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Steffy accepted Wyatt's marriage proposal, and Quinn suggested that Wyatt work for his father. As Nicole coped with her breakup, Sasha climbed into Zende's bed. Katie saw her therapist but continued to fixate on Brooke.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 29, 2016 on B&B
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Monday, February 29, 2016

At the beach house, Steffy couldn't believe that Wyatt was serious. Wyatt told her how wonderful he was and asked her to say she'd marry him. He suspected that she thought he was moving fast. "Well, aren't you?" she asked. He replied that it didn't look that way from where he was kneeling.

Wyatt slipped the ring that Liam had given Steffy off her finger. Wyatt said she wouldn't need it because the man she'd been looking for was right in front of her. He promised to never leave her and to devote himself to being the husband she deserved. He asked her to say she'd marry him.

Steffy believed Wyatt was an exceptional man. She couldn't believe how in tune his spirit was with hers. She said the timing was perfect, and she wouldn't have seen him for himself before then. She wanted to be with a man she could count on. She wanted to have all the moments with him. Wyatt asked if she was agreeing. Steffy replied that she was, and she wanted to be Wyatt's wife. They kissed.

Wyatt slipped the ruby ring onto Steffy's finger and promised to spend his life making sure Steffy wouldn't be sorry for agreeing. Steffy couldn't believe they were engaged, and she hopped onto him. They kissed, and he carried her into the bedroom.

In bed later, Wyatt said he didn't care how they got married, just as long as Steffy became his wife. They kissed, and Wyatt left to take a shower. Steffy slipped out of bed and went into the living room. She glanced at Liam's ring on the table and recalled how she'd refused to take it off.

Steffy called Liam's phone, and it immediately went to voicemail. She left a message that she was marrying his brother. She doubted that he cared, but she wanted him to hear it from her.

At Quinn's cabin, Quinn was stunned that she'd said she loved Liam. She said there was no taking it back. Liam noted that she acted as if her feelings surprised her. She stated that being married didn't mean there wasn't room for the unexpected, and she hadn't expected her feelings to run as deep as they did. He figured that they'd gone through rocky times.

Quinn relayed that things hadn't always been good, but she was savoring every moment. Liam remarked that he couldn't remember their good or bad moments, but she reasoned that they were lucky that they got to live in the moment, and at that moment, they were the best they'd ever been. They agreed that they were brand new people with a brand new love.

Quinn revealed that at times, they'd been angry with each other, and tempers had flared. Liam couldn't imagine being angry with her. She said it was like a rebirth, and she really liked the person she'd become. She couldn't imagine being without him. He said she wouldn't be, and he'd be right there. They two began kissing and making out.

Later, Quinn and Liam cuddled. She marveled at how safe she felt in his arms. She didn't need to be anywhere else but right there with him.

Quinn got out of bed, and in the living room, she heard Liam's phone chime. She checked it and saw that Steffy had left a message. While listening to it, Quinn covered her mouth and grinned, silently ecstatic to hear that Steffy and Wyatt were engaged.

At Brooke's house, Maya and Rick entered the kitchen to raid the refrigerator. They discovered a morose Nicole there. Nicole informed them that Zende respected what they were doing, but he didn't want it in his life. Maya and Rick were sorry about it and offered to talk to Zende. Thanking them, Nicole said she knew Zende, and when he was done, he was done.

Maya wondered if there could be a chance after the baby was born. Nicole replied that by then, some woman would have already taken her man and gone.

Alone in the kitchen, Nicole flashed back to Zende telling her how young and free they were. She recalled him breaking up with her, and she sadly rubbed her belly.

At Forrester, Zende and Sasha were in the middle of a photo shoot. Sasha shut off the music because Zende's head wasn't in the shoot. She wanted him to talk out whatever was on his mind, but he replied that he had nothing to say. Deciding that they'd gotten what they'd need for the night, Zende grabbed his bag and said he was headed home. Sasha grinned to herself as he left.

Later, Sasha knocked on Zende's bedroom door. The shirtless Zende opened it and said he wasn't good company at the moment. She barged in anyways, claiming not to be easily offended. She said she missed the fun Zende, and he warned her not to expect him to be smiling much. She urged him to talk to her, and he revealed that he'd broken up with Nicole.

