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Zende confronted Sasha about telling Nicole he was in love with Sasha. Ridge told Katie that Wolin had been a defrocked quack who'd been wrong about Ridge's prognosis. Rick suspected that Katie might be the key to taking down Ridge. Liam declared his intentions to get Steffy back.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 18, 2016 on B&B
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Katie blames her drinking on Brooke Katie blames her drinking on Brooke

Monday, April 18, 2016

At the park, Dr. Wolin told Ridge to get the cash, or Wolin would blow the horn. Ridge turned and stalked off. A horn blew, and when Ridge turned around, he saw that a truck had struck Wolin. The driver exited the truck. A man who said he was a doctor tried communicating with Wolin, but Wolin wasn't breathing. The man instructed a woman nearby to call for emergency services.

At Forrester, Thomas noted that something was bothering Caroline and said she could trust him with anything. Caroline told him that he didn't have to worry about her, but he said that she was special to him as the mother of his brother. He asked if the problem was about Ridge and if the meeting Ridge had gone to was important. "Possibly, and that's all I'm gonna say," she replied.

Alone, Caroline worried about Ridge's meeting with the doctor. Thomas returned with a design he wanted Ridge to make the showstopper. Thomas was nervous about it and wanted her opinion on where he was going with it. As Caroline listened to Thomas explain the design, her mind drifted to her and Ridge's conversation about telling Thomas about the paternity. Thomas noticed the strange look on her face. He said that if she had something to say, she could just say it.

Just then, Ridge entered. Caroline asked him what had happened. Thomas guessed that the meeting had been rough, so it wasn't a good time to talk. Ridge wanted time alone with his wife, and Thomas decided to return later. The moment Thomas had left, Caroline asked what had happened.

"The doctor is dead," Ridge responded. Shocked, Caroline asked what had happened. Ridge explained how Wolin had demanded a hundred thousand dollars for his silence. Wolin had then stepped into the street, and a truck had hit him. Ridge guessed Wolin had been drinking. "You had nothing to do with it?" Caroline reluctantly asked. He said it had been a total accident.

Ridge explained that Wolin had lost his practice and had planned a big payday with the secret. Ridge couldn't get the instant death out of his head. Caroline worried that someone had seen Ridge there. Ridge said not to freak out. "Did I want him dead? I don't know. Not our call. But he is dead now, and with him dies the chance of anyone finding out about our secret," Ridge replied. He assured Caroline that they could do it, and Thomas never needed to know. "No one knows the truth but us, okay?" Ridge asked.

At Bill's house, Katie argued with Bill and Brooke about whether she was "sick." Bill said the Katie he knew wouldn't lie that she hadn't been drinking while secretly doing it and asking her sister to cover for her. Katie decided that if they wanted to hear the words, she'd say the words. She admitted that she was drinking, but it was the two of them ganging up on her that had driven her to it.

Bill said that no one was ganging up on Katie. Brooke added that resisting the temptation was still hard for her. Katie quipped that drinking had never been Brooke's real temptation -- men were the forbidden fruit, Katie's husband in particular. Bill said Katie was deflecting, but she asserted that it was just as much about him and Brooke. He replied that there was no him and Brooke.

Katie believed that if she'd taken a minute longer to enter the kitchen, Brooke would have been in Bill's arms. Katie said Brooke had to pretend to show compassion for poor Katie, the pathetic lush. Doing so would assuage Brooke's guilt about being there in lingerie when Katie's marriage fell apart.

Bill decided that it was enough. Katie agreed that it was. She was done pretending that nothing was going on between Bill and Brooke "when clearly there is!"

Katie seethed that Brooke hadn't been able to wait to betray her. Bill stated that Katie had put her sister in an unfair position, but Katie roared at him not to dare defend Brooke, who was obviously using it to undermine Katie's marriage. Katie mimicked Brooke's voice as she demonstrated how she imagined Brooke had shown Bill the drinking proof. Brooke sad it hadn't happened that way.

Bill voiced his and Brooke's concern about Katie and said they wanted her to get well. Katie wanted to do the same but couldn't with Brooke's hovering. Brooke could see that she wasn't wanted and decided to go. Brooke said she knew the struggle, but Katie quipped that she'd been fine until she heard Brooke professing her love for Bill. Katie couldn't get the words out of her head.

Brooke huffed and walked off. Katie asked Bill if he was giving up on her. Bill said that he wasn't, and he loved her and their family. She said that he and Will meant everything to her. Bill wanted to get her some treatment because she couldn't do it alone. Katie said that every time she got herself together, something happened -- like seeing Brooke and Bill together -- and it shattered Katie's resolve.

