He asked Vivienne to back him up on it. Vivienne told Nicole that no woman could know what it was like to carry and birth a baby until she'd done it. Nicole said she knew it wouldn't be easy.

Vivienne stated that hardest of all would be carrying it and giving it up. Maya said it was all "coming out" wrong, and it was a mistake to broach the topic with them. Julius stated that love, not science, created babies, but he wouldn't expect Maya to understand it.

Nicole asked why Julius couldn't see that it was all about love. He asked if she thought Zende would want her after she was stretched out and as big as a house. Vivienne interjected that he'd asked her to warn him whenever he stepped over the line, and he'd just done it.

"Don't you listen to him, Nicole! He doesn't know Zende!" Maya warned. Vivienne took Julius aside and asked him to remember what they'd talked about. Julius said he wanted what she wanted, and he'd apologized. He wanted to reunite the family, "but this?"

Vivienne said she wasn't condemning Julius for his thoughts, but he couldn't tell Nicole that she'd wind up alone, unloved, and unwanted. Vivienne claimed it was the message that had driven away their first child. Julius claimed he hadn't meant it that way, but Nicole told him that he'd said it.

Rick asked if they could all start over with the acknowledgement that his and Maya's dream of a child wasn't out of the ordinary. Julius said every wish couldn't come true, and Rick had known it before marriage. Maya said it could be true if it was what the threesome wanted, and they didn't need Julius' permission. "See, boundaries. Boundaries. That's the one thing you never respected," Julius said.

Julius explained that there were limits to everything -- including patience, love, and nature. He said there were things that were possible and things that weren't. "You've already done what you wanted to with your body, but you don't also get a chance to do it with your sister's," he decided.

Maya told Nicole that she wouldn't pressure Nicole to do anything she wasn't sure of. Nicole said she knew it. Julius said that medical procedures were nothing to Maya, who'd forgotten how "regular people got on." Rick asked who was "regular." Julius responded that it was people who accepted what was physically impossible and moved on.

Maya told Nicole that she wasn't trying to steal from Nicole. Maya claimed that she'd asked then decided it was too much. Maya said Nicole had disagreed, and she'd done it because they were family and loved each other. Maya asked Julius if the better time would be when Nicole was engaged or married. Maya asked Vivienne to say she understood, but Vivienne looked down.

Nicole said the talk wasn't fair to Maya and asked for time alone with their parents. As soon as Rick and Maya were gone, Julius said, "You know I'm right. You just don't know how to tell them."

Upstairs, Rick remarked upon the Avants moving to town. Maya said it didn't mean they had to see them. Rick said they could see them, and the Avants loved her. She felt that they loved having a Forrester in the family. Rick said it could be that, mixed with fear and pride, but beneath it was love.

Maya asked if they were wrong. Rick said they hadn't made any plans they couldn't change. She repeated the question, and he said it depended upon who they asked. She stated that Nicole didn't want to disappoint them, which might actually translate into pressure. Rick reasoned that if Nicole had reservations, they'd surface through the talk with the Avants, and then they'd know.

Back downstairs, Julius admitted that he didn't say things the "right" way, but he said the things other people were afraid to say. Vivienne gave him credit for that much. He wondered if anyone else would have talked to Nicole about such things had her parent not surprise-visited.

Nicole didn't see what was wrong with doing that one thing for Maya. Julius said Nicole didn't understand. She looked annoyed. He told her that having a baby wasn't a favor like doing the dishes out of turn. He said it was making a life that had never been on the planet in the history of time, and every second of the day, she'd know it was half her blood.

Julius said that they were all struggling, trying to figure it out as they went along. He stated that Nicole had heard him apologize for not making that allowance to a woman who'd once been his son; however, the new thing was just too much. Nicole walked away, and he gestured to Vivienne.

Vivienne told Nicole that when right and wrong were difficult to measure, one had to tally things up in a different way. Vivienne was thinking of Nicole's youth. To Vivienne, beauty and youth were like flowers, each fading fast. In youth, everything was possible, but soon, life would be a list of lost chances that one never even knew she'd had. Vivienne asked if Zende would be one of Nicole's.

