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Liam set up a romantic dinner for Steffy but was devastated upon seeing her new tattoo wedding ring. Deacon urged Quinn to leave the city. Instead, Quinn begged Liam to run away with her. Nicole ordered Sasha to leave town, and Sasha revealed that she and Nicole were sisters.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 25, 2016 on B&B
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Katie wants what is best for Ridge Katie wants what is best for Ridge

Monday, April 25, 2016

At the beach house, Steffy and Wyatt discussed how nice it had been of her father to host the party for Liam earlier. The couple agreed that the blended family thing was working out, with one exception -- Quinn. Steffy asked how Wyatt's talk with Liam had gone, and Wyatt relayed that Liam had no intention of respecting Wyatt and Steffy's marriage.

Steffy wasn't surprised and said Wyatt knew the history and what Liam and she had shared. Wyatt replied that the fact was that life had gone on in Liam's absence. Wyatt wasn't planning on giving up on his marriage. He wasn't afraid of it because he knew her commitment to him.

Wyatt decided that he and Steffy needed to lock "this puppy" down and seal it in some ink -- as in wedding band tattoos. It had been the one detailed they'd neglected with everything else that had gone on. Steffy stared at her ring finger as Wyatt held it up. "Or we can wait," he stated.

To Steffy, tattoos sounded "so permanent." Grinning, Wyatt said it was because that was what the couple was. She giggled, but when he hugged her, she donned an overwhelmed expression.

At the cliff house, Liam thanked Bill for taking him home. Happy to have Liam back, Bill offered to drive Liam around all week, free of charge. Liam said Bill had already hired Liam a driver. Bill joked that Liam had remembered. Liam said that he was back in his life, and he had to reclaim it.

Liam stated that reclaiming meant all of his life -- including Steffy. Bill assumed that Liam had relayed to Wyatt that Liam was determined to get Steffy back. Bill said that no one had known that Quinn and taken Liam, and Wyatt was married to Steffy. "That can change," Liam responded.

Liam changed the subject to the police's inability to locate one woman. Bill asserted that if the police couldn't find Quinn, he would. Bill had Justin and other resources at work and said Quinn couldn't hide forever. Liam told his father to do what he needed to do because Liam wanted Quinn to pay.

Back on the subject of Steffy, Bill said Wyatt hadn't tricked her, and she hadn't been forced into the marriage. Bill said it had been Steffy's choice, and Liam had to respect it. "Okay, well, let me know if you hear from Lieutenant Baker," Liam dismissively replied.

Bill left, and Liam called Steffy to ask her to meet at his place to talk. Steffy hesitated, but he said he deserved for her to talk to him about things. Alone at home, she checked out her window, looking for cars. She stated that she couldn't be gone for long and agreed to drop by later.

While Liam stared at an Ajax wedding photo, Steffy glanced at her beach wedding photo.

In the Forrester deign office, thoughts of the talk with Katie plagued Ridge as he tried to work. Caroline arrived after the models had taken Douglas from her again. The topic turned to Wolin's sudden accident. Ridge took no pleasure in the death, but it meant that their secret was once again safe.

In the CEO's office, Katie wandered in to catch up with Thomas and find out if living with Ridge and his new family was cramping Thomas' style. Thomas relayed that life had been different ever since Douglas had been born. He didn't know how to describe how much he loved that little guy.

Ridge arrived on the threshold and heard Katie saying that it wasn't surprising that Thomas would feel close to his flesh and blood, and "I know you and Caroline were close at one point." Ridge hid behind the door and listened to Thomas say that Caroline was one of the most amazing people he'd ever met. He'd never stop caring for her and wanting to see her happy.

Ridge interrupted, acting irritated that he only had a sketch from Thomas, not "sketches" as Thomas had promised. Thomas left to finish up his sketches.

"Well, that was subtle," Katie quipped. Ridge asked why she was there. Closing the door, he said he'd specially told her not to nose around there. Katie innocently said she'd just been talking. He gave her a tired look, and she relented, admitting that she was curious and thought Ridge should be, too, after what Wolin had declared about Ridge and Douglas. Ridge asked why she'd listen to Wolin.

