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Bill chose Wyatt as the son to lead Spencer into the future. Steffy questioned Liam's exes about his disappearance. Quinn devised a plan to push Liam off a cliff, but it was Deacon who took the fall.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 14, 2016 on B&B
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Wyatt and Bill have a talk Wyatt and Bill have a talk

Monday, March 14, 2016

At Forrester, Steffy and Wyatt discussed getting a baby gift. Bill called Wyatt, demanding to know what he'd said to Wyatt the last time they'd seen each other. Wyatt replied that it was not to wear his hair like "that." Bill stated that it was to get over to his office.

After the call, Steffy asked what Bill wanted. Wyatt suspected that Bill finally regretting hiring the wrong son. Steffy wondered what Wyatt would say about it if Bill offered him a job. Wyatt reasoned that he could accept it or tell his father to shove after waiting so long to ask.

Thomas entered, wondering what it would take to get Quinn to return his calls. Wyatt took off, and Steffy suggested that Thomas try harder. He replied that she wasn't "walking on air" after becoming someone's fiancée, and she replied that she felt like someone's widow.

Thomas asked if Wyatt knew that he was a ledge that Steffy was clinging to by her fingertips. Steffy claims that Wyatt knew himself and had made an agreement to make her happy. Thomas replied that it sounded pitiful. She claimed she didn't have to discuss everything with Wyatt.

Thomas asked if the inability to let Liam go was one of those things. Steffy claimed to just need to know Liam was alive, and that was what she couldn't let go of. Thomas contended that Liam's actions indicated that he wanted to stay away. She asked what if Liam hadn't meant it or had had no choice.

Thomas asked if Steffy meant that there had been a gun to Liam's head. Thomas said she could absolve Liam of his actions if she wanted, but Liam had broken every promise he'd ever made to her.

Alone later, Steffy thought of Liam. She said he didn't get to disappear; she wouldn't let him.

At Spencer, Wyatt arrived. He said he would have gone there the next day if he hadn't been summoned. Bill replied that he'd been thinking of Wyatt that very evening. They discussed Wyatt's engagement and Forrester job. Bill figured that Wyatt needed to get out while the getting was good, or he'd become Steffy's toy poodle. Wyatt asked if it was what Liam had been.

Bill asked why Wyatt was standing by the door. Wyatt replied that their talks usually didn't take long. Wyatt wandered deeper into the room, and Bill remarked that Wyatt probably thought Bill favored Liam. Bill stated that it was true; however, it hadn't been a matter of who daddy liked best. Bill felt that Liam had needed more from Bill. He remarked that he was Liam's only living parent.

Wyatt had Quinn, who, as nuts as she was, had started Wyatt off in a career and in discipline. Bill added that Liam wavered. In a whiny tone, Bill imitated Liam going back and forth on wanting Hope, Steffy, and Ivy. Wyatt replied that he could be seen the same way.

Bill stated that Wyatt packed a ring and didn't fear using it. He noted that Wyatt hadn't made likely engagement decisions; Wyatt was committed to a certain life path and just needed the right woman. Bill felt that he was the same way. Bill had a future in his head, too.

It was a vision for the company, and Bill needed a son who saw it, appreciated it, and wanted to carry on their name. Bill said Liam clearly wasn't that son. Handing Wyatt a drink, Bill asked, "Are you?"

Wyatt asked what his job would be. Bill said to shadow him and to pick Katie's brain to learn the business. Bill asked what Wyatt made at the gown farm. Wyatt wrote out a number. Bill wrote on next to it. "Really?" Wyatt asked.

Wyatt wanted it in writing in case he got fired for not being Liam. Wyatt also said there were words a son couldn't un-hear from his father. Quinn had said Bill had described Wyatt as impulsive, reckless, problematic, and not as smart as Liam due to Quinn's genes. Wyatt needed to know that Bill wasn't changing his tune to spite Quinn or that it wasn't that Bill meant the words and was stuck.

Bill stated that he never got stuck, and the job offer ought to tell Wyatt what he needed to know. Bill asked if there was another question. In the silence, the men raised their glasses.

At Quinn's cabin, Deacon became outraged at Quinn's murder suggestion. Liam strode in to retrieve some lemons, and Deacon and Quinn smiled tightly until Liam left. She said that Deacon was always looking out for her, and he was right about Liam being recognized by someone she couldn't trust or control. She was brainstorming ideas and didn't know that "we" had any other choice.

Deacon wanted to know when it had become "we." Quinn said she was remembering certain things that he wanted. Deacon said he wasn't opposed to "we," but not if he had to do something bad.

Liam returned to the room and asked if Jim was staying for dinner. Quinn said Jim had to leave. Deacon stated that Liam's "mom" was right. Quickly, Deacon corrected that he meant wife.

