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Brooke and Bill vowed to forget the past, but plagued by past memories, Bill confessed his lingering feelings to Brooke. Sasha revealed Nicole's career puppeteering to Zende, and Nicole offered to make amends. Quinn kidnapped Liam. The lonely Steffy leaned on Wyatt, and the two kissed.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 18, 2016 on B&B
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Sasha tells Zende what Nicole did Sasha tells Zende what Nicole did

Monday, January 18, 2016

At Spencer, Bill was flashing back on memories of Brooke when Katie and Brooke arrived with Will. As the overjoyed Bill greeted his son with a mini basketball and football, Brooke grinned. Bill and Will threw the football, and Bill became enthusiastic about his son's quarterback potential.

Katie remarked that she'd been telling Brooke how happy the Spencers were. It hadn't been an easy road, but she attributed the happiness to Brooke. Katie said Brooke had become strong and independent without a man holding her back, and when the right man arrived, Brooke would be ready for him. Bill sucked in a breath but tried not to react.

Later, Bill was alone when Brooke returned. She asked what it was like to be a man who got everything he desired. She was apparently referring to an article in a magazine that featured Bill on the cover. She said it was huge and wondered why he hadn't told her about it. He admitted that it was one sexy corporate genius on the cover and asked what he could do for her.

Brooke had an idea for February's edition and Valentine's Day. She wanted something provocative and passionate, like "the Power of the Kiss." Bill watched her lips and fantasized about kissing her. She snapped him out of it, asking if he liked it, and he rendered a tight-lipped grin.

At the sky lounge, Zende hit the punching bag and explained to Carter and Veronica his confusion over Rick's decision about Sasha. Zende didn't know how Rick had gone from enthusiastic to refusal. Carter and Veronica wondered if Rick had backed off until he could confer with Ridge.

Doubting it, Zende couldn't understand the sudden change. Veronica noted that he was upset for Sasha. He replied that she'd helped him find himself behind the camera. Carter said the two had clicked. "Pun intended," Veronica added.

Veronica sat off to the side as Carter said he didn't want to pry into Zende's love life, but to him, the surrogacy thing had taken over Zende's relationship. Carter felt that Zende should be living his life and having a good time doing it. Carter looked at Veronica, and she grinned at Zende.

Carter hinted that Veronica was attractive, but Zende said Carter had no filter. Carter believed Zende would want it straight up and should be honest with himself about what he really wanted. Zende replied that he wanted to be past the pregnancy so that he and Nicole could get back to what they'd been before anyone had ever mentioned surrogacy.

In the CEO's office, Rick asked Nicole to wait, and he left to take care of something. Sasha entered. She claimed she didn't know if Nicole had heard, but Rick had changed his mind about Sasha becoming a print model. Nicole said she was sorry. "Really?" Sasha responded.

Nicole asked why she wouldn't be sorry. Sasha had liked having a Hollywood story. She guessed it sounded silly. Nicole said it didn't, and she figured that Zende was also disappointed. Sasha agreed and said she wanted to thank Rick again for the chance. Nicole offered to do it if Sasha didn't want to wait. Sasha replied that Nicole had already done enough.

Nicole looked as if she felt bad. Sasha relayed that it wasn't the end of the world, and it wasn't like any of it was Nicole's fault. Sasha claimed that she hadn't had any expectation of Los Angeles other than hooking up with Nicole. They agreed that they were like sisters, but Sasha wondered if they'd always feel that way. "I hope so," Sasha ominously added.

Later, Nicole was alone when Rick returned. She told him that she felt bad about what she'd asked him to do. She relayed that Sasha had been there, and Sasha's disappointment had made her feel guilty. Nicole hated feeling that way about Sasha. Rick believed the pregnancy was making Nicole emotional, and she couldn't be hard on herself.

Nicole didn't know how not to be after she'd hurt someone who was like family to her. Rick didn't think she had to worry about Zende, who was committed to her. "This thing with Sasha..." Rick started to say. Nicole claimed that it wasn't anything like she'd made it out to be. With confidence, she said there wasn't and wouldn't ever be anything between Sasha and Zende.

