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Bill urged Brooke to accept a job at Spencer even after learning that she still had feelings for him. Quinn busted up Wyatt's proposal to Ivy with a truth that sent Ivy packing for Australia. Instead of a flight home, Ivy took a tumble down some stairs.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 28, 2015 on B&B
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Quinn crashes Wyatt's propsal to Ivy

Quinn crashes Wyatt's propsal to Ivy

Monday, December 28, 2015

At Brooke's house, Eric arrived to invite Brooke out for breakfast, but she joked that she'd be dieting for a month due to the holidays. He said he lived up the street, and she didn't have to be alone. Brooke assured him that she was okay. She missed the kids, though. The house had become quiet with just her in it. She hadn't mastered being alone. Eric said she shouldn't want to.

At Spencer, Bill joked with Katie for hating on Alison. The couple discussed how happy they'd been that Brooke hadn't been alone on the holiday. They thought Brooke was sad and not quite herself. Katie had an idea that might help Brooke. Bill heard Katie's plan and agreed that it was a good one. Katie called Brooke, and with some prodding, got Brooke to agree to meet at Spencer.

When Brooke arrived later, she noted that Alison wasn't at her desk. Bill said that Katie had scared Alison away. Brooke discussed her joy that she hadn't been forgotten on Christmas Eve. Katie said she didn't like Brooke being alone, and for that reason, she and Bill had a proposition for Brooke.

The holidays had caused Katie to reflect upon how grateful she was that Brooke had been there to support her and protect her. Katie wanted to do the same for Brooke. She wanted to be a bigger part of Brooke's life and for Brooke know that she could count on Katie and Bill.

Brooke appreciated that sentiment but said she was fine. Katie had noticed that Brooke was less social and didn't go to Forrester as much. Brooke replied that the next generation had Forrester capably in hand. Bill said Brooke was giving the younger ones way too much credit, and there was no replacing Brooke Logan -- chemist, business tycoon, and international mega model. Brooke giggled.

Bill insisted that Brooke had contributed more to Forrester's success than anyone. Brooke said she'd had her day. "And you still do," Bill declared. He said Brooke wouldn't give up, and he and Katie wouldn't let her. Katie said Spencer needed Brooke's talent, and they wanted her to work at Spencer.

At the beach house, Quinn was thrilled that Wyatt was wearing the shirt she'd gotten him. She was also happy that he'd spent Christmas with her while Deacon had been visiting Hope in Europe. Wyatt revealed that he planned to propose to Ivy and said he didn't want to hear a negative word about it. Quinn was confused because of the whole Thomas incident. Wyatt asserted that he wasn't worried about another guy, and Ivy was completely committed to him.

In the CEO's office, Steffy and Liam discussed how the holiday had gone. She received a text message from Wyatt, who wanted her to stop by his home. Ivy entered as Steffy left, and Steffy said, "He's all yours." Ivy closed the door behind her, and murmured, "I wish."

Liam didn't know how to react to the statement. He said he was marrying Steffy, and Ivy and Wyatt could have a great future together. Ivy said she knew it, but it didn't change her feelings for Liam.

Liam felt that Ivy was better off with Wyatt, who loved Ivy. Ivy replied that Liam had loved her once, and feelings didn't just disappear. He said they hadn't been able to make it work, but she believed it was because Steffy had interfered.

Back at the beach house, Steffy arrived. She and Wyatt chatted about Eric's lethal eggnog. She asked why he'd called her there, and Wyatt showed her a pear-shaped diamond ring. Shocked, Steffy asked if he was proposing to Ivy. Steffy questioned whether Wyatt was sure and if it would be a good time to propose after the Thomas thing and the electrical incident.

Wyatt said that he and Ivy were more committed than they'd ever been, and almost losing Ivy had made him realize how much he needed her. He guessed his brother also thought he was jumping the gun and remarked that Liam and Quinn were the only other ones who knew his plans -- though Liam didn't know it would be that day. Steffy was glad that Wyatt had confided in her.

Wyatt said he was merely asking Steffy's opinion on the ring. Steffy said it was gorgeous. He asked if Ivy would accept. Steffy didn't think there was any way that Ivy would turn him down.

Back at Forrester, Quinn approached the cracked door to the CEO's office. She was about to enter until she heard Ivy saying that a part of her had given up on Liam when Steffy had returned to town, full of confidence and sex appeal. Since then, Ivy had learned her worth and what she could give. She couldn't move forward with Wyatt until she told Liam how she cared for him.

