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Brooke wanted to put the past behind her, but Bill couldn't stop daydreaming about her. Overcome by jealousy and hormones, Nicole put a stop to Sasha's chances of becoming a Forrester print model. Liam broke off his engagement after secretly discovering Steffy and Wyatt sleeping in bed together.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 11, 2016 on B&B
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Liam has to sit down for this one Liam has to sit down for this one

Monday, January 11, 2016

In the photo studio, Sasha modestly grinned as Rick lauded Zende's work. Rick said that something had surely inspired Zende. Zende pulled the pictures up on the laptop and said he and Sasha had just been fooling around, and it had been nothing serious. Rick replied that it was all it took sometimes to get what one wanted. Nicole silently stared at Zende and Sasha.

Rick and Maya continued to compliment Zende's work with Sasha, and Sasha wondered where Zende had been for her senior portraits. Sasha and Nicole joked about the questionable photographers from back then. Rick admitted that he'd been critical of Zende's work in the past; however, the new pictures were completely different, and one could see that Sasha had been having the time of her life.

Zende tried to give the credit for Sasha. She claimed she'd just been clowning around, but Zende could make anyone feel like a model. She asked if Rick agreed it was the mark of a good photographer.

After Maya and Rick left, Zende and Sasha were on a high about the photos. Nicole said that they'd been Zende's best pictures thus far. Sasha figured Nicole was saying that just because she was Sasha's friend. Nicole claimed to mean it and said it was obvious that the two had clicked. She kissed Zende and said she was proud of him. Sasha half-smiled as she watched Zende.

Later, Zende was alone when Sasha returned to see if he needed help packing up. He asked why she'd given him all the credit when she'd brought the shoot to life. She believed that if he wanted to be a photographer, he needed to stop trying to tell people he had nothing do with the work. He thanked her, but he still planned to tell Rick it had been a team effort.

Zende believed it could be the start of Sasha's modeling career. Sasha thought that could be awesome but didn't want him to feel obligated. She claimed that she hadn't jumped into the shoot for herself. Zende replied that she barely knew him. Knowing Nicole, who had great instincts, was enough for Sasha. Sasha added that Nicole was lucky to have him.

On the flight to Los Angeles, Liam stared at a cell phone picture of Steffy. Howard noted that she was hot. Liam looked surprised. Howard said he was old, not blind, and he wondered why Liam was messing things up. Liam said he had to get home to make Steffy she knew how he felt.

The flight attendant indicated that it was time to fasten the seat belts because the plane would soon land. Liam chatted with her, and Howard asked her for a dessert bar. She left to get it, and Howard figured Liam's flirtatious ways were the reason he had problems at home. Liam didn't think he'd flirted with the flight attendant. Howard said he'd been like that, too, but a few divorces under his belt had helped him to see his pattern of always having his eyes on two women at the same.

Liam almost asked how Howard knew. Instead, Liam said it sounded familiar, but Steffy was the one. Howard advised to make sure Steffy knew it. Eating his dessert bar, Howard said that Steffy was a keeper if she could make goodies like the bar.

Liam talked about Pam, who made stuff like that all the time. Howard asked if Pam was married. Liam indicated that she was seeing someone. Liam stated that Pam was different, and Howard didn't want to add her to his ex-wife list. Howard said he liked different; different was good, especially if it knew how to bake. Liam called Pam a new level of different and couldn't imagine being married to her.

"Maybe you can't imagine being married at all," Howard concluded. Liam quietly affirmed that he did want marriage, and he planned to convince Steffy to walk down the aisle as soon as possible. "And after that, nothing can stop us -- I don't think," he added.

Later, the plane landed. Howard told Liam to hustle and sweep Steffy off her feet. He gave Liam his card in case Pam became available. When Liam stood up, he got dizzy but ignored it. Howard left. Liam started to call Steffy but quickly clicked off the line.

In the bedroom at the cliff house, Steffy didn't think that Wyatt should be speaking that way. Wyatt didn't know why not. She said that Ivy's treatment of him didn't make it okay to do "this." Sitting on the bed, the shirtless Wyatt said that it might, and Steffy might be the woman he was meant to be with. Steffy turned on the lamp and pulled the covers up over her underwear.