At the sky lounge, Carter and Zende worked out. Carter asked if Nicole would tell her parents about the surrogacy. Zende said "that girl" would say anything. Carter replied that Julius would, too. Zende asked if Carter had kids. "The only young one I'm raising is you," Carter joked.

Zende figured that pregnancy changed a woman, and certain things would be different. The men agreed that Zende would still think Nicole was beautiful. Carter said he was no authority; however, at times, it was tough to know when to support someone in a decision or talk the person out of it.

Two ladies arrived and smiled. "Hi, Carter," they chimed in unison. As Carter watched the ladies work out, he told Zende that the one in pink was named Arlene, and he could introduce them. Zende declined and asked if Carter was trying to fix him up while knowing he was attached to someone.

"But are you?" Carter asked. He wondered if one could be attached to a woman who was having someone else's child. Carter said Zende was young and had to live then -- not a year from then.

In the CEO's office, Bill grumbled about the pink and blue lemon bars Pam had left. Katie figured it was too early to know the sex of the baby anyway. Thomas remarked that a lot had changed in less than a week. Katie decided it was time to go. Bill said he'd hoped Caroline would wise up and leave Ridge; however, Ridge would "now" be the one to leave.

Bill left, and Katie remarked that she'd thought Thomas had moved to Paris. Thomas said he had but was back. "Life is change, right?" he asked.

After Katie had gone, Ridge asked if Thomas wanted something. Thomas asked why Ridge had sent him to Paris. "Because it removed you," Ridge responded. Thomas said he "now" understood why Ridge couldn't stand the sight of him. Ridge asserted that what Thomas didn't understand was that Ridge was his boss, and he worked for Ridge.

Caroline couldn't take the arguing and asked Thomas to say his piece. Thomas stated that Ridge had never treated anyone the disdainful way he treated Bill -- until Thomas. Thomas said that, with Bill, Ridge said as few words as possible, and the ones Ridge did say felt like bullets.

Thomas was sorry that the violence with Bill had almost killed Ridge and wondered who could trust a man that settled his differences in such a way. Thomas stated that he'd done the same thing to Ridge with the punch, and he couldn't blame Ridge for putting an ocean between them. He wanted Ridge to know that he got it, and it would never happen again.

Ridge was silent. Flustered, Thomas wanted to know what else Ridge wanted to hear. Caroline asked Thomas not to take it personally because they hadn't expected him during the tense talk with Bill. Thomas persisted, asking if it was about Charlotte. Thomas understood some women were off-limits and said it wouldn't happen again. Ridge said it wouldn't happen again because Thomas wouldn't be there.

Thomas said there was no reason for him to go back to Paris, and Thorne had thought his nephew was there to check up on him. Caroline said they were happy Thomas was back; they'd missed him on the team, and everyone had missed him. She asked Thomas to just give her and Ridge a moment.

Thomas thanked Caroline and said it was all he needed to hear. He left, and Ridge asked her what she was doing. Caroline insisted that Ridge had to control his anger before Thomas figured out what was wrong. She asked how hard Ridge thought it would be for Thomas to figure it out.

In the design office later, Thomas entered. Caroline asked if he was happy to have gotten what he wanted, and Ridge had said Thomas could stay. Thomas said he had a question, and she knew what it was. She asked for a clue, and he asked how long she'd known about the pregnancy. She said it hadn't been that long, but he figured she had to know the date of the monumental event.

Caroline asked if he was questioning whether she knew who the father of her baby was, and she stated, "Of course, I do." Thomas believed she did, and he said he had to right to know if it was him.

Later, in Bill and Katie's kitchen, the frustrated Bill looked for something to eat. Katie took over the food prep and said Bill had to get over it for Caroline's sake. Bill insisted that something wasn't right about the baby situation, and for years, Ridge had been careful not to be anyone's baby daddy. Katie replied that it took just one moment of weakness.

Katie refused to give Bill water until he said he was happy for Caroline. Bill quipped that he'd die of thirst first. Giving him the drink, she figured she'd be rich if she had a nickel for every time someone asked how she could be still married to Bill. She said that what trumped everything was that they were happy together, and Bill didn't have to be happy with Ridge -- only Caroline did.