Katie stated that Wolin had seemed sure. "What about me?" Ridge asked. He asked why she'd listen to a stranger over him. Katie countered that Wolin hadn't been just a stranger; he'd been Ridge's doctor and in a position to know if Ridge could father a child.

Ridge wanted Katie to keep it to herself and not tell Bill. Katie asked why he felt threatened by her. Ridge didn't feel threatened by her; he felt confused by her. He wanted his family to be safe.

Katie touched a Champagne bottle that rested in a bucket. Ridge continued, saying he didn't want rumors about his family going around, and "Mrs. Spencer Publications" Katie should know how hard it was when the media wouldn't let a person live in private.

Katie just wanted to know why a medical professional would make the accusations. Irritated, Ridge replied that he'd told her -- and would tell her again -- Wolin had lost everything and had been looking for money. Ridge was asking Katie as a friend to let the horrible accusations die with Wolin.

Remarking that they'd once meant something to each other, Ridge asked what she was doing and why she wasn't on his side. Katie claimed to be on his side and to be asking the questions because she wanted what was best for him. He replied that what he wanted was for his wife and child to be safe. He asked if she could do that and stop talking about the matter.

Katie asked Ridge to help her understand. Ridge slammed down his water bottle and groaned. Katie said that no matter if Wolin had been drunk, Ridge had resources to prove Wolin wrong, and she asked why Wolin would even say it. Ridge asserted that he hadn't accepted Wolin's diagnosis, so Ridge had gotten a second opinion. Because of it, Ridge had a beautiful baby boy.

Ridge stated that Wolin had blackmailed him, and the thing with rumors was that, once they were said, they became real. People wanted rumors to be real, and it was how scandals were born. Ridge just wanted to live his life with his son and didn't want Katie to talk about it anymore.

Kate claimed not to be out to cause trouble. "Then let's drop it," Ridge proposed. Katie noted that the couple had the child they'd always wanted, and she was happy for him. Ridge's phone rang, and as he took the call, Katie still appeared unconvinced.

Back in the design office, Thomas was working, and Charlotte entered to flirt and invite him to join some coworkers at the Bikini Bar that evening. At the door, Caroline smiled to herself as she listened. Thomas thanked her but said he had to finish the sketches. Seeing Caroline, Charlotte said she'd just left files on Caroline's desk.

Charlotte left, and Caroline joked about how the brotherhood was strong with the ladies around there. Thomas agreed but added that the sons had their father to live up to.

Caroline teased that Charlotte was still into Thomas. Thomas remarked that, in the past, he would have locked the door and gone for it, but he'd become more interested in family time than hooking up. He looked forward to going home and spending time with Caroline and Douglas.

Caroline rendered a touched, puckering frown. Sarah, the model, arrived with Douglas. She remarked that the boy was a lady killer like his dad and brother. Caroline glared, and Sarah noted that Thomas hadn't been hanging out much. Thomas replied that he'd been hanging with Douglas. Sarah hoped Thomas would remember her number if he needed help while babysitting.

Sarah left, and Caroline teased that she remembered a time that Thomas would have been all over the offer for "help." Thomas professed to be a changed man. She replied that she could see it. He stated that Douglas was teaching him what was important in life and about being with family.

In the CEO's office at Spencer, Bill waited. The door opened.

"I'm here, Spencer. What do you want?" Deacon said.

"Quinn. Where is she?" was Bill's cold response.

I want to make you my wife

I want to make you my wife

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

by Pam

At Spencer, Bill and Justin quizzed Deacon about Quinn. Bill demanded that Deacon tell him where Quinn was. Deacon teased that he thought Bill had summoned him to offer him a job. Bill seethed that all the janitorial positions had been filled. "Where is she, Deacon? Where is Quinn?" Bill demanded again. Justin encouraged Deacon to tell the truth. Deacon responded that he didn't know anything.

Deacon made light of Bill's anger. Bill called Deacon a convict and insisted that he had to know where Quinn was. Deacon reminded Bill that Quinn had divorced him. Bill continued to ask when Deacon had last seen Quinn. Deacon maintained he didn't have to answer any questions, and he said Bill's henchman could do whatever he wanted. Deacon maintained he knew nothing.

