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Ivy persisted in her belief that she and Liam deserved another chance. Liam was in a conundrum when Wyatt revealed that he wanted to propose to Ivy. Rick took his new family and Zende to Hawaii for the holiday, but Sasha wasn't invited because no one knew she was really Julius' daughter.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 21, 2015 on B&B
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Sasha has daddy issues

Sasha has daddy issues

Monday, December 21, 2015

In Zende's room, Sasha said that Zende was a wonderful man. Zende didn't feel it at that moment and felt that Nicole had a right to be upset. Sasha believed Nicole should be thanking her lucky stars because Zende had been more patient with the situation than any guy would be. Sasha respected Nicole's choice to be the surrogate but figured Nicole had to know how tough it would be on him.

Zende said he respected Nicole, too. Sasha noted that he wasn't a saint, and the next nine months wouldn't be a breeze for him or Nicole. Sasha believed everyone was downstairs, worried about Nicole, but she wondered who was worried about Zende. Sasha offered to be there if he needed to talk.

In the living room, Maya asked Nicole to open up to her. Upset, Nicole wanted to talk later, but she eventually explained the disconcertion that she and Zende had experienced while attempting to be intimate. "Because of the pregnancy," Maya concluded. Maya stated that it was what they'd feared.

Nicole was proud of her choice and said it wasn't Maya's fault. Hugging Nicole, Maya said it wasn't Nicole's fault, either. Nicole relayed that Zende had wanted to talk, but she'd walked out. She hadn't known what to say and still didn't.

Zende arrived downstairs in time to say that he was the one who should be doing the talking anyway. Maya left the room, and Zende apologized to Nicole. He'd wanted the night to be special, and he felt terrible about the way that he'd reacted. She felt she owed him an apology. She said they'd known it wouldn't be easy, but she hadn't expected it to be hard to talk about.

Zende said he still respected her decision, and his feelings hadn't changed. Nicole didn't want him to feel bad about having a tough time with it. He didn't know why he'd reacted the way he had; however, it hadn't been because of her, and he loved her. He wanted to hold her and wake up with her.

Nicole wanted it, too, but she said it wasn't that simple because the pregnancy had changed things. "Not everything," he replied and hugged her. They decided to focus on each other, shut out everything else, and not let anyone or anything get between them.

At the hotel, the Avants arrived home. Julius wished they had stayed at the mansion. He blamed the pregnancy for causing problems between Nicole and Zende, and he thought Nicole was stuck. Vivienne decided to go to the store and warned Julius not to call Nicole or Zende.

There was a knock at the door as Julius set up for a putt. He heard Sasha's voice and missed his shot. Vivienne asked if Sasha had talked to Nicole. Sasha said she hadn't. Julius asserted that Nicole was asking too much of Zende, and it would ruin the relationship. Vivienne decided to leave on that note.

Later, Julius was still putting, and Sasha said it was polite to speak to one's guests. "It's polite to call," he retorted. She'd been sure Aunt Viv wouldn't mind, and being in the city with the rest of the family was making the place feel like home to her. He reminded her that it wasn't her home, and it was time for her to get back to her real life. Sasha said it was real life for Maya and Nicole.

Julius insisted that it wasn't for Sasha. Sasha said she'd made it clear to "Mr. Avant" that she wasn't leaving, and being there would enable her to be the person she was meant to be. Julius said she couldn't stay with his family, and if she wanted to be invited back, she couldn't outstay her welcome. Sasha whined that she wanted to be there. She was sold on the city, and it was what she wanted.

Julius told her to try big-city life in Chicago. Sasha was astonished that Maya had become a supermodel, and Nicole, who hadn't even been able to get a date back home, was with a Forrester. She called Zende sexy -- and sensitive for being okay with Nicole playing incubator for Rick and Maya.

Sasha decided that a guy like Zende could have any girl he wanted. "Sasha...Leave Zende alone. Stay away from him," Julius replied. She yelled that "Mr. Avant" was telling her what to do again. He ordered her to watch her tone, and she asked if he preferred her to call him what he was.

"Daddy!" Sasha exclaimed.

At the beach house in the evening, Liam was grateful that Ivy would drop the restraining order, but he said she couldn't. Ivy asked if he meant she couldn't kiss him or tell him how she felt about him. She knew that she'd been all over the place in the past few months, but she'd only been in love with two men in her life; both men were Spencers, and Liam had been the first.

