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Ivy insisted on flying to Australia after her fall. Liam inadvertently wound up on the flight with her. Steffy believed Liam had run off with Ivy, and Wyatt wondered if he and Steffy were meant to be together. Nicole frowned upon learned that Sasha had filled in as a model for Zende when Nicole had gotten sick.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 4, 2016 on B&B
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Liam blames Steffy for Ivy's hospitalization Liam blames Steffy for Ivy's hospitalization

Monday, January 4, 2016

At the mansion, Liam rushed in and saw Ivy unconscious at the bottom of the staircase. He called paramedics as Steffy trotted down to the landing. "Don't you touch her," Liam said to Steffy.

The ambulance arrived and took Ivy to the hospital. "Again, Steffy?" Liam asked. Liam started to leave the house, and Steffy said she was going with him. He told her that she wasn't. He claimed that Steffy wasn't supposed to go near Ivy, and he asked how many times Steffy had to learn it.

Steffy swore she hadn't touched Ivy. Liam didn't care, and he didn't believe it was a coincidence that Ivy ended up in the hospital whenever Steffy was nearby. He yelled that they'd had a whole conversation about Steffy staying away. "Oh, yeah. It's convenient for you just for me to stay away and tell her that you're in love with her, right?" Steffy asked.

Liam asked why Steffy hadn't been able to rein it in for once and just let Ivy go to Australia. Steffy sobbed that it wasn't her fault. He asked her to tell him why violence followed her around. Liam said it was always someone else's fault, and he was done with her excuses. "I'm done," he said and left.

Later, Steffy left what she indicated was another message for Liam. In it, she said she'd tried to call the hospital, but no one would tell her anything. She asked Liam to call her back even if he was upset because they never shut each other out. She said she'd be waiting at home.

At the cliff house, Steffy finally got the hospital to let her know that Ivy was conscious and might be released that day. Steffy messaged Liam to say she hoped he'd be home soon. She waited and worried about Liam saying he was done. Grimacing, she looked at her ring.

In the design office, Wyatt arrived. Quinn said no one expected him to be at work. Wyatt replied that he wouldn't stay at home and stare at the ring all day. He was upset because he thought he'd done everything the right way that time, without trickery or trying to outdo the competition. He hadn't even known that he'd had competition, and he wondered how many lies Ivy had told him.

Quinn was sure Ivy would soon feel the pain of what she'd done and said that Ivy had thrown away something that she could never replace. Wyatt no longer felt like the main character in his own story. Quinn replied that it hadn't been that way when it had just been the two of them. Though he hadn't been thrilled about it, he admitted that being the center of attention with Quinn had been a rare gift.

Wyatt didn't regret learning that he was a Spencer, but he didn't like being the least magnetic one. Quinn didn't want to hear him talk badly about himself. Wyatt believed he was a great person; he just didn't understand his effect on others. She regretted spending recent years surrounded by people who weren't committed to anything. He said Steffy wasn't like that, and Quinn agreed.

Quinn noted that Ivy wasn't the same, sweet, dimwitted Ivy they'd first met. She wondered if Ivy had suffered a mental breakdown. Wyatt didn't want to disparage Ivy and reminded Quinn that he'd had to defend her against mental illness claims in the past. Quinn reasoned that it might not be Ivy's fault; it might be culture shock that had caused Ivy to lose her ladylike roots.

Wyatt asked what culture shock would make Ivy get the hots for a man she'd been raised to think was her cousin. "There!" Quinn exclaimed. She urged him to keep the fire in his belly.

Pam entered and told Wyatt that Ivy needed him. Wyatt disagreed, but Pam said that someone from the hospital had called for Eric, and an unconscious Ivy had been admitted.

At the hospital, Liam entered as a doctor was checking Ivy's vision and reflexes. The doctor said Ivy was lucky, even though she kept winding up in the emergency room. He told Liam that Ivy had regained consciousness pretty soon after she'd arrived.

The doctor left, and Ivy joked that staying in Los Angeles was lowering her life expectancy. Liam said he was sorry, and she asked if he was really going to marry Steffy. Ivy had meant it when she'd said she loved him. She was sure Steffy would beat him down into an unrecognizable version of himself. She said he already didn't resemble the guy she'd been with in Amsterdam.

