The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 7, 2015 on B&B

A verbal altercation between Steffy and Ivy nearly cost Ivy her life and Steffy her relationship. Ivy slapped Steffy with a restraining order. Thomas insisted that Ridge forgive him, but Ridge ordered his son to work on himself. Zende learned that pregnancy was not all it was cracked up to be.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 7, 2015 on B&B
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An electrocution causes a critical condition

An electrocution causes a critical condition

Monday, December 7, 2015

Backstage, Steffy was trying to retrieve her phone from beneath the huge bundle of wires on the electrical platform. Ivy grabbed Steffy's arm, and as Steffy yanked herself away, she inadvertently knocked Ivy into the bundle of live wires. Steffy gasped as Ivy got electrocuted.

Steffy called for the paramedics. The emergency operator instructed Steffy to do chest compressions until the paramedics arrived.

In the CEO's office, Eric, Carter, and Thomas met to discuss accessories. Eric complimented Quinn's work, and Quinn's eyes glazed over when Thomas chimed in to say that Ivy deserved some credit. Eric believed that Wyatt deserved credit, too, and Ivy had been doing exceptional work since she and Wyatt had started seeing each other.

Pam hurried into the office and alerted everyone to an accident involving Ivy. Thomas and Eric rushed to the showroom and arrived backstage at the same time as the paramedics. Eric comforted the sobbing Steffy, who cried that Ivy had to live. Nothing seemed to be working. After several compressions and a shock from a defibrillator, the paramedics finally got a pulse and wheeled Ivy to the ambulance.

At the beach house, Wyatt stared at Ivy's photo. Liam arrived, and Wyatt guessed that his brother knew what had happened. Wyatt explained his feelings regarding his breakup with Ivy and his mistrust of her. Liam blamed himself for the way things had unfurled and said he'd told Steffy to let Ivy tell Wyatt herself. Wyatt believed he'd still be in the dark about it if Steffy hadn't told him.

Wyatt stated that Steffy hadn't taken pleasure in telling him. He believed that she'd been looking out for him, and he wanted to leave it at that. Liam doubted that Ivy would see the benevolence in Steffy's actions, and he urged Wyatt to call Ivy and keep the lines of communication open.

Quinn called Wyatt to tell him that something terrible had happened to Ivy, and Ivy was at the hospital. "It's Ivy," Wyatt told Liam, and the brothers rushed out of the house.

Back in the CEO's office, Eric was trying to reach John on the phone. Carter informed Pam, Eric, and Quinn that Jake and the electrician had managed to shut off the breaker seconds after Ivy had made contact with the wires. Quinn didn't understand why Ivy had been anywhere near the sparking wires.

Eric was having a hard time reaching Ivy's parents. Pam hoped to have good news by the time he did. Eric was upset because he prided himself on always having a safe work environment. He recalled when his brother and wife had tried for a long time to have another child, and they'd almost given up when they'd finally conceived Ivy, their little miracle.

Eric didn't know what he'd say to John. Pam stated that he'd tell John that they were all praying for Ivy, and the power of prayer still worked miracles.

At the hospital, paramedics wheeled Ivy into a room. Steffy didn't want to leave Ivy alone, but the doctor asked her and Thomas to wait in the lobby during Ivy's examination. Thomas asked Steffy what had happened, but she said she didn't want to talk about it. He pressed to know what the women had been doing backstage and to know what Steffy wasn't telling him.

Steffy felt as if Thomas was accusing her of something. Thomas wondered why she'd say such a thing. He just wanted to know what had happened. Hugging her, he decided that they didn't have to discuss it right then. Steffy sobbed that Ivy shouldn't have been backstage.

Steffy revealed that Ivy had tripped, and it had been an accident. "She tripped when I pushed her away," Steffy uttered. Thomas was shocked to hear Steffy had pushed Ivy.

Steffy explained that she'd been waiting for an all clear regarding the electrical panel when Ivy had arrived and accused her of deliberately trying to break up Ivy and Wyatt. After Ivy had gotten in Steffy's face, Steffy had pushed Ivy away, and Ivy had fallen into the panel.