Liam was glad Ivy could be honest about her feelings. Ivy replied that the incident could have been it for her, and she didn't want to leave things unsaid anymore. Liam reminded her that she was dating his brother. Ivy noted that, before Wyatt, she'd been planning a future with Liam. She'd let it go because he'd left her for Steffy, but Ivy was thinking she shouldn't have let it go.

In the CEO's office, Wyatt helped Steffy with her boxes. He believed Ivy would do the right thing. He loved Ivy and warned Steffy not to say anything bad about Ivy. Steffy asked if he was serious, and he replied that he could see himself marrying Ivy.

Steffy wished Ivy didn't think Steffy was a horrible person. Wyatt said he'd tried to convince Ivy that Steffy wasn't like that. Steffy asked what she was like, and he joked that she wasn't a violent psychopath. She guessed she'd take it. He added that she was dynamic, thoughtful, and ambitious -- and his mom was crazy about her. Steffy didn't know if that was such a good thing.

Just then, Ivy and Liam arrived. Steffy hopped up, saying she was packed, so Ivy didn't have to call the police. Ivy said she'd already called Lieutenant Baker, and she'd dropped the restraining order after a long, honest talk with Liam. Relieved, Steffy asked if it meant Ivy no longer feared Steffy.

Ivy replied that she'd spent enough time feeling threatened by Steffy. Steffy expressed her gratitude, and Ivy said she had a new perspective on things. Ivy was ready for a fresh start. Ivy admitted that she'd been repressing feelings, but she didn't want to do it anymore. Liam stated that Steffy had never meant to hurt Ivy, and Wyatt was proud of Ivy for realizing it.

Ivy thanked Wyatt for being by her side, even through her mistakes. Steffy said she'd made mistakes, too, and she was grateful that Ivy was okay. Steffy knew their relationship had gotten off to a rough start when she'd returned to town; however, Ivy had Wyatt, and Steffy was engaged to Liam. With such exciting futures ahead of them, Steffy didn't want any animosity between them.

Ivy claimed she didn't want it, either, but there was one thing she did want. Steffy hoped it was friendship. Liam tapped Ivy on the shoulder and asked to talk to her alone for a second.

Wyatt and Steffy left, and Liam told Ivy it was time to move on because she and Wyatt had a great future ahead of them. "Yeah, but so could we," Ivy responded. Liam grew nervous as she said she shouldn't be surprised about the resurgence of her feelings because she'd always loved him. He said he'd always care about her, especially due to what she'd done that day.

Ivy said she'd dropped the order because Liam had asked her to. She was trying to show him who she was and had always been. She believed there was only one woman around who shared his qualities, passion, and wisdom. He made her want to be a better person. She wanted and needed him in her life and couldn't imagine her life without him in it.

Ivy wondered why she had to bite her tongue just because the way she was feeling might be inconvenient. She didn't have time for anything but the truth anymore. The way she felt about Wyatt hadn't eclipsed her feelings for Liam, and she asked if it was because it wasn't too late. She wanted them to give themselves a chance to see if it could work before it was too late.

Surprises catch Avants and Spencers off guard

Surprises catch Avants and Spencers off guard

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Liam reviewed some papers, but he was distracted. He flashed back to an earlier conversation he'd had with Ivy. She had told him that she didn't want to live with regret. She still loved him, and she had kissed him.

Steffy entered, and she noted that Liam seemed far away. Liam responded that he had been thinking about Wyatt and Ivy. "Something happen I don't know about?" Steffy asked. Liam said that Ivy seemed different after the accident, but Steffy shrugged it off.

In the jewelry office, Ivy flashed back to her conversation with Liam about Wyatt. She remembered that she had told Liam she was happy with Wyatt, but she wanted to explore her possibilities with Liam. She was still in love with him, she had confided. She recalled kissing Liam. Wyatt entered.

Wyatt kissed Ivy and held mistletoe over their heads. They made out. Later, Wyatt watched Ivy work. He congratulated her because she had once again found a way to do the right thing and had dropped the restraining order. Ivy noted that she and Steffy were family, and they had to make the effort to get along.

Wyatt and Ivy entered Steffy's office with some new jewelry pieces that they showed to Liam and Steffy. They all discussed that the pieces were gorgeous. Wyatt asked if Ridge and Caroline would approve, and Steffy assured them the pieces should go into immediate production.

Steffy apologized for the accident and thanked Ivy for dropping the restraining order. She added that she was glad Ivy was back at work and was healing. Ivy told her it was unnecessary to apologize. Ivy wanted everyone to get along.

