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Nicole gave birth to a baby girl. The miraculous moment changed everything for Zende, Sasha, and Nicole, but Sasha believed that her pregnancy would change it back. Brooke sprang out from beneath Katie's bed, and the enraged Katie reached for a bottle. Liam let the police haul Quinn away.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 16, 2016 on B&B
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Nicole goes into labor Nicole goes into labor

Monday, May 16, 2016

At Forrester, Pam was in the corridor with a large yoga ball. She excitedly asked Zende to get warm water and towels because Nicole was in labor. They entered the design office, where Maya and Rick were timing Nicole's contractions. Pam had Nicole sit on the ball, per advice from a member of Pam's baking club. Zende asked if Nicole was ready, and she said she guessed she had to be.

Once Pam had left, Nicole admitted that she wasn't a fan of the ball. Rick decided to get the car while Maya stayed with Nicole. Zende asked if the couple could go together for the car, so that Zende could have a moment with Nicole.

Alone with Zende, Nicole said to speak quickly because of the contractions. Zende asked if it hurt. She said she'd had better experiences. He stated that he was proud of her and would be thinking of her. It seemed as if Nicole wanted to invite Zende to the hospital, but instead of doing it, she said that he could have Pam call him because she'd probably be the first to know.

At the hospital later, Rick and Maya supported Nicole through her contractions. Maya asked what had happened with Zende. Nicole explained that he'd wished her well and said he'd be thinking of her. Maya and Rick didn't mind asking him to join them, but Nicole said she didn't want to make Zende uncomfortable. Nicole changed the subject to ice chips, and Rick and Maya left to get some.

At the mansion, Sasha was in a bikini at the pool, setting up a surprise afternoon for her and Zende. Caroline arrived for a swim and decided that she'd just do a few laps and get back to Douglas so that Sasha could have her fun in the sun with Zende.

After Caroline's swim, she checked her messages. Ridge had sent one to relay that Nicole was in labor. Caroline figured that Sasha would want to go to the hospital. Sasha decided that she needed to sit it out and let Nicole share the moment with Rick and Maya. Caroline remarked upon the miracle of birth. Sasha agreed but added that she could still see why it was a deal-breaker for Zende.

Sasha was in awe that her best friend was in labor. She didn't know how she'd feel to be in the position of a biological parent who'd step aside and let someone else raise her child. Caroline stammered that, in many cases, it was what was best for everyone involved, and it had been Nicole's gift to Maya and Rick from the beginning. "The world's most extreme gift," Sasha added.

Sasha said Nicole didn't always think things through. Sasha called it absurd to have a child for someone else. "And your first child? It's no wonder Zende ran," Sasha added. Caroline noted that Zende hadn't had to run far. With a conciliatory smile, Sasha conceded to Caroline's insinuation.

Later, Caroline was in the living room when Zende arrived. The bubbly Caroline asked if he'd heard the news. Zende relayed that he'd been with Nicole at the office before she'd gone to the hospital. Caroline gave him a knowing look, and he said he didn't need to be there, interfering with the moment. Caroline replied that Sasha had said the same thing.

Zende asked if Sasha was there. Caroline spilled that Sasha was poolside and quickly apologized for ruining the surprise. He said he'd act surprised. She wondered if he really wanted to be poolside while Nicole was in labor. Caroline understood that he and Nicole weren't together anymore, but it might be nice if Nicole had support. "She has support," he replied.

Caroline reasoned that Rick and Maya would be focused on the baby, and it might be nice for Nicole to have someone totally focused on her. Zende said nothing. Caroline decided that he could also be with Sasha at the pool, and Sasha might be the distraction he needed. "Although...there is something more meaningful you could be doing with your time..." Caroline said and headed upstairs.

When Zende went to the pool area, he heard the music and saw Sasha in her bikini and sarong. She wiggled and sashayed, asking if he liked it. She thought they could relax. Handing him swim trunks, she apologized for going through his drawers. She invited him to forget his troubles and soak up the sun. He said it was just what he needed.

Later, Zende sat down in his swim trunks. Sasha offered him a beer, but he wasn't in the mood. She assumed he'd heard about Nicole and remarked about how crazy it was that Nicole was giving birth to his cousin. Zende had a faraway look on his face.