Bill angrily said that Deacon had tried his patience. Deacon reiterated that Quinn had left him. "If you find Quinn, give her my best. Are we done here?" he asked. "Get out of here," Bill shouted. Justin advised Deacon to leave. Deacon left. Bill was furious, but Justin believed Deacon might be telling the truth. Justin added that there was no way Quinn hadn't been in touch with her son.

At Wyatt's, Steffy received a text message from Liam, who wanted to see her. Steffy texted that she would see him later. Wyatt entered the room and reminded her they had an appointment to get tattoos for wedding rings. Steffy said it was going to be painful. Wyatt said it wasn't. "Happy wife, happy life. You are happy?" Wyatt asked. "Of course," Steffy responded, and she kissed him.

At Liam's house, Liam put Champagne on ice, and he looked at old photos of his marriage to Steffy in Aspen. He promised himself he would get his life back that night. Bill called and asked Liam to meet him for dinner, but Liam said that Steffy would be visiting. Bill reminded Liam that Steffy was married to Wyatt. Liam replied that Steffy wouldn't be married to Wyatt if it hadn't been for Quinn. "Her plan worked," Liam said.

Bill advised Liam to steer clear of Steffy. Bill wondered if Liam would do things at the expense of his family. "We are Spencers. We have each other's backs," Bill insisted. Liam said he always listened to his dad's advice, but not this time. Liam hung up.

Bill was angry. He told Justin that Quinn had caused problems for all of them. Justin encouraged Bill to be calm, but Bill angrily said they had to find her. "Liam and Steffy would have been married if it weren't for her," Bill said. Bill added that Liam was on a mission to get Steffy back, and Steffy was stuck in the middle. She cared about both of them.

Deacon entered an apartment and imitated Bill. "Where's Quinn? Where's Quinn?" Quinn wondered what Bill had wanted. Deacon said Bill had wanted Quinn, but Deacon had given up no information. Deacon promised that if Bill found her, Bill would probably kill both of them. Quinn insisted it was all threats.

Deacon disagreed and said they had to get far away from Los Angeles. "What's the next move?" Deacon asked. Quinn refused to leave, but Deacon said she would get caught, and it would be the end. Deacon argued that Wyatt was on his own. They didn't need to stay there for him, but Quinn said it had nothing to do with Wyatt.

Deacon freaked out. "It's Liam, isn't it?" Deacon asked. He claimed she "still [had] the hots for that kid." He realized she was still in love with "your Adam." Deacon promised that Bill would track them down because he was obsessed. Quinn claimed she wasn't worried about Bill.

Deacon called Quinn a sitting duck who still had feelings for Liam, whom he called "that wimp." Quinn warned Deacon not to call Liam a wimp, but Deacon said she had called him that name more times than he could count. Deacon insisted they needed to get away somewhere. "Don't you want that?" Quinn was distant. She flashed back through memories of romantic times she had shared with Liam as Adam. She smiled.

At Spencer, a representative from Forrester delivered Forrester financial reports to Bill because he had shares of Forrester. Bill wondered why the representative had shown up in person. "I like the face to face, and it keeps me out of Rick's forecasting meetings," he said.

Justin entered, and the Forrester rep left. Justin wondered if everything was okay at Forrester, and Bill said it was. Bill wanted justice for his son. Bill wanted to make things right for Liam. Justin reminded Bill that Liam had thought he was engaged to Steffy when he returned.

Bill stated that Steffy was Wyatt's wife, and Liam had to let it go. "He's lost everything, Bill. You would do the same thing," Justin said. Bill disagreed and said he wanted to get his hands on Quinn.

At Liam's, Liam had flowers everywhere, along with Champagne and wine. Steffy entered, and he offered her anything she wanted: red, white, or Champagne. Steffy noted that the house looked beautiful. "You're beautiful," Liam said.

Steffy marveled that Liam had done it all for her. He said he didn't remember a lot, but he did recall that he had done something similar for her many times at the house. Steffy agreed. They poured wine, and toasted. Steffy said, "To friendship."