Liam stated that Steffy had said she hadn't pushed Ivy. Ivy guessed Steffy would say such about Ivy's newest "brush with emergency medicine." Ivy didn't think he believed Steffy. He replied that he did, but he didn't know if it mattered. Ivy replied that it didn't matter if Steffy told the truth because Liam didn't trust her. "And she did tell the truth this time," Ivy added.

Ivy wanted to wish Liam and Steffy a happy life, but Ivy said havoc kept the couple together. Liam decided to leave, but she asked him not to go. She guessed she'd painted herself into a corner in L.A. He asked why his brother hadn't been enough. Ivy said it was hard to get over what one had lost, even if it wasn't the right thing. "Well, that doesn't explain Thomas," Liam replied.

Ivy reasoned that if she'd been able to explain Thomas to herself, she could have stopped herself. She asked if Wyatt would forgive her. Lam doubted it. He advised her to take time for herself and made it clear that he and Ivy wouldn't be a couple. He didn't want her to think he was doubtful or confused about it.

Wyatt and Quinn arrived, and Wyatt noted that Ivy was conscious. Ivy said she was unkillable. "Not unlike a coach roach. Can we go now?" Quinn asked. Wyatt asked what had happened, and Ivy explained that she'd fallen down the stairs. Liam reluctantly revealed that Steffy had been there. Using air quotes, Liam mumbled that it had been an accident. "No, I'm sure it was," Liam decided.

The doctor arrived to take Ivy for a scan to check against her last one. Ivy thanked Wyatt for checking on her, even though he probably didn't care what happened to her anymore. She said she hadn't deserved him. He asked her to do them a favor and stop winding up hospitalized.

After Ivy and the doctor had gone, Liam apologized for not calling Wyatt. Wyatt wasn't surprised because Liam also hadn't notified him about Ivy's feelings. Liam claimed he hadn't told Wyatt because Liam hadn't believed Ivy. Wyatt didn't buy it, and Liam insisted that, because Ivy and Steffy had been so competitive, it had seemed as if Ivy had just been trying to get a response out of him.

"Yeah, but she did, didn't she? Because you kept it a secret," Wyatt countered. He said Liam had given it priority over his own brother. Liam claimed that he wasn't the cause of Wyatt's pain and hadn't invited whatever Ivy was going through. Liam stated that he and Steffy had been happy, and he'd assumed that Wyatt and Ivy had also been happy.

Quinn asked if Ivy had really fallen down a flight of stairs that she'd navigated hundreds of times in her life. Liam replied that he was having trouble with it, too. Quinn speculated about Steffy's part in it. Liam replied that it wasn't attempted murder, and each woman had said Steffy hadn't touched Ivy.

Upset, Liam said the problem was Steffy even being there after they'd had conversations time and time again about it. He stated that Steffy had agreed that it wasn't her job to defend Wyatt, but she'd hunted Ivy down again.

Frustrated, Liam decided to take a walk. As soon as he left, Quinn noted that Steffy had been defending Wyatt. Wyatt didn't know why Steffy wouldn't defend him, the inured party. Quinn replied that it was because Liam wouldn't like it. Wyatt stated that Steffy spoke her mind no matter what. Quinn conveyed that Steffy and Wyatt had that in common.

Wyatt relayed that Steffy had been a friend to him, and Quinn suspected that Steffy might need a friend at that moment. Wyatt wanted to wait and make sure Ivy's head wasn't broken. Quinn exclaimed that Ivy was fine and didn't deserve his concern -- unlike Steffy, who had stuck up for him. She urged him to go to Steffy. "Maybe that's how this whole thing is supposed to turn out," Quinn reasoned.

Water on a plane adds drama

Water on a plane adds drama

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

by Pam

At Liam's beach house, Steffy waited for Liam, and she flashed back to Ivy's fall down the stairs. She remembered that Liam had entered the house after Ivy had fallen, and he had been angry. Liam had shouted at her that it seemed to be a "cosmic coincidence" that something bad happened to Ivy every time Steffy was near her. "We weren't even close to each other," Steffy had said.

