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Bill and Brooke made deals with Caroline and Ridge to keep quiet about the paternity secret. Bill decided that he was leaving Katie for Brooke, but when Katie had another eureka moment about her life, Brooke called it off with Bill. Wyatt was shocked to learn that Reverend Rydale had burglarized Liam's house.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 6, 2016 on B&B
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Katie learns of Bill's betrayal Katie learns of Bill's betrayal

Monday, June 6, 2016

At the cliff house, Quinn asked how Steffy and Wyatt were. Steffy asserted that Wyatt was fine, but Steffy was not due to Quinn. "Oh, honey..." Quinn said. Steffy snapped, "Don't you 'honey' me. I'm not your friend." Quinn replied that Steffy was Quinn's daughter-in-law. Steffy agreed, but she also agreed with Liam that Quinn had completely altered Steffy's life. Steffy wouldn't forgive Quinn for it.

Quinn claimed she'd helped Liam to recover, but Steffy replied that none of them had recovered from Quinn's actions. Quinn relayed that she'd given Steffy a husband. Liam said he would have been the husband had it not been for Quinn. Quinn stated that Steffy wouldn't have married Wyatt unless she loved him. Steffy said it wasn't about Wyatt; it was about the wreck Quinn had made of Liam's life.

Quinn believed she had given all of herself to Liam and had helped him rebound from the concussion. She said Liam didn't want to admit it, but they'd discovered something and had made love. Liam said he'd never call it that because they were not in love. In his view, she'd been obsessed. Quinn asked what of him. Liam decided that he'd been dependent and incapacitated, things she'd taken advantage of.

Steffy stated that cruelty was Quinn's trademark, and Quinn belonged in jail. She ordered Quinn to leave and never return. Quinn asked Steffy not to speak to her that way. Steffy guessed it was a threat. Quinn replied that she wasn't like that anymore and wouldn't hurt anyone.

Steffy countered that Quinn had hurt Liam. Quinn asserted to Liam that he should know by then that she hadn't meant to harm him. Liam scoffed, insisting Quinn had hurt him by taking away the most important person in his life. He asked how Quinn could expect him to love -- or even like -- her after she'd manipulated Wyatt and Steffy. Quinn insisted that the couple was happy and adored each other.

Steffy decided that it was enough, and even though Quinn was Steffy's mother-in-law, Steffy didn't have to like her. Quinn said Steffy and Wyatt wouldn't even be together if not for Quinn. Steffy called what Quinn had done disgusting, but Quinn replied that what she'd done had been to give Steffy the man she'd spend her life with. Quinn believed it wouldn't have happened otherwise.

Liam asserted that it shouldn't and wouldn't have happened if he'd been there. He believed that he'd be married to Steffy instead. He ordered Quinn to get out of his house and warned her to stay away. "Then this is...this is truly goodbye?" Quinn asked. She tried to hug him, but he told not to. Quinn walked to the door and watched Steffy hug Liam.

After Quinn had gone, Liam was sorry Steffy had had to go through "that," but she'd at least heard what she meant to Liam. Steffy said she'd gone through the trauma of losing their baby, of him going to Hope, and of him disappearing on her. As much as Steffy loved Liam, she'd committed to Wyatt.

Liam insisted that it was a result of Quinn's manipulations. Steffy said it wasn't that simple for her "right now." He asked if he was supposed to respect the marriage. Steffy didn't know how to answer him and didn't like the thought of hurting Wyatt. Liam didn't want to do it, either.

Liam loved his brother and knew that Steffy did, too. Being in the house that was filled with their memories, all Liam wanted to do was reach out and touch Steffy. He touched her face, adding that he wanted to hold her. "And love you," he whispered in her ear. He uttered that he wouldn't give up on them or let her get away again.

At the Forrester mansion, Caroline and Ridge told Katie that a scandal would scar Douglas and Forrester Creations. Ridge asked if Katie agreed that it wouldn't go beyond the four of them. Katie tried to scurry out, but Ridge asked for a commitment from her. Katie said that, from that moment forward, she wouldn't tell a soul.

Once Katie had gone, Ridge and Caroline remarked on how restless Katie had been. Thomas believed Katie would keep her word because she didn't want a scandal any more than they did. Caroline was sure that if her uncle "even gets a sniff of this..." Ridge said they had no choice but to trust Katie.

