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Bill insisted upon either seeing Brooke in secret or divorcing Katie to be with Brooke. Liam happened upon a secret bedroom in Bill's office and found an earring on the bed. Nicole asked Zende to decline a photography job that centered on Sasha as the new lingerie model.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 13, 2016 on B&B
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Wyatt seeks validation of his marriag Wyatt seeks validation of his marriag

Monday, June 13, 2016

At the police station, Liam was surprised to hear that his burglar had been Wyatt and Steffy's wedding officiant. Rydale found it interesting that one could keep running into the same people in Los Angeles. Liam called Bill, who was eating in his kitchen. Bill immediately assumed there was Quinn trouble. Liam said he was at the police station, identifying a burglar. Bill replied that he was on his way.

When Liam told everyone that Bill was on the way, Rydale remarked that he liked Mr. Spencer, who'd spoken eloquently at the wedding. Wyatt guessed he should have done better research. He couldn't believe his "reverend" had broken into his brother's house to rob him blind.

Rydale said he would have only taken what he could carry. He'd hit upon hard times, but he wasn't greedy. Wyatt yelled at Rydale because Wyatt and Steffy had trusted him with their future. Rydale said he was honored, and the wedding had been beautiful.

As Lieutenant Baker ate a hot dog, Rydale peered over his shoulder and said it smelled good. Rydale tried to take a bag with Baker's other hot dog in it, but Baker locked his hand on Rydale's wrist and said that if Rydale wanted Baker to stay in a good mood, he'd back up off Baker's hot dog.

Bill arrived, and Liam quickly explained how he'd caught the burglar. Bill asked why the culprit looked familiar, and Wyatt said that it was Reverend Rydale, who'd officiated at Wyatt's wedding.

Once Rydale's booking paperwork got completed and Baker handcuffed Rydale, Rydale apologized to Liam for waking him up and said he hadn't thought Liam would miss a few bucks. Wyatt said he needed reassurance that Rydale had filed Steffy and Wyatt's papers in his "legal" capacity as a minister. Rydale said not to worry. "I got you, bro," Rydale added, and he and Baker left.

Liam sent a message to Steffy to meet him at his house about something urgent. Wyatt eyed Liam suspiciously. Baker returned to make sure Liam was still pressing charges. Bill asserted that Liam would; however, if Liam didn't, Bill definitely would because it was Bill's house. Liam affirmed that he'd press charges, and he rushed out, saying he had to take care of something.

Alone in the interrogation room later, Bill and Wyatt discussed whether Wyatt should worry about his marriage paperwork being filed or his marriage being legal. Not a fan of inaction, Bill got on the phone with his "girl Emmy" at the clerk's office.

Later, Wyatt and Bill met Emmy at the clerk's office. She said she wouldn't have returned to work for anyone but Mr. Spencer. Bill replied that she knew she could call him Bill. Emmy invited him to go to her house to binge-watch a television show. Bill asked if she'd take a rain cheek because he had his hands full with an issue.

Wyatt explained that he was fastidious and wanted to make sure his marriage paperwork had been filed. Bill added that they wanted to ensure that the paperwork was nice and legal.

Emmy left for the file room. "That's my girl Emmy," Bill told Wyatt. Bill said that before they left the building, they'd know where Wyatt stood. Wyatt wondered if he really wanted to know.

Wyatt reasoned that if the marriage wasn't valid, he would lose Steffy. Bill didn't believe that had to be the case. Bill stated that the couple had a solid relationship. Wyatt claimed it was the best he'd ever had, and he was a better match for Steffy than Liam was.

Wyatt was sure Liam would try to take advantage of the situation. "I know I would," Wyatt added. Bill stated that Steffy had chosen to marry Wyatt. Wyatt replied that she'd choose it again if she had to because they'd become a permanent family.

Emmy returned with a folder in hand. Wyatt grew anxious. He asked if the folder was it. He said he needed to know if his marriage was valid or not.

At the beach house, Thomas arrived to visit Steffy. Steffy asked how things were at the mansion. "Interesting," he replied. He'd been eating out a lot and having a tough time at the house. It wasn't anything he wanted to talk about at the moment. He said he wasn't there to talk about himself. He wanted to how she was and how things were in her marriage.