Liam went back to the kitchen, and Quinn told Deacon that the cabin had been where she had planned to start her life again without him. Deacon claimed it had been a slip of the tongue. Quinn said that Liam memorized every word she said and tried to look things up on the Internet. She felt that Deacon owed her a happy ending, and she asserted that he'd give her one.

Deacon didn't want to go back to prison, even though he thought she'd wind up running the place. Quinn claimed it wouldn't be a crime; it would be a tragic accident -- with his help. Deacon threatened to go to Bill and asked if she even wanted it on her conscience. He told her to let Bill's money fix the messed-up Liam.

Quinn asked what was supposed to happen to her or Wyatt. Deacon sad she should throw herself on Bill's mercy, and because Liam didn't even remember Steffy, the romance was deader than Deacon and Quinn's. Quinn claimed she'd hated sharing the bed, and the bathroom had always been disgusting. She'd ended their marriage because their marriage had ended their romance.

"Are you telling me there's not a shred of feeling left?" Quinn asked. Deacon replied that she wouldn't pluck at his heartstrings and sucker him into first-degree murder.

Just then, Wyatt called Quinn. She answered, calling Wyatt the light of her life. Wyatt didn't want anyone to hear her say such. He said he was quitting his job to work for Spencer, and Steffy was fine with it. Quinn wanted Wyatt to tell Bill something. Wyatt said Bill had already said how she could be helpful -- by not stopping by or calling ever. Quinn claimed nothing would give her more pleasure.

After the call, Deacon asked what Bill had wanted. Quinn claimed that it was to treat her son like an heir. Deacon wondered since when. She stated that it was since the obstacle standing between her boy and what was rightfully his had been removed, and it needed to stay removed.

Liam entered to find out what "Eve" wanted to drink with dinner and noted that Quinn and Deacon seemed serious. Deacon said Liam's ears had to be burning because they'd been talking about him. Liam hoped Deacon would stay for dinner another time and relayed that the cooped-up Liam would like a guy friend. Liam asked what Quinn and Deacon had been discussing about him.

Quinn stated that Liam had been lonely and cooped up. She'd been worried about him getting dizzy, disoriented, and hurt; however, he'd been getting better all the time. She said Jim had invited them on a hike. Liam got excited, but Deacon said it was rough terrain and steep drops.

Quinn chimed in that she and Liam were up for it and claimed she'd be with Liam every step of the way. Liam was excited about it. He thanked Jim for the invitation and returned to the kitchen.

Deacon guessed that Quinn would go through it with, and people who got in her way had a habit of falling from heights. Quinn said they'd been good once and could be again. He quipped that murder was a team sport. Quinn stated that her superpower was knowing what needed to be done, and his superpower was being her genie on command. Deacon likened it to being a dog.

Deacon said that Hope had once loved Liam and still might. Deacon couldn't hurt him. Quinn claimed she might only need his trust. Deacon wondered what would happen to Deacon, who had nothing and reeked of Quinn. He admitted to being a crummy husband but wondered if he could really still fit into her life. Quinn said Deacon could be the doorway to every happy ending.

Back at Spencer, Bill remembered that Quinn usually did the opposite of what she was told to do. Wyatt stated that she meant well. Bill countered that she meant Wyatt well. Bill added that he and Wyatt would have talked a long while back if Bill and Quinn been able to agree on what was best for their son. Bill said they'd be fine as long as Quinn didn't stab or poison people around Wyatt.

Falling for you

Falling for you

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

by Pam

At the cabin, Quinn told Liam that she had a friend who was about to die. Liam wondered why she hadn't told him about it earlier, and she said she hadn't wanted to upset him. Liam asked if he knew him, but Quinn told him "she" was dying and "things are beyond our control."

Quinn suggested that Liam pack for their hike, and she would return. Liam said they could hike at another time, but Quinn insisted they had to go. She hugged Liam. Before Quinn left, Deacon called, and they agreed to meet.

Deacon couldn't believe Quinn wanted to commit murder, but Quinn said she no other choice. When Quinn and Deacon met at the cliff above the water, Deacon insisted there had to be another way because Quinn would end up behind bars. Deacon warned that if she killed Liam, Bill would track her down. "He won't know. No one will," she insisted.

Quinn explained that the tides would take the body out to sea. She said the spot was perfect. She went over the plan and said that she would text Deacon to tell him she and Liam were on their way to the designated spot. She planned to lead Liam close to the edge. "Then I'll end it," she said.

Quinn advised Deacon to charge at Liam if Quinn couldn't push him over. Deacon argued that they couldn't commit murder. Quinn insisted they had to so they could move on with their lives. He wondered if she meant that she was committed to him. She answered that she had always been committed to him. They kissed.