Caroline asked if they could really believe that no one else would find out. Ridge believed it would be okay. He said Bill was preoccupied with his sons, and they had to trust Katie. Thomas and Caroline looked uneasy, but Ridge said they needed to focus on giving Douglas a good life.

At Bill's house, Bill said he shouldn't be telling Brooke anything about the secret, but it could be the ammunition she needed to keep Rick in town. Bill stated that Ridge was a fraud and living a lie. Brooke couldn't see Ridge doing what Bill had said. Bill believed Ridge was desperate to hold onto his job, his marriage, and the company. Brooke asked how Bill had found out. "Katie," he replied.

Bill relayed to Brooke that the doctor Ridge had gone to see had died in a bizarre accident. Brooke asked what Bill was getting at. Bill asked what if only Ridge and the doctor had known that Ridge's vasectomy couldn't be reversed. She asked if he was saying Ridge had had something to do with the doctor's death. Bill didn't want to go that far -- yet. "Ever," Brooke asserted.

Brooke called the idea ridiculous. She asked about Katie. Bill relayed that Katie hadn't wanted him to tell anyone. Brooke said that he couldn't betray Katie's confidence, and he'd already done it with Brooke. Bill claimed that he hadn't intended to until he'd seen Brooke "like this." He'd never been her son's biggest fan, but he knew it was important to her to have Rick's family in her home.

Brooke stated that it wouldn't be for much longer. Bill didn't believe it had to be that way, and it wouldn't be once Eric and the public learned about Ridge. Bill insisted that Ridge was power-crazed and cited the way Ridge held the CEO position over Rick's head. Brooke appreciated Bill for trying to help her keep her family together. Bill claimed it was about his family, too.

Bill guessed that Caroline was going through "hell" over it and doubted that Ridge gave a "damn." He said Ridge only cared about his control over everyone, especially Bill's niece. Bill believed that the repercussions where significant for everyone, including Brooke and Rick. Bill wanted Brooke to be happy, which was why Bill had needed to tell Brooke.

"What's going on? Tell her what?" Katie asked, entering the house. Bill stated that Rick was leaving town. Katie was surprised to hear about it and said it had to be tough. She asked if Ridge was sending Rick abroad. Brooke said Rick was quitting over the continual disrespect from Ridge. Bill said that Rick should be running Forrester and would be if Ridge stepped down.

"Or was pushed aside," Katie replied. She stared knowingly at her husband and sister and asked Bill what he'd said to Brooke about it. Bill stood silently. "You told her, didn't you?" Katie asked. Bill replied that it could keep Rick from leaving town. He reasoned that Brooke was Katie's sister, but Katie countered that Katie was Bill's wife.

Katie said she'd confided in Bill, and he'd promised it would remain between them. Bill claimed that "this is different," and they were talking about her nephew. Bill claimed it wasn't a big deal. With a sullen resolve, Katie agreed it wasn't. Betraying her confidence was no big deal, and doing so with her sister, of all people, was no big deal.

Brooke asked if it was true, and Katie said she'd heard it from Thomas, Caroline, and Ridge, whom she'd just been with. Katie was extremely disappointed. It was as if nothing she said wouldn't end up in Brooke's ears. Bill asserted that Ridge was out of control and had to be "freaking stopped." Katie said it wasn't the point, and there was no excuse for Bill to violate his promise to his wife.

Bill wanted to know why Katie was intent upon keeping a secret for a guy who manipulated and abused everyone around him, especially Bill's niece. Katie asked if Bill was missing the point on purpose or if he truly didn't get the concept of intimacy between a husband and a wife. She yelled that what Ridge was doing was Ridge's business. "Not anymore!" Bill hollered.

Katie yelled back that she'd confided in Bill because she should be able to trust her husband, but once again, he'd betrayed her trust with her sister. "Wait a minute. I'm losing my family over this," Brooke interjected. Katie said Brooke couldn't say anything to justify Bill's behavior, so Brooke shouldn't even try it. Bill believed that Eric's knowledge of the secret could change everything at Forrester, and Brooke's son wouldn't have to leave town.

