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Liam confronted Caroline about the mounting tension between her, Ridge, and Thomas, and Caroline and Steffy implored Ridge to make peace with his son. Thomas overheard Ridge tell Caroline that Thomas would never know. Maya, Rick, and Nicole found out the insemination had worked.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 9, 2015 on B&B
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Thomas ruffles a lot of feathers

Thomas ruffles a lot of feathers

Monday, November 9, 2015

In the CEO's office, Liam asked Steffy to define Thomas' interest in Ivy. Steffy replied that Thomas liked Ivy, and Ivy's accent turned him on. "What else could it be?" Steffy quipped, and Liam asked if it was a trick question. Steffy glared, and Liam chuckled.

Liam explained that Ivy was involved with a Spencer, and Thomas couldn't be happy about it. Steffy said Thomas was trying to earn brownie points from Ridge. Liam asked if hating on both Spencer brothers was supposed to accomplish it. She replied that Thomas was harmless, but Liam didn't think Thomas was harmless if he was trying to steal Ivy from Wyatt.

Liam thought the pursuit was pretty strange, and Steffy asked if it was because Thomas and Ivy were Forresters. Steffy claimed that they weren't related by blood, and she wasn't sure the cousins had known each other while growing up.

Liam found it odd that Thomas had barely noticed Ivy when he'd returned to town, but since she was dating Wyatt, Liam wondered if Thomas was driven by the idea that a Spencer had something that a Forrester didn't.

"Or perhaps he really likes Ivy. Did you ever think about that?" Steffy asked. Liam stated that Wyatt and Ivy were very much involved. Steffy said that Thomas hadn't gotten that memo, and in Thomas' mind, Ivy was single because she wasn't engaged or married. Liam quipped that Thomas was ignoring the memo, and Liam didn't think he or Wyatt should trust Thomas.

Steffy asked if Wyatt was seriously jealous of Thomas. Liam said Wyatt didn't like how Thomas operated. She guessed Liam didn't like it, either. Liam stated that Thomas had tried to embarrass the Spencer brothers at the meeting, and then there was Thomas' behavior with Ivy.

Steffy said Thomas just flirted and enjoying playing the ladies' man. Liam asked if Steffy was condoning the behavior. Steffy asked if her brother had crossed any lines with Ivy. Liam said Thomas hadn't, but Thomas didn't respect the exclusive relationship. Steffy didn't want to argue, and she would prefer that her brother not be interested in Ivy.

Steffy thought she was the only person in her family to have a normal relationship. Liam said he'd thought she respected her father's marriage. Steffy did, but it was still strange that her father was married to and having a child with a woman her age. She was happy for the couple; it just took some getting used to. She felt that it was romantic that Ridge had made a child happen for Caroline.

Liam thought Steffy was insinuating that Ridge was more romantic than Liam. Steffy replied that she wasn't because it would be really weird to compare the two. She had to wonder, though, when the last time had been that Liam had given her flowers or a foot massage. He claimed that he'd just given her one days earlier. Steffy claimed that it had been weeks, not days.

Liam decided that Steffy would get the foot massage of her life after he cooked her dinner and showered her with expensive gifts that night. He told her that she could have whatever her heart desired. Steffy replied that she already had it, and they kissed.

At the doctor's office, Ridge followed Caroline's mortified gaze to the door. He hopped up and asked Thomas, who was in the doorway, what he was doing there, interrupting a private moment between a man and his wife. Thomas said he'd heard the Forrester name while on the way to his appointment, so he'd peeked in. "Wow. That's my little brother or sister right there," he remarked, gesturing to the ultrasound.

Dr. Li ascertained that Thomas was Ridge's son, and she left to give the three time alone. Caroline fidgeted on the bed behind Ridge, whose stance blocked her view of Thomas. Thomas grinned at the sonogram. He asked if everything was okay because Caroline and Ridge didn't seem quite themselves. Ridge tersely said everything was fine, and Thomas didn't need to concern himself.

Thomas didn't know how he could be unconcerned when the baby was a part of him, too, because it was a Forrester. Thomas said it was weird how seeing the baby made him emotional. He could only imagine what it would be like to see his own baby for the first time.