Wyatt wished he'd gone after Steffy when she'd first arrived in town. Steffy didn't think they should be discussing it. He asked why not and recalled that she'd felt the connection, too.

"Wyatt, I'm in love with your brother," Steffy replied. She climbed from beneath the covers, and in her bra and panties, sat at the foot of the bed to face Wyatt, who was sitting on the edge of the bed with his back to the headboard. Steffy stated that it would be easy to do "this," and Wyatt said he liked easy. He was tired of giving his all but getting nothing in return.

Wyatt wanted a relationship to be easy for once and asked if Steffy did, too. She said it would be with Liam, once they got past "this." Wyatt hoped Liam knew how lucky he was, but Steffy replied that she was a handful. Wyatt said she was smart and sexy. Flattered, she smiled, but then the smile faded.

Wyatt said he'd try to be hopeful for Steffy, but he didn't think things would get easier with Liam, the type of fool who'd always be jumping off bridges and catching flights to Sydney. Steffy wasn't sure Liam understood that she needed to be Liam's first priority, but she might not have made it clear.

Wyatt insisted that Steffy should be the priority. She recalled that Liam had said he was done, but she'd thought he'd meant that he was done with more than the accidents and Ivy getting hurt. Steffy had needed Liam to hold her, need her, and be there for her.

Steffy respected Liam's need to rescue people, but she expected him to return home to her when he was done. Wyatt stated that Liam should do so -- after he was done walking the little old ladies across the street. Wyatt felt that it was what he'd do, and he couldn't figure out why he was always second best. Liam was every woman's hero, and Wyatt was the one they had to settle for.

Wyatt lay back on the pillows. Steffy wished he didn't feel that way. He replied that it seemed as if he and Steffy each wanted to be someone's number one. Steffy admitted that she wanted someone to be there for her. He stated that they were there for each other "right now." He wanted them to be more than friends, but he'd be her friend or whatever she wanted.

Steffy stated that she just wanted someone to lean on. "I can do that," Wyatt readily said, beckoning her with open arms. Steffy climbed to the head of the bed and cuddled beside him.

Later, Liam arrived to a quiet and dark house. He saw wine bottles on the coffee table and a man's jacket on a chair. Upon entering the bedroom, he saw the underwear-clad Steffy cuddled against the shirtless Wyatt as the two slept beneath the covers.

Liam walked around to the foot of the bed. Something inside him struck him with pain, and he grasped a chair by the window. He sank down into the seat and stared, unblinking, at the bed.

Steffy gets a shock

Steffy gets a shock

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

by Pam

At Spencer, Liam was asleep in Bill's chair. When he awakened, he experienced another dizzy spell. He flashed back to the previous night when he had seen Wyatt and Steffy in bed together. He used Bill's bathroom to shower and change clothes, and Bill and Katie entered. Katie saw clothes on Bill's chair and wondered who had been there, and Liam showed up.

Katie asked if he'd spent the night, and he admitted he had. Bill teased that he had used Bill's shower and taken his extra clothes. Katie and Bill wondered why Liam had not gone home, but Liam ignored the question. He said he had traveled across the International Date Line and had some things to take care of at Spencer, but he'd realized he no longer had an office.

Bill and Katie apologized, but they said they needed the office, and Liam spent most of his time at Forrester. Liam said that he had accompanied Ivy to Australia. He added that Ivy and Wyatt had broken up. Bill and Katie were confused. Bill wanted an explanation. Liam refused to give one and said that was up to Wyatt.

Bill said that Liam was welcome to the shirt off Bill's back, but he wondered what was going on. Liam said he wanted to step away from Forrester and return to his role at Spencer. Katie and Bill were surprised. Liam said there were too many chefs at Forrester, and his role made no sense. Liam learned that Brooke was the editor of Eye on Fashion.

Bill wanted Liam to take care of things at Forrester, and Liam said he was headed to talk to Steffy. Liam left, and Katie and Bill wondered what was wrong.