Zende noted that Sasha wasn't surprised. She replied that the surprise was how long it had taken him to do it, and she said Nicole's surrogacy decision had been selfish. Zende didn't want to talk about it. She stated that they didn't have to talk at all. He said she was different, and she just put it out there.

Sasha relayed that she liked Zende and wanted to know him better -- unless he wasn't attracted to her. Zende replied that it wasn't true. She saw no reason that they couldn't get to know each other, since she was there, willing, and not pregnant with someone else's kid. She urged him to "get your life" and passionately kissed him. Zende snatched himself back.

Rules of engagement Rules of engagement

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

by Pam

At the beach house, Wyatt told Steffy his engagement ring looked good on her. She teased that it was a perk of being engaged to a jewelry designer. Wyatt said he wanted to tell his parents, and Steffy said she planned to tell her family at Forrester.

Steffy said that she knew Quinn would freak out in a good way. "You should know that I called Liam," Steffy said. She added that it was strange to leave the news in a message. They decided to tell their own families individually.

At Forrester, Thomas, Caroline, and Ridge discussed that Ridge and Caroline's baby was kicking up a storm. Thomas teased that he would teach the baby to become a soccer player. Caroline said that Ridge had plans for the baby to be a surfer.

Ridge wondered what had happened to Liam and if there had been any word from him. Caroline said that it was weird that Liam hadn't responded to any of her social media posts, and he always had. Thomas said that if Liam was in Australia with Ivy, he might not have Wi-Fi. Ridge wondered if Caroline was concerned. She replied that she was confused.

"I think he's got us all confused," Thomas said. Ridge added that Liam had totally confused Steffy. Later, Steffy entered and said that the new line was under budget. Ridge wondered where Quinn's pieces were. They discussed that Quinn had been working from home, and it seemed to be working out well for everyone.

Thomas, Caroline, Steffy, and Ridge discussed swimwear and that revisions were due that day. Caroline quipped that they all lived together and could have meetings like that in private at home in their pajamas. They all laughed, but Steffy said she would not be living there much longer. Thomas said she hadn't been there long. Steffy announced that she and Wyatt were engaged.

Ridge was surprised, but Caroline pulled Steffy in for a hug. Steffy told Thomas and her dad that she would not tolerate any negativity. Caroline welcomed Steffy to the Spencer family and asked if they had told Bill yet. Steffy replied that Wyatt was telling Bill, Quinn, and Katie.

Steffy wondered if Ridge was happy for her. He said that if she was happy, there was nothing more to say. She announced that she was happy. Ridge asked about Liam. She said she had received nothing but text messages and phone messages from Liam. Caroline said it didn't sound like Liam. Steffy agreed. "He's like a different person," Steffy said.

Later, Steffy and Ridge were alone, and he asked her to tell him what was going on and if marrying Wyatt was what she really wanted. She maintained that Wyatt was her future. "I can feel it," she said.

At Spencer, Bill told Katie that he had planned lunch with her. He had asked Alison to make reservations for them. Bill asked Katie to make amends with Brooke, but Katie said she was not ready to apologize. She wondered if that was what Bill wanted -- for her to apologize to Brooke. He said he wanted her to make amends, and she could determine what that meant.

Katie's cell phone rang, and she said that lunch wouldn't work because she was going to have to don her editor's hat to deal with a problem. She added that Liam had made it all look easy and was much better at being an editor than she was. Bill said he was sick of Liam's AWOL status. Katie maintained that she could handle it, but Bill was upset.

Katie wondered if Liam had called or texted. Bill said he'd had no word from Liam. A text from Wyatt interrupted their conversation. Bill said that Wyatt wanted to meet.

Quinn showed up and said it was mysterious that Wyatt had asked them all to meet at Spencer. Wyatt entered and greeted everyone. Wyatt explained that since Liam had disappeared, he had grown closer to Steffy. "How close are you to Steffy?" Katie asked. Wyatt responded that he had asked her to marry him.

Bill and Katie seemed shocked. Katie congratulated him and hugged him. Wyatt noted there was a lack of excitement from Bill and Katie. Wyatt also wondered why Quinn wasn't more surprised and had been so quiet. Quinn said she had known that Steffy and Wyatt were meant to be. Bill remained quiet. Wyatt asked if Bill was happy for him. Bill said that Liam had left, and Steffy had chosen to move on with Wyatt. "Good for you," Bill said, and he embraced Wyatt.