Caroline could barely maintain her silence. She kept fidgeting and rolling her eyes behind Ridge as he said that Thomas should go before the doctor returned. Thomas said he was happy for the couple, who'd thought that they might not have a baby. They said nothing, and Thomas silently left.

At the loft later, Ridge noted that Caroline had been quiet all the way home. Caroline hadn't been prepared to see Thomas. Ridge responded that he'd tried to get Thomas out of there as quickly as he could -- especially after seeing how upset his presence had made her. She replied that it was supposed to be the happiest time in their lives, but in had walked the reason that it wasn't perfect.

Ridge said they'd gotten through it, and it would get easier. "Will it?" the upset Caroline asked. Ridge decided that there would be no more talk of Thomas -- it was just Ridge, her, and their baby. Ridge reminded her that they had to keep their emotions in check to keep people from suspecting. He asked if they could do that, and Caroline tearfully nodded.

Caroline had been rattled by Thomas' comment about someday seeing his own child for the first time. Ridge stated that Thomas wasn't ready to be a father, and Thomas was all wrapped up in girls, partying, and fun. She said she knew it, and she knew that the baby was better off with her and Ridge.

Ridge asked Caroline to remember it and to not waiver from it. Ridge looked at the sonogram, which read that the pregnancy was fourteen weeks, and he said, "Our kid." The couple hugged.

In the design room, Wyatt thought Ivy was sexy while she worked. After the couple smooched, Ivy called him the Romeo of the office. Wyatt figured she had him confused with Thomas, the entitled brat who'd hit on every woman that worked there. Wyatt declared that Ivy was his girlfriend, and while Thomas could hit on all the others, Ivy was strictly off-limits.

Ivy and Wyatt made out, and Ivy wondered if he'd throw her over his shoulder and take her back to his cave. He said it was their cave, and she still had a toothbrush there. Wyatt pondered Thomas' behavior and cited how Thomas was making moves on Ivy, had had the thing with Charlotte, and had hotly pursued Caroline while knowing she was still with Ridge.

Ivy asked if Wyatt thought Thomas was really hitting on her just to irk Wyatt. Wyatt felt that Thomas was doing it just because he could do it, just like with the intern. Ivy didn't think Thomas would do it again after the way Ridge had reacted about Charlotte. Wyatt felt it was the reason Thomas had set his sights on Ivy, and there was no way Ridge would disapprove of someone as sweet and perfect as Ivy. "Wow, have I got you fooled," Ivy quipped.

Wyatt and Ivy worked and began kissing again. Thomas entered and reminded them that it was a place of work. Thomas wanted to give Ivy some notes alone, designer-to-designer. Wyatt asserted that he knew what was going on, and he wasn't going anywhere. Thomas told Wyatt to remember to whom he was talking, and Wyatt said he did know to whom he was talking.

Thomas reminded Wyatt that it was Forrester Creations, and Ivy and Thomas were designers. Ivy asked the men to play nicely. Wyatt said Thomas was messing with something but unaware that he shouldn't be. Thomas claimed that Wyatt was jumping all over Thomas' case, but all Thomas was doing was giving Ivy accessory notes. Wyatt told Thomas to continue.

Thomas insisted that he needed to talk designer-to-designer about things promo guys didn't understand. Wyatt declared that it had nothing to do with design and everything to do with Thomas' playboy routine. Wyatt noted that Caroline was married to Thomas' father, and the interns were off-limits because of Thomas' father; however, Thomas thought he could make a pass at the spoken-for Ivy.

"What is this, the fifties?" Thomas asked. Wyatt said that it was one guy telling another guy how he felt about Ivy, and it was Wyatt telling Thomas to find someone else for his conquest because Ivy and Wyatt were in a relationship.

Brooke reveals Ridge's secret

Brooke reveals Ridge's secret

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Maya made a healthy breakfast for Nicole, and Nicole laughed and said that she wasn't pregnant yet. Maya said she could be. "We did it. Your baby could be growing inside of me right now," Nicole said.

Rick joined Nicole and Maya, and Maya and Rick gushed and thanked Nicole for her sacrifice. They agreed they were all bonded together forever. Nicole noted that it would soon be four of them. They all prepared to leave for work, and Nicole said she couldn't wait to spend some time with Zende.

