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January 4 to 8, 2016
Ivy insisted upon going to Australia after her fall. Liam fell in the plane's lavatory and knocked himself out as the plane took off. When he finally reached Steffy to say he was in Australia with Ivy, she clicked off the line without hearing further explanation. Steffy assumed Liam wanted to be with Ivy, and in Steffy's bedroom, Wyatt stated that he and Steffy might be meant to be together. Sasha vented to Julius about being the unacknowledged product of his affair with her mother. Nicole tried to control her reaction when Sasha took over for her as Zende's test model when Nicole had gotten sick.
January 11 to 15, 2016
Steffy told Wyatt that she was completely committed to Liam, but she allowed Wyatt to hold her in bed. Liam finally returned home and found the pair sleeping together in his bed. He slept at Spencer, and without an explanation, he told a confused Steffy that their relationship was over. Bill pretended to be unfazed by Brooke's presence at the office, but when he couldn't stop thinking about her, he ordered himself not to go there again. Rick practically offered Sasha a modeling job but had to tell her that she wasn't a good fit after Nicole expressed concern over Sasha trying to compete with her for Zende.
January 18 to 22, 2016
Brooke and Bill decided to move forward as coworkers and family, but Bill's fantasies persisted. Worry about Liam and Steffy's relationship caused Bill to confess to Brooke that he, too, had lingering feelings from the past. Julius gave Sasha money to leave town, but as she bid farewell to Zende, she wound up exposing Nicole's career manipulation. Nicole apologized for her insecurities and offered to talk to Rick about Sasha's modeling job. Liam passed out in the Forrester parking lot. Quinn drove the unconscious Liam to her cabin and convinced Wyatt to visit Steffy. After a day at the beach together, Wyatt and Steffy kissed. Liam kissed Quinn -- on the hand -- as he struggled to remain conscious.
January 25 to 29, 2016
Quinn kept Liam at her cabin to give Wyatt time to woo Steffy. Liam had amnesia but couldn't shake the feeling that someone needed him. Quinn suggested that the "someone" could be her, and Liam kissed Quinn's cheek. Wyatt and Steffy drew closer at the beach, and Wyatt presented Steffy with a motorcycle to help her get over her past guilt about the miscarriage. Wyatt urged Steffy to let his bother go, and they passionately kissed. When Katie overheard Brooke calling Bill the love of her life, she banned Brooke from her life and from Spencer Publications.
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February 1 to 5, 2016
Sasha renounced her relationship with Nicole for a friends-with-benefits relationship with Zende. Zende resisted Sasha's seduction routines and reaffirmed his commitment to Nicole. Wyatt and Steffy spent another romantic evening on the beach. Wyatt wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and said he'd talk to her about it again soon. Steffy had feelings for Wyatt but couldn't stop thinking of Liam. Quinn told Liam that they were a married couple named Adam and Eve. Grateful for his doting wife, Liam passionately kissed Quinn. Brooke and Bill worried about Katie, who refused to get past Brooke's feelings for Bill.
February 8 to 12, 2016
Deacon warned Quinn that it wouldn't be pretty when Liam figured out that "Adam and Eve" and their Garden of Eden didn't exist. Liam recorded a message to order a prankster to stop calling Quinn. Quinn played the recording on Steffy's voicemail, and a devastated Steffy bedded Wyatt. Quinn convinced Liam that his wife was all he needed, and they had sex. After some introspection, Thomas asked forgiveness from Caroline and revealed that he wanted a family with the right woman. He rushed her to the hospital when she went into false labor, and they learned that Caroline was having a boy.
February 15 to 19, 2016
Brooke invited Katie and Bill over to mend fences. Katie agreed to give it a try until she stumbled upon a photo album dedicated to Brooke and Bill. Bill frowned upon Katie's drinking and was so put off by it that he couldn't be intimate with her. Katie caught Brooke and Bill consulting about Katie's drinking, and when Brooke told Katie the drinking was out of control, Katie claimed Brooke was using a new angle to try to get closer to Bill. Ridge put up Stephanie's portrait for a cocktail party he threw for older Forrester clientele. Rick insisted that Maya's portrait go back on the wall and the older clientele be introduced to the present, which was Maya.