At the cabin, Quinn listened to the message that Steffy had left on Liam's phone about being engaged to Wyatt. Liam emerged from his room and asked why Quinn was glowing. Quinn said that Liam had said he loved her for the first time in a long time. Quinn said she had to take care of something. She asked if Liam would be all right while she left. They kissed, and Liam promised he would be fine as long as she vowed to kiss him that way when she returned.

Quinn left, and Liam typed his name into a search engine on a computer. He could find nothing about Adam Smith. Suddenly, the Spencer Publications website opened up. Liam looked at it, but he seemed tired and shook his head. He felt there had to be an easier way. He closed the laptop and sighed.

Quinn returned, and he told her that he had learned a lot about a Scottish man with white hair who shared his name, but he could find nothing about himself. Liam was woozy and said he had a headache. Quinn encouraged him to lie down. She said she had all the answers. She told him to ask her.

Liam smiled and went to bed. Quinn noticed a call from Bill had registered on Liam's phone, which she kept hidden in her purse. She listened to the message from Bill.

In the message, Bill announced that Wyatt and Steffy were engaged. Bill accused Liam of running like a coward. He wondered if Liam was in Australia with Ivy. He added that Liam had always wanted Steffy. He was angry, but he softened and said that he wanted Liam to return. "How about you come back for the company? How about you come back for your dad?"

Quinn listened to Bill's message and replied for Liam. She texted that Liam was at a retreat and encouraged Bill to give his position at Spencer to Wyatt because Liam needed more time away. Quinn walked into Liam's room, and he was asleep. Quinn again hid Liam's phone in her purse.

Quinn called Wyatt. She asked if she was interrupting a celebration with Steffy. Wyatt told her that he was busy doing invoices at work -- "that place you used to make appearances," he said.

Quinn told Wyatt it was time for him to explore his opportunities at Spencer Publications because his name was on the building, and Liam had not returned. Quinn advised Wyatt to remind his father that he was the dependable son. She added that he should take over the role of the number one son because the "company is your birthright." Wyatt looked thoughtful.

Time for Wyatt to make a move Time for Wyatt to make a move

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

by Pam

At Spencer, Katie realized that Bill was angry. She thought he was angry that Wyatt had proposed to Steffy. Bill maintained it was Liam who had screwed up, not Wyatt. Bill was upset that Liam hadn't bothered to answer his phone when Bill had called. Bill said it was time he supported Wyatt. Katie wondered if Bill had spoken to Liam, and Bill explained that he had called and left a message for Liam, who had texted back that he was too busy finding himself to care about Steffy or work.

Bill said that he had misjudged Wyatt. He agreed that Wyatt had been overlooked and he wanted to get Wyatt away from Forrester and get him into the family company. Bill admitted that he hadn't figured Wyatt could handle business the way Liam could because of his mother's influence. But "he's very much my son. He takes charge, steps up. He's a Spencer, and he belongs here," Bill announced.

At the cabin, Quinn phoned Wyatt, and they discussed that Spencer Publications could easily belong to Wyatt someday if he positioned himself correctly. Quinn hung up and checked on Liam. He complained of a headache and asked for medicine.

Quinn promised to get him medication. Liam said he'd heard the phone ring. Quinn admitted it had. She said she was speaking to a coworker who had gotten engaged.

Someone knocked on the door of the cabin. Quinn left and answered the door. It was Deacon. He had doctored photos "of your beautiful life with Liam," Deacon said. Deacon wanted to be paid.

Quinn agreed and handed Deacon money. Deacon warned that Quinn would soon be caught in her lies. Quinn maintained that Wyatt and Steffy were engaged, so all of her hard work had paid off. Deacon noticed Quinn's pink top, and he said it was something like Pam would wear. Quinn was offended.

"Now you're Eve," Deacon noted. He mocked that she was a doting wife. He was impressed. He wondered if Liam had fallen for Quinn and "said the words." Quinn remained silent.

"How did you even keep a straight face?" Deacon asked. Quinn looked away, and Deacon realized that Quinn had also told Liam that she loved him. "Oh, Quinn, that's so sweet!" Deacon said, taunting, "You told Liam you love him."