Bill still couldn't help but think that it would blow up in Caroline's face.

100 percent certain

100 percent certain

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Rick, Maya, Julius, Vivienne, and Nicole discussed the surrogacy situation, and Maya and Rick excused themselves to leave Nicole alone with her parents. Upstairs in their bedroom, Maya and Rick worried about what Julius might tell Nicole. Maya was concerned that instead of being demanding, Julius would pressure Nicole by being loving and affectionate.

In the living room at the Forrester mansion, Vivienne and Julius maintained that Nicole didn't understand what she was getting into. "We're concerned about you," Vivienne said. Nicole insisted that Maya had not pressured her, but Vivienne and Julius persisted in telling her that she didn't need to repay Maya's kindness by becoming a surrogate.

Julius noted that Rick was a wealthy man who could easily afford to pay a surrogate to have their baby. Vivienne reminded her daughter that it was a year of her life, and she would be giving away a baby she had carried. "You don't have to do this," Julius added, insisting, "I forbid it."

Nicole argued that she hadn't agreed at first. She had thought it through. "I wanted to do something incredibly generous," she said. Vivienne pointed out that Nicole would be putting her own dreams on hold to help Maya and Rick achieve their dream. "Please don't let Maya use you like this," Julius begged.

Nicole disagreed that Rick and Maya were using her. Julius reminded Vivienne and Nicole that Maya did not respond well when she did not get her way. Nicole insisted she wanted to help her sister.

Rick and Maya appeared and said they had not forced Nicole into anything. Maya said that Nicole could back out at any time and change her mind. They wanted to be sure it was what Nicole wanted. Nicole was wringing her hands.

Maya acknowledged that what she and Rick were asking was extraordinary. Vivienne wanted Nicole to be sure. Nicole maintained that she wanted to have the baby as an incredible gift to her sister.

Julius reminded Nicole that Zende might not be supportive once the pregnancy was underway and Nicole had morning sickness and other issues. Nicole looked surprised, and Maya ordered Julius to stop scaring Nicole. Julius reminded Nicole that her sacrifice could cost her Zende. Nicole countered that she wanted to see her sister happy, and that was not a sacrifice. Julius and Vivienne left.

In the design office at Forrester, Thomas grilled Caroline about her pregnancy. Thomas wanted to be sure he wasn't the father. He asked questions, and Caroline told him to stop. "Who is the father?" Thomas demanded. He insisted he had to know. "Ridge is the father," Caroline said, exasperated. She reminded Thomas that she'd had her period after they had been together.

Thomas was relieved. He claimed it would have been a disaster. "Thank God it's his," Thomas said. He returned to his sketchpad and repeated what a disaster it would have been if the baby had been his. He babbled about how they all worked together, and it would have been awful. Caroline nodded.

Brooke entered Ridge's office and said that she was glad Thomas had returned. Ridge was irritable and said that Thomas did whatever he'd wanted. Brooke encouraged Ridge to be patient with Thomas. She worried that there had been more to Ridge's exile of Thomas to Paris. Ridge responded that Thomas needed to make better decisions.

Brooke decided to give parenting advice to Ridge. She told him that parents wanted their children to act like adults, and they were disappointed when the kids did not do that. Brooke suggested Ridge give Thomas some time, and she left.

Claire, a Forrester model, entered, and Ridge adjusted a dress on her. Claire asked about Thomas, and Caroline entered. Caroline said that Thomas had returned and didn't have a care in the world. She encouraged Claire to visit Thomas. Ridge finished the fitting on Claire, and she left.

After Claire had left, Caroline begged Ridge to stop looking irritated every time Thomas' name was mentioned. "You can't do that," she advised. Caroline shared with Ridge that Thomas had grilled her about the baby's paternity. She said she had told Thomas there was no chance it was his baby. She assured Ridge that she had convinced Thomas that Ridge was the father.

