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Caroline and Ridge experienced the emotional home birth of their son, and Thomas felt tension between him and Ridge. Rick warned Eric that Ridge had skeletons, and Brooke shared Ridge's secrets with Rick. Quinn contemplated ending her twisted fairytale with murder.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 7, 2016 on B&B
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Caroline goes into Labor Caroline goes into Labor

Monday, March 7, 2016

At the mansion, Thomas noted that Caroline wasn't at work. Caroline replied that she was having a girl's day. They discussed Thomas' work and how he'd made changes that Ridge had requested. Thomas was positive about Ridge's notes and was seeing things differently. He looked forward to being a big brother again, too, and he wanted to be a real role model for the child.

Thomas decided to raid the refrigerator. Caroline felt a pain and believed that she'd just had a contraction.

At Forrester, Ridge and Rick argued over Ridge's tactics to acquire a piece of real estate. Rick said Ridge had used the same tactic with Rick by pretending not to want something that Ridge had actually wanted. Ridge asked what it was, and Rick asserted that it was getting Rick out of the mansion.

Ridge said Rick had left of his own accord, but Rick felt that Ridge had forced Rick's hand with the portrait, and Ridge didn't really care what portrait was on the wall. Ridge felt that Stephanie's portrait deserved a place of prominence in her home. Rick replied that the baton had been passed to a Forrester, a real son of Eric's. Ridge reminded Rick that Eric had sided with Ridge.

Rick said that Ridge had manipulated Eric with the portrait, and Rick wondered who else Ridge was manipulating. Ridge said it was good to get things off one's chest, but it was time to get back to work. Rick was amused that Ridge was dismissing him and said he wasn't Ridge's employee. Ridge asked what Rick was -- and if Rick was a sad boy that didn't want to be stepped on.

Rick stated that whatever Ridge had done was out there, and it was haunting him. He warned that people would start pushing back. Ridge promised to file the wisdom away with all the other advice Rick had given. Ridge added that he needed to focus on leading the company and family forward, and though Rick probably didn't believe it, Ridge didn't want things to be bad between them.

As Rick agreed that he didn't believe it, Ridge received a call from Caroline, who informed him that it was time. He said that he'd be there right away. After the call, Ridge stated that he had to go, but he had a phone call that he'd been expecting. Rick shooed Ridge out, saying to go. Rick stated that he'd take care of it and wished Ridge luck.

After Ridge had gone, Eric arrived for a meeting. Rick said that Ridge had had to step out. Eric was sure Ridge had a good reason. "He always does, doesn't he?" Rick asked. Eric frowned, and Rick explained that Ridge had gone because Caroline was in labor. Eric decided that it was a great day for their family, and Rick griped that he supposed it was so.

Eric asked if the brothers had argued earlier. Rick said they'd cleared the air, but Rick had stepped up and wished Ridge luck. Rick had a feeling Ridge would need it with his controlling behavior. Eric replied that the child would also have an uncle and big brother standing by.

Rick noted that Thomas was "all about it," and one would think Thomas was having the baby. Rick doubted Ridge would let Rick around it. Eric stated that it wasn't true, and Ridge knew the importance of family.

Rick complained about Eric defending Ridge all the time, and the topic turned to the house. Rick claimed that he hadn't moved out -- he'd been defending his wife -- but Ridge hadn't even given Rick any time to reconsider because Ridge had planned the coup all along.

Eric wanted to get past it because Ridge was welcoming a new baby into the fold. Rick piped up that he was, too, but he guessed it wasn't important because Maya was transgender and didn't fit into the Forrester mold. "No, no. You don't get to do that!" Eric shot back. Eric said that Rick could be angry, but he wouldn't put words into Eric's mouth about Maya.

Rick agreed and apologized. Rick was upset that he hadn't seen it beforehand. Rick called Ridge a master manipulator and wondered who Ridge would manipulate next. Eric wanted Rick to be more positive and said Brooke was probably happy to have Rick back at home. Rick stated that it was back where he started, and Eric added that Ridge was, too.

