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The disconcerted Thomas took off with Douglas. After a heart-to-heat with Thomas, Caroline believed she'd convinced him not to claim the baby. Liam agreed to try to accept Steffy's marriage. Steffy called the police on Quinn, and Quinn begged Liam not to let them take her away from him.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 9, 2016 on B&B
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Ridge and Thomas disagree about the paternity Ridge and Thomas disagree about the paternity

Monday, May 9, 2016

At the beach house, Bill was on the doorstep, and he and Steffy were concluding a discussion about Liam feeling murderous when Quinn had visited him. Quinn wasn't the reason that Bill had arrived, though. Looking at Steffy's tattoo, he hoped it would always remind her of whom she had married and that she always had to put Wyatt first.

Bill understood how Steffy could feel conflicted. She'd believed that Liam was out of her life, but he'd returned after she'd married Wyatt. Steffy half-sobbed, grateful that Bill understood. Bill told her that her commitment was to Wyatt only, and she couldn't think about Liam.

Steffy sobbed that Bill made it sound easy. Bill knew that it wasn't easy for Steffy, and he indicated that he understood more than she knew. Looking at her tattoo, he said that it was a symbol of her commitment. He hoped she took it seriously because the one thing he could not have was his two sons battling for her.

At the cliff house, Wyatt arrived with Liam's favorite beer, hoping it was enough to get Wyatt in the door. Taking a beer, Liam guessed Wyatt was there to check up on Liam. Liam asked if Wyatt wanted to know how Liam was before or after Quinn's visit. "What?" Wyatt exclaimed. Liam stated that the even bigger shock was that he'd let her go.

"What?" Wyatt exclaimed again. He asked why Liam would do that after all Quinn had done to Liam. Liam said that maybe it was because she was Wyatt's mother -- or because Liam had been so angry that he hadn't known what he'd do. Liam relayed that Quinn wasn't his focus -- Steffy was.

Wyatt believed that he and his "bro" had been through it already about Steffy. Liam replied that it wasn't that simple. Wyatt explained that Steffy had moved on, and Liam asked if Wyatt was saying she didn't care about Liam anymore. Wyatt claimed he'd never say such, but "as her husband..."

Liam asked not to go through the "lay down the law thing right now." Wyatt asserted that he felt bad about what his mother had done to Liam. He hated that it had happened to Liam but said that if Liam let himself, Liam could find someone and build a new life. It could happen for Liam if Liam stopped hanging onto something that never would happen.

Liam replied that he clearly had a different perspective than Wyatt. In Liam's view, Liam and Steffy had been robbed. Wyatt quipped that Steffy seemed to be very happy to be married to him. Liam reminded Wyatt of how powerful the history was between Liam and Steffy, but Wyatt replied that it was in the past.

Wyatt stated that one couldn't turn back the clock or change that he and Steffy had pledged their lives to each other. Holding up his tattooed finger, Wyatt asserted that Steffy had made her feelings clear. Liam relayed that it would take more than a tattoo to get him to back off.

Wyatt grimaced. Liam stated that Quinn had taken his and Steffy's future and given it to Wyatt. Liam was beyond believing that Wyatt had been in on it, but the scheme had put Wyatt at an advantage. Liam said he was doing the only thing he could do, which was fight for the woman he loved.

Later, Liam was alone, flashing back on memories with Steffy. He snapped out of it when he realized that Steffy had arrived. He said he'd almost lost himself, and he didn't want to lose her.

Later, Steffy was telling Liam how crazy it was to hear that Quinn had shown up at his house. Liam didn't want to talk about Quinn. Glancing at Steffy's hand, he said that part of him had hoped she'd had "it" removed. Liam knew that Steffy had taken vows, but he felt that it had been under false pretenses. He said that Quinn had ripped his life away from him.

The whole time Liam been in Quinn's bizarre fantasy world, he'd felt the gravity of Steffy pulling at him. He couldn't accept Steffy being with Wyatt -- especially knowing that Steffy loved Liam as much as she ever had. Liam felt it every time he was with her. "Leave Wyatt. Get the tattoo removed and come home to me," Liam told her.