At Forrester, Eric and Brooke sat with Zende and asked if there was any word about Nicole. Zende said he hadn't heard anything. They all agreed it was an unusual situation. Brooke said that Nicole was lucky to have Zende to support her. Eric said they would all be permanently connected. Zende left, and Maya joined Brooke and Eric. Maya noted that her parents had serious reservations about the situation.

In the studio, Zende was at work when Nicole surprised him and hugged him from behind. She asked him to guess who it was. He suggested it was Charlotte, Sarah, or Quinn. She knew he was teasing her, and they kissed.

Nicole and Zende agreed they couldn't think about anything but each other. "I think about you all the time. I can't get you out of my head," Zende said. They discussed that Nicole could be pregnant. Nicole was grateful that Zende had stuck with her. He said he admired her. "I'm all yours," he said. They kissed and agreed they wanted each other. They kissed passionately, and Maya watched from a distance.

During a meeting at Forrester, Liam advised Caroline and Ridge that he respected Thomas as a designer, but he was tired of Thomas' insulting behavior. Liam shared that Thomas openly expressed hostility that the Spencers had positions of power at Forrester. Ridge told him not to worry about Thomas because Wyatt and Liam had impressed the only Forrester who mattered -- Ridge.

Ridge added that Wyatt and Liam were cousins to Caroline, and they were all family. Caroline said that there would be a Forrester/Spencer baby soon to bond them all together. Liam joked that the baby was getting big. Caroline said she loved everything about being pregnant. Ridge teased that she loved the morning sickness.

Liam left, and Ridge kissed Caroline's hand. Caroline was glad Liam was happy for them. Ridge noted that Bill was unhappy, and she responded that Bill loved babies. Caroline worried that someone would somehow put all the pieces together. Ridge told her to stop worrying. They looked at the sonogram, and Ridge said it was "one good-looking kid."

Caroline wondered if they could wait to find out the baby's gender, and Ridge left the decision up to Caroline. She reminded him he needed to be in the delivery room in a few months. He promised no one could keep him out. They kissed.

Brooke and Liam were in Brooke's office, and Liam tried to fix Brooke's computer. He noted that Caroline and Ridge were giddy about the baby. Liam was glad to see Caroline happy because her breakup with Rick had shattered her for a while.

Liam noted that he had to disable some of Brooke's Internet connections, and he joked that she had been investigating vasectomies. He teased that she might have had a revenge fantasy. Brooke was embarrassed.

Brooke announced that it was a miracle that Caroline was pregnant because Ridge had had a vasectomy. Liam looked surprised. Brooke admitted she shouldn't have said anything, but he'd had it reversed, and they had a miracle baby.

Later, Liam ran into Caroline, and he announced that he knew she had a secret. Caroline looked confused. Liam said he knew that Ridge had gotten a vasectomy.

Tension builds as secrets unfold

Tension builds as secrets unfold

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Liam told Carline he knew about Caroline's secret. He told her that it was amazing that she was pregnant. Caroline was uncomfortable, and Liam acknowledged that she was offended that he had learned about Ridge's vasectomy. Liam reiterated that it was a small miracle that she was pregnant. "Am I crossing some kind of line?" he asked.

"Ridge and I are not hiding anything," Caroline said. She added that it was personal. Ridge had gotten a vasectomy, it had been reversed, and they were happy to be having a baby. Liam noted that Ridge had never told her that he'd had the vasectomy. Caroline nodded, but she said it hadn't been an issue. "Until he realized it was so important for you to have a family," Liam added. Caroline agreed.

Caroline flashed back to bad memories of Thomas in her bed and Ridge's announcement that he couldn't be a father because he'd had a vasectomy. Caroline admitted it was not something she'd expected to hear. Liam noted that Ridge had gotten it reversed -- a common procedure -- and it had all worked out for the best. "Sure did," Caroline said. Liam told Caroline she would be a great mom. They embraced.

Thomas worked on a design in the design office, and Ridge entered. "Dad, good -- glad you're here," Thomas said. He asked his father about the bodice on a dress. He couldn't seem to make it work with the skirt he had selected. Ridge suggested it was too much fabric and needed to "lose the pleats."