Liam had angrily reminded Steffy that she had been instructed to stay away from Ivy. "It isn't my fault," Steffy had said. Liam had maintained that it was never Steffy's fault, but people continued to get hurt. "I'm done," Liam had said. Steffy sat alone near the fire and worried.

Steffy looked at a wedding picture of Liam and her at their first wedding, and she flashed back to meeting him on the mountain for the wedding. She recalled happier times with Liam, and she smiled.

At Forrester, Pam told Eric that Ivy had fallen down the stairs at the Forrester mansion. Eric was worried, but Pam added that she had more news. "Steffy was involved," she said.

At the hospital, Wyatt and Quinn waited for word on Ivy's condition. Wyatt lamented that they were again waiting to hear what had happened to Ivy. Quinn wanted Wyatt to consider that Steffy needed a friend, considering what had happened. Quinn reminded Wyatt that Liam had been angry with Steffy, and Ivy was fine. Ivy had been alert and talking when she'd entered the emergency room.

Quinn encouraged Wyatt to pursue Steffy. Liam entered and recognized that he had interrupted something. Quinn said he had caught a nice mother-son moment. Quinn asked about Ivy, and Liam answered that the doctors were running tests.

Quinn noted that Liam looked exhausted. She added that it had to have been difficult for him to see Ivy hurt again after she'd barely recovered from being "nearly shocked to death." Liam maintained that Steffy should not have been at the house with Ivy.

Liam noted that Steffy didn't care what she was supposed to do, "and somebody ends up in the hospital," he said. "Or dead," Quinn added. Liam and Wyatt were shocked at Quinn's response, and Wyatt announced that Quinn didn't have to say every thought that entered her head.

Quinn wondered how Liam had left things with Steffy. Liam admitted that he had told Steffy he was done. Quinn noted that it had been a bad night, and Liam refused to discuss it with her. He worried that Steffy always had to have the last word. Quinn wondered where Steffy was, and Liam said she had remained at Eric's house after the accident.

The doctor wheeled Ivy into the room in a wheelchair, and Ivy was surprised to see Wyatt, Quinn, and Liam. She thanked them all for waiting for her. The doctor announced that Ivy had a mild concussion and could return home as soon as he cleared up her paperwork. The doctor advised her against any strenuous activity and told her that if she had any nausea or dizziness, she needed to return to the hospital. "Try not to visit us again for a while," the doctor suggested. He left.

Ivy asked Wyatt to remain and talk, but Wyatt refused to discuss anything further with her. He left. Quinn looked at Ivy and said she was glad Ivy was all right, but Quinn would not forgive her for how much she had hurt Wyatt. Quinn left.

Liam asked if she was ready to return to Eric's house, and he offered to drive her. "Liam, I have to go home to Australia today," Ivy said. Liam looked disappointed.

Liam reminded Ivy that she wasn't supposed to be driving or anything, let alone flying. Ivy ignored his warnings and used her cell phone to schedule a flight. Liam tried to convince her to stay.

"I've gotta get out of here," Ivy said. She insisted that she was ready to return home to Australia.

At Forrester, Quinn and Wyatt discussed what had happened, and Steffy called Wyatt to ask about Ivy's condition. Steffy worried that Liam had not answered any of her calls. Wyatt advised her that Ivy was all right and had a mild concussion. "Thank God," Steffy said. Wyatt apologized that he hadn't thought about calling Steffy.

Steffy admitted that she had been worried because Liam had been upset with her. "Are you okay?" Wyatt asked. Steffy answered that she had wanted Liam to talk to her. Steffy insisted that she was not giving up. She promised that she and Liam would work it out. She hung up.

Quinn suggested that Wyatt should spend some time with Steffy. Wyatt refused because he was tired of ending up with women who had a history with Liam. "I'm not doing that again," he said.

Quinn argued that she believed Wyatt and Steffy were meant for each other. She added that Hope and Ivy had not been worthy of him. She pressured Wyatt to be a friend to Steffy because Steffy clearly needed one. Wyatt shook his head.

At the hospital, Eric sat with Ivy and begged her to wait a couple of days so that he could get used to the idea of her leaving. She thanked him but declined. "I'm really going to miss you," she said.