Katie wished she could feel that Bill would be true to her and believed in her no matter what. Bill said it was true, and she begged him not to put her in rehab. He said they'd tried, and she vowed to try harder. He wanted his Katie back. Brooke said they all did. "Oh, God! This is all because of you! I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you! You are the problem!" Katie screamed at Brooke.

Brooke stated that she felt terrible about her admission, but she'd promised that nothing would happen with it. Katie said that if Brooke cared about Katie, Brooke wouldn't have divulged it. Bill remarked that Brooke had apologized for it over and over. Katie said it was what Brooke did all the time, and people were supposed to just go back to how things had been before he transgression.

Bill didn't believe that anything unfixable had happened. Katie asked if he meant their relationship, too. "Because we both know you'd rather be with her," Katie added. Bill asserted that it wasn't so, and he was committed to their marriage and their family. He told her to never doubt that he wanted her or loved her. Katie didn't want to talk about it in front of Brooke and ordered her to go.

Brooke wished Katie knew how much she loved Katie, too. Bill thanked Brooke for letting him know what had gone on, and he decided to walk her out. After Brooke and Bill exited, Katie huffed and stared at the glass bottle with the vodka in it.

"What are you doing?" Bill rasped as he returned to the kitchen. Katie flinched, gulping the vodka and spilling it as her lips bumped against the bottle. He ordered her to put it down. Katie said she needed it after what had just happened. "Give me the damn bottle!" Bill demanded at the height of his voice. Katie relinquished it, and he slammed it down on the counter.

"What did she say to you just now?" Katie asked. Sarcastically, she added how courteous he'd been to walk Brooke to the door. "'Oh, Bill, you must be so frustrated!'" Katie mimicked Brooke. Still yelling, he replied, "I am frustrated!" He was frustrated that he couldn't reach her, and it was killing him that he couldn't get her to see that it was killing him to see what it was doing to her.

Katie said Brooke had done it to her. Holding up the bottle, Bill declared that it wasn't about Brooke. "It's about this!" he said and threw the bottle into the sink so hard that it shattered. Katie insisted that Brooke was her problem. Brooke had disgraced Katie and was the reason Katie was depressed and drinking. He asked if Katie had told her therapist those things and if she was really seeing the therapist.

Katie didn't need a therapist to tell her that it was inappropriate for Brooke to pop by and spend time with Bill. Bill repeated that it hadn't been that way, but she insisted that it was what Brooke did. Katie believed Brooke would "come" onto him, and it might be unperceivable except for in the way that Brooke would look at him, smile at him, and giggle.

"Can we please address the actual issue?" Bill bit out. For Katie, the issue was being unable to let her guard down because Brooke was targeting him. Crying, Katie asked him to understand. He said he was trying. She wanted him to hold her. All she wanted was Bill. As she curled up to him, he pushed her back, saying, "Me and the alcohol."

Katie claimed that all she needed was Bill. She put her arms around him and said she couldn't live without him. With a snarl on his face, Bill hugged her back.

Engaging conversations Engaging conversations

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

by Pam

At Wyatt's, Wyatt and Steffy discussed that Bill had driven Liam home after an overnight stay at the hospital. Steffy worried that the hospital had kept Liam overnight, but Wyatt explained it was some kind of sleep study. They discussed their need to tell Liam they were married. Steffy said she had to tell Liam because he would have questions only she could answer.

At Liam's house, Liam and Bill returned from Liam's medical appointments. Bill offered to make breakfast for Liam, but Liam said he had lost his memory, but he knew better than to let Bill cook for him. Liam wondered where Steffy was, and he told Bill he didn't want to be engaged anymore. He wanted to be married, and he asked for his father's blessing to ask Wyatt to be his best man.

Bill called Steffy and told her that they needed to tell Liam the truth immediately because he was planning his wedding. Steffy said she was on her way. Later at Liam's, Steffy entered with bags of groceries for Liam. She asked how he was. He said he couldn't drive, so his dad had hired a driver. He said he had to take it easy. "Are you worried about me?" he teased.

Liam went through the groceries. "Is this really the stuff I like?" he asked. Steffy laughed and said they all made fun of him for the healthy food he ate. He stopped and embraced her. He said he was glad she was home, but Steffy noted that it hadn't been home in a long time. She reminded Liam that he had been gone a long time. She reminded him that it wasn't his fault.

Liam remembered that he had somehow found his way back to her. "I knew we belonged together," he said. He added that he didn't want to go another day away from her. He wanted to get married -- a same-day marriage.

Steffy was quiet. Liam said he remembered their mountain wedding. He asked what the name of the mountain had been. Steffy said they needed to talk. She said he didn't realize what had happened. He remembered he had been in Sydney, and he didn't remember returning to Los Angeles. Steffy told him he had been angry. Liam didn't remember.