Liam agreed to settle for friendship. He thanked Steffy for the party her dad had thrown for him at Forrester, but he said it had been awkward. Liam said he was trying to move forward and find a new normal, whatever normal was. "I can't do it without you," he said.

Liam explained that he his memories meant a lot to him. He asked if she had any idea how hard it was to be in his situation. Steffy looked uncomfortable. Liam said he had been unable to remember anything for a long time, but he had started to remember. Steffy flashed back to romantic times with Liam on the motorcycle, in amusement parks, on the beach playing volleyball, dancing, running through sprinklers, and their wedding when she wore black.

Liam said that it was memories of Steffy that had gotten him back. "You don't have to say anything. I know you love me, and you will never stop," Liam said. He added that they had been cheated, but he didn't hate Wyatt.

Liam encouraged Steffy to leave Wyatt. "He's not the love of your life. I am, and I want to make you my wife," he said. He grabbed her hand and kissed it. She closed her eyes, and Liam looked at the tattoo of a wedding ring on her finger. Steffy looked tearful, and Liam shook his head.

Changed for the better

Changed for the better

> Changed for the better

Changed for the better

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

by Pam

At Wyatt's, Caroline showed up to hang out with Wyatt. He showed her his wedding band tattoo, and she was surprised. She said it was nontraditional, but she wondered if Steffy was okay with it. Wyatt said Steffy had agreed, but Caroline wasn't sure. Wyatt wondered what Caroline was saying. Caroline laughed and said they'd both had nontraditional weddings. Caroline said she was glad that Ridge hadn't "tied a damned ribbon around my finger like he did with Katie."

Caroline grew serious and added that because of Wyatt's mother's demented scheme, Liam had lost a lot, including his memory. Wyatt agreed. Caroline added that Bill would deal with her because she had messed with both his sons.

Wyatt wondered of Caroline thought that Steffy would have married Liam instead of him. Caroline refused to take sides. Wyatt noted that Steffy and Liam had had their own issues before Quinn had messed with them. He believed his relationship with Steffy was meant to be. "Tattoos for life just like marriage to Steffy," Wyatt said. Caroline agreed. She said he deserved to be happy.

Wyatt said that Steffy was everything he had ever wanted. However, he acknowledged that they had a complicated relationship. Liam had feelings for Steffy, too, Caroline said. Caroline said Quinn had put Liam through hell. She hoped that Quinn would soon end up behind bars. Wyatt agreed.

Wyatt complained that Liam wanted to pick up where he had left off with Steffy. Caroline suggested that Liam needed time. Wyatt reminded his cousin that Steffy and Liam had been on-again, off-again for years. They had been married twice but hadn't been able to make it work. Caroline asked about Bill, and she wondered where Steffy stood in all of it. Wyatt said he knew it was difficult for her, but she was committed to him.

At Liam's, Liam looked at the tattoo of a wedding ring on Steffy's finger. He asked if it was a wedding band. She nodded. "When did you do this?" Liam asked. He noted that she had not had a wedding band tattoo at the party at Forrester.

Steffy agreed that it had happened after the party. Liam insisted that Wyatt had pushed her into it. Steffy disagreed that she had been pushed into it. "Why, Steffy? Quinn wins," Liam said. Steffy cried. "Why get a permanent wedding tattoo? Say it hurts you as much as it hurts me," Liam begged. He added that he had never stopped loving her. He asked her to tell him that she still loved him. Steffy continued to cry.

Liam insisted it was not the end. Steffy said she had made vows. "Say you still love me," Liam demanded. "Yes, I still love you. I'm always gonna love you. We're always gonna be a part of each other, and we share so much. We made a baby together. And this is killing me that I have to do this. I don't want to hurt you," Steffy said tearfully. She left. Liam was in shock.

At the apartment that Deacon and Quinn shared, Quinn said she knew what she was doing. She called Liam "Adam" again in conversation, and Deacon said she needed to realize their days were numbered because Bill would find them. He insisted they had to get away. Quinn refused.