At Liam's house, Steffy awakened after she and Wyatt had spent the night together, but nothing had happened. Wyatt was dressed and had made coffee that he offered to Steffy. She said she had no plans to go to work, and Wyatt promised to tell the staff that she would not be in.

Wyatt wondered if it would be weird between them because they had spent the night together although nothing had happened. Steffy said it was not weird at all. She had needed a friend and not a lover.

Steffy lamented that Liam had hopped on a plane. Wyatt said that he and Steffy seemed better suited for each other than Liam and Ivy had been suited for them. Steffy said that Wyatt had helped her through the night. Wyatt joked that he'd never thought he could be so innocent in bed alone with her. Wyatt left for work.

At Forrester, Eric, Quinn, and Brooke discussed that Ivy had returned to Australia. Eric wanted Quinn to work remotely with Ivy, but Quinn didn't want Wyatt to hear Ivy's name again. Eric offered some help with a temporary employee, and Quinn promised to make it work. Brooke noted that Quinn and Wyatt had worked together without Ivy before Ivy had joined Forrester. Eric agreed. He added that Brooke would be joining Spencer Publications, but he hoped she would still help out at Forrester. Brooke smiled, and Eric left.

Quinn wondered why Brooke had joined Spencer, and Brooke said she needed a new challenge. Brooke said it was an experiment. Quinn congratulated Brooke and said she'd earned a new career. Quinn wished Brooke the best. Brooke left.

Wyatt entered, and Quinn explained that they would be on their own for the jewelry line. Quinn quizzed Wyatt about what had happened with Ivy. Wyatt noted that he had blocked his mother on his phone because she had called him so many times the previous night.

Quinn wondered where Wyatt had been all night because she had also gone to his home. Wyatt said he had slept somewhere other than home, but he was secretive. Quinn wondered what had happened with Ivy, and Wyatt explained that Liam had accompanied her on a flight to Australia.

Wyatt explained that he had spent the night with Steffy, and Quinn was thrilled. Wyatt told her nothing had happened, but he hadn't wanted to leave Steffy alone. He added that they hadn't heard from Liam. Quinn had high hopes for Wyatt and Steffy.

At Liam's, Steffy was surprised to see Liam after he entered. Liam went to the bedroom to see if his brother was still there. Liam seethed and asked how Steffy had slept. Steffy wondered where he had been and if he had gotten back together with Ivy.

Liam explained that he had tried to call her several times, but she had turned her phone off. Steffy jumped all over Liam that he had traveled halfway around the world with Wyatt's girlfriend. Steffy blamed him for hurting her and Wyatt, who still had feelings for Ivy. Liam looked furious. Steffy suddenly asked if Ivy had returned with him or if he was moving to Australia. Then she asked if Ivy was all right.

Liam reminded Steffy that Ivy had a concussion -- and Steffy was in his home. He intended to stay in his home. Steffy became defensive and said it wasn't her fault that Ivy had a concussion. Liam coldly said that he and Steffy never seemed to be on the same page for long. They'd had a shot at happiness, but she had left him and then returned to marry him, lose their child, run away to Paris, and then return again.

Liam said he often daydreamed of how their life would be for them as a married couple. They always managed to make things work whenever life threw them curve balls. He thought they might move to Europe to be closer to her mom. He had even looked into preschools for when they had children.

Steffy said he had left and told her things were over, and he had left with another woman. She added that they had always managed to talk things out. Liam said he was tired of trying to make things happen. She had hung up on him and turned off her phone. He added that people got hurt around Steffy. "They aren't safe. I'm not safe," he said.

Steffy wondered why Liam had such attitude. He coldly announced that he would not return to Forrester. He added that he wanted her to move out, and he would stay at his dad's place while she packed. He advised her to leave her engagement ring anywhere.

Steffy told Liam he couldn't leave. She said they needed to talk, but Liam turned away and walked out the door. Steffy screamed his name and tearfully gasped after he left.

At Spencer, Brooke met with Bill and Katie, and they welcomed her to her new career. Katie explained that Brooke's new duties at Spencer would be as an idea person for Eye on Fashion. Brooke was thrilled. Katie gave her a lot of research, and Brooke said she would take it home and review it, but Katie insisted Brooke had to do it at the office because she spent too much time alone at home. Brooke smiled, and she and Katie hugged.