Steffy said that Liam's text messages and everything had made sense to her because he had ended things with her before he had disappeared. She tried to tell him that she had found someone else. "You were telling me to leave you alone," she said. "Steffy, did something happen? Is there someone else?" Liam asked. "Yes," she answered.

Liam encouraged Steffy to tell him what had happened. Steffy tearfully admitted that she had missed him terribly, and she had been hurting. She had thought it was over between them.

Liam said he couldn't believe she hadn't known the text messages hadn't been from him. "Why didn't you know that?" he asked. Steffy repeated that he had been angry with her and broken it off. Liam wanted her to remember that it had all happened because of Quinn. Steffy said the feelings were real for someone else. Liam wanted to know if Steffy was in love with some guy. "He proposed to me," she said quietly.

Liam wanted to know what that meant. He wondered if Steffy was engaged. Steffy said nothing. Liam stared at her then asked, "Married?"

Steffy nodded. Liam ranted that things were complicated, but he had returned. He advised her to get an annulment. She turned away. They argued, and she said it wasn't that simple. "Who is this man? Who took my place?" Liam demanded. Steffy looked at him sadly and didn't speak.

At Forrester, Maya, Rick and Zende discussed Zende's photos from a fashion shoot. Zende asked for a photo credit, and Rick begrudgingly agreed. Maya turned on Zende. She quizzed him about his feelings for her sister. Zende said he'd believed they would have one day been married. "Then why are you with her best friend? Have you moved Sasha in yet?" Maya asked.

Zende said he wasn't ready to do that. He added that his personal life was not a subject for discussion. Zende reminded Maya and Rick that no other employees would have their love lives questioned by their employers.

Maya said she understood that Sasha was fun, beautiful, and ambitious like Zende, but Maya made a case for Nicole, who had never wavered in her feelings. Maya continued to tell Zende that he understood love and sacrifice because of his own family's experience. Zende's parents had loved him and died, and Zende had loved people in the orphanage, and his adoptive parents had made sacrifices for him.

"Maya, I'm sorry. I can't help the way I feel," Zende said. Zende said he shouldn't have had to explain himself to his boss. Rick noted that he was Zende's uncle. Zende answered that the woman he loved was carrying Rick's firstborn child. He challenged Rick and Maya to answer for that. Maya was silent.

In the Forrester studio, Pam waited while Sasha tried on a sexy teddy in the dressing room and said she loved it. She couldn't wait for Zende to take her photos because she knew he would get all hot and bothered. She wanted to go to a nude beach and live on the wild side. Vivienne entered and overheard the conversation, but Sasha couldn't see her. She looked on disapprovingly.

Sasha looked in the mirror and loved the outfit. "Do we need to call your mother?" Vivienne asked. Sasha looked guilty. Vivienne said she was there to talk to Sasha about her daughter.

Sasha didn't want to hear it. She said she had spent her life being called too loud, too tall, and a slut. Vivienne said she didn't think any of those things, but she knew that Zende loved Nicole. Sasha said Nicole should have listened to Zende when he'd told her not to become a surrogate.

Vivienne thought that Zende would admire Nicole even more after it was all over. Vivienne reminded Sasha that she and Nicole had been best friends. Sasha said that Nicole had stabbed her in the back.

Sasha told Vivienne to take it up with Zende. Vivienne begged Sasha to back away from Zende. Vivienne lamented that her daughter was walking around sad and empty because she had lost Zende and Sasha. "She's the whole reason I came to L.A.," Sasha said.

Vivienne lamented that Nicole was isolated from everybody her age. Vivienne encouraged Sasha to back away from Zende and give Nicole a chance to compete for him. Sasha was in disbelief that Vivienne wanted her to put her life on hold because of Nicole.

Vivienne reminded Sasha about all the time she had spent at the Avant home as a youngster. "I remember," Sasha cried. Sasha said she had made plenty of sacrifices for the Avant family. She offered to tell Vivienne about them.

At Pam's desk, Nicole had taken a message while Pam had been gone. Pam returned and told Nicole that she knew life wasn't fair, "but you're still completely adorable." Nicole smiled. She noted that couples broke up all the time. She acknowledged that she had chosen to be a surrogate. Pam agreed, but she said no one could have guessed that Zende "would be pairing up with your lifelong friend."

At Wyatt's, Bill and Wyatt discussed what would happen after Steffy told Liam she had married Wyatt. Bill said he had asked professionals at the hospital, and the advice had been "Be there for him." Bill was angry that that was all that people with years of medical school could offer. Later, Wyatt flashed back to his wedding to Steffy and their vows. "Married is married," he said.