Steffy claimed that marriage was all she'd expected and more. Thomas wondered if she believed herself and noted that things had changed since she'd gotten married. She replied that nothing had changed between her and Wyatt. Thomas clarified that Liam was back, and he asked if she'd deny that she and Liam had something special.

Later, Thomas was saying that the police had at least caught the guy, and it seemed that Liam couldn't catch a break. Steffy tended the fire in the fireplace, and Thomas stated that he wasn't trying to force her to talk, but she shouldn't keep things bottled up. He said that she knew she could talk to him about anything, and he wouldn't judge her.

Thomas stated that Steffy wanted to honor her marriage, but as it had turned out, Liam hadn't been taken and was fighting to get his life back. Steffy replied that she and Liam could never "be" again because of Quinn. Steffy wished she'd been smarter about Quinn. Steffy relayed that Wyatt believed goodness would beat insanity; however, Steffy had given Quinn a chance, and "look what happened."

Steffy claimed that if she could change one thing about her marriage, it would be Quinn. Thomas pointed out that if it hadn't been for Quinn keeping Liam away, Steffy would be Liam's wife, not Wyatt's. She relayed that she loved Liam, but she hadn't just stood on a beach and said a bunch of words, either. She took her vows seriously.

Steffy received a message from Liam and messaged him back that she'd be on her way to his house. She grabbed her keys and said she'd be right back if Thomas wanted to wait. Thomas decided to go home. She asked how Douglas was, and Thomas said the little boy had rocked his world. She felt that Douglas was lucky to have Thomas as a brother. Thomas agreed.

Thomas guessed that the message Steffy had gotten earlier had been from Liam. Steffy said Liam needed to meet her urgently. Thomas had one more question for her. He knew that Steffy was grateful to Wyatt for being there in her time of need, but Thomas wondered if it translated to love. Steffy said to trust her; she wouldn't have married Wyatt if she didn't love him.

When Steffy arrived at the cliff house later, Liam said that she needed to sit down because, if he was right about what he thought, it could change everything for them, and Steffy would be free to be with him again. Steffy replied that she should hear what it was about. He revealed that the guy who'd broken into his house had been the same guy who'd married her to Wyatt.

Chuckling, Liam explained how congenial Rydale had been with Wyatt at the police station. Liam asked where Wyatt had found the guy. Steffy relayed that it had been from the Internet, and she asked if it meant her marriage wasn't legal. Liam didn't think it was. He had a feeling that things would finally turn around for them after having terrible luck and facing obstacle after obstacle.

Steffy had a worried look on her face as Liam went on about how they were meant to be. To him, it didn't matter what or who got in their way. Liam was sure that if Quinn hadn't taken him, then he and Steffy would have "resolved whatever issue you said we were having at the time."

Liam didn't believe there was "a chance in hell" that Steffy would have married Wyatt, and he said Steffy knew it was true. Liam stated that if Rydale turned out to be more than just a minister with criminal tendencies, then it would give Steffy an out to return to Liam.

Steffy stared in tearful disbelief. Liam knew she had feelings for Wyatt, but Liam was sure they didn't compare to her feelings for Liam. Steffy replied that they didn't know yet. Liam exclaimed that he just knew it. He didn't believe they'd gotten that far only for her to wind up married to his brother. Steffy looked distraught. Liam stated that the marriage couldn't be legal.

Bill gives Liam an ultimatum

Bill gives Liam an ultimatum

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

by Pam

At the clerk's office, Emmy, the clerk, found the legal paperwork that Reverend Rydell had handled for Wyatt and Steffy's marriage. Emmy pulled out the forms and asked if the signature on it was Wyatt's. He agreed it was, and he recognized Steffy's signature.

Emmy said Rydell had taken care of the filing. She added that Rydell had been licensed and ordained for over ten years. "According to the state of California, you're a married man," Emmy said. Bill said he could always count on "my girl Emmy." He kissed her on the cheek. Wyatt was happy to hear his marriage was legally valid.