Thomas agreed. He promised to revise it. Thomas added that there had been a lot of tension between them. "You're still really angry with me," he said. Thomas apologized for interrupting a private moment during Caroline's sonogram. Ridge dismissed it as a mistake. Thomas had already explained that he had been in the same hallway for another appointment. Thomas realized he had seen what would one day "be my little brother or sister."

Brooke entered and interrupted Thomas and Ridge. She was curious that Thomas had seen a sonogram. "My wife had a sonogram," Ridge explained. Thomas added that he had been getting a physical on the same floor, and he had interrupted a private moment. Brooke said something about it being a surprise to everyone that Caroline was pregnant. Ridge was irritated.

Thomas noted that it wasn't a shock to him because he had known how much Caroline wanted a baby. Ridge asked to see some of Thomas' other designs, and Ridge said that Thomas was on the right track. Ridge left. Thomas told Brooke that he had interrupted a private moment between parents, and he was sorry he had been in the same place.

In the Forrester studio, Zende and Nicole were making out and professing their love for each other. Nicole said they had to stop because they were going to get into trouble. Zende said he wanted a normal relationship like any normal couple. "Nothing about this is normal, but it will be after I have the baby," Nicole said. She said it was worth it.

Zende acknowledge he wanted more, but he admired Nicole for what she planned to do for her sister. Maya entered and proclaimed she had not been eavesdropping, but she had overheard the sacrifice that Nicole had been willing to make. "I appreciate every word more than you know," she said.

Nicole smiled, and Maya said that Zende was a good guy. Maya said that she prayed it all happened soon, but she didn't want a baby at the expense of her sister's happiness. "I love you guys and don't want you to give away your happiness for us," Maya said.

Zende said he would give Maya and Nicole some sister time, and he left. Maya said they were a cute couple, and Nicole asked how much Maya had overheard. Maya said they had no reason to be ashamed because they were clearly very attracted to one another and wanted to take their relationship to the next level.

Nicole said that Maya would make a great mom because she was behaving like one. They agreed that it would not be the way their mom would behave. Maya laughed and said that Nicole would be off to the convent.

Liam entered the office where Thomas had been designing, and Brooke left. Liam wanted to talk to Thomas about his attitude toward Liam and Wyatt because they were Spencers. Thomas basically told him to stop whining about it. Liam reminded Thomas that his sister was dating a Spencer, and his dad was married to one. Thomas defended Caroline as different from Bill Spencer and his sons.

Thomas warned Liam not to get too comfortable at Forrester because it was clear that he had "one foot over here and one foot at Spencer." Liam wondered if Thomas defended Caroline because he had dated her at one time. He speculated that was why Thomas and Ridge butted heads. Thomas grew quiet.

Caroline paced in Ridge's office. Ridge entered. "There's the beautiful mother of my unborn child," Ridge said. He sensed that something was troubling Caroline. "What's wrong?" Ridge asked.

"Liam knows," Caroline answered. She said that Liam had somehow learned about the vasectomy. Caroline knew Brooke had to have told him. "Who else would have told him?" Caroline asked. She worried that there had been too many bad signs. Ridge encouraged her to take a breath. "Everything's gonna be okay. We've got this. Our secret is safe," he claimed. Caroline left, and Ridge summoned Brooke.

Brooke entered, and Ridge asked why she would share something so private with Liam. "You broke my trust," Ridge said. Brooke tried to explain it away with the fact that Liam had been fixing her computer and had noted that she had researched vasectomies.

Ridge wondered why Brooke would do that. Brooke professed that she cared about Ridge. He asked why she would tell Liam because it was something personal. Brooke grew irritated and said that it had all ended well, and she didn't feel she had to lie about it. Ridge maintained it was a private matter. Brooke grew impatient, and Ridge refused to talk to her.

Liam entered and interrupted. Ridge asked Brooke to leave and stop sharing his secret. Liam realized he had interrupted something. Ridge told Liam that Brooke should not have shared anything with him.

Ridge maintained that his life was private and none of Brooke's business -- or anyone's. Ridge added that Steffy and Thomas had not known about the vasectomy, and he would tell them. It was no one's business to tell them. Liam promised to keep the secret. Liam left, and Ridge paced and was irritated.