"And there it is. You're doing it for her," Katie concluded. Bill declared that it was for Caroline and Douglas, for Katie's nephew, and for everyone. Bill claimed that if they did nothing about a known fraud, it made everyone complicit. Katie said Bill was transparent. Either he thought she was stupid, or he just didn't care. "This has nothing to do with Rick or Caroline. You are rescuing her!" Katie yelled, pointing at Brooke. Katie said it always had to do with her sister.

Brooke claimed that wasn't true, and she didn't need rescuing. Brooke just needed to keep her family together; it was all that she had. Katie asked who could better help than Brooke's knight in shining armor. Katie told Bill that he'd put her life, the drinking and depression, under a microscope, and it all got filtered through Brooke.

Katie had tried to cope with it, but when she'd asked Bill to keep her confidence, he hadn't been able to do it because Brooke had needed something. "And you can't wait to give it to her," Katie concluded. Brooke had taken priority over everything that Katie and Bill shared, and "that" was how Bill had hurt Katie the most.

Secrets have nasty consequences

Secrets have nasty consequences

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

by Pam

At Bill and Katie's, Bill, Katie, and Brooke discussed that Bill had told Brooke that Douglas was Thomas' son after Bill had promised Katie that he would never tell anyone. Katie angrily accused Bill of lying to her again. "You looked me in the face and promised me," Katie said.

Bill replied that Rick was leaving Forrester and Los Angeles because of Ridge. Bill had felt he'd had to tell Brooke. Katie shook her head. "You betrayed me because of Brooke," she said. Brooke remained quiet.

Katie announced that Brooke was clearly Bill's priority. "Please don't blame Bill," Brooke said. Katie told her to be quiet. Bill maintained that he was devoted to Katie, but Katie disagreed. She reminded Bill how sensitive she was to his relationship with Brooke. She lamented that she had been a fool to believe him.

"You're more committed to her than me. Why did you marry me?" Katie asked. She wondered if he was afraid she'd drop dead. Bill demanded that she stop, and he maintained that she was overreacting. Katie reminded him that he had promised her he would keep his mouth shut, but he was more loyal to Brooke.

Bill ranted that Ridge was trying to control everyone by pretending that he was Douglas' father rather than Thomas. Katie wondered why Bill would want to hurt his niece. Bill spouted off that Ridge was controlling her. Katie scoffed that Caroline knew exactly what she was doing. She accused Bill of manipulating the situation to help Rick. "Why did I trust you?" Katie ranted.

Katie announced that she was tired of fighting. "I'm done. I'm done fighting. I want you to go and be with her. You want her. You never stopped, so just do it. Get it over with," she said.

Katie added that Bill had her permission to walk away. Bill tried to embrace Katie, but she pulled away. He said that he intended to spend the rest of his life with his family. Bill wanted to go to the Forresters and straighten things out. Katie refused. She had betrayed everyone, and she couldn't face them.

Bill promised he would take care of it. Bill said he was uncomfortable leaving her alone. "Just go. I'm fine. I'm always fine," Katie mumbled. Bill and Brooke left to go to Ridge's. Katie sat alone and recalled Ridge's plea that his secret remain safe with Katie. "I can trust you, right?" Ridge had asked. Katie opened the liquor cabinet and grabbed a bottle of booze.

At Ridge's, Thomas conveyed to Ridge and Caroline that he was worried they had trusted Katie. Ridge said they had to believe that she would keep her word. Thomas wanted a backup plan in case she told Bill. Ridge promised to take care of it.

Ridge, Caroline, and Thomas all agreed to one day tell Douglas the truth. Thomas and Caroline worried that Katie would tell Bill. Ridge reminded Caroline that she and Douglas were the most important things in his life. Ridge hugged Caroline and promised that Douglas' paternity would remain a secret.

Someone knocked on the door, and Bill and Brooke entered. Ridge wondered why Bill had just walked into the house. Bill ranted that he had been worried about Caroline. He let everyone know that he was aware of the charade. "Your old man is lying," Bill said to Thomas. Bill added that he had found out that Thomas was Douglas' father, not Ridge.

Bill announced that Katie had told him. Bill didn't want Ridge manipulating his niece's life. Soon, he said, everyone would know. "The whole freaking world," he said. Caroline was angry and hurt. "Please, Uncle Bill, don't," she begged.