Thomas and Caroline discussed their unusual family, but Caroline knew something else was wrong with Thomas. He explained that he was worried about Steffy because he knew that she cared about Wyatt, but he wondered if she would turn her back on Liam.

Caroline agreed that Steffy would not forget about Liam because she loved him. They also discussed that keeping Douglas' paternity a secret was difficult for Thomas. Caroline appreciated that Thomas was willing to put Douglas' needs ahead of his own.

Thomas acknowledged that was what parents did. Caroline agreed. "We're all in this together," Caroline stated. Thomas added that they had created Douglas. "We created him. Not you and Dad. We did," Thomas said. She sat down next to him. Thomas said he wanted to see Douglas sleeping. Caroline agreed, but she said if Thomas awakened Douglas, he would have to take care of the child. Thomas smiled and said he would see Douglas in the morning.

At Liam's, Liam and Steffy discussed that the issue with Reverend Rydell's criminal record might affect his ability to legally perform marriages. Liam felt it was karma. Liam couldn't wait to see the look on Quinn's face when she realized that she had kidnapped him and manipulated Steffy for nothing.

Steffy looked distant. "You would leave Wyatt, wouldn't you? I need to hear you stay that," Liam said. Steffy said she had a lot to think about. Liam noted that she had an out if she wanted it. Steffy said she had taken vows, and she said a piece of paper wasn't necessary. She added that her tattoo meant something to her as a symbol of marriage and commitment.

Steffy admitted that she was confused. Liam said she could get the tattoo removed. He handed her a seashell and asked her to keep it in her purse or pocket. He wanted her to allow it to remind her of him and their time together.

"This shell is a reminder of how I'll always get back to you," he said. She wrapped her hand around it, and he encouraged her to remember their conversation. "I believe we'll be together again," Liam said. They hugged, and Bill entered. He was not pleased to see them in an embrace.

"Am I interrupting?" Bill asked. He shared that he had been at the city clerk's office with Wyatt and had discovered that Steffy and Wyatt's marriage was valid. Bill added that the minister was in jail, but he was a better minister than a burglar. Bill ordered Steffy to return to her husband, and Steffy left.

After Steffy was gone, Bill ranted at Liam. "That is your brother's wife," he said. Liam objected, and Bill said he understood that it was Quinn's fault, but he demanded that Liam respect his brother's marriage. Liam angrily reminded his father that he had always been supportive of Steffy and Liam's relationship. Liam wondered why Bill had changed. Bill explained that it was unfair that Steffy had married Wyatt, but it was over.

Bill ordered Liam to stop playing the victim of Quinn. Bill agreed Quinn had stolen Liam's life. "And I hate her for it, but she didn't hold a gun to Steffy's head," Bill said. He noted that Steffy and Wyatt had fallen for each other. Bill added that Steffy and Liam had had their chances and had never made it work.

Liam argued that Bill didn't understand, but Bill shouted that Liam had to man up because he couldn't change the past. He needed to move forward. Liam angrily said that Bill was treating him like a teenager. Bill said Liam was acting like one.

Liam snickered and asked if Bill was going to ground him. Bill answered that he would not allow Liam and Wyatt to destroy the family. Bill ordered Liam to stop pursuing Steffy. He warned that if Liam didn't stop, Bill would toss him out of the company and disenfranchise him from the family.

Liam responded that Bill was a cold "SOB like your father." Bill disagreed.

Bill said he had always been supportive of Liam, something his father had never done. Liam couldn't believe his father would ban him from the family. Bill said Liam needed to move on. Liam refused. He shouted that it was wrong, and he would not accept it. He added that Steffy would always love him more than she loved Wyatt.

At Wyatt's, Wyatt entered his house, looking for Steffy, but she was not there. When she showed up, they had wine, and she asked if it had been a bad day at the police station. Wyatt explained everything, and Steffy said it sounded like Rydell was a modern day Robin Hood. Wyatt had worried that their marriage was illegal, but it was valid. Steffy and Wyatt embraced, but Steffy looked distant.