"You're a Forrester and there's always a place for you here," Eric said. He hugged her. Liam interrupted and said he had to take Ivy to the airport, since he couldn't change her mind. He wanted to make sure she got into her seat. Ivy maintained it was all for the best.

On the plane, Liam helped Ivy into her seat, and she thanked him but reminded him that his ticket was not refundable. He said it was more important that he knew she was all right. Liam added that his ticket gave her an extra seat to stretch out and relax. Liam tried one last time to persuade her to stay in Los Angeles. Liam talked to a flight attendant about Ivy's condition and her concussion.

Liam rejoined Ivy, and she said she was glad he was joining her. Liam noted that he was not accompanying her on the flight. "Are you okay?" Liam asked. Ivy smiled and apologized. She said she was fine, but she started to look sick and leaned forward.

Liam jumped up to get her a towel from the flight attendant. The flight attendant reminded him to fasten his seat belt because the plane was ready to take off. Liam raced to the bathroom and put the towel under the faucet, but the faucet sprayed all over the place. Liam backed up to get away from the spray, but he slipped in the water, hit his head, and passed out. Meanwhile, the plane taxied down the runway.

At Liam's, Wyatt entered and greeted Steffy. Wyatt realized that Steffy had thought he was Liam. Wyatt wondered if Steffy had heard from Liam. She had not, and she asked if Liam was still at the hospital. Wyatt said he probably was. Steffy said Liam was probably at Ivy's bedside to "monitor her breathing."

"Why did you come here?" Steffy asked. She acknowledged that it was a difficult time for him too. Wyatt said he felt she might need a friend. Steffy wondered why "all these terrible things keep happening around me." Wyatt said he believed she had not been involved. She said it meant a lot to her. Wyatt wondered if there was anything he could do for her. She maintained that she needed Liam to return home to her.

Fly away with me

Fly away with me

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

by Pam

On the plane to Australia, Liam went to the bathroom to get Ivy a cold towel, but the faucet sprayed all over the room. As Liam backed away from the spray, he slipped in the water, hit his head, and passed out. Meanwhile, the plane taxied away from the gate.

Ivy sat in her seat on the plane, and the flight attendant asked her if she needed anything, and she noted that Liam was missing. Ivy said he had to have left the plane because she hadn't seen him. They both agreed it was odd that he hadn't said goodbye, but Ivy knew he had only purchased the ticket to get her on the plane.

Meanwhile, Liam regained consciousness in the plane bathroom and opened the door. He delivered the cold towel to Ivy, and the flight attendant returned to tell him he had to buckle his seat belt. Liam argued that he needed to get off the plane. Liam demanded that the flight attendant turn the plane around. The attendant advised him that it wasn't possible for him to leave because they were flying at 30,000 feet.

Liam was adamant that they had to turn the plane around, and the attendant asked if it was a medical emergency. Liam responded that he was not supposed to be on the flight. The attended ordered him to calm down. "You and your companion will both be going to Sydney," she said.

Ivy wondered what had happened to him, and Liam explained that he had slipped and hit his head. He needed to return to Los Angeles, but Ivy said he could purchase a return ticket after they arrived in Sydney.

Ivy thanked Liam for all he had done, and she appreciated him looking out for her. She recalled that they'd had similar experiences earlier in their relationship. "Just one friend looking out for another," Ivy said. Liam smiled. He added that Steffy would understand, but he didn't sound confident.

In an office at Forrester, Nicole met with Sasha, and Nicole said she actually enjoyed spending time together with her family. Sasha acknowledged that it was only family, and she understood. Julius arrived, and Nicole asked him to fill Sasha in on the trip because she was nauseous. Nicole left to get some air.

Julius reminded Sasha that she needed to stop bothering Nicole at work. Sasha said she might hang out long enough until they hired her. She called Julius Dad and noted that he was worried she might stay.

Julius tried to shush Sasha, but she said that Julius owed her because he had made her feel second class, and she knew he was ashamed of her. Julius countered that he had always taken care of her and her mother, but Sasha argued that he had never been there for them like he had been for his "real family."