February 22 to 26, 2016
Rick moved out of the mansion over the portrait dispute. He changed his mind, but it was too late. Ridge had already moved in. Rick's family moved in with Brooke, but Zende declined joining them. Zende finally confessed that he couldn't handle the pregnancy, and he and Nicole broke up. Steffy decided to move into the mansion with her family. Wyatt presented her with an engagement ring to entice her to live with him. Liam insisted upon seeing memorabilia of his life with "Eve," and Quinn instructed Deacon to doctor some photos. Liam, believing he was Adam, told "Eve" that he loved her, and Quinn responded that she loved him, too.
February 29 to March 4, 2016
Steffy agreed to marry Wyatt. Bill left Liam a message about it, and on Liam's behalf, Quinn text-messaged back that Bill should give Liam's job to Wyatt while Liam was finding himself on a retreat. Katie met with her therapist but continued to believe Brooke was a threat. During a tirade at Brooke, Katie broke down, wondering how anyone could love her. She promised Brooke that she'd stop drinking, but when Brooke left, Katie drank whiskey from a broken bottle that she'd smashed on the fireplace. As Nicole lamented her breakup with Zende, Sasha climbed into bed with him.
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MARCH 2016
March 7 to 11, 2016
Caroline and Ridge's son arrived during a water birth at home. The Spencers and Forresters were ecstatic about the baby, but the emotional Thomas felt a noticeable chill from Ridge. Rick struggled with Eric's request for peace between Rick and Ridge, and Rick warned that Ridge's skeletons would make it to light. Brooke revealed to Rick that Caroline's baby was a miracle because Ridge hadn't believed he could conceive. Deacon told Quinn that her only choice was to confess to Bill and end the twisted Adam and Eve fairytale with Liam. Quinn decided that she had another option -- murder.
March 14 to 18, 2016
Ivy arrived in town, and from her, Steffy finally learned about Liam's airplane incident. Steffy decided that Liam had to be with his other ex, but Hope hadn't heard from him, either. Bill declared that Liam was out and Wyatt was in at Spencer publications. Quinn convinced Deacon to help her push Liam off a cliff, but when Liam returned to the car for an asthma inhaler, Quinn pushed Deacon off the cliff instead.
March 21 to 25, 2016
Ridge's fertility specialist confronted Ridge about Douglas' paternity. Certain his tests were accurate, Dr. Wolin suggested that Caroline had cheated on Ridge. Quinn was desperate to leave town with Liam, who finally remembered snippets of his mountain wedding. Charlie shared with Wyatt surveillance footage of Quinn driving off with an unconscious Liam. Wyatt confronted Quinn, who lied about Liam regaining consciousness and leaving town. After asking Charlie to keep quiet about the discovery, Wyatt convinced Steffy to elope with him. Zende confessed to Nicole the details of his new relationship with Sasha. Nicole was livid that the pair would do that to her and that Julius seemed to support Sasha.
March 28 to April 1, 2016
Katie made dinner for Bill and Brooke to announce that the drinking had ended. During the meal, Katie hallucinated Brooke and Bill flirting together and called them out on it. Bill and Brooke were skeptical of Katie's sobriety. Brooke found a vodka bottle hidden in Katie's kitchen, and Katie begged her not to tell Bill. Liam recalled a face from the mountain wedding photos and made a collage of it from Internet photos. As he vowed to find the mystery woman, Steffy and Wyatt got married on the beach.
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APRIL 2016
April 4 to 8, 2016
Fragments of Liam's former life returned to Liam, and he grew suspicious of Quinn. Wyatt arrived for a surprise visit and caught Quinn cajoling Liam with kisses. Wyatt was shocked to discover that Liam didn't know who he was, and Quinn had been hiding Liam and pretending to be his wife. Quinn pleaded with Wyatt to let her leave town with Liam, but Wyatt helped Liam escape instead. Wyatt took Liam to his house to reunite him with Bill and Steffy. Brooke caught Katie with a vodka bottle hidden in a granola bar box. Katie urged Brooke to keep silent and to not get between Katie and Bill.