In the design office, Thomas was at work. Caroline entered and asked about a purple dress he had worked on. "Send it over when it's done," she said. Thomas asked to speak to her. He apologized and said he felt horrible that he had interrupted her sonogram and felt he had ruined a special moment. She told him not to give it another thought. Thomas said he felt there was still great tension between him and his father.

Liam is suspicious of Carolin

Liam is suspicious of Carolin

Thursday, November 12, 2015

In the CEO's office, Caroline was worried about Liam's knowledge of the vasectomy. Ridge assured her that he'd taken care of it, and Liam wouldn't say anything to anyone.

Liam arrived and said he'd thought there was a meeting. Ridge said he'd called Liam in early to make sure Liam understood what Ridge had told him the other day about Brooke's revelations. Ridge didn't want people or the press gossiping about it. Liam promised that he got it.

In the meeting later, Thomas was surprised to hear Ridge say that he'd revamped the schedule and was pulling some of Thomas' cocktail dresses. Thomas relayed that Caroline had said the dresses were good to go. "Well, they're not," Ridge responded. Thomas wanted to know if Caroline knew about it, because she and Ridge had both signed off the designs. Ridge said he hadn't signed off anything.

Steffy told Thomas to just fix the designs. She moved on to asking Liam about an article. Ridge asked what article, and Thomas and Steffy relayed that Eye on Fashion was running a piece about the Forrester pregnancy and how happy Caroline and Ridge were. Liam said it should post that day.

From the article, Steffy read a quote from Ridge in which he indicated being thrilled. Ridge stated that he'd said it, but not to a reporter. Liam explained that it was in a press release on the Forrester website, where reporters could quote from it. Ridge asked if Liam knew about it, and Liam asked if it was a problem. Ridge didn't like people talking about him when he was unaware of it.

Thomas said it wasn't always possible to know about news reporting. He added that the pregnancy had caught a lot of people off guard. Steffy remarked that it mentioned how happy Ridge was to be a father. Ridge said that, at least, was the truth. "So some of it's a lie?" Thomas asked.

Liam, Caroline, and Ridge glared at Thomas. Thomas asked them all to ease up and said he had to wonder where all the off-the-wall issues with his work emanated from. Ridge said it emanated from experience, and Thomas asked if Ridge was sure about it. Caroline slammed down her pen, saying that Ridge just wanted Thomas to make some changes to the designs. She ordered Thomas to do it, adding that Ridge did it to her all the time.

Thomas asked Caroline to calm down. He said he'd make the changes. He quipped that they all might not know how to get along, but Ridge sure knew how to crank out babies.

After the meeting had ended, Thomas remained behind with Caroline and Ridge to apologize for giving Ridge a hard time in the meeting. Ridge replied that he could take a punch, as Thomas already knew. Thomas lingered, and annoyed, Ridge asked if there was anything else. Thomas said there wasn't.

Turning on his heel, Thomas decided that there was something else. He wanted to address and resolve the residual anger. He'd disrespected Ridge, and he felt bad about it. Caroline said Ridge didn't want to talk about it anymore. Thomas insisted, and Ridge asked what Thomas had to say.

Thomas wanted them to be a family, not adversaries. He was happy about what Ridge was able to give Caroline and happy to have a little sibling on the way. Thomas wanted to show the child the ropes, but he felt he couldn't do it if he and Ridge were at odds. Thomas pledged to do his part. He said the baby and his father's happiness meant a lot to him, and he wanted peace. "That's all I have to say," Thomas concluded, and he left.

In the design office later, Liam and Steffy discussed the meeting and Ridge's reaction to the piece in Eye on Fashion. Liam didn't know why it irked Ridge; it was a good article, and it wasn't like everyone in the world didn't know about the pregnancy. Steffy felt it had to do with having a child with someone young enough to be Ridge's daughter.

Steffy claimed to see Liam's wheels turning. Liam remarked upon the tension between Ridge and Thomas. Steffy chalked it up to the pair having issues, as always, and she added that Thomas had also punched Ridge. Liam said he'd heard about it, but he wondered what else was going on.