Deacon heard police sirens, and he started to panic. He warned that Bill would find them. Quinn didn't care. She said she was reprioritizing. She claimed she wasn't worried about herself, but she wanted to see Liam. Deacon tried to talk Quinn out of going to see Liam, but Deacon couldn't stop her. Quinn insisted she would see Liam that night. She put on her coat and left.

After Steffy had left Liam's, she returned to Forrester and flashed back to her first meeting with Liam after he had returned with amnesia. She cried as she remembered embracing him on the beach. She continued to cry as she remembered his sadness when he had seen her wedding band tattoo.

At Liam's, Liam was alone in the dark, and he drank a beer and sat in despair. Someone knocked on his door. He opened the door to Quinn. "You," he seethed. Quinn begged him to listen to her. "Before you call the police, I just have to talk to you," she said.

Quinn professed that she was sorry she had done things she shouldn't have, but she added that she had changed because of Liam. "Our time together changed me. You need to know the impact that you had on my life. I see the world so differently now," she said. Quinn maintained that Liam's goodness, kindness, and love had changed her. "I will never be the same again because of you Liam," she said. Liam glared at her.

Quinn loves Liam. Liam hates Quinn.

Quinn loves Liam. Liam hates Quinn.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

At Forrester, Ridge arrived in his office. Steffy brushed away her tears. Ridge thought she'd be home with her new husband. Noticing her pained expression, he asked what was wrong. She replied that she might have made a terrible mistake. She revealed that she'd visited Liam, and he'd seen "this."

Steffy conveyed that she'd agreed to meet Liam and then gone for the tattoo. Liam had set up a beautiful, romantic dinner. Ridge stated that Liam hadn't known about the tattoo but did know that Steffy was married to Wyatt. Steffy guessed Liam had thought he could change her mind. Steffy asked what she was supposed to do, because she'd made a commitment.

Ridge stated that Steffy loved Wyatt, but she loved Liam, too. Steffy figured that Liam might be right about the possibility that she wouldn't be with Wyatt if Quinn hadn't acted. Ridge agreed but contended that Liam also didn't remember how things had been before he'd disappeared. Ridge said the couple might or might not have worked it out. She guessed that they'd never know due to Quinn.

Part of Steffy wanted to go back to her husband, but the other part of her wanted to return to Liam and pick up where they'd left off. She would never tell it to Wyatt, and she felt guilty for thinking about it while married. She wanted to help Liam and find the right thing to say to him. Ridge replied that there was no right thing, and Liam was going through a lot.

Steffy became worried that Liam might not be able to handle it all. She'd never seen Liam as hurt and as angry as he'd been when he'd seen the tattoo. She was scared Liam would do something crazy. Steffy wanted to help Liam but didn't know how.

Ridge said Liam had to sort things out in his own time, and she couldn't help because was married to another man. Steffy respected her vows and Wyatt, but she couldn't stop thinking that it wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for Quinn.

At the beach house, Wyatt complained about Bill entering the newlyweds' house without knocking. Bill said he had a tendency of doing it when he owned a place. Wyatt guessed everyone wanted to know how he was doing because Liam was back, but displaying his tattoo, Wyatt claimed that everything was fine. Bill impolitely called it a nice piece of art. Wyatt announced that Steffy had one, too. Bill asked if Wyatt was relaying that to ease Bill's worries.

Wyatt asserted that everything was fine. Bill said Liam was determined to get Steffy back. Wyatt didn't want Bill to worry. Wyatt knew Steffy had some feelings for Liam, but she was Wyatt's wife -- for good. Wyatt clanked his beer bottle against Bill's, swigged from it, and grinned at his tattoo.

Bill relayed that a tattoo wasn't a commitment. Wyatt replied that it was his commitment to never removing it. Bill stated that it was a nice symbol, but it wouldn't keep a wife happy or solve problems. Doing such was up to Wyatt, who had to do the work -- a lot of work every day.

Wyatt was surprised that his father was giving him marital advice. Bill wondered who else would do it and remarked that, even if Quinn was there, every relationship she'd had had been in "cuckoo land." Wyatt still felt scared by what he'd seen and heard of her relationship with Liam. Almost spitting out his drink at the thought of it, Bill asked if Wyatt could imagine what Liam had gone through.