April 11 to 15, 2016
Sasha wanted Nicole to accept that Zende was in love with Sasha, but when Nicole confronted him about it, he was adamant that he was not in love with "that girl." To Quinn's shock, Deacon had survived the cliff fall, and he arrived at the cabin to exact his revenge. Quinn talked him into fleeing with her instead. Steffy avoided telling Liam about her marriage, but Wyatt asked her to promise that their commitment would endure. Dr. Wolin revealed Ridge's infertility secret to Katie. After giving blackmail terms to Ridge, Wolin was hit by an oncoming truck. Brooke showed Bill the vodka stash in the kitchen, and Brooke and Bill confronted Katie about her drinking.
April 18 to 22, 2016
Zende questioned Sasha about telling Nicole that he was in love with Sasha, and Sasha's piteous response caused him not to be honest with her. Katie apologized for blaming her problems on Brooke. Bill was happy about it but still worried about Katie's erratic behavior. Rick sleuthed for information about Ridge's meeting with Dr. Wolin and discovered that Katie might know something. Katie revealed to Ridge that Wolin had said Ridge wasn't Douglas' father. Ridge dismissed Wolin as a quack and warned Katie not to involve herself in a dangerous game. Liam asked Wyatt to step aside, but Wyatt refused to give up his marriage just because things hadn't gone Liam's way.
April 25 to 29, 2016
Liam planned a romantic night with Steffy, but his hopes of a reunion diminished when he saw that she'd tattooed her commitment to Wyatt on her ring finger. Bill tracked Deacon down, but Deacon pretended not to know anything about Quinn since their divorce. Deacon urged Quinn to leave Los Angeles, but instead, she threw herself upon Liam's mercy and begged him to give their "relationship" a real chance. Nicole ordered Sasha to stop "hovering" and leave town, but Sasha asserted that she had a right to be there because she was Nicole's sister.
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MAY 2016
May 2 to 6, 2016
Sasha revealed to Nicole that they were sisters, and Nicole forced Julius to tell Vivienne. Devastated, Vivienne threw Julius out of the Forrester mansion. Bill tried to get Liam to open up about Quinn and was surprised that Liam had let Quinn go when she'd shown up at the cliff house. Deacon believed that Quinn's Adam fantasy would land her in prison, but Quinn found it significant that Liam hadn't turned her in to police. Ridge told Katie that he'd used a sperm donor. Katie led Caroline to believe Ridge had told her all about Douglas' paternity, causing Caroline to blurt out that Thomas was the father. Ridge revealed to Thomas that he knew about Thomas' night with Caroline, and Thomas gleaned that he was Douglas' father.
May 9 to 13, 2016
Ridge told Thomas that Douglas had been born out of the drunken night between Caroline and Thomas, but Douglas was Ridge's son. Thomas took off with Douglas and arranged for Caroline to meet him alone at the cabin. Caroline believed she'd convinced Thomas to leave things as they were, but Thomas seemed to still be grappling with it. Liam reluctantly agreed to try to accept Steffy and Wyatt's marriage. Quinn appealed to Steffy to help Quinn reconcile with Liam and Wyatt, but Steffy messaged Wyatt to call the police. Liam arrived in time to see Quinn in handcuffs, and she implored him not to let the police take her from him.
May 16 to 20, 2016
Witnessing Nicole giving birth and handing the baby girl to Maya completely transformed Zende. He tried to break it off with Sasha, but she reveled that she was pregnant. Zende reconciled with Nicole and hoped Sasha's pregnancy wouldn't derail his future. Brooke shocked Katie by popping out from under Katie's bed. Fed up with Brooke's excuses and Bill's supposed naïveté about Brooke, Katie locked herself in the bedroom with a bottle of liquor. Liam let the police take Quinn to jail, but he appeared unresolved about his time at the cabin with her.