Liam chimed in that it was good to move forward. He added that they all had great futures together, and Steffy pointed out that they were all family. Ivy agreed. "And who knows where we'll all be this time next year," Ivy said.

At the Forrester mansion, Rick decorated the Christmas tree, and Maya held an ornament he had made in preschool. She commented that it was cute, and Rick said it had to go on the tree or Maya would hear about it from his dad. They laughed and discussed including Maya's family in the holiday festivities. Maya said being together with her family had helped them all heal as a family. Rick said he had an idea but wanted to make the invitation to Maya's family members in person.

At the hotel room, Julius was alone, and he flashed back to his conversation with Sasha. He recalled Sasha's words: "Or should I call you something else? Call you what you really are, Daddy?" Sasha had asked. Vivienne entered and startled Julius.

Vivienne said it was crazy shopping for decorations. She recognized that something appeared to be bothering Julius. She inquired which one of his daughters he was worried about. Julius received a call from Maya, and she asked that Julius and Vivienne drive over to the house to discuss plans for Christmas. Julius agreed.

At Forrester, Zende worked out on the rooftop, and Sasha and Nicole showed up. Sasha teasingly wondered if his lifting was the best he had. He answered that the best he had was right next to Sasha -- it was Nicole. "Thanks, babe" Nicole said. They kissed, and Sasha looked envious.

Sasha commented that "Nicole Avant was living the life." Sasha said there were "Forresters to the left, to the right, and growing inside." Sasha said Nicole should appreciate the good times. Nicole said she did appreciate them and was glad that Sasha had the chance to visit.

Sasha said she would love to move to Los Angeles permanently. Zende received a text message that Rick wanted to see them at the Forrester mansion. Nicole suggested that Sasha could wait at Forrester or accompany them. They all left for the Forrester home.

At the Forrester mansion, Julius and Vivienne entered, and Julius noted that celebrating the holidays in the sun rather than shoveling snow was a treat. He and Vivienne didn't expect a repeat of the Thanksgiving invitation for Christmas, since it was Maya's first Christmas with her new family. Maya said that they wanted her parents to join them for the holiday.

Zende, Nicole, and Sasha entered, and Rick said he had a surprise about what they would do for Christmas. He planned for the entire family to spend Christmas in Hawaii. "I can't believe you!" Maya exclaimed. Nicole thought that Rick and Maya were taking a second honeymoon, but Rick wanted the entire family to spend time together, and he had planned a surprise trip that Maya didn't know about.

Everyone was thrilled but Sasha. Rick looked at her and apologized. He said it would be a Forrester and Avant family Christmas. Nicole explained that Rick hadn't known that Sasha would be in town, and everyone had expected that Sasha would return home.

Sasha caught Julius' eye, and they walked out onto the terrace. Sasha was angry. Julius told her that he'd been trying to make her understand that there was no place for her in Los Angeles. Sasha objected and said he was her family, and she insisted she wanted to be recognized as part of his family. "You are my home. I wish you could see that, Dad," she cried. Julius looked distraught.

Sasha told Julius how much she wanted to be part of the family trip to Hawaii. She lamented that Nicole got all of his attention. "You've rejected me my entire life. That's over," Sasha announced. She angrily noted, "You're jetting over to Hawaii with your new family." Sasha insisted she wanted his support and help to make connections.

Julius warned Sasha not to threaten him. He lamented that he'd had a great life before Maya's news had changed everything. He'd been a member of a country club then lost his job. He was in Los Angeles with no home or job, and he had to deal with Maya and "the pregnancy she had pushed on Nicole." "The last thing I need is for you to get up in my face and make demands that I can't meet," he said. "I'm not going anywhere," Sasha threatened.

At Forrester, Liam and Ivy were alone in an office. She asked if he had thought about their earlier conversation. Liam said he believed that since she had been so close to death, she might have been feeling things that weren't real. He felt she wanted to revisit moments that she'd believed were unfinished, but their time together was finished.

Ivy argued that being close to death was exactly what had made her realize she still had feelings for Liam. "I'm in love with you," Ivy said. She said that she had lost herself when she'd lost him, and she felt that was why she had been attracted to Thomas. Liam worried that Wyatt was a rebound.

Ivy responded that she was happy and in love with Wyatt, but she still wanted a life with Liam. She didn't want to move on with Wyatt if she still had a chance with Liam. Liam was uncomfortable. The door to the office had been slightly open, and Wyatt stood outside. He looked hurt after he'd overheard the conversation, but Liam and Ivy had not seen him.