Passion ignites at Spencer Publications

Passion ignites at Spencer Publications

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

by Pam

At Spencer, Brooke told Bill and Katie that she had reviewed all the materials they had given her, and she was ready to dig in to work. Katie was thrilled, and so was Bill. Brooke was happy to join the organization. Brooke said she didn't want to be a distraction.

Katie teased that having two Logans in one building might be too much for Spencer. Katie said she had to leave for a meeting at Forrester, and she left. Brooke looked at Bill then she left.

At Forrester, Nicole was nauseous, and Maya handed her a drink to settle her stomach. Nicole lamented that she had wanted to be helpful to Zende during his photo shoot, but she had been so sick that Sasha had needed to step in for her. Maya noted that Rick had been impressed with Zende's work. "I just wish it were me in those photos," Nicole said.

Maya promised that it would soon be Nicole's turn to model again, but Nicole noted that it would be a year by the time she lost all the baby fat. She apologized for sounding negative and noted that she loved what she was doing for Maya and Rick, however, seeing Sasha working with Zende bothered her because she and Sasha had always been friends, but they had always been competitive too.

Maya understood and remembered that Nicole and Sasha had competed against one another in sports and for a cute guy. Nicole nodded. She said that Sasha was hot while Nicole was going to turn into a blimp. "I feel silly even talking about it," Nicole said. Nicole worried that she didn't trust Sasha in the photo studio every day. Maya said that Nicole never had to apologize for how she felt again.

At Forrester, Rick looked at the photos of Sasha that Zende had taken. Zende and Sasha entered and said they had a received a message from him. Rick said he had been pleased with their work. Rick praised Zende's skill and Sasha's smile and energy. Rick said they had real chemistry. He wondered if Sasha had experience as a model. Sasha replied that if he had seen her social media accounts, he would understand that she was unafraid to be in front of the camera.

Rick said he wanted them to experiment with another photo shoot in order to help him make a decision to see if Zende could become the house photographer and Sasha could be the print model. Sasha and Zende were excited. Rick told them to set it up, and he left. Zende and Sasha were ecstatic, and Sasha jumped into Zende's arms.

Later, in the studio, Zende prepared the cameras, and Sasha put on makeup. She was wearing a designer gown and smiled. "Look at me. I'm a model," Sasha said. Zende thanked her for her help. Before Zende started shooting, he turned on some music, and Sasha asked what to do. Zende told her to follow her instincts and later offered some direction.

Zende complimented Sasaha and said the shots were beautiful. Nicole entered and wondered what was going on. Zende and Nicole explained that Rick was giving them both a chance to break into the company with roles as a photographer and model. "I'm a model," Nicole squealed. Nicole congratulated Zende and Sasha, but she looked envious. She and Sasha hugged.

In Rick's office at Forrester, Katie met with Rick and asked about Hawaii. Rick said the entire family had had a great time. He asked about Brooke, and Katie said that she had seen Brooke return to her old self in just one day.

Katie said that Brooke had spent too much time alone after her breakup with Bill. Katie had been worried that when Brooke spent too much time alone, she got into trouble. "When Brooke is bored, her demons can take over," Katie said. Rick noted that booze and men were Brooke's problems. Katie was happy that Brooke had left her past behind her. "I hope so," Rick said.

Katie remembered that when Brooke had walked into a room, she'd owned it. She wanted Brooke to be confident again. She added that she couldn't forget what had happened between Brooke and Bill. She couldn't change it, but she wanted to get past it. Rick wanted Katie to talk to Bridget and Hope because he wanted a sister just like his mother had. He called Katie incredible.

In her office at Spencer, Brooke flashed back to romantic moments with Bill. Brooke opened a book and looked at a photo of Bill. She flashed back to kissing Bill at her home. Suddenly, she flashed back to Stephanie screaming at her for sleeping with all the male members of the Forrester family. Stephanie had called her "a whore" who slept her way through the family and seduced every man she could, along with being "a mother in perpetual heat." Brooke gasped at the memory.