Just then, Liam and Wyatt arrived, and Thomas and Steffy told them that Ivy had been electrocuted. The doctor emerged from Ivy's room, and Wyatt asked for Ivy's condition. The doctor asked if Wyatt was a relative. Wyatt cleared his throat, and Thomas asked what the doctor could tell them.

The doctor was still running tests. He was concerned about damage to the heart, muscles, and brain, which usually depended upon the current and duration of contact. Steffy said it had immediately lost power when Ivy had made contact with it.

The doctor relayed that Ivy had a relatively small percentage of surface burns, but healthy skin could be concealing damage. Infection could also be a concern, and Ivy was in critical condition.

The doctor bent the rules and let the four in to see Ivy. She was still unconscious, but the doctor said unconscious patients could sometimes hear various conversations.

The doctor left, and Wyatt spoke to Ivy, hoping that she could hear him. Taking her hand, he said he didn't care what had happened between them, and all that mattered was that she made it through. Liam patted Wyatt's shoulder, and Thomas walked up to the bed but said nothing.

Steffy left the room to find out if the doctor had gotten any results, but he didn't have anything new to tell her.

Liam exited Ivy's room, and Steffy hugged him. He didn't understand how it had happened. He asked if Steffy had been with Ivy. Steffy said she had been waiting for Jake and the electrician when Ivy had arrived and confronted her about Wyatt. Upset, Liam said it had been exactly what he'd been afraid of. "If you just didn't meddle in their relationship!" he said.

Steffy claimed that she'd tried to avoid Ivy as Liam had asked. Liam's expression darkened. He asked Steffy to say she'd had nothing to do with it, and it had been a freak accident. He claimed to know that Steffy wouldn't hurt a fly, but he needed to know that the reason for Ivy being in the hospital bed had nothing to do with Steffy.

Charged up at the hospital

Charged up at the hospital

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

by Pam

At the hospital, Wyatt stood at Ivy's bedside and wondered what she was thinking. Thomas was nearby, and Wyatt asked if any test results had been made available. Thomas replied that until Ivy was conscious and talking, there was little the doctors could predict. Thomas suggested that Wyatt might not want to be there for that event.

In the hall outside Ivy's room, Steffy and Liam discussed Ivy's situation. Liam asked Steffy to tell him what had happened and not to shut him out. Steffy countered that she wasn't ready for an interrogation. Steffy said she was trying to deal with it.

A doctor interrupted Steffy and Liam and said he had heard that other relatives were there. He wanted to talk to all of them together. The doctor, Steffy, and Liam joined Wyatt and Thomas in Ivy's hospital room. He shared that they had completed scans and x-rays on Ivy, and there were no broken bones, but a cardiologist and neurologist would have to make critical determinations about any other injuries and her prognosis.

Wyatt asked about a brain scan, but the doctor answered that there was nothing they could determine. It was normal for an unconscious patient to show no signs of trauma until they had awakened. The doctor told the group they needed to step outside to talk because it shouldn't be something that Ivy could hear.

Outside Ivy's room, the doctor said that until she was awake and could respond to them, they could not rule out lasting consequences. He advised the group that other family members had been calling for information, but his staff was not permitted to give it. He asked them to share the information with family members and discourage them from calling.

At Forrester Creations, Zende, Maya, Pam, and Eric were in an office. Eric was frantically making phone calls, and Nicole, Maya, and Zende asked Pam who had called the EMTs for Ivy and if anyone had been in the ambulance with her. Pam said that Steffy and Thomas had followed the ambulance in another car. Zende sent messages to his parents, and he promised to go to the hospital to see if he could get any news.

Pam asked Zende to stay with Eric because Eric needed him. Eric said that he had left messages for everyone he could. He had been unable to reach his brother. Eric lamented that he couldn't reach John to tell him that his daughter had suffered a horrible accident. Pam said it might be best because when they did reach John, they might have better news for him.

Nicole called attention to the fact that no one had explained how Ivy had been electrocuted. Pam said they had all been wondering the same thing. Everyone wondered why she had been near electrical wires.