"My mother never wanted to take your measly crumbs," Sasha said. Sasha reminded Julius that she and her mother had waited many years and listened to empty promises that he would leave Vivienne. Julius advised Sasha to stop or she would destroy her relationship with Nicole.

Sasha said she was not a threat to him and his family. Julius said that he was respectable and so were the Forresters. She countered that she had never given him any concern like Maya's transgender reveal and Nicole's surrogacy. She maintained that she deserved to be treated like his daughter. Julius demanded that she stop. Sasha refused to be ignored anymore.

At Forrester, Carter and Zende worked out at the rooftop gym, and Carter wondered how the trip to Hawaii had been for the Avants and Forresters. Carter wondered if Zende and Nicole had gotten some time alone. Zende remarked that they'd gotten some but not much because Maya had been hovering the whole time.

Veronica from the Forrester marketing department joined Carter and Zende, and she had some business to discuss with Carter. He introduced her to Zende as one of the "up and coming executives" at Forrester based on an article in Eye on Fashion. Veronica noted that Carter had also been featured in the same article. They all chatted, and Nicole showed up and interrupted. She kissed Zende and called him her boyfriend. Veronica and Carter left. Nicole noted that both Carter and Veronica had been written up in Eye on Fashion. Zende wondered if Nicole had been jealous.

Nicole admitted that she was jealous. She had morning sickness, water weight, and emotional issues, and she was wondering why she was being so possessive and worried about other girls. "Baby, we were just talking," Zende said. Nicole agreed. "And now I'm all weepy," she said. Zende told her she was beautiful.

At Liam's beach house, Steffy checked her phone for calls and messages from Liam while Wyatt waited. Wyatt suggested that Liam should have contacted her. Steffy insisted she and Liam would work it out. Steffy maintained that Ivy's fall down the stairs had not been her fault. Wyatt said he understood. Steffy was relieved.

Steffy wanted to get back together with Liam. Steffy insisted that she was not giving up. She promised that she and Liam would work it out. Steffy realized that confronting Ivy had been a big mistake. Wyatt understood. Steffy thanked Wyatt for stopping by, and she sent Liam another text message, but Liam didn't reply.

Steffy is devasted that Liam is in Australia

Steffy is devasted that Liam is in Australia

Thursday, January 7, 2016

On the commercial flight to Sydney, Liam awakened. Ivy stirred and asked if they were there yet. He couldn't believe the plane had taken off with him in the bathroom, but she replied that no one had known he'd been in the bathroom. He wondered if the Wi-Fi was working yet, so he could contact Steffy. The stewardess said that it wasn't, but they'd land shortly.

Ivy understood Liam's frustration. She was sure Steffy would understand once Liam explained things to her. Liam said he wasn't even sure he understood how it had happened. He felt desperate to get in touch with Steffy. Ivy asked if he was always that hard on himself. He said he wasn't, but he believed that he'd royally screwed things up with Steffy.

Ivy reasoned that Liam had misconstrued the fall down the stairs, but because Steffy had been on the scene of past incidents, his reaction hadn't been unreasonable. Liam said he was a proponent of staying and working things out, but it seemed as if he was the one who had gone off half-cocked that time.

Liam felt that Steffy deserved better and exclaimed that they were engaged, "for God's sake." "Well, maybe you shouldn't be," Ivy murmured. She advised him to put things on pause for a while and figure out if he and Steffy were meant to be together.

Liam didn't need to reevaluate things. He felt he needed to contact Steffy and apologize for speaking out of anger. Ivy wondered if he'd do that even if his words had been true.

When the plane landed and passengers prepared to disembark, Liam got up fast, but he seemed dizzy and disoriented. Ivy didn't notice as she unbuckled herself. Liam was anxious to get back to Steffy but didn't know if she'd want to see him. Ivy stated that everyone had their limits, and he'd reached his.

Liam said Steffy needed to know that he'd overacted and didn't believe she'd deliberately tried to hurt Ivy. Handing him a phone, Ivy said he had to first let Steffy know he was on the other side of the world.