In the design office, Caroline told Katie that the decision to tell Thomas should have been Caroline and Ridge's. Katie didn't think Caroline could be okay with never letting Thomas know he had a son. Caroline asserted that there was much more at stake than Katie realized. Seeing the guilt gnawing at Caroline, Katie wondered how long Caroline could have withstood seeing Thomas with Douglas without telling him. Caroline cried that she and Ridge might have told him eventually, but it had been their call. Caroline didn't appreciate being backed into a corner over it.

Katie knew that Caroline was worried about the fallout for her family, but after seeing Thomas with the baby, Katie felt that it was best for everyone. Caroline believed she should be in there, helping Ridge, who shouldn't have to deal with Thomas' feelings alone.

"If you'd just stayed out of it...." Caroline said to Katie. Katie claimed not to be the enemy and that she hadn't had any idea that a simple conversation with Wolin would lead to "this." Katie claimed not to be judging Caroline, but in Katie's opinion, mothers had natural draws to their babies' fathers.

"Not that I would say you want to be with Thomas instead of Ridge...." Katie said. She claimed she'd never say Caroline wanted to be with Thomas, but Caroline did have a connection with Thomas. Caroline asked if Katie really needed "to do this now."

Caroline relayed that Ridge and Thomas had a strained relationship, and there had been tension for years. Katie assumed Caroline feared that Thomas would flip out. Caroline asked why he wouldn't. Katie was sure Ridge was handling it with as much sensitivity as possible. Katie added that there at least wouldn't be any more secrets about Thomas or that night.

Caroline declared that the night never should have happened. Katie asked how it had happened and remarked that she knew how Caroline felt about Ridge. Caroline said that Ridge and Douglas meant everything to her, and if it went badly, her whole life would fall apart. Katie touched Caroline's arm.

Alone, Caroline remembered her wedding, the horror she'd felt the night after being with Thomas, and Ridge's promise that Thomas would never know.

In the CEO's office, Thomas was stunned and stated that Douglas was his child. Ridge felt that there were some thing things they needed to get straight right then and there. Thomas asserted that Douglas was his child. Ridge corrected that Douglas was Ridge's child from the night that Thomas had betrayed Ridge. Thomas understood what Ridge felt for Douglas, but Thomas stated that Douglas was Ridge's grandson, not Ridge's son. "Douglas is mine," Thomas declared.

Ridge told Thomas that there was great opportunity around there, and Ridge would support Thomas. "Just not in being a father to your son?" Thomas asked.

"We understand each other," Ridge concluded and picked up a pencil to start sketching. Thomas replied that they didn't understand each other, not at all. Ridge said that Thomas needed to put Douglas' welfare and that of the family above his own.

Ridge claimed that if the scandal got out, Eric would have to fire Ridge, Steffy, and Caroline. "Fire you for what you did to her," Ridge added. Ridge said Rick would take over, and the family as they knew it would cease to exist. Ridge decided that he wouldn't allow Thomas or anyone else to destroy Ridge's family with Caroline. "Do we understand each other now?" Ridge asked.

Thomas asked why he was just learning of it. Ridge said he hadn't planned to tell Thomas at all because Thomas had said that night had been the biggest mistake of his life. "But I was there when he was born," Ridge stated. Ridge had cut the cord, and had held and named Douglas. Ridge said Douglas was completely his son. Thomas disagreed.

Ridge stated that he knew Douglas as his son, and so did the world. "And to hell with what I know now?" Thomas asked. Ridge touched Thomas' shoulder, and Thomas tensed. Ridge said that if Thomas had truly changed, he'd understand that it was the only way.

Thomas asked what Ridge was saying. Ridge repeated that Douglas was his, and he'd love, care for, and protect him as he'd done with Thomas. Ridge asked again if they understood each other.

Do it for Douglas

Do it for Douglas

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

by Pam

At Forrester, Thomas and Ridge argued about the situation with Douglas. Thomas said that Douglas was his son. "My own son," Thomas said. Ridge reiterated that he and Caroline could give Douglas what he needed. "What does that make me?" Thomas asked. Ridge reminded Thomas that he had to give Douglas what he needed and leave him with Ridge and Caroline because Douglas was already happy and secure.

Thomas insisted it was crazy to try to fool anyone. Ridge became defensive. "I'm not going to let anyone destroy my family," he said. Thomas maintained that he'd felt a connection to Douglas, "even before he was born."