Bill was alone in his office, and he flashed back to when Brooke had kissed him at her home when they had discussed her accepting the job offer at Spencer. Bill paced around his office and looked at a photo of Brooke and Katie. He flashed back to romantic memories with Brooke.

Brooke entered. She locked the door and ordered him to tell Alison to hold his calls. "I don't want any interruptions," Brooke said. Bill told Alison to hold his calls. Brooke said that Bill had been right about the job -- it was a terrific opportunity for her, but it was very painful.

Brooke said Bill should never have visited her house because he had started something. She called him her stallion and said she could never forget their time together. She'd had amazing experiences with him. Brooke recapped their relationship and noted that it had been wrong. After it had ended, she had tried to forget it and find herself again. "And then, you and Katie offered me this wonderful opportunity. And I just can't do it. I thought I could, but I can't, and we both know why," Brooke said.

Bill said he hadn't allowed himself to have feelings for her. He had fought the feelings, and Brooke said they couldn't go there. Bill said she had awakened feelings in him. Brooke said it was wrong, but Bill said he couldn't pretend they didn't exist. "We're not doing this," Brooke said.

"We are doing it. We can't stop it," Bill said, and he kissed her passionately. Brooke pulled away and prepared to slap Bill, but he grabbed her arm and pulled her into another passionate embrace and kiss. Bill and Brooke made out in his office.

Fantasies that can't come true

Fantasies that can't come true

Thursday, January 14, 2016

At Forrester, Katie was happy and proud that Brooke was working at Spencer. Rick believed it was good for his mother, whose talents had been underutilized at Forrester. Rick stated that working together might be an adjustment for the sisters. Katie recalled that they'd done it before. She said that time around, they didn't have to play the big sister and little sister roles.

Rick said that the past few years had taught his mother a lot, and he was proud of both ladies. Katie said they'd gotten close, but she wanted them to be closer and share everything. Kate said that Brooke had loved working at Forrester with her children. Rick said he'd enjoyed it, too. He couldn't believe Forrester was letting Brooke go; however, Katie had given Brooke the challenge she needed.

Katie felt that Brooke was the perfect choice for the magazine. Rick wondered if Katie really wasn't concerned that it was the right choice due to the rocky past. Katie affirmed that it was the right choice at the right time, and if there were questions, they'd answer them without trouble.

At Spencer, Brooke and Bill kissed. She wondered what they were doing. He said they were following their instincts. Brooke uttered that they couldn't, but he responded that it was too late. Breathlessly, Brooke ripped open Bill's shirt and called his name. "Bill...Bill...Bill," she whispered.

"Bill?" Brooke said from behind Bill. Bill snapped out of his fantasy and turned to see that Brooke had entered the room. Brooke asked if she'd caught him plotting about his next conquest.

Brooke wanted to discuss layouts, but Bill seemed distracted. She thought he disapproved of her idea, but he said it was fine. She noted that he hadn't done a layout like it for the award season and wanted his opinion and feedback. He said nothing. Brooke stated that she wanted to give him what he wanted, but he needed to tell her what it was. Bill silently grabbed the tablet and took a look.

Brooke added that she wanted to know if there was a problem, too, because he'd barely said two words since she'd entered. Bill told her that her work was good, and he made himself a drink. She apologized for kissing him the other day. He replied that they didn't have to talk about it and should get to work. She didn't want to do that until she knew that she hadn't caused him to think about things they'd promised to forget. Brooke loved her sister and would hate it if she'd stirred anything up.

Bill bit out that Brooke hadn't. Brooke hoped that confiding her feelings hadn't become an issue. Bill claimed it hadn't, and he hadn't even thought about it until she'd just broached it with him. He said that since she had brought it up, he wanted to make it crystal clear that he was committed to Katie. Brooke didn't doubt it but said that feelings sometimes bubbled up.

"But that's not you," Brooke added. He agreed, and she guessed there was nothing to be concerned about. He stated that there was nothing at all, and Brooke was glad he'd said it. She was worried she'd messed things up by opening up about her feelings. She'd meant what she'd said; she just wished she hadn't said it. He replied that she shouldn't beat herself up about it.