At the hotel, Vivienne prepared to go shopping as Julius worked on his putt. He expressed his dread about the surrogacy endangering Nicole's relationship with Zende. Sasha arrived as Vivienne took off. Sasha moped over to the table and sat down. Julius asked what was wrong. "Do you really care?" she asked. Sorry he'd asked, he went back to putting.

Frustrated, Sasha blurted out that Rick had made her a model but then he'd taken it back. "And the reason is your daughter Nicole," Sasha added. Sasha ranted about how it hurt that Nicole didn't want Sasha around Nicole's boyfriend, and it hurt that Sasha didn't get to be a model because of Nicole.

Julius asked if Sasha could blame Nicole, who might feel that Sasha was getting too close to her man. Sasha claimed that she'd only respected the relationship and had never hit on Zende. Julius scoffed, and Sasha quipped that her own father didn't even care how she felt. Julius said that he cared, but he didn't know what she'd been trying to accomplish by imposing herself in their lives.

Julius decided that he might know what Sasha wanted to accomplish, but it wasn't meant to be. He offered her bus fare back to Illinois. He said that Nicole didn't need a best friend right then. "And you don't need another daughter?" Sasha snipped.

Julius stated that she'd always be his daughter, but he and her mother had an understanding. He believed there was nothing to gain by exposing "this now." Too many lives would be ruined. He advised her to go back home where she belonged. Sasha took the cash and left.

When Vivienne returned from the store, she wondered where Sasha had gone. "Back to Illinois," Julius murmured. Vivienne figured that Nicole would be disappointed. He said it was best for everyone.

At the Forrester mansion, Zende arrived. He was surprised to see Sasha in the living room. Sasha was waiting for Nicole. Zende felt terrible about Rick flipping opinions earlier. She replied that if she didn't fit, she didn't fit. Zende still couldn't accept it because she'd been on fire in the photos. He said he lacked experience, too, but Rick "didn't sell on" him.

Sasha said Rick had seen Zende's talent, but Zende believe it was because Sasha had given him all the credit when it had really been all her. Whipping out his phone, he decided that Rick needed to know it.

Sasha didn't want Zende to call Rick and said she might be going back home. Zende didn't think Nicole would want that. He was sure Nicole would do everything she could to convince Sasha to stay.

"Stop! You're wrong!" Sasha exclaimed. Zende asked what she meant. Sasha didn't think Nicole would care or else she would probably be glad. He became confused. Sasha confessed that he was right about how it had been an incredible opportunity, but Nicole had gotten Rick to change his mind.

Zende didn't think Nicole would do that. "But she did," Sasha replied. Zende asked why. Sasha replied that it was him, and Nicole didn't want Sasha working with him.

Face-off at Forrester

Face-off at Forrester

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

by Pam

At Forrester, in Wyatt's office, Wyatt and Quinn discussed that Steffy and Liam appeared to be headed for a breakup. Quinn said that Steffy might have finally figured out that Liam was a weasel. Wyatt said they always got back together.

Quinn hoped that Wyatt and Steffy had a chance to get together in a relationship. Wyatt shared that no one knew where Liam had gone. Quinn was excited, but Wyatt refused to get his hopes up.

In another office at Forrester, Liam packed up a box of his belongings, and Steffy entered. She asked him to stop, but Liam said she would have his resignation letter soon. "You're not resigning," Steffy insisted. She maintained that he could not quit. Liam shook his head.

Liam countered that he would need her key to his house returned to him, and he suggested she could send for her stuff. Steffy argued, but Wyatt entered and interrupted. Wyatt asked what Liam was doing there, "I thought you were off getting cozy with my ex," Wyatt said. Liam looked disgusted. Steffy said that Liam planned to resign.