Thomas had a flashback to feeling the baby kicking when he had touched Caroline's pregnant belly. He remembered telling Caroline, "That's a little Forrester." Thomas told Ridge it all made sense that Douglas was his child. "I didn't understand. It didn't make sense, and now it does," Thomas said.

Ridge tried to persuade Thomas that if he cared about the baby, he would save him from chaos. "You expect me to go along with this?" Thomas asked. Ridge encouraged Thomas to remember what was best for Douglas. Thomas said he couldn't believe that Ridge wanted him to not tell anyone that Douglas was his son. He worried that it would all be revealed some day. "Just like you and Massimo," Thomas said.

Ridge reiterated that he had given Douglas a family that he could be proud of, and Douglas wouldn't hate Thomas "for what you did to his mother." Thomas looked surprised. "Do you need me to say it?" Ridge asked. Thomas tried to defend himself and said that he and Caroline had been drinking.

Ridge reminded Thomas that he had taken advantage of Caroline. Thomas countered that Ridge had dumped Caroline. "You broke her heart," Thomas said. Ridge noted that Thomas hadn't waited more than an hour to prey upon Caroline. Ridge said he had broken up with Caroline because he hadn't been able to give her a child and a family because he'd had a vasectomy and couldn't have it reversed. "You betrayed me and her," Ridge shouted.

Thomas wondered if Ridge was angry with him and punishing him like he had when he'd sent Thomas to Paris. "You could barely even look at me," Thomas said. "Thomas, I can barely look at you now," Ridge said. He added that no one else would still be at Forrester if they had done what Thomas had done. "You're my son. My son and my wife," Ridge said.

"What you did was wrong. There's a price to pay," Ridge said. "That price is my son?" Thomas asked. Ridge was angry. "He's my son. Mine. My name is on his birth certificate, and that's never gonna change. Do you understand?" Ridge demanded.

Ridge said that he and Caroline had done what was right for Douglas, and he encouraged Thomas to do the same. Thomas was hurt that Caroline had known all along. "She knew the whole time. She knew he was mine," Thomas said. He struggled to understand. "I drove her to the hospital, and I held Douglas in my arms. I felt so drawn to him, so connected. Why didn't she say anything?" Thomas wondered.

Ridge said that a mother did what was best for her child. "You need to do what's best for him," Ridge said. He encouraged Thomas to be the man he had claimed he wanted to become. Thomas took a deep breath and said it didn't feel right, stressing, "It doesn't feel right at all." He walked out of the office.

In Caroline's office, Katie entered. Caroline said she'd thought that Katie had left. Caroline worried that Katie had already told Bill about Douglas. Katie said she had not said anything to Bill. Katie reminded Caroline that Thomas had a right to know and deserved to be a part of his son's life.

Caroline said that Ridge loved Douglas as his own son. "He is the father," Katie said of Thomas. Caroline said that Katie didn't know the circumstances. Caroline warned that Katie's interference would tear her family apart.

Pam entered with Douglas in a baby carrier and said no one was getting any work done because Douglas was the main attraction at her desk. "It's hard to believe he's even more popular than his daddy," Pam said. Caroline looked at Katie, who later left. Caroline got a message that she had to look at some fabrics downstairs, and she asked Pam to look after Douglas for a few minutes. Pam agreed, and Caroline left.

Later, Thomas entered Caroline's office, and Douglas was alone in his car seat. Pam entered and wondered if Thomas had been looking for Caroline. Thomas wondered why Pam had left Douglas alone. She said she'd had to grab one of his toys in the hall. She added that Caroline would return in a few minutes.

Thomas picked up the baby in his carrier. Pam wondered what he was doing, and he said that Ridge had wanted him to return the baby to Ridge's office. Pam looked confused.

Pam wrote a note to Caroline, but Caroline returned moments later. Pam explained that Thomas had taken the baby to Ridge's office. Caroline panicked. She raced to Ridge's office. "Where is he?" Caroline asked Ridge. Ridge answered that Thomas had left. Caroline said that Thomas had taken the baby. "Oh, my God," Caroline said.

In the parking lot at Forrester Creations, Thomas packed the baby into his car, and he drove out of the parking lot.