Wyatt asked if Bill had located Quinn. Bill hadn't but wouldn't stop until he did. Wyatt said he'd honestly believed that she'd been doing better. She'd had a new guy, new attitude, and new clothes, and she'd been happy. Bill said he'd worry about Liam and Quinn, and Wyatt would focus on Steffy.

Bill asked where Steffy was, and Wyatt squirmed as he explained that he didn't have to keep tabs on his wife, who was out, taking care of something. Assuming she should be home by then, Bill suggested that Wyatt call her. Grabbing his phone, Wyatt quipped that Bill was full of advice.

Upon calling Steffy, Wyatt learned that she'd stopped by Liam's and showed him the tattoo. Liam was in bad shape, but she was with her father at the office and would be home soon. After the call, Wyatt was happy to inform Bill that Steffy was with her father at work.

Back at Forrester, Steffy told Ridge she'd go home soon. She just couldn't shake the feeling that she'd pushed Liam too far, and she wondered what he'd do.

At the cliff house, Liam tried to slam the door in Quinn's face, but Quinn pushed back on it and entered the foyer. Liam asked if she thought he wanted an apology. "You ruined my life, Quinn," he told her. "Steffy's married to Wyatt now. Are you happy? Are you happy?" he screamed, and she flinched.

Quinn observed the romantic setting and decided it was a bad time. Liam swigged on a bottle and told her that she wasn't leaving. She stated that she'd been wrong to keep him to herself and away from Steffy. Quinn said she should have known it wouldn't work, and he wouldn't stop loving Steffy.

Liam said it didn't matter. As he trashed the romantic setting, he yelled that while he'd set it up for Steffy, she'd been getting a permanent wedding-band tattoo with Quinn's son. Shattering the bottle against the fireplace, he raged that Steffy had done it to show her permanent commitment.

Quinn appeared distressed and tearful. Nearing her, Liam explained that Steffy had known he'd wanted to see her, so she'd gone out to get the permanent band to make him understand. "You did this to me," Liam accused Quinn. She apologized and said she hadn't intended to hurt him. He replied that she'd pay for it. Quinn believed she already was paying by the hate in his eyes and voice.

Liam screamed that it had been Quinn's plan to have Wyatt seduce Steffy just like Quinn had done to Liam. Quinn replied that she'd thought it would be worth it if Wyatt was happy, but she wasn't that woman anymore. Time with Liam had changed her. Liam called it ridiculous.

Quinn claimed it hadn't been an act, and they'd been in love. "I miss you," she whimpered. It killed her to see Liam the way he was. She wanted to make it right. "What if we just ran away together? You know -- you and me, tonight, and we get away from all this unhappiness," she proposed. "I've never felt this way about anybody. I care about you. Oh, God, I care about you so much," Quinn said, sobbing.

Quinn couldn't get Steffy back for Liam, but Quinn pledged to make it up to him. She said she'd give her life for him. She would do anything he said. She needed his goodness in her life and to have him look at her the way he had when it had been the two of them. She pleaded for another chance and promised not to screw it up. She knew they could be happy together.

Circling Quinn, Liam uttered that it hadn't been real; every word out of her mouth had been a lie. Quinn disagreed. She said all the things she'd confided in him had been true. Liam said she'd manipulated him, and it wouldn't work again. He said he had his memory back and knew who he was. Quinn disagreed that "this" was who he was and proposed going away again.

Liam told Quinn to shut up. He asked why he'd go anywhere with her. Quinn replied that there was nothing left for him there; Steffy was gone. Quinn said Steffy hadn't given him the benefit of the doubt, but Quinn was. Quinn had arrived there to make it right. She hadn't been able to disappear, knowing how much she'd hurt him. Crying, she said he could send her to prison if it would prove how much she'd changed, but the woman at the cabin had been real and the best part of Quinn.

Sobbing, Quinn revealed that, with him, she'd been kinder and gentler than she'd ever allowed herself to be. Liam shed a tear. She said he'd broken down her armor, and she needed him to look upon her as he had when it had been just them. Neither of them had anyone, so they could start over. "Please give me another chance, Liam. I love you," Quinn pleaded.