Steffy sat in Liam's lap and kissed him. She said Ridge and Thomas' story was nothing more than a clashing of titans, but she knew newsboys liked intrigue. Liam wouldn't call himself a newsboy -- or a journalist, really. She asked what he wanted to be called. Liam liked her word "titan," and she promptly added that she was his Pandora.

Liam and Steffy kissed, and Steffy said that Pandora had a meeting. Steffy left, and Liam flashed back on Caroline's awkwardness about revealing she was pregnant, Brooke relaying news of the vasectomy, and Ridge insisting to Liam that it was private.

Back in the CEO's office, Caroline asked if Thomas' words about the baby had gotten to Ridge. Ridge asked what she thought would happen if Thomas found out. Caroline replied that it would be a scandal. Ridge agreed and added that people would be hurt, including Thomas; however, the person to suffer most would be the baby, because the scandal would follow it everywhere.

Ridge said it was tough for her and for him, too, but they'd do their best to give the baby a normal life. He said to stop worrying about Thomas and to worry about the kid.

Ridge left for a meeting. Liam arrived. He asked if Caroline was okay. She said she had a lot on her mind from the meeting and asked what he needed. He asked if everything was all right with her.

In a hotel room, Vivienne noted that Julius hadn't slept well the previous night. The pair was worried about the surrogacy. Holding open the Bible he'd been reading, Julius said he had nothing against surrogacy, but it wasn't natural for Nicole, whose life would never be the same. Dealing with Maya's transition had been a lot, in his view, but what Maya was doing to Nicole was just wrong.

Vivienne remarked that the sisters were adults. Julius said Maya knew that Nicole would do anything for her. Julius had been praying. Vivienne had been, too; she'd prayed for Nicole to find the strength to get through it. Julius said he'd prayed that Nicole wouldn't get pregnant.

Disillusioned, Julius said "father knows best" didn't work on Maya, but Nicole had listened to him in the past. He believed that he was looking out for both of his daughters, and the older, street-wise Maya ought to know that it wasn't right for Nicole. "Honey, I don't think she does. Not the way these two feel about each other. They really believe they can conquer the world. I mean, there's nothing they can't do," Vivienne said in a sassy tone.

Vivienne explained that their girls didn't see limitations or boundaries; that was how much the girls loved each other -- as much as their parents loved them. Agreeing, Julius replied that the girls were their flesh and blood, and he and Vivienne had to love them. He vowed to look out for both of them.

At the mansion, Rick and Maya tried to wait on Nicole hand and foot. Maya looked for any signs that Nicole might be pregnant. Nicole joked about having a rocky road ice cream craving. Maya couldn't believe that they'd find out that day if it had worked. Nicole smiled, but her eyes bulged as she looked away.

Rick said he'd take their one-in-six odds. Nicole admitted to being unsure at first, but she was all in and wanted it for the couple. Maya had confirmed their appointment and said they'd know soon.

Later, Nicole remarked upon the kale salad and yogurt Maya had fixed for her to eat. She asked if conception yoga or baby chanting was next. Maya's eyes lit up, and Nicole said she was joking.

Maya called her parents to let them know that they were about to find out if Nicole was pregnant. Vivienne, who'd taken the call, wished she could share in the enthusiasm. She wanted the best for Maya but was uncertain of how it would affect Nicole. Maya said it was okay, and she'd let her mother know what happened.

As Vivienne and Julius fretted at the hotel, Maya, Nicole, and Rick arrived at Dr. March's office. Nicole told March that there hadn't been any pain or cramping, and Maya had been checking for symptoms every hour. Maya asked if she'd been that bad. "Yes," Rick replied, chuckling.

Dr. March left to prepare the blood work. Nicole hoped the test was positive. Rick said that if it wasn't, they'd talk. She asked what there was to talk about. Maya stated that she and Rick knew it had to be emotionally exhausting for Nicole, who'd gone above and beyond to prove her love and loyalty. Maya said there was no pressure to do it again if it hadn't worked.

Nicole began to speak, but Maya said that no matter the outcome, Maya was grateful for Nicole's sacrifice and generosity. She loved Nicole and had never felt closer to her. Nicole said they should hope and pray that she was pregnant.