Sasha left to get Zende a different drink. Zende flashed back to telling Nicole that he wanted to be there for everything that happened to her. Unbeknownst to him, Nicole was at the hospital thinking of the same thing and wondering if she should have asked him to be there.

At the beach house, Quinn implored Liam to tell everyone the truth about how he felt. The police were ready to take her in for questioning, but she asked for another moment. Liam nodded.

Quinn knew that she should have told him who he was from the beginning. She should have called Bill and Steffy, and Quinn should have taken him to the hospital. She knew there were many things she should have done, but she hadn't thought it was right to put him back in Steffy's orbit.

Steffy said Quinn was digging herself into a hole. Quinn claimed to be trying to tell the truth. Quinn admitted that she'd wanted Steffy for Wyatt and said the married couple was a much better match. Quinn added that she'd unwittingly found a better match, too. She hadn't known that taking care of Liam would change her. Allowing herself to open up and be vulnerable to Liam was the best thing that had ever happened to her, and going to jail because she'd fallen for him would be worth it.

Quinn apologized to everyone. She said that the only good thing born out of it all was that the pain she had woken up with every day was gone. Wyatt asked her what pain. "Being me," Quinn replied. Quinn believed she'd been a harsh, bitter person, and she'd survived by shutting off her feelings and not caring for anyone else but herself -- until her son and then Liam.

Being with a man who'd had no memory had allowed Quinn to let her guard down. She hadn't had to hide, and she had been able to show him who she really was. She felt bad that it had started out as deception, but she didn't regret how it had turned out. She said that she'd totally understand if he pressed charges, but it didn't change how she felt.

Quinn wanted everyone know how her time with Liam had changed her. It had healed all her old wounds and filled her with hope about the future. Liam sucked in a breath and uttered, "Take her away." The police led Quinn out, and Liam looked sadly out the door.

Wyatt asked if Quinn had hurt Steffy. Steffy indicated that Quinn had only wanted Steffy's help, and Quinn was delusional. Wyatt said Quinn had thought it would work because he had always forgiven her, but Wyatt didn't even know how to forgive that time. Liam said that Quinn was about to pay for it. Liam decided that, because the couple was related to Quinn, he'd understand if Steffy and Wyatt felt the need to forgive. Liam was glad he didn't have to forgive.

After Liam had gone, Steffy asked if Wyatt had ever seen Quinn that way before. Steffy said that Quinn's feelings for Liam seemed to be real. "They do seem to be that way, don't they? I don't know what the hell is going on around here," Wyatt concluded.

At the cliff house, Liam thought of tender moments with Quinn and the way she'd begged him not to let the police take her from him. He seemed overwhelmed as he sat down and sighed.

At the police station, Lieutenant Baker met Quinn in an interrogation room. He asked if she wanted to wait for a lawyer. Quinn didn't, saying that if Liam wanted her in jail, "so be it."

Later, a man named Edwards had joined them. Edwards asked how she'd gotten out of the closet. Quinn claimed to have worked at the useless lock until she'd freed herself. Baker asked if she had more to add. Quinn asserted that she'd taken care of Liam and had kept him safe. She was resigned to go to jail if that was what the state and Liam wanted, but she hoped it didn't turn out that way.

Baker and Edwards left Quinn alone with an empty hot dog container on the table. She flashed back to loving times with Liam/Adam.

A new baby arrives

A new baby arrives

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

by Pam

At the hospital, Nicole was in labor, and Maya and Rick were with her. Nicole could hear the heart monitor. "I love hearing that -- the baby's heartbeat," Nicole said. "Another life," she said. Maya hugged her and called her the "little engine that could."

Vivienne entered, as did the doctor and nurse. They all encouraged Nicole to breathe through the contractions as they grew more intense. Rick, Maya, and Vivienne reminded Nicole that they were all there for her. Nicole wished that Zende was there. Maya offered to call him, but Nicole said he was probably with Sasha.

"Zende has another life now," Nicole said. Maya reminded Nicole that she had done amazing things. Maya and Rick stepped away from Nicole's bedside. They agreed that they wished Zende could be there with Nicole, but Rick said they needed to respect Nicole's wishes.