Deacon kissed Quinn's shoulder, and she looked uncomfortable. She told Deacon to stop making fun of her. She had been playing a role, and it was all part of the game. Deacon wondered if there was "a teensy weensy part of her" that had fallen for Liam.

Quinn told Deacon that she would never fall for Liam, and Deacon agreed that Liam was not her kind of guy. Deacon tried to hug her, but she pushed him away. Deacon guessed that Liam might be the ultimate turn-on for her because she had hated him so much.

Quinn scoffed at the suggestion and said she was using him until the job was done. Deacon wondered how long Quinn thought she could keep Liam hidden.

Quinn said she wanted Steffy and Liam to never see each other again. She might make him disappear for good. Deacon chimed in that it might be like the Hope Diamond guy who had been killed.

Quinn said she had to pretend to be Liam's wife. Deacon said Liam might figure out the truth soon, and then she would be in trouble. Quinn said that Liam understood her. She could understand why women fell in love with him because he listened. Quinn peeked in on Liam and hurried Deacon out the door.

Deacon told Quinn that when Liam reappeared, Steffy would dump Wyatt. Quinn said Liam might never return. She could hold Bill and Steffy at bay with text messages, but Deacon said it was a disaster waiting to happen.

Quinn wanted Wyatt to be happy. She explained that with Liam out of the way, Bill would want help from Wyatt at Spencer. "Maybe I'm just gonna have to kill him," Quinn said.

Deacon said he wanted to be nowhere near her because it was a train wreck. Deacon left. Liam called to "Eve" from the bedroom and said his headache was worse. She hugged him, and the words "Maybe I'm just gonna have to kill him," echoed in her head.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge embraced Steffy and congratulated her on her engagement. He wanted her to be happy. "If Liam walked through that door right now, what would you do?" Ridge asked. He added that maybe Liam had a reasonable explanation. "Liam gave up, not me," Steffy said.

Steffy wondered if Ridge thought she was just settling -- she told him he was wrong. Wyatt entered and said he agreed. Ridge said that Wyatt had proposed to Steffy without asking him. Steffy thought Ridge was kidding. Wyatt stammered that he did want to ask Ridge, but Ridge said he was messing with Wyatt.

"Congratulations," Ridge said. Ridge walked out. Wyatt said Ridge had made him sweat. Steffy said he often did that to people. She wondered if Wyatt had told his parents. Wyatt said he had, and Quinn had not been surprised. "She said she always believed we'd be together," Wyatt said.

Wyatt added that Quinn had suggested that he should be working at Spencer "because it's my birthright," he said, and he added that Liam was gone and might never return.

Steffy said that as the president of Forrester Creations she wanted to see her husband at work, but as his fiancée, she wanted him to be happy at Spencer. Wyatt said he had always wondered what it would be like to work for his dad.

Zende and Sasha make out Zende and Sasha make out

Thursday, March 3, 2016

At Katie's house, Katie thanked her therapist for making a house call. Katie talked to Dr. Hayden about Brooke's feelings for Bill. Katie had thought everyone had moved on until she'd overheard Brooke say that she loved Bill. Katie claimed she'd been trying to let it go.

Dr. Hayden asked if Katie had talked to her husband. Katie asserted that she and Bill were fine. She trusted her husband. She wanted to trust her sister but didn't know if she could. Katie complained about Brooke's pathological behavior and desire for men. Katie swore it wasn't all in her head, as people were telling her, and Brooke craved attention like a drug.

Katie hated to even be talking about Brooke. She felt that Brooke was always in the middle of things, giggling and tossing her hair, and it was infuriating. Dr. Hayden said there was no right way to feel about the situation, and Katie had to work through it the best way she could.

Katie couldn't stand cutting her sister out of her life, but she couldn't be around her sister while knowing how her sister felt about her husband. She didn't know how she could ever have faith in Brooke again. The doctor said Brooke had to give Katie what she needed to trust the relationship again.

Katie refused to let it consume her. She decided that she'd concentrate on the family night ahead with Will and Bill. She revealed that she couldn't help but love her sister, but she could feel Brooke circling. She said she had to protect her family, and she loved it too much to lose it to Brooke.