At the cliff house, Steffy awakened on the sofa in the morning and discovered that Liam wasn't home and hadn't contacted her. Wyatt arrived via the kitchen patio door. She relayed that she still hadn't heard from Liam. Wyatt had last seen Liam at the hospital around the time of Ivy's discharge. He'd left, assuming that Liam would get Ivy home.

Steffy concluded that Liam was ignoring her text messages and voicemails. Wyatt didn't know what was going on with Liam but guessed Liam needed time alone to think. Steffy was upset that Liam hadn't called to say so. She wondered if he was angry enough to go "radio silent." Wyatt tried to calm her down, saying her fiancé would be there soon enough.

"If he still wants to be my fiancé," Steffy replied. Wyatt was sure things would be fine once she and Liam cleared things up. She wondered if Liam wanted to clear them up. Wyatt said Liam would be an idiot not to and wouldn't deserve Steffy. She replied that Wyatt always said the right thing. He joked that he always put his foot in his mouth, but she replied that he didn't with her.

Steffy was sorry that Ivy had hurt Wyatt. Wyatt stated that he was getting used to it. Steffy replied that Ivy still blamed her for stealing Liam. Wyatt didn't buy it. He said that at one point, Ivy might have convinced him "that that's what happened, but after the way she's been acting?"

Steffy could only focus on finding Liam. She didn't know why Liam was staying away, but she believed in him and wasn't giving up on their relationship. She was glad that Ivy was okay but hoped Ivy went to Australia for good. Wyatt replied that it had been the plan before the fall, and he couldn't see why it would change. Steffy remarked that it could if Ivy thought she had a chance with Liam.

Liam finally called Steffy, She expressed worry about where he was and said they needed to talk. She wanted him to return home. Liam said he couldn't. She asked where he was and why he couldn't. Liam replied that he was in Sydney with Ivy.

Liam started to tell Steffy about a funny story about taking Ivy to the airport, but Steffy didn't want to hear it. To her, Liam being with Ivy in Australia explained everything, and she clicked off the line.

Steffy exclaimed to Wyatt that her fiancé was halfway around the world with the woman who was still in love with him. She couldn't understand why Liam would do such a thing. To her, it could only mean one thing. "I know, I know..."Wyatt said and hugged her as she cried.

On the plane, Liam tried to call back but didn't appear to get through.

In the photo studio, Zende wanted to make sure that the pregnant Nicole was up for his photo shoot. Zende wanted to earn his place as a fashion photographer at Forrester. He'd been secretly taking classes and doing trial shoots. Nicole stated that he had a shot because Oliver hadn't taken a leave of absence. She wanted to help Zende because he'd been so supportive of her.

Nicole was ready for the shoot but joked that it had better not be a ploy for a nude shoot. Sasha arrived and asked if there would be a nude model or a nude photographer.

Nicole explained that Zende had been doing a trial photo shoot to prove that he could possibly become the house photographer. Zende added that Nicole was the beautiful model for his next trial shoot. Nicole didn't know how beautiful she felt with the nausea, but he said she was always beautiful.

Later, Zende was giving Nicole pose directions, but she had to rush to the bathroom due to morning sickness. He asked Sasha to check on Nicole, but Sasha got another idea. She indicated that she had no modeling experience, but she offered to sit for Zende, who was in a bind.

Zende stepped behind the camera. Sasha wiggled as she posed, and Zende asked what she was doing. "Hello! You said you needed a model," she replied. He stated that they'd already resolved that she wasn't one. She showed him selfies as proof of her experience.

Zende said photography wasn't just point-and-shoot. It was about capturing a moment, and it was technical, too, which was why he'd been taking courses. He remarked that Oliver had been a rookie, but Oliver had gone on to make a name for himself. Zende was still involved in the business side of Forrester, but he just had an itch for photography that he couldn't explain.

Sasha decided that Zende had an itch, so "let's scratch it." She got back in front of the camera and told Zende to use her. Zende tried to pose Sasha, but she asked if he really wanted her to pose like that. He asked who the photographer was. He flipped on some music and gave her encouragement. She giggled as he photographed her.

In Forrester's CEO office, Maya wondered if Rick had gotten in touch with Ridge yet. Rick suspected that Ridge was ignoring his calls. Rick eased into the CEO seat and said it still fit. Maya thought Rick's ambition was "as sexy as hell" and remarked that Zende also had ambition.