Wyatt accused Liam of overreacting by resigning. Wyatt added that Steffy should be the one who was angry because Liam had taken off with another woman and flown halfway around the world. Liam maintained that he and Steffy were no longer involved in each other's lives.

Wyatt told Liam that he'd made a huge mistake in throwing away his relationship with Steffy. Liam started to argue, but Wyatt said that he and Liam had not always seen eye to eye, but Wyatt had always respected that Liam had common sense. Wyatt suggested that Liam was a fool to throw away a relationship with a woman like Steffy. Liam was angry.

Steffy advised Wyatt to leave them alone to talk. Wyatt left, and Steffy told Liam that she would not let him walk away from their relationship. "Why are you doing this?" Steffy wailed. She claimed she couldn't figure out why Liam was so angry with her. She wondered if it was Ivy. "It's because of you. Don't blame this on Ivy," Liam seethed.

Steffy understood that Liam blamed her for their most recent argument, but she didn't understand. "I can see it in your eyes. You're looking at me as if I betrayed you," Steffy said. Liam nodded.

Steffy claimed that she had felt abandoned by Liam, but Liam countered that he had tried to explain to Steffy what had happened that had sent him to Australia, but Steffy had hung up on him and hadn't answered his text messages.

Steffy begged Liam to leave with her so they could take some time alone and resolve their problems. Liam refused. Steffy wondered where he would go. She asked if he would go to Australia. Liam said he didn't know where he would go, but he didn't want to be there.

Steffy cried that Liam didn't want to be around her. Steffy worried that Liam had become "so different from the man I'm used to waking up to every morning. I know you still love me," she said tearfully.

Steffy insisted that nothing had happened that they couldn't get past. "Nothing can come between us," she said. Liam said he almost wanted to believe that. "It's true, Liam," Steffy said. Liam shook his head. Steffy said she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Liam. "We can overcome this," she said. She insisted she needed to know what was going on.

Steffy knew that Liam had been disappointed with her, but she wanted to move on with him. "I know it's not over," she said. She wrapped her arms around Liam and kissed him. Liam didn't stop her.

At the Forrester mansion, Sasha met with Zende, and she explained that she had overheard Nicole tell Rick that she didn't want Sasha modeling for Forrester. Zende said Sasha had to have misunderstood, but Sasha insisted she had heard Nicole say the words. Zende couldn't believe that Nicole would do such a thing.

Sasha agreed that it didn't sound like Nicole, and she understood that Zende didn't want to believe that Nicole had wanted Sasha out of Forrester, but it was the truth. "I can't believe this myself," Sasha said.

Sasha said that she and Nicole had been best friends as youngsters -- they had been like family. Zende wondered what had happened. Sasha answered that it was all because Nicole didn't want Sasha near Zende. "She thinks I'm a threat," Sasha said. She added that Nicole was clearly worried that Sasha might put moves on Zende. "I'm not a home wrecker," Sasha said. Nicole entered and asked what Zende and Sasha had discussed.

"Why did you tell Rick not to hire her?" Zende asked. Zende accused Nicole of preventing Sasha from becoming a Forrester model. At first, Nicole denied it, but then she apologized. "I'm so sorry," Nicole said.

Nicole explained that she hadn't been herself lately. She was jealous and insecure about everything. She admitted that Zende and Sasha had chemistry, but Sasha countered that it had all been 100 percent professional. Nicole understood, but she had been too emotional to be reasonable.

Zende advised Nicole that she had to talk to him and tell him what she was feeling. Nicole admitted that things bothered her, and she was embarrassed to admit it. "I'm really scared of losing you," Nicole said to Zende.

Zende encouraged her to open up instead of hurting others. Nicole said that Sasha was beautiful and charming, and Sasha and Nicole had a history of competing. Nicole added that she should have trusted and supported Sasha. Nicole promised to talk to Rick about Sasha becoming a model. She and Sasha hugged.