"Ridge has that beach house," Rick reasoned. He said Ridge probably hadn't had a thought of moving back until he'd hatched his scheme, and Ridge needed to find his own house. Rick wondered how Caroline had taken the idea of the move, and Eric replied that she'd been surprised. To Rick, it proved that the couple had never even talked about moving. Rick said Ridge didn't have rules or standards like the rest of them because he wasn't a Forrester.

Eric corrected that Ridge was a Forrester, and Eric had raised him. Rick believed Ridge acted more like a Marone and said the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Rick believed Eric would be in for a rude awakening, and Ridge probably had a dozen skeletons in his closet. Eric stated that a new baby was on the way, and a new Forrester was about to be born in the Forrester home.

Back at the mansion, Caroline called her midwife, and Thomas timed the contractions. He was sure that Ridge was breaking every red light to get there, but Thomas said that, at the rate the baby was coming, the baby might see his brother before he saw his father. Caroline got a funny look on her face, and Thomas asked if she was okay. She was a little scared, but his presence helped.

Ridge rushed into the house and knelt before Caroline to check on her. Thomas said it was an honor to be there for the birth of his father's child.

Joanne and Lois, the doula and midwife, arrived. Ridge helped Caroline up the stairs. Thomas was about to go, too, but Ridge put his hand up. He said not Thomas, and it was a private moment. Thomas quickly nodded, understanding that it was just the mother and the father. After everyone had gone upstairs, Thomas sent out text messages about the labor in progress.

Upstairs, Caroline was in bed with Ridge beside her. Joanne and Lois coached Caroline. Ridge and Caroline clasped hands. On the screen flashed memories of their relationship. Ridge repeated his wedding vows. Caroline recalled that her vows had been the truest words she'd ever spoken. He stated that she was giving him a baby. She was doing it for them, and he loved her. "Our baby," she uttered.

Welcome to a new Forrester-Spencer Welcome to a new Forrester-Spencer

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Caroline and Ridge were in their bedroom, and Caroline was in labor. The midwife advised her that changing positions helped to advance labor. Ridge helped Caroline remember her breathing exercises. He encouraged her to look at him and listen to his voice. He reminded her that he would be with her the entire time and kissed her forehead.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke entered Rick's office and asked what was so urgent that he needed her attention. He told her that Ridge and Caroline had planned a home birth. Brooke knew that they had hired a midwife. Rick complained that Ridge had used people and made it a control issue.

Brooke argued with Rick, but she added that she was sorry that Ridge's actions had been so upsetting to Rick. She reminded Rick that Ridge had been an excellent father to R.J. "He's been a good father to all of his children," Brooke said.

In the living room at the Forrester mansion, Eric, Steffy, Wyatt, and Thomas waited for news of the impending birth. Eric noted that Ridge and Caroline wanted their privacy upstairs, so they would all have to wait patiently for news. Thomas agreed but said he had been caught up in the excitement.

Eric reminded everyone that Ridge and Caroline had been alone for their wedding and liked to do things alone. Bill and Katie showed up and wondered if there was any news. Bill said he and Katie were the official Spencer welcoming committee.

Upstairs, Caroline's contractions grew stronger and closer together. The midwife recommended that Caroline should keep moving in order to keep the labor moving. The midwife filled a birthing tub in the room and checked the water temperature. Ridge commented that it would be a water birth and would be easy and natural because that was what Caroline wanted. He embraced Caroline and said that the experience belonged only to them, just like their wedding.

Caroline climbed into the birthing tub, and Ridge joined her. The midwife told her she was dilated to nine centimeters, and birth was imminent. Ridge kissed her and told her that he was proud of her. The midwife noted that Ridge had been a big help to Caroline. "You have the right man by your side. He's a good husband and a good dad," the midwife said.

Caroline's water broke, and she soon gave birth to a baby boy. Caroline and Ridge hugged, and they kissed their son. Ridge held Caroline and his newborn son in his arms. The midwife took a picture.

At Forrester, Rick remained unhappy, but he softened when he realized that Brooke's love and the father of her son was having a baby with another woman. Brooke shared that Ridge and Caroline's baby had been a miracle. Rick was curious. Brooke shared that Ridge had had a vasectomy, something that most people did not know. Rick wondered how Ridge could have done that to Caroline, but Brooke said that Ridge had done it when he had been living in Paris.