You married my brother? You married my brother?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

by Pam

At Liam's house, Steffy and Liam argued about how she could have married someone else while he had been gone. Steffy maintained that Liam had been done with her. "I never stopped loving you though," Liam said. They discussed that Steffy had felt he had abandoned her. "I'm back now, and I love you," Liam said.

Liam angrily said that "this person" was standing in his way. "Who is this?" Liam demanded. Steffy turned away. "Wyatt," she said quietly. Liam looked at her in disbelief then asked, "Wyatt? You married my brother?"

Steffy maintained that Wyatt had been there for her. Liam continued to rant that Steffy should have known there was something wrong with him. He had never stopped loving her. "You left those messages," she cried. Liam angrily said it wasn't him, and Quinn had tricked them both. "My brother?" Liam asked again.

Steffy apologized. She knew she had hurt him. Liam understood she was hurt too. She said he had been gone a long time, and he wouldn't talk to her. He kept leaving her. "You took off, and I didn't think I would ever see you again," she said. "So you moved on? When has it ever been over?" Liam countered.

Liam reminded Steffy of all they had been through together. It shouldn't have happened, he said. Liam advised her to undo it. She shook her head and said that Liam was home and safe, and that was all that mattered.

Liam countered that Steffy couldn't want to be with his brother. "You can't stay married to him, Steffy," he said. She cried and shook her head. She said she hadn't married Wyatt because she'd been mad at Liam.

Liam emotionally remembered that he was so close to Steffy that she was a part of him. He hadn't known his own name, but he'd known he was supposed to be someplace with her. "You couldn't feel that?" he asked. Steffy said Wyatt had helped her, but Liam scoffed at the short time he had waited to propose to her. Steffy continued to say that Liam had refused to talk to her and had texted her to leave him alone.

Liam reminded her that it had been Quinn tricking them. He was angry that Steffy had thought he would end it all with her in a text. He added that her wedding had been a mistake. He refused to give up on her. He kissed her passionately.

At Wyatt's, Wyatt and Bill discussed that they still hadn't heard anything from Liam or Steffy. Bill said it was going to be a shock for everyone. "He doesn't even remember anything," Wyatt said.

Bill suggested that Steffy and Liam might still have been together if Wyatt's "crazy mother hadn't locked him away in her house."

Bill promised to support his family and never put one son over another. Bill said it was a done deal that Wyatt and Steffy were married. Wyatt wondered how Liam was. Bill said he was physically all right, but mentally he was fragile.

At Forrester, Nicole was in her office, and Zende entered. He suggested that she might want to join the interns, who were going out after work. "Pregnant lady up in the club? Nah," she said. Zende said they'd had a lot of fun with the interns when they'd been together.

Nicole suggested that Zende and Sasha would have a great time. Nicole asked if Zende had talked to Sasha about him being in love with her. Zende said they were just getting to know each other. Nicole encouraged him to discuss it with Sasha because he had to be honest with her. Zende agreed it was good advice, but Nicole said she sometimes wished Sasha had never moved to Los Angeles. "Things might be different," she said.

In the Forrester studio, Vivienne begged Sasha to stay away from Zende until Nicole had Maya's baby. Vivienne said it wasn't good for Nicole to see Sasha and Zende together. "No one is throwing it in her face," Sasha countered.

Vivienne continued to encourage Sasha to stay away from Zende because Nicole and Sasha had been close when they'd been young, and the Avants had always treated Sasha like family. Sasha scoffed that she was supposed to be grateful. She told Vivienne she had made plenty of sacrifices for Vivienne's family. Julius entered and overheard the conversation. "Watch your tone," Julius said.

Vivienne said that she wanted Sasha to do what was right, but Sasha replied that Vivienne wanted "what's right for Nicole." Sasha reminded Julius and Vivienne that Nicole had lost Zende because she'd chosen to be a surrogate. Sasha told them to leave. She had to prepare for a photo shoot. The Avants left.

Sasha got ready for her photo shoot, and Zende entered. They kissed. "Pretty hot, right? Sexy, sophisticated, and the lingerie isn't bad either," Sasha joked. Zende looked serious. He said he'd had a conversation with Nicole. "Did you tell Nicole that I said I loved you?" Zende asked.

Sasha understood he was upset with her. "Why did you tell Nicole I loved you?" Zende asked. He wondered if it had been to hurt Nicole. Sasha said it hadn't been, and he believed they'd had a misunderstanding. Sasha explained that when he'd said they had made love, he had said the word. "Do you know how important that was to me?" Sasha asked.