Eric explained that there had been a problem with an old electrical panel, and Steffy had been waiting at the panel for Jake when Ivy had shown up. "Steffy was there?" Maya asked. Pam said that it was a good thing because Steffy had been the one to call 9-1-1. Nicole, Maya, and Zende looked surprised. They left Pam and Eric alone.

In another office, Maya, Zende, and Nicole chatted about the incident. Nicole said she hated to suggest bad news, but she asked if Ivy could die. Maya regretted everything that she and Rick had done to Ivy and Aly. Aly had died, and they were all uncertain about what would happen to Ivy. Nicole pointed out that Ivy had forgiven Maya.

Maya and Nicole's discussion turned to their mother. Nicole said that their mom had sent pictures off the Internet to her everyday. They laughed that she had sent cats and babies and other pictures.

Maya said she hoped things had changed for their family. They had a better relationship with their parents. Nicole looked sick, and she ran out of the room. Zende wondered what was wrong. Maya explained it was morning sickness, and Zende asked how long morning sickness lasted. Later, Maya left, and Nicole apologized for her quick exit. "I don't wanna be sick and all big and pregnant, but I am," she said.

Nicole said she couldn't go out with Zende that evening. He said it was fine because they could watch a movie at home, but Nicole responded that she planned to stay in her room with a bucket by her bed. She apologized for letting him down. Zende nodded.

From the hospital, Liam called Pam to tell her there was no news, and Pam relayed the information to Eric, who frantically looked through a folder of papers that his brother John had given him for Ivy. Eric was distraught, but Pam reminded him that there was no alarming news so far. Eric sadly said that whenever something bad happened to someone, all they were left with was papers.

Eric remembered that had been what had happened when Stephanie had died. "That's all I had. And in the end, that's all there is," he said. He tearfully looked away, and Pam took the folder away from him.

At the hospital, in the hall outside Ivy's room, Wyatt and Thomas asked Liam how Eric was, and he replied that Eric had been unable to reach Ivy's parents. Liam could sense the tension between Thomas and Wyatt. He wondered if they would be all right together. Thomas noted they were in a medical building in case one of them needed attention. Liam left.

Thomas blamed Wyatt for the incident because Wyatt had broken up with Ivy. Wyatt angrily stated that they had not broken up, and it was Thomas who had caused trouble in Wyatt and Ivy's relationship. Wyatt suggested that Thomas seemed to think he was irresistible.

Thomas refused to accept guilt for what had happened to Ivy. Wyatt noted that Thomas had no conscience. He accused Thomas of blaming Ivy, who had been injured. "You're the reason why she's here. You feel good? All you gave her was misery. If she doesn't recover ...," Wyatt shook his finger at Thomas and walked away.

In Ivy's room, a nurse tended to Ivy, and Steffy entered. Steffy wondered if Ivy could hear her, and the nurse said it was surprising what some patients could hear and remember. The nurse exited, and Steffy told Ivy that she thought Ivy would be fine and wake up at any minute.

Steffy tearfully wondered aloud why bad things continued to happen all around her. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do this to you," Steffy said. Liam stood in the doorway and overheard Steffy's statement. "Mean to do what?" Liam asked.

Liam and Steffy left Ivy's room, and Liam quizzed Steffy about what had happened. Steffy explained that Ivy had been angry. Liam reminded her that Ivy had been angry because Steffy had told Wyatt about her encounter with Thomas instead of letting Ivy do it.

Steffy reasoned Ivy should have told Wyatt right after it had happened. Liam argued that Steffy had never given her the chance. Liam shook his head. Steffy explained that she had been waiting for Jake near the electrical panels because Jake had told Steffy there was an electrical problem.

Ivy had followed Steffy to the panels, and Steffy claimed that Ivy had physically attacked her and grabbed her arm. Liam asked why it had never occurred to Steffy to walk away.

Steffy said Ivy had been out of control. "You know how she gets?" Steffy asked. Steffy explained that Ivy had knocked Steffy's phone out of her hand, and when Steffy had reached for it, Ivy had grabbed her, and Steffy had shoved Ivy into the electrical panel. Liam was surprised. Steffy looked at Liam. "Don't you believe me? Please believe me," Steffy said. Liam shook his head.