Bill suggested that they move on and put it in the past. Brooke chuckled, saying her past had a way of catching up with her. She was glad it wouldn't affect things with him and Katie. He refused to let it happen and said she was for good for business and the family. Brooke was really excited about her job and ready to learn. She wanted to rebuild their friendship and asked if they could be friends.

Katie entered, glad to see Brooke and Bill. Brooke said she was running her ideas by Bill. Katie stated that it was the right place for Brooke and where Brooke belonged. Bill wanted Brooke to pitch her ideas to Katie, but Brooke wanted to first tell Katie what she'd told him about her feelings.

Brooke said that she hadn't been completely honest when she'd declined the job. She'd been cocooned and scared, and it had been no way to live. She wanted to thank Katie for the opportunity to prove herself. Katie didn't think Brooke had to prove herself.

Katie believed that Brooke was respected by their readers and the industry and would add a new energy and excitement to the business. Katie could feel it already. She said they were three passionate people, and one could only imagine what they could accomplish by joining forces.

Katie got called away for a meeting. Once she'd gone, Brooke said Katie was right, and they could do amazing things together if they were on the same page. "We are," Bill replied. Brooke noticed that he hadn't answered her before and asked again if they could be friends.

Bill had another fantasy of him and Brooke making out in the office. Brooke asked him the question again. He replied that he also wanted to be friends and coworkers. They sat down to work, and as she read a file, he stared at her.

In the photo studio, Sasha was excited about her new job. Nicole wondered if Rick could actually give Sasha a print model job without having Sasha audition for Steffy or Ridge. Nicole assumed the new shoot was a trial period. Sasha said Rick had practically promised her the job, and the next pictures would be better than the first ones.

Sasha hadn't even known what she'd been doing in Los Angeles, but she'd gotten a big opportunity. She owed it all to Nicole and Zende, and she felt lucky to have them in her life. Giggling with excitement, she reasoned that if Nicole hadn't had morning sickness, Sasha might be planning a trip back home instead of working at Forrester with her "B-F-F."

Jiggling over to the set, Sasha exclaimed that she and Nicole would rock it like they had in high school. She danced poses and beckoned Nicole to join her. Zende also encouraged Nicole, but she shied away, not feeling like modeling. Zende and Sasha urged Nicole to join in.

Sasha wanted to work it like they'd done for Vivienne's mirror. Nicole said they'd been playing around then, but "this" was serious. Zende said the beauty of it was that it didn't have to be serious and added that no one had been impressed by his photos until Sasha had gotten him to loosen up.

Nicole quietly said she'd been impressed. Zende replied that Nicole would be blown away since he'd actually started having fun with it. Sasha said no one knew how to have fun like her best girl, Nic.

Sasha tugged Nicole's hand, but Nicole said Zende wasn't being paid to take her photo. Sasha reasoned that he wasn't being paid at all -- yet -- and Nicole had posed for Forrester before. Nicole stated that if she hadn't been modeling material back then, then she still wouldn't be -- unless Forrester made maternity clothes. Nicole decided to let them get back to work.

Zende wanted Nicole to stay and watch, but she said they needed to concentrate. Sasha gave hugged Nicole and rocked with her. Sasha beamed that it was fantastic, but Nicole wasn't smiling.

Sasha hopped around like a tiger on the divan in the studio, and Zende clicked away on the camera. She grabbed the device and said it was his turn. He shied away but then grinned as she took pictures. Reaching for the camera, he said it was enough, and they didn't pay for pictures of him. As they both held onto the camera, they quietly grinned at each other.

Later, Zende and Sasha reviewed photos. Zende said they made a good team. Sasha said she knew. She didn't want to get ahead of herself because Rick hadn't made the final decision. Grateful, she said she'd meant it when she'd expressed her appreciation that Nicole and Zende had opened doors for her.

Back in the CEO's office, Rick was working when Nicole strode in, asking, "You hired Sasha?" Rick stated that Sasha had taken impressive photos, but Nicole replied that Sasha had no experience. He contended that Maya hadn't, either. Nicole said Sasha had never been interested in modeling and had just been fooling around, having fun. He replied that Zende had captured it with his best work yet.