Ridge related that Douglas was the result of a night that never should have happened between Caroline and Thomas, a night that had involved booze, pills, and misunderstandings. Ridge said that Douglas had two parents who loved him, and that was all that mattered. He suggested that Bill let it go.

At Liam's, Liam and Steffy discussed that Quinn had hurt them both. Liam announced that he loved Steffy, and nothing would change that. "I'm not going to lose you again," he said. Steffy said he had put her in an impossible spot. "Because you still love me," he said. Steffy said they were in very different places.

Liam reiterated that the second he had regained his memory, he had returned to her. He knew that she had to respect her vows. "We were robbed," Liam announced. Steffy got close to Liam, but she backed away and said it was late, and she had to return home. Liam wanted her to be careful with a mother-in-law like Quinn. Liam hugged Steffy, and she left. She stood outside his door and looked worried. Later, Liam looked at an old photo of Steffy and recalled romantic times they'd had together.

At Wyatt and Steffy's, Wyatt heard the door open and thought it was Steffy, but Quinn stood in the doorway. She said she knew that he was disillusioned with her, but she was still his mother, and she loved him. She wondered what she could do to get back into his life. Wyatt said he didn't know. He added that he was glad she wasn't in prison. "Thanks to Liam," she said.

Wyatt reminded Quinn that Liam did not love her. Liam had let her go because he hadn't had a case. He warned her that she had no future with Liam. "Because Steffy is the love of his life," Quinn blurted out. She worried that Steffy would leave Wyatt and return to Liam.

Wyatt told Quinn to stop making him paranoid. Quinn started to talk about Liam, but Steffy entered and overheard her. "Liam wants nothing to do with you," Steffy shouted. She added that she didn't want Quinn in her home. "Not near me or my home. You're not welcome here," she said.

Quinn hoped that Steffy would get past those feelings because Steffy and Wyatt were the only family she had. She hoped they wouldn't cut her out and would one day have children of their own. Steffy ordered her out of the house. Quinn left. She turned and looked angrily at Steffy and Wyatt through the door.

None of your business

None of your business

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

by Pam

At Ridge's, Thomas, Caroline, Ridge, Bill, and Brooke bickered about Douglas' paternity. Bill ranted that it was unfair to everyone that Ridge had decided to lie that he was the father. Bill claimed that Ridge had manipulated everyone, but Caroline insisted that it was what was best for Douglas.

Caroline begged Bill to understand. She loved that he was concerned about her, but she wanted him not to worry. Bill maintained that keeping a secret wasn't healthy for a family. Caroline countered that it was not Bill or Brooke's decision to make. It was hers. She was Douglas' mother. "Ridge and I are his parents. It's none of your business," she said.

Bill countered that he had two sons that he had never met until they were adults. He said his family had suffered because of secrets. Brooke chimed in that Rick was going to leave the company because of Ridge. She stated how important it was to be around family. Caroline refused to allow Bill to destroy her family. "You cannot say anything," she said. Bill insisted she didn't know what she was doing. "I do. I do," she argued. Thomas agreed.

Bill was silent then he announced that it was against his better judgment, but he agreed to remain quiet. Brooke demanded that Ridge show Rick some respect. Ridge agreed he would, and Brooke offered that she would help his son if Ridge would help hers. They agreed, and Caroline demanded that Bill would also remain quiet. He agreed. Thomas approved. Caroline and Ridge hugged and kissed.

At Wyatt's, Steffy and Wyatt discussed that Steffy wanted nothing to do with his mother. She begged Wyatt to be honest and agree that his mom was dangerous. Steffy claimed that Quinn belonged in jail. Wyatt argued that he was relieved she was not in jail. He agreed he was sick about what she had done to Liam, but she was his mother. He did not want to see her in jail.

Steffy announced that she didn't want Quinn anywhere near them. Steffy demanded Wyatt's support. Steffy begged Wyatt to understand and remember that he had vowed he would put her before anyone. Wyatt agreed, but he added that his mother had not behaved like a stalker after her most recent problems. Steffy understood, but she worried that Quinn was unstable.

Steffy stated that Quinn had been at Liam's and had acted like she still wanted to get together with Liam. Wyatt wondered why Steffy had been with Liam. Steffy admitted that she had been worried about Liam. Wyatt was worried too. "He will get over it," Wyatt said. Steffy agreed. "He won't be alone," she said, and she cuddled with Wyatt.