Liam worries about  shocking consequences

Liam worries about shocking consequences

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

by Pam

At the hospital, Liam continued to ask Steffy what had happened to Ivy. Steffy worried that Liam didn't believe what Steffy had told him. She worried that he was mad at her. "I'm trying to understand," Liam said.

Steffy maintained it had all been a horrible accident, but Liam said Ivy could have died. "I didn't mean to hurt her," Steffy said. Liam noted that it sounded all too familiar. "You have to believe me," Steffy said. Liam said he didn't know what he believed anymore.

"How could you let this happen?" Liam asked. Steffy reiterated that Ivy had gotten in her face, grabbed her arm, and thrown her phone. Steffy had pushed Ivy away but had had no intention of hurting her. Steffy hoped Ivy pulled through. Liam looked worried and frustrated.

In Ivy's room, Thomas sat at Ivy's bedside and held her hand. "We're finally alone," he joked. He said he couldn't stand seeing her so helpless because she was a "big, beautiful ball of energy," and she kept going. He needed her to keep going. He promised they had a lot to talk about once she was better.

Wyatt opened the door and overheard Thomas' conversation with Ivy. "Save your breath. She's done with you," Wyatt ordered. Thomas reminded Wyatt that Ivy was a friend, and he planned to be there when she got better. Wyatt advised Thomas that when Ivy awakened, she would not want him around.

At Forrester, Zende and Nicole met in an office, and Nicole apologized that she was so nauseous with morning sickness and had needed to cancel a date with him.

Zende felt for her. Nicole shared that nausea was part of the package. They agreed that the physical reality was that the baby was in charge. Maya entered and interrupted. Zende said he was going to see if there were any Ivy updates, and he planned to go to the sky lounge to hit the punching bag. He kissed Nicole and left. Maya asked how Nicole felt, and Nicole admitted she was queasy.

Maya worried that there was tension between Nicole and Zende. Nicole said it had forced them to readjust, but she wouldn't be pregnant forever, and everything would be back to normal before they knew it. Maya sympathized and said that she had wished the pregnancy would be a breeze for Nicole. "Miracles can't be easy," Nicole said. She was excited that she had a Forrester Avant baby "coming to life inside of me," she said.

On the Forrester rooftop, Zende hit the punching bag, and Carter showed up and advised him to slow down and relax his movements. Carter added that Zende appeared to have burned off more than calories. Zende admitted that he felt selfish, but Carter and Zende agreed the baby Nicole was carrying for Maya and Rick had changed their relationship.

Zende marveled at Nicole's sacrifice, and he said he was in awe. Carter added that it had to be hard to know another man's baby was growing inside his girlfriend. Zende agreed, but he said her selfless and courageous actions made him love her even more.

Outside Ivy's room at the hospital, the doctor interrupted Steffy and Liam and said he had an update on Ivy. They entered Ivy's room, and Wyatt and Liam joined them. Ivy moved slightly, and the doctor said she appeared to be conscious. He added that he had promising news. The doctor asked Ivy if she remembered her name. She weakly turned her head and said, "Ivy Forrester."

Doctor Jones introduced himself and said she'd had a bad electrical shock. He promised to keep her comfortable and run some more tests. He added that she needed more rest, so he encouraged Steffy, Wyatt, Liam, and Thomas not to keep her awake too long.

Wyatt sat with Ivy first, and he told her how worried he had been. Ivy smiled slightly, and barely opened her eyes. Liam told her how happy he was to see her awake. Thomas added that she had scared all of them. Steffy moved forward and said she couldn't express how sorry she was and how she'd never wanted anything like that to happen to her. Ivy closed her eyes. Liam left, and Wyatt looked suspicious. Thomas, Steffy, and Liam left.

Later, Wyatt caught up with Thomas outside Ivy's room. He wanted some answers about why the accident had happened. Wyatt suspected that Steffy had had something to do with Ivy's accident. He wanted Thomas to explain, but Thomas said nothing.