At Forrester, Wyatt returned to his office and talked to Quinn. He was convinced that Steffy and Liam had broken up for good. Quinn wanted details, but Wyatt said he didn't want her scheming to interfere. Wyatt told his mother that he had overheard Liam say he was moving on and would no longer be a part of Steffy's life. "Good for Steffy," Quinn said, "she deserves someone so much better."

Is it the end for Liam?

Is it the end for Liam?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

by Pam

At Forrester, Steffy and Liam continued to argue. "This can't be the end of us," Steffy said. Steffy admitted that she had been wrong and should have stayed away from Ivy. Steffy worried that Liam was still in love with Ivy. Liam said there was only one woman he would never get over, and it was not Ivy. Steffy insisted they could not give up on their relationship.

Liam flashed back to when he had seen Steffy and Liam in bed together. Steffy said she was responsible for all their problems, but Ivy had been the catalyst. Liam warned her not to blame Ivy. Steffy couldn't believe that they would break up over "something so stupid."

Steffy said it had been her bad behavior that had made Liam angry, but she couldn't understand why Liam was so upset. "I know you still love me," Steffy said. Liam responded that it was not the issue. Steffy said they could conquer everything and not let an argument destroy them.

Liam said the issue was trust. He didn't feel he could trust her. Steffy promised she would never let Liam down again. "I'm not gonna lose you," she said. She said she'd had a lapse in judgment, and she wanted to return to "our house -- our home." She said she planned to return home and wait for him to talk to her. "We can give this another shot. We can fix this," she said. Liam tearfully turned away.

In Wyatt's office, Wyatt and Quinn discussed that Steffy and Liam were headed for a breakup, and Quinn grilled Wyatt for information. Wyatt told his mother to worry more about her own relationship than his. "Did Deacon get a job yet?" Wyatt asked. Quinn turned away.

"Trouble in Hades?" Wyatt asked. Suddenly, Quinn dished that she and Deacon were separated. Wyatt was surprised. He noted that everything had been fine at Thanksgiving, but Quinn admitted that she and Deacon had put on a good show.

Quinn said she and Deacon had had an amicable breakup. "Believe me. Deacon is a good man," she said. Wyatt asked where Deacon had gone, and she answered that he had gone to Europe to see Hope over Christmas. Wyatt said that Quinn didn't seem upset. She said she was annoyed, but it had been inevitable that they would break up because she had only been attracted to a Spencer most of her life.

Quinn changed the subject and said that she worried that Steffy was alone, but Wyatt said that Liam and Steffy always ended up back together. Quinn argued that Wyatt should be a friend to Steffy because that was how relationships started. Quinn left.

At Spencer, Bill looked across the room at Brooke on one side of the room, working on a computer, and Katie on the other side of the room, working on a computer. Katie smiled at him and mouthed, "I love you." Brooke noticed the exchange and wondered if there was something she should know. Katie called it "office politics." Katie recommended that Brooke ask Bill if Brooke needed help with some of the things she worked on.

Brooke wondered if Bill had time, and he said that everything crossed his desk sooner or later. They stared at each other. Brooke said she'd overheard a rumor that Liam might be resigning from his position at Forrester. Katie asserted that it was true and that Liam had handed in his resignation.

Brooke sympathized that it had to have been difficult for Bill to see his sons fighting over women and positions of power at Forrester. Bill admitted that he'd wanted his boys to get along a little better.

Brooke remembered that Liam and Wyatt had competed over Hope. Katie asked about Hope, and Brooke shared that Hope had been in Monte Carlo with a girlfriend. Brooke added that she was glad Hope was no longer in the middle of relationships with both Wyatt and Liam. Katie said that she had believed Steffy and Wyatt might hook up at some point.

In Wyatt's office at Forrester, Steffy entered. Wyatt said he was frustrated that Liam had been treating her badly. Steffy lamented that she was not blameless. Steffy recalled that Liam had advised her to stay away from Ivy. She hadn't, and Ivy had wound up in the hospital every time.

Steffy thanked Wyatt for spending time with her when Liam had disappeared and gone to Australia.