Bill preaches family unity

Bill preaches family unity

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

by Pam

At Forrester, Sasha met with Ridge, and she was pleasantly surprised that Ridge was going to keep her as a model. Ridge announced that he wanted to promote her to a bigger stage. Sasha wondered what he meant, and Ridge explained that it included more photo shoots, more ad campaigns, and more hours. Sasha excitedly agreed. "Yes. Absolutely!" she said.

Ridge added that she would be working closely with Zende, and Ridge wanted to make sure it wouldn't be a problem. Sasha said it would be fine. Ridge handed her a wardrobe of lingerie. He said that she would be working on that line. "Unless you are uncomfortable," he said. Sasha said she would be fine. Ridge escorted her to meet with Zende.

In the studio at Forrester, Zende and Nicole cuddled, and Zende thanked her for delivering his favorite cinnamon rolls. He teased that he should be buying her gifts for making up with him. She agreed, and they laughed. Zende was relieved that they had been given a second chance, something a lot of couples never get. He thanked her for making him so happy.

Zende wondered how things were going at Brooke's house with everyone under one roof. Nicole admitted that it was tense. Her family had started to heal, but Rick and Maya were thinking about relocating. She wanted her sister to stay in town. Zende noted that her parents had worked hard to rebuild their relationship. Nicole added that her parents had healed, but she would never trust Sasha. "It's not possible," she said.

Zende understood. Nicole teased that all the Forresters were charming. Zende laughed. "We are loaded with it," he said. He knew that Rick, Ridge, and his granddad were all charmers, as well, but he said that Nicole was the true charmer because she could get the best out of people. "I'm still amazed at what you did for them," he said of Nicole's surrogacy for Rick and Maya.

Nicole said she would do it again, but she'd wished it hadn't gotten between Zende and her. Zende was glad they had found their way back to each other. They kissed. Ridge entered with Sasha and announced that Sasha would be upping her game as the intimate line model. "It's a dream come true," Nicole exclaimed.

"You and Sasha will be spending a lot of time together. Tell me that's not a problem," Ridge said. Zende thanked Ridge for the opportunity. Nicole asked for a moment alone with Zende. Ridge was unimpressed, and he left. Sasha followed. When Nicole and Zende were alone, Nicole refused to allow Sasha to model lingerie for him. "I need you to tell Ridge 'No,'" Nicole said.

At Spencer, Bill flashed back to making out with Brooke. Katie entered and said that Brooke was watching Will downstairs during their family meeting. Katie suggested that she and Bill should take advantage of the alone time. They kissed. Bill said he needed to have a family meeting.

Steffy and Wyatt entered. Liam followed. Bill announced that he wanted to discuss everything that had happened since Reverend Rydale had been arrested. Liam wondered if Wyatt's marriage was legal, and Wyatt snarked that the city clerk had confirmed it was legal.

Wyatt and Liam started to snipe at each other, and Bill insisted they stop because they needed to work together as Spencers. Bill demanded that Liam would respect Wyatt and Steffy's marriage. Wyatt smirked, and Steffy looked at Liam.

Liam questioned Bill about his orders. Liam wondered why his boss was lecturing him about his private life. Bill insisted that they all needed to get along, and it meant that his two sons would find a way to work together. "Wyatt and Steffy are married, and nothing is going to change that," he said.

Katie encouraged Liam to listen to his father and understand what he was trying to do. She reminded him that Wyatt had saved Liam from Quinn. Wyatt added that he and Steffy would do whatever they had to. "They are married. They made a commitment to each other. We are family, and we have to protect it," Bill said. Katie chimed in that she and Bill had experienced ups and downs in their marriage, but love, loyalty, and family commitment were important.

Bill ceremoniously asked Liam to wear his sword necklace again. Liam agreed. Brooke interrupted to say that Will was waiting for Katie, and Katie announced that they had been talking about family, love, commitment, and marriage. Katie asked if Brooke wanted to weigh in on the discussion. Brooke declined.

Wyatt promised to find a way to get along. Liam agreed. Wyatt had to leave. Wyatt kissed Steffy and left. Bill said he was counting on Liam. Liam left, followed by Steffy. Katie wondered if Bill felt his family unity discussion would work. Bill said it had better work. "If those three know what's good for them," Bill said.