May 23 to 27, 2016
Rick and Maya announced that their little girl's name was Elizabeth Nicole. Thomas wanted to spend a little time alone with "his son" Douglas, but instead, Ridge handed Thomas a plane ticket and an indefinite assignment in Shanghai. Nicole and Maya gave a pregnancy test to Sasha and demanded that she take it. The cornered Sasha encountered a pregnant lady outside the bathroom and warned her not to flush or else the pipes would burst. As the test remained blank, Maya and Nicole accused Sasha of lying about a pregnancy. Finally, a result appeared, and Sasha asked if it was what she thought it was.
May 30 to June 3, 2016
Sasha showed Zende a positive pregnancy test. Unwilling to keep up the charade, she confessed that she'd faked it. Julius called a family meeting to ask for forgiveness. Vivienne agreed to try, but it took a lot of parental convincing to get Maya and Nicole to try with Sasha, too. While Ridge convinced Thomas to agree to the paternity secret, Bill convinced Katie to reveal it to him. Katie swore Bill to secrecy, but when Brooke got upset about Rick leaving town due to Ridge, Bill revealed that Thomas, not Ridge, was Douglas' father. Quinn paid Liam a surprise visit to find out if he ever thought about her, and the angry Liam told her what he thought of her instead.
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JUNE 2016
June 6 to 10, 2016
Katie was upset to learn that Bill had broken her trust for Brooke's sake and told him to just be with Brooke. Bill and Brooke confronted Caroline, Ridge, and Thomas about the paternity secret. Caroline talked Bill out of printing the story, and Brooke promised to keep quiet if Ridge shared his CEO duties with Rick. Bill took Brooke to the pool house to tell her that he was leaving Katie for her. Before Bill could act on it, Katie made a heartfelt plea for Brooke and Bill to forgive her erratic behavior. Bill still wanted to leave Katie, but Brooke was against it. A burglar broke into Liam's home, and to Wyatt's surprise, Liam indentified Reverend Rydale as the culprit.
June 13 to 17, 2016
Ridge offered Sasha and Zende huge career opportunities when he picked them to work on the new lingerie campaign. Nicole convinced Zende to decline it because she didn't trust Sasha in underwear around Zende. Bill turned his private gym room into a secret bedroom lair for Brooke and him. He proposed that he and Brooke carry on in secret, or he would divorce Katie to be with Brooke. Bill told Liam that he had zero tolerance for Liam interfering with Wyatt and Steffy's marriage. Desiring to live up to Bill's husbandly standards, Liam agreed to back off. Liam discovered Bill's secret bedroom lair and found an earring on the bed.
June 20 to 24, 2016
Liam confronted Bill about the earring Liam had found. Bill assured Liam that it had been Katie's earring. Katie liked Bill's new attitude, but when the "take-a-drink" voice inside her persisted, she confronted Brooke about still being after Bill. Liam proposed that Spencer Publications start a foundation and funnel profits toward saving the world. Bill declined, so Liam decided to embark on the venture on his own to keep himself busy until Steffy returned to him. Thomas and Caroline couldn't take keeping Douglas' paternity a secret. Caroline told Ridge that Thomas hadn't taken advantage of her, and Ridge kissed Douglas goodbye.
June 27 to July 1, 2016
Ridge accepted that Thomas hadn't taken advantage of Caroline, and Ridge agreed to let Thomas be Douglas' father. Ridge overheard Thomas ask Caroline to leave Ridge for Thomas, and Ridge exited the mansion without hearing Caroline turn Thomas down. Ridge tried to help Brooke in her resolve to stay away from Bill. Katie asked Liam to be honest with her if he learned anything about her husband and her sister. Bill implored Brooke for one last kiss, and as Brooke gave in, Liam watched through a cracked doorway. Eric broke off the secret affair he was having with Quinn. Eric tried to cope with his loneliness, but Quinn showed up at his house in lingerie.