Quinn listened as Ivy stated that the time in Paris and Amsterdam had convinced her that Liam was the one. Liam couldn't deny that they'd had a connection. "Until Steffy came back," Ivy added. She insisted that Steffy had stolen him from her. "Wyatt is an incredible boyfriend, but he isn't you. You're the love of my life, Liam," Ivy confessed.

Liam advised Ivy to be very careful of what she said. Ivy didn't care about watching what she said. She told him that she'd stay with Wyatt. She was sure they'd have a good life; however, Liam was, and would always be, the one she wanted. Ivy's phone rang, and Quinn backed away from the door.

Wyatt was on the line. He wanted Ivy to meet him at his house. Ivy said she was in a meeting with Liam. Wyatt wanted her to bring Liam and said the news was good for everyone.

Later, Eric arrived at the office and discovered Quinn repeatedly calling Wyatt, who wouldn't pick up. Eric asked what was wrong. Quinn revealed that it was Ivy, and he asked what was wrong. Quinn said Ivy just wasn't the woman for Wyatt. Eric wanted to help, but Quinn said she'd handle it on her own. She charged out of the office, screaming for Wyatt to pick up the phone.

Back at the beach house, Wyatt noted that Quinn had called three times. Steffy asked why he wasn't answering. He said that his mother felt the proposal was a mistake, and she thought Steffy and Wyatt should be together. Steffy said it clearly wasn't happening, but she and Wyatt would each soon be married to Liam and Ivy respectfully.

Liam and Ivy arrived. Wyatt excitedly greeted Ivy. Steffy pulled Liam aside to say that Wyatt was about to propose to Ivy. She warned Liam not to kill the vibe. Liam stated that the proposal wasn't a good idea. Steffy didn't know why not. She said Wyatt cared about Ivy, and Ivy felt the same way.

Wyatt gathered everyone by the fireplace. He'd asked Steffy and Liam to be there because, despite the ups and downs, they were family. He felt that the foursome was somehow connected and trusted each other. There was no one Wyatt trusted more than Ivy. He finally had someone as devoted to a relationship and future as he was. He was grateful for Ivy. He said he loved her, their life, and their commitment. He wanted it to last a lifetime.

"So...Ivy Forrester..." Wyatt said and knelt on one knee. He opened the ring box and asked Ivy if she would marry him.

Just then, Quinn burst into the house. She yelled that Wyatt couldn't marry Ivy, and Ivy didn't deserve him. "Tell him!" Quinn ordered Ivy. Ivy seemed perplexed. "Tell him who you really love!" Quinn demanded.

Spencers miss some big clues

Spencers miss some big clues

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

by Pam

At Wyatt's beach house, Wyatt had proposed to Ivy while Steffy and Liam watched, but Quinn interrupted. "You can't be engaged to her," Quinn shouted. Wyatt told his mother to stop, but Quinn persisted.

Quinn said that neither Liam nor Ivy had been truthful with Wyatt. Quinn insisted that Liam and Ivy had been keeping something from Wyatt. Quinn said that she'd overheard a conversation between Ivy and Liam in which Ivy said she was still in love with Liam and would rather have a life with Liam than with Wyatt.

Liam scowled at Ivy, and Ivy looked helpless. Wyatt remarked that his mother was mistaken and acting crazy, but Quinn answered that Ivy's actions had nothing to do with Quinn. Wyatt insisted Quinn was mistaken.

Quinn ordered Ivy and Liam to tell Wyatt the truth. "Be honest with him. He deserves that," Quinn said. Wyatt looked confused. "Tell her she's wrong," Wyatt begged Ivy, questioning, "You didn't say you'd rather spend your life with my brother, did you?"

Ivy looked distraught. "She can't even look at you," Quinn said. "Wyatt, you know I love you," Ivy said. But Wyatt countered that he also knew all about her feelings for Liam and how Liam had dumped her. Wyatt believed in Ivy, and he professed that he was ready for commitment. He demanded to know if Ivy was ready, but she didn't answer.

Ivy stammered, and Quinn said that she had overheard Ivy tell Liam that she still loved him. Ivy tried to stop Quinn. She insisted that she loved Wyatt. Wyatt understood that Ivy loved him, but she wanted Liam more. He pointedly asked Ivy if it was true. Ivy tried to explain, but Quinn ordered her to be honest. Quinn looked at Liam and reminded him that Wyatt was his brother.