Steffy lamented that Liam didn't trust her. Wyatt maintained that Liam had made a mistake in leaving her and blaming her, but Wyatt did make some humorous references to Steffy's propensity toward causing accidents when she was near Ivy. They both laughed, and Steffy said she was headed to Liam's place so they could work things out.

In his office, Liam flashed back to his first wedding with Steffy. Quinn walked in and interrupted. Liam advised her that he didn't work there anymore. Quinn wanted to know if Liam had ended his relationship with Steffy. Liam had a few dizzy spells and advised Quinn to tell Wyatt to stay away from Steffy. Quinn noticed that Liam appeared to be ill. She asked if he was all right.

Liam looked disgusted and told her he was fine. He walked out of the office, and she followed him. In the Forrester parking lot, Quinn followed Liam and asked where he was going. She badgered him about Steffy, and he said he had to talk to Steffy. Quinn said that Steffy might belong with Wyatt rather than Liam.

Liam looked at Quinn and grew quiet and dazed. He fell over and passed out. Quinn called out his name and kicked his foot. She looked around the parking lot, and Liam was unconscious on the ground.

Liam takes another unexpected trip.

Liam takes another unexpected trip.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

At Spencer, Katie asked for Bill's opinion on Brooke's ideas. Bill didn't want to micromanage Brooke. The women insisted upon getting his feedback, so he joined their conversation.

Brooke said that the magazine seemed to be about everything happening in front of the stage, but she thought it was supposed to be about the excitement behind the scenes. Katie suspected that Brooke wanted the magazine to reflect her perspective on fashion. Bill and Katie were fine with it, but Brooke wondered how Liam would take it. She didn't want to be the cause of family friction.

Bill stated that Liam, the president, knew Bill wanted him to transfer out of the magazine into bigger things; however, Bill hadn't even heard from Liam. Bill suspected that Steffy and Liam were having problems. He'd expected to hear from Liam about it but hadn't, and it wasn't a good thing.

Katie left, and Brooke gave Bill some ideas she had for covering Forrester's next fashion show from behind the scenes. Bill drifted off into another fantasy. In this one, Brooke sat in his lap, telling him that he energized her. She felt that they could do anything.

Bill quickly told Brooke that he liked it and to get back to him with the progress. Brooke noted that he'd meant it when he said he'd be hands-off. He called her a pro and said she could handle it. She didn't know if it was a compliment or his way of getting rid of her. She figured he was preoccupied about Liam.

Brooke had thought Steffy and Liam were in a stable place. Bill replied that stable didn't always last, and couples found out what they were made of when the storm hit. He hoped the couple could ride it out and said they just had to wait for it to blow over.

In the design office, Steffy wanted to go to the cliff house to wait for Liam. She felt that if Liam would also be at home, then they could work it out. Wyatt wondered if her plan was just to pretend everything was okay and sweep Liam's trip to Australia under the rug.

Steffy wanted to fight for her relationship, and she was sure Liam would return. Wyatt quipped that Liam "always did" so. Wyatt didn't plan to stop Steffy but said Liam didn't deserve her. Wyatt just wanted to see her happy. His support meant a lot to her. Wyatt said she shouldn't have to wait for anyone -- let alone Liam -- and Wyatt hoped his brother knew how lucky he was.

When Steffy arrived home later, she flashed back on times with Liam, lit candles, and waited.

In the parking lot beside Liam's car, Quinn kicked at the shoes of the unconscious Liam as he lay on the asphalt. When he didn't arouse, she knelt beside him, took his keys, and unlocked his back door.

Later, Liam was no longer on the street. Quinn backed his car out of the space and drove off. More time passed. Quinn somehow got him inside a house and onto a bed. She patted the unconscious Liam, trying to awaken him, and said they were at her cabin in Topanga -- a city about an hour outside of Los Angeles. Liam didn't awaken, and she frowned.

Quinn turned to the Internet for ideas of how to wake the unconscious. Wyatt called to find out why she'd missed a budget meeting. She stated that something had come up. She asked him to do the budget and present it to Steffy himself. He complained about doing it and said Steffy had already gone home to wait for Liam.