At Deacon's, Quinn entered and ranted about Steffy and Liam. Quinn admitted that it was over with Liam. "Over but never really started. A love affair that took place in your head," Deacon said. Quinn admitted that both Liam and Steffy were mad at her. Quinn announced that she would not allow Liam to interfere in Steffy's marriage to Wyatt, but she was also angry with Steffy. "Nobody comes between me and my son," she said. Deacon defended Steffy.

Quinn countered that she had taken care of Liam, nursed him back to health, and loved him. She had been willing to run away with him. "Now, I just want to..." Quinn started but then stopped. "Want to what?" Deacon asked. Quinn shook her head. Deacon acknowledged that she had a right to be frustrated. She admitted that men had let her down before.

Deacon reminded Quinn that he had never let her down. He wanted her to get Liam out of her system. He reminded her that she had gotten a break on the kidnapping charge. He didn't want her to blow it. She was obsessed and said that as long as Liam lived and breathed, he was a threat to her son's marriage. Deacon worried, and Quinn went out for a walk.

At Liam's, Liam sat and read on his tablet. He paused and flashed back to his discussion with Steffy in which he'd said that he was worried about Quinn making trouble. "Don't let her make any more trouble for you," Liam had said. He looked at pictures of Steffy. He flashed back to time they had spent together. He remembered an incident earlier in the day when he had told Quinn to get out of his house. "If you ever come through that door again..." he had said to Quinn. He had stopped and glared at Quinn.

Liam rubbed his eyes and decided to go to bed. He turned off the lights and looked at a picture of Steffy on his bedside table. He flashed back to their weddings and to romantic times with her. He remembered running into Steffy's arms after he had returned from his encounter with Quinn.

In the living room at Liam's house, a flashlight shone into the room. An intruder opened the patio doors and entered the house.

At Katie's, Katie pulled out a glass and a bottle of booze. She didn't pour anything into the glass. She opened the bottle and deeply inhaled the fumes. After a while, she poured a drink. She flashed back to her encounter with Bill when she had told him that she was tired of him chasing after Brooke. She had wanted to end it. She had wanted him to get out. Katie sat and stared at the glass of liquor.

At Brooke's, Bill and Brooke stopped to discuss what to do about Katie. Bill admitted that he could no longer put up with Katie. He was tired of her drinking and mood swings. Brooke agreed Katie had overreacted to the news about Ridge. Bill noted that Katie had been right about one thing: Bill cared about Brooke. Brooke told him to stop.

Bill announced that he still loved Brooke. He added that they weren't doing Katie any favors by lying to her. "This is my sister," Brooke said. Bill maintained that he was madly in love with her. Bill and Brooke kissed passionately.

Bill decides that he belongs to Brooke

Bill decides that he belongs to Brooke

Thursday, June 9, 2016

At the beach house, Wyatt discussed takeout options, but Steffy was preoccupied with thoughts of Liam and a dangerous Quinn. Steffy ranted about Quinn and how she kept getting away with things.

Wyatt agreed, but he didn't want Steffy to lose sight of the fact that they'd gotten married because they loved each other, not because of Quinn's machinations. Quinn was his mother, but they needed to make sure she didn't affect what they had. Steffy decided that Quinn had to stay away from them and their family, including Liam.

Wyatt ordered their food, and Steffy thanked him for the support. She felt glad to have him. Wyatt figured there was no right or wrong way to deal with it, but at least Steffy was being open with him. It was all he could ask, and it would help them work through it as a couple. Steffy was awed at how secure Wyatt was. She said a lot of guys couldn't handle her talk of Liam or Wyatt's mother.

Wyatt said he'd made vows to Steffy that he intended to keep, and he was confident in what they had together. Steffy said they had each other, but Liam didn't have anyone and was unprotected. Disagreeing, Wyatt stated that Liam had his family, and Wyatt and Steffy hadn't abandoned Liam.

Steffy knew Liam and said he wouldn't reach out for help. Liam liked to deal with things on his own, and Steffy felt uneasy about Quinn showing up again at Liam's house. Wyatt conveyed that Quinn knew how lucky she was to evade charges and wouldn't go back over there. Steffy hoped not, but she just had a strange vibe that something might happen to Liam.