Holiday plans separate families

Holiday plans separate families

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Liam and Ivy discussed that she wasn't over him. She insisted that it wasn't just her. She got a vibe that he felt it too. Liam disagreed and worried about his brother. Ivy said Wyatt was a better man than she had ever thought he was. Suddenly, she noticed Wyatt had been standing in the doorway. Wyatt entered, but he was on the phone and in deep conversation with his mother about Christmas.

Wyatt told his mom that he had figured that Deacon and Quinn would want to spend the holiday alone because it was their first Christmas together. He promised to be with his mom for the holiday. Wyatt hung up and asked what Liam and Ivy had had been discussing. He greeted Ivy with a hug, and it appeared he had not overheard Ivy and Liam's conversation.

In the design office, Steffy chastised Thomas because he planned to skip Christmas with the family. He worried about seeing Ivy or Ridge and Caroline. Steffy told Thomas that Caroline and Ridge would not be there. She added that it would be insulting to their grandfather if Thomas did not attend.

Thomas noted that Ivy and Wyatt would be unhappy to see him. Steffy advised him that Ivy and Wyatt had moved past their issues with Thomas. Steffy believed that Ivy was committed to Wyatt. "They are over you," she said.

Thomas wondered if Steffy and Ivy had been able to get past their disagreements. Steffy said they had been working on it. Ivy entered and greeted Thomas. He left, and she was clearly uncomfortable to be around Thomas.

Steffy noted that it would get easier for her to see Thomas in time. Steffy added that Ivy could send Quinn to design meetings if it made it easier for her. Ivy said it was fine.

Ivy informed Steffy that she would not be around for the holidays because her father had planned to meet her in Cancun. Steffy asked if Wyatt was going to join her, but Ivy said that Wyatt planned to spend time with his family.

Steffy congratulated Ivy for moving past her dalliance with Thomas. She believed Ivy and Wyatt were a great match. Ivy agreed. "There is something about the Spencer men," Steffy said. Ivy agreed, but she was uncomfortable. She told Steffy she didn't feel comfortable being chummy yet.

Steffy wondered if Ivy was in love. She added that when she was in love, she wanted to tell the whole world. Ivy said that she would tell anyone how "loyal, loving, and forgiving Wyatt was."

At Brooke's house, Brooke directed while Maya and Rick helped decorate her Christmas tree. Maya noticed the place cards and napkins Brooke had ready for Christmas dinner.

Brooke told Maya she needed help with the seating arrangements so that she could keep Julius at one end of the table away from Maya. Rick announced that he and the Avants were headed to Hawaii for the holiday. Brooke was surprised and said it was a generous offer for him to take the entire Avant family.

Rick explained that it was important for Maya's family to knit themselves back together. Brooke understood. She asked Maya to tell her parents that they could stay with her while they were looking for a place to live because she had plenty of space, and she would enjoy the company.

Maya thanked her and said she and Rick had offered, also, but her father was "incredibly stubborn." Maya added that everyone knew Brooke was the best at calming her father down. Brooke smiled.

Rick and Maya encouraged Brooke to join them on their trip. Brooke said that Hope, Bridget, and Logan would be joining her for Christmas, and she was glad because there had been "no children in the house for a long time." Then she noted that the next year, Maya and Rick's baby would be there for Christmas. Brooke went upstairs to get more decorations. Maya told Rick they shouldn't leave Brooke alone for the holidays. They should cancel the trip.

Rick lamented that he couldn't cancel the trip. Brooke returned, and Rick apologized that he would be gone for the holiday. Maya left to give them some privacy. Rick was worried. Brooke reassured him it would be fine. Brooke said that she had many magical memories of all of the kids and family in her house. It was his and Maya's first Christmas together -- and the first time the Avants would all be together in years. She understood.

"Don't be sad. I love this house even if there's nobody to live here with me," Brooke said. Rick and Brooke were emotional and hugged. He demanded that everyone had to be on the phone with him on Christmas Eve and Christmas. They embraced, and Rick left.

Brooke put away the place cards and napkins she had out for Christmas dinner. She admired a handmade ornament by R.J. and picture ornaments with photos of Bridget and Hope as children. She walked up the stairs and sadly paused to look at the tree and her empty living room.

At Spencer Publications, Katie entered Bill's office and reminded him that he was never to send Allison to give her a message to meet with him "because she thinks she's your office wife." Bill joked that she kind of was, but Katie didn't find it funny.