At Spencer, Brooke arrived in Bill's office, looking for Katie. Bill relayed that Katie was meeting with her therapist at home -- something Bill wished Katie had done weeks sooner.

Brooke was relieved to hear it because Katie needed some guidance. Brooke wanted to be there for Katie but she knew that Katie didn't want it. Brooke decided to leave because Katie wouldn't want Brooke around Bill. Bill understood the feeling of walking around on eggshells with Katie.

Bill relayed that he and Katie were supposed to have a quiet night at home together with Will later. He hoped it would get Katie back on track. All he cared about was that his wife was okay.

Later, at Katie's house, Bill and Will were in the living room with dinner plates on the coffee table. A cheerful Katie carried in a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. She wobbled with the bowl and spilled some food on Will's truck as she tried to scoop some onto his plate. Bill became concerned, but she joked that the truck was hungry.

Katie offered Bill some wine, but he declined. As she poured some for herself, she spilled it on the table. Bill readily scooped Will up and said they were going to watch a show in the other room. Will whined as Bill promised they'd see mommy in a few minutes. Katie cursed to herself.

Bill left and returned alone. He asked how things had gone with the doctor and if Katie was going back on her antidepressants. Katie didn't want to talk about the appointment. Bill was concerned that she wasn't herself, but she stated that they'd been having a nice family dinner and that everything had been fine. Bill replied that everything wasn't fine.

Bill recalled that Will had found her passed out on the couch after she'd fallen asleep downstairs the other night. Katie murmured that she hadn't been passed out, but he insisted that she had been. He cited that she'd gone off on Brooke and was drinking more and more every day.

Katie claimed she had a drink or two to turn her brain off and calm the anxiety. As a drinker, Bill knew that Katie's situation wasn't healthy. "You mean I'm not healthy," Katie replied. She said she could feel Brooke circling, and her presence was in the room. "What?" Bill replied. Katie asked if he thought about her. "What are you doing?" Bill asked in exasperation. He thought she was obsessed.

Katie asked, after all Brooke had done, why Katie shouldn't be obsessed. Bill insisted that nothing had happened or would happen, and it was all in her imagination. "Is it?" she asked. He reiterated that it was so, and nothing was happening between him and Brooke. Katie said they were good, but she felt as if she was losing him.

Bill told Katie that she wasn't losing him. He added that she couldn't push him away with her fears, insecurities, or drinking either. He reminded her that she'd said the only person who could undermine their marriage was in the room. He begged her not to do it. She didn't want to, but she sobbed that she hurt so bad. She cried that she was sorry, and he hugged her.

At Forrester, Nicole thought that Rick and Maya's invitation to the movies signified that they were feeling sorry for her. Maya and Rick felt responsible because Zende had left Nicole over the baby. Rick offered to talk to Zende, but Nicole didn't want to convince Zende to be with her. She didn't think it had been right to expect Zende to deal with the pregnancy.

Rick left to let the sisters be alone. Maya was sorry and felt terrible for Nicole's plight. Nicole didn't regret the surrogacy, but she did feel ashamed. She revealed that she was insecure about her body and the way it looked. Maya said it was natural to go through changes because Nicole hadn't been pregnant before. Nicole wished she felt beautiful and desirable, but she didn't.

Nicole conveyed that she'd pushed Zende away because she hadn't wanted him to see her naked. She didn't believe Zende would be alone long. Maya said Nicole was gorgeous and glowing, and any man would be proud to be with her. Maya was also proud of Nicole for empathizing with Zende's feelings. Nicole said she'd taken Zende's support for granted and had realized how selfish she'd been.

At Brooke's house, Rick let Brooke know that it would be just them for dinner because Maya was consoling Nicole at the office. Rick noted that Brooke seemed distracted, and he wondered if she was still worried about her sister. Brooke admitted being concerned about Katie, but it was something that Katie and Bill had to figure out as a couple.

In the photo studio, the reticent Zende ended a photo shoot with Sasha. Sasha told him that he had to get over it. She believed he'd made the right decision by exiting Nicole's bizarre situation, and after kissing him the other night, Sasha was sure he deserved better than Nicole.

Zende thanked Sasha for the good work. She mimicked his stiff tone. He attempted to leave, but she warned him not to mope around the next day. She felt Nicole would have plenty more harebrained ideas, and he'd been right to end things. Sasha offered to be there for him if he needed her.