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JULY 2016
July 4 to 8, 2016
Liam had it out with Bill about the affair with Brooke and declared that Liam would get the girl. Katie wandered up the beach to Liam's house after Bill lied to her about a phone call with Brooke. Liam convinced Brooke to validate Katie's suspicions. When Brooke confessed to Katie, Katie swore she'd never have anything to do with Brooke or Bill again. Liam revealed Bill's affair to Steffy, and refusing to give up on a future with Steffy, Liam kissed her. Quinn and Eric wound up in bed again, but Eric still insisted that the arrangement would lead nowhere. Thomas pressed Caroline about when they'd formerly announce him as Douglas' father.
July 11 to 15, 2016
Katie ordered Bill to get out of the house and vowed to protect Will from Bill. Bill, however, had already instructed Alison to slip away with Will. Liam was livid that Bill had separated a mother from her child, but Bill vowed to do what it took to protect Will from Katie's drinking and erratic behavior. Bill instructed Liam and Wyatt to go to a Spencer summit in Monaco -- and to take Steffy with them. Ridge revealed Douglas' paternity to his family, and Rick and Steffy vied to be the next CEO. With encouragement from Quinn, Eric gave himself the position. Steffy pitched a fit when Quinn showed up in disguise to congratulate Eric.
July 18 to 22, 2016
Thomas moved into Ridge's loft to avoid family tension. Caroline felt tension when family time with Thomas was cut short for his date with Veronica. Ridge told Brooke that he believed Caroline loved Thomas. Zende planned a romantic date for Nicole at the mansion, and the two made love. Brooke was determined to help Katie get Will and convinced Bill not to drag Will through a custody battle. Bill gave the child to Katie but warned that he'd watch her like a hawk to ensure that she saw her therapist and stayed sober. Steffy invited Eric to Monte Carlo as a guest speaker, and as the crew took off for France, Quinn packed her bags with the intention of surprising Eric abroad.
July 25 to 29, 2016
Caroline was impressed when Ridge prepared them a romantic evening at home. Ridge believed that the best thing for Caroline, Thomas, and Douglas was for Ridge and Caroline to dissolve their marriage. Though she loved Ridge, Caroline agreed, and the couple removed their wedding rings. Eric broke things off with Quinn, and she desperately hopped a flight to surprise him in Monaco. Eric regretted breaking things off, and they agreed that Quinn would remain in the city in secret. Wyatt masked his feelings when Steffy suggested they use her platform to help Liam's cause. Steffy warned Wyatt to keep Quinn away from Steffy and her family.
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August 1 to 5, 2016
Steffy spotted Eric kissing a mysterious stranger before leaving the hotel by car. The stranger ran from Steffy, who tackled the stranger and discovered that it was Quinn. Quinn claimed to be in love with Eric. Steffy slapped Quinn and ordered Eric to end his relationship with Quinn. Eric complied and sent Quinn back to Los Angeles. Wyatt thanked Eric but worried that Quinn couldn't let it go. Wyatt also became concerned that his marriage was in trouble. When Steffy told Liam about Quinn and Eric, Liam insisted upon protecting and loving Steffy the way that Wyatt wouldn't. Liam demanded that Steffy end her marriage and reunite with Liam.
August 8 to 12, 2016
Caroline and Douglas left for the Hamptons to get away until the scandal blew over. To Julius' chagrin, Sasha showed up at Lizzie's christening. Julius told her to leave town because she was a painful reminder of the past, and the family felt obligated to include her. Thomas admonished Julius for his treatment of his daughter, and the grateful Sasha kissed Thomas. Ridge tried to convince Katie to ask for Bill's Forrester stock. Katie was unsure about it until Bill's incessant text messages to Brooke made the decision for Katie. Eric's family ordered him to stop seeing Quinn. Instead, Eric reunited with her and hired her back at Forrester.
August 15 to 19, 2016
Sasha and Thomas bonded over their childhoods. Sasha stopped by to visit Thomas at the loft, and they wound up kissing. Eric ordered his family to respect his decisions about Quinn. Eric threw Ridge out of the mansion, and during a romantic dinner at home, Eric gave Quinn the key to the mansion. Wyatt threatened that his mother would lose him if she didn't walk away, but Quinn didn't want to let go of a good man like Eric. Steffy admitted that she still had feelings for Liam, and she threatened to walk out on Wyatt if Quinn didn't back down.