The medical team said that Nicole was progressing and she was nearly fully dilated. Nicole wanted to push, but they advised her not to do it yet. They all told her she was doing a great job.

At the Forrester mansion, Zende sat by the pool and thought about Nicole. He flashed back to romantic moments they'd had together. Sasha served Zende some iced tea. "Iced tea for the hot man," she quipped. She was grateful they had a day to relax by the pool. She hugged him and kissed him, but Zende was clearly distracted. He remembered many moments with Nicole.

Sasha said she knew it was going to be a tough day for Nicole, but they would all get through it. Zende remained distracted. He got up and said he had something to do. Sasha told him he didn't need to regret taking some time off from his job. He smiled and said he had to leave. He left.

Later, inside the Forrester house, Sasha chatted with Caroline while Caroline played with her son Douglas. Sasha admired Douglas and called him "such a little miracle." Caroline wondered what had happened to Zende because she had thought that Sasha and Zende would make a day of it at the pool. Sasha replied that Zende had returned to the office. Sasha marveled that Caroline had such a great life married to Ridge.

Caroline said that motherhood was the best feeling in the whole world. Sasha said she was sure it was if a person were ready for it. Caroline said that Sasha's sisters were amazing. Nicole had given up a lot to give Rick and Maya a baby. Sasha agreed that Nicole had lost her relationship with Zende to make Maya's dream come true. Sasha said that she hoped she and Zende would end up together.

At Brooke's house, Eric entered and said he had received Brooke's message. He worried that it had sounded urgent. Eric asked where Maya, Rick, and Nicole had gone. Brooke smiled. He realized Nicole was in labor. "They're at the hospital. That's great," Eric said and laughed. "We're gonna be grandparents again," Brooke said. Brooke and Eric agreed Rick would be a great father.

Brooke said she couldn't wait until the baby was scampering around her big house. She hoped the baby provided some peace to the family. Eric said that peace would be a miracle in the Forrester family, but Brooke noted that the baby could be the catalyst.

Brooke lamented that Nicole was the only one who had lost something in helping Rick and Maya have a baby. Eric noted that Zende had not been happy after his breakup with Nicole. Eric knew Zende missed Nicole because he moped around the house.

Brooke understood that Zende couldn't handle that Nicole had been the surrogate for his uncle. Brooke wondered if Zende had moved on with Sasha. Eric said that if it wasn't for Sasha, Nicole and Zende might have worked things out. Brooke agreed. She changed the subject and said she was tempted to call Rick, but Eric talked her out of it. They both hoped things went smoothly.

At the hospital, Zende was covered in a gown and mask, and he stepped into the birthing room but remained hidden from sight behind healthcare workers. He watched as Nicole gave birth.

The doctor encouraged Nicole to push and push harder, and minutes later, her baby girl was born. The doctor put the baby into Nicole's arms. Maya and Rick cut the umbilical cord, and Nicole smiled at Maya and Rick. Everyone was tearful. Zende watched when Nicole handed the baby to Maya and Rick. Nicole hugged her mother.

Rick and Maya cried as they held their baby. Everyone encouraged them to bond with their happy and healthy daughter. The medical team congratulated all of them. Rick handed the baby to Vivienne, who called her the "most beautiful baby in the world."

Zende watched, and Maya sat down with Nicole and introduced her to the baby as Auntie Nicole. Zende was emotional after he watched the family bond. He left the room, and paced in the hallway. He removed his surgical garb, and his phone rang. It was Sasha. She encouraged him to return home.

"I just wanted to hear your voice," Sasha said. Zende said he had a lot to do. Sasha sat down at the Forrester mansion and recalled her first meeting with Zende and recalled laughing with him and making love to him.

At the hospital, Zende peeked into the room where Nicole sat alone in bed. She saw him through the window, and he entered and sat on her bedside. Nicole said she'd given birth to a beautiful baby girl. "It was so amazing," she said. She acknowledged it had been a problem for them. She added that Rick, Maya, and Vivienne couldn't stop crying. "It was so worth it. I just wish you could have been here," she said.

"I was," Zende admitted. Nicole was surprised. Zende told Nicole that he appreciated the sacrifice she had made. He apologized for bailing on her. He had been there because he couldn't miss the most precious moment of her life. He admitted he couldn't stay away and just kept thinking about her and what she had gone through. "I was a selfish fool, only thinking of myself," he said.