Bill said he'd wanted to talk about Christmas, and he felt they should host something. Katie reminded him that she'd wanted to discuss the idea awhile before, and he hadn't been interested. He said Christmas was about children, and they should share their cute little son with everyone. Katie laughed and agreed.

Katie figured that Eric would host something on Christmas Eve, and they could invite everyone for Christmas Day. They discussed who to invite, and Katie mentioned Caroline and Ridge, but Bill wanted Caroline without Ridge. Katie reminded him they came as a package. He guessed they wouldn't be together by Christmas 2016.

Bill asked about Donna, but Katie said she was in Dallas with their dad. She mentioned Brooke. She was worried because Brooke seemed stressed. Bill figured that Brooke's kids would be home with her, but Katie said that R.J. was on a ski trip. She knew that Hope, Bridget, and Logan were scheduled to visit, and she expected that Brooke would have a house full of Avants. Still, she was worried about Brooke. She knew that Brooke rarely went to the office at Forrester anymore.

Katie promised to include Brooke more in family events in 2016. Katie realized that she had excluded Brooke previously because of all that had happened, but it had become a habit to exclude her. Katie felt they had moved past everything, and she wasn't worried about history repeating itself. She wanted to reach out to Brooke. She also wanted to include Liam, Wyatt, and their girlfriends, along with Justin, but she refused to invite Allison.

Bill asked about gifts, and Katie said they had purchased a portable gas grill for Wyatt for all of his adventures, baby stuff for Caroline, luggage for Donna, and beautiful antique sterling silver napkin rings for Brooke. Bill noted that was a terrible idea for Brooke because no one was ever at her house to use them.

Katie mentioned that maybe Brooke would invite them to dinner. Bill said he would write a check to Brooke's favorite charity, and Katie inquired what it was. Bill answered that it was the lung cancer research center in honor of Stephanie. Katie was surprised that Bill had such a perfect gift idea.

In Liam's office at Forrester, he flashed back to Ivy's request for another chance. Wyatt entered and asked if Liam planned to attend the company Christmas party that night. Liam said he had to, but Wyatt wanted to go out for a beer that night. Liam worried that Wyatt was thinking of quitting because he was tired of working with his mom.

Wyatt laughed and said it was more personal. "I'm not good at that," Liam said. "I know, but you're all I've got. I'm on the ledge and might need you to talk me down or give me a push," Wyatt said.

Wyatt wondered if there was a perfect time to propose. Liam was tongue-tied. "You don't approve. You look horrified," Wyatt noted.

Liam worried that it was too soon after so much had happened to Ivy and after she had been attracted to Thomas. Wyatt agreed, but he had almost lost Ivy. He added that he and Ivy had discussed that Thomas wasn't a serious relationship.

Wyatt felt he could offer Ivy stability and balance. Liam felt that if Wyatt was so sure, then he didn't need to ask Liam. Wyatt said he wanted to run it past Liam first. Liam said Wyatt "sounded pretty convincing."

Wyatt said he might propose on New Year's Eve. Liam hugged him and said he hoped Wyatt got what he wanted, but Liam looked worried.

In another office, Ivy sat and flashed back to her discussion with Liam about how she wanted another chance with him. She remembered that she told him she was still in love with him.

Loved ones near and far for Christmas

Loved ones near and far for Christmas

Thursday, December 24, 2015

At the mansion, Eric had eggnog and gazed at Stephanie's portrait, which he'd returned to its rightful place for Christmas. He played the piano and sang a tune as the camera panned over family photos. He sang that it hadn't been the same since "you've" been gone. Flashbacks of Stephanie played on-screen, and he sang the lyrics, "Merry Christmas to you...."

Later, the Spencers and Thomas and Steffy arrived. Katie let Eric know Will and the nanny were having cocoa and a movie. Noting that Stephanie's portrait was back in its rightful place, Maya's clown portrait was gone, and Rick and Maya were absent, Bill asked what had gone down.

Eric said it was nothing scandalous. Rick had taken the Avants on a trip, and Eric had wanted to spend the holiday with Stephanie. He planned to put Maya's portrait back before Rick and Maya returned. Bill said not to do it. Katie and Bill wondered where Brooke was.

Wyatt talked to Bill and Katie about Ivy spending the holiday in Cancun. Citing Rick's trip with the Avants, Bill wondered why people couldn't remain home for the holidays.