Nicole gets her pregnancy test results

Nicole gets her pregnancy test results

Friday, November 13, 2015

At the mansion, Rick and Maya's parents gathered with Zende in the living room. Eric said it wouldn't be long before they found out if Rick and Maya were having a baby. "You mean, Rick and Nicole," Julius corrected. Zende stated that the baby wouldn't be Nicole's. Julius figured that they should all pretend, even though they knew the truth.

Vivienne agreed that it would biologically be Nicole's baby. Brooke added that Nicole would carry it for Maya. Julius reminded them that Nicole would give up her body to, in the end, be forced to give her child up to her brother. Vivienne rendered him a stern look. "Her sister," he corrected.

Eric said Nicole knew what she'd signed up for, but Julius didn't know how Nicole could know what it was to birth a child only walk away. Julius admitted that he was praying that it failed, but his wife said to pray for understanding no matter how it turned out.

Eric imagined that the conflicted feelings were difficult for the Avants. Vivienne said they were glad that Maya would get the chance at motherhood and that Maya being transgender didn't prevent it; however, it was confusing, and if Nicole became pregnant, they had to figure out how to deal with it.

Julius asked Zende to be honest about how Nicole carrying Rick's would make him feel. Eric didn't think it was fair to ask Zende to feel one certain way. Eric was proud of Zende for giving his full support in an uncertain situation.

Brooke hopped to attention when her phone beeped. She told Eric that it wasn't their son, but she was eager. She couldn't wait to be a grandmother again.

Aside with Zende, Brooke asked him to tell her how he really felt. Zende wanted to believe he'd be excited for Nicole, but part of him wondered how much he was really giving up. He asked how he was supposed to react when Nicole told him that she was pregnant.

At the doctor's office, everyone was nervous about the blood test. Maya was humbled to be Nicole's sister. Dr. March sent Nicole to have her blood drawn. Maya offered to accompany Nicole, but Nicole felt she would be okay. Dr. March told Rick and Maya that it wouldn't be long.

Later, Nicole returned, and Rick helped her have a seat. Nicole said all she'd gotten was blood drawn. Rick replied that if she was carrying his baby, he'd be bubble-wrapping her for the next nine months. Nicole wished she had symptoms to make her believe she was pregnant. Maya said Nicole probably wasn't because the chances were low, but Maya chose to think positively.

Nicole didn't know if it would be harder to tell their parents it had worked or it hadn't worked. The sisters figured the Avants would be disappointed if it did and would express obvious relief if it didn't. Rick said that no matter the reaction, the Avants were concerned parents.

Maya didn't know why her parents had to be so concerned and negative, believing the worst. Nicole said they couldn't let it affect them. Maya decided that the Avants could believe that the pregnancy would destroy Nicole, their relationship, and Nicole's shot with Zende, but Maya and Nicole knew better. Maya felt that as tough as it might be at times, it would only strengthen their bond.

Dr. March returned with the pregnancy test results. She congratulated them and said they were having a baby. Maya was excited, and Nicole was in shock and awe. Nicole had a zillion questions but couldn't think of any. Maya told the doctor that they'd take care of Nicole and not leave her side.

Dr. March left, and Maya tearfully thanked Nicole, who said she hadn't done much yet. "My sister is giving me a baby!" Maya said. She was awed by how far they'd gone. Maya hadn't known if she'd ever see Nicole again, but not only was Nicole back in her life, she was giving Maya a life.

"We're having a baby!" Maya exclaimed, hugging Rick. Tears streamed down Rick's face. He and Nicole exchanged emotional looks, and Nicole nodded.

In the design office, Steffy wondered if Thomas needed help running revisions by Quinn. Thomas felt he was a big enough boy to handle Quinn, but Steffy said it might be nice to have Ridge for backup against the sometimes intense Quinn. Thomas replied that he was on the design team and didn't need Ridge to run notes by Quinn. Steffy noted that Thomas was more tense than usual when Ridge's name was mentioned, and she asked what was going on.

Ridge poked his head in the door and asked what he'd missed. Thomas said he'd apologized to Ridge, and he was trying to earn Ridge's respect back. Steffy was sure he would. She said it had been wrong to punch Ridge and wrong to be cavalier about the intern. She assumed those things were what the main issue. Ridge was silent.