Steffy felt bad to be talking about Liam all night, but Wyatt said he understood that she was worried. Wyatt thought Liam was tougher than they realized, and Liam would figure out a way to move on. Wyatt was sure Liam would find the kind of happiness Steffy and Wyatt had.

Wyatt loved what he and Steffy had and the way they got each other. He wanted to share it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. He recalled what they'd said at their wedding. They flashed back to Rydale marrying them on the beach. Steffy grinned, and Wyatt said he'd always be honest and put her first. He'd meant it when he'd taken vows, and he meant it more than ever. They kissed.

At the cliff house, Liam slept in bed. A dark figure crept in through the sliding door in the kitchen. The person had a flashlight but still bumped into a piece of furniture.

The noise roused Liam from his sleep. As the person wandered around the house, Liam armed himself with a golf club. Liam swung, and the person fell to the ground. Liam unmasked the person and asked the person who he was. In response, Reverend Rydale asked Liam not to hurt him.

Rydale said that he was sorry, and he hadn't thought anyone was home. Liam asked if that meant the man dressed in black should break in. Rydale claimed that the door had been unlocked. Liam asked if someone had put the man up to it. Rydale claimed to be a one-man band, and he didn't want to hurt anyone. He'd hit hard times and asked if Liam could spare some cash.

Liam could not believe the burglar had just asked him such a question. Rydale apologized and tried to leave, but Liam brandished the golf club and said the man wasn't going anywhere. Liam wanted to call the police and press charges. Liam grumbled that he was done being nice.

Rydale implored Liam not to, but when Liam wouldn't acquiesce, Rydale said for Liam to do what he had to do. As Liam called the police, Rydale escaped through the sliding glass doorway.

Liam closed the glass door. "Yes, that Liam Spencer," he said into the phone. He informed the police that the burglar had just left by way of the beach, and if they caught him, Liam would indeed press charges.

At Katie's house, Katie stared at her scotch and flashed back to telling Bill to just get it over with and be with Brooke. Katie tried to take a drink, but she stopped and flashed back to herself saying she didn't have a desire to drink. Katie recalled overhearing Brooke profess her love to Bill and flashed back on her downward drinking spiral. She sobbed, imagining Brooke and Bill kissing in bed.

Katie flashed back on accusing Brooke of being in love with Bill. Katie gripped the liquor bottle.

In Katie's pool house, Bill told Brooke that Katie had said for him to be with Brooke. Brooke reasoned that Katie had just been upset and hadn't meant it. He claimed that he'd tried and couldn't fight it anymore. Katie was incredible to him in many ways, but Brooke was the one. He wouldn't pretend anymore. He wanted Brooke, and he knew she wanted it, too.

Brooke and Bill kissed, and Bill slung Brooke down on the bed in the middle of the room. He kissed her and told her that there was no woman like her. He couldn't continue forcing himself to put his feelings aside. He needed Brooke, and he needed "this." They continued to passionately kiss.

"What are we doing?" Brooke asked as they sat up on the bed. Bill said Katie had known it would happen, and it had to happen because denying themselves for Katie hadn't done them any good. Bill declared that it was his and Brooke's time. Brooke said they couldn't, and Katie was her sister.

Bill realized that, but he believed he should have never let Brooke go. He never would again. From that moment forward, he was Brooke's. He kissed Brooke and said they'd tell Katie first. He stated that they'd be honest, and Katie would be free. "We start our life tonight," he said.

Back in Katie's living room, Katie was sitting and staring at the scotch when Bill and Brooke entered through the front door. Katie snapped out of her thoughts and asked how things had gone. Bill said he'd confronted Ridge, Caroline, and Thomas, who'd then become aware that "we" knew about Thomas and Douglas. Katie said Ridge had to also know that Katie had told Bill.

Bill didn't want to discuss that right then. He wanted to talk about what Katie had said earlier. He believed that Katie had been right about many things. He loved Katie, and he'd been worried about her for a while -- "we" both had been. What was most important to him and Brooke was that Katie be happy, not living a life of anxiety. Katie agreed. Bill said it was why they had to stop the cycle.

Katie nodded in tearful resignation. Brooke stated that she and Bill both loved Katie, and Katie had to know it. Bill said he'd let Katie down. He'd tried everything, and they'd struggled for years. He recalled that Katie had said she was tired. "I'm tired, too," he uttered.