Wyatt accused Thomas of orchestrating the entire ordeal. Wyatt guessed that Thomas had told Steffy about his interest in Ivy, and that was why Steffy had told Wyatt. When had Ivy found out, she had confronted Steffy and had almost ended up dead. Wyatt wanted answers. Thomas remained silent.

At Liam's house, Liam and Steffy arrived at home, and Steffy called it "the day from hell." They were both thankful that Ivy would be all right. Steffy said she was exhausted, but Liam needed to talk to her. He insisted that she explain why she would push Ivy into an electrical panel.

Steffy reiterated that she had never meant for anything to happen to Ivy. "Kind of like you didn't mean to hurt Aly?" Liam asked. Steffy looked surprised.

Steffy reminded Liam that she had not deliberately killed Aly or hurt Ivy. "Aly tried to kill me," she said. "Did Ivy try to kill you?" Liam asked.

Steffy shook her head, and Liam reminded Steffy that he had begged her not to get involved and to let Wyatt and Ivy work it out on their own. "You never listen to me. You just couldn't help yourself," Liam said.

Steffy tried to defend herself, but Liam insisted that she had to hear him out. He said she had always been a woman of action -- it was what he loved about her, "but actions have consequences and people get hurt," he said.

Steffy interrupted, but Liam continued. "You always go too far," he said. He promised to love Steffy forever, but he said accidents kept happening, and they concerned him. He said it was about the future. He didn't want any more chaos and violence.

Steffy lamented that she hadn't planned for anything bad to happen. She said that what had happened to Aly and Ivy had nothing to do with them. "Stop letting this affect us," Steffy demanded. She said they were going to get married, but Liam said they had some fundamental differences.

Steffy stopped Liam. She refused to let anything happen to break them up. She worried that he had planned to end it with her. "l'm not taking off this ring," she shouted.

Thomas admits that he's the other man

Thomas admits that he's the other man

Thursday, December 10, 2015

At the hospital, the doctor was amazed by Ivy's progress. Ivy asked where Wyatt was and grimaced when the doctor relayed that Wyatt was in the lobby with Thomas.

In the hospital lobby, Wyatt expressed that Thomas was ultimately responsible for Ivy being in the hospital. Thomas refused to accept the blame for an accident at the electrical panel. Wyatt argued that Ivy wouldn't have been near it if it hadn't been for Thomas.

Wyatt stated that Thomas hadn't thought of the consequences of his seductions. Thomas would do what he had even if Ivy had a boyfriend and if Steffy had told Thomas to stop. Wyatt claimed that Steffy had just started to trust Ivy, but Thomas had made Ivy look like a liar and a cheat.

Thomas accused Wyatt of learning about that night at the mansion and confronting Ivy. Wyatt replied that it was true, and Ivy had said the night had been a mistake. Wyatt stated that Ivy had told Thomas to stop, but he hadn't because he'd wanted another notch on his belt.

Thomas claimed that Wyatt was wrong, and Thomas cared about Ivy. Wyatt said that if it were true, Thomas would have listened, there wouldn't have been anything for Steffy to tell Wyatt, and Ivy wouldn't be in the hospital. Thomas denied that it was his fault.

Wyatt believed that Thomas had told Steffy about that night because he'd known it would get back to Wyatt. Wyatt guessed that Thomas wasn't sorry; however, Wyatt stated that Thomas would be sorry if he touched Ivy again.

At Forrester, Eric filled Ridge and Caroline in on Ivy's accident and discussed how hard it had been get regain Ivy's pulse. Ridge asked why Ivy had been in the showroom anyway. Eric relayed that Pam had stated that an upset Ivy had been looking for Steffy; however, Pam usually read too much into things. Caroline said it seemed that way at first, but Pam usually turned out to be right.

Caroline wondered if the tension Pam had sensed had been about Wyatt. Claiming she didn't listen to gossip, Caroline revealed that she'd heard that another man was turning Ivy's head. It didn't sound like Ivy to Eric, who'd been around the couple enough to know that Ivy was completely devoted to Wyatt. "Granddad's right," Thomas said, entering.