August 22 to 26, 2016
Steffy moved out of the beach house because Quinn wouldn't leave the mansion. Wyatt tried to drag Quinn out of the house, but Eric threatened to just get her back if Wyatt took her. Bill wouldn't give his stock to Katie, but he intended to throw in the jet to sweeten the divorce deal. Bill wanted to spend the rest of his life with Brooke after the divorce, and though he wouldn't sell Ridge the stock, Bill promised to give it to Brooke on their wedding day if Brooke succeeded in getting Katie to quickly sign the divorce papers.
August 29 to September 2, 2016
Bill and Katie settled their divorce and signed the papers together. As Bill presented Brooke with a sword-like ring and proposed marriage to her, Katie was encouraging Ridge to go after Brooke and their destiny before it was too late, and Ridge found himself flashing back on times with Brooke. Ivy asked Quinn to put a good word in for her with Eric. As Wyatt pressured Quinn to leave Forrester and the mansion, Quinn got an idea. She accepted Ivy back on the jewelry team and talked her into a makeover. Ivy was grateful for the chance at work but wondered why she had to lose her accent and dress a lot like Steffy.
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September 5 to 9, 2016
Brooke accepted Bill's marriage proposal, and the two made love. Ridge told Brooke that even if she actually wanted to marry Bill, she'd always be Ridge's Logan. Quinn talked Ivy into a makeover and losing her Aussie accent. When Quinn and Ivy saw Liam and Steffy hugging, Quinn convinced Ivy to go after the man she still had feelings for. During a moment alone with Liam, Ivy kissed him. The tension increased between Quinn and Eric's family, and Eric decided that the family would accept things better if he made the relationship permanent. Eric proposed marriage to Quinn, and she accepted.
September 12 to 16, 2016
News of Eric's engagement to Quinn spread, and the Forresters performed an intervention on Eric, to no avail. Quinn suggested that Wyatt perform his own marital intervention, but when Wyatt asked Steffy if their marriage could survive, Steffy claimed she couldn't concentrate on anything but getting Quinn out of Forrester. She said that, though she and Wyatt lived apart, she was still Mrs. Spencer. Upon returning home, R.J. was thrilled to see his parents in an embrace. He was not thrilled to see the "ugliest" ring on Brooke's finger or to hear that Brooke would marry Bill instead of reuniting with Ridge. R.J. asserted his displeasure about it directly to Bill and implored Brooke not to marry Bill Spencer.
September 19 to 23, 2016
Bill implored Brooke start their future, but Brooke postponed their wedding to address R.J.'s feelings. Bill asked Brooke to own any residual feelings for Ridge, but Brooke said she was committed to Bill. Eric and Quinn planned an impromptu wedding. Carter gave Eric the pre-nup he'd requested and a power of attorney document Ridge had requested. Eric and Quinn signed a stack of papers without reading them. Thorne and Felicia arrived in town, and Steffy and Ridge convinced the reluctant family to boycott the wedding. Standing alone at the altar, Eric realized the family wouldn't be at the wedding. Quinn tearfully walked between the empty rows of seats, and at the altar, she told Eric that she couldn't let him marry her.
September 26 to 30, 2016
Eric and Quinn married each other with only a single guest, Ivy, in attendance. The next day, Eric confronted his family about not attending the wedding, and everyone was remorseful except the ringleaders, Ridge and Steffy. As Ridge and Eric argued, Eric collapsed. The Forresters rushed Eric to the hospital for treatment of hemorrhaging in his brain. Ridge and Steffy attempted to bar Quinn from the hospital room, but in a brief moment of consciousness, Eric asked for his wife. Carter accompanied Thomas and Pam to retrieve personal items to take to Eric at the hospital. While waiting for Thomas and Pam in the foyer of the mansion, Carter discovered the envelope containing Eric's power of attorney. Carter read the document and was shocked by its contents.