Quinn stopped herself from saying something rude about Liam in front of him. She couldn't believe Steffy would give Liam another chance. Wyatt grumbled that all his brother had to do was show up at home. Quinn wondered what would happen if Liam didn't show up. Looking at the sleeping Liam, she remarked that Liam had let Steffy down before.

Wyatt relayed that Liam would be forgiven the moment he walked in the door. Quinn said that Steffy deserved someone who would put her first. Wyatt said he'd been telling Steffy that. Quinn decided that he needed to tell Steffy again. She pressed for him to go to Steffy at her house.

Wyatt said Steffy was waiting for Liam. Quinn reasoned that Wyatt didn't want Steffy to be alone, and though Liam didn't give a damn about Steffy, Wyatt did. Wyatt believed that Steffy knew she could call him. Quinn reasoned that, with her broken heart, Steffy might not be able to reach out to him. Quinn suggested that he go to Steffy and show her that he cared. "I can promise you this -- Liam is not capable of stepping up for her right now," Quinn concluded.

After the call, Quinn propped Liam's feet up on a pillow and told him to just open his eyes. A message arrived on Liam's phone. Quinn read it. It was from Steffy, saying that she loved him and believed in them. She asked him to return home. Quinn told Liam that she'd get him to a hospital if she had to, but she needed him to stay put a little longer first. She then texted Steffy back.

Back at the cliff house, Wyatt arrived and noted that there was no Liam yet. Steffy appreciated the word "yet," even though Wyatt was probably there because he didn't believe Liam would show up. Wyatt offered to keep her company while she waited. Steffy wiped away tears but asserted her belief that Liam would show up. Wyatt noted that it was cozy in there -- for a memorial.

Steffy asked Wyatt not to tease her. Wyatt replied that he'd be happy he if saw his fiancée there with wine and candles, and Liam would be a fool not to be, too. Steffy felt foolish. Wyatt saw no shame in waiting, and he couldn't judge her for it. Steffy said she'd broken down and sent Liam a message. She felt that she'd made it very easy for him to just return home.

Steffy said that constantly checking her text messages wasn't her. Wyatt understood that she was going after her future. He conveyed that if it didn't turn out the way she wanted, it wasn't because she hadn't fought hard enough. He told her that she was doing everything she could, but some things couldn't be done alone. The tearful Steffy hugged him.

Steffy's phone chimed. She read the message Quinn had sent on behalf of Liam. It read, "I'm not coming." Steffy gasped.

Liam wakes up in Quinn Hell

Liam wakes up in Quinn Hell

Friday, January 22, 2016

At the cliff house, Steffy didn't get it that Liam wouldn't even return home and try. As she whimpered, Wyatt hugged her. He reasoned that she might be misinterpreting Liam's text message, and saying one wasn't going to show up didn't mean the person didn't want to. Steffy replied that Wyatt was trying to make her feel better, but they both knew Liam just didn't want her anymore.

Wyatt called Liam an idiot because nothing in the world would keep Wyatt away. He hated what Liam was doing to her. Steffy decided it had been a mistake to even return from Paris. He replied that she'd gotten to know him because of it, and that was worth any breakup with his brother.

Steffy reluctantly laughed. Wyatt got an idea about how to take Steffy's mind off things. Steffy was uncertain, but he told her to trust him. He grabbed her hand and led her toward the front door.

Later, Wyatt and Steffy were on the beach in beach clothes. He urged her to give one afternoon with him a shot and guaranteed that it would change her life.

Music played as the bikini-clad Steffy lotioned up and stretched out on a pallet. A drone flew overhead. She spotted Wyatt controlling it nearby. She rushed at him, and they fought for control of it until it flew off. Next, the pair tossed around a football, and Steffy did a touchdown dance. They strolled along the beach. Wyatt took her hand as they walked along then they hugged.