Brooke further explained that when Ridge had returned and married Caroline, Caroline's desire for a baby had prompted Ridge to have the vasectomy reversed, even though his medical condition made his chances of having a baby almost nonexistent. Brooke blabbed that Ridge had gotten the vasectomy reversed, and Ridge and Caroline were about to have a baby. Brooke insisted it was all a miracle.

Rick looked dubious. Brooke claimed it might have all been a mistake, but it had worked out in the end. "Rules don't apply to him," Rick said. He further lamented that Ridge controlled everything.

On the first floor at the Forrester mansion, Eric noted that it was the first time the Forresters and Spencers had been together in a long time as a family to celebrate the joining of families. Eric remembered that Ridge had been married to Caroline's aunt, also named Caroline. Eric added that Stephanie and everyone in the Forrester family had loved Caroline, and everyone loved Caroline's namesake -- Ridge's current wife. Bill agreed that his sister had been special, and his niece was equally as special. Eric added that Caroline had a youthful energy and passion for her work. Eric noted that Forresters had been born in the house, and a Forrester-Spencer would soon be born there as well.

Katie noted that Ridge and Caroline wanted to keep the birth of the baby as a low-key celebration, but Katie announced that she had a bottle of Champagne. Bill took the bottle away from her and said they would all have a glass of Champagne after the baby was born.

In private, Thomas confessed to Steffy that he had been rethinking his actions over the years. He had made some mistakes in the way he had treated Ivy and Charlotte. He said his recent behavior had forced him to change and be less selfish.

Bill and Katie said they had more than one Spencer-Forrester union to celebrate. They discussed that Wyatt would be marrying Steffy.

Eric noted that Caroline's aunt hadn't lived to see Ridge as happy as he was, but she would approve. Eric noted that pure love and healing would pull all of them together and move them all forward. "I am so proud to be here," Eric said. He added that he was happy to be sharing "this moment in this house," he said.

Meet the new Forrester Meet the new Forrester

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Caroline and Ridge celebrated the birth of their son privately in their room. The baby slept, and they enjoyed holding him. They kissed. Ridge kissed the baby. Ridge said he knew everyone was waiting for news downstairs, and he prepared to talk to them.

In the living room at the Forrester mansion, Eric, Steffy, Wyatt, Bill, Katie, and Thomas waited for news. Eric and Bill agreed the baby had to have exceptional good looks based on its parents and grandparents.

Bill teased that there were enough dressmakers in the family. Bill wanted his niece's baby to be a future media mogul like Bill. Eric, Steffy, and Thomas agreed that Ridge was a hands-on kind of parent who liked control -- "in a good way," Steffy said.

Eric and Thomas had left the room, and Bill teased Wyatt and Steffy about getting to work on their own Spencer/Forrester baby. Steffy reminded him that they had a wedding to plan first. Katie chimed in to ask if they had made plans yet.

Bill stated that they would not be marrying on a mountaintop in Aspen. Katie noted that Bill was being inappropriate, but Steffy said there was no shame in the memory that she had been married to Liam. They all believed things happened for a reason.

Eric and Thomas returned with a box of Forrester memorabilia from when Ridge and Thorne had been babies. Thomas found a "Design school or bust" baby T-shirt, and they all laughed. Eric said he had great memories.

Later, Bill spoke to Wyatt alone and asked him to join Spencer Publications because Bill and Katie needed help. Bill was convinced that Liam might never return to the family business. Bill asked Wyatt to help him run the company.

Ridge walked down the stairs and interrupted all the conversations with news that he and Caroline had a son. Everyone congratulated him. Ridge told his father that he was a granddad again. Everyone clapped. "How's my niece?" Bill asked. Ridge said Caroline was exhausted but happy, and everyone was healthy. They were all thrilled. Thomas hugged his dad.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Rick discussed that they hadn't heard any news yet about the baby. Rick was soured on Ridge living at the house. He noted that Massimo Marone would soon have a grandson. Brooke told him to stop his bitterness.