"You love me?" Liam responded. Quinn knew she wasn't worthy but asked him to consider it. "You love me? I hate you! I hate you!" he roared back. Quinn understood that to mean he'd press charges and send her to prison. She stated that it was okay but wouldn't change that he was the love of her life. If she spent the rest of her life in prison, she'd think of him every minute.

Quinn reached for Liam, but Liam flinched and said yelled at her not to touch him. As she pleaded with him, reminding him of the kind things he'd said, Liam grabbed her and pushed her against the wall. He pounded the wall beside her head. He gripped her chin, and his hand quaked. His grip softened, and his fingers ran down her lips. Pointing in her face, he said, "Go...go before I..."

"Before you what?" Quinn asked. Liam screamed at her to go. Head bowed, Quinn silently strode to the door. Liam stared at himself in the mirror.

Sasha reveals the truth to Nicole

Sasha reveals the truth to Nicole

Friday, April 29, 2016

In the photo studio, Sasha and Zende concluded a photo shoot. Sasha was excited to have the hottest photographer as her boyfriend. She wound herself up to kiss him, but Julius arrived, expressing disdain for the make-out session in the workplace. Zende quickly exited to upload his photos to the server, and Sasha asked if "Dad" had never seen any of his daughters kiss their boyfriends.

Julius said Zende could still be in earshot. Sasha asked if she'd ever be able to call Julius "Dad." He wanted her to show class in the workplace, and she quipped that she hadn't had a father around to teach her class. She remarked on his nerve to arrive at her job to lecture her.

Julius replied that he hadn't been looking for Sasha. He'd been looking for his wife because they'd planned to spend time with Maya and Nicole that day. "The Avant daughters...your girls..." Sasha said. She stated that he'd become awfully proud of the women after they'd found money, but he needed to remember that Sasha was his daughter, too.

Julius told Sasha not to say he hadn't been there for her. He'd fed her, clothed her, and supported her for her entire life. He claimed that he'd had to work two jobs to support two households and keep a roof over Sasha's head. Sasha said he'd done it to keep her and her mother quiet, but he barely hugged Sasha and usually stared at her as if he was disgusted and wanted her to give up.

Sasha thanked Julius for the clothes and the food. She said she was grown up and wanted him to love her like he did Nicole. Sasha claimed that she was a good person, embarking on a good career. She asked if he couldn't just love her and if being his child didn't mean something.

Julius, who'd kept the secret for over twenty years, refused to let Sasha jeopardize his family. He figured it felt terrible to see the family and not be involved in it, but he told Sasha to remember that she hadn't been invited there. Julius had told her that it hadn't been a good idea to follow them, but she'd done it anyway. Sasha asserted that it had been the best decision she'd ever made.

Sasha said Julius hadn't accepted Maya, and Sasha didn't know why she'd think he'd be man enough to love Sasha. Sasha claimed that Zende was a better man, who knew how to love -- unlike Julius. "He loves me!" she declared. Julius asked if Zende had said it to her.

Sasha claimed to know how Zende felt and that Zende treated her like a queen. Julius informed her that she was just a rebound, and she'd get herself hurt. She refused to believe it. She said Zende was a good man, and she'd never let him go.

In the design office, Rick, Maya, and Nicole arrived after a doctor's appointment. The women were guessing the sex of the baby. Nicole thought it was a girl, but Maya was sensing it was a boy. Rick said they could go back and ask the doctor, but Maya preferred to keep it a surprise. The pregnancy was nearing its conclusion, and Rick and Maya expressed how grateful they were to Nicole for her sacrifices.

Nicole admitted that it had been tougher than she'd thought. She and Zende were getting closer again, and she sensed that there was still a chance for them. The only problem was Sasha. Nicole believed that for her and Zende to have another chance, Sasha had to leave the city and get away from their family. Nicole planned to talk to Sasha about it that day.

Zende arrived, and Maya and Rick made themselves scarce. Nicole said the couple had been kind of obvious, but Zende replied that he didn't mind if they wanted to give Nicole and him alone time.