Sasha told Zende he was a good man, the kind of man she had wanted to meet her entire life. Her mother had told her to find a good guy, and she had found one in Zende. "I thought love was a fantasy in movies and books. So, sorry I misunderstood. No man has ever said that to me before," she said.

Zende nodded and kissed Sasha. "I know I got ahead of myself. I never meant to hurt anybody," Sasha said. "We're fine," Zende said. She prepared for her photo shoot.

Vivienne and Julius visited Nicole in her office and explained that it had been a waste of time to talk to Sasha about backing away from Zende. Nicole said she knew Zende missed her, but he would never change his mind about the baby. Nicole shared that Sasha had misinterpreted Zende's feelings. Julius and Vivienne agreed. Nicole smiled.

Rick might be onto something Rick might be onto something

Thursday, April 21, 2016

At Forrester, a celebration lunch buffet was set up in the CEO's office to mark Liam's return to the business. Rick, Maya, Zende, Eric, Caroline, and Ridge waited for things to start. Aside with Ridge, Caroline worried about Wolin's death and Ridge's link to him; however, Ridge said no one knew that Wolin had been his doctor, and their secret was safe.

Thomas carried in a box of Champagne and learned from Caroline that Douglas was with the models.

In the corridor, Pam and Charlie discussed Quinn being a "stage five wackadoodle," and Pam lauded him for finding the parking lot footage.

Bill arrived and told Caroline and Ridge that Liam had text-messaged that he was on the way up. Bill thanked them for the party. He believed Liam needed a support system. Caroline thought it was creepy that Quinn was still somewhere on the run.

Ridge decided to get Bill a drink. As Ridge did so, Rick approached and asked if Ridge had been at Il Giardino the previous day. Ridge said he hadn't been. Rick asked if Ridge hadn't been there at all. Ridge said he didn't have time for the conversation, and he walked off.

Aside with Bill, Eric was trying to understand why Quinn had kidnapped Liam. Bill conveyed that Quinn was out of her mind and had done it with the hope that Steffy would marry Wyatt.

Steffy and Wyatt arrived. Right after them, Liam crossed the threshold and looked surprised to see everyone. The guests clapped for him. Bill hugged Liam, who was sporting a goatee, and said the Spencers and Forresters had gathered to let him know how much he meant to them.

Charlie asked how Liam's head was. Liam's MRI had returned clear, and he relayed that he was remembering more and more. Zende remarked that it was crazy that Liam had suffered two concussions and memory loss. Agreeing, Liam said he'd been living a made-up life. Pam called Quinn a monster, and Charlie asserted that the law would find Quinn. Eric assured Liam that charges would be filed. Wyatt agreed and said it had been off-the-charts crazy.

Caroline, Thomas, and Zende remarked about how Quinn had been at the office, cheery and wearing bright colors. Liam guessed Quinn had gone through her own metamorphosis, but at that end of the day, she was still manipulative Quinn. Liam declared that, despite it all, he was back. Staring at Wyatt and Steffy, Liam stated that he planned to get his life back.

Bill thanked the Forresters for gathering to honor his son. It meant a lot to him, and he thanked them for being good to Liam. Bill was grateful to have Liam back. He felt that if Liam could survive Quinn, Liam could survive anything. Bill said he loved Liam and hugged him.

Wyatt was sorry for the inexcusable, criminal things Quinn had done to Liam. Wyatt believed Liam was a survivor, and he said everyone would help Liam pick up the pieces and move on.

The party commenced, and Lam told Caroline he couldn't believe she'd think he'd miss out on the baby's birth. Thomas remarked on how Douglas took after him, but Bill replied that the grip on Douglas was clearly from his uncle.

Eric talked to Maya and Rick about living with Brooke. Rick said Brooke had been very accommodating, but enough was enough. He wanted to move back to the home he and Maya had made at the Forrester estate, but he couldn't because Ridge had stolen the home -- just like he'd stolen the company. Eric replied that "this" wasn't the time.

Rick persisted and said Ridge had only been to the office three times in three weeks. Maya interjected that they understood Ridge had just had a baby, but Rick said people were looking to him for guidance in Ridge's stead. Eric said Ridge would be back once things with the baby settled down.

Rick was sure it was more than new fatherhood. In his view, Ridge was always up to something. Rick asked if Eric had heard about the doctor who'd been hit by a truck. A friend of Rick's had seen Ridge with the doctor at Il Giardino on the day of the incident. Rick relayed that Ridge had denied being there. Eric assumed the friend had been mistaken. "Or Ridge is lying," Rick replied.

Eric asked if Rick was trying to imply something about Ridge and the doctor's death. Rick said that the mysterious Ridge was never where he was supposed to be. Ridge took long lunches and wasn't fulfilling his CEO duties. Eric reasoned that Ridge was an artist, and Steffy was picking up the slack.