Zende admitted that he had lost sight of the incredible thing she had done. "I'm sorry," he said. They held hands. "You're here now. That counts for something," Nicole said. They hugged and kissed. Then they kissed passionately and smiled at each other.

This episode included the original song "There Are The Moments" featuring vocals by Reign Edwards (Nicole Avant).

Sisters share baby news

Sisters share baby news

> Sisters share baby news

Sisters share baby news

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Sasha walked around the living room. She looked up at the portrait of Stephanie Forrester. She told the portrait that she wished she could have met her. Sasha said they had a lot in common. "Who knows? Maybe one day I'll be up there too. Keep the frame warm for me," she said. She added that a girl could dream.

It appeared that Stephanie's portrait did an eye roll. Sasha thought she was seeing things, and she left the room. The portrait of Stephanie winked.

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Eric wondered who they should tell first about the news that they were grandparents to a baby girl. Brooke wanted to tell Bridget, but she and Eric decided it would be best if Rick told her. Eric joked that they were too young to be grandparents again. Brooke told him he was as handsome as the time she had married him. "Brooke Logan -- best liar I know," he said as he laughed.

Eric was glad they could share in the milestones of their family's lives. "We keep on rolling," Brooke said. They embraced. Eric and Brooke noted that if Stephanie had been alive, she would have been thrilled. Eric and Brooke wondered what name Rick and Maya would choose. Eric noted that Ridge and Caroline had honored Stephanie by giving their son Stephanie's maiden name as his first name. Brooke said that she thought Rick and Maya might want to name their little girl Erica Forrester after Eric. She said it had a nice ring to it.

Eric pointed out that Maya and Rick were not thrilled with him after he had sided with Ridge in allowing Ridge to move back into the Forrester house. Eric said he was proud of the man that Rick had become. Brooke added that she knew Rick and Maya had hoped to raise their baby in the Forrester mansion, but she was happy they were staying with her. She loved the idea of being a built-in babysitter. She added that Rick had Maya, and that was all he needed.

Eric and Brooke agreed that Stephanie had always said that all any man needed was the love of a wonderful woman. Eric added to the sentiment with "and a child of his own to steal his heart." Eric and Brooke admired the pictures of the baby on Brooke's phone and expressed thanks that Nicole had given them all such a gift.

At the hospital, Zende admitted to Nicole that he'd lost sight of the incredible thing she had done. Nicole said she was glad he'd been a part of it. He said she had made a generous act of love and had the biggest heart of anyone he had ever known. They kissed.

Vivienne, Rick, and Maya entered with the baby. They were surprised to see Zende. He admired the baby and said he'd had to see Nicole. They chatted about how he had been disguised as a member of the medical staff, and no one had recognized him. Zende left. Maya, Rick, Vivienne, and Nicole all smiled.

The doctor entered and said Nicole was doing great. The doctor added that they needed to check the baby again. She said that it was all routine. "Thank you, Auntie Nicole," Maya said. Maya and Rick thanked Nicole, and Nicole asked to hold the baby. She asked if they had chosen a name. Maya said they had a few ideas.

Maya said that they had all been happy to see Zende. They hoped it meant that Nicole and Zende were getting back together. Nicole hoped so, also, but they had a long way to go. Nicole said giving birth had been magical, and she thought some of it had rubbed off on Zende. She said the baby's birth had had an impact on Zende. She added that they had kissed. Nicole said it had been the best day of her life.

At Zende's room, Sasha had lit candles while she'd waited for Zende. Zende entered, and she asked if he wanted to go for a midnight swim. She assumed he had been at work all the time he'd been gone. Zende didn't deny he had been at work.

Sasha said it had given her time to reflect on her good fortune and how he had changed her life. Zende stopped her. She said he had been Mr. Humble, but she thanked him because she would never have been a top model at a top fashion house without him. Sasha thanked him for supporting her when he had learned about Julius. She'd never had his love or the love "of any man for that matter," she added.

Zende stopped her. "Listen, Sasha, I have had a pretty amazing time. You're beautiful inside and out, and I'm lucky to have met you." She kissed him, but he turned away. He said he had to tell her something. He shared that he had been at the hospital and had watched Nicole give birth to a little girl.