Liam and Wyatt began competing on who could name the most Christmas songs. Katie was concerned that Eric hadn't returned with Brooke and supposed that she should have gone to retrieve her sister. Katie felt sad because Brooke's children wouldn't be around for the holidays.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was on the phone, thanking someone for letting R.J. go on a trip with them. From the coffee table, she lifted his place card and tucked it away in a box. Rick messaged that he and the Avants had landed in Hawaii, and Brooke responded with sunshine and palm tree emojis.

Brooke sighed and stared at her holiday decorations. She answered the phone when Hope called, and she asked if Hope had landed. "What email?" Brooke said into the phone. She stated that she didn't check that email address often. In response to something Hope said, Brooke stated that they didn't have to see either of them, and she and Hope could stay in. "I understand," Brooke finally said.

Brooke ended the call and tossed Hope's place card in a box. A text arrived from Bridget, whose flight was canceled due to storm. She asked Brooke to wish her siblings a happy holiday. Brooke texted that Rick and Hope weren't there, and Brooke was alone. Brooke erased the words, and instead asked Bridget and Logan to have a happy holiday and visit soon.

"Great," Brooke uttered, tossing Logan and Bridget's place cards aside. Brooke's card was the only one left on the coffee table. She wiped away tears.

Brooke studied her tree and the children's handmade ornaments that adorned it. Everywhere she looked in the house, she saw flashbacks of Hope, R.J., Bridget, and Rick's childhoods. Brooke clicked a button, and lights on her enormous tree died out.

Later, Eric arrived with a gift that he wanted Brooke to wear to his Christmas Eve party. The sullen Brooke hadn't planned to attend. Instead, she'd hoped to have four of her children together in their family home. It had been a long time since they'd been in one room together. She wondered if it would be that way from then on -- her alone in a house that had once been filled with family.

Memories of the kids at various ages flashed on the screen. Brooke said it had all gone by very fast. Eric agreed, but he refused to let her remain home alone. "You're my family. Come home with me," he said. Brooke sobbed and hugged him.

At Eric's house later, everyone was happy when Eric finally arrived with Brooke. Each of them hugged Brooke and welcomed her in. Katie said she was sorry about how things had worked out. Brooke replied that she'd been sad, but seeing all of them had filled her up. Being with family was a necessity, in her opinion. She thanked Eric for opening his home to them. "You are my best friend," she gleefully told Eric, the man who'd stayed loyal to her.

Brooke saw Stephanie's portrait on the wall and envisioned a young Stephanie saying "Merry Christmas" to her. Eric and Brooke grinned.

Steffy handed Wyatt a sprig of mistletoe, and he was shocked by her audacity with Liam in the room. Steffy instructed Wyatt give her his phone, hold the sprig over his head, and make puckering faces. Wyatt hammed it up for the camera, and Steffy told him to send a photo to Ivy so that Ivy would know he was thinking of her.

Katie gathered everyone around to say words about her sister. Katie had been sad to hear that Brooke could have been alone on Christmas. She said that Brooke had been at Katie's first Christmas, and the sisters had been through a lot. Katie was grateful for what they'd overcome, and for better or worse, Katie was the woman she was because of Brooke.

Katie reminded Brooke that, even though her children weren't there, they were in her heart. Everyone toasted to Brooke. Brooke felt very loved and couldn't believe she'd almost stayed at home that night. Eric replied that none of them would have allowed it on the night that the world celebrated "that precious baby" and the words the shepherds had said about peace and good will toward men.

Steffy claimed that Eric was right, and they wouldn't have let Brooke be alone, even if it had meant taking the party to her house. Katie said Christmas was more than a day on the calendar. Eric added that the spirit should be with them every day of the year, and they should do their best to make the world a better place and be the peace and good will the shepherds had witnessed that night.

Eric took Brooke aside to get her to open his gift. Inside the box was a locket with youthful pictures of four of Brooke's children. Brooke tearfully thanked him, and he said her kids would always be in her heart. Brooke asked for Stephanie's permission to kiss Eric on the cheek. Cautiously, she did it, and the two waited for what might happen. The portrait remained on the wall, and Eric assumed the kiss had been okay.

Steffy told Eric that it was time. He sat at the piano, and played as his guests sang Jingle Bells. The episode ended with cast and crew gathered in the Forrester living room, wishing the viewers a happy holiday.

Christmas Pre-Emption

Christmas Pre-Emption

Friday, December 25, 2015

Due to the Christmas holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. The pre-emption was planned, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, December 28, and picked up where the Thursday, December 24, episode concluded.

Our family wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

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