Caroline lamented that Thomas had stated it would have been a disaster if he'd been the father. She understood why Ridge had never wanted to tell Thomas. Ridge said that Thomas was irresponsible. Caroline agreed, but she insisted that Ridge had to stop fuming at Thomas. "You have to get over what happened that night," she said. She begged Ridge to find a way to get along with Thomas.

Brooke entered the design office and welcomed Thomas back to Los Angeles. "Dad is still angry with me," Thomas noted. Brooke said that parents worried when their kids made bad decisions like running across the street or touching something hot like Thomas had as a child. Thomas reminded Brooke that he was not a child. Brooke agreed, and she encouraged Thomas to show it and prove to Ridge that he was mature. She promised that he would get along with Ridge, and nothing would ruin their relationship forever.

Vivienne and Julius returned to their motel room. Julius announced that he didn't care what Maya wanted. He insisted that Nicole's future was at stake. He knew she wanted a future and a relationship with Zende. Vivienne agreed. "That's a lot for a young man to handle," Vivienne said of Zende accepting Nicole's decision to be a surrogate for Maya and Rick.

Vivienne noted that Nicole claimed she had thought it through. Julius worried that it was not in her best interest. Vivienne argued that, as parents, they had to be supportive. Julius wondered if they had to support what they felt was a poor choice. Julius worried that Maya had made the decision for Nicole. "I won't have it," he said.

At the mansion, Maya and Rick quizzed Nicole about becoming their surrogate. They wanted her to be "100 percent certain" in her decision. Nicole maintained she was sure. "Dad can't bully me into changing my mind," she said. Maya thanked Nicole and said how much it meant to her, and she added that the pregnancy would make them even closer as sisters. They embraced.

Nicole faces a surrogacy sacrifice

Nicole faces a surrogacy sacrifice

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

by Pam

At the motel, Vivienne and Julius chatted in the morning, and Julius maintained that what Maya had asked Nicole -- to be a surrogate -- was unnatural. Julius maintained that Nicole should never have agreed. He was convinced that Maya was poised to make the biggest mistake of her life.

Vivienne argued that they could not dictate to Maya. Julius agreed, but he felt that Zende Forrester could have an impact on the situation. Julius left to see Zende.

At Forrester, Zende and Nicole were kissing, and Nicole worried that someone might walk in. Zende said he would use the excuse that Nicole had been lightheaded, and he'd had to give her mouth-to-mouth. Nicole lamented that Zende had not been able to protect her from her dad the previous day because he had been giving her a hard time. She acknowledged that it was hard on him. Nicole worried that her decision was too hard on Zende too. "Am I asking too much of you? Of us?" Nicole wondered aloud.

Zende advised Nicole to stop worrying, but she admitted she didn't want to lose him. They made out, but Nicole had to leave because she had promised Maya she'd stop by. She apologized that she had to leave.

At Wyatt's place, Wyatt had just finished a swim when Quinn and Deacon showed up. Quinn encouraged Wyatt to notice that she had knocked and not barged into his house. "Where's Ivy?" Quinn asked. She said that Ivy and Wyatt had been practically living together, but Wyatt corrected her that they were dating but not living together.

Quinn noted that Wyatt and Ivy had been close, and Quinn and Deacon added that it was the first time he had been close to someone since Hope. Wyatt reminded Deacon and Quinn that it was his love life, and he wanted to keep it private. He added that Ivy was nothing like Hope, who'd had "divided loyalties." Deacon and Quinn were silenced.

At Forrester, Charlotte asked to have dinner with Thomas, but he turned her down. Charlotte acknowledged that she was just an intern. Thomas said it wasn't good timing. Charlotte left, and Ivy entered. Ivy greeted Thomas and said Charlotte's crush was cute.

Thomas said it had become a big deal when his dad had found out and told him he had crossed the line. He explained that he and Ridge had gotten into an argument that had escalated to a physical altercation. Ivy was concerned, but she was sure they would get past it.

Thomas teased Ivy about her modeling gig, and he asked her to model one of his designs. Ivy laughed and related what had happened with her discomfort at modeling lingerie. She admitted that the photo shoot had been a disaster. Thomas congratulated Ivy because she had been a lady, not self-obsessed with showing off her body. Ivy was grateful for the flattery.