Brooke told Rick that he would soon have a baby of his own, but Rick acknowledged that it would be a baby he and Maya had because Nicole was carrying it for them. Brooke remembered that Ridge had helped to deliver R.J. Rick didn't want Brooke to defend Ridge, but Brooke countered that Ridge had become a different person with Caroline.

Rick reminded his mother that Ridge had been addicted to women throughout his life. Brooke said Ridge had found something special with Caroline. Rick remembered that Ridge hadn't been truthful with Caroline about his vasectomy. Brooke argued that Ridge had gotten the vasectomy long before he'd met Caroline. He had done everything possible in order to have a baby with Caroline.

Brooke ordered Rick never to bring up Ridge's vasectomy because it was not public knowledge, and she should never have told Rick. "That's Ridge -- always keeping secrets," Rick lamented. Brooke received a text message from Katie that Ridge and Caroline had a baby boy. She smiled and announced the news to Rick. He smiled, but he looked sad.

In the living room at the Forrester mansion, Bill announced that he had communicated with Karen and Dani about the news. They sent their heartfelt congratulations and would be getting the next flight out.

Bill said Caroline's mothers had asked about the baby's name. Bill teased Ridge that "Bill" was at the top of his list. Bill gave Ridge a Cuban cigar to enjoy. "I don't know what my niece sees in you," he said, but he congratulated Ridge.

Everyone wanted to see the baby, but Ridge limited the number of visitors to a few at a time. He agreed that doting grandfathers and big sisters were at the front of the line. Eric and Steffy headed upstairs to see Caroline and the baby, Ridge asked Thomas to wait.

Katie and Bill returned to the living room, and Thomas was alone with Ridge. Thomas asked why Ridge wanted to prevent him from seeing the baby. Ridge said he wanted to limit the number of people in the room at a time.

Thomas insisted that something else was going on. Ridge said it was nothing. Thomas realized he was being difficult. He thanked his dad for moving into the house and getting the family together in one place. Thomas realized he had been a disappointment to Ridge, but he promised to change. Ridge hugged Thomas. Ridge went upstairs and left Thomas in the foyer.

In the bedroom at Forrester, Caroline snuggled with the baby. Eric and Steffy entered and asked if she and the baby were ready for visitors. Caroline warmly welcomed them to sit on the bed with her. Caroline said Ridge had been a big help to her during labor. Caroline said they hadn't decided on a name.

Steffy teased that her baby brother had future fashion designer fingers. Eric lamented that he might never see another generation of Forrester designers grow up, but Caroline said he would outlive them all. Eric laughed and said he had become "a very wiser person" in his old age. He thanked Caroline for providing another wonderful addition to the family.

Eric and Steffy left, and Ridge returned. He held the baby and said everyone downstairs sent their love. Ridge hugged and kissed his son. He said he wanted time alone with Caroline and the baby. "The others are gonna have to wait," he said.

Ridge couldn't wait to see how things unfolded for their son. "I love you, son, and this woman over here -- she's pretty cool. I love her too," Ridge said. He kissed the baby, and they all snuggled. Caroline held the baby again and kissed and hugged Ridge.

Liam doesn't recognize his past Liam doesn't recognize his past

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Upstairs at the mansion, Caroline and Ridge cuddled in bed with the baby. She said that Ridge had given her everything she'd ever wanted, and they were a family. Growing serious, Ridge stated that Thomas was anxious to see the baby. Caroline knew Ridge's instinct was to be protective of her and the secret, but she didn't see how to avoid Thomas.

In the living room, Thomas wanted to know who the baby looked like. Steffy said the baby was like a combo platter. He asked what she was talking about, and she admitted that she was thinking about Liam. To her, it hadn't been far in the past that she and Liam had been having a baby. Thomas reminded her that she was engaged to Wyatt.

Steffy said the engagement didn't wipe Liam from her mind. She remarked that Liam's cousin had just given birth, but Liam had no idea about it. Thomas stated that it was Liam's choice and loss. She felt it was weird that Liam had never responded, and she wondered what was more important to him than being with his family. She didn't understand why he wouldn't be there for Caroline.

Thomas said Steffy didn't know if Liam had talked to Caroline but sworn her to secrecy. He urged his sister to let Liam go. The two hugged.