Katie caressed Bill and said she knew they'd had ups and downs, but she loved him, and she knew he loved her. They embraced, and Bill looked over Katie's shoulder at Brooke. Katie kissed Bill and said she would see him at home.

Bill told Alison to hold his calls. Bill opened a locked door and took Brooke into a room that had been his private gym. "As you can see, I've done a little remodel," Bill said. It was set up with a bed and candles. "No one can find us here, Brooke," he said.

Brooke announced that Katie had recommitted herself to Bill. Brooke refused to pretend that Katie didn't expect Bill to honor his marriage. Bill argued that he loved Brooke. "I need you," Bill said. He and Brooke kissed passionately. He refused to deny their love for each other.

Brooke reminded Bill that he was married and had a son. They needed to respect his marriage. Bill said it felt good to be in her arms. They made out passionately.

In Liam's office, Steffy said that Bill loved Liam and his family. She worried that Liam was unable to move on. "Moving on means moving away from you," Liam said. He added that he couldn't shut off his feelings because Bill had ordered him to do so. Steffy said he had to. "For all of our sakes," she said.

Liam lamented that they had been close to finally getting together. She regretted that Quinn had taken everything from them, but she was going to honor her marriage. Steffy admitted she would never love him any less, but it was time to let go.

"I just can't keep doing this anymore, watching you grasping at hope that something is going to change. It's not," Seffy said. Liam agreed. He said he would try to respect her marriage, but he would never stop loving her.

Brooke and Bill almost get carried away.

Brooke and Bill almost get carried away.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

In Bill's hideaway, Brooke told Bill that they couldn't be there, and it wasn't right. She said he'd just been talking to Katie about family and commitment. Bill claimed that he was committed to his family, but he couldn't live without Brooke. The two kissed.

Bill took his belt off. Brooke said it was crazy, and they couldn't do it. Bill asserted that they were doing it. She reminded him that he'd said hiding their feelings was hurting Katie. Bill stated that denying the feelings was hurting him and Brooke. He loved Brooke and knew she loved him, too.

Brooke said Katie hadn't given up on the marriage, like she'd done in the past. Unbuttoning his shirt, Bill claimed that he wouldn't, either, as long as he could be with Brooke, the woman he loved. He said he couldn't live like that anymore and could only stay with Katie if they kept the secret. He declared that they'd be together "like this," or he would leave Katie.

"No!" Brooke exclaimed. Bill told her not to deny it because it was the only way. He asked her to think of what they'd gone through and their incredible love story. Flashbacks played of their trips around the world. He said it had ended too soon, but they could have it back. Brooke replied that she loved her sister. Bill stated that Brooke was all he thought about, but she told him that they'd made a mistake.

Bill believed that the mistake had been to believe that they could survive without "this." Their other night together had been the most alive they'd felt in years. He said that something within her had awakened, and they couldn't let it slip away again. They didn't know what "tomorrow" held, but together was where they belonged. "This is how we want to feel," he said.

Brooke caressed Bill's face and kissed him. He unzipped her dress, and they eased onto the bed. The two made out, but then Brooke stopped, asking him to just hold her. She confessed that he was right, and she did want it. "But it has to stop," she said.

Bill warned that he'd leave Katie if he had to, but he wasn't going to give Brooke up. Brooke told him that he wasn't leaving Katie or his son, but he asserted that he wasn't leaving Brooke. He'd tried to be supportive and loyal to Katie through her drinking, temper tantrums, and insecurity. Frustrated, he said he'd stay with Katie, and there was no question that he'd be a devoted father. "But you and I..." Bill said. He felt that their feelings were like breathing, and they needed each other.

Brooke relayed that she'd never felt better, but at the same time, she'd never felt worse. Bill kissed her head and held her.

At the beach house, Steffy arrived home and was shocked to find Quinn there, cooking. Quinn wanted to have a sit-down and clear the air. Steffy stated that Quinn wasn't welcome there, and she ordered Quinn out of the house. Quinn wanted to get past the animosity because they were family. Steffy said she was married to Wyatt and didn't have to have a relationship with Quinn.