Bill said that things sometimes got to a point where one couldn't take it anymore. "I failed you. I'm sorry," he said with tears in his eyes, "I am so sorry..."

Katie apologzies to Brooke and Bill -- again

Katie apologzies to Brooke and Bill -- again

Friday, June 10, 2016

At Katie's house, Bill said it didn't matter how limited his contact with Brooke was -- Katie always crashed. He asked how they could let it go on. Going to the liquor bottle, she said she liked to play a game with the bottle, but she mostly lost at it. Her therapist had told her to ride the wave, and the craving would pass. Katie felt as if she was in the undertow most of the time.

Katie stated that it was different that night because she hadn't had a drink. Katie said that "this night," she'd wanted to feel, without anesthetic, how it felt to be betrayed by Bill.

Bill asked how he'd betrayed Katie. "I can't have this conversation," Brooke decided. Katie quipped that Brooke was suddenly delicate. Katie said the betrayal was about Ridge, who she'd been close to once and who'd confided in her. Bill asked if she'd really pried the information out of Ridge.

Deciding to be honest, Katie admitted that she had. She said there had been a distance between her and Bill, and she'd wanted a connection with a man. She believed it was foolish to pretend that her and Bill's relationship could return to what it had been before. It was changed because Brooke and Bill loved each other. Katie stated that they always would, and she had to accept it for her own sanity.

Bill replied that he thought it was best. Katie conveyed that she did accept it. She understood it and could live with it because she loved them, too. Bill was confused. Katie declared that "this chapter" of their lives was over. She grabbed the liquor and marched into the kitchen.

Brooke and Bill followed Katie, who had strode to the sink to pour out the alcohol. She asked if Bill minded. He just watched her without response. She said she'd stared at the bottle, but that time, it had stared back at her. She'd realized she'd been engaged in a betrayal of her own. She admitted that she had been about to take a drink and throw away everything that mattered to her.

Growing tearful, Katie said it had been hard for her, but Bill was right about her overreacting. She felt that she'd been punishing him for things he hadn't done and saying things to him that she hadn't meant. She knew Brooke and Bill loved her and wanted her to succeed. Katie wanted to live up to their desires. Katie knew she hadn't been easy to live with, and she was sorry. She was grateful that Bill hadn't given up on her, and she said to never doubt that nothing meant more to her than their family.

Katie was also embarrassed about the things she'd said to Brooke. She hoped Brooke could forgive her because she loved Brooke so much. Brooke didn't say anything. Giggling, Katie decided, "So that's it." It was all she'd wanted to say.

Katie left to check on Will. Brooke uttered to Bill that Katie meant it. "She always means it," Bill replied. He said it would be nice if he could believe Katie. Brooke replied that he'd seen Katie pour out the bottle and asked what he needed Katie to say. Bill asserted that there were no magic words. "Even if she's telling you you can have back the life you always wanted?" Brooke asked.

Bill declared that the life he wanted was with Brooke. Brooke stated that everything had changed due to Katie's epiphany. "Everything changes every day, Brooke!" he declared in a loud whisper. He slipped over to the door to make sure Katie wasn't eavesdropping. He stated that how Katie felt about him, her drinking, his drinking, the marriage, Brooke, and a thousand other things changed all the time, and he never knew what he'd walk in on.

Brooke believed it was different that time. Bill contended that the only different thing was that Katie finally acknowledged Bill and Brooke's love for each other and that she had to accept it. He believed Katie had finally made the connection to how miserable it made her feel.

Bill didn't know if Katie would remember it the next day or change the meaning of her words. He didn't know where he'd wind up on the spectrum of love and hate. "No, no. I don't want to wake up to that anymore. I want to wake up to you," Bill decided. Bill insisted upon having the conversation with Katie about it that night.

Outside, day was breaking, and Brooke said she was leaving. Bill warned that Brooke could walk out that door, but he'd be at her house in an hour. Brooke said he wouldn't, but he added that he'd tell Katie everything. He asked how he couldn't after what he and Brooke had just shared. Brooke said that Katie had turned a corner, which was what Bill had wanted for a long time, and Katie had made peace with the face that Brooke and Bill had feelings for each other that weren't going away.