Sasha was surprised. Zende said he had been wrong and had messed up when he hadn't understood what Nicole had done for her sister. Sasha defended him. She said Nicole had been his girlfriend and had chosen to have another man's baby. Zende disagreed. He said it had been the greatest gift Nicole could have given her sister. "There was no more selfless act of generosity -- the miracle of birth," Zende said.

Sasha was glad he felt that way. She said it would get better. "It's gonna happen again. For us. I am pregnant," Sasha exclaimed. She wrapped her arms around him. Zende looked shocked and disappointed.

Zende does not want to be a father

Zende does not want to be a father

Thursday, May 19, 2016

At the Spencer mansion, Brooke excitedly carried a garment bag into Katie's bedroom and pinned a note to the dress inside. The note said that Brooke hadn't been able to resist and to send a selfie. Brooke was startled when the bathroom door opened, and a shirtless Bill exited the bathroom.

Brooke hadn't expected Bill to be there, but he said it was his bedroom. She replied that he usually worked late. Bill explained that he was there to get dressed for a museum event Katie had talked him into. Brooke indicated that the event was the reason she'd decided to surprise Katie with a dress, and she asked him to tell Katie that something was in the closet for her.

"Not a good idea," Bill asserted. Brooke replied that she was trying to repair her relationship with her sister. Bill reasoned that they didn't know what would set Katie off. Brooke said they had to keep showing Katie there was nothing to worry about. Brooke decided to go. Bill stated that she had to be more care and to be sure to check with Katie first. "What? Logans don't do that," Brooke responded.

Brooke said family could just show up, but everyone else had to call. She deduced that he wanted her to treat her sister like a stranger. Bill told Brooke that she knew how Katie felt. He stated that Katie was justified in her feelings, but he and Brooke knew right from wrong.

Just then, Katie called through the house for Bill. Panicking, Bill yelled back that he was getting dressed. Brooke scampered around, arms flailing as she looked for a place to hide. Bill told her that hiding would make it worse; however, Brooke had already slipped underneath the bed.

Katie entered and fell into a seductive mood upon seeing Bill with no shirt on. "Careful...we have this event to get to," Bill said. Nibbling his neck, Katie was willing to miss the opening gala speeches. Bill tried to convince her to tell the nanny they were leaving soon. Katie noted that Bill looked flush flushed and had a fever. Unzipping her dress, she decided that they should stay home and work on their health. Under the bed, Brooke watched Katie's dress hit the floor.

Bill resisted. Katie told him to go to the gala, and she'd stay home. He asked what was wrong, and she asked if he smelled alcohol even when it wasn't there. He acted as if he was just following her orders to get ready for the event by seven,. He noted that seven had passed. Katie pouted about Bill not being attracted to her, but he indicated that she was the hottest woman in their hemisphere.

Daring him to prove it, Katie kicked out of her shoes and panties. Bill tried to tell her that something was wrong, but it wasn't what she thought. Katie didn't want to hear about it as she tossed him onto the bed. Brooke grimaced when Katie's shoe and panties fell in front of her on the floor.

"Wait! Wait!" Brooke yelled, wiggling out from under the bed. Katie screamed and grabbed for the covers, wondering, "What the...!"

At the Forrester mansion, Zende was shocked to hear that Sasha was pregnant. The hot-pink-underwear clad Sasha guessed that Nicole just kept "coming through" for Sasha. Sasha claimed that she'd taken a home a pregnancy test the night before. "So this didn't come from a doctor?" he asked.

Sasha said that home tests were very accurate, and she'd tried to tell Zende earlier, but he'd had to run off to the office -- which she had just learned hadn't been true. He apologized and said it was had been wrong to lie, even to protect someone's feelings. She agreed. "That it's wrong to lie?" he emphasized.

Sasha asked if Zende thought she'd lie about something like that. She said a single woman could have a baby without it being the end of the world. Zende asked if that was what Sasha planned to do. Sasha didn't know, and she asked how he thought she she'd even think about it without talking to him first.

Zende exclaimed that he wasn't ready to be a father. Sasha replied that he'd just told her how making babies was a beautiful thing. "And now you're about to kick me to the curb, just like you did Nicole," Sasha realized.