Ridge arrived downstairs, and Thomas asked if he could see the baby. Ridge hesitated but asked Thomas not to be too long. Thomas went upstairs. Ridge and Steffy remarked that it was a glorious day. She tried to feign happiness, but Ridge urged her to talk about what was wrong.

Steffy admitted that she was thinking about Liam not being there. Ridge replied that Liam might have a reason. She assumed that she was the reason, just as Brooke had been the reason Ridge had stayed in Paris. Ridge stated that he'd loved Brooke, but he'd needed time. It might be the same for Liam, who might be trying to find out who he was without Steffy. "I guess," she replied.

Steffy thought it was best for her to accept reality. Wyatt deserved her focus, and so did the new father Ridge. Ridge beamed about the birth, and she said she couldn't believe he was a father again. The two hugged.

Upstairs in the bedroom doorway, Thomas listened to Caroline talk to the baby. She glanced up and looked emotional when she saw the smiling Thomas. Caroline invited Thomas to meet the baby. He wanted to be sure she was up for it, and she said that she was.

Thomas was reserved, and Caroline asked what was wrong. He said he'd just realized that he'd see his brother for the first time. She tensed but allowed him to sit on the bed and look at the child. He awed at the boy's perfection and told Caroline that he was finally there.

Ridge arrived and asked what Thomas thought. Thomas was ready to pledge to be the best brother ever. He said Ridge had hit the jackpot with his wife and family. Thomas thought he'd be lucky to have a life like Ridge's.

At Quinn's cabin, Liam and Quinn languished in bed. Liam didn't recall their past, but he knew that he'd married her because she was "quintessential." She asked if he wanted to go on their routine hike and asked what could be better than the two alone in the woods. Liam replied that it would be the two of them in bed. Quinn decided that they didn't need to take the hike after all.

As Quinn stroked Liam's face, Liam asked if it had always been that good between them. She said it had been from the very first time. He became frustrated at his inability to remember it and asked if she'd found pictures. She relayed that she'd found two photo albums. From the way she was acting, Liam suspected that something was wrong and asked if she didn't want him to see them.

Quinn said she'd gotten them out of storage because she'd wanted Liam to see them, but then, she decided that she didn't take good pictures. The statement made Liam really want to see them. Quinn worried about him trying too hard to remember and getting headaches. Liam assured her that it would be fine, and the two went into the living room.

Quinn braced herself as she and Liam sat down with a photo album. She opened one and seemed surprised to see a picture of herself and Liam together. Liam said the picture didn't trigger anything and asked her to show him their wedding photos.

When they flipped the page, Liam was awestruck by a photo of "Quinn" on a motorcycle in a black lace outfit. He said she was smoking hot and asked if they rode motorcycles. Quinn replied that they'd been just fooling around. He noted that her legs looked longer in the pose. Liam said she never ceased to surprise him. Chuckling, he asked how many different women Eve really was.

Liam awed over the mountaintop wedding photos, ignorant of the fact that Quinn's face was superimposed over Steffy's. He remarked that he'd probably fallen down and lost consciousness due to her beauty at the wedding and asked if she still had the dress.

Upset, Quinn said she'd never wear it again. Liam asked why, and she said a man should only see the bride in the dress on the wedding day. Liam called it an old "bride's tale" and asked if she was okay. Quinn murmured that it was hard to watch him fawn over a woman that wasn't her.

Liam stated that it was Eve. Quinn said weddings were fantasies when women were princesses for a day, but the bride wasn't her. She stated that the woman in ordinary clothes on an ordinary day was who she was, and she didn't want to be cast off for the bride in the picture.

Liam stated that ordinary Eve on an ordinary day made him the happiest guy on the planet. He was disappointed that he didn't remember any of it. Eve said that she was good with how it was, and for her, he never had to remember. Liam said he needed to. There were pieces of him missing, and he was looking for something to complete him.

As far as their relationship, Liam felt complete, but it was about him finding himself independently of her. Quinn claimed to understand. He hoped she wasn't upset. She replied that she was stronger than he thought, and she was grateful to have had him in her life and to share the amazing time with him. Liam stated that it sounded like a farewell.