"With all due respect, Steffy is a little consumed with herself," Rick said. He believed he should be at the helm and concluded that, someday, Ridge would do something that even Eric couldn't forgive.

From across the room, Liam watched Steffy and Wyatt. Bill approached Liam, and Liam remarked that Wyatt and Steffy could have waited a minute to see if he'd turn up. Bill knew it didn't seem fair, but he asserted that Liam had to respect the marriage.

Later, Ridge found Steffy alone with her glass of Champagne. He asked how she felt about her marriage after learning the truth about where Liam had been.

As the party progressed, Steffy and Wyatt ducked out. Moments later, Liam did, too.

In the design office, Katie arrived as Brooke was working. Katie was there for the party but wanted to talk to Brooke first. Brooke rendered a look of dread and said it wasn't a good time because of the party and a supplier meeting Brooke had. Katie wanted to apologize for the other day. Katie felt she'd overreacted and been unfair. She said she couldn't blame all her problems on Brooke.

Brooke said she'd never meant to disrespect or offend Katie. Katie knew it and apologized for losing control of herself. Brooke said she was there for Katie and would always take care of Katie. Katie said she was seeing her therapist, and her depression made her feel inadequate and insecure.

Brooke replied that there was no reason for it, and nothing would happen between Bill and Brooke, ever. The sisters hugged.

Later, Katie arrived at the party for Liam. Nearby, Caroline was cooing over a text message from Nicole, who was playing with Douglas. "Ah, she's getting ready for her auntie duties once the baby is born," Maya stated. Zende gulped his drink and stared at Maya.

Caroline noticed that Rick kept glaring at Ridge and asked Ridge what Rick had talked to him about earlier. Ridge told her that Rick had asked if Ridge had been at the restaurant the other day. Caroline's eyes widened, and she wondered why Rick would ask that. Ridge figured that Rick was always keeping tabs, so he could weasel his way back into the CEO's office.

Fidgeting nervously, Caroline questioned Rick's interest in that particular day. She worried that Rick would look into it and figure out Ridge's medical history. Ridge assured her that they were fine, and their secret was safe. Rick watched the couple as Ridge excused himself from Caroline and left the office.

Nearby, Katie was telling Bill about her talk with Brooke. Bill was glad for it and hoped his boys could also work things out.

Rick approached to ask Katie a question. Bill went to get a drink. Rick said his friend had seen her and Ridge at Il Giardino the other day. Rick asked if the two had been together. Katie said they'd been at different tables. Katie was surprised when Rick said Ridge had denied being there at all.

Rick asked if Katie had heard about the doctor who'd been killed by the truck. "No. Ridge's doctor is dead?" Katie asked. Rick said his friend had seen Ridge talking to the doctor and asked if Katie had known the doctor. Katie stammered, saying she'd met him that day. She'd seen Ridge talking to the man, and the conversation had seemed intense.

With Thomas, Zende, and Rick later, Pam and Charlie discussed Charlie finding the video footage of Quinn and Liam. Rick remarked that they still didn't know who'd dinged his car. Zende said it wasn't he, and he looked at Thomas. Thomas asserted that it hadn't been he, and he treated his car like his baby. Pam asked if it could have been Ridge. Rick wouldn't put anything past Ridge.

In the design office, Wyatt said he'd noticed that Steffy had needed to get away. Steffy thanked him. He knew things were hard in light of Liam's former predicament, but the couple had promised that it wouldn't interfere with their marriage. Wyatt said Liam was improving, and they'd all help Liam; however, Liam had to move on and accept that Steffy was Wyatt's wife.

As Steffy and Wyatt hugged, Liam opened the door to the office and said they needed to talk.

Steffy left and encountered Ridge in the corridor. Ridge said she hadn't answered his question from earlier. Steffy sighed and sat down on a bench. Ridge said he wasn't suggesting that she'd married someone that she wasn't in love with, but he wanted to know how she felt and if she wanted Liam back.

Back in the office, Wyatt asked Liam to stop the staring and say what he had to say. Wyatt knew that the marriage had been a shock, and Liam probably wanted to kill Wyatt; however, there was nothing that could be done, and they needed to move forward. Liam asked if it was Wyatt's way of telling Liam to back off of Steffy. Wyatt said he didn't want to get into a fight.

Liam didn't want to fight, either, and it wasn't fun for him. Wyatt had seen the way Liam had been looking at Steffy, and all Wyatt wanted was some respect because Steffy was his wife. Liam said, "Your wife." Liam believed that the only reason Wyatt had gotten anywhere near Steffy had been because Quinn had kept him captive. It had been the whole reason for Quinn's plan, and Steffy had been manipulated the most of them all. Wyatt asked what Liam was getting at.