Later, Sasha arrived in the shirtless Zende's room. Leering at him, she claimed the views in Beverly Hills were gorgeous. Sasha claimed she'd wanted to make sure he was okay and not alone, thinking of "you know who." She said she and Zende were alike in being traditional. He questioned the statement, but she insisted that she was a saint in comparison to the dysfunctional Hollywood Avants.

Sasha loved Nicole like a sister but thought it was best that he didn't stay involved in the crazy pregnancy. Sasha didn't want to discuss it more. She'd arrived there for him. Sasha kissed Zende, and he pulled back. She grazed her hand over his chest and said she could feel his heartbeat. She guessed it had been a long time for him. He said her name, but she shushed him and said not to feel guilty.

Sasha asserted that Zende was young and single with no commitments. She peeled off her dress, and they began kissing.

Katie falls over the whiskey cliff Katie falls over the whiskey cliff

Friday, March 4, 2016

At Brooke's house, Rick hadn't realized that things were that bad between Brooke and Katie. Brooke explained that Katie had overheard her say something to Bill. Rick asserted that Bill was the real problem, and Katie was insecure because Bill kept her that way.

Brooke insisted Katie's crisis wasn't Bill's doing, and Rick wondered how he'd known Brooke would say that. She replied that Bill was being stubborn but patient -- so far. Rick asked what that meant, and Brooke stated that one could only push a person so far.

At Katie's house, Katie figured that Bill had to get tired of her craziness. He said everyone got that way. Recalling her past depression, he said he didn't want to lose her. She promised not to let it happen but asked him to stop using her postpartum depression against her. She said that it had been an illness and a hormonal imbalance that had controlled her behavior, but at the moment, they had a real threat.

"Except it's not real," Bill replied. Katie said that she understood his commitment to their family, but he couldn't ask her to forget the promised he'd broken when Brooke had wanted him. "And now we know that she still does," Katie added. Bill told Katie that she was creating a crisis, but Katie believed she was saying things that he just didn't want to hear.

Bill compared the hormones from Katie's past depression to the liquor she was drinking. He felt that whether it was alcohol or hormones, substances or chemicals were dictating her behavior. Katie admitted to having a couple of glasses of wine while she'd been cooking, but to her, it wasn't a big deal.

Katie reminded Bill of how he'd responded when she'd been on him about drinking. Bill replied that she was comparing apples and oranges. He informed her that he'd agreed to go to Justin's to watch the game. Bill asked if Will's coat was in the closet. He claimed that Justin liked to play uncle sometimes. Katie assumed Bill didn't want to leave her alone with Will. "Of course not," he replied and left.

Angry, Katie grabbed her wine, took a few sips, and called Brooke for a meeting at Katie's house.

Later, Brooke arrived. The wine-drinking Katie asked if Brooke had seen Bill in the driveway. Brooke hadn't and asked if Katie knew where he had gone. Katie snapped that she of course knew. Brooke asked if Will was with the nanny or Bill. Katie asked if Brooke didn't think Will was okay. Brooke turned to go upstairs, but Katie said not to walk away while she was talking.

Brooke turned back, and Katie said that Will was fine and was with Bill. Katie found it amazing that time hadn't changed the beautiful Brooke, who still had a way of insulting Katie without saying anything. Brooke asked why she was there. Katie said it was so she could tell Brooke to stop hovering. "I'm not," Brooke replied. Brooke said she was there by request.

Katie replied that Brooke knew it wasn't what Katie meant. Katie believed Brooke was looking for moments to share some eye contact and intimacy with Bill while everyone accused Katie of being paranoid. Katie claimed Brooke's history was doing that to women who had the men she wanted.

Brooke looked exasperated as Katie said Brooke put the women in a trap until the women would do anything to be free from the hurt. Katie refused to hand her life over to Brooke to save her dignity. Katie declared that she'd make a holy spectacle of herself, and she didn't care who saw.

Katie switched to scotch. Swigging it, she said Brooke hadn't expected it from sweet, innocent Katie, but it was the Katie who Brooke had created. Brooke contended that it might be the one whiskey had created. Brooke asked Katie to realize that Bill obviously hadn't gone to see Brooke.