Nicole was thrilled that Zende was getting the chance to do what he wanted to do, but Sasha was just interested in attention. Rick replied that Sasha would get more of it if the pictures made it to print. "So this might not happen?" Nicole asked. Rick stated that he wouldn't advise Sasha to get an apartment, but there was a good chance Nicole's best friend could work at Forrester.

Nicole stated that it was what she wanted to talk to Rick about. Sensing that she thought it was a favor for her, Rick assured her that Sasha wasn't getting the chance because she was Nicole's best friend, so she didn't have to thank him. "I didn't come here to thank you," Nicole replied.

Rick wondered if Nicole was upset about him hiring Sasha. Nicole stated that she had a few concerns. She didn't want to stab Sasha in the back, but she wasn't comfortable with Sasha and Zende working together. Rick replied that he'd thought they were like sisters. Nicole agreed but said there had always been a weird dynamic between them, a competitive one. Sasha had always been more popular and had gotten all the hot guys.

Rick wondered if Nicole was asking him not to give Sasha a modeling job.

Sasha finds out how Nicole really feels

Sasha finds out how Nicole really feels

Friday, January 15, 2016

In Bill's office, Brooke wanted to take a pledge that they would move forward as friends -- and nothing more. The two shook on it. The two agreed that they'd just had a moment in time. Bill reasoned that he was married to Katie and an active father to Will. Bill was happier than he'd ever been.

Brooke was happy to hear that. She just didn't want to be a problem for her sister. Bill said it had been Katie's idea, so Katie was more than okay with the working situation. He figured it would be fun to work together -- and profitable. Brooke said she'd do her best to meet his expectations.

Katie arrived with photo choices for a press release. Bill stood behind Brooke and gazed over her shoulder at the photos. He seemed affected by the nearness of her. The women didn't notice as they selected a picture, and Katie cooed about announcing their new editor to the world.

Katie took Brooke to Liam's apparently remodeled office. Katie said that she worked in there, too, sometimes, and hoped the space was okay for Brooke. Brooke said it was great.

Alison arrived with Will. Katie and Alison sniped at each other, and Alison exited. Katie said Alison wanted to be Bill's office wife, which would be fine if his real wife didn't work there. Brooke had gotten along with Alison in the past, and Katie said it was because Brooke hadn't worked there before.

The women interacted with Will a little, and Brooke expressed happiness to see Katie in mommy mode and work mode. Katie was happy, which made Brooke glad.

Brooke and Katie discussed the need to keep the print magazine relevant. Katie loved working with Brooke and hadn't been happier. Katie beamed about Bill, Will, and her job. With Brooke at Spencer, Katie wasn't missing anything. She felt that she owed it to Brooke, and the two hugged.

Back in Bill's office, Bill poured a drink and thought of his past with Brooke. "You are a husband. You are a father. And you cannot go there again," he declared and slammed his fist on the desk.

In Rick's office, Nicole relayed that something told her not to trust Sasha around Zende due to the competitive past the women shared. Rick asked if Nicole wanted him to tell Sasha that she couldn't be a print model anymore. "I'd prefer it if Sasha wasn't a model," Nicole stated. Any other time, Nicole would say "bring it on," but the pregnancy made her feel vulnerable. She believed Sasha would take unfair advantage. Competitiveness had been a game between the women, but Zende was no game for Nicole. Nicole didn't feel she had the energy to keep up with Sasha.

Rick figured it was because Nicole was carrying his and Maya's child. He said not to worry about Sasha, and he knew how to handle it. Nicole asked if he was sure. Rick believed that he and Maya owed Nicole everything, and there was nothing he wouldn't do for her.

Nicole went to the sky lounge, where Veronica worked out and flirted with Carter. Nicole noted that Veronica was fit, and Carter fished for her own compliment. Nicole remarked that she'd get bigger and bigger until she popped. Veronica didn't think Zende would mind a little weight gain.

Veronica thought that Nicole had won the lottery with Zende. Nicole replied that she was lucky and intended to stay that way. Veronica asked how long the couple had been together. Nicole proudly announced that it had been a couple months, but Carter relayed that it hadn't been long.