Liam relayed that Wyatt and Steffy had gotten married under the false pretense that Liam would never return home. "Well, I'm home. And I'm here to take back what's mine," Liam concluded.

Katie confronts Ridge about Douglas Katie confronts Ridge about Douglas

Friday, April 22, 2016

Backstage at Forrester, Brooke looked at a message on her phone that asked to meet there. It was on a screen tab labeled Bill. Bill arrived, and Brooke stated that she was on her way back from a supplier meeting. She was uneasy and didn't want Katie to see them together. Bill said it was fine; Katie was upstairs, waiting to talk to Ridge. Bill said he was worried about Katie.

Bill had learned from Katie that she and Brooke had talked things out. Brooke said it had been a great talk, and Katie was seeing her therapist. He felt that Katie needed more than therapy and should be in an alcohol recovery group. Brooke agreed but couldn't drag Katie to a meeting.

Brooke said it was a good sign that Katie was reaching out. Bill didn't know if it would last. He said sometimes Katie was apologetic, and sometimes she lashed out. Brooke agreed that it was hurtful, but she said they had to be strong and support Katie if she slipped.

Brooke decided to go. Even if their talk was innocent, she didn't want Katie to see them together. When Brooke turned to leave, Bill grabbed her hand. She turned back, and he thanked her.

In the design office, Wyatt told Liam that Steffy was a strong, independent woman who'd chosen to marry Wyatt. Liam said it was because she'd thought that he'd left her. Wyatt replied that Liam was cherry-picking memories, and Liam had already walked away from Steffy before he'd started "playing Garden of Eden" with Quinn.

Wyatt felt bad for Liam. "You feel bad for me? Yet, somehow you're the guy who goes after every woman I've every frickin' been with, Wyatt!" Liam roared. Wyatt acknowledged that Liam had gone through hell but warned Liam not to think it entitled him to Wyatt's wife. Liam said Steffy was only Wyatt's wife because Wyatt's mother had kidnapped and tortured Liam.

Questioning whether it had been torture, Wyatt said Liam and Quinn had been cozy when Wyatt had arrived at the cabin. Liam ordered Wyatt to be a man, step aside, and give Steffy what she really wanted. Wyatt refused to give up his marriage just because things didn't work out as Liam had wanted.

Liam said Wyatt had witnessed what Quinn had done. Wyatt quipped that it had scarred him for life. Liam told Wyatt not to make light of what Quinn had done to him. Wyatt insisted that a son should never have to see what he'd seen.

Liam stated that Quinn had imprisoned him so Wyatt could get Steffy. Liam asked what the marriage meant if it had only occurred because Quinn had removed Liam from the equation. Liam said Quinn had multiplied the bridge incident in Paris by a thousand and asked if it was really how Wyatt wanted to get the girl. Liam asked Wyatt to say he'd grown since they'd first met and that he didn't want to be married to someone who'd been tricked into it.

Wyatt said Liam's self-involved attitude was making it hard for Wyatt to empathize with Liam. Liam questioned the selfishness of being abducted. Wyatt said it was selfish to ask people to pretend that life hadn't gone on in Liam's absence. Wyatt conceded that Quinn might have sped things up, but he felt that, even if Liam had been there, Liam's cycle of pursuing Steffy only to toss her away would have eventually pushed Steffy into Wyatt's arms.

Liam didn't have a memory of what Wyatt was referring to. Wyatt informed Liam that he'd walked away because Steffy hadn't followed his orders to stay away from Ivy. Liam said things were fuzzy, but he knew that he wouldn't do that to her. Wyatt said Liam wanted to be the boss, and if Steffy showed that she had a mind of her own, Liam got scared and walked out on her.

Liam asserted that he hadn't walked out; he'd been kidnapped and victimized. "Oh, join the club! I've been victimized by her since birth!" Wyatt roared. Wyatt said he'd sucked it up and survived, and it was Liam's turn to suck it up.

Wyatt told Liam to stop thinking the world -- or Wyatt -- owed Liam favors. "You are going to respect that marriage! Do you understand me?" Wyatt said. Liam didn't know why he'd respect the marriage when Wyatt had hit on Steffy two seconds after Liam had disappeared. "Oh, my God. You knew," Liam stated. Liam accused Wyatt of being in on the kidnapping.

Wyatt said Liam was out of his mind and asked Liam to remember Wyatt's reaction at the cabin and that Wyatt had helped Liam lock Quinn in the closet. Wyatt said he'd taken Liam to Steffy, but Liam replied that Wyatt had taken Liam to Wyatt's brand new wife.