Steffy said she had no idea what they were talking about, but she ordered Liam to say something to his brother. "If Ivy said that, he needs to know. Don't protect her," Steffy said.

"Damn it. Yes. Ivy said it. Quinn's telling the truth," Liam said. But Liam added that he didn't think Ivy had been thinking clearly. Ivy said she had almost died. "I love you," Ivy told Wyatt. But she said she'd had to reach out to Liam one more time. She reminded everyone that her life had been "turned upside down" because Steffy had returned and "stolen" Liam him from her.

Ivy confessed that she'd made mistakes, but she begged Wyatt to give her a second chance. Wyatt was furious. "Would you have said yes? Taken me as second choice?" Wyatt asked. Ivy looked at Liam for help. Wyatt was furious that she was going to "settle for" him. "Liam is engaged to Steffy," Wyatt reminded Ivy.

Ivy tried to explain that almost dying had made her want to revisit all that had happened with Liam. Ivy blamed her battles with Steffy for her bad judgment, and she reminded everyone that she had almost died.

Wyatt understood that almost dying would have changed the way she looked at things. "But why would you hide it from me?" he asked. He felt Ivy was hedging her bets. Ivy argued that it wasn't like that, but Wyatt was angry. He demanded to know if Ivy would have taken his ring, knowing that he was her second choice.

Ivy admitted she would have. "I love you," she said. She again begged for a second chance. "I've turned into a woman that I don't like," she said. Ivy praised Wyatt as a good man. "Don't let this be the end for us," she said.

Wyatt seethed that Ivy knew how important trust was to him. He reminded her that he had forgiven her for everything that had happened with Thomas -- but not with Liam. "Not a chance. I will not share another woman with him. I want you outta here now. Go!" Wyatt shouted. Ivy left, and Quinn approached Wyatt, but he advised her to stop.

At Spencer, Brooke was surprised that Katie and Bill had offered her a job. She admitted she was grateful, but she didn't understand why they had extended the offer. Katie and Bill agreed that all the success Brooke had experienced at Forrester would translate into success at Spencer.

Katie and Bill worried that she spent too much time alone. Brooke thanked them. Bill and Katie said they'd do whatever it took to get her on board. Katie professed that Brooke was more than her sister. Brooke was Katie's best friend. Katie reminded Brooke that their mother had always told them to count on their sisters.

Brooke reiterated how grateful she was. Katie was called away for a phone call. Katie insisted that Bill couldn't let Brooke leave. Katie left, and Bill teased that he was not the boss from hell. He and Katie wanted Brooke to be part of their lives again. Bill said he wanted her at Spencer too. Brooke said she had to leave, and she walked out of the office.

Katie returned and chastised Bill because he had let Brooke leave. Bill reminded Katie that it was a big decision, and Brooke probably needed some space because it was not an easy move. Katie's phone indicated she had another message. She lamented that she'd had to deal with some ornery top executives, and it required a delicate touch -- another reason why Brooke should be at Spencer. "She's good with people," Katie said. Katie left the office, and Bill looked unsure. He left the office.

At home, Brooke was alone and stared at a Christmas-wrapped bottle of vodka on the table, a gift from Giorgio. Brooke read the card and removed the bow from the bottle. She set the bottle down and backed away from it. She recalled that Bill had said Brooke spent too much time alone. She also remembered that Bill and Katie had said they wanted her to be "part of their lives again." She flashed back to romantic times with Bill in the balloon and in Italy, and she smiled. Bill interrupted her thoughts with a knock on the door.

Bill entered, and he said they had unfinished business. He wanted to make one more pitch because it was important to Katie that Brooke work at Spencer. He and Katie worried that Brooke sat around an empty house. Bill told her it was time to reinvent herself. "Do what makes you happy," Bill said. He spied the bottle of vodka.

Brooke explained that the vodka had been sent from an overseas colleague who hadn't known about her alcoholism struggles. She begged Bill not to tell Katie. Bill worried something more was wrong. "What's going on with you?" he asked.

Brooke told him she couldn't talk about it. Bill insisted he cared about her. "Please don't do this. Isn't it obvious? You have no clue?" Brooke shouted. Bill looked confused, and Brooke was exasperated.

Hard to say goodbye

Hard to say goodbye

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

by Pam

At Wyatt's beach house, Wyatt sat alone with Steffy and Quinn. He wondered if Steffy had known about Ivy's love for Liam. Steffy said she hadn't suspected that Ivy was still in love with Liam. Quinn said that Steffy had to have been as shocked as the rest of them, but Quinn also blamed Liam for not telling Wyatt the truth about Ivy.