At Liam's house, Liam maintained that he knew Steffy still loved him and wanted a future with him. "I can see it in your face. You miss what we had," he said. Liam added that Steffy didn't have to live with the mistake she had made. She could have the tattoo removed and her marriage ended.

Steffy maintained that too much had happened. "If that's how you feel, then tell me now," Liam announced. He dared her to tell him to give up and back off. "That's not how you feel, is it?" he asked. Steffy started to speak, but Liam warned that he wasn't asking about Wyatt. "Just tell me how you feel. That's all."

Wyatt entered, and he was surprised to see Steffy. "He didn't know I was coming over. Bill told me about Quinn. Did you know your mother was here?" Steffy asked. Wyatt said that he knew, and he claimed that he had been unhappy with the way he and Liam had left things earlier that day. Wyatt wanted to clear it up. Liam assumed it was about Steffy, and he maintained that Steffy had a mind of her own. Steffy announced that she did not want Liam and Wyatt to fight over her.

Wyatt said he understood that what his mother had done to Liam was "messed up," but Wyatt maintained that he and Steffy were committed to each other and needed Liam to respect their marriage.

Wyatt hoped that Liam didn't blame him for what his mother had done. But he added that Liam had to stop thinking that Steffy would return to Liam. "Put your life back together," Wyatt advised. Liam responded that he realized he was a threat to Wyatt's marriage, but Wyatt countered that Liam was making life difficult for Steffy, and it was unfair.

"Steffy and I have moved on," Wyatt announced. He added that he knew Steffy and Liam had an amazing history. "But her future is with me. Let go. It's better for everyone," Wyatt advised. Steffy appeared to agree. Wyatt said they were leaving, and Steffy agreed. Liam looked hurt, and Steffy turned back to look at him on her way out the door.

Douglas Forrester goes for a ride

Douglas Forrester goes for a ride

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

by Pam

At Forrester, Caroline was frantic when she learned that Thomas had taken Douglas. Ridge tried to calm her down, but she was inconsolable. Ridge called Charlie in security to determine if anyone knew where Thomas had gone. Ridge learned from Charlie that Thomas had driven out of the parking lot with Douglas in the car.

"I want my baby back," Caroline screamed. She called Thomas, but there was no answer. Ridge called Thomas, and Thomas answered. "Where is Douglas?" Ridge demanded. Thomas said that Douglas was with him. "Bring him back here right now," Ridge ordered. Ridge added that Thomas couldn't kidnap his son. "He's my son, not yours," Thomas said coldly.

Thomas demanded that Ridge put Caroline on the phone. Caroline was frantic. She told Thomas she wanted her baby back. Thomas insisted the baby was fine, and he was on his way to the cabin. He ordered Caroline to meet him there. "I want to see you alone," Thomas said. Caroline hung up.

In his car, Thomas flashed back to his night with Caroline. Then he flashed back to his discussion with Ridge that his night with Caroline had been a terrible mistake, and Ridge had said mistakes had consequences and that Thomas had a price to pay. Thomas looked angry.

In Ridge's office, Caroline talked nervously about how everything had backfired on them. Ridge tried to calm her. He insisted that Katie would remain quiet. "Who just takes a baby?" Caroline asked. Ridge tried to explain that Thomas wasn't thinking clearly. Caroline agreed.

Caroline was frantic that she had to get their son. Ridge wanted to go with her, but she told him to remain in the office. "I'm doing this alone. He feels betrayed," Caroline said. She added that Thomas had insisted she had to show up alone.

Ridge wanted to know where Caroline was going to meet Thomas, and Caroline blurted out that it was at the cabin. She ordered Ridge not to call the police. "I'm gonna get our son," she said. Caroline added that she would handle it all herself.

At the cabin, Thomas carried Douglas into the bedroom and put his carrier on the bed. He sat next to Douglas while he slept and called him his beautiful boy. Douglas opened his eyes. Thomas flashed back to several encounters with Caroline during her pregnancy. He had been with her during a sonogram. "I'm having a son," she had said at the time.

Caroline arrived and frantically looked for Douglas. She babbled about how frightened she had been. "I would never hurt him. He's my son. Why didn't you tell me?" Thomas asked. He added that he and Caroline had been good friends. "I feel terrible for that night," he said. He recalled that he had apologized many times. "I never meant to hurt you," he said.