Maya suspected that Zende wanted a shot at Oliver's old position. She hadn't seen Zende's work though. Rick indicted that Zende's work was very green. She reasoned that everyone needed a start, and Zende was a quick learner. Rick asked if she was Zende's angel or agent. Maya said Zende was supportive of them and Nicole, and it might be a way to show their appreciation.

Maya stepped out to try to locate Nicole, who'd left home that morning without breakfast. When Maya returned to the CEO's office, Rick was still behind the desk, and he was reviewing photos Zende had taken. To him, Zende's work seemed "by-the-book." Maya assumed that Zende was with Nicole, and Rick remarked that working with Nicole could help Zende improve.

The door opened, and Nicole leaned heavily on the doorknob as she stood in the doorway. She remarked that the first trimester was tough, and she hated to think she had six months of "this." Maya gave Nicole some fresh lemon to sniff because Maya had heard it helped with nausea. Maya offered to take Nicole home to rest, but Nicole wanted to stay at work because she believed that Zende needed her.

Wyatt starts to think he should be with Steffy

Wyatt starts to think he should be with Steffy

Friday, January 8, 2016

In the CEO's office, Rick and Maya tended to Nicole, who relayed that morning sickness was no joke. Nicole was disappointed about delaying Zende, but Maya said Zende would have to get used to unexpected schedule changes. Nicole didn't think her sister knew how important it was to him.

Rick was glad about Zende's interest in photography but noted that it was a precise skill that took a keen eye. Nicole asked if he thought Zende didn't have what it took. Maya replied that Zende had talent, but he needed to trust his instincts. Rick added that Zende needed to relax, stop being technical, and let the creativity flow so that his photos could become alive. Nicole believed Zende could do it; he just needed something to help loosen him up.

In the photo studio, Sasha was dancing around. Zende raised his head from the camera and told her to stop playing and help him like she'd said she'd do. She advised him to forget about the technical stuff, and just capture "this." Zende complied, and soon, he was having fun with the photo shoot and capturing the moments instead of worrying about the technicalities.

Sasha froze mid-pose and said hello. Zende looked behind him and saw that Nicole, Maya, and Rick had entered. Nicole asked what they were doing. Sasha explained that Zende had wanted to call it a day after Nicole had left, but Sasha had stepped up to help out by channeling her inner supermodel. Rick was glad for it because Zende needed all the help he could get.

Nicole was conspicuously silent. Zende said Sasha had talked him into it, and he'd been ready to postpone it until Nicole felt better. "Wouldn't have wanted you to do that," Nicole bit out. He didn't want to get ahead of himself, but he really thought that he and Sasha had decent shots. Maya stated that she wouldn't be surprised because they'd had a nice flow going.

Sasha claimed it had been due to Zende, and she'd just done what he'd instructed. Zende told Nicole that she'd like the proofs when she saw them. "Can't wait," Nicole said with a tight smile. Rick liked what he'd seen, and barring seeing the proofs, it seemed to him that Sasha had inspired Zende. Nicole stared at Zende and Sasha.

On the tarmac at the Sydney airport, Liam was disconcerted about Steffy hanging up on him. Ivy told Liam that it was typical of Steffy to jump to conclusions. He then realized that Steffy had probably assumed he'd run off with Ivy. He said he hadn't planned to get knocked out in the airplane's lavatory, and it wasn't like he wanted to be in Australia.

Ivy scowled, and Liam said she knew what he meant. She indicated that she was grateful for all he'd done for her, and once he explained things, Steffy would understand he was there by accident.

Liam asked a flight attendant if the plane was going back to Los Angeles. She instructed him to disembark and book a seat. Liam hoped he could get a seat and murmured that he had to get to L.A. and explain himself Steffy. Ivy asked if Liam was sure he couldn't stay a few days and hang out.

Liam replied that he couldn't. Ivy understood that he had to get back to Steffy, but Ivy wanted him to know that, no matter the distance between them, she'd always love him. She felt horrible about what had transpired with Wyatt, but Liam was her one true love who'd gotten away.