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October 3 to 7, 2016
Steffy discovered Eric and Quinn's unsigned marriage license. Assuming that he had Eric's power of attorney, Ridge threw Quinn out of the house, the hospital, and Forrester. When Carter revealed to Ridge that Quinn really had the power of attorney, Ridge and Steffy convinced Carter to keep it a secret. Steffy moved back in with Wyatt, and Ivy urged Liam to move on. Wyatt overheard Ridge and Steffy convincing Carter to remain quiet about the real power of attorney, and Steffy implored her livid husband to go along with it for the sake of their marriage. Caroline returned to town with Douglas, and to Thomas' surprise, Caroline wanted to be a real family with him.
October 10 to 14, 2016
Zende thought that Maya and Rick had a lot of nerve to ask Nicole to carry another child for them. Nicole was tempted to do it for Lizzie but ultimately told Zende that she'd decline. When Sasha overheard Caroline asking Thomas to think about being a real family for Douglas, Sasha broke things off with Thomas so that she didn't stand between him and his son. Steffy begged Wyatt not to tell Quinn the truth about the power of attorney, but when Wyatt witnessed Ridge throwing Quinn out of the mansion, Wyatt said that Ridge would be the one to leave because Quinn held the power of attorney. Steffy relinquished her marriage and told Liam that she wanted him back.
October 17 to 21, 2016
R.J. urged Ridge to reunite with Brooke, and Bill pushed Brooke to get married. Donna gave her support to Bill and Brooke's wedding. Ridge kissed Brooke and wondered how he could let her marry Bill. Brooke declared her love for Bill and said that if there was no wedding, there would be no stock exchange. Wyatt witnessed the signing of Eric and Quinn's marriage license. Eric called Wyatt "son" and asked him to move into the mansion and support his mother, who'd run things at Forrester for Eric. Ridge asserted that he'd run Forrester, and Quinn needed to get out of his face; however, Quinn relieved him and Steffy of their duties at Forrester and named herself the interim CEO. Steffy and Liam consummated their reunion but agreed to keep it quiet until she'd divorced Wyatt.
October 24 to 28, 2016
Quinn placed Wyatt in charge at Forrester, and though Ridge was desperate to get Bill's stock, R.J. helped Ridge to see that the stock wasn't worth losing Brooke and their family. On the wedding day, Bill caught Ridge imploring Brooke to be with him. Enraged that Brooke had even listened to Ridge, Bill called off the wedding and stock exchange. Brooke told Bill to forget the stock. She threw Ridge out and convinced Bill to stand with her at the altar. Zende believed he and Nicole were in agreement about growing their relationship instead of putting it on hold for another surrogacy for Rick and Maya. Unbeknownst to him, Nicole agreed to do it again.
October 31 to November 4, 2016
Nicole conveyed to Zende her determination to carry another child for Rick and Maya. Upset and inebriated, Zende convinced Sasha to go to Hawaii with him. Moments before the insemination, Nicole backed out of the surrogacy for Zende's sake. She tried to call Zende, who was on the jet ride home, making out with Sasha. Deciding that Brooke would be Mrs. Spencer one day, but not the day that Ridge had ruined, Bill walked out on his wedding. Eric blasted Ridge for the coup attempt and ordered Ridge to work beneath Quinn and Wyatt on the next fashion show. Wyatt reluctantly agreed to a divorce. Steffy started the tattoo removal process and moved in with Liam.
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November 7 to 11, 2016
Nicole met the jet when it landed from its trip to Hawaii and was horrified to find Zende and Sasha in bed together in the jet's private cabin. Once Zende learned that Nicole hadn't gone through with the surrogacy, he begged her to forgive him and pick up where they'd left off. Nicole refused, and Sasha wondered what it meant for her and Zende. As Eric watched from home with Katie, Quinn conducted her first Forrester fashion show. Her jewelry pass got mixed reactions, and right before the finale, Ridge made Steffy refuse to wear the custom showstopper. To everyone's amazement, Quinn donned the white gown and floated down the runway to save the showing.