Quinn took responsibility for what had gone on with Liam, but she asserted that she hadn't made Steffy fall for Wyatt or accept the marriage proposal. Steffy didn't want to hear about how it had all worked out for the best. Steffy believed that she and Wyatt decided who had places in their lives, and in her view, Quinn didn't have one.

Steffy showed Quinn the door, but Quinn insisted that, even though she wasn't Steffy's favorite person, she was Wyatt's mother and had a permanent place in his life. Quinn believed they could find common ground and work it out for Wyatt's sake.

Wyatt arrived at the door, and Steffy asked if he'd known Quinn would be there. Wyatt asked what Quinn had done. "I made lunch," Quinn replied. She said she'd been trying to convince Steffy to rid them of the tension and animosity because family was important to Wyatt. With a cheerful chuckle, she asked him to tell Steffy that he wanted his mother in his life.

Wyatt said that breaking in wasn't the way to fix it. Quinn replied that she'd used her key. Steffy asked for the key back. Quinn replied that she was trying to apologize. Sorry didn't cut it for Steffy. Steffy couldn't deal with it and ordered Wyatt to do something about it.

Wyatt asked Quinn to leave. Quinn exclaimed that she was trying to prove she wasn't the monster that Liam had made her out to be. Steffy yelled that Liam hadn't turned her against Quinn, and Quinn had done it on her own. Quinn didn't know what else to do because Steffy wouldn't listen. She implored Wyatt to help her make Steffy see Quinn's side.

Steffy didn't know how she was supposed to trust Quinn's words. "Wyatt trusts me. Don't you?" Quinn asked, grasping his arm. Steffy said Wyatt had believed that Quinn had been stable, but the whole time, Quinn had been holding Liam hostage. Quinn insisted that she had been happy at that time because she'd fought hard to get Wyatt and Steffy together, where they belonged.

Quinn admired Steffy and was proud to call Steffy daughter-in-law. She implored Steffy to give her a chance. To Wyatt, Steffy said she hated to put him in a bad position, but she didn't want Quinn in their lives -- ever. Quinn asked Wyatt to make Steffy understand.

Wyatt quietly said that Steffy was his wife, and it was her house. He stated that if Steffy didn't want Quinn there, Quinn had to go and not return. Quinn asked him not to let Steffy get between them, but Wyatt shuffled his mother out the door and told her goodbye.

Wyatt closed the door on Quinn. Quinn peered into the window and watched Wyatt and Steffy hug. Steffy's gaze fell on Quinn, and Quinn glared back.

In the photo studio, Nicole was upset about the lingerie line project that Ridge had given Zende and Sasha. Nicole didn't trust Sasha and wanted Zende to pass on the job. Nicole knew that Zende could be professional, but she felt that it was tempting fate to have Sasha modeling lingerie in front of her boyfriend. Zende agreed to turn down the job if it made Nicole uncomfortable.

In Ridge's office, Sasha thanked Ridge for the opportunity. Ridge said he'd been looking for a way to rework the lingerie line, and he finally had a team in place to do it. He instructed her to take some test shots with Zende.

Sasha left, and Zende arrived to say that he couldn't work on the lingerie line. Ridge replied that he'd thought it would be a problem, but Sasha had informed him that she and Nicole had worked things out. Zende stated that it might not be worked out as well as Sasha had hoped. Ridge agreed to hire someone else -- if it was really what Zende wanted.

Back in the studio, Sasha was looking for Zende. Nicole relayed that he was upstairs, turning down the job. Sasha was surprised that Nicole still didn't trust her after agreeing to give her another chance. Nicole conveyed that it had only been a few days, and suddenly Sasha was modeling lingerie for Nicole's boyfriend. Sasha said that the job was Ridge's idea. Nicole hoped Sasha would keep the job but added that Zende wouldn't be the photographer.

Sasha exclaimed that it was a signature campaign, and she and Zende would become household names. She said it was an international job, and it could be Zende's big break. She asked that Nicole not take it away from him because of Sasha. Nicole remarked upon Sasha standing there in a robe and trying to convince Nicole. Sasha was comfortable with her body and said Nicole shouldn't be so uptight.