Caroline and Thomas agreed the night had been a huge mistake, but Thomas pointed out that it couldn't have been so bad because they had made something so beautiful. Douglas smiled while his parents talked.

Caroline advised Thomas that he shouldn't have taken Douglas. He agreed that he should have asked her. "I just wanted to be alone with him," Thomas said. Thomas added that his father had shared the news of his vasectomy. Thomas lamented that everyone had led him to believe that Douglas was his little brother. "We created him, Caroline -- you and I. He is a part of you and a part of me. Nobody can ever take that away from us," he said.

Thomas didn't want Caroline to deny him his rights. "Ridge is his father in every way that matters," she said. Thomas insisted that Douglas was his biologically. "He's mine and always will be," he said. He marveled that everything made sense to him.

Thomas had been so drawn to Douglas and fascinated by him. "He changed my life," Thomas said of Douglas. He spoke of the emotional and powerful feelings he had for Douglas. He had known that his feelings were like those of a parent.

Caroline and Thomas sat on the bed and looked at their son. She was tearful. She said that the three of them -- Ridge, Thomas, and Caroline -- would discuss what to do. Thomas knew what his father wanted. "Dad already told me what he wants," Thomas said. He shared that Ridge wanted him to repress all his feelings and pretend that Douglas was his brother.

The baby cried. "He's not my dad's son. He's mine," Thomas said. Caroline wept. Thomas said he didn't know if he could. "You're his wife. You love him. You told the whole world my boy was his," Thomas said.

Thomas asked what Caroline wanted. He knew what Ridge wanted, but he wondered if Caroline could live a lie and claim his child was Ridge's son. "Do you really feel that way? Do you?" he asked. Caroline cried.

In Rick's office, Maya said she felt awful for her mother. She wondered how her father could have kept a secret about fathering Sasha for so many years. Rick and Maya agreed that it had to be most painful for Sasha. Rick said he had thought his family was the only family with scandals. He mentioned that Ridge had been born as the result of Stephanie's scandalous affair with Massimo Marone.

Rick ranted that Ridge wasn't a real Forrester, but Maya pointed out that Eric had loved Ridge as his own son. Rick complained that he wanted to raise their baby in the Forrester mansion. "It's not right what he's done," Rick said. Maya agreed, and she hoped the baby would be a good distraction for Rick.

Maya noted that Rick had every right to feel frustrated and betrayed by Ridge, but she warned that he couldn't let it consume him. Pam entered and said she'd overheard them talking about Ridge, She advised them to steer clear of him rest of the afternoon because something had happened between Ridge and Thomas, and Thomas had driven off with the baby. Ridge had freaked out.

Maya and Rick wondered where Thomas had taken the baby. Rick said that he felt sorry for Thomas because he had Ridge as a father. He also felt for Douglas because he also had Ridge as a father.

In Ridge's office, he paced and worried about Caroline. Katie entered. Ridge angrily told her that they had told Thomas the truth. Katie said he deserved to know. She said it would be rough for a while, but it was all for the best.

Ridge mocked Katie and told her she should have kept her nose out of other people's business. "He is Douglas' father," she said. Ridge told her that Thomas had taken the baby. Katie was surprised. Ridge added that Thomas felt betrayed and had driven to the cabin. Caroline had followed him to get Douglas back. Katie wondered if Ridge had called the police. Ridge glared at her and hoped that wasn't necessary.

Katie stammered that it was the right thing, and Thomas was overwhelmed. She said she was sorry, but at least Thomas knew the truth, and it might take him time to process it. She felt everything would work out. Ridge said she had started the entire fiasco, and it wouldn't have happened without her.

Caroline and Thomas decide what's best

Caroline and Thomas decide what's best

Thursday, May 12, 2016

In the design office, Brooke arrived and saw Rick deep in thought. She asked if she could work in there and if anything was wrong. Rick said it was the same thing as always -- Ridge. Brooke asked what Ridge was up to that time. Rick didn't know but intended to find out. Brooke assumed that Rick was going on assumptions. Rick said Brooke knew Ridge, who always had secrets that were dying to get out.