At the Forrester mansion, Vivienne visited Maya, and she apologized for Julius. She reminded Maya that Julius had a strict sense of right and wrong. Nicole showed up, and Vivienne apologized to both of them. She added that surrogacy and Nicole's involvement were a lot for Julius and Vivienne to accept. She acknowledged that Nicole was a grown woman.

Nicole admitted that it was not where she had seen herself, but she wanted to help her sister. Vivienne reminded Nicole she had a boyfriend, and it was a sacrifice. Nicole said it was worth it. Vivienne and Maya reminded Nicole that she should not jeopardize her happiness for Maya and Rick. Nicole left.

Julius entered Zende's office. Julius teased that with Zende's good looks and intellect, he should be running Forester. Zende smiled. "Don't let Ridge hear you say that," Zende advised. Julius wondered if Zende supported the idea of Nicole carrying Rick Forrester's baby.

Zende said he supported Nicole's decision. Julius asked if Zende was sure, and Zende asked if Nicole had said something. Julius explained that it was "more what she didn't say."

"I need you to help me stop this," Julius said. Zende respectfully disagreed with "Mr. Avant." Julius said that he sensed Zende had reservations. Zende asked Julius not to put words in his mouth, but Zende acknowledged it was a big step.

"I adore your daughter," Zende said, and he added that Julius was not giving Nicole enough credit. Julius smiled and said that Nicole had a blind spot when it came to her sister. Julius warned that the truth was that Nicole would be fat and pregnant and carrying her sister's husband's child. He wondered if Zende would be okay with that.

Julius stated that Zende would not be doing Nicole any favors if he lied to her about how he would feel if he wasn't sure. He added that it would be a complication to their relationship. Julius left.

In his office, Zende paced. Nicole showed up, and she noticed that he seemed distant. Zende explained that Julius had been there. Nicole wondered if Julius had convinced him to change his mind about supporting her decision. Zende paced again. "If I carry Rick and Maya's baby, are we over?" Nicole asked.

Later, Julius entered the Forrester mansion, and he ordered Maya to stop pressuring Nicole.

Surrogacy moves fast for Nicole

Surrogacy moves fast for Nicole

Thursday, October 29, 2015

In the corridor, Carter was looking for Pam. She and Charlie arrived from the basement with boxes of decorations for Forrester's Halloween party. Carter wished them fun decorating, but Pam dragged him by the arm and said he was going with them.

At the mansion, Julius asserted that Nicole would do anything for Maya, even give up Zende. Maya said her father was being dramatic, and Zende and Nicole were on the same page. Julius revealed that he'd talked to Zende, and it was he and Zende who were on the same page.

Maya asked if Zende had said so or if Julius had told him to say so. Julius said Zende was taken with Nicole, but the couple couldn't get together when Nicole had the baby of Maya's husband in her belly.

Rick arrived to take Maya to a doctor's appointment. The Avants asked what the appointment was for. Rick said they and Nicole were meeting a doctor to discuss the results of tests that Nicole had taken.

Rick wasn't happy to hear that Julius had gone to Zende. Maya said Julius was out to undercut Nicole's decision. Julius stated that he was looking out for Nicole, which was more than Maya was doing.

In the design office, Nicole was upset that Julius wanted Zende to convince her not to go through with the surrogacy. She asked Zende to be completely honest and tell her if being the surrogate would end their relationship. He relayed that she knew how he'd been feeling for a while. She asked if he'd leave her over becoming the surrogate, but he replied that he could never do that.

Zende said that he wanted Nicole. She replied that she was there. "You know what I mean," he uttered. She conveyed that she needed to trust him to be there. He replied that he would be. They promised that they wouldn't let the surrogacy thing get between them, and she took off.

Later, Zende joined the others who were decorating backstage. Julius arrived, and Zende asked what was up. Julius said that Nicole "was being bamboozled by a sister who could care less about her happiness." Zende began to cut the conversation short, but Julius said that Rick and Maya had each other. He asked why Zende and Nicole should be deprived of the same thing.