Sasha explained that the lingerie was beautiful, and she felt beautiful in it. That was the energy Ridge wanted, and she and Zende could deliver it. She asked Nicole not to deny Zende the opportunity.

Ridge and Zende arrived, and Ridge announced that there had been a change in plans. Sasha murmured to Nicole to say that Nicole wouldn't stand in Zende's way. Zende relayed that he'd decided not to take the job, but it wouldn't affect Sasha's job. Ridge added that he'd get another photographer. Sasha stated that, instead of a new photographer, they'd need to find a new model.

Ridge noted that it wasn't the usual reaction when he gave out offers of that kind. Sasha asked if Zende had told Ridge why. Zende replied that he had other priorities in addition to work. Sasha relayed that it wasn't just work for him, and Zende was an artist, just like his parents, Eric, and Ridge.

Sasha believed it was Zende's legacy, and being a print model didn't compare. Zende told Sasha that he was a Forrester, so there would be other opportunities. He urged Sasha to take her shot.

Liam finds a clue about Bill

Liam finds a clue about Bill

Friday, June 17, 2016

At Forrester, Ridge and Steffy discussed Zende's decision to decline the photography job. Ridge likened the situation to the tough choices Steffy had to make because of her marriage and unresolved feelings for Liam. Ridge reasoned that Steffy had married Wyatt because she loved him, so she needed to focus on Wyatt, not Liam or Quinn. Steffy said that Ridge sounded like Bill.

Ridge didn't like sharing anything with Bill, not even an opinion, but Ridge concluded that Bill was correct that Steffy should be loyal to her husband. Steffy replied that Wyatt deserved it. Ridge noted that one didn't get to pick one's parents, and Wyatt had been handed a piece of work. Steffy stated that Quinn had robbed everyone of their integrity and freedom to choose.

Ridge was sure they'd pick up the pieces. Steffy admitted that she had strong feelings for Liam and was upset over what Quinn had put him through. Ridge believed Liam was strong enough to make it through. The question on Ridge's mind was whether Steffy and Wyatt were strong enough.

Ridge was sure Quinn wouldn't defeat Steffy, and Liam would find someone. Steffy bitterly agreed, adding that Liam would make someone very happy. Ridge asked if she was sure she didn't want to be that someone. Steffy said they didn't have to keep talking about it because she loved Wyatt. Ridge remarked that she also loved Liam, and he asked if her marriage was enough for her.

At Spencer, Bill and Brooke canoodled on the bed in his secret lair. Liam was in the corridor with Alison, who told Liam that Bill had given her strict orders not to disturb him. Liam questioned whether Bill was meeting with someone or on the phone. Alison behaved suspiciously as she explained that she just took orders, and she didn't know what Bill was doing. He could be meditating for all she knew.

In the secret lair, Bill said it was how it had to be, and he wanted all of Brooke. Brooke said that they couldn't go there. He was tired of pretending. She replied that if they went there, then he'd be pretending with Katie, and Brooke didn't want that. The two hugged and kissed. They left the room, but unbeknownst to them, one of Brooke's earrings was on the bed.

In the office, Brooke conveyed that she didn't want to keep secrets from her sister. Bill wanted her to trust that they'd tell Katie when the time was right and when they knew Katie could handle it. He insisted that they couldn't ignore it any longer. As they kissed, Alison buzzed the phone.

Irritated, Bill answered and reminded Alison that he'd asked not to be disturbed. Alison explained that Liam was there. After Bill had ascertained that Liam was outside the door, Bill asked Alison to give him a few moments.

Bill ended the call, and Brooke grew upset and anxious, citing that it was what she meant about secrets. He calmed her down and instructed her to leave through the bedroom lair's other door. Brooke complied, and Bill composed himself before opening his regular office door and discovering Liam on the threshold. Liam entered and asked Bill what he had been doing in there.