Wyatt left to get some air. Quinn and Steffy wondered how Ivy could be so cruel. Quinn said that Liam was part of the problem. Steffy stopped her. "This is about Ivy and her obsession with my fiancÚ," Steffy said. She added that Wyatt deserved better.

"I had a feeling from the beginning that she was poison," Quinn lamented of Ivy. Wyatt returned, and Steffy promised he would be okay soon. Wyatt inquired what Quinn had overheard at Forrester.

Quinn explained that she'd heard Ivy tell Liam how much she loved him. She added that Ivy had been trashing Steffy, and Ivy had told Liam that she would settle for Wyatt if Liam wouldn't have her. "I regret that I am the one to tell you," Quinn said. She believed that Liam should have told Wyatt previously. Wyatt looked at Steffy.

"Why didn't Liam come to me?" Wyatt asked. Steffy maintained that it wasn't Liam's fault that Ivy still had feelings for him. She said he hadn't been himself, but she'd had no idea why. Wyatt lamented that Ivy could have told him. "You're too good for her," Steffy said.

Later, Wyatt sat by himself. He drank scotch and rolled the engagement ring around in his hand. He set the ring on the table and threw the glass at the fireplace.

At Forrester, Ivy met with Liam and said the truth had needed to be made known at some point. Ivy admitted she'd been hanging on to hope that Liam would still be in love with her. She apologized that she had dragged him through it all. She promised it wouldn't happen again because she was returning to Australia.

Liam said that wasn't a good idea because her family and job were in America. Ivy answered that Forrester didn't need her, and he didn't want her. "I can't stay here," Ivy said. She added that it was embarrassing and humiliating to remain at Forrester after all that had happened.

Ivy didn't want Liam's pity, however. "Actually, I just came to say goodbye," she said. She thanked him for showing her how sweet and gentle a relationship could be. She hoped there was another Liam out there for her. "Until I stumble upon him, I'll never see you again, I and wish you well. You'll always have my heart," she said.

Ivy told Liam that he'd always been her compass and kept her on track. She felt that when she'd lost him, she'd lost everything. She wanted to believe he'd really loved her.

Ivy claimed she still saw a little bit of love in him. "Somewhere inside, deep down, you still love me," she said. "Of course I love you." Liam said. He hugged her, and she cried. Ivy said goodbye. Steffy watched from the doorway, and she was upset.

At home, Brooke tried to make Bill understand that she could not go to work at Spencer because Bill was there. Bill insisted it was not a good idea for her to refuse. Brooke explained that she was alone because it was safe.

Bill tried to persuade her to get out of her house and do something -- if not at Spencer then somewhere. He wanted to help her, but Brooke said he couldn't. Every time she looked at him, she was haunted by memories of them together. They moved closer, and the screen flashed memories from their time together in the balloon and engaged in kisses.

"It's hard to close the book on those memories -- so precious and yet so distant," Brooke said. She added that she could never work with him and see him every single day. "That won't work, Bill -- not for you, not for me, and not for Katie," she said. Bill took a deep breath.

Bill tried to explain away Brooke's feelings because it had been the holidays, and she was lonely and vulnerable and had been "fighting demons cloistered in this house." Brooke said the job opportunity sounded like a dream, but their history together prevented her from working with him. Bill didn't want Brooke to destroy her life over their relationship. "This is what I deserve -- what I've earned," Brooke cried.

Brooke said that vodka and Bill were both addictions. "I need to remove myself from it and you," she said. Bill disagreed. "This is not about you and me. It's about you getting your life back because you don't have one," Bill said. He wanted Brooke to allow him and Katie to help her. "You won't regret it," he said.

Brooke begged Bill not to pressure her. He agreed, but he added that she had to move on. "Someone has to help you," he said. Brooke noted that he was "always my protector, even when you shouldn't be." Brooke promised to find a way to get out more. "Goodbye," she said. She moved in and kissed Bill passionately.

At Spencer, Katie met with Eric and thanked him for inviting everyone to his Christmas party. She was glad that Brooke hadn't spent the holiday alone. Eric said that Brooke would always be family to him. Katie added that she had been worried about Brooke being withdrawn, so she and Bill had invited Brooke to work at Spencer.