Zende said he and Nicole would be fine. Julius stated that, in six months, Nicole would have a bowling ball in her belly, and it would be a damper on things. Zende replied that he'd support her. Julius responded that Zende didn't have to support her; he could just tell her not to do it, plain and simple.

Zende conveyed that he'd already done so when the idea had first been presented. He decided that it didn't matter. Nicole was set on giving Maya a child, and Zende had to accept it. Julius said that Zende didn't have to, and the decision was a bad one for everyone except Maya.

Julius implored Zende to put a stop to it and to not let Maya ruin his little girl's life. Julius claimed to know his daughter, who cared a lot for Zende. Julius told Zende not to let Maya take it from them.

In the doctor's office later, Nicole looked nervous as the doctor arrived. Maya expressed her and Rick's excitement. Dr. March asked if Nicole was excited, and Nicole expressed that she felt honored.

All the tests results had returned normal, making Nicole a physical candidate for the surrogacy. Maya asked about the psychological tests. Dr. March said the tests had been signed and sent back, so she assumed that they'd gone well. Dr. March asked for Nicole's feedback on it.

Nicole said that the psychologist had told her that a typical surrogate would have already birthed her own children. Dr. March asked how Nicole felt about it. Nicole claimed to understand the concerns and that there were no guarantees in any pregnancy. Dr. March wanted to make sure Nicole knew what she was getting into because there were other methods of getting a baby.

Nicole said that Maya and Rick hadn't pressured her, and Nicole had thought it through. She wanted to do it, and she was ready to do her part. Dr. March said that everything was in order for the next step. Nicole seemed jittery but tried to confidently say, "Let's do this."

Dr. March wanted to review everyone's roles. Nicole said the psychologist and lawyer had gone over it. Dr. March guessed Nicole had really thought it through. Nicole asserted that she had, "...but..."

Dr. March grew attentive. Nicole said things were becoming very real for her. Dr. March asked if she still wanted to do it. "Oh, yeah...yeah..." Nicole said as if it was no big deal. Maya began to tell Nicole that it was okay to back out, but Nicole tried to shush her. Maya insisted that Nicole say she understood that she shouldn't go through with it unless she was completely comfortable, and if Nicole had any doubt -- at all -- she was under no obligation. "Yes," Nicole meekly replied.

Nicole asked what was next. Dr. March said they'd been tracking Nicole's cycle, and when the time was right, they'd inseminate a specimen from Rick. The ideal time was near, and they could make an appointment on the way out. Maya and Rick hugged, and Nicole looked bewildered.

"Wow, it's really happening," Nicole said. Rick asked how long it normally took. Dr. March said the success rate was twenty percent, and the entire process could take a year, depending upon how long it took for impregnation. The doctor recalled that Nicole had a boyfriend and asked how he felt.

Nicole said her boyfriend had been shocked at first but was trying to be supportive. Nicole conveyed that Zende was important to her, and she'd never felt for anyone the way she did for him.

Dr. March replied that he would play a significant role, and to combat stress, Nicole had to have complete support from those around her. The process wouldn't only affect Nicole's life, but his life, too. Maya gave a little smile to Nicole, whose eyes were wide and whose face had blanched.

At the beach house, Quinn was giddy to hear that Wyatt was falling in love. Wyatt didn't think Quinn was one of Ivy's supporters, especially after the Seine incident. Quinn claimed the incident had been more about Liam than Ivy, and her and Ivy's relationship had progressed a long way. Wyatt grabbed his keys to leave. He admitted that Quinn was right and that Ivy was totally committed to him.

In the CEO's office, Thomas flirted with Ivy. She was bashful about it; however, he said she knew she was beautiful, and she should reconsider being the lingerie model. Ivy deemed her modeling days over and lamented how stupid the video incident had been.

Thomas said that Steffy didn't really hold grudges. Ivy wanted them all to get along as family. Thomas noted that he and Ivy were technically, but not biologically, cousins. "Which is why I have no problem envisioning you in this," he said, holding up a lingerie sketch.