Eric and Ridge asked how Ivy was. Thomas relayed that she was recovering with her overprotective boyfriend by her side. Caroline guessed that took care of the rumors about trouble between the couple. Thomas instructed them not to believe any rumors about Ivy and Wyatt, who were "on lock" -- despite Wyatt being a joke in Thomas' eyes.

Eric left, and Thomas relayed that the doctor was cautiously optimistic about Ivy. Grimacing, he said that Wyatt had stayed, and Caroline hoped the men didn't get into it at the hospital. Thomas claimed he wouldn't do that to Ivy. "Oh, good. So you can control yourself," Ridge quipped.

Thomas stated that the bottom line was that Ivy would pull through, and whatever had happened between the couple didn't matter. Caroline guessed that Thomas had heard the same rumors that she'd heard about another guy. "You're right. It was me," Thomas replied. Ridge hung his head but looked up with a knowing expression.

In Ivy's hospital room, Ivy apologized to Wyatt about Thomas. Wyatt wanted her to relax, but she said she'd been weak and wrong, and she should have known Thomas had been playing her. Wyatt stated that Thomas had manipulated her. Wyatt relayed that the news about Ivy had scared him, and when she got out of the hospital, he wanted everything to return to the way it had been.

Wyatt felt that he never should have walked out on Ivy. Ivy said he couldn't have known what would happen, and he'd given her what she'd deserved. He didn't want to upset her by talking about it, but she said she was trying to apologize. She'd wanted to tell him first, but Steffy had beaten her to it. Ivy hadn't known what to say because she hadn't wanted him to feel different toward her.

Wyatt revealed that he did feel different. Seeing Ivy hospitalized and knowing he could have lost her had made him realize that the breakup shouldn't have been the last thing he'd said to her. Ivy said she'd realized how much she needed him, and she was grateful to have him by her side. They said that they loved each other, and Wyatt asked her to relax.

Ivy flashed back to the incident in the showroom. She couldn't get it out of her mind that Steffy had pushed her into the panel. "She scares me. She's dangerous," Ivy said.

At the cliff house, Steffy refused to take off her ring. She knew she'd messed up and made a mistake, but she told Liam that they couldn't let a horrible accident end their engagement. He said he'd warned Steffy not to get involved, but Steffy explained that Ivy had been the one to get in Steffy's face. She said she and Ivy hadn't fought, she hadn't attacked Ivy, and it wasn't Steffy's fault.

Liam didn't want to hold things against Steffy, but he couldn't deny the pattern -- first Aly and then Ivy. Steffy didn't get it either, and she hadn't been looking for trouble or for Ivy to show up. Liam and Steffy agreed that she'd done everything she could to help Ivy. Steffy didn't want to be the source of conflict for Liam, but she said they were different people and handled things differently.

Steffy hadn't thought it was a problem. Liam hadn't, either, but he guessed they needed to discuss it. She figured things were complicated, and they needed to simplify them. She decided to move out until they got married. Liam was disappointed.

Steffy said she'd move back in after the wedding, but she'd heard from Liam that he needed time to think, to figure out who they were together, or where she fit in. Liam told her to hold on a second, but motioning as if to leave, she said it was best. Liam asked her not to go.

Liam stated that he needed time to think, not time alone. He was concerned and confused about the constant conflicts. He was sorry that he hadn't conveyed that he believed Steffy. He said she usually acted on impulse and didn't always think things though; however, she always did what she thought was right, and she always told the truth -- even if it was bad and he'd be disappointed.

Liam asked Steffy not to leave. He said it was their home, and they would solve their issues within it together. He felt that they could argue and support each other at the same time. He declared that he loved and trusted her, and they kissed.

Later, Liam and Steffy cuddled on the sofa after sex. Liam didn't want Steffy to think he was judging her. "Just my decisions," she uttered. He said he'd try not to hold them against her even in a disastrous aftermath. He joked that they'd "leveled up" that day.