Wyatt said not to put Quinn's work on him, and Wyatt had saved Liam. Liam thought it was mighty funny that Wyatt hadn't shown up until he'd taken over Liam's life. Wyatt resisted the urge to go ballistic on Liam. "Did -- you -- know?" Liam screamed. Wyatt hollered back that he hadn't.

Calmly accepting the answer, Liam declared that he wanted his life and Steffy back, and whether or not Wyatt acknowledged it, Steffy wanted it, too. Liam said he'd have it back sooner than Wyatt thought.

In the corridor, Ridge said no one would fault Steffy for changing her mind about her marriage. Steffy said to drop it. Ridge stated that Liam wouldn't drop it, especially if she'd exchanged vows after being misled. She agreed that she'd been misled, but so had they all. She said she couldn't pretend that her wedding vows hadn't been real. Ridge asked about her feelings for Liam.

Later, Steffy was alone at Pam's desk, munching on lemon bars, when Caroline and Thomas approached and joked that Steffy's Douglas genes were showing. They thought Steffy looked like Pam and had been named after the wrong sister. Steffy retorted that would gladly take after either tough lady. Thomas was glad to hear it-- especially during the rough time.

Steffy assumed everyone thought her marriage was falling apart but insisted it wasn't. Thomas and Caroline offered to be available to talk. Caroline said her cousins were in love with Steffy, and Steffy didn't have to pretend breaking someone's heart wouldn't be difficult.

Steffy didn't want anyone getting hurt. Caroline remarked that two guys fighting over Steffy might be flattering. Disagreeing, Steffy said it felt terrible to disappoint someone she cared for.

In the CEO's office with Rick on the sofa, Katie couldn't believe the doctor was dead. Rick asked what Ridge and the doctor had talked about. Katie claimed she didn't know, but it had seemed intense. Rick asked if the men had argued. Katie indicated that the intensity might have been her imagination.

Maya interrupted to remind Rick about a meeting. Katie asked why Rick was so interested in the doctor. "I just find it interesting, that's all," Rick said, and he and Maya exited.

Rick and Maya went to the sky lounge. Maya was anxious to know what he'd been talking to Katie about. Rick had a feeling that Katie could help them get rid of Ridge. "She may not realize it now, but I think she has something on him," Rick said.

Rick conveyed that Ridge had denied being with the doctor at Il Giardino as Rick's friend had relayed to Rick, but Katie had confirmed that Ridge really had been with the doctor. Rick believed that Katie could help Rick figure out whatever Ridge was hiding.

Back in the CEO's office, Katie thanked Ridge for including Bill that day. Ridge relayed that it had been okay -- for that day -- because of Liam. Ridge remarked that if Liam had passed out in front of anyone else but Quinn, they wouldn't even be having the conversation. Katie called it bad luck and remarked that it had also been bad luck about Ridge's doctor. "Excuse me?" Ridge asked.

Katie said that the truck incident must have freaked Ridge out, especially because he'd just seen Wolin. Katie relayed that she'd seen the men talking at the restaurant, and she'd been so concerned that she'd talked to Wolin herself about the men's confrontation.

Ridge was suddenly concerned about why Katie would talk to his doctor when she could have talked to Ridge. Katie said it had seemed like something had been wrong. He denied it. She asked if he was sure because it had seemed very wrong. She revealed that Wolin had said Ridge wasn't Douglas' father.

Sorry that Wolin had bothered Katie with nonsense, Ridge said Wolin had been out of his mind and obviously drinking. "Yeah...right..." Katie responded. Ridge said Wolin had also lost his license. She asked why Wolin would make the claim. Ridge assumed Wolin was lashing out after losing his practice.

Katie didn't understand why Wolin, drunk or not, would make something like a paternity issue up. Ridge said that the man had been drunk, losing his mind, and looking for a way to blackmail Ridge. Katie noted that Wolin had been specific about the vasectomy.

Ridge said Wolin was a quack, and it was why he'd lost his license. Ridge indicated that he'd obviously seen another doctor who'd figured it out. "Sure. Obviously," Katie said. She asked why Wolin had approached Ridge in public about it. "If you're not Douglas' father, then who is?" she asked.

Katie glanced through the cracked door of the office and saw Caroline and Thomas cooing over Douglas. Ridge saw it, too, and told Katie that she was playing a dangerous game. "He's my son. He's mine," Ridge asserted and went into the hallway to join Caroline.

Thomas walked off. Ridge put his arm around Caroline. He glanced at Katie, who stared them down as they strolled away.

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B&B's most Taylor-made moments
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