Liam was sure Ivy would find a man who was perfect for her. Ivy doubted she'd find one quite like Liam, and she hoped Steffy realized how lucky she was. Liam conveyed that he wouldn't forget Ivy, who'd been a big part of his life, and he wished her nothing but the best.

Ivy decided to disembark the plane. She told Liam to take care of himself, and she left.

Night fell, and Liam boarded the same plane to return home. He seemed to get dizzy for a moment then located his window seat. Liam introduced himself to Howard, the passenger beside him. Howard was trying to read a book, but Liam kept chatting with him.

When Liam indicated that he was back on the same plane in the same day to go back to Los Angeles, Howard said one would be nuts to do it. Liam replied that Howard didn't know Liam's fiancée. Howard didn't believe he could advise Liam on relationships and said he'd been married four times. Liam replied that he had been, too, and it was kind of typical in L.A.

Howard figured it had been a big blow up to land Liam in another country instead on the sofa for a night. Liam said it was more complicated than that, and Howard called for the flight attendant to get him another "Old Fashioned." Liam seemed disconcerted again, and he asked for water.

Liam tried to explain the accident by the stairs. Howard nodded, trying to follow Liam's meandering story. Liam mindlessly said he didn't know; however, once he and Steffy worked things out, they'd be on track and get married. Liam adored Steffy, the most beautiful, fearless woman he'd ever known. He wanted to hold her and tell her how sorry he was for being a jerk and saying he was done.

Liam realized that taking Ivy to the airport hadn't been a great idea, but he was sure Steffy would understand. She'd probably hold it over his head and make fun of him for getting knocked out and waking up on another continent. He laughed but stopped when he saw Howard sleeping.

At the cliff house, Wyatt wondered if Liam had said Arizona, not Australia. Steffy said Liam was in Australia with Ivy. Wyatt believed there could be an explanation for it, but she said no one had forced Liam to board the plane. Wyatt wondered if Steffy believed that Liam and Ivy had gotten back together. Steffy recalled that Liam had said he was done, and she was starting to believe it was true.

Wyatt recalled that Ivy had made her feelings clear, but he wasn't sure Liam felt the same way. Steffy said there was nothing Liam could tell her to make it right. She stated that the hospital wouldn't have released Ivy unless she was okay, and Steffy, not Ivy, should have been Liam's first priority.

Wyatt and Steffy drank wine and passed the time. Wyatt asked if she really wanted to leave her phone off. She replied that she wanted nothing to do with the phone that evening. Wyatt said that a few days back, he'd been ready to propose, and Steffy added that she'd thought everything had been great with her fiancé, who'd since gone to another country with the woman Wyatt had proposed to.

Wyatt wondered why it had to be Liam on the flight. Steffy said Ivy could have asked a friend or a relative but hadn't because it had to be Liam. Instead of turning Ivy down and thinking of his relationship, Liam had bought a ticket and hopped on a plane. Wyatt asked if Steffy was sure about leaving off the phone. She asked why Liam would call when he was with his ex-girlfriend.

Wyatt poured more wine for them, and Steffy rambled on about what Liam had done. She was trying to figure out why he'd been so insensitive and impulsive. Ivy had been terrible to Wyatt, but Liam had chosen to help Ivy instead. Wyatt said it was a slap in his face, too. Steffy felt that Liam should trust her and believe in her that it had been an accident.

As Steffy stammered that she was being punished, she realized that she couldn't do "this," and she had to go. She hurried off to her bedroom, where she tussled with her clothes until they fell off, and she climbed under the covers in her underwear. Steffy had flashbacks of her and Liam. Unbeknownst to her, Liam was having the same ones on the plane ride home.

In the living room, Wyatt drank wine and stared at Steffy's bedroom door. After a while, he entered and awakened Steffy. She sat up in bed and asked what he was doing in there. He acted apologetic for awakening her and said he wanted to go swimming. Unbuttoning his shirt, he explained that he wanted to get the Ivy-Liam thing off his head. His shirt fell to the ground.

Wyatt stated that everything happened for a reason, and Ivy might not be the woman he was supposed to be with. "Maybe the woman I'm supposed to be with is right in front of me," he concluded as Steffy stared at him.

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