"Dad, you will forgive him -- because that's what the company needs. That's what our family needs. Can you do that?" Steffy asked. Ridge stated that he was working on it. Steffy needed her father to do more than that. She said Thomas had made bad decisions, and he knew it. Thomas added that he'd take them back if he could. Ridge quipped that there were some things one could never take back.

"Even if it's your own child?" Steffy asked. She asked if Ridge would spend "all this time" holding a grudge, and she reminded Ridge that, with a baby on the way, his wife needed him to be happy and stress-free. She asked Ridge to think about his wife and unborn child. She believed that the anger and tension wasn't Ridge or who Ridge wanted to be, so she advised him to forgive and move on.

Ridge agreed that his priorities had to be his wife and unborn kid, and anger didn't help anyone. He asked if Thomas thought he liked being at odds with Thomas. Thomas tried to address Ridge being worried that Thomas would make the same mistakes -- but Ridge cut him off, saying Ridge wouldn't give Thomas the opportunity to make them again.

Steffy understood that bad feelings didn't go away overnight, but family was too important to let bad feelings get in the way. "Yeah," Ridge murmured and left. Steffy told Thomas that it was all because of a stupid punch. "I bet you wish you could take that back," she concluded.

In the CEO's office, Liam pressed Caroline about whether she was all right. Caroline didn't even know why he kept asking her. He claimed to know her and to see with his own eyes that something was wrong. She felt that the millions of cells multiplying in her body allowed for her to be a bit off. "So that's what this is? You're just pregnant?" he asked.

Caroline asked if Liam had any idea about the emotional roller coaster pregnancy was. Liam claimed that he did, and he'd been watching her, how she was with Ridge and Thomas, and the tension between the men. Liam noted that Ridge didn't want the press involved, and there was secrecy around the pregnancy. Liam wanted to know why, but Caroline just fidgeted.

Liam stated that he was Caroline's family, and she could talk to him. Caroline revealed that Ridge and Thomas were going through a difficult time after some things had happened that shouldn't have happened, and it didn't matter because they were trying to put it all behind them.

Liam felt it did matter because Caroline had to take it easy. He asked if Ridge was stressing her out. Caroline abruptly dismissed the idea, saying that Ridge was her rock. Liam decided that if it wasn't Ridge, it was Thomas. She claimed not to know what he was talking about. Liam said the more she tried to convince him she was okay, the less he believed her. She didn't know why Liam was so insistent.

Liam said he didn't mean to pressure Caroline. He wanted to believe that she was fine, but he questioned the way she and Ridge had behaved from the beginning. Caroline asked if the beginning was when Pam and Charlie had ambushed her into revealing her pregnancy.

Liam mentioned the vasectomy, but Caroline didn't know why it mattered when Ridge had reversed it. Gesturing to her belly, she said it obviously wasn't an issue. Liam asked Caroline to see his view of how strange it was, and he added the weird tension between Ridge and Thomas to it.

Caroline asked Liam to excuse her lack of enthusiasm after being forced to reveal her pregnancy before she'd wanted to. She asserted that the vasectomy thing was personal and no one else's business. She appreciated the concern, but with a "back off" hand gesture, she insisted that she was fine.

Later, Liam entered the design office, and Steffy plied him with kisses. He barely responded, and she asked what was wrong. Liam relayed his concern for Caroline. Steffy said that Caroline was in a minefield of pregnancy hormones. Steffy was sure Caroline was fine, and Liam had nothing to worry about. He said Steffy was probably right, but she corrected that she always was.

Back in the CEO's office, Ridge noted that Caroline was tense. Caroline relayed that Liam was picking up on things, and she could see his wheels turning. She thought she could convince Liam not to worry, but she needed Ridge to help by relaxing around Thomas. Ridge stiffly said he was trying, but all he could see was Thomas' hands on her.

Keeping secrets was stressful for Caroline. Ridge said that maybe it wasn't a secret; it was the truth that they were having a baby. Caroline asked if they could really just not tell anyone. Ridge said that they could. "We're starting a family. Thomas will never know," Ridge said.

In the cracked doorway, Thomas listened and frowned.

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