Zende said that he and Sasha hadn't had that kind of a relationship, but Sasha quipped that it was the kind that made pregnancy a possibility. He replied that they'd been enjoying each other; it wasn't something he'd wanted, and she knew it. Sasha stated that he'd said he loved her. "Never," he responded. He corrected that he'd said they'd made love because he didn't like using the other term.

Sasha said babies didn't wait for people to be ready. Zende asked what they'd do. Upset that a baby was for a lifetime, Zende said they'd used protection. He asked how it could have even happenhappened. He'd checked the condoms every time, and they'd never broken. She conveyed that nothing was completely guaranteed, especially when it was dark and he wasn't in complete control of himself.

Sasha asked if any part of Zende was happy. He warned that she didn't want to know his feelings. Sasha believed it was about Nicole, as always. Zende stated that Nicole had let Sasha down once but had fixed it. He asked if Sasha could say the same.

Sasha didn't want to keeping talking and wind up regretting anything they'd say. She tried to kiss Zende, but he said he had to go. She asked where he was going because they were in his room. Before leaving, he asked her to not be where when he returned.

At the hospital, the Avant women and Rick discussed how to best hold a baby. The women chuckled at Rick when he looked up how to do it on the Internet. He joked that he was doing it for Maya's benefit. Rick took the little girl and asked if she could say "Daddy." Just then, Julius entered with flowers and asked if someone was looking for Daddy.

Walking by Rick without looking at the baby, Julius indicated that he'd heard from the nurses -- not anyone in the room -- that Nicole had done well. He stated that no one in the room wanted to hear about Dad or if he was even alive. "I sent the text, okay? 'You're a grandfather.' That's it," Maya bit out.

Julius checked on how Nicole and "it" was doing. Maya indicated that "she" wasn't an "it." Julius chuckled, saying that it was his destiny to fill the Avant generation with females. Vivienne wouldn't even look at Julius as she stated that he'd had nothing to do with it.

Later, Maya fed the baby a bottle. Julius asked if Nicole should be doing it instead. Nicole told him to butt out, and Vivienne rolled her eyes, asking if he thought they hadn't discussed "these things." Julius replied that he'd leave if he wasn't wanted. Maya said the trick was making himself wanted, and he'd always known how to do that. Vivienne said he could make someone love him even though one's insides screamed, "Run." He wished his wife wasn't running from him "now.".

Julius approached Maya, who said the baby was eight pounds and two ounces. She asked if he wanted to hold the baby. Julius hesitated. Maya said she couldn't banish him from the family as he'd done to her. He replied that he'd never said she wasn't a good person. "Yeah, you did," she replied.

Julius didn't recall actually meaning it. Tears sprang to Julius' eyes as he took the baby. He said that he might have made mistakes as a father, but with the grandfather thing, "You're Your Papa's got you."

Maya and Rick washed up to meet the baby in the nursery for her first bath. Looking as if she didn't want to be around Julius anymore, Vivienne decided to go with them.

Alone with Nicole, Julius said he believed he was making progress. She asked if he meant with her, because it was hard to find someone who wasn't upset at him. He said to have faith that life would repair itself, and hers would, too, after the terrible ordeal. Nicole replied that it hadn't been terrible, and she believed she'd get it all back, even Zende, who'd been there. She relayed that things looked hopeful, and Julius replied that it was music to his ears.

Later, Julius met Sasha at the photo studio. He'd taken the bus there. He said he'd asked to meet there because he didn't exactly have a place of his own anymore. He relayed that he was a grandfather, and Sasha said Zende had told her about the baby. Sasha asked the baby's name, but Julius said it was a good question. Sasha asked how Nicole was, and Julius said Nicole was good.

Sasha was glad to hear it, but Julius asked if she really was. He asked if Nicole had begun to act more like a sister since discovering the women were related. Sasha indicated that it was trueNicole had. He asked if Sasha was ready to act like a sister. He stated that sisters borrowed things from each other, but the loving ones always gave back that which they'd borrowed.

Back at the hospital, Zende entered Nicole's room as she slept. She stirred and said she was getting better at the dreaming thing. Sitting on her bed, he conveyed that he'd been wrong. Nicole had given up things for the creation of a family, but he'd given up things for no good reason.