Deacon wondered what would happen if somebody found the body. "Not a chance," Quinn said. Deacon insisted he cared too much about her to let her kill Liam. Quinn insisted they had no choice. "It needs to be done," she said.

At Forrester Creations, Steffy was on her phone and was exasperated that she had called Liam and his phone had gone directly to voicemail again. She left a desperate message for Liam to call her and tell her he was alive -- or text her. She begged him to contact her. Ivy entered. "Madame President," Ivy said.

"Where is he?" Steffy demanded. Ivy wondered who she meant. Steffy accused Ivy of being with Liam, but Ivy explained that Liam had had no intention of accompanying her to Australia. He had fallen in the bathroom of the plane, passed out, and then turned around and flown back to the U.S. after she'd arrived in Australia. He had planned to return and marry Steffy.

Steffy said it had never happened. Liam had been cold and distant when he'd returned, and he'd ended it with her. Ivy agreed it all sounded bizarre. Steffy said she hadn't heard from him. "It's like he's fallen off the face of the earth," Steffy said.

Ivy said that Steffy could not have been over Liam because she was still wearing his engagement ring. Steffy quietly said she was engaged to someone else -- Wyatt. Ivy said that Steffy didn't love Wyatt the way she loved Liam. Steffy said she was tired of being let down. Ivy noted that they were a lot alike, and neither of them had ended up with Liam.

"You have no idea what Liam and I had," Steffy said. She maintained that her relationship was a lot deeper than Ivy's relationship with Liam. "He rejected you," Ivy countered. Steffy insisted that Liam needed time alone.

Steffy wanted to ask Liam about his reasons for leaving her. Ivy reminded Steffy how Steffy had treated Ivy. "Where is he?" Ivy asked. Steffy said she couldn't find him. "That's what worries me," Steffy said.

At Spencer, Bill checked out Wyatt's attire. Wyatt teased that it was his first day of work at Spencer, not his first day of school. Wyatt worried that Bill had decided on a dress code. Bill said that Liam had worn suits, but Wyatt replied that Bill did not. "Don't do as I do; do as I say," Bill said.

Wyatt worried that if part of the job description was being Liam's clone, he wasn't interested. Bill wondered what had happened to Liam. Wyatt guessed that Liam was off finding himself, but Wyatt added that he didn't need to do that himself. Bill said that Wyatt was a man "who knows who he is. Something I want to hear," Bill said.

"Wherever he is, I hope he's happy," Bill said. Wyatt noted that Steffy was worried about Liam and how he had vanished. Bill said it was an opportunity for Wyatt. "Liam's out; you're in," Bill said.

Wyatt claimed he was ready for the challenge, and Bill reminisced that Liam had said the same thing at one time. Bill added that Wyatt's mother needed to stay out of Wyatt's business. Wyatt worried that she would have her hands full at Forrester. "Your days of sorting beads are over," Bill said.

Bill told Wyatt that he would be attending his first board meeting. "Watch me closely. You're not at the gown farm. You're playing in the big leagues now," Bill said. He added that he needed somebody to take over his company.

Bill mentioned Quinn again. He insisted that Quinn would drag Liam into an abyss. "She's trouble," he said. He wanted her to have no contact with his family. Later, Wyatt promised not to let Bill down. Wyatt teased that he wondered how Bill had run the place without him. Bill and Wyatt agreed that Liam had lost it all somewhere along the way. "All this and Steffy," Wyatt said.

At the cabin, while Quinn was gone, Liam had packed everything for their hike, and he looked through the photo album with the altered photos Deacon had created. Quinn entered the cabin, ready for their hike.

Liam asked about Quinn's friend who was dying. Quinn said saying goodbye was the hardest part. She started to wheeze and asked Liam for help finding her inhaler. Liam found it, and Quinn said her asthma had been acting up lately. Liam wondered if it was due to stress. She admitted it was.

Liam finished packing, and Quinn had gone to the bedroom. She returned in a silky robe. Liam was surprised and said he'd thought they were going on a hike. She kissed him passionately.

Quinn told Liam that they were alone on their own little planet with no past and no future. She had never realized how happy she could be with him. She said she didn't want it to end. He said it would never end, but Quinn said, "Everything has to end." "No, not us. I would never leave you. I hope you know that," Liam said. She hugged him.

On the edge of murder

On the edge of murder

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

by Pam

At the cabin, Quinn told Liam to make sure he wore sunscreen on their hike. Liam marveled that she took such good care of him. Quinn told him it was her job "and 'til death do us part." She asked him to take a few things out to the car for their hike, and she packed her asthma inhaler in a jacket pocket.

While Liam was out of the cabin, Quinn called Deacon, who was at the cliff site, waiting for Quinn and Liam. Quinn said she was on her way. Deacon tried to persuade her to give up the idea of killing Liam. Quinn said she would never hand him over to Steffy. Deacon said it had spiraled out of control. "This ends in death. There's no other way," she said.