Later, Bill Looked over a file and stated that Liam had done good work. "Run it by Wyatt," Bill said. With a long look on his face, Liam replied that he would. Bill admitted that he'd been hard on Liam, but it was because, even though he deeply empathized with what Liam had gone through, he wanted Liam to rebound and get back in the game. Bill didn't think it would happen as long as Liam focused on what could, should, or might have been. He told Liam to be a man and move on.

Liam stated that he was trying, and he'd decided to try because of Bill. The things Bill had said about loyalty and commitment earlier had resonated with Liam, and he said that Bill had been loyal to Katie, which had to be tough at times. Liam wanted to live up to that. Bill was glad to hear of Liam's resolve, but Bill didn't want any credit for it. Liam remarked upon Bill's unusual humbleness.

Bill stated that he wasn't perfect, but Liam asked what Katie would say of it after Bill had stood by her during the things she'd put him through. Bill said that Katie was his wife, and he'd always be there for her. Liam liked the sentiment and said he wanted to be that guy.

Bill asserted that Liam was that guy, and Wyatt was, too. Bill wanted his sons to have each other's backs. Liam felt that Quinn didn't make it easy. Bill believed that Liam was stronger than Quinn. For Liam, the issue was that his life had fundamentally changed. Though there had been kinks to work out, Liam and Steffy had known the direction in which they'd been headed. Quinn had destroyed it.

Bill wished he could make Quinn pay, but sometimes, one had to cut one's losses. He said that Justin had advised Liam not to press charges. Bill had begrudgingly accepted it. He relayed that Quinn was no longer a factor, and it was up to Liam to move forward. Liam replied that he was fighting the battle. Bill felt that doing so meant that Liam had to accept Steffy and Wyatt's marriage.

Bill declared that they were Spencer men. It was a brotherhood of loyalty and commitment. Liam replied that he had Bill as an example of it. "There are better examples than me," Bill responded. Liam was confused because Bill had respected marriage better than anyone else that Liam knew.

Bill relayed that marriage and commitment were at the foundations of civilizations, and empires without it had fallen. He wanted Liam to remember it the next time Liam looked at his brother and his brother's wife. Bill had zero tolerance. "That's how much marriage means to me," Bill concluded.

Liam understood that marriage was a lifetime commitment -- even for Wyatt and Steffy. Liam saw in Bill's eyes that it wouldn't be easy for Bill to let go if he were in Liam's shoes. "I'm telling you what needs to be said," Bill replied. Liam agreed not to go after Steffy, and he was doing so because of Bill's total commitment to his marriage and Katie. He wanted such for himself and for his brother.

Bill hugged Liam. He said he felt Liam's pain, and they'd get through it together. Bill decided that he had to get home to his wife, and he left. Liam looked at a wedding picture of Wyatt and Steffy's and rolled his eyes. His gaze fell on the cracked door of the Bill's secret lair.

Liam pushed open the door and entered the gym space that had been converted into a bedroom. As he looked around, he spotted an earring on the bed. Liam picked it up and stared at it.

At Brooke's house, Katie arrived just after Brooke had gotten home. Brooke assumed Kate was there, looking for her sunglasses. Katie had forgotten she'd left them and said Brooke could keep them. Brooke didn't want to, but Katie said that what was hers was Brooke's. Katie was there to reiterate her apology from the other night and to thank Brooke for standing by her.

Katie was sorry for her false accusations and ugly words and vowed to be as loyal and supportive of Brooke as Brooke was of Katie. Brooke stated that Katie had had a right to feel as she had. Katie stated that Brooke and Bill had been right about the jealousy being in Katie's head, and Katie wanted to take responsibility for it. Katie felt that she had to accept that Brooke and Bill had loved each other and still did. She said that some people's histories couldn't be erased.

Brooke told Katie that she didn't have to say those things. Katie believed that she did. She wanted to break the habit of thinking the worse of Brooke. Katie felt that it wasn't fair. She loved Brooke and knew that Brooke loved her. Brook grew uneasy, and Katie asked if Brooke was okay.

Assuming that Brooke was worried about her, Katie insisted that she was in a good place. She was grateful that Brooke had never given up on her and that Brooke's commitment to her was solid. Katie thanked Brooke for being loyal. Katie hugged Brooke.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back


The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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