Eric looked disappointed. He said he hated to lose Brooke at Forrester, but he admitted that Brooke and Katie would be a potent combination at Spencer. Katie said she wanted to be closer to Brooke, and she wanted to get past what other people said about Brooke -- that she was not trustworthy, and her passion often landed her in trouble. Katie joked that Brooke had a power over men, and just one kiss from her could be trouble.

Katie noted that they had to get Brooke out of her house. "She was never meant to be alone," Eric said. Katie agreed and said that she believed Brooke had been withdrawn after everything that had transpired between Brooke and Bill.

Ivy has a great fall

Ivy has a great fall

Thursday, December 31, 2015

At Spencer, Eric, who'd worked with Brooke a long time, said that not having Brooke around would take some getting used to. He had mixed feelings about it, but to him, Brooke hadn't been herself ever since the troubles between the sisters. A new job for a new year was perfect timing, he reasoned.

Katie relayed that she'd spent the past year putting her house in order. She was in a good place with Bill. She was ready to focus on her other family, which included Brooke.

At Brooke's house, Bill was confused by Brooke's kiss. Brooke said she was showing him why things wouldn't work at Spencer. The disconcerted Bill asked if she planned to just hide from him for the rest of her life. She relayed that occasional visits, pleasantries, and holidays together were fine.

Bill asked if Brooke would linger in her house alone and without a home or work passion. He said she needed and thrived on passion. Brooke instructed him not to worry about her. He pulled her in for a hug, and she shed tears. He said he hadn't had any idea that Brooke still had feelings for him.

Brooke had hoped that ignoring them would make them disappear. She knew she had to force herself to forget what it had been like to be with him, and she wanted him to forget everything she'd just said. Bill agreed that it was best because he was married to her sister. She replied that she knew it, and she'd wanted it for him and Katie.

Just then, the cheery Katie waltzed in. She asked why Brooke was crying. Bill explained that he was there because he'd hoped to convince Brooke to take their offer, but as much as Brooke wanted to accept it, she couldn't. Katie didn't understand. She'd wanted her sister to be excited about it and wondered what she was missing. Bill chimed it that leaving Forrester had to be the issue.

Bill knew that it would be hard, but he said that he and Katie would help Brooke make the transition. Katie believed that they needed Brooke because Liam was basically full-time at Forrester, and they needed a new editor for Eye on Fashion. Bill and Katie agreed that someone with Brooke's history, knowledge, and experience in the fashion world would be perfect for it.

Brooke wasn't sure. Katie said she wanted Brooke in her life. She wanted them to collaborate together and have long lunches. "Okay," Brooke decided. Katie said Brooke had made her very happy. Bill and Brooke stared at each other as the women hugged.

At the beach house, Caroline was excited when she saw the engagement ring that Wyatt had gotten for Ivy but wondered why the ring wasn't on Ivy's finger. Wyatt replied that Ivy would prefer one from Liam instead. Caroline thought Ivy was past Liam, but Wyatt said feelings for Liam didn't dissolve that easily.

Wyatt explained that his mother had forced the truth out of Ivy before Ivy could answer Wyatt's proposal. He noted that Liam and Steffy had been there, and Caroline felt that it had to have been embarrassing. He replied that the bright side was that he might laugh about it in thirty years.

Caroline asked if she could get Wyatt anything. Wyatt requested the number of a girl who'd never met Liam. She offered to get him a drink or listen to him bad-mouth Ivy. He didn't want to bad-mouth Ivy. He stated that he'd wanted a life with Ivy, but all along, Ivy had wanted Liam. Caroline had assumed that Ivy was smart -- but apparently not about men. Caroline believed Ivy would soon be kicking herself when she found her senses.

Wyatt advised Caroline to be with Ridge because it was New Year's Eve. She said she would, but she was concerned about her cousin. She invited him to be with her and Ridge that night, but Wyatt didn't want to be a third wheel at the couple's first New Year's celebration. Caroline thought it was a wonderful idea.

Wyatt declined, and Caroline said that next New Year's Eve, he'd be sipping Champagne with a wonderful girl who deserved an incredible guy like him.

At Forrester, Steffy listened outside the door as Liam tried to convince Ivy that leaving America wasn't the best option. Ivy was too in love with him to stay and determined to fly out that evening. "Wow. Okay, okay. I'll miss you," he stated and hugged her. Ivy grabbed her purse and left the office.

Steffy strode in and murmured that it was good riddance. Liam said Ivy was leaving. "Even though you still love her?" Steffy asked. Liam looked up at her. "Yeah, I heard," she stated. Liam didn't want Steffy to take his words out of context. She replied that he shouldn't have said it, and it had sounded like he'd been looking for a "plan B." Liam replied that it wasn't like that and was an unfair statement.