Carter conveyed that the couple had just gotten started when the surrogacy thing had happened. He thought Zende was a stand-up guy to support his woman in a pregnancy by another man. Nicole didn't need the reminder of how awesome Zende was. Pregnancy was challenging, but she told Veronica that she was determined not to let it -- or anything else -- get between her and Zende.

In the photo studio, Sasha was ecstatic that Zende had made her look like a model. It was better than any dream she'd ever had, and she didn't know how she'd thank Nicole for it.

Later, Sasha was in a robe as Zende packed up. She asked if being adopted had made him feel as if he hadn't belonged or been loved. Zende replied that he hadn't ever felt such. She imagined that it had been wonderful for him and Nicole to have loving, adoring parents. He asked if she hadn't had any.

Sasha said that she'd had a single mom, who she'd loved very much. Zende guessed it didn't make up for a missing father and inquired about where her father was.

Before Sasha could answer, Rick arrived. Sasha beamed with gratefulness about the opportunity, and Zende added that they had really good stuff. When Zende showed Rick the proofs, Rick said the composition was great, but he'd acted precipitously. He didn't think that Sasha modeling for Forrester would work out after all.

Sasha wondered if she'd offended Rick. Rick said he'd been impulsive, and there was a reason that they did test shoots. He relayed that Zende had done well. Rick thanked Sasha but said that her look, though beautiful, didn't fit. Sasha was too youthful, and there wasn't time for training on the job.

Rick apologized. Sasha understood branding and said that, if she didn't fit the look, she couldn't get the job. She concluded that it was Maya and Nicole's place, but it had been a fun fantasy while it had lasted. Rick apologized for getting her hopes up, but she said she was grateful for the opportunity.

Rick left, and with a sad smile, Sasha called it the shortest modeling career in history. Zende thought the exchange with Rick had been weird. Zende indicated that it was just them in the room, and she'd just lost something she'd been excited for. Sasha reiterated her gratefulness for the opportunity, but he figured she had to feel some type of way about it.

Preparing to leave, Sasha admitted to feeling disappointed and a little rejected, "but, hey, I'm used to it." She decided that she was just feeling sorry for herself -- which wasn't allowed. She planned to thank Rick again for giving her the chance to step into a world that she'd never even realized existed -- and she'd gotten to share it with Zende, she added.

Back at the sky lounge, Nicole had gone, and Veronica sensed that Carter disapproved of Nicole's pregnancy. Carter claimed it wasn't his place to judge, but she said it didn't stop him from having an opinion. Carter didn't think it was fair for Zende's life to be on hold so that Maya and Rick could have a baby. "And don't get me started on using that young girl as a surrogate," Carter added.

Veronica said she knew of a lot of women who'd pick up Nicole's slack with Zende. Just then, the shirtless and brooding Zende arrived. Carter asked Zende what was wrong. Zende said he'd just seen someone's dreams get shattered, and the person had pretended it hadn't mattered. It hadn't been a pretty sight for him.

Back in Rick's office, Rick told Nicole that he'd been delicate when he'd told Sasha that she just wasn't a fit for Forrester. Nicole felt bad. Rick said he never would have extended the opportunity if he'd known the nature of the women's relationship. Nicole asked how Sasha had taken it. He relayed that she'd been disappointed but gracious. Nicole translated it to mean that Sasha had been devastated.

Nicole felt like a terrible person and said she'd never felt so insecure before. Rick assumed that it could be hormones, but she asked if hormones were a good excuse to be a lousy best friend. He said there was nothing wrong with protecting what was hers.

As Nicole and Rick talked, Sasha arrived and stood in the barely cracked doorway. Sasha listened at the door as Nicole said she hated to resort to it, and she loved Sasha. Rick didn't need an explanation, but Nicole wanted to say it and understand it herself. She felt awful for not trusting Sasha around Zende, and she wished she could leave the two alone without fear that Sasha would be all over him.

Sasha held back tears as Nicole affirmed that she knew Sasha, and competition was second nature for Sasha. Nicole had to make sure Zende wasn't in play and repeated what Rick had said about protecting what was hers. Sasha shed tears as she listened.

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