Thomas pulled a piece of lingerie off the rack, and Ivy asked if one could really imagine her in something like it. He said that he did so all the time. "Thomas!" she exclaimed. She contended that he flirted with every girl he saw. She didn't know whether to be flattered or insulted.

Thomas said that, at the moment, he was only "seeing" one girl. Ivy asked if he'd forgotten about Wyatt, the guy she was happy with. Thomas realized that he couldn't flirt with her because of the ring on her finger. He held up her bare hand for inspection. Thomas asked if she and Wyatt were dating, but she claimed to not know what the word meant.

Thomas asked if Ivy and Wyatt saw each other every day, and Ivy said they did at work. He asked if she and Wyatt sneaked off to the janitor's closet, but Ivy claimed that she avoided the closet for fear of Thomas being there. He said he'd totally be there if he knew she would.

Thomas noted that Ivy had dated two Spencer brothers and said it was a good thing that Will wasn't old enough to date. He asked if she knew that she was flirting with Quinn being her mother-in-law. Ivy felt that she and Quinn were in a good place.

Ivy remarked that marriage wasn't in the cards because she was a legal citizen. Thomas guessed she only married a Spencer when she needed a green card. He was glad about her citizenship because it would save him on tons of flights to Australia. Ivy chuckled.

Wyatt entered and asked if he was interrupting something. Thomas claimed that he and Ivy were discussing her return to lingerie modeling. Wyatt seemed irked as Ivy chuckled and said she hadn't agreed to it. Wyatt asked if Thomas was campaigning for Ivy to do it. Ivy asserted that her modeling days were over. Thomas said Ivy was too much of a lady for it, and Wyatt grimaced.

Zende and Nicole admit they love each other

Zende and Nicole admit they love each other

Friday, October 30, 2015

At the doctor's office, Dr. March sought to ascertain if Nicole had thought the surrogacy through. Rick said there was no pressure, but Dr. March corrected that there was some urgency due to the procedure's potential start date.

Dr. March told Nicole that giving her sister a child was a great gift but also a sacrifice; Nicole could give up her body for a year, and it would affect her relationships. Dr. March didn't want Nicole to make a rash decision and wind up regretting it. Nicole said she understood the risks and wanted to do it.

Glad to hear it, Dr. March wanted to ask Nicole some questions in private, but Nicole bade her permission to ask in front of Maya and Rick. The doctor asked if Nicole had been intimate with any males "recently." Nicole hadn't been. Dr. March asked if Nicole was thinking about it.

The wide-eyed Nicole stammered with embarrassment. The doctor explained that birth control wasn't always affective, and they had to ensure that there was no potential for Nicole to be pregnant or get pregnant by someone else during the procedure. Nicole said she'd never risk it, and Dr. March informed Nicole that she could resume any activity after insemination.

Maya interjected that Nicole could do it, but she needed to make sure she wanted it and that there was a commitment in place. Nicole asked if they were really having that conversation. Dr. March cautioned that some men presented issues with seeing their partners carrying another man's baby, and it could change things. Nicole said Zende wasn't like that.

In the design office, Julius persisted in trying to convince Zende to talk Nicole out of the surrogacy. Zende said he'd already tried, Nicole was set on her decision, and he admired her for it. Julius stated that if Zende saw the relationship going forward, he had to convince Nicole not to do it.

Julius hated to see Nicole blow something special with Zende over Maya's selfish request. In Julius' view, Maya didn't need Nicole, and he asked what was wrong with adoption.

Zende called Nicole to ask if they could skip the Halloween party and meet in his room at the mansion after her doctor's appointment. Nicole agreed. After the call, Julius thanked Zende, but Zende replied that he hadn't said he agreed with Julius yet. "I can tell that you do," Julius responded. Julius instructed Zende to tell Nicole that it was Zende or the baby.

In Zende's room at the mansion later, Zende asked Nicole about the appointment. She said things were moving fast. Joking, she added that she'd somehow passed the psych evaluation, and because of her cycle, the insemination could happy any day. She thanked him for being supportive. He said it honestly wasn't easy, but he had to respect the sacrifice. With a kiss, he said she amazed him.