Nicole didn't know that there was a right and a wrong when it was about a person's needs; however, Zende being there was good enough for her. Zende asked why she didn't hate him, and she replied that it was because she loved him. She supposed things had had to happen as they'd happened. He wondered why he hadn't seen it clearly before then.

Nicole stated that birth was a life-changing, powerful thing. Zende looked distressed. She asked what he was thinking. He didn't respond. She said that whatever it was, it couldn't be that bad.

Katie struggles with the bottle

Katie struggles with the bottle

Friday, May 20, 2016

At the hospital, Zende and Nicole discussed how no one could know how life-changing birth was until it happened to them. He said he never should have left her. He'd realized his selfishness the moment he'd seen Nicole give the baby to Maya. He'd been awed by Nicole's generosity and strength.

Zende conveyed that he'd give anything to have Nicole back. He was sorry that he'd taken the easy way out and gotten involved with Sasha. He wished it had never happened. He believed that if he'd known he'd feel as he had while watching the birth, then he never would have left Nicole.

Nicole didn't blame Zende for it and said he was a good person. Zende stated that he'd never stopped loving her, and he needed her in his life. He was no longer confused. He relayed that he'd learned something important that day, and he could get through anything with her by his side.

"I love you, Nicole. Will you give me another chance?" Zende asked. Gasping, Nicole agreed, and they hugged. Zende said he'd lost her once, and he wouldn't lose her again. She relayed that she wouldn't go anywhere. He hoped it was true. He declared that nothing would stop them that time, but he had some bad news to tell her. She stated that there was nothing they couldn't handle.

Zende explained that when he'd gone to Sasha to tell her his true feelings for Nicole, Sasha had given him some truth of her own. "I'll bet she did," Nicole responded. She advised Zende not let it rattle him because Sasha would say things because she didn't want to lose him.

Zende explained that Sasha was glad he'd experienced Nicole's labor and giving birth because it would happen to him and Sasha next. "Sasha's pregnant," he informed Nicole.

In the photo studio backstage, Julius remarked to Sasha that Zende had witnessed Nicole giving her sister an incredible gift. Sasha was glad that Zende had witnessed the life-changing event. Julius relayed that Nicole and Zende were still in love, and Zende regretted leaving Nicole.

"But he did leave her -- for me," Sasha responded. Julius suggested that Sasha do the honorable thing. He said Zende and Sasha had had their fun, but it was time for them to go their separate ways. Sasha stated that it wasn't possible, and she wasn't going anywhere. "I'm pregnant," she announced.

Julius asked if he was to believe Zende was the father. "Of course he is," Sasha responded. Julius said he'd had to ask. She shot back that he hadn't had to and wouldn't have asked Nicole. Julius asserted that Nicole wouldn't have gotten herself into it -- if it was truly what was going on.

"So I am to believe you're pregnant with Zende's child," Julius asked. Sasha said she'd found out the previous night via a home pregnancy test. Julius threatened to confirm it with the other family members, but she relayed that they didn't know -- unless Zende had told them. Chuckling, Julius realized that it was the only way Sasha could hold onto Zende.

It was of no coincidence to Julius that Sasha had popped up pregnant the moment Zende wanted to reconcile with Nicole. Sasha didn't think a reunion would happen. "Or maybe Zende won't care about your pregnancy any more than he did Nicole's," Julius suggested. Julius believed, however, that Zende would do what he had to do to take care of his child, even if it ruined it his life.

At Katie's house, Katie scrambled to cover herself in bed, asking "what the hell" Brooke was doing there. "I'm leaving," Brooke said. Katie was enraged that Brooke had been hiding beneath the bed. Bill hopped up, apparently wearing a dark towel, and said it wasn't in any way what Katie thought.

Katie said she was thinking that Bill was half-naked, and her sister had just crawled out from under the bed. Brooke tried to explain how ridiculous hiding had been. Katie said to stop it because it was obvious that Brooke had been seducing Katie's husband. Katie had caught Brooke in the act.

Bill agreed that it looked bad. Katie scoffed at the understatement. Brooke conveyed that she'd been dropping off something for Katie to wear to the event and hadn't known that Bill was there. Brooke retrieved the dress and showed Katie the note inside. "You're going to have to do better than that, because I'm not buying this excuse for one second," Katie said.