Quinn told Liam that she wasn't going anywhere as long as he'd have her. Liam guessed she was sticking around forever. He wondered if he'd always have a big, blank space. She said they were making new memories in their own world, and her life had never been better. She relayed that it was because of the way he loved her, and she'd give up every memory she had to hold onto "this."

Quinn didn't want to lose Liam. She asked him to say that they'd stay together no matter what. "No matter what," Liam repeated and kissed her forehead. He hugged her but looked concerned.

As Steffy was at the mansion, staring out the window, Liam sat on his bed at the cabin, deep in thought.

A twisted fairytale could end in murder A twisted fairytale could end in murder

Friday, March 11, 2016

At Forrester, Steffy and Wyatt worked and talked about going on diaper duty for her father. Wyatt didn't know if Liam would get around to meeting the baby. Steffy found it odd that Liam had been excited for Caroline, but Caroline hadn't even heard from him. Wyatt couldn't remember when he'd last talked to his brother. Steffy replied that it was weird of Liam to be missing during the joyous occasion.

Wyatt didn't blame Steffy for worrying about Liam. Steffy guessed her father might be right about Liam going off the grid. Wyatt assumed Liam was off living his life and didn't feel the need to check in. She insisted that Liam wasn't inconsiderate like that, and something was wrong.

Wyatt considered that it might be a new wild side to Liam, and it sounded like a guy Wyatt might hang out with. Steffy persisted in worrying because it was as if Liam had just disappeared.

At a doctor's office, Deacon was upset that Quinn was late for a consultation with Dr. Leeds, a neurologist Deacon had met in his "meetings." Quinn appreciated the hookup, and Deacon said that their breakup didn't mean he didn't care about her. He was sure that Liam would put her in jail once he regained his memory, and Quinn said she was at the appointment to find out if Liam would regain some, all, or none of his memory.

Dr. Leeds arrived, and Deacon introduced him to Quinn. Deacon had filled the doctor in on the condition of Quinn's friend, and though Dr. Leeds didn't know all the details, he assumed it was a unique and complicated situation. Quinn agreed. She said her friend was frustrated and confused, and she hadn't taken him with her because she feared it would worsen matters.

Quinn relayed that the friend had lost his memory. She inquired if he'd ever get it back. She conveyed that her friend had suffered two concussions from falls, one on a plane and one in a parking lot. She asked if the altitude changes and losses in consciousness had made the memory damage irreparable.

Dr. Leeds felt at a disadvantage with no scans or medical records. Deacon tried to say there had been a problem with the hospital records system, but Quinn chimed in that she was just seeking a second opinion. Dr. Leeds wanted to examine the person himself. He said that, from what Quinn had told him, the memory loss could be permanent.

Dr. Leeds knew it was difficult to hear, and he encouraged her to have the friend monitored by a specialist. He felt that the sooner the friend got treatment, the better. He offered to recommend support groups and asked if Quinn had more questions. She didn't, and as the doctor left, she and Deacon thanked him for squeezing them in.

After Doctor Leeds left, Deacon told Quinn that even if Liam didn't get his memory back, she couldn't keep him locked up. Deacon was sure that someone would recognize Liam or go looking for him, and confessing was her only way out. He advised her to tell Bill and plead for mercy. It was the only way Deacon saw that she might not go to prison for a long time.

Quinn quipped that Deacon would like it if she went to prison. Deacon said that he cared about her, and he wasn't going to let her do it to herself.

At Forrester later, Quinn and Deacon arrived, and she exclaimed she was happy to see Steffy, her future daughter-in-law. Wyatt was worried about Quinn and Deacon being together, but Quinn said they were just finalizing their annulment. Quinn began discussing wedding plans, and Deacon suggested that Steffy ride in on a motorcycle -- like she'd done with that last guy.

Wyatt got offended. Deacon said he was sorry and hadn't wanted to say Wyatt's brother's name. Steffy said they'd just been talking about there being no word from Liam. Quinn chimed in that Wyatt wouldn't abandon Steffy. Steffy said she knew. Deacon quipped that it was easy to forget.