November 14 to 18, 2016
Quinn's last-minute decision to don Ridge's showstopper saved the fashion show, and orders for gowns and jewelry poured in. Brooke insisted that R.J. and Bill spend a day bonding. As R.J. got a whiff of the money stashed in Dollar Bill's safe room, Ridge absconded with Brooke to Stephanie's gravesite to remind Brooke that Stephanie had wanted them to lead the family. When he presented Stephanie's ring, Brooke wondered if Ridge was proposing to her. Eric tried to assuage Quinn's concerns about Katie moving next door, but upon seeing "OX Katie" in a text message to Eric, Quinn put a big "X" on Katie's moving plans. There was no way Quinn would allow Katie to move next door to Quinn and Eric.
November 21 to 25, 2016
Quinn insisted that Katie and her red lipstick find a different neighborhood. Katie assured Quinn that Katie didn't want Eric, and Katie suggested that Quinn reassess her insecurities and stop self-sabotaging. Nicole was shocked when Zende presented her an engagement ring to prove his commitment to their future. She couldn't accept it, but he promised to keep it until she was ready. When Ridge presented Brooke with an engagement ring, she said she was still wearing Bill's, and Bill would be the first to know if she'd take it off. Steffy rallied the family for Thanksgiving Day at the Forrester mansion, and everyone forced themselves to be civil with Quinn for Eric's sake.
November 28 to December 2, 2016
Zende pushed for Nicole to marry him, but Nicole refused to have a marriage like her mother's, with a man she couldn't trust in difficult times. Sasha warned Nicole to take Zende back, or he'd be fair game. Eric decided that he wasn't interested in being CEO anymore. Quinn looked to Steffy to fill the role, but Steffy was suspicious of the offer. Bill sent Brooke to end it with Ridge so that Bill and Brooke could elope. Ridge and R.J. ambushed Brooke with a heart in the sand. To Bill's heartbreak, Brooke reunited with Ridge. Liam urged Bill to fight for Brooke.
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December 5 to 9, 2016
Ridge got his "ass" back to Brooke, but it was too late. Distrust of Ridge led Eric to endorse Quinn's nomination of Steffy to the CEO's chair. Steffy was awed by Eric's belief in her, and it tempted her to accept the position. Liam and Ridge suspected that Quinn had convinced Eric to choose Steffy because Quinn wanted Steffy back with Wyatt. Liam urged Steffy to stay away from Quinn, who was bound to unleash her true self at some point. Katie went to Eric's house, bearing another gift for him, but after she kissed him on the cheek, Quinn gave Katie the gift of a candleholder to the back of the head.
December 12 to 16, 2016
Steffy accepted the CEO position and softened toward Wyatt and Quinn. Liam appealed to Eric to wake up to the truth about Quinn, but Eric gave Liam a dose of truth about himself and unequivocally sided with Wyatt in the battle for Steffy. Quinn put her murder fantasy on simmer and reiterated her feelings to Katie about the appropriateness of Katie's relationship with Eric. Brooke voiced her concerns to Eric about choosing Steffy as CEO and to Katie about riling Quinn up with the cheek kiss. Katie videotaped Quinn telling Liam to enjoy his days with Steffy because they'd be his last.
December 19 to 23, 2016
Quinn tested the outdoor shower Christmas gift she'd gotten for Eric and wasn't the least bit shy when Ridge slithered out from the bushes and saw her naked. R.J. got everything he'd ever wanted for Christmas when Brooke and Ridge got engaged. Bill was certain that Ridge would hurt Brooke again, and Bill and Brooke would reunite. The Forresters opted to spend Christmas in their own homes, making their own memories, but their love for Eric and longing for Forrester traditions drew them piano-side for caroling and eggnog at the mansion.
December 26 to 30, 2016
Liam tried to convince Steffy that Wyatt's social media campaign wasn't becoming of a CEO of a major company. Eric advised Steffy that living with Liam while still married wasn't, either. Liam realized that Steffy had set up a romantic evening with him to tell him she was leaving him. Brooke wondered when she and Ridge would set a wedding date, and Ridge concluded it would be when he rid the family of Quinn. As Bill tried to get Brooke to see that Ridge would hurt her again, Ridge flirted with Quinn in the Forrester steam room.
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Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy


Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy
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