Later, Bill and Katie had gotten dressed. Brooke pulled the gown out of its bag, but Katie said she already had a closet full of beautiful gowns. Bill stated that Brooke had done something nice, and Katie was getting upset for no reason. "She was hiding under our bed!" Katie exclaimed.

In a patronizing voice, Katie decided it was classic Brooke, who'd innocently arrived to leave Katie a dress. It had just so happened that out walked Bill, fresh from the shower. Katie was insulted that the two of them refused to acknowledge it.

Katie stormed out of the bedroom, and Bill and Brooke located her in the kitchen, pouring shots of brown liquor from a green bottle labeled "whisky." Katie gleefully greeted them and slid the glasses across the island counter for them. She said she'd poured for them, too, because she "sure as hell" wouldn't drink alone.

Bill said not to do it. Katie asserted that he got to do what he wanted to do, so she should do what she wanted to do. Bill declared that it wasn't what he wanted. Katie wasn't convinced that a man of intelligence couldn't see what Brooke was up to.

Katie asked why Brooke had hidden under the bed. Brooke said she'd panicked. Katie replied that Brooke had felt guilty. Bill explained that Brooke hadn't wanted to upset Katie. Katie believed that Brooke hadn't wanted Katie to see the look on Brooke's face as she thought of all the amazing times with Bill in Monte Carlo, Aspen, and the Middle East.

Brooke told Katie to stop it, but as Katie persisted, Bill intervened. He said that Brooke shouldn't have been under the bed, he should have told Katie, and Katie was justifiably upset. "But when you get like this -- " he said. Katie roared that it was he who allowed every excuse and justification.

Bill insisted that nothing had happened. Katie stated that nothing had to happen, and all Brooke had wanted was one little thrill of being in the precarious situation because Brooke was an addict.

Katie grabbed her bottle and strode by the sink. Bill grabbed it, too, telling her to give it to him. She refused, and they tugged over it until he snatched it from her. She said that having a drink hadn't crossed her mind that night. She'd only wanted to go out with her husband. She hadn't wanted to feel that way, but Bill had put her in the position.

Katie decided that Bill should have told Brooke to leave the moment he'd seen her in the bedroom, but he hadn't. "Which is why I have to," Katie decided, grabbing the bottle off the counter. "Get the hell out of my house!" she yelled at Brooke then she marched out of the kitchen.

Katie went back upstairs and locked herself in the bedroom. Outside the door, Bill and Brooke tried to get Katie to open the door. Katie yelled at Brooke for still being there. Brooke said she'd leave once Katie opened the door and gave Bill the bottle. Brooke told Bill that she should go.

To Katie, Bill said Brooke wasn't leaving, and Brooke sighed. Bill wanted to talk it out. Katie asked what the point was when Bill refused to see what Brooke was doing. She told him to just go away.

Alone in the dimly lit room, Bill's words from the past echoed through Katie's mind. He'd once said she'd had him for support, and he'd asked her to think of all they'd built and their family. Katie opened her bottle. She flashed back to Bill's wedding vows at their park wedding and to giving birth to Will. Her mind drifted to the spaghetti dinner incident and to her promising that Bill wouldn't lose her.

Katie sniffed the bottle. She slowly recorked it and set it on the nightstand. She strode to the other side of the room and stared back at it.

In the kitchen, Brooke said that maybe she should go. Bill replied that Katie wouldn't leave the room regardless. Brooke decided that it had to be her fault. He relayed that Brooke could have been standing in the middle of the room, not hiding, and Katie would have reacted the same way.

Brooke disagreed and stated that things had been improving before that night. She wanted Bill to try reasoning with Katie again, but he didn't feel there was any point when Katie got that way. It made no sense to Brooke, who saw Katie as one of the most levelheaded people Brooke knew. Bill said it was a reason that he'd married her, and he depended on it to keep him in check.

Bill said that nothing he did seemed to help. Touching his shoulder, Brooke replied that he was trying, and Katie was lucky to have him. Brooke offered to help if he needed anything. She asked him to take care of Katie, about whom Brooke was worried. Brooke hugged Bill.

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