At Spencer, Bill had been impressed with Wyatt's performance during a board meeting. Talk later turned to Liam. Bill noted that Liam didn't appreciate Steffy. "You do. Right?" Bill wanted to be assured that it wasn't just competition. Bill wanted his sons to compete in business but not in relationships. Wyatt countered that he was not competing for women. Bill argued that it had been a pattern.

Wyatt said that his relationship with Steffy was nothing like his relationship with Hope. He recalled that his mother had done everything to push Hope and Wyatt together. She had even pushed Ivy off a bridge. Wyatt was happy that Quinn had a life of her own and had left Wyatt alone. He was with Steffy on his own, "not because my mother manipulated the situation," he said.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas met with Steffy. He had overheard Steffy leaving a voicemail for Liam. Thomas reminded Steffy that she was engaged to Wyatt. Steffy admitted she was worried about Liam. Steffy said that Ivy had no idea where Liam had gone. Thomas wondered where Liam could be.

Steffy figured Liam had to have visited Hope. Steffy called Hope, who was surprised to hear from Steffy. Hope asked what was wrong. "We don't call each other," Hope said. "Put Liam on the phone. I know he's there," Steffy demanded.

Hope said that Liam wasn't there, but she wondered why Steffy would care where Liam had gone because she had heard that Steffy was engaged to Wyatt. Steffy admitted that things hadn't worked out between Steffy and Liam.

Hope said that she had never heard anything from Liam. She asked Steffy if Liam had been in touch, and Steffy said that she'd only had a few text messages and a voicemail. "This isn't like him," Steffy said.

Hope added that Liam hadn't been with Ivy. Hope asked if Steffy had contacted Bill, and Steffy said that Liam had told his father that he had gone on a retreat. Hope said that she knew Steffy still loved Liam. "I can tell," Hope said. Steffy said goodbye and hung up. "Where are you, Liam?" Steffy wondered aloud.

Later at Forrester, Steffy sat on the sky lounge, and Wyatt greeted her. He teased that it had to be awful for her because she was unable to see him all the time. Steffy smiled and said she would have to survive. She told Wyatt that Ivy had stopped by and told her that she had not seen Liam.

Steffy admitted that she had also called Hope. "Try not to worry," Wyatt said. Wyatt reasoned that Liam had needed to unplug from the whole world because he had been in and out of relationships and had snapped.

"You're starting to scare me," Steffy said. Wyatt said he didn't mean to upset her. He believed that Liam was better off at a retreat than alone. He felt the retreat would save Liam from an "epic fall."

At the hiking site, Quinn and Liam started up the path. Liam said it was beautiful. Quinn told him the view from the top was the best -- "it's to die for," she said. They walked up some stairs and headed toward the top.

On the trail, Quinn had trouble breathing, and Liam wondered if she was all right. While Liam walked ahead, Quinn texted Deacon that they were almost at their destination. Deacon hid near the edge of the cliff. Liam was thrilled when they found the end of the trail, but Quinn struggled to breathe.

Liam helped Quinn climb the hill. They arrived at the spot, where there was a full view of the ocean. Liam said he had a feeling that someone needed him. Quinn said she was the one who needed him. He looked out at the water and enjoyed the sunshine.

Deacon watched from his hiding spot, and Liam approached the edge of the cliff above the water. Quinn wheezed, but they enjoyed the view together. She breathed heavily, and she encouraged Liam to get closer to the edge.

Deacon looked on in horror as Quinn pressed her hand against Liam's back. Liam noted that her asthma sounded worse. Quinn looked for her inhaler in her backpack, but she panicked and remembered that she had left it in her jacket in the car. She wheezed loudly, and Liam said he would retrieve it. Quinn told him not to, but he worried she could not make it any further without it. Liam left.

Quinn looked out over the water. Deacon emerged from his hiding place. "What's going on? Why didn't you push him?" he asked. Quinn admitted she had changed her mind because the timing wasn't right, and there were people beneath the cliff.

Deacon was incredulous that there were people beneath the cliff. He walked to the edge and claimed he had seen no one. He turned, and Quinn pushed him over the edge. Deacon fell over the cliff into the water.

Quinn stood on the cliff's edge, and she flashed back to Deacon's statements that she should deliver Liam to Bill. Deacon had threatened to tell Bill what she had done. "You can't keep him forever," Deacon had said. "Yes I can," Quinn said.

Pre-empted for basketball

Pre-empted for basketball

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA "March Madness" basketball tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned pre-emption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, March 21, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 16 episode concluded.

Pre-empted for basketball

Pre-empted for basketball

Friday, March 18, 2016

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA "March Madness" basketball tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned pre-emption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, March 21, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 16 episode concluded.

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