Nicole and Zende discussed the pregnancy nearing its end, and Nicole listed activities she wanted to do after the birth. Zende told her that he'd be there to ride the roller coaster. She replied that she'd pencil him in. Zende wondered about Nicole's dance moves. Nicole claimed to still have them, and the two began dancing together. Her belly got between them, and Zende touched it, as if stabilizing her.

The dancing stopped. Zende wished it didn't bother him so much. Nicole said her belly was cute, as if she were carrying a basketball. Zende was sorry he couldn't handle her carrying his uncle's child. She remarked that she wouldn't be pregnant for long. The due date was nearing. She informed Zende that the woman he'd fallen in love with would be back, and she'd be very hard to resist.

In the CEO's office, Maya hoped things went well with Nicole and Zende. Vivienne arrived and cooed about how much better she was for seeing her handsome son-in-law. She'd arrived straight from work and wondered where Julius was. Maya hoped he wasn't somewhere offending anyone. The three discussed how well the doctor's appointment had gone, and Rick said everything was on schedule.

Vivienne mentioned how it wasn't easy being pregnant. Maya quipped that it hadn't been that hard if Vivienne had done it twice. Vivienne said she'd loved being pregnant, and she'd love being a grandmother even more. She'd bought some outfits the other day for the baby. Maya said Vivienne hadn't had to, but Vivienne replied that it was a grandmother's prerogative.

Vivienne wondered where Nicole was, and Maya excitedly stated that her sister was with Zende. It was good news for Vivienne, who wanted the couple to reunite. Maya said Nicole believed that the only ways she and Zende could have a chance would be if Sasha left town. Julius entered and agreed. He said Sasha was an interference and should move away for good.

Vivienne didn't understand Julius' animosity toward Sasha, who'd had a tough life and no siblings. Maya said that Sasha's actions had been completely unacceptable, but Sasha was young and nave, not trash to be thrown out. Julius was glad Nicole had seen the real Sasha. Vivienne asked if Nicole's desire for Sasha to leave would cost Sasha her job.

Rick said he'd put in a good recommendation at International. Julius believe Nicole had been the only reason Sasha had gotten her job, and Sasha had repaid Nicole by stealing Nicole's boyfriend. Rick replied that, in all fairness, Nicole and Zende had broken up. Maya rolled her eyes and frowned.

Vivienne wondered if asking Sasha to leave town was fair. Maya believed they had to support whatever Nicole needed in order to feel safe. Vivienne believed Nicole should be the one to tell Sasha.

Zende arrived and asked if he was interrupting anything. Julius said they'd all just been discussing how Sasha wouldn't be around much longer. =

Later, Nicole arrived in the photo studio. Sasha and she had small talk about the baby, and Sasha acted excited about the approaching delivery. Nicole said they needed to talk. Nicole hated what had happened to their relationship. To her, they'd been close, like sisters, but since Sasha had moved there, she'd done nothing but take advantage of Nicole's family.

Nicole said that Sasha had made a good start for herself, but it was time for Sasha to go somewhere else. It could be New York or Paris -- anywhere but there. Nicole relayed that Sasha had overstayed her welcome, and it was time for her to leave.

Sasha guessed that Nicole felt threatened and wanted Sasha to back off. Nicole replied that she and Zende could have a chance after the birth, but not with Sasha hovering. Nicole stated that Sasha had been "hovering" for Nicole's whole life. It had been cool when they'd been close, but they weren't anymore. Sasha asked if Nicole was saying Sasha had no right to be a part of Nicole's life or family.

Nicole told Sasha to do what was best, but Sasha said Nicole was asking Sasha to give up everything she had. Nicole instructed Sasha to make a life and family elsewhere. Nicole wanted Sasha away from Zende, the family, and especially herself. Sasha said Nicole couldn't make her leave.

"Oh, yes, I can, sister," Nicole replied. Sasha found it ironic that Nicole would use the term sister. Nicole asked what Sasha meant, and Sasha said to ask Julius. Sasha asked if Nicole had ever wondered why Sasha had always been around, as if she was already a part of the family. Nicole asked what Sasha was saying. "You're my sister," Sasha replied.

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