Rick believed that Eric's only weakness was letting Ridge talk Eric into things. Brooke reminded Rick that his father had supported him, too, at times. Rick replied that the support never lasted and cited that Rick had been CEO until Ridge had wanted it back. Rick stated that it wasn't fair to Eric's real sons, and it was a disgrace that a Marone ran everything Forrester.

Brooke advised her son to bide his time and be grateful for having the family he'd always wanted and a child on the way. She promised that, if he just stayed in the moment, things would fall into place, and he'd win one day. Rick indicated that he was grateful for his family. Brooke asked why he was so concerned about Ridge. Rick claimed it was because Ridge had stolen his birthright.

Rick believed that he should be running the business, living in the family home, and raising his kids there. Rick stated that everything had been hijacked by a Marone. Rick moved on to quipping about Ridge's "dad" giving Ridge the right to remove Maya's portrait. Brooke was sure Rick understood why Eric preferred to have Stephanie's portrait on the wall.

Rick believed he shouldn't have left, and he'd played right into Ridge's hands. Rick claimed that it showed how shady Ridge was to play on a person's vulnerabilities. Rick felt he wasn't saying what Brooke didn't already know. In his view, he'd been paying for Stephanie's paternity lie all of his life. He felt as if Ridge was defined by his ability to control everyone and everything.

In the CEO's office, Katie advised Ridge to give Thomas time to process things. Ridge blamed Katie for the fallout and asked why she couldn't have just kept out of it. Katie claimed that she'd been concerned about Ridge being upset with Wolin. Ridge griped that she should have talked to him, not his doctor. He added that she'd also gone to Caroline, causing everything to blow up.

"But it's done," Katie said with a shrug. She wondered how the truth being out would affect Caroline. Katie asked if Ridge experienced guilt when he saw Thomas and Douglas together. "Guilt? After what he did -- the way he treats women?" Ridge asked. Katie agreed that Thomas didn't have the best record, but he was trying and changing himself due to Douglas.

Katie said Ridge had to know that Caroline saw it. Ridge reluctantly agreed that Thomas was changing. Katie decided that it meant there was no reason to keep Thomas from the baby. Ridge lamented about Katie, always honest and knowing right from wrong. She said it would work out for the best, and he shouldn't under-estimate Caroline's influence over Thomas.

Katie said Caroline might convince Thomas to leave things as they were. Ridge wondered what would happen in the future. Katie said they were all family, and she had to believe they'd work it out. Watching her expression, Ridge asked if she really believed it. As if confessing, Katie said that, as a mother, she understood how deep the bond could be with the father of the child.

"I'm not saying Caroline doesn't love you," Katie said. She stated that the secret was out, and she had to wonder what kind of impact it would have.

At the cabin, Thomas said that he had the connection to Douglas, but Ridge hadn't wanted Thomas to feel it. Caroline stated that she and Ridge had decided it together. Thomas believed that she was just defending her husband, but he knew that she had a mind of her own.

Thomas figured that Ridge had guilted Caroline into it claiming Thomas' firstborn son. Caroline asserted that, as the mother, she could have insisted on telling Thomas, but she'd agreed with Ridge that it was what was best for their family. Thomas said that Ridge always got what he wanted, but since the secret was out, Thomas asked what Caroline wanted.

Caroline asked what the other option was. She asked what Thomas thought would happen if they formally announced that he was the father. She supposed that the press would have field day, and it was an added bonus that it involved Forresters and Spencers. "Sleeping with a father and a son," she said. She believed it would follow Douglas all his life and asked if Thomas wanted it for the child or for her.

Caroline declared that she and Ridge had made the best decision for their family. She had stood by it then, and she still did. Thomas replied that she was asking him to deny his son. She said she was asking him not to claim Douglas. Thomas said he didn't blame Caroline -- he blamed Ridge. She told Thomas that she'd had an equal voice in the decision.

"Tell me this. The exact same thing happened that night, except Ridge was never in your life...would you have come to me and told that you were pregnant with our child?" Thomas asked. Caroline couldn't answer it. She said they couldn't change the past. Thomas concluded that it was the world according to Ridge, and she wanted Thomas to keep the secret. She said it was the only option.