Katie guessed Brooke thought Bill wasn't running to Brooke but running away from Katie. Katie believed Brooke thought Bill would leave Katie over a few drinks, but Katie vowed she'd never let it happen. Katie would die first. Brooke said Katie wasn't going to die, and pouring more scotch, Katie replied that Brooke was trying to push her off a cliff.

Brooke advised Katie to hire a detective to see her for herself that Bill wasn't trying to rendezvous with Brooke. Katie figured Brooke would love it because Bill would think Katie didn't trust him when she did. Brooke asked why Katie needed all the reassurances and added that Katie wouldn't find them in the bottle. "You think I need this?" Katie asked and threw the scotch bottle at the fireplace. Brooke tensed as the glass smashed against the marble beside her.

Katie believed that Brooke thought she'd gifted Bill back to Katie as if he was Brooke's to take and give. Brooke disagreed, but Katie went on that Brooke did that with every woman in her life. Katie refused to top the list. Brooke yelled back that she didn't want to do it. She just wanted her sister.

Brooke told her sister that she was content with her life. She might have feelings that surfaced, and if she missed someone or something from the past, they were her feelings. "It's nobody else's' business, Katie!" Brooke said. Brooke had accepted that she wouldn't be with Bill and asked why Katie couldn't. Brooke didn't know what Katie wanted from her.

Brooke only wanted to love her sister. "How could you? How could you love me? How could anyone love me?" Katie asked, sobbing. She sank to the floor, and Brooke hugged her. Katie apologized over and over. She said Brooke was right, and Katie had to stop it.

Katie claimed she wouldn't drink anymore. Katie stated that they didn't have to talk about it anymore as long as Brooke understood that Will and Bill were Katie's world. Brooke nodded, and Katie said that Brooke could leave. Katie wanted Brooke to tell Bill something if she saw him. Brooke asserted that she wouldn't see him. Katie replied that, if Brooke did, she could tell him it was okay to go home.

Brooke left, and Katie gazed at the broken crystal and liquor on the hearth. She reached for the bottom of the broken bottle that still contained a few ounces of liquor. Carefully, she placed the jagged bottle to her lips, drank the liquor, and sobbed.

At Forrester, Maya and Nicole discussed Nicole's breakup with Zende. Maya said life was harder than one thought it would be, but once Zende thought it through, he might think life was harder without Nicole.

Nicole regretted that she and Zende hadn't been together. She'd wanted her first time to be with Zende, and she'd wanted him to want it enough to wait. Nicole believed she'd asked too much of Zende. Maya stated that Zende hadn't said so at the beginning.

Nicole had thought Zende could handle it because his own parents had had to adopt because AIDS had prevented them from conceiving. Nicole believed that Zende was a good, trusting person, who'd been through a lot, and she missed him already.

In Zende's room, Sasha and Zende made out on his leather sofa. Zende said that they shouldn't, and someone could get hurt. Sasha kissed him, saying they weren't hurting anyone. She figured he was used to waiting and being a patient good boy, but he was good enough for her already.

Sasha and Zende made out more, but Zende stopped again. Sasha asked what was wrong. Zende said she was Nicole's friend but wasn't acting like a friend. Sasha asked if she'd overstayed her welcome. He replied that she seemed to have a sense of what was right and wrong; she criticized Maya and Nicole, and it made him wonder if she might think their making out was indecent.

Sasha decided to go if that was what Zende wanted. As she put her dress on, she said she didn't mind being turned down, but she didn't like him making it like it was her fault. He said he was sorry. She told him that he'd be sorrier the next day, and she left.

Zende prepared for bed. He shut off the lights and climbed onto the bed in his underwear. As he looked at his phone, his door opened. Sasha had returned. She refused to let him "do this." She figured he'd said "no" because it was the answer he always gave himself, but she wasn't a "no" kind of girl.

Sasha believed that people were hurt and alone because they didn't believe that someone wanted to care for them. She guessed he didn't expect to hear it because it wasn't something that nice girls said, but she didn't originate from nice people. She was born from people who saw things how they were, and she could see that he needed her.

Sasha unzipped her dress. Zende said he wasn't what he'd call available, and she might want things he couldn't give her. Sasha replied that she wanted things no one could give her, and she asked if he had what they needed to be safe. Zende nodded, and they began making out on the bed.

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