Bill asserted that it didn't matter because he'd realized that the only peace he'd have was with Brooke. Brooke said that she and Bill could still be in each other's lives -- just not like earlier that night. Bill insisted that he was leaving Katie, but Brooke said he wouldn't.

Katie returned with bottle of liquor, some hers and some Bill's. She hoped he didn't mind. She was just glad to be done with it. Bill hoped Katie knew that every broken thing couldn't be mended. "Nothing is broken," Brooke interjected, smiling. Brooke said the three of them were there, loving and connecting as they always had.

Katie stated that Bill was right. Katie hadn't been the mother and wife that she wanted to be. She knew they couldn't go back, but they could be better than they had been. She recalled that they'd said in their wedding vows that they wouldn't make promises to each other because promises were too easily broken. Katie said she wouldn't promise; she'd give him proof because she loved him.

Katie loved Brooke, too. She apologized for saying ugly things to Brooke. Katie wanted to take them back, but it wasn't always possible to do. "So I'll let you if you let me," Katie said. Katie appreciated how loyal Brooke had been through Katie's ranting and raving. Katie didn't want to squander the loyalty because Brooke meant so much to her.

Katie hugged Brooke, and Brooke stared at Bill.

At the cliff house, Lieutenant Baker was on his phone, relaying Liam's description of the burglar. After the call, Baker asked if it had been a total stranger. Liam pondered if the burglar had known that Liam was a Spencer. "I've gotta warn my brother," Liam decided.

Baker asked if it could have had to do with Quinn, but Liam remarked that Quinn liked to do her own dirty work. Baker received a message that his men had a suspect in custody.

At the beach house, Steffy and Wyatt looked over their wedding photos, and Steffy pouted about not having a photographer. Most of the pictures Caroline had taken for them had been selfies of Caroline. Wyatt offered to take some pictures of Steffy for his personal pleasure. Steffy laughed, but she stopped suddenly because she had a nagging feeling that someone needed her.

Talk turned to where Wyatt had found their minister. He murmured that it had been on the Internet. She couldn't believe he'd found a "random reverend." Wyatt claimed the man had had three and a half star reviews and had been available on short notice.

Steffy got a call. It was Liam, and she put it on speaker phone. Liam wanted to know if she and Wyatt were okay and relayed that there had been a break-in at the cliff house. Liam was on his way to the police station to identify a guy the police had picked up. Wyatt decided to meet Liam at the station. Liam said it wasn't necessary, but Wyatt insisted.

Wyatt left, and Steffy looked around her empty house. She scrolled through her phone's gallery pictures of Liam and flashed back to seeing him again on the beach after his long absence.

At the police station, Wyatt and Liam sat down with lt. Baker, who asked if the perpetrator had carried a weapon. Liam didn't think so. Observing Liam's oddly calm behavior, Wyatt stated that his brother was obviously in shock.

Baker left to organize the lineup, and Wyatt asked if Liam could identify the person. Liam hoped so because he didn't want to go through "that" again. In a sharp tone, Wyatt said Liam couldn't let a predator walk, and the guy would do more time if Liam said there had been a weapon. Liam chuckled that he thought the burglar had just been embarrassed.

Wyatt told Liam that some people didn't deserve Liam's sympathy. "Okay..." Liam responded. Wyatt asked if the man had hurt or attacked Liam. Liam said it hadn't happened, but Wyatt wanted Liam to see a doctor anyway. Liam gleaned from Wyatt's attitude that Wyatt was ticked off because Liam had called Steffy. Wyatt claimed that he wasn't. He said they were family, and he was there for Liam.

Lt. Baker returned to start the lineup. Liam and Wyatt watched through a viewing window as the suspects lined up. Baker asked each one to step forward and turn left and then right. After the last person did it, Baker asked Liam if he'd seen the burglar. Liam identified suspect number two.

Lt. Baker led Reverend Rydale into the interrogation room where Liam and Wyatt waited. Wyatt squinted and flashed back to his wedding. Liam asked why Rydale had picked his house. Rydale said it had been a bad decision all the way around. "Hello, Wyatt," he added.

"Oh, my God. It is you," Wyatt replied. Wyatt revealed that Rydale had been the minister at Wyatt and Steffy's wedding.

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