Steffy couldn't believe Liam had compared them to a video game. He said they'd survived. Steffy corrected that Ivy had survived; she and Liam had just gotten through it. Agreeing, Liam added that some couples fell apart during problems, but Liam and Steffy fought for what they had.

"What was it you said? 'I will never take off this ring!'" Liam quoted in a defiant, girlie voice. Steffy chuckled, saying she never would. The two kissed.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Backstage at Forrester, Jake and the electrician assured Steffy, Ridge, and Caroline that the electrical panel was fixed. Steffy said it had better be, and an electrocution shouldn't have happened. The electrician claimed it was electrical shock, not an execution. Jake said they planned to go over the entire building to prevent further problems.

The men left, and Ridge questioned Steffy about what had happened to Ivy. Steffy admitted to accidentally pushing Ivy during a confrontation about Steffy telling Wyatt that Ivy and Thomas had exchanged kisses. Caroline and Ridge were shocked to hear about the kissing.

Caroline reluctantly suggested that Steffy talk to Carter about the legal ramifications of the accident. Ridge agreed, but Steffy hoped it wouldn't get that far. She was on her way to see Ivy, apologize, and make sure that Ivy understood it hadn't been intentional.

Steffy exited as Thomas walked up. "So now you're kissing Ivy?" Ridge asked. Ridge had thought Thomas had grown up and matured a little. Thomas stated that kissing Ivy hadn't been the end of the world, and he'd been honest about being the other guy. Ridge figured that single women threw themselves at Thomas, but the hunt was women who were committed to someone else.

Thomas said that Ivy wasn't married to Wyatt. "Because that matters to you?" Ridge quipped. Thomas claimed it did, and he and Ivy had bonded after the light fixture incident. He saw nothing wrong with expressing his interest. "Of course she must be interested in you. How can she not be? It's you!" Ridge said. Ridge was bothered that Thomas made plays for women involved with other men -- whether the women liked it or not -- but that habit was what would change.

Thomas didn't see what he needed to change or where Ridge got the idea that Thomas didn't care about a woman's wishes. Thomas repeated that there was no ring on Ivy's fingers, and he'd gone upon the signals he'd been getting. Ridge found it disrespectful to Wyatt to just go in and try to take Ivy. Thomas insisted that he liked Ivy, and if anything, he was helping Wyatt to step up his game.

Thomas figured Wyatt would consider taking Ivy with him out of town the next time. Caroline was shocked that Thomas had hit on Ivy while Wyatt had been out of town. "What can I say? When opportunity strikes, a man's gotta act," Thomas quipped.

Amused, Ridge said Thomas wasn't a man; he was a petulant little boy. Ridge stated that a woman was alone for one night, and Thomas had to move in. To Ridge, a man wouldn't do it.

Thomas decided that his father was unreasonably angry, and it wasn't about Ivy. He guessed it had to do with what had happened before and asked how many times he had to apologize for hitting his father. He didn't know why Ridge would let it keep him riled up when Ridge should be concentrating on Caroline and the baby. Thomas said his new little brother or sister should unite them as a family.

Thomas asked if he was right. "No," Ridge replied. Thomas quizzically repeated the word, and Ridge asked if Thomas understood the meaning of it. Ridge roared that Thomas needed to work on himself and respecting women, and then he could work on uniting the family.

Thomas persisted in trying to understand where the anger emanated from, and Ridge asked if Thomas really wanted to know. Before Ridge could say more, Caroline yelled for the men to stop. Thomas refused because he was tired of the situation, but Caroline kept telling him to leave. Once again, Thomas said he didn't understand. In his view, families forgave each other, and fathers forgave sons.

Finally, Thomas left. Caroline said it had been too close, and she warned Ridge about losing it on Thomas. Ridge asked how he could stop, and she said he needed to do what Thomas had said and focus on the baby. Caroline hugged Ridge, who maintained a stony expression.

At the hospital, the doctor told Ivy that she wouldn't go home that day but would soon, as long as he knew that someone would be at home to care for her. Wyatt affirmed that he'd be there. The doctor left, and Ivy said it made a huge difference in her recovery to know that she'd be going home to Wyatt.