Later, Wyatt and Steffy surfed together. Afterward, the jubilant Steffy told Wyatt that he'd known exactly what she'd needed. They peeled off their wet suits, and Wyatt named off world beaches that they needed to hit. Steffy said she'd go anywhere, as long as it wasn't Australia.

Wyatt couldn't believe Steffy had said it. Steffy added that she'd done it with a smile on her face, too. She thanked him for making her laugh and enjoy herself again. He said she deserved it. He cupped her face, and they passionately kissed.

At Spencer, Brooke proposed that she and Liam do a joint "handing of the torch" letter from the editors. She wanted to include Liam and make sure he didn't feel marginalized. Bill couldn't concentrate, and she assumed he was still worried about Liam. Brooke advised him to reach out to Liam and let him know that his father was there for him and he had his father's support.

At her cabin, Quinn perused the Internet for information about Liam's condition. She dialed 9-1-1 but clicked off the call before it connected. She checked Liam's phone, which had no reply from Steffy. Quinn told the unconscious Liam that he'd one day be glad about how she'd handled things.

Liam's phone rang. It was Bill calling. Quinn sent the call to voicemail and texted "Can't talk now" to Bill. Liam stirred and grunted, but he didn't wake up. Quinn searched the Internet for local hospitals. Frustrated, she tried clapping at Liam and shaking him, but nothing worked.

Quinn commanded Liam to awaken. Her eyes widened when he groggily stirred. Liam's vision was blurry as she saw Quinn hovering over him. She welcomed him to the land of the living, and his eyes rolled back. She asked how he was feeling. He struggled and murmured.

Liam's head rolled back on the pillow, but Quinn urged him to stay with her. He panted and strained to focus. She relayed that she hadn't know what to do when he'd collapsed in the parking lot. She claimed she hadn't thought he'd wanted the fuss of a hospital.

Quinn asked how many fingers she held up. Liam answered correctly, though he was still dazed. She said it proved he was just fine and didn't need a hospital. "Hospital..." Liam murmured. Quinn said he'd be fine, and she'd take good care of him. She placed her hand on his chest. The cockeyed Liam grasped her hand, and with great effort, he pulled it to his mouth and kissed it.

Quinn frowned as if disgusted, offended, puzzled -- or a combination of the three.

Back in Bill's office, Bill didn't know how to respond to "Liam's" text message. He decided he'd just wait. Brooke believed that his son would contact him in time. Bill wondered if it would be too late and if it would be after Liam had convinced himself that he was done with Steffy.

Brooke replied that Bill would, at that point, just be there for Liam, because breakups were a reality. Bill reasoned that, sometimes, someone should step in and say, "You should fight for this."

Blinking in thought, Brooke added, "Like I did with you and Katie...Look at where I am now. I'm working for the both of you. It's a dream come true," she said.

Bill stared at Brooke and fantasized. In the fantasy, he walked around the desk, pulled her into a passionate kiss, and pushed her back onto the desk. Brooke looked at Bill expectantly.

Bill snapped out of it and said dreams did sometimes become true. Brooke believed that she'd been going through the motions at Forrester, but there were many possibilities for her at Spencer.

Bill grew serious as he said Brooke's name. "Yes?" Brooke responded.

Bill admitted to Brooke that when he'd said he hadn't given past feelings a second thought, he'd been lying. He confessed that the feelings were still there for him, too. Disconcerted, Brooke hopped up to leave. She said they didn't need to be talking about or thinking about it.

Bill grabbed Brooke's arm and turned her to face him. He said he'd thought of everything Brooke had said about missing him and missing them. He missed her, too. Upset, Brooke told him that they had to be careful because they could never go there. She was sorry for ever telling him how she felt and told him that he had to forget it.

Brooke believed that her confession had been stupid. "Even if it's the truth? Even though I feel the same way?" Bill asked. Brooke exclaimed that he was married to her sister. He said that he knew. Brooke declared that nothing could happen. He stated that he knew. She decided that they would forget it and never think of it -- ever again.

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