Zende was awed by Nicole's instincts about the people she cared for most, and he couldn't wait to see what she'd do next. She noted that he was one of those people, and he replied, in that case, he really couldn't wait to see what she'd do next.

The couple discussed the way they'd met, and Nicole relayed that she'd sensed something instantly. Zende asked if she'd felt that he'd someday say he loved her -- because he did love her. Nicole replied that she loved him, too. He wanted to hold her and touch her for as long as he could.

They began making out on his sofa, but Nicole said she couldn't go further because of her sister. Zende stated that Nicole could still decline the surrogacy. She didn't know how she could do that. He told her to do it because she had her own life and him, and they shouldn't have to put their lives on hold. Kissing her, Zende uttered that he wanted her "now." He told her not to do it.

Downstairs, Rick was working when Maya carried in a bowl of candy for trick-or-treaters. Rick said they never got any because of their long driveway. Maya admitted that she'd bought their baby a costume. Rick said that by the next Halloween, she'd be holding their own little pumpkin.

Maya was glad they weren't going to the office party. She wanted to be around in case Nicole needed her. Rick said that Maya was a good sister.

In the CEO's office, Thomas tried to guess Ivy's costume. Wyatt seemed irritated when every guess had the word "sexy" in it. Wyatt had liked Thomas' Cleopatra guess, which was the only one without the word "sexy" in it, and Thomas joked that Wyatt could be Ivy's asp.

Later, Wyatt dressed as an Australian Outback man. He held a stuffed kangaroo and practiced his accent while looking in the mirror. Thomas entered, dressed as Maverick from Top Gun. He snickered at Wyatt's costume. Ivy entered, dressed as a sparkling and feathery Hollywood starlet, and as she draped herself around Wyatt, she drawled that she was ready for her closeup. Thomas grinned at her.

Backstage, guests arrived for the party. Pam, the cardigan-wearing clown, worried that Charlie didn't know how to hang the overhead lights. She then let out a blood-curdling scream when she saw Quinn dressed in a princess costume. Pam had never seen Quinn "so pink" before.

Quinn squealed that she was a princess, and Deacon had dressed as her very own prince. Quinn loved to dress in costume and reveal her innermost self.

Quinn flashed pictures, and Deacon asked if Wyatt was dressing up. She said he'd better because she'd been taking picture of him all his life. Deacon was surprised that Wyatt dressed for Halloween annually as an adult, and Quinn was surprised that she hadn't shown Deacon the albums. Quinn said she loved the holiday, but Deacon figured she just loved costumes.

Nearby, Carter, who was dressed as Super C, told Pam that Oliver wouldn't wear the mask Pam had given Carter to give Oliver, and it had something to do with swearing off masks at a party.

When Wyatt and Ivy arrived, Quinn squealed and took pictures of her Australian Outback man. Thomas told Wyatt and Ivy that, when he said, "Goose, no!" the couple should leave and meet him at Bikini for the real party. Wyatt considered it but sexily asked Ivy if she wanted to just go home together.

Wyatt and Ivy watched as James, a camouflaged jester, played jokes on Charlie. James skipped off to make more mischief, and Carter told Pam that he'd win her "guess the pumpkin pie weight" contest and receive a year of her homemade goodies. James text-messaged Wyatt a picture of shaving cream and three car emojis. Worried about his car, Wyatt took off, leaving Ivy beside Thomas.

Later, Quinn was ready to guess the weight of the pumpkin pie and get out of there. All the pink was giving her hives, and she needed to get into some leather. Deacon happily rushed her away.

Charlie went to help Jake change bulbs in the haunted house, and Pam asked Carter to dance with her. Thomas offered to give Ivy a ride to the bar later. Ivy said that someone needed to help Wyatt wipe the shaving cream off his car, and she needed to find him. Thomas replied that the offer still stood.

An electrical wire buzzed overhead, and someone screamed. Thomas yanked Ivy out of the way as the light Charlie had hung earlier crashed to the floor. The disconcerted Ivy realized that Thomas had saved her, and she asked how he was always exactly where she needed him at exactly the right time.

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