Liam arrived and was relieved to hear about Ivy's prognosis. He asked how soon Ivy would be at work and joked that she only had so many sick days. Ivy revealed that she was worried about Steffy. "First Aly. Now this," she said. Liam didn't think the two were comparable, but Wyatt noted that things kept happening. Liam asked what Ivy and Wyatt were trying to say.

Ivy stated that she was in a hospital bed. Liam replied that it had been due to an electric shock. "Because I was pushed," Ivy added. He conveyed that it was one way to look at it. She said it was what had happened, but he asked if she'd been the one getting in Steffy's face. Ivy asked if he was implying that she'd been holding a rock over Steffy's head. Liam said Aly's death had nothing to do with it.

Ivy exclaimed that Liam could declare self-defense, but Steffy hadn't had to pick up the tire iron and hit Aly with it. Liam insisted that it had been self-defense. Wyatt reasoned that Steffy had a pattern and a knee-jerk reaction to push back hard. Ivy believed she was lucky to be alive.

Ivy said Steffy was supposed to have been keeping people away from the panel. She felt that Liam could go on defending Steffy if he wanted, but in Ivy's view, Steffy was dangerous. Liam felt that it had been an accident, and Steffy hadn't meant to cause Ivy harm. Ivy wished she could share his confidence.

Just then, Steffy arrived. She said Ivy looked amazing. Ivy shrank back as Steffy neared the bed and told Steffy to stay away from her. "Whoa, are you afraid of me?" Steffy asked.

Ivy said she'd had too many visitors, but Steffy claimed she wouldn't be long. Steffy expressed how bad she felt about things and assured Ivy that she would never have to go through a terrible accident like it again because the whole system had been upgraded.

Lieutenant Baker arrived with a hot dog and retraining order in hand. He said that Ivy wouldn't have to go through it again. He presented a temporary restraining order that Ivy had filed against Steffy. Steffy couldn't believe Ivy had filed a restraining order after an accident. Lt. Baker corrected that it had been after an altercation at work that had caused life-threatening injuries.

Liam was in disbelief, but Wyatt said Ivy deserved a chance to recover without wondering what Steffy would do next. Baker explained that it was a temporary civil harassment restraining order, and Steffy had to stay one hundred feet away from Ivy at all times. It included the workplace.

Steffy couldn't believe what was happening after all Ivy's talk about wanting to be at Forrester and talking Eric into getting Steffy to rehire Ivy. Ivy said it had nothing to do with the job, but Steffy asked how Ivy was supposed to work. Baker stated that Ivy could go to Forrester, but Steffy couldn't.

Steffy stared incredulously at Ivy. Wyatt suggested Steffy gather her things from the office to work at home. Steffy exclaimed that she was the president. Baker replied that the complaint was against Steffy, so Steffy had to stay away until the case was concluded. Steffy reminded Ivy that Steffy had administered CPR. Ivy just said she was sorry.

Steffy didn't know how she was supposed to do her job without her office. Ivy yelled that she didn't want to be around Steffy. Steffy told Ivy to stay at home, and she could design anywhere. Wyatt told Steffy to calm down, but Steffy said she wasn't going to calm down. Baker grabbed her arm and said not to go any closer. Steffy looked at him as if he was crazy for touching her.

Steffy suggested communicating through Liam and Quinn. Steffy wanted to figure out something because the restraining order wouldn't work. Ivy declared that it was happening. Liam said Ivy had been mistaken in the past, and she was mistaken in the new incidence. Steffy insisted that it had been an accident. Ivy asserted that Steffy had caused it -- again.

Steffy claimed she'd be the first to welcome Ivy back if Ivy dropped the restraining order. Ivy stated that she couldn't return Aly from the dead, and Ivy had to protect herself from any little accident that might happen around Steffy again.

Steffy said Ivy didn't have to have anything to do with Steffy, but if Ivy didn't want to, then Ivy should be the one to stay away from Forrester. Steffy asserted that it was her company, and Ivy couldn't ban her from it. "I just did," Ivy quipped.

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