Caroline knew that Thomas loved Douglas. She said she wanted the best life for Douglas. The press would be all over the child because of the families he was born into, but if they could all keep the secret, then the press wouldn't hound Douglas because of his paternity or a custody war.

Caroline reasoned that there didn't have to be a custody war; they all lived on the estate, Thomas would have total access to Douglas, and she and Ridge wouldn't keep Thomas from his son.

Thomas grew emotional and tearful. Caroline told him that she loved him "so much" for helping her put the amazing baby in the world, and all their lives were better for the baby's presence. She wanted Thomas to be in Douglas' life. She wanted Douglas to learn from Thomas and love Thomas. "As his brother...keep the secret..." Thomas uttered.

Caroline was sure they could do it as a family. They could love each other, support each other, and do what was best for Douglas. She asked Thomas to promise to keep things as they had been.

The Cops cuff Quinn

The Cops cuff Quinn

Friday, May 13, 2016

At the cabin, Thomas marveled over Douglas' hands. Caroline replied that they were replicas of Thomas' hands. Ridge text-messaged to find out what was happening. Caroline told Thomas that she needed to tell Ridge that things were okay. She said it was for the best, and Thomas could be there for all of Douglas' life -- as his brother. "Douglas can always think of me as a father," Thomas replied.

"He will," Caroline replied. She called Ridge to inform him that they were fine, and Thomas understood. Ridge was surprised. Caroline said she and Douglas would be home soon. After the call, she thanked Thomas for letting her and Ridge parent Douglas and said Douglas was the greatest gift.

Preparing to leave, Caroline thanked Thomas again. She was sure he'd get married one day and have his own family. She wanted it to be that way for him. "Not like this. Not -- not like a scandal," she said. Taking his hand, she stated that she wanted him to experience it. She thanked him again for understanding and for being Douglas' brother, and she and Douglas left.

Thomas lingered at the cabin in wonderment about his son.

At the mansion, Eric arrived and saw Ridge pacing in the living room. Eric was disappointed that it was only Ridge because Eric had wanted to get some grandfather time in with Douglas. Ridge said that Douglas would be there soon. Looking at Stephanie's portrait, Eric figured that she had to love how things were for Ridge -- married, in the house, and raising a family.

Ridge agreed. Eric was proud of Ridge for his accomplishments. "And leaving the not-so-mature days behind me," Ridge added. Eric replied that he wasn't one to talk because he'd taken the family through his own share of scandals. Ridge said it was "like father, like son."

Ridge didn't care what Rick said. To Ridge, Eric was Ridge's father, whom Ridge had always tried to emulate. Ridge hoped that he'd taught his kids that it wasn't always about blood, but being there.

Later, Caroline and Douglas arrived, and Ridge cuddled the baby. He was relieved and wondered what Thomas had been thinking. Caroline didn't know, but he said that, in the end, he'd done the right thing. She thought they shouldn't be hard on Thomas and should be understanding that he was giving up his child. "He kidnaps our kid, and I have to be understanding?" Ridge asked.

Caroline explained Thomas' emotional state. She believed Thomas understood what was at stake but wished they'd told him sooner. Ridge asked if Thomas had agreed to let them have the baby and to keep the secret. Caroline nodded. Ridge asked how she'd convinced Thomas. She replied that she'd said what had needed to be said, and one day, Thomas would have a family of his own.

Ridge agreed and added that "this one" is ours. He felt that Thomas owed them that after what Thomas had done to Caroline. "Can we just not -- go back there," Caroline stated. She said Thomas knew his place as the brother, the very involved brother, and that was all it would ever be. Ridge told Douglas that he was Ridge's boy, and no one would take Douglas again. Caroline looked uncertain and worried.

At the beach house, Steffy answered the door. Upset to see Quinn, Steffy instantly shoved the door back. Quinn entered anyway and begged Steffy to help Quinn because she was in love with Liam. Quinn figured that Steffy had influence over Liam and Wyatt, and Quinn wanted Steffy to help them understand how she'd grown and how her time with Liam had changed her.

Steffy couldn't believe Quinn thought Steffy would help her with anything. Quinn reasoned that they were family. Steffy said Quinn had manipulated Steffy into marrying Wyatt. "I allowed you the freedom to really see Wyatt," Quinn corrected. Steffy said she'd been waiting to reconcile with Liam.