Liam insisted that he was with Steffy, and he wasn't sending mixed signals. Steffy said she knew who he was with but asked if Ivy knew it after he'd admitted having feelings for her.

Liam claimed he'd been acting civil and caring, and it had been what Ivy had needed to hear. Steffy felt that he'd been leading on a woman who'd just screwed over his brother. To Steffy, it wasn't civil or caring, and telling Ivy how he felt had only validated Ivy's behavior. She said it was a slap in Wyatt's face, and she didn't know how Liam could think it was okay.

Liam didn't want to argue. Steffy said she wasn't mad at him. She wasn't thrilled by what he'd said to Ivy, but she was upset with Ivy. Steffy thought it was horrible of Ivy to want Wyatt only for the moment while her real hopes were on Liam. Liam agreed. He considered that he should have told his brother, but he concluded that he'd been trying to stay out of it.

Liam had hoped Ivy would find her senses, but since she'd decided to move to Australia, he said that staying out of it was what he and Steffy each needed to do. Steffy asked why he'd say that. He told her that she didn't need to get up in her cousin's face and tell Ivy had badly she'd treated Wyatt. Liam believed that Ivy felt bad enough.

Steffy asserted that Ivy didn't care about Wyatt; she only cared for herself. Liam said it wasn't true, but Steffy quipped that he was Ivy's "compass," according to Ivy. Steffy found it pathetic that Ivy had said it after manipulating Liam into throwing the "L" word her way. Steffy felt that Ivy was trying to squeeze attention out of him before leaving town, and she didn't know why he was being nice to Ivy.

Liam knew Ivy had made bad choices; however, she was important to him, and it wasn't wrong to acknowledge it during Ivy's departure. He wanted Steffy to let Ivy leave the country peacefully. Steffy claimed not to want to be near Ivy -- unless it was to help her pack. He said to not even think about it.

At the mansion, Ivy rushed in. Eric asked what the hurry was. Ivy told him that she had to pack. Eric asked if she'd move in with Wyatt, but she replied that she was going to Australia. She said that she'd made a mess of things. She wished other people would admit their part in problems.

Eric asked what she meant. Ivy said she wanted Steffy to take accountability for her part in it. Ivy explained that when Steffy had returned from Paris and taken up with Liam, Ivy had been forced to suppress her feelings and move on. Ivy couldn't help but wonder what their lives would be like if Steffy had never returned. She said everyone's lives had suffered due to the return and "now" Ivy had to leave.

Upstairs later, Ivy packed. She found the key to the cliff house and recalled Liam giving it to her.

Downstairs, Steffy arrived. Eric guessed she was there to see Ivy. Steffy replied that she wanted to see if Ivy was really leaving. He sad Ivy was packing, and he was sorry things had gone that way. He got a message on his phone. He asked if the women would be okay or if he needed to referee. She said she was Steffy Forrester and would always be okay.

Eric left, and Steffy encountered Ivy on the stairs with luggage. Ivy guessed Steffy had heard that Ivy had a flight to catch. Steffy wanted Ivy to admit to being wrong in hurting Wyatt. Ivy claimed she'd admitted her wrong, but Steffy wouldn't admit her part in it. "Excuse me?" Steffy quipped.

Ivy accused Steffy of targeting Liam and ruining everything. Steffy guessed that was one way to look at it, but Ivy was doing the right thing by leaving. Steffy told Ivy to go and to get help -- but not to have any type of contact with Liam. Ivy replied that Steffy didn't tell her what to do.

Steffy claimed that she'd been patient enough with Ivy, who'd cheated on Wyatt and gone after Thomas and Liam. Steffy ordered Ivy to go back to Australia. Ivy said Steffy didn't have to worry about it because Ivy was gone. With her bags in hand, Ivy tried to skirt by Steffy on the stairs. Ivy somehow tripped and stumbled down the stairs. Steffy screamed Ivy's name.

Liam rushed into the house. He saw Ivy in a lump on the bottom landing of the staircase and Steffy panicking near the top of the stairs.

New Year's Day Pre-Emption

New Year's Day Pre-Emption

Friday, January 1, 2016

Due to the New Year's Day holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. The pre-emption was planned, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, January 4, and picked up where the Thursday, December 31, episode concluded.

Our family wishes you and yours a very Happy New Year.

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