Rolling her eyes, Quinn said not to worry about Liam, who was in good hands, just like Steffy was. Quinn said she was the type of mother to do anything to see her son happy, and he finally was.

Quinn began going on and on about wedding details like cupcakes, and Wyatt told his mom that he and Steffy had just gotten engaged. To Steffy, he suggested eloping, but Quinn said it wouldn't be fun.

Steffy and Wyatt exited, and Quinn asked if Deacon had seen how happy the couple was. Deacon asked if she planned to keep Liam locked up like a pet for the rest of his life. Deacon foresaw Bill putting out a missing persons report and Quinn all over the news in handcuffs and a jumpsuit. Deacon noted that she didn't even have a plan because falling for Liam had made her sloppy.

Deacon didn't know what Quinn even saw in the weak, pathetic Liam. Quinn replied that between Deacon and Bill, she'd had enough macho men to last a lifetime. Deacon said they could be good together again, and he urged her to let him help her out of it.

Deacon found it ridiculous because Quinn had always seen Liam as soft, and "now" Liam was screwed up, couldn't hold a job, and couldn't stand up without getting dizzy. Deacon asked if she planned to be with a "putz" all her life. Quinn said not to call Liam that. She didn't want to hear it.

In the design room, Wyatt and Steffy worked on a jewelry budget. They kissed, and Wyatt promised to be available for kisses even if he worked for Bill. Wyatt hadn't decided to do it, and Bill hadn't outright asked; however, it sounded as if Bill might need him there. Steffy said it was because of Liam's absence. Sighing, Wyatt said that might be part of it.

Steffy said she was sorry, but it was one more confusing thing. To her, Liam had too much integrity to leave Katie and Bill in a bind. Wyatt said he would have thought that, too, but Liam was gone. Wyatt said it wasn't Liam's priority, and Liam was off doing his thing, whatever that might be.

Wyatt understood Steffy's worry about Liam, but he knew a different Liam and was able to see that Liam was just as wishy-washy as the next guy. Wyatt said that Liam was smart enough to get himself out of danger, so whatever he was doing had to be good for him. Steffy wanted to know that Liam was okay and alive, so she didn't have to worry about him.

Wyatt understood, but there was nothing they could do about it. He felt they should concentrate on building a life together. Steffy apologized and expressed her gratefulness for what they had. She didn't want it to affect their relationship. Wyatt assured her that from there on out, it was just them. They kissed and hugged. Steffy stared worriedly over his shoulder.

At Quinn's cabin, Liam pored over the photos in Quinn's doctored albums, straining to recall anything. Quinn arrived. They kissed, and she smelled the dinner he was cooking. She said it was sweet, and he asked how her meeting had gone. She called it informative.

There was a rap at the door. Quinn said to wait, but Liam rushed like an anxious dog to the door. He opened it, saw Deacon, and asked if he could help him. Deacon said he was a friend of Eve's. Quinn told "Adam" that it was "Jim." Liam invited Deacon in and asked if he knew him.

Liam realized that Jim had to know what had happened to him, and Deacon replied that he knew all about "Adam." Liam said Deacon probably knew more than Liam, and Deacon readily agreed. Liam asked how long Deacon had known his wife. Smirking, Deacon said he and the wife went way back; she'd been a completely different person before "Adam," and Deacon hardly recognized her.

Deacon called Adam and Eve quite the pair for living up in the middle of nowhere. He asked if Liam ever missed the beach or Beverly Hills. The oven timer went off, and Liam said he had to check dinner. Liam expressed how great it was to see another human face because, besides the canyon walk, he didn't get out much. He shook Deacon's hand and stressed that Deacon could visit anytime.

Once Liam had left for the kitchen, Quinn berated Deacon for showing up there. In an argumentative whisper, Deacon urged her to understand that her situation would unravel, Wyatt and Steffy would fall apart, and Liam would press charges against her. Deacon claimed to care about her and wanted her to wake up from the twisted fairytale.

Quinn insisted that she wasn't going to Bill, and Steffy would live out her days with Wyatt in blissful ignorance. Deacon called Quinn crazy and said she had to let Liam go. "I mean, what other choice do you have?" Deacon asked. She grimly replied that there was another option.

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