Quinn asserted that it wouldn't have happened, and Steffy and Liam had needed distance to help them out of their cycle. Quinn said Steffy had found who she was meant to be and had said the vows. Steffy claimed that she'd meant her vows, but she never would have said them if it hadn't been for Quinn. "How could you possibly think this is okay?" Steffy asked.

Quinn felt that it had worked out, and Steffy could have left if she hadn't wanted to be with Wyatt. Steffy said it wasn't about her not wanting to be with Wyatt. Quinn agreed, saying it was also about Steffy not being with Liam. Quinn believed that an annulment would have been a justified solution that no one would have faulted her for, but instead of getting it, Steffy had stayed with Wyatt.

Steffy asked if she was supposed to thank Quinn. Quinn didn't expect that, but she could use a little support -- if Steffy wanted to acknowledge how things had worked out for her. Steffy stated that Liam despised Quinn. "Who I used to be," Quinn corrected. Steffy said he didn't want to be with Quinn, but Quinn was confident that Liam felt the same way she did.

Steffy decided that Quinn needed help. Quinn conveyed that Liam had let her go because he cared about her, too. Steffy corrected that he'd been afraid he'd kill Quinn. Staring at Steffy's wedding photo, Quinn said it had been meant to be. She had never thought she'd be the one to nurse Liam back to health after he'd passed out in front of her. "Sometimes, things worked out the way they were supposed to," she said.

Steffy sneaked into her phone and sent Wyatt a message to call the police.

At the cliff house, Wyatt arrived to see how Liam was doing. Liam guessed Wyatt wanted to make sure Liam had accepted things and asked if Wyatt really needed to do a victory lap. Wyatt claimed he was trying to help Liam and be a brother to him. Wyatt didn't want Liam to hope for the unrealistic because Steffy and Liam would never happen. Liam wondered why Wyatt was there if it was true.

Wyatt claimed to want to help Liam and save him embarrassment. He said Liam didn't have to be alone and could call Ivy or Hope. "I'm not interested -- " Liam started to say. Wyatt interjected that Liam could call anyone. Wyatt believed there was a woman for Liam, but it wasn't Steffy.

Liam asked if Wyatt actually believed he and Steffy would be married had it not been for Quinn. Wyatt doubted it, but he said they would have been well on their way. Wyatt believed that Liam and Steffy had been headed for failure, and even though Quinn had sped things up, Wyatt believed it was how things would have worked out.

Wyatt hated what Quinn had done. Liam said it could have been worse, and she'd at least nursed him back to health. Wyatt asked if Liam was actually defending Quinn. Liam wasn't. Liam said she'd done the unforgivable, but she also could have let him die. Liam said that Quinn hadn't needed to help him, care for him, or share with him. "Share what?" Wyatt asked.

Just then, Wyatt's phone chimed. He read the message and said they had to go because Quinn was with Steffy. The men rushed out of the house. From the car, Liam called the police.

Back at the beach house, Steffy questioned Quinn's certainty about Liam. Quinn felt that he just needed to remember what it had been like between them when they'd been in their own world. Steffy asked if Quinn really thought things would return to the way they had been. Quinn was hopeful that it could, with Liam -- and with Wyatt, too.

Quinn began talking about how Liam had cared for her differently than other men. Someone knocked on the front door. Steffy yelled that Quinn was in there. Quinn tried to take off through the bedroom, and Steffy grabbed her. Two cops busted in and separated the women. Quinn tried to explain, but Steffy yelled that Quinn was going to jail.

An officer asked if Quinn was Quinn Fuller. She admitted it, and he handcuffed her. Quinn asked why Steffy had done it, adding that Steffy had Wyatt. Steffy screamed that Quinn had taken Liam from Steffy, Quinn had wanted Liam for herself, and Quinn would never get Steffy's support.

As the cops headed to the door, it opened. Wyatt and Liam rushed in. Wyatt hurried over to hold Steffy. An officer forced Quinn to her knees. Quinn begged Liam to help her, but Steffy said he wanted Quinn locked up as much as Steffy did.

Quinn implored Liam, saying she'd only gone there for help because she knew Steffy would understand how Quinn felt about him. "I love you! I do! Don't let them take me away from